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Bakugou's Secret Omega

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TODAY WOULD BE TOUGH. Bakugou remembered when he woke up in bed. The rays of sun had yet to peek through the curtains, leaving him with his inner thoughts and the smell of his husband's kiwi scent burying inside his nostrils. He'd end up embracing his omega, their back against his chest; his nose buried in his omega's green curled hair. There was no better way to wake up.

Bakugou closed his eyes, releasing a calm breath. Indeed, today was going to be a rough day. He didn't want to deal with the news today. He could already imagine the headlines on the news broadcast. BAKUGOU KATSUKI the NUMBER ONE HERO reveals he's been MATED for the past FIVE YEARS.

It's true Bakugou revealed his marital status. His agent had encouraged Bakugou after he had suffered from various omega proposals during his hero career. Some of these encounters nearly damaged his marriage with his omega.

Bakugou didn't reveal who he married and mated to, and didn't plan to ever. His omega, Midoriya Izuku, had the right to a private and safe life. Izuku was already sacrificing so much to make their relationship work. Bakugou wouldn't know what to do if the reporters found out Izuku's identity. Or worse when the reporters started questioning whether they had children.

"Kachaan," slurred Izuku. Bakugou hummed, intertwining his hands with Izuku's. "Your scent."

Bakugou sighed, not bothering to open his eyes. "Sorry," he murmured. He noticed he was emitting anxious pheromones.

"Everything will be alright," Izuku whispered sluggishly.

"Ok, dear,"

They continued in bed until the birds announced the start of Sunday morning. The ray of lights peeked through the curtains, lightening the room a bit. Bakugou didn't have a shift today. He was asked to take a day off as reporters would surely bombard him with questions all day long, causing a hindrance to Bakugou's performance today.

"What are we eating this morning?" Izuku asked, face turned to the side as Bakugou lazily kissed and licked on his scent gland.

"Not sure," Bakugou said, resting his left leg over Izuku's right leg. "I'll improvise." He lapped his tongue against the mating gland of his omega, tasting juicy pheromones.

"You're hard," Izuku commented, lazy to open his eyes.

"Morning sex?"

"Morning breakfast?" Bakugou watched Midoriya smile, then laugh softly. "I want to eat before I become part of your meal."

Bakugou laughed, and pecked Izuku's lips. "Then wake up, sleepy head," Bakugou nudged softly, cradling Izuku's cheek.

Izuku opened his eyes and Bakugou was fortunate to have married and mated Midoriya Izuku.


They ate breakfast and by this time, they usually had the television on to hear the news but not today.

Izuku stared and poked at his food. "Kacchan?"

Bakugou cleaned his mouth with his napkin. "Yeah?"

"I want to see what's on the news today," Izuku said quietly.

"You wouldn't mind?"

Izuku rested his cheek on his knuckle. He looked at Bakugou and shook his head. "I'd like to know what they're saying about us."

"They may not be nice or appropriate things," Bakugou warned.

"Jealous omega fan? I can handle that. Curious villains? We've prepared for that." Izuku gestured nonchalantly with his fingers.

"What about horny and sick alphas?"

Izuku looked calmly at his plate. "I know they'll never reach me," he looked back at Bakugou and turned his left palm up, gesturing for Bakugou to take it and he did. "Because I have you," Izuku finished with. "No one will ever hurt me because I know you'll be there to save me."

Bakugou rested his forehead on their intertwined hands. "I don't want to lose you," Bakugou whispered. "I love you with all my heart."

"I know, Kachaan. I know."

As expected there were various opinions. Some of the interviewed audience were accepting of the news , making Izuku and Bakugou smile at one another from their couch. Though it was short lived. Some criticized Bakugou for revealing his marital status because it would only endanger his omega. Some wanted to know who the omega was.

"What are you doing?" Bakugou asked, watching Izuku take out his phone and type.

"I want to know what the public really thinks," Izuku revealed, brows furrowing as he scrolled on his phone and stilled. Bakugou watched Izuku's green eyes move side to side as he read in silence.

"Izuku, stop," he warned. "I know what you're trying to do." He reached for Izuku's phone but Izuku stood up from the couch and walked away. "Izuku." Bakugou followed him to their room.

By the time Bakugou reached him, Izuku let him take his phone away. Izuku cleared his throat, and looked around their bedroom with his hands resting on his hips.

"Hey," Bakugou said softly, grabbing Izuku's arm. "No one matters, but us."

Izuku licked his lips, then looked back at him. "We got our morning breakfast, didn't we? Now lets have our morning sex."

"What did you read?"

Izuku avoided his eyes. Receiving no response, Bakugou tapped Izuku's phone and swiped the screen. Bakugou's eyes widened at the comments on twitter, one in particular that had Bakugou fuming and saddened for his omega.

"I want my morning sex," Izuku repeated more firmly, folding his arms to his chest while tapping his foot impatiently on the carpet floor.

"Alright," Bakugou gave in. He didn't want to disappoint Izuku further. Nor did Bakugou want to leave Izuku alone. He wanted to feel his omega and reassure how much he loved him despite the conflicts of their marriage.

Bakugou cupped Izuku's cheek, turning him so they could look at one another's eyes. "I love you for what you are."

"Then knot me. Knot me to the brink so I could feel a semblance of hope that I could someday bear your children." Tears welled up Izuku's eyes.

That morning Bakugou demonstrated that as an alpha he loved his omega even though Izuku would never be able to grant him children. The comment Izuku had read wrote Bakugou's omega must be worthless as they didn't mention kids. The user called Izuku a worthless and broken omega. The user even challenged that they could bear Bakugou's children in the first heat alone.

Izuku's cries and sobs feathered Bakugou's ear as he made love to him. His omega hugged his strong waist, fingers clawing onto Bakugou's back. Union. Mating. Conception.

Bakugou's thrusted one last time, pushing his knot inside Izuku's slick hole. Izuku moaned loudly, a broken sob interrupting at the end.

"Was I good, alpha?" Izuku cried.

Bakugou turned his head to the left and kissed Izuku's cheek. "You were perfect, my beautiful and strong omega."

"Don't let any of your cum escape," Izuku begged, grabbing Bakugou's buttcheeks. "Breed me, please."

Bakugou kissed Izuku's mouth, tongue exploring his omega's mouth. They moaned. Bakugou shoved his cock and knot further in his omega's hole. "I'm doing it, baby." He groped his omega's buttcheeks. "Don't worry. Your alpha is pumping you with their seed. "

Izuku's cries tired. "I love you."

Bakugou kissed Izuku's forehead, then whispered, "I love you more than my life and will never end."