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Right on Time

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Anna looked up at the nicely-framed clock above her desk.


It was time to get home.

As usual, Anna carefully locked away her folders inside of her safe drawer. She liked the mahogany desk that had been provided to her by her boss when she took on the PA job offered by the company. It’d been a direct promotion for what her superiors at the time had labelled as “reward for hard and diligent labour”.

Truth was, nobody had wanted the job, the boss was a shithead, but Anna couldn’t care less: she didn’t like him, and it was fine since he didn’t like her in return. However, what both party appreciated was efficient, well organised, well done work, which had always been Anna’s personal motto, as well as her boss’; it was fine. She was in a good place, and she made an effort of being available as much as possible if important clients reached her at ungodly hours to request an appointment with Mr. Westergaard.

Even if they both disliked each other, Anna and Mr. Westergaard shared a strong work-bond and she was pretty sure that, after a year of having worked together, the man would never find a P.A. as efficient as she was.

Anna turned her computer off. She was glad that Arendelle Corps. was such a well-off company. She would always work with the latest technology and even though it usually took her time to adapt everytime something that more efficient broke into the market (which meant they had to train and adapt once again), their IT crew was jolly and glad to teach everything new, which always made the process that much easier. Not that systems changed much during upgrades anyway.

Anna made sure that everything was safely locked and walked to the elevator to leave the building. Upon checking her wrist watch, Anna read 6pm.

6pm had a lot of meanings to Anna. For starters, 6pm meant that Anna would meddle with the daily rush in public transports, her heels clicking every time she took a step further from work and closer to the subway station. It also meant that when Anna would finally reach the station, she’d wait precisely one minute for her train to arrive and then get on her train. She’d then see this one platinum blonde, who always sat in the seat the most left, around the corner of the chariot. The mysterious woman’s glasses would, without fail, be resting on the edge of her button-shaped nose, whether she was reading or dozing off. Anna would walk to the said corner and lean slightly against the wall, scrolling through her daily pending notifications on her personal phone for about twenty-three minutes, until the train would announce her stop, at which point she’d walk by the blonde, who never left before Anna.

Most importantly, 6pm meant that, under pretence of scrolling her phone, Anna would throw gazes and glances at the well hidden bulge that rested between the platinum blonde’s legs. And this bulge did a lot of things to Anna.

Anna was a self-empowered woman; she was very aware of her attributes and found that she was the attention of many people due to the vivid color of her hair, a bright copper. Some of her exes had been surprised to discover that she was copper...everywhere. To Anna, that was mostly logic, but apparently not to everyone. She knew well the power that her body attributes held and always dressed to put them forward, even at work. However, that didn’t mean she dressed up to run the corner, no; her work attire was a black pencil skirt that stopped just above her knees all the while hugging her bottom in the perfect ways. Her tops were most often blouses with hues of green, a color that never failed to accentuate the color both of her eyes and her hair. Her face (and body) was splattered with freckles, and her past lovers had always loved the discovery of this fact. Anna truly enjoyed how sexy and different it made her feel.

Quite obviously, the train corner she’d always walk to was possibly the best one to avoid molesters. Anna had no problem with sex, as long as it was consentant. The woman was proud to embrace her sexuality, and she had no shame in saying that she liked to try things out. Curiosity never ceased to get the best of her.

So the first time she noticed the woman, and her bulge, as per usual, she’d gotten on the train at 6:12pm and walked to her corner of the chariot, not before casually checking the other passengers. As soon as she'd leant her back against the wall, her gaze had fallen on the woman, or more precisely, on the bulge that looked like it was begging to be freed. It wasn’t even erect!

And ever since that day, there had never been a day, during which Anna had not been fantasising about this appendage being freed, about how this mysterious goddess would take her and hit all the perfect spots, how she would break through all barriers. By the time she’d get home, Anna would always be a mess, and would always have to take good care of her needs.

Today was no exception to the rule, and when Anna got to the subway station, she waited exactly one minute for her train to arrive, she got on, along with an old woman who walked to the same corner Anna usually did. She’d never seen this old woman, but Anna soon figured after she’d walked to her usual spot, that this granny was most likely god incarnate.


Because the platinum blonde stood up, giving up her seat to the older woman, and proceeded to stand only a few centimeters away from Anna...and as the train got fuller...the two woman got closer and closer until Anna could eventually feel the breath of this woman on her ears, their body front pressed together.

“S-sorry,” the platinum blonde murmured. In a rush of heat and adrenaline, Anna looked into the eyes of the woman, whose gaze was downcast to where their chests rested pressed against one another.

‘Good lord.’

Anna knew in that very moment that she would be screwed up if she didn’t try to save the situation. Biting the inside of her cheek, she tried to lean back in a lame attempt at merging with the wall with no success (she was, by far, not a construct material). It only provoked further friction between the two women’s bossoms. Anna’s cheeks tinted slightly, and she bite her lower lip before settling on answering.

“Unpredictable hours, it’s- eek!”

The train made a small bump and Anna jumped slightly at the feeling of something hard pressing against the inside of her thigh. Visibly, and quite feelingly too, the bombshell of a woman was pressing even more against her now, effectively pinning her between herself and the wall of the train.

‘This...this...oh god.’

If this position wasn’t arousing enough, the woman leant over Anna’s shoulder to muster some more apologetic sounds directly in her right ear. Anna felt so weak that she would have shut this person up if possible. She even doubted that anybody would hear or see them if they-

‘Oh god, Anna,’ the copper haired woman thought, ‘you were definitely not thinking about screwing this woman here and now.’

To quell her ever growing arousement, Anna decided that it would be smart to try once again to adjust their position just a tad bit, to make it so that the bulge was anywhere but near where she increasingly wanted it...but Anna being the clumsy person that she was, somehow managed to do the exact opposite: the prominent tool was now nicely secured between her legs, exactly where she needed- 'didn’t need it, Anna,' to be.

It was insane. Just, insane. Anna wanted this so much; she even had such a perfect angle! She could literally just rub herself, and grind shamelessly on the privates of this woman, whose she’d been fantasizing about for months. This finally was the perfect situation in which they’d been put by this poor looking and frail old lady! God, she probably didn’t even know what kind of predicament she’d put the both of them -the mysterious lady goddess and Anna- in.

‘By all means, help me.’

Anna exhaled, and the breath landed on the platinum goddess’ neck, who bite her lips in return after having released a shaky breath, their faces were close! ‘These lips are uhh…’ Anna made the mistake of rising her gaze to meet the woman’s, which was so dark with sheer hunger that the redhead felt like crumbling, melting, dissolving, ‘Hell any verb-ing’ right here and then. The blonde’s lips were slightly parted and the warm breaths coming out were gently caressing Anna’s lips as if they were an untold promise that something was bound to happen. Her cheeks were crimson red and Anna was certain that her own reflected the same colour if not darker. Looking back at the stranger’s eyes, Anna noticed that her pupils were so blown that they were almost hiding the ocean blue colour of the irises. Last, Anna’s gaze travelled the woman’s left hand, firmly clasped around the holding bar at Anna’s right. From their position, Anna knew she was trapped with nowhere to run, and yet...the sight was so incredibly enticing...these curves were pressing in every good places.

With the feeling of being molded in place, Anna felt like relieving all of her self-control and just start grinding on this woman’s privates, which were probably soaked due to their unfortunate position and mostly because of Anna’s excitement.

“We should try to entangle...ourselves…” Anna said just above a whisper so that only the stranger would hear, “your pants…”

Yet, by casting a quick look around them, Anna noticed it would be truly impossible for them to do anything now. It was either do nothing…


Fuck ors, if this woman did not want this, Anna would give her time to remove herself.

Pressing both of her palms against the wall and on either side of her body to secure her position, Anna aligned her entrance furthermore with the woman’s clothed bulge and started to grind discreetly. Panties over...whatever fabric the woman was wearing, and yet, the feeling was still the best Anna could hope for. The copper haired woman looked at the stranger who was slightly chewing on her bottom lip as if wondering what was the best course of action to take.

After more shaky breath, the blonde stranger leant and placed the hand that had previously been on the holding bar on Anna’s hip, her free hand pressed just next’s Anna head. The mysterious woman bowed her head into the crook of Anna’s head, as if hiding her face. Anna took the opportunity to whisper once more.

“Tell me to stop and I will…” she said in a sigh, clearly satisfying herself. What surprised her however were the slow movements that the woman started doing. They were so close that Anna could have sworn she heard a slow groan. To add to spice to the mix, and much to Anna’s satisfaction, a hand went to unzip the restricting clothing, freeing the rod from its sheath. Anna was quick to lower her hand to move her panties to the side for better friction.

The meat was like a renewed support for Anna, who rubbed herself on it by pressing her body on it, sliding back and forth painfully slow, trying to be the most discreet possible. In turn, the stranger completely stilled, visibly trying very hard to maintain their posture. Anna snaked her hand to the blonde’s hips to get a better grip and continued to pleasure herself. The small breathes in the crook of her neck were setting Anna’s body on fire, and she so desperately wanted to moan, but knew full well that she couldn’t make even a weird sound without alerting the mass of people surrounding them. The hand that had previously been on her hip climbed in her back, making desperately slow motion up and down Anna’s spine, something that made Anna want to shriek with lust. The arousal was building up so fast that Anna’s mind was hardly processing anything surrounding them. Including the people starting to rise out of their seats to get off the train.

So when the train announcement went off Anna suddenly jumped in surprise and accidentally impaled herself on the rod that had suddenly stood erect at her jerk motion. The blonde pressed her mouth against Anna’s shoulder, allowing a quiet groan to break free something that only Anna heard over the sound that the train was making due to the braking noises. The stranger grabbed the back of her shirt, and Anna tried very hard to maintain a perfect poker face at the sudden intrusion. The penis was so big inside her, she felt her walls clenching around the twitching protrusion. Due to the sudden move, some people cast odd looks in their direction in wonder but each of them were quickly discarded. When the stranger leant back, the penis moved and Anna had to throw one of her hand in front of her mouth to physically stop the moan making its way out of her throat.

Pleading eyes met her own, and after a nod, the stranger started moving, and by the angle, Anna could tell she was trying to be careful not to bump nor touch anyone that was behind them. Anna didn’t need much anymore anyway, the whole incident had set her so well, that she was nearing her peak. The deliberate back and forth were rubbing her walls in ways that Anna couldn’t find words to describe. She’d never been taken in such a agonizingly slow way, and it was like she could feel all of her body nerves being set on fire. The blonde stranger was panting against the crook of her neck and the sensory overload that came with such proximity was not unwanted at all; quite the opposite. Anna was just so close that she knew the platinum goddess only needed to move her tip to press against that one spot-

Anna’s eyes rolled, and her eyelids fluttered close. She accidentally started to moan, her hands grasping the stranger’s blouse like her life depended on it. Thankful the sound she made was covered by someone coughing loudly, and Anna felt a load inside her right after said cough. Yet, her hips did not jerk, the platinum woman held her very still, until everything calmed down. Anna was so out of it that she did not even feel the woman remove herself, replace gently the redhead’s own panties, nor did she notice her tug her bulge back into her pants.

At last, when the train announced her stop, Anna broke from her sex-induced trance and snaked her way to the doors, not without casting one shy look in the direction of the woman who was looking right back at her with a slight smile, gesturing to Anna’s blouse pocket. Anna patted the pocket and felt something rectangular there, and curiously fished out a personal card.

The card read: Elsa Arendelle, CEO of Arendelle Corps.

Anna’s eyes bulged before she threw her eyes back at the stranger, wondering what this all meant. The blonde raised a hand to her ears, and made a ‘call me’ motion.

When the train’s doors opened, Anna got off the train while wondering:

'What the hell.'