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Hellfire and Angelic Grace

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Li-Li wasn’t sure what to call the meal she prepared for John, his sons, and her- She really wished she had a word for him, none felt right. King of Hell, and her proud sperm donor? Cringing internally, she cooked a light pasta dish. Al dente pasta tossed in olive oil seasoned with fresh garlic, steamed broccoli, and sliced baby tomatoes with a warmed loaf of Italian bread she’d grabbed on her last grocery run.

Everyone moved to the dining room, and tension was clear in the way the four men were seated. She noticed that Crowley had taken the head of the table and she rolled her eyes. The plates were filled, the food aromatic and perfect, but still silence reigned.

Sighing, and picking up her wine glass, Li-Li couldn’t take it any longer. “Anyone care to thank the chef?” A small sip of her wine, and she glanced around, wondering who would break first. She could swear that John and her surviving parent were having a staring contest. “I personally love it, the carbs, the lightness. I think it’s the perfect meal to have right before two people go for round two, or is it-” That did it, Crowley practically growled at the thought of it, but Li-Li didn’t really stop. She needed to get John’s mouth moving. “I lost count, John? Did you keep track?”

John’s eyes widened, but they didn’t leave Crowley’s. Dean made the same noise he’d made in the living room and she looked around to see if Lolly had broken one of her toys again. Meeting Sam’s eyes, she realized that it was his brother. He looked like he was going to explode, from either laughter or embarrassment.

“I wouldn’t have to keep bringing up our sex life,” she felt all eyes on her. “If all of you would start acting like we’re all adults here.” Her eyes met Crowley’s. “Now, eat, and tell me I’m amazing.”


The tension lessened, and John was thankful. He could finally taste what Lilana had made and once the flavor hit his tongue he moaned appreciatively. When he complimented her, she knew it was authentic and not manufactured simply because she’d asked for it. The others followed, even Crowley, taking a bite and staring at his fork like he couldn’t believe it.

“This is wonderful, darling,” he offered, his accent making it sound like a soft pat of appreciation. “You really are a miracle.”

She snorted into her wine glass, causing four pairs of eyes to lock onto her. “Sorry, it’s just pasta-” sighing, she shot the man who helped create her a look. “I really wish I had some clue what to call you.” Taking a beat, she continued. “It’s only pasta, not a masterpiece of DiVinci proportions. Thank you for the compliment,” she tried to sound graceful, but honestly this entire day felt overwhelming. “I should clean up and head back to bed, I have work tomorrow.”

Three of the four men stood to help her collect the plates and leftovers. Clearly the King of Hell didn’t feel obligated. Li-Li rolled her eyes and started for the kitchen, but his hand on her wrist stopped her. “Sit, please let’s have a talk alone.”

She was shocked. The man at the bar, he’d touched her and the thing inside him and been forced out and gone. John had gone still as well, eyes widening at the hand on Li-Li’s arm.

“Crowley, don’t-” Sam had warned, when he saw him reaching for her. But then, they were all staring again. Including Crowley.

“What is the problem, Moose?” He asked, hand still in place.

“That’s what vaporized the other-”

Plates were forgotten as even the King of Hell looked surprised.