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Blast from the Past.

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A month later.....

Bea and Franky were both let out of Bridget's car at the 'Designer suit' store. When Bridget pulled away from the curb they entered the building as they were shopping for their big day. Bea had decided she was the one to wear the suit as she liked suits way better than dresses, so when they stepped in that store Bea was in full view of the designer suits some which were patterned and some was just plain. She didn't like the idea on wearing anything patterned.

Franky- Hey red...Look at this one this will look great on ya. With a little underneath. She said with a wink.

Bea- Stop it with the teasing. She said her face going bright red. She then reached over for the top three suits one black one which had a bow tie along with a white shirt with black pants, the other was a white one with a white shirt and black bowtie and the last one was a cream one and like the other two it came without the bowtie but with a tie.

Franky- Need a hand red. She said sticking her tongue out and looking over her friend.

Bea- Umm...No keep your hormones under control i won't be long.

Franky- Spoil sport. She said crossing her arms.

Bea went into the changing room and looked over at the size seeing if it was the right size and it was just the right size on all three so she closed the curtain she placed the suits on the hooks on the walls and started to strip.

Over at 'Beautiful Brides' Bridget was sitting on the bench facing the dressing room. As the curtain opened and stepping out she looked from bottom to the top of the dress hung on the blondes body, she stood up and walked over to Allie and did a walk round.

Bridget- Allie this is gorgeous, if you don't buy it then i will. She said having a feel at the material.

Allie- I love it course I'm going to buy it...Do you love yours?

Bridget- I do just hope Franky will too.

Allie- Oh before we pick our babes up i want to nip somewhere not too far from here.

Bridget- Sure well lets pay and put these in car then we'll go.

Bea and Franky were just looking at shoes to wear, Franky decided on a suit too but with her being pregnant she had to get the next size up, but the assistant said that if a week before her wedding she needs it sorting to come back and she'll do it as an exchange. Franky was happy with that as her suit was now being zipped up, Bea had hers in hand, deciding not to buy the shoes there so they grabbed their suits and left. At that time Franky pointed out to see Bridget's car heading their way, Allie was sitting in the front seat. When the car pulled up Bridget and Allie both got out and went to their partners, both wanting to see their wedding outfits, but Franky grabbed Bea's suit bag and went to the boot and went into the passenger side. When they were all settled in the car Bridget pulled off the curb.

With half of their morning gone now it was time for them to get a spot of dinner, so were now heading into the chosen restaurant chosen by Franky as she said it was the same place she proposed to Bridget. Bridget told Franky to order her drink while she goes to the bathroom as well as Allie. So when their partners went off to the restaurant, Franky and Bea were shown to the table in the corner which was a quiet corner.

'Can i take your drinks order?'

Franky- Yeah I'll have a glass of white wine, a glass of red,

'Bottled beer and a coke'. Added Bea.

'I'll get your drinks..And here are your menus'. He said handing them both a food menu and left.

Bea- Franky can i ask you to do me a favour?.

Franky- Please red I'm a happily nearly married woman.

Bea- Oh haha, no it's something to do with Allie.

Franky- Oh yeah. She said putting down her menu and crossing her hands on the table.

Bea- Could you find out if Kaz is buried or cremated and where she is? Because Allie wants to pay her respects to Kaz and well so do i.

Franky- Sure red leave it with me, Vera did tell me that she went to the funeral so she is buried but I'll get back to you on where.

Bea- Thanks. She said reaching over and squeezing her hand and then picked up her menu.

Now at that moment the waiter came along with a tray of their drinks and their other halfs were coming behind just in time, the waiter placed their drinks on the table and left. Allie sat by Bea and Bridget sat beside Franky.

Bridget- So what have you both been talking about then.

Franky- Cak..

'Wedding...Cakes'. Replied Bea.

Bridget- So what are we doing then?

Franky- We were just talking about what cakes we're going to have and flavour and we're thinking of getting cupcakes with our faces on.

Bea- No I'm not having a cake with my face on.

Allie- Why not babe you have a gorgeous face. She said placing her hand on the side of her face and turning it round so she was facing her and planted her lips against the redheads who just kissed her back.

Franky- We'll have to get a tasting session at one of the cake shops you check round as well.

Allie- I like butter cream.

Bea- Oh same here buttercream and strawberry jam.

Bridget- I don't know you but all this cake talk is making me hungry so lets order.

While they were eating they talked about their wedding on who they wanted to invite, Bea nearly choked on her chicken when Franky joked and suggested the freak. Which got them all bursting out in laughter except for Bea. When they finished their meal decided on not getting a dessert as that filled them up, they decided to leave as Franky was going to see one of her offenders and Bridget was due back at the Prison. So Bridget drove them home back to the cabin. The weather was horrendous with the rain so they said their goodbyes in the car and ran to seek shelter, once inside Bea walked through taking her jacket off.

Bea- Don't know about you beautiful but i could do with a hot dri....She turned round to face the door to see Allie on her bended knee.

Allie- I thought i was the one to put a ring on that finger of yours first i hated not being able to afford you that sparkler, you've given me everything Bea a home so much love and friends maybe our own little family down the line but you make me so happy, can't wait till we get married. She said taking out her jacket pocket a purple velvet box and she opened it, Bea walked slowly over to her fiancee and gasped as she looked at the red sparkler.

Bea- You shouldn't have done that.

Allie- Yes i should have..I want us both to wear one from each other and even though you beat me to it....Do you like it?

Bea- Like it i love it. She said waiting as Allie took the ring from the box and slipped it onto her outstretched hand.

Allie- Perfect fit.

Bea- Just how did you know? She said pulling her to her feet and wrapped her arms around her.

Allie- Well you do have these long fingers and once they touched in and out of my body..Baby i just know. She said with a wink.

Bea- This is perfect...How much.. I hope you didn't spend all of Kaz's money on this.

Allie- You know she gave me way enough money she's too generous and i shouldn't have been given that money, Bea i let her down i was sucked in again by Marie..

Bea- Yeah but you did her proud sending her down and also getting her killer.

Allie- We need to show you off my gorgeous woman. She said with a huge smile on her face.

Bea- Oh yeah you have anywhere planned.

Allie- No but i think we should toast to us and I've got a way better idea on how we can do that. She said pulling at Bea's arm and pulling her into her as she spoke 'I want to tick something else off my bucket list.

Bea- Oh yeah and what would that be?

Allie- I want you to take me outdoors and fuck me.

Bea- Outdoor sex?? You can't be serious I've never done that.

Allie- Well i don't want to put pressure on you but we could find a quiet place and maybe we can properly christen that bike of ours.

Bea- Well i do know some rather quiet places not far from here....Can't believe I'm actually doing this. She said with a laugh.

Allie- Oh come on then we won't do it again if you don't like it, trying out new things isn't that what you said a while back?

Bea- Shit i thought you would have forgotten about that.

Allie- Ermm no i remember that quite well remember just before Miles came in and told us to finish the kissing back in H1 and before you were brushing my hair and that we were showing together you actually recommended it. She said laughing.

Bea- I'm not sure if the weather is good today maybe we'll do it tomorrow.

Allie- The weather is fine it's stopped raining, but if you want to leave it then we will.

Bea- I'll just grab something from the bedroom.

Allie- I'll wait by the bike. She said with a huge smile on her face. Bea watched as Allie headed out the door the blonde peaked her head back round the door to see the redhead biting down on her bottom lip.

While Bea went upstairs to the bedroom drawer she opened the drawer to see the harness and the toy just sitting there, she had got use to wearing it and pleasuring Allie when at first she thought she was going to hurt her or it would hurt her from when Allie used it but it didn't, she took a bag pack from the wardrobe and threw it into the bag and taking the bag over her shoulder she left the bedroom and took off outside to go round the back of the Cabin to see Allie with one leg over the handlebar she looked to the ground and saw the blondes pants and knickers.

Bea- You Novak are setting my heart racing I'm afraid it may jump out of my chest.

Allie- And I'm glad that i still have that affect on you. She said as she looked over her fiancée as she was making her way over to her, once she was standing in front of her she pulled Bea by her collar and pulled her down so she could quietly say into her ear. 'That's what you like to see of me isn't it with no underwear and for me to surrender, well baby I'm surrendering, i want you to fuck me so hard.

Bea- Well one way of putting it I suppose.

Allie- Come on off they come. She said grabbing Bea's belt what was wrapped around her jeans and started to unbuckle her belt, once that was done she watched as Bea took over who started to unbutton her jeans and unzip. Allie started to slowly pull down her skinny jeans. When that was done Allie took Bea's bag from her shoulder and opened it up to grab their toy and handed it over to Bea who took it and adjusted the straps. When she was strapped in Allie grabbed Bea's hand and placed it between her legs.

Bea crashed her lips against Allie's they kissed with such passion and it was breath taking, Bea then threw her head into the side of Allie's neck and started to plant soft kisses. She started at first to rub at her wet mound before entering her with two fingers, she placed her arm around the blondes waist to hold her so she and the bike wouldn't come off it's stand as she started to thrust in and out of her wet opening Allie grabbed the toy, Bea felt this and removed her fingers she pulled away from the blonde and fully entered her with their toy she placed one hand behind the back of her head as Allie's hands went down to grab at Bea's arse she wrapped her legs firmly around Bea locking her in as she felt the thrusts she let out a loud moan. Bea bent her head down to take in her fiancée's bottom lip between her teeth and stuck her tongue into her mouth kissing her hard and long as she started to moan in the blondes mouth, she did feel like her legs were going to jelly standing in that position but with Allie's hand clamped around her she managed to contain her shaking legs, as she started to go back and fourth in and out of her woman she removed her lips from the blonde from underneath her and placed her face into her chest to stifle her own moans as well as Allie's

' Oh fuck I'm going to cum, keep going FASTER BABY!!! I love you inside me give me all you've got' She threw her head back in pure ecstasy. Bea bought Allie into her orgasm which she felt too, with each thrust the bike started to wobble so Bea placed her hands underneath her and lifted her up she soon had Allie up against the tree the blonde held onto the nearest branch tightly and Bea had better access at this angle she pushed forward and with each thrust Allie's moans got louder, she watched as Allie climaxed right in front of her. Bea leaned forward and kissed her hard on her mouth, as Allie leaned into the redhead wrapping her arms and legs firmly around her, they were bought out of their make out session by the vibrating in Bea's pocket, so Allie jumped out of Bea's arms and grabbed her jeans and underwear from the floor and headed towards the Cabin.

Bea- Yeah. She said trying to get her breath back.

'Oh did I just ruin sexy time red, you want me to call back'.

Bea- Is this important because i should really get on. She said placing her free hand up against the wall.

' Yeah well i know where Kaz is buried, she is buried and it's at the Wentworth memorial Cemetery'.

Bea- Thank you that's amazing now we can finally see her, talk soon yeah?

' Sure red I've got a few places in mind for our tasting session I'll email them to ya, talk soon.'

When their call ended Bea took a deep breath in and out and headed towards the Cabin, when she entered she saw Allie just getting the wine bottle from the drink cabinet.

Allie- Bottle of red with my hot woman and a movie, how does that sound?

Bea- Sounds amazing, first i want to take you somewhere. She said heading over to the blonde to take the bottle from her hand and took her hand. She led them both outside and back over to the bike Bea took out the helmet from the compartment and handed it over to the blonde who gladly got on the bike but was confused as she was putting on her helmet, Bea went back into the cabin to grab her helmet and keys and headed out and on the open road they went.

When they did reach the destination that Bea wanted to take her fiancée she pulled and parked up just outside the gates and saw a flower stall so she ran over to grab two bunches of flowers and a bunch of thorn cut roses and ran back over to Allie.

Allie- So you wanted to take me to the cemetery for? She said holding her hands up.

Bea- You'll see. She said placing one bunch of the flowers into the blondes hands and they went through the open gates.

They walked further into the Cemetery looking at each headstone until the one that came to Bea's eye got her she grabbed hold of Allie's hand and walked over to the headstone several feet away. When Allie saw who's headstone it was she gasped her bottom lip began to tremble and her hands started to shake.

Bea- Hey come on.. get it off your chest baby I'm here.

Allie let go of Bea's hand to lean down by the shiny black engrave with gold letters 'Karen Proctor'. Then in the words underneath 'Died peacefully' This worked Allie up and yelled out, making Bea come by her side and kneal beside her.

Allie- Died peacefully she was fucking stabbed he slit her throat how is that dying peacefully she was taken before her time.

Bea- Whoever told them that? Shit...We can get a new plack between us however you like.

Allie- Oh Kaz. She said removing the died out twigs and flowers to one side and placed her fresh flowers into the pot.

'I got him i got the bastard, i should have listened to you my mama you always know best, you was like a mother to me you saved me and what did i do i chuck it back in your face and turn my back on you. If i could turn back the clock i would then you wouldn't be here, i got justice for you..Oh I'm here with Bea...Yeah risen from the dead kind of...She was in hiding for awhile and couldn't contact anyone well she's put a ring on it and as soon as i get my tag off my ankle I'm going to marry her, just wish you were here to me down the beach, yeah a beach wedding. Tears were now coming down her cheeks, she got up and looked at Bea when she saw her opened arms she went straight in and held onto the redhead with her head in her chest.

'I know we never really got on but i admired you Kaz i really did even though i thought it wasn't good that you took justice in your own hands but in reality justice had to be served cold at times and you did give those women justice, even though we fought i know i had your support on looking out for the women when i wasn't around and I'm here now and i love Allie so much i will take care of her and love her, you will always have a place in our hearts and we will come and visit very soon'.

When she said her piece she placed her bunch of flowers next to Allie's and placed her arm around the blondes waist as they turned their back but instead of leaving Bea took Allie round the crematory and she knealed down she removed twigs and muck covering the picture and writing to reveal her daughter 'Debbie Smith'. She placed a red rose beside her daughter's name and placed her fingers to her lips kissed them and placed them against her face.

'My beautiful baby not a day that goes by that i don't ever think of you, mummy's beautiful girl you should be at college now studying what you've always wanted to study music and art, i got him Deb, this is Allie she's the one, yeah a woman she makes me so happy and if you were here right now you will absolutely love her, I'm going to make a honest woman of her and get a ring on her finger i love you to the moon and back always, i will come back soon and visit very soon.' She said placing the roses alongside her plack and stood up.

' I'm going to love your mom i wish i got to meet you. She's told me a lot about you, you'll always be talked about and thought about. We will be back to visit you.' She said standing by Bea who let out her emotion with a sob she cried as she felt herself being bought in for a tight embrace from her love.

Bea- Shall we head back.

Allie- No lets sit with her for a bit and you can tell me all about her.

Bea- Alright. She said sitting down on the grass opposite from her daughter and waited for Allie to sit beside her.

'So what do you wanna know?'

Allie- Everything. She said grabbed Bea's hand and linking their fingers but not before bringing the back of her hand to her lips so she could kiss the back of her hand.