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Will Nature Make A Man Of Me Yet?

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The thing that wakes up Tom that blissfully silent morning is a loud knock at his bedroom door. He almost immediately sits straight up in bed, half pulling Will up along with him. Oh fuck, Will.

They both hadn’t bothered getting any clothes on last night before falling asleep with one another, and Will’s car was outside, so his mother and Joe would definitely suspect something-

The door swings open before Tom can even come up with an excuse for the knocker to keep out, and his eye’s lock with Joe’s as the doorway is filled with the older Blake’s frame.

“Mum wants to know- oh, fuck-” Joe starts. He’s still in his uniform, he must’ve only just gotten home from work, Tom guesses. Any feeling of tiredness the older Blake must’ve been feeling after a long shift is clearly thrown to the wind though, because Joe immediately bursts out laughing, pulling Will out of his half awake state.

It’s all happening so fast, Tom can’t even comprehend what's going on. As Will begins to stir beside him, Tom glances over, watching the haze of unconsciousness slip out of the blond’s expression. Those lovely blue eyes of his shoot open almost immediately as Joe speaks, and Will clumsily pulls the blanket over his chest. Tom might’ve laughed at that if the situation wasn’t so damn panic inducing, because c’mon, was modesty the most important thing to worry about right now?

“Oh my God, Tommy.” Joe stage whispers, glancing out down the hallway before stepping into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. “Are you fucking pulling my leg right now?” 

“Can you- can you fucking shut up?” Tom hisses, frantically glancing between his brother and his boyfriend. Boyfriend? Was that what him and Will were? They hadn’t really made it official, had they? Tom’s caught up in that thought, only jumping back out of his head and Joe obnoxiously throws himself at the end of the bed, sitting with his legs crossed.

“You funny little bastard, sneaking poor Will in here. Hi, Will, by the way.” Joe laughs in a way that makes Tom want to strangle him, all the while waving at Will. Will clears his throat, attempting a small, uncomfortable smile.

“Just- Um. Shit. Joe, don’t tell mum?” Tom asks softly, shifting awkwardly in place against the sheets. Tom prays that maybe, since his brother was so shocked at Will’s residence in his bed, that maybe his mother hadn’t seen his truck out front. “Please? I’m begging you?”

“Won’t tell her that you’ve gone and done-” Joe makes a vague gesture with his left hand, before snickering. “-but i came upstairs ‘cause she saw Will’s truck out front. Sorry mate.”

Tom raises both his eyebrows in a way that suggests he’s feeling something between utter misery and shock. Although, why should he feel shocked? They left Will’s truck right outside, right where everyone could see it. He gulps heavily.

“Right. Well,” Tom starts, glancing over at Will, before glancing back at Joe. Again, the smug, terribly amused look on his older brother’s face is damn near unbearable. “What do you reckon I do?”

Joe scoffs at that, and Will clears his throat again, rubbing the back of his neck. Tom bites the inside of his cheek, feeling quite the vulnerable fool. He’s sure Will feels worse though, considering the circumstances. It can be very nice to be ambushed in his lover’s bed, stuck in a position where it’s clear what happened, right? Tom chews the inside of his cheek harder, staring up at Joe for an answer.

“Well,” Joe starts, sighing with a particularly tickled expression, “Sneaking him out wouldn’t work, mum already knows he’s here. Suppose you bring him down for brekky then? How do you fancy that, Will?”

Joe almost immediately turns his gaze to Will, and the poor older boy looks as if he’s going to disintegrate into the mattress. Tom feels a pang of envy that Joe gets to play the older brother here, everything considering. If given the chance, Tom vows to humiliate Joe and Ellis the best he fucking can. It’s what the two of them deserve after this miserably embarrassing humiliation session.

“I suppose those are my options,” Tom begrudgingly sighs after a moment, running a hand through his hair. He can feel Will shifting against the bed besides him, no doubt uncomfortably. Tom can hardly imagine how he would react at this very moment. Much more aggravatingly, he supposes.

“You think mum’s going to be upset?”

Joe remains stagnant for a moment, pretending to pick at his fingernails. Tom notes the way he licks his lips, as he thinks of an answer. Unfair, really. Joe has no right to feel anxious right now, he’s not the one that just got caught in bed with his (maybe?) boyfriend.

“Think she might be a bit disappointed you didn’t tell her. Maybe a bit disappointed you snuck him in. I couldn’t tell you though, I’m not mum.” Joe finally answers after a stagnant pause, shrugging lightly. The answer does nothing for Tom’s nerves.

Tom licks his lips, just as Joe did a moment ago, and glances at Will. The older man’s face looks redder than a pickled beet, and he’s busy picking at the seam of Tom’s comforter. God, he must be wishing he was absolutely anywhere else in the world right now. A horrid pang of guilt rushed through Tom then, and he swallows thickly. Damage control is his responsibility now. It’s unfair to drag Will into that now.

“Disappointment is better than anger though, isn't it?” Tom asks after a long pause, crossing his arms. “She’ll just be upset with me, won’t she? Doubt her polite self will be cross with Will.”

“I hope not,” Will pipes up suddenly. Tom looks towards him with a nervous brow, licking his lips yet again. He can’t help the habit. “I don’t need my nan to know about this.”

Joe nods in a way that communicates understanding, but that expression of amusement reigns king over that. Tom feels as if he could smack the hell out of his older brother for such a smugness, but he’ll save that for later. He’d just hate to embarrass himself in front of Will.

“She’ll probably just give you a proper scolding after Will goes home,” Joe admits, finally analyzing Tom’s expression. It’s rather clear in his own that he’s starting to realize Tom’s abrasive temperament, and he stands. “Just bring him down. I’ll stay up until Mom goes to work, yeah?”

Tom nods lightly, looking over to Will for confirmation. The older man is still playing with the comforter seam, but after a beat of silence, he raises his head, returning Tom’s gaze. God help them.

“So long as I don’t end up in trouble,” Will says after an empty moment, nodding softly towards Tom. The younger boy nods, and turns his eyes toward his older brother.

“You’ll make sure, yeah?” Tom asks, and Joe nods. Despite his amusement at the situation, Tom’s sure that his brother is on his side. Despite how obnoxiously beguiled his brother could be, Tom trusts him not to throw them both under the bus. After all, he;s had to put up with Ellis’s obnoxious ass, he should absolutely be capable of this.

“I’ll make sure.” Joe reassures, nodding slowly before stalking towards the door. “Just make sure you both get some clothes on before you come downstairs, yeah?”

Tom and Will both stare at the comforter as the oldest boy leaves the room.