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UnChained Hart: I'm Coming Home

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Chapter Forty- Five

Candice Hart hadn't been here in so many years that it felt weird to be standing here getting ready to knock on the door of a house she didn't know if her daughter still lived at. It had taken a year of therapy before she could even admit to herself that the way she had treated her daughter and grandson had been wrong. It was two years before she could admit that she was being unfair to Wade Kinsella. Then it took a year after that for Candice to be able to realize it wasn't Zoe place to try and reconcile their relationship.

Blaming everyone else for why Zoe did not want her in her life had been Candice's reasoning behind not getting in contact sooner. But as the years went by and she had not heard a word from her daughter Candice knew it was all her own fault. She had drove her only child away by trying to force her to live the life she determined Zoe should have not the one Zoe wanted for herself.

Candice Hart did not love her daughter any less if she wanted to be a Mother more then a Doctor. Why had she thought her daughter had to be one or the other Candice still wasn't sure. The Doctor had thought when Zoe's accident happened Candice might of had a nerves breakdown that had went undiagnosed from all the worry she had over if Zoe was going to live or not.

Because of that she had decided to blame everything on Wade when she had learned about Zoe's pregnancy. He was the cause of everything Zoe would not have been in New York City to get hurt if he hadn't of cheated it just snowed balled from there. He was the one who took Jack so that Zoe couldn't see him when she woke from her coma. None of that made sense therapy finally brought that to Candice attention. She could have be calling Wade, seeing her grandson it was not Wade's fault that Zoe was in a car accident. Once that thought finally reached inside her mind Candice Hart realized she was the one at fault.

She was the one who had turned her own daughter against her, not Wade Kinsella he was the man who stepped up and took his newborn son home changed his whole life for him. He was the man that Zoe loved and forgive for cheating something Ethan hadn't be able to do for her.

So it had taken a long time before Candice Hart was ready to face what she had done to her family. Seeing as Zoe was the forgiving sort she was hoping that extended to her as well.


It had taken over a year of trying but it had finally happened for them, Zoe was six months pregnant with her second child. They had found out they were having a girl a first for the Kinsella family in two generations needless to say Wade and Earl were beyond thrilled. Earl had come up with different family names that both Wade and Zoe found awful. Jack wanted to name her CupCake which was better then Earl wanting to call Beatrice, Beatrice and Kinsella just did not go together.

Jack could not wait to become a big brother he loved playing with all the babies his Aunties and Uncles had. Lemon and Lavon's son Junior was just now started to walk and loved to follow Jack everywhere he went. Frodo Long who was the oldest of the new babies after Jack was born and had been walking and talking for almost a year now she had the biggest crush on Jack. He tried to stay as far away from her as possible.

The youngest baby in BlueBell was the newly born James Tucker who was AnnaBeth and George's three month old baby boy. They had gotten married just two years ago and where very happy together. Jack still hung out with his Uncle George on thursdays but now James was along for the ride. Jack loved helping take care of the baby.

Soon though Jack wouldn't be able to help because he was going to be starting preschool in a few months. He already knew how to read George had started teaching him when he was two, Zoe was impressed by how fast her baby had picked up his sounds and vowels. Wade had taught Jack to count to two hundred and also to write from one to ten. Zoe herself had taken the task of learning her baby to write the whole alphabet and his name.

Lavon had started teaching Jack to play football as soon he was able to run and catch a ball. So for the last year the two had been playing a very tame game of football.

Ethan Hart had given his grandson a toy doctor set it was never to early to try and see if Jack had the gift of healing. Jack just liked playing Doctor with his grandfather.

Earl would take Jack fishing at least twice a month and after much begging Wade allowed Earl along with himself to take Jack camping the little guy had loved it so now once a month if the weather was good they spend one night outside in a tent.

But all of that would be changing once little Miss Kinsella entered their lives she was going to change everything. Jack couldn't wait he knew at first there would be a lot of crying but then came the fun part when the baby got bigger and he could play with it.

At first the baby would be sleeping in his parents room downstairs but once she got bigger she would be moved upstairs in her room that was next to his. Jack couldn't wait until he was a big brother, older siblings were so cool to the younger ones and they did everything the older ones told them too.

At least that's what Uncle Jesse said, and seeing as he was older then his Dad he should know. But Aunt Jess had told her nephew that his Uncle was wrong on that topic but really what did Aunt Jess know she was the youngest in her family?

Jesse and Jess had hooked up at Zoe and Wade's wedding and to the surprise of Wade they had ended up dating and married a few years later. They lived in New York close by Jess family but did come down a few times a year for a few weeks at a time to visit.

Zoe and Jess were still good friends and now that they were sister in laws it just brought them closer together. Jess had just found out she was pregnant the month before Jesse was over the moon at becoming a Father. He was calling Wade all the time wanting to know everything on how to be a good father.

Zoe was now working Monday-Friday but only half days, she would go in after lunch and stay until 5 p.m. Jack would be with Wade at the Rammer Jammer after the lunch crowd until she picked him up or Wade was off which ever came first. Except on Thursdays which was George's day with Jack, they had all thought after James was born that would stop but it hadn't George just now included his son on those days. They all knew that George would really miss Jack when he started preschool.

Life in BlueBell for Zoe Hart Kinsella and Wade Kinsella was pretty good they could not asks for more.

So when there was a knock at the front door of their house Wade went to answer it because Zoe was taking a nap it was just after six o'clock Jack was off with Earl fishing they should be back in another hour. So Wade wasn't sure who could be at the door.

So you could imagine the shock that was on Wade's face when after opening the door he came face to face with his Mother in law. The woman who had not tried to contact Zoe in years not since they had left New York City all those years ago.

One thing Wade did know was he would not allow his pregnant wife, to be harassed by her Mother. So he walked through the front down and shut it behind him as quietly as possible not slamming the door so he wouldn't wake up Zoe.

"What do you want?" Wade demanded he wasn't going to be the nice meek son in law. He had enough of this woman she had tried to destroy his family, he wasn't going to allow her to do that again.

"I want to apologize" Candice blurted out "I mean I need to apologize to you. I blamed you for everything and that was wrong"

"Yeah you only learning that now?" Wade ask keeping his guard up he did not trust the woman in front of him as far as he could throw her.

"No I've been in therapy for years I just wasn't ready to face Zoe until now" Candice answered she hated that she had to have this conversation with Wade and not with her daughter.

"And what made you think you deserve to see Zoe?" Wade asked he needed to judge by her reaction if what she was saying was true or not. He would not let this woman try to break his family up again.

"I don't deserve to see her" Candice admitted honestly "I'm just hoping she can forgive me. That she that you, will allow me back into your lives"

Wade knew that Candice was saying all the right things but could he truly believe her? But what if she was being honest was it really his place to stop Zoe from having a relationship with her Mother?

Wade knew the answer was 'No' Zoe was always upset over her Mother not being a part of her life. Not wanting to do it but knowing he had too Wade said. "Stay on the porch I will go get Zoe"

Walking back into his house Wade made his way to their bedroom and saw his sleeping beauty walking over he kissed her sleeping lips until they started to move under his own. "Mmm" Zoe moaned opening her eyes.

"You have a visitor" Wade said looking into his Wife beautiful brown eyes so trusting.

"Is it Rose?" Zoe said trying to get herself up from the laying down position. The once young teenager wasn't one anymore and had left for college but she was going to be home visiting any day now, Zoe could not wait to see her.

"No but it is a she" Wade said as he helped Zoe out of the bed "she's on the porch I wasn't sure if you wanted her inside or not"

Zoe looked weirdly at Wade hearing him say that, who could be outside that they would not want in their house? Smiling she just followed Wade into the living room.

"Zoe I'm just going to come out and say it" Wade paused to make sure Zoe was standing by the couch in case she would need to set down after hearing about Candice being outside. "Your Mother is outside wanting to talk to you. She says she wants to apologize"

Zoe did set down at hearing that news, this was a shock all these years and no word had come from her Mother and now today of all days she just shows up wanting to apologize. Who did she think she was that Zoe was just supposed to accept her I'm sorry. What did Candice Hart want from her?

Standing up she stormed to the front door with Wade following closely behind. Zoe was not going to allow her Mother to just return to her life like nothing had ever happened. She was going to tell her to leave and never to return she didn't need her if the last few years had taught her anything it was that Zoe Kinsella did not need Candice Hart.

So throwing the door open all ready to tell her Mother to hit the road instead once they locked eyes Mother and Daughter both burst out crying and then somehow Zoe was hugging her Mother as the older woman keeping saying over and over "I'm just so sorry baby, please forgive me"

Wade stood back and let the two women makeup he would not stop Zoe from having her Mother in her life. He knew what it felt like to lose your Mother he did not want to cause that for Zoe, not if she could have her Mother be part of her life.

Thirty minutes later Jack and Earl Kinsella walked up to the Carriage house to the sight of Zoe and Candice talking and setting on the porch swing. Wade was setting on the porch steps just letting the two women talk once and a while Zoe would asks him a question and he would answer it.

"Dad look what I caught" Jack bragged holding up a foot long fish to show his Father.

"Wow Jack you done good" Wade said walking up to his son knowing the smell of the fish would set Zoe's morning sickness off, which by the way wasn't just in the mornings. "Why don't you give Papa Earl the fish so he can eat it for dinner"

"That's what I wanted to asks" Earl said looking from his Son to his grandson he noticed Candice Hart talking to Zoe "If Jack here could have dinner tonight with me. I was going to cook that fish he caught for the two of us"

"Yeah Dad please can I" Jack begged "I want to eat my fish"

"Okay fine" Wade said giving in to his son "but Papa Earl better have you back here by ten no later then that you hear me Earl?"

"Yes son, I hear ya. Come on Jack lets go fried up our fish" Earl said to his grandson leaving his Son alone to handle his Mother in law. Earl just hoped that Zoe did not get hurt by her Mother again.

Candice watched as her grandson walked away without even looking her way. It had hurt her heart to not be able to be a part of her grandson's life. But what hurt worse was knowing it was all her own fault that Jack didn't know her.

"I should go let you rest" Candice said looking at her Daughter's swelling stomach that held her new grandchild perhaps this one she could be involved in from the beginning of it's life. "I rented a room in Mobile for a week, so I hope you will allow me to visit with you tomorrow"

"I would like that" Zoe said as her Mother stood up "Maybe we could meet up for lunch tomorrow at the Rammer Jammer"

"That sounds nice, maybe Wade could join us?" Candice ask knowing the only way she could prove she had changed was to include Wade.

"I would like that" Wade said as Candice stood up from the swing "Plus since I own the Rammer Jammer lunch will be on me"

Candice laughed at that "That sounds really nice"



"Is he sleeping" Zoe asked as Wade walked into their bedroom. Earl had brought Jack back thirty minutes ago and the little guy smelled just like fried fish. So Wade had taken him to the second bathroom Lavon had enlarged the laundry room to add a tub and toilet and sink so the Carriage house had to full bathrooms now. Which came in handle with how different smells made Zoe sick lately.

"Yes as soon as his little head hit the pillow he was out for the count" Wade replied happy he didn't have to read their son a million stories tonight to get him to fall to sleep.

"Thanks for agreeing to have lunch tomorrow with my Mother" Zoe utter as Wade got in bed next to her.

"Doc, she really seems to have changed" he responded with "and if she has then it would be a shame if Jack and this new baby doesn't get to have a grandmother in their lives"

"You are a really good man Wade Kinsella" Zoe said right before she kissed her husband breathless. As they broke apart for much needed air Zoe whispered "I think I have found our daughter's name"

"Oh really?" Wade played along they had done this a dozen times now one of them would love a name but the other would hate it. "And what is our little girl's name?"

"Her name is Melody Kinsella" Zoe said then the baby inside of her kicked as if to say that's my name don't wear it out.

"Melody as in" Wade started and Zoe finished "Unchained Melody? Well yes it is. After all that is our song and what better thing to name her after"

"Melody it does sound nice" Wade said "and it will keep Earl from coming up with anymore family names? I have never heard anyone have them in our family."

"Glad to see you like my idea" Zoe said as she leaned up and kissed Wade again. "The only problem is what should her middle name be?" Zoe asked after they parted.

"How about anything but Beatrice" Wade laughed then kissed his Wife again. "Maybe Melody Cupcake?" he asked when they stopped kissing.

"No your awful at this, how on earth did you ever pick such a good name for Jack?" Zoe teased her husband as she kissed Wade again this time their was no more questions asked for the rest of the night.

Three months later when Melody Harley Kinsella was born she looked like a mini Zoe. And believe it or not it was Earl who came up with her middle name. Life was good for the Kinsella family of BlueBell Alabama sure they had there ups and downs but most importantly they had each other.

The End.