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Right on Time

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Shifting of bed sheets, creaking of a bed frame, raspy moans and groans. Slick sounds and warmth falling over the room.


Her head buried into her pillow, her knees digging into her mattress, her body curved and her bottom heaved, Anna was forcefully bullying her nether regions to alleviate any sort of need. It was so hard, so difficult to get off lately. Every time she tried, her body couldn’t help but remember how she’d felt during that train ride.

She hadn’t called.

Who, in their right mind, would call their freaking CEO to get off? Not that this Elsa Arendelle knew Anna even worked for her world-influential conglomerate. Yet, she knew she couldn’t pursue anything with this woman; it wasn’t ethical. However, the thick rod that had reached so far, where even Anna’s fingers could never reach, hitting this one point ever so slowly and breaching her intimacy so purposefully, had changed her perspective of sex tremendously. It couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be the same now.

“A-ah, f-Fuck!” Anna spasmed suddenly, biting into her pillow as she felt her muscles tense and relax in the span of just a minute. Lately, her climaxes were so...shallow. They were nothing like the mushy feelings she’d felt in her head and stomach right after she’d been taken on the train. Her walk home had been an effort, her legs so wobbly they’d barely carried her properly until she reached her place. Once she’d crossed the threshold of her apartment, she had discarded everything on the porch to get to the bathroom and take a relaxing shower...during which she’d gotten turned on even after everything, and had decided to take care of herself even after everything. The feeling of the woman’s semen slowly dripping from her vagina had set her on the edge so quickly, it had been her second best orgasm. Or even best self-induced orgasm.

Yet, ever since, nothing could quite match either of these climaxes.

Her work was harder now; the CEO kept invading her thoughts, and she wasn’t quite as efficient. Mr. Westergaard had reprimanded her multiple times for messing up his coffee - she did make his coffee - yet she noticed that he actually looked worried. He had even gone as far as to call her into his office.

“How are you doing lately, Ms. Soelberg?” Mr. Westergaard had asked.

“I have been distracted due to events in my personal life, sir, and I will see that these do not impact my work anymore,” Anna had answered.

“Please take time to fix your personal setbacks so that you can be in your top form again, or I’m afraid I might be forced to take action.”

Anna knew that this encounter had been an odd form of a request to ask her to stay safe. After all, they needed to maintain this “I don’t like you, you don’t like me” form of work relationship, even though Anna had noticed a shift in their dynamics. She deduced that the man was more acute to her wellbeing and observed that less work was dropped onto her shoulders.

Her only “setback,” as Westergaard had called it, was that she frigging needed someone to properly get her off, god damn it.

Anna resorted to using Tinder. She found a nice looking redhead guy named Hans. They hooked up several times and the sex was good. Not as good as the train ride, but decent nonetheless. Hans was a cool dude; he was uncomplicated and even had a few kinks that both him and Anna enjoyed together. The meetings did serve to alleviate some of the desires that she needed taken care of. It worked for a few months; they would meet at least once in the week, sometimes more. If either one wanted to fuck, they would send a message in the form of code to each other, so that if their phones were stolen, nobody would figure out what they were up to. They never exchanged their last names, and it was fine this way. They didn’t need to become more intimate than they already were.

However, Hans eventually found a girlfriend, and Anna was left on her own once again, needing to take care of herself, again. When Hans called her to tell her that, Anna acknowledged the message and, upon ending the call, proceeded to throw herself on her bed, groaning into her bed in fake despair. Why was her libido so high?

More importantly, why had she decided to ride that woman that day, and...Why had the damn woman turned out to be her CEO? More frustrated groans followed.

Anna fished the card out from below her pillow. As weird as it was, looking at the card while she masturbated served to get Anna on the edge of climax faster; it was the only reminder in her possession that the ride had not been a dream. The token was all the more important since the CEO had never taken the train again after that day. Anna was on the edge.

The next day, Anna went to work and it went relatively fine; she had been able to hold her urges under thick concentration and a heavy workload to keep her mind off a certain CEO. As per usual, 5:57pm meant that she left work and went to get on the train, but today, when the train came, the corner was taken and the train was crowded. Anna had but one choice: walk to the other door and stand awkwardly between people.

Unfortunately, not having your butt protected by a wall usually means being fondled.

Anna had been on the edge for so long now that even a stranger fondling her was not entirely unwelcome; gross, but not unwelcome. Still, not asking for permission to touch her upsetted her. It was just a matter of consent, damn it! Besides, she did need to find a new sex-buddy. Anna squirmed quietly, balancing her weight on either of her feet, feeling herself grow warmer. She was getting aroused by the touches of a total stranger AND creep.
‘God, first I fuck a woman on the train, and now I enjoy being molested, what in the world,’ Anna thought, ‘this woman really fucked with my head, lord.’


After a little time, Anna decided it was probably best to put an end to the ordeal, just so she could say that she was able to maintain some (if any) dignity as a proud and very sexual woman. She shifted her bust to look behind, not quite ready for the sight awaiting her narrowed eyes and open mouth. There she was: the blonde goddess, one eyebrow quirked, as if daring her to speak up and attract attention.

Anna shifted back to look forward, shutting her lips tight, pretending she just hadn’t almost yelled.

The hands started to fondle her buttcheeks even more, squeezing and massaging them; Anna just wanted to turn around and make out with the woman in the middle of the crowd. Her mouth wasn’t dry; quite the opposite. She wanted to do something, anything with it. A delicate hand rounded her hip and sunk into her skirt, directly into her panties, eager to meet the one place Anna needed it to go. Anna eye tracked the snaky hand with anticipation, until her knees almost gave out when she felt pressure on her clit. It was as if all of her nerves fired at once, all over again, and a quiet gasp left her. CEO Arendelle caught her and held her close, effectively acting as human support while she fondled her. Anna could feel the woman’s breasts pressing against her back, the bulge slowly growing against her butt, and the return of warm breaths against the back of her neck followed by her ear. Anna wanted to scream in pleasure. This was nothing like the last time. This seemed so meaningful and so purposeful. This Elsa woman wanted nothing more than to take her and conquer her body, in the middle of the rush hour crowd. Anna couldn’t resist it at all, and didn’t feel time pass until the train announced her stop. Through ragged breaths, she whispered, “I should go.”

But the woman held her close, making Anna a prisoner of her touches. The pressure on her clit and the fingers that slipped between her nether lips grounded her to the train; she couldn’t escape. Anna looked at the doors as they closed but couldn’t process any thoughts. The stranger-not-so-stranger was rubbing her sack against Anna’s rear, and the redhead knew: they needed to do something about this. She’d missed her stop, and now she had nowhere to go except wherever this woman would lead her.

Anna decided she would follow, only because she desperately needed to.

“You should follow me…” The woman sensually rasped directly in her ear. Anna convulsed at the same moment, both from the touches and the voice. Yet the woman held her close, helping her to ride through her climax, a short lived one compared to the massive headburst she’d felt during their first ride.

“...from a distance,” The woman rasped before the doors opened. The platinum blonde woman made her way through the crowd, and Anna blindly followed the woman that trotted in front of her. Her walk was both sensual and confident; her hips were sashaying just enough not to be overly suggestive and the woman’s legs glided as if air itself morphed around her; witnessing the sight from behind was enough to keep Anna very much awake. She momentarily wondered how the woman actually concealed her bulge until she took notice of the man in black walking in front of the CEO.

Anna briefly took in her surroundings. They’d gotten off only one station after her own, which enabled her recognition of this part of the city. This place was clearly well-off compared to her own neighborhood, but the differences weren’t so striking. The buildings were slightly taller than her neighborhood’s, albeit shinier. It was as if they had only just been built, untouched by the pollution of the city. The amount of parks in the area probably made up for the traffic, which could explain the pristine appearance of buildings. That and the fact that they were most likely owned by rich people able to maintain the building’s appearances. Anna wondered how many people it took to clean a building, and how often they had to do it.

As thirsty as Anna was after a five-minute-long walk, she wasn’t so sure her desires were as tuned anymore. Her curiosity was rather high, but Anna started to think.

‘Is this really a good idea?’

‘Aren’t all wealthy people eccentric? ‘

‘What if she’s a serial killer?’

‘She could be a sociopath.’

‘Imagine if she molests all the people she likes in the subway.’

Anna let out the tiniest of gasps at this last thought: she hadn’t considered it at all amidst her own fantasies. What if she was just one amongst many, walking straight to her demise? She couldn’t just run, could she?

Lost in her thoughts, Anna failed to notice that the blonde CEO had stopped, and bumped straight into her back quite unceremoniously. She took a step back rubbing her nose.

“My bad,” Anna said, before the woman turned around.

“Act natural,” was her only reply. The woman took her hand, and marched on, entering the tall building (an understatement, considering it was probably the tallest of the area) that had somehow spawned in front of the two women (that, or Anna had simply been lost in her thoughts for a tad too long). After what seemed like a few seconds, the sliding doors opened.

‘Fuck, was this equipped with facial recognition?’ Anna thought, as they strolled into the expensive looking lobby, slowly registering the place in her mind. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, is this marble on the ground? Holy shit, the carpet’s red and fluffy I could fucking sleep here.’

“Welcome back, Ms. Arendelle! Your room is ready,” the maître d’hôtel said.

‘There’s a fucking concierge whatever it’s called, most importantly...I was frigging right! he must be doing this often. What have you walked into, Anna?!’

The redhead was pulled into the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed, Anna found herself pinned against the wall, her neck attacked by a warm mouth. Yet, Anna felt weird; she’d wanted this for months, but now that reality was sinking in, she couldn’t help but feel odd. She didn’t know how to react. The ministrations weren’t quite rushed; they were rather soft, compared to what had just happened, which is why...Anna just settled on not saying anything yet. She let the woman kiss and nibble her neck, enjoying the soft butterfly kisses peppered against her skin. She felt odd, but worshipped.

‘How strange.’

The elevator dinged, and the blonde woman led them to a room that, once again, seemed to unlock through facial recognition. ‘Truly convenient,’ Anna thought. She was led inside, and the door clicked behind her. Weirdly enough, even though the uneasy feeling was still there, Anna did not mind so much. In any other situation, these tiny things would send red flags, yet...Anna couldn’t bring herself to believe this woman had malicious intentions.

As if to confirm her suspicions, the woman delicately took her hand and, not uttering a single word, led them to the couch. She dropped Anna in her lap and then traced the outlines of her cheeks with soft touches, as if the redhead was a dream come true, or a doll made of porcelain on the verge of breaking.

“I’m sorry, this all must seem so surreal,” the woman said just above a whisper, her voice full of...some emotion Anna wasn’t able to put her finger on. Care was the closest to what Anna thought she identified. She felt fingers trace her freckles on her cheek and then slide downward to unbutton her blouse, pulling it down just enough to reveal the constellations of freckles on her shoulders.

Anna realised she felt loved. Her lips quivered.

“What is this?” She asked the woman under her. Anna suddenly felt very vulnerable. What she originally thought would lead to simple, brainless sex had turned into an insanely odd setting. Love? Love couldn’t be possible. You couldn’t fall for someone at first sight. Love was…Love is...

Love is unfathomable, she realised.