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Blast from the Past.

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Bea and Allie stood outside a brick building with only Bea knowing the place, they stood hand in hand with Vera and Will behind them, they were both scared but they wanted to see that justice would prevail. They were shown to the sitting area when Bea and Allie took a seat next to them, Vera and Will sat away from them but in full view of them, after a full investigation over a say over a Prisoner the allegation was dropped but was bought back to grade one. Bea had watched both Will and Vera talking and then looked at the blonde beside her with her head down and looking down at her hands.

Bea- Hey just look at those two they'd make a wonderful couple.Her smile soon turned to a frown when Allie didn't look up.

Allie- I've never really given evidence before i don't know what to expect.

Bea- Hey don't worry we're in this together, you just tell the truth and everything will be okay, i love you so much Allie and you've shown me what love was meant to be like both in it together,no matter what happens in that room I'll always have your back. She watched as Allie's lips turn to a smile and leaned in the same time as the blonde and kissed her softly.

Allie- You know how i feel about you I'm madly in love with you even though you snore i still love you.

Bea smiled and went to lean in for another kiss when she had realised what the blonde had said and poked her on the nose and replied 'Oi i do not snore, it's you that snores. She said tugging at her stomach.

Allie- Hear us we sound like an odd married couple. She said with a laugh.

Bea- Allie, What do you think of the idea of..

'Can we have you all come through please

Allie- What was you going to say babe? She said smiling at her.

Bea- I thought it was supposed to be one at a time? She said standing up along with Allie and wrapped one arm around her waist.

'It's a closed court only the judge and jury are here and the defendants backers'.

As they made their way into court room, Bea knew what to expect but Allie didn't. They took their seats in the upper stand on where the public would have been sitting, Bea sat clutching tight of Allie's hand.

'Good morning all it's 11:30am before we go any further I'd like to explain on what to expect in today's hearing. So one of you will be telling your side of events to me
and the Jury and there will be questions asked by your briefs, as today we'll be listening to all sides we'll need to then discuss with the jury if the sentencing or charges made we'll write to the Prison Governor and inform you on the verdict.'

'Can i have a Miss Novak please come to the stand'.

Allie sat and just stared into space hearing her name being called out but she stood up and made her way to the stand where she had to swear on the bible to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When she did this she was told to sit down which she did.

'As I've told them your honour i will be defending Miss Novak as Miss Doyle is also a key witness and because of their friendship of both Bea and Allie i took over and i have been given the notes on the case, my name is Jayne Cormack, I'll be representing all witnesses. She said sitting down.

'And I'm Anita Harris, I will be representing all three Joan Ferguson, Jake Stewart and of course Marie Winters

Bea- She sounds like a total bitch. She whispered into Franky's ear and the brunette just laughed under her breath.

Jayne stood up and asked the first question, so Miss Novak let's talk about Joan Ferguson, could you please tell the Judge and the Jury, did you both get on?

Allie- The complete opposite in fact at first she was like a vulnerable inmate, well she made out like she was, she acted as if she was the victim she tried to get sympathy and easily bought into Kaz, at first i didn't see it.

'When did you see that Joan Ferguson wasn't to be trusted?' She said standing by her seat.

Allie- Well she planted drugs in my cell which got me slotted, so that she could have Kaz to herself

'Objection your honour, there's no evidence of the drugs being planted by Joan'. Stood an eager Anita.

Allie- You're not letting me finish you PRICk. She yelled

'Miss Novak can you please re-frain from using that language'.

Allie-Sorry your honour.

'Please carry on Miss Novak'. replied the Judge.

Allie- I found out by an Officer that it was in fact her that got us arrested and sent to Prison, Kaz thought it was Bea, trying to turn Kaz against Bea, but when we found out,we noticed that both Joan and Bea wasn't to be seen so Kaz grabbed me and got us running to the kitchen and then that's when i saw her lying in the sink unconscious and not breathing, Joan had tried to kill my...I mean Bea but i started to do CPR and then Mr Jackson took over. Allie looked over clocking eyes with the redhead who mouthed 'I love you'.

'Your honour i also have voice recording of Ferguson making a call to the Police and the canteen's cameras came up real good showing the times on when Ferguson followed Bea a glass swapping on the table made by Ferguson and from the medical notes of Ms Smith she was drugged of Rohypnol that's what the medical report says

'You were also put in hospital in a coma will you please tell the court as to why'.

Allie- Yeah well, i got close to someone she didn't like and well we had the amazing night together.

'Can you please collaborate'.

Allie- Amazing sex with my woman in her cell. She said biting down on her bottom lip and smiled,she looked up to see Bea had covered her face with her hands.

'Alright, carry on please'. He said looking flustered.

Allie- Yeah well i was taking a shower and i heard the shower block door open i thought i was her coming to join me for a shower but it wasn't, so when i went to brush my teeth and rinse i looked up to see in the mirror that Ferguson had come in looking all spooky like and that's when she pushed me against the sink head down she...She couldn't look and talk further about it as she thought about that night.

'Miss Novak are you okay to carry on?'

Allie- Yeah I'm good, she placed a cloth in my mouth i tried to scream then i felt the needle go in and everything went blurry. She wiped at her eyes and took a deep breath in and out.

'Miss Novak are you sure you didn't take the drug willingly, you have a history of drug use.' Bea was about to stand as she was seething with anger at that woman.

Allie- What, no way, do you think i wanted to be hooked on a machine not knowing if i was going to make it.

'That's enough Ms Brody, Carry on Miss Novak'.

'Then you returned'

Allie- I returned to the prison hearing that the love of my life had been killed by her.

'Is it true that you tried to kill my client?

Allie-How much are you getting paid for this...Well what would you do if someone you loved got murdered.

'So you did?'

'Objection your honour, Miss Novak isn't the one on trial, she's here to give evidence'.

'Miss Novak you may step down,we're going for a break back in 5 minutes'. He said standing and coming out of his stand.

When the Judge and Jury left the room, Mr Jackson and Vera left to give them both time alone, Bea could tell Allie was shaken up.

Bea- You did well beautiful I'm so proud of you, and you put that woman Ms Brody in her place.

Allie- I felt so angry though with that woman saying that i was basically in the wrong.

Bea- Oh she's just a bitch..One stupid motherfucking..She stood and moved to stand in front of the blonde placing her hand to the back of her head moving in close,

Allie placed both hands on her face placing her thumbs against her jawline and they started to kiss slowly none of them wanting to stop. The blonde backed Bea back until her legs hit the seat and pushed her down on it, she got on her straddling her lap,she let out a low moan when she felt Bea's hands come to her back holding her in place.

Allie- Ticking making out in court off the list. She said holding her hand up.

Bea- Silence in court. She said smacking the blonde on the arse making Allie squeal.

Allie- Oh yes your honour. She said with a laugh before going back in for another kiss

Bea- We can't we've only got 4 minutes. Bea let out a loud groan when the blonde scraped her teeth against her neck leading up to her ear and whispered 'I can be
quick if you can'. Then placing a kiss against her ear. Unbuttoning her shirt Allie slipped in Bea's hand revealing no bra. She closed her hand against her left breast feeling her nipple harden in the palm of her hand she started to plant kisses down the blondes chest, with Bea's free hand Allie unzipped her jeans and unbuckled her belt she placed Bea's hand straight into her pants and into her underwear, Bea letting out a groan at how wet she was.

Allie- Oh fuck...I'm so ready for you. She said pushed down on the hand in her panties.

Bea- We've...Only..Got

Allie- Two minutes i know...I'm just so close now baby. She said jumping up and down both moaning out at how good it was but they were bought out of their own moment by a cough below them.

'Ahem'. Came a voice from below them.

Bea- Who the fuck it that? Allie turned round to see who had interrupted them.

Allie- Franky

Bea- Did you just say Franky. She replied face still in the blondes chest hiding her embarrassment.

Allie- Bea says hi

Franky- I bet she does, did i just interrupt sexy time shall i come back?

Allie- No we can carry this on later. She said now looking down at Bea who was now glaring at her. They both were now sitting in their seats Bea looked a little flushed.

Franky- Hey red loving the hair. She said making her way over to them giving them both a hug and took a seat next to Bea, Bridget came in along with Will and Vera when they took their seats Bridget spoke.

Bridget- I've just found out who's next in the dock.

'Who'. Came the three voices of Franky, Bea and Allie.

Bridget- Joan

The Judge and Jury took their seats and waited for Joan to come through, when she did appear and took the stand she didn't look her normal self as she sat at the dock.

'So Miss Ferguson is it or is it not true that you tried to kill my client Ms Beatrice Smith and Miss Allie Novak.

Joan didn't answer instead she just mumbled quietly sounds what none could hear, she looked around the room and up to to the gallery she looked at Vera then her eyes shifted over at the others, then she saw someone sitting far from the others someone who thought was proud of her. 'I wanted you to be proud of me, to think i was good enough'.

'Who are you talking to Ferguson?'

Joan- What did you say? She said coming back to reality.

'Is it true or untrue that you tried to murder both Ms Smith and Miss Novak'. Joan looked up into the gallery and saw with her own eyes Jess Warner, Simmo Slater and Jianna who were looking back at her.

'I did it for you my love, everything i did was for you no-one will understand what we had'. Bea turned round to look in the same direction as Ferguson then looked back at Allie and shrugged.

'Your honour may i speak on behalf of my client'.

'You may'. Said the judge looking back at Joan

'My client Miss Ferguson had an on going treatment at the Psych facility, she was released so soon, so I'm requesting until she can be fixed for trial and sentencing is
for her to be sent to a psych and get that treatment and then take it from there'.

'I accept your decision, Mrs Thomas, Miss Ferguson please step down from the stand. One of the Prison guards helped her down and they walked out of the room with Joan's brief.

Allie- This is total bullshit

Franky- Don't worry, we've still got more to come.

'Can we please have Miss Doyle take the stand'.

Bridget- Go on baby, you give it to them. She said leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.