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Blast from the Past.

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Today was the day, the day that both Bridget, Franky, Bea and Allie were looking forward to doing and that was getting married, since leaving the Prison behind they were unseperable and much more in love than ever, Bea never thought that she'd walk down the isle again after her first marriage was a bad one but getting married to Allie was something very special as she thought of not being with Allie made her think that she couldn't see herself with anyone else and today she was going to tell Allie how much she means to her in front of their friends.

Yesterday Bridget picked Allie up from the Cabin and dropped Franky off at the Cabin with Bea, as they were going to do things properly and have the night away from their other half's, which was going to be hard as since leaving the Prison behind Bea and Allie had not spent a night or day away from each other and neither had Bridget, even though they did when Franky went to Prison as she was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Mike Penisi and that was found out when she and Bridget found the lock up and found out who the real killer was and she was eventually set free and her and Bridget spent the lost time they had together and they hadn't spent the night apart only the time when the other slept at work but other than that they were always together.

Now it was the morning of the wedding their big day, Bea was a little nervous as her hands began to shake as she did up her tie, she did have to redo her tie twice until she got it perfect. When her tie was down up and her suit jacket was on she sat her bed and that's when the tears came, when she heard the tapping at the door she got up and faced the window and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and just in time for Franky to walk in.

Franky- Hey red..You couldn't do up my tie could ya, only I've never really done one up before.

Bea- Sure. She said with a sniffle and put on a smile, she turned round to see Franky standing there in her suit and she looked so amazing.

Franky- Hey i know i look good but you've started to dribble now and well you've had your chance to pick me and to ravish me but I'm with Gidge now and you're with Allie..Unless you fancy a foursome. She joked and laughed at her friend.

Bea- Oh haha Franky don't flatter yourself. She said with a laugh and started to do up her tie, when Franky was all set she could tell that Bea was upset so she took hold of Bea's hands and led them to the bed and placed both hands to each side of Bea's face and lifted her face up so that they were eye to eye.

Franky- What's up red?

Bea- Everything is just perfect my woman standing in front of me on our big day but my baby girl won't be by my side and she'd be there to walk me down the Isle.

Franky- I know it's hard red i saw the look on your face and you'd wake up and your time in Prison would be worth it if you got to see Debbie, but i tell you this right now, Debbie is always watching over you...Never thought I'd say that but you got her justice i know it's shit that she's not here because blondie would love to have met her. She said placing her hands over Bea's what was resting on her knees.

Bea- Oh she would love the bones of her...By the way I've got you a little something. She said standing and making her way over to her top drawer and taking out a velvet box and handed it over to Franky her opened it.

Franky- Oh my red this is absolutely beautiful. She said taking out the piece of jewellery which was a heart necklace with the letters F+B written inside and was written in gold.

Bea- You've been there for me even though we hit a rough patch at the beginning, but we got there didn't we .

Franky- Seeing as we're giving out gift here, I've got something for you too...It's nothing big but i want to give it ya now.

Bea- You shouldn't have.

Franky- Oh shut up...You've been there for me too and you saved my life on many occasions you saved me from that fire.

Bea- You had to get out of that place Franky, before the freak...You know. She said looking down into her hands as Franky placed a red velvet box in her hands, when she opened it she too had a necklace but it wasn't just any kind of necklace she had to open it up and when she did she placed her hand over her mouth and gasped.

Franky- You like it then?

Bea- Oh Franky i love it...But how did you get this photo of me and Debbie.

Franky- Well you do remember when you told me to get that safety box well i only had a sneaky look and took a photo..Out of order i know red as it was your personal stuff but i just wanted to get it done for when you left so that you'll carry Debbie and well Allie too. She said pointing to the other joint picture at the side of her and Debbie.

Bea- I love this and i love ya too thank you so much for this and for everything. She said trying hard not to cry but couldn't help it.

Franky- I love you too ya doofus, now come on enough of these tears otherwise you'll get me in a state. She said wiping the corner of her eye.

Bea- I wonder how our loves are doing. She said standing up and standing in front of the mirror and looked sideways at her suit.

Franky- Maybe in a year or so you and Allie will be in the same position as me. She said rubbing at her stomach.

Bea- We need to discuss it more but first we need more us time before we even consider it, cause i don't want to fuck up again.

Franky- You were the best mum to Debbie..Bea you can't change the past sadly...You have more love to give and you will be a great mum as you already were. The love you had for your daughter will never change.

Bea- Your right there, i must see her when i get back. She said with a light smile.

Franky- And don't think that i didn't hear you last night red.

Bea- What are you talking about? She said turning to face her friend.

Franky Oh just the 'I love you Allie...No i love you more, i can't wait till I'm sleeping with you again, what are you wearing?' That kind of thing.

Bea- Fuck, these walls are so paper thin. She said blushing and couldn't help but to laugh along with Franky.

Over at Bridget and Franky's house, Bridget and Allie were both zipped up in their dresses and sitting down to have a glass of champagne, all what needed to be done was their make up but they had over 2 hours to get sorted so they thought they'd raise a glass.

Allie- To the love of my life the one i love and will love for the rest of my life.

Bridget- I'll drink to that 'to the love of our lives'. They clinked their glasses and took a sip from their glasses.

Allie- Have you spoken to Bea or Franky this morning? I miss her. She said sighing.

Bridget- You've only been apart for one night..And i did hear you on the phone to her last night..Last time me and Franky did phone sex must have been just before we found out she was pregnant.

Allie- Shit I'm sorry..Just the hear of her voice sends shivers down my spine. She said smiling.

Bridget- Well when we get that band on our finger we'll be shackled forever.

Allie- I love the sound of that..Hey Bridget i want to ask you a favour.

Bridget- Yeah shoot. She said placing her glass down and closed her hands.

Allie- Could you teach me to slow dance..On our hen i felt like i had two left feet and well i don't want to make a show of myself.

Bridget- Of course i can honey..Just at that moment the doorbell rang and then a tap at the door came not long after so Bridget stood and raised her dress so she wouldn't stand on it with her heels and went over to answer the door, when she did she was faced with two huge bunch of flowers which was covering the delivery person. She laughed and took the flowers and placed them inside just by the door and signed for them. When she closed the door behind and turned round she saw Allie standing outside the bedroom door. Bridget looked up and smiled before looking down at both cards which was poking out of the flowers to see Allie's name on one bunch and her name on the other.

'Looks like you have a secret admirer or the Mrs has good taste'. Bridget placed her nose into the bunch

Allie walked over to Bridget and picked her bunch up and placed them onto the coffee table and took out the envelope with her name on.

'We've finally come to the day, the day when i tell you all my commitments in our marriage the day i call you my wife my rock and my bestfriend, love you so much my seahorse'

Love always

Your bae xoxox

Allie- Get me to that beach now...My baby has her way with words. She said kissing the card.

Bridget- Bedroom now..Need to do our makeup.


They all decided to get married on St Kilda Beach as close by there was a penthouse just off the beach and that's where they were going to hold their reception, Maxine had driven both Franky and Bea with Boomer sitting beside Maxine, Boomer was being trusted by both Vera and Mr Jackson that if she went with them, Vera and Mr Jackson were taking a cab down so that Boomer could get her final day before she went back to Prison. Maxine got out she was wearing a white suit with white slip on shoes, she had chosen to not wear a tie but she was wearing a suit jacket. Boomer then got out she was wearing a purple long dress with sleeves it was all she could afford with her Prison wages.

Bea- You look great Boomer.

Boomer- Thank you and so do you....The both of you do, I'm just going to miss you all.

Franky- Hey Booms won't be long till you join us and my baba would love all three of her aunties and well you'll do you auntie duties yeah. She said with a wide smile.

Boomer- Oh yeah and if anyone tries to hurt baby Doyle the I'll punch them in their tits... She said raising her fists.

Bea- Yeah hopefully it wouldn't come to that Boomer..But hey i have my phone and we'll get someone to take a picture of us all and see if the photo can get printed and then you have something to look back on today.

Boomer- I'd love that Bea thank you.

Franky- Let's start now then shall we before our brides turn up. She said taking out her mobile from her jacket and raised her phone in the air for the four of them to get into with smiles on their faces Franky snapped a few photos.

An hour later after taking their seats Franky and Bea sat on the front seats in front of the Registrar , as they waited both of them were quite nervous as their hands began to tap against her legs. Then the music from behind them began to play the music was from Shania Twain 'Still the one'. As Franky and Bea both took their places at the front, they sorted out the cuffs of their jackets as they both swallowed hard before turning to the sides and watching their brides being walked down by both Rita and Vera, Rita was walking Allie down while Vera was walking Bridget down. When they were halfway down, Bea smiled at the blonde she looked absolutely gorgeous. Franky's eyes were trailing all over her woman she had chosen the white dress with short sleeves on her shoulders and it touched the top of the sand as she walked down. Allie had near the same but with longer sleeves and the dress wasn't touching the sand. As Bridget and Allie were now at the front with their other half's. Allie looked down at Bea's hands and attached her pinky finger to hers, when Bea side looked her she smiled. Bridget placed her hand into Franky's as their friends sat behind and waited for the ceremony to begin.

'So we're gathered here to witness the marriage of Beatrice Alice Smith and her partner Alison Jean Novak and of course Francesca Anne Doyle and her partner Bridget Jayne Westfall, they have been on a long journey and have met one another in that journey, before we continue if there is anyone here that objects this ceremony say now or hold you peace.' The couple looked back at their guests then turned back round as the registrar began to begin.

'Before i go on have you written your own vows'. She looked at each pairing who nodded.

'Would you both say your vows to each other'. Bea looked at Franky who gave her the nod, so Bea turned further onto her side as did Allie and they both took hands.

Bea- Allie you came into my life when i was on the verge of just giving up, The first time you kissed me I fell in love with you you are the best thing to happen to me after Debbie. The time I was in a coma all I thought about was you. Know we are here together and I can’t wait to call you my wife I love you so much my little Alliecat. She said leaning up to kiss her on the cheek.

Allie- To think i didn't write this down means a lot to me...Bea I fell for you when I saw you on tv but I fell in love you the first time I came into your unit. You have saved my life and turned it around. The years I thought you was dead then you came back to me and now I get to call you my wife I love you so much and i can't wait to see how our future as a married couple unfolds. She said placing the palm of her hand to Bea's face and planted a soft kiss to her lips.

'Those were beautiful words'. The registrar said before standing in front of Bridget and Franky.

Franky- So i guess it's us..Bridget i wasn't looking for love until i found ya..My life was a mess until you fixed me you saw the real Franky and got me to see it too. I never thought I would find true love and there you was. I love you Bridget with all my heart and i can't wait for our little one to be born and be raised with love as we have for one another.

'Oh baby'. She said looking away as she wiped a tear from her eye before turning back round to face her.

Bridget- You are so beautiful.... I wasn’t looking for love too but I found myself falling for you every time I saw you and it was hard to fight my feelings for you. But then I met up with you on the outside and never looked back and now you're going to be my wife. I love you Franky with all my heart too and i can't wait to be a mother to our beautiful baby and see where our journey takes us.

'Now both couples have now made their vows it's time to repeat after me, face your partner's and have the rings at the ready'.

Boomer and Vera stood up and both went over to Franky and Bridget, Vera gave Bridget the ring from her pocket straight away but Boomer tried pretending she couldn't find it in her small bag until she pulled it out getting a nudge in her shoulder by her friend.

'This time we'll start with Francesca and Bridget'. The registrar said holding up her book.

Repeat after me... I, Francessca take you, Bridget Jayne Westfall to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Franky- I Francesca Anne Doyle take you, Bridget Jayne Westfall to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forever and for always. Franky decided to change the last part. She took the ring and slipped it on Bridget's left hand and onto her finger.

'Okay, Bridget can you please repeat after me I Bridget Jayne Westfall take you, Bridget Jayne Westfall to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forever and for always.. She took the ring and slipped it on Franky's left hand and onto her finger.

Registra- Last but not least please repeat after me I Alison Jean Novak take you, Beatrice Alice Smith to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part .. She took the ring and slipped it on Bea's left hand and onto her finger.

Allie- I Alison Jean Novak take you, hot Beatrice Alice Smith to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love forever.. She changed the ending just as Franky and Bridget did as she slipped the ring onto Bea's left hand with Bea not losing eye contact with the blonde.

Registra- Finally Beatrice Alice Smith please repeat after me...I Beatrice Alice Smith take you Alison Jean Novak to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to death do us part.

Bea- I Beatrice Alice Smith take you Alison Jean Novak to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, will love you always. She said smiling as she slipped on the ring onto Allie's left hand and onto her finger then their eyes met once again. When they slipped on the rings, they placed their hand on top of each other so Bea's left hand was placed over Allie's and Franky's hand was over the top of Bridget's as the Chaplin tapped them.

'You have said your vows to one another and you are bless with love, i pronounce you spouses for life, you may kiss you bride'. She said stepping back as Bea pulled Allie into her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss, as did Bridget as confetti was thrown over their heads as they kissed and cheering behind them along with the wolf whistles.

Bea- Finally done it huh. She said showing her now wife her band as they smiled from ear to ear.

Allie- I love you Mrs Novak.

Bea- I love you too my very hot wife. She said this while looking down her exposed chest only to get nudge from the blonde.

Allie- If you behave yourself i promise that tonight you can have your wicked way with me. She said leaning forward while wrapping her arms around her neck.

Bea- Well of course we do have to consummate this haven't we. She said sticking out her tongue.

Allie- We've finally done it...I think we best get going to our reception before i take you now on this beach that suit is just how i imagined you to wear. She bit down on her bottom lip just the look of her in that suit made her shiver.

Bea- Well i hope you know that the feeling is always mutual in your case.

Franky- Thank you for coming, our reception is in that beach house if you'd like to make you way over there's plenty of fizz to go round of course food. They waited until they were the only ones the newlyweds were both enjoying their moment.

Bea- So we're are you both off to for your honeymoon.

Bridget- Ah well that's a little secret for my wife..But we're not going far.

Franky- It doesn't matter where we go if it involves a kingsize bed and a full pedicure I'm all in. She said laughing as she kissed her wife.

They were now standing in the room where the reception was held it was a huge room and a built in dancefloor and surrounding them was their friends and tables full of food and drinks. Bea linked her hand straight into Allie's as they went over to the drinks table for a glass of champagne. When they grabbed a glass Allie raised her glass to Bea's lips as did Bea and took a sip from each other's glasses, then Boomer came over to them with a huge smile on her face.

Boomer- I think Mr J is looking all hot in his suit and he smiled at me earlier.

Bea- Hey don't be a screw lover. She said with a laugh.

Boomer- No i mean it'll be something to think about when the lights go of tonight, if i get out Maxine said i can go and live with her.

Bea- That's good Boomer just hope the parole board will allow it.

Boomer- Yeah but what i did to Liz i don't deserve it really. She said looking down to the ground.

Allie- Hey Boomer what you did was kind..I mean what if she took the poison that Marie gave her she'd be gone then and that's not the way.

Bea- What...Marie did that? She said looking at her wife shocked with anger.

Boomer- I've got Bridget helping me along with Vera...She's going to put in a recommendation.

Allie- Help yourself to some food Booms and we'll have a little dance later.

Boomer- Congratulations eh..I would have got you a present but i didn't have enough money since buying this outfit.

Bea- You are the present Boomer..Now go have something to eat before it all goes. She said laughing at her friend who lifted her dress up and started to make a run for the food table.

Allie- Best day ever yeah? She said slipped her arm around her waist.

Bea- Yeah..You never told me about Marie giving Liz the killer dose.

Allie- I know but then i know how you'd react if i told ya..We'd probably not be standing here today.

Bea- How can someone be so cruel? She said nodding her head.

Allie- Come on i think we should have something to eat too..She grabbed her wife's hand as Bea placed her glass down on the table as did Allie and they headed to the food table.

They spent a few hours talking with their friends getting to know what they have been up to, Franky then went over to Bea and whispered into her ear telling her it was now time for them to cut the cake. The didn't need to be asked twice so the got all their guests attention and went to stand behind their own cake. Allie was standing in front of Bea with her standing behind as they both were holding the knife over their cake while Bridget was in front of Franky and they waited for Franky to do the countdown from 5 before they sliced down the middle.

While Bea was talking with Franky Allie disappeared but then a few minutes later she was heard from a microphone saying her wife's name.

'Can my wife Beatrice Alice Novak please join me for this dance'. She said looking over at the redhead who made her way over to the floor.

The blonde started to walk herself up towards the redhead who welcomed her in with open arms as the song began to play. From the songs that they struggled to go with Bea managed to pick out the song and that song was 'Over and Over' by Nathan Sykes. Bea's right arm came around her waist as her other her hand was in Allie's as they moved with the music, they leaned forward so that their foreheads were touching they wished they could just stay like this forever.

Bea- I love you. She said with a low voice as her lips were close to the blondes.

Allie- I love you too. She said with a smile before going in for a kiss as she removed her hand from Bea's and wrapped them around her waist.

Bea- I can't wait for tonight to show you how much i do love you. She said quietly into her ear before kissing her lobe.

Allie- Oh yeah well i did quite imagine last night what you'd do to me..Now all you have to do wifey is make it come to life.

Bea- Oh i plan to darling....I've packed extra good for tonight. She said her eyes glancing down at her cleavledge, then looking back up and and staring into Allie's eyes while licking her lips.

When their music stopped it was time for Franky and Bridget to dance they danced to 'Thousand years' by Christina Aguilera. While Bea and Allie watched on from the corner of the room. They were doing things a lot different than any other kind of wedding they wasn't going to do speeches as they didn't have the time as they had a plane to get on. They said their goodbyes to their friends and was told to carry on the party and have drinks on them and that they would see them all real soon.

As they left the beach house it was Bea and Allie leaving first as Boomer and Franky were talking and Bridget was talking to Vera. As they got off the beach hand in hand they headed for the carpark instructed by the redhead as they wasn't getting a taxi but instead parked up was a pink limousine and their chauffeur was standing at the front.

'Mrs and Mrs Novak'. Bea nodded while Allie just stood there smiling as they were taken to the very back of the car as their driver opened up the car door, Bea got Allie to go in first when she was in she followed once in she was immediately took by surprise the door had only just shut when Allie got on and straddled her lap they were sitting together, lips seeking out lips Bea wanted to resist the urge to give in but as soon as Allie's tongue touched her lips she surrendered to her she leaned back into the soft seat and placed her hands and clamped them onto her arse as Allie's hands began to wonder as each button was unbuttoned their breathing becoming hard in between kisses, Bea breathlessly whispered 'We've got to stop'. Allie pulled away and raised her eyebrows at her wife and replied back 'You sure about that?' She said placing her finger tips to the redheads lips.

Bea- Fuck i want you so much. She said sitting up so that she was facing her wife then they started to kiss again they were both aroused, Allie was pulled in closer so their chests were touching as her arms exploring the back of Allie's dress, which was laced together with a thin strap of fabric tied into a bow at the base of Allie's spine. she was having no luck untying the lacing and let out a growl in response which Allie had to laugh at wondering what all the fumbling was behind her back, Allie inquired.

Allie- Just what are you trying to accomplish back there? She said pulling back.

Bea- Did you really have to get a difficult dress here.. I was trying to get you out of that dress, but I think you've got some sort of sailor's knot happening there.

Allie- If you think I'm going to give the limo driver a show back here you've got another thing coming. I'm not prepared to make love for the first time on my wedding night in the back seat of a car, no matter how posh it is. She said getting from her wife's lap and sitting beside her.

Bea- Why do you always do that?

Allie- What have i done now. She said with a laugh as she turned onto her side to face her.

Bea- You get me all turned on and with you sitting on my lap trying to get me out of my shirt my hands felt so lazy. Bea had a sulk and folded her across her chest. Just then the door opened and in popped the head of Franky.

Franky- You don't mind do ya red, blondie that we share this on the way to the airport.

Bea- Of course not there's plenty of room. She straightened herself up and looked down at her chest to reveal that her bra was on show so she fastened up/

Franky- Looks like you both started honeymooning early. She said throwing them a wink and tapped on the window which was connected to the driver and said that they were all set and to take the short way.

Allie was now sitting opposite from her woman and couldn't help but smile at her Bea on the other hand was not she was still in a sulk, Bridget and Franky were both smiling and playing footsie with each other.

Allie- So Bridget when did you both have your first kiss?

Bridget- It was just after she had got out and i was waiting for her by my car.

Franky- Hot girl and a hot car i got both, so how did your first kiss go?

Allie- Well i tried to go down on her in the showers.

Bea- Allie. She said giving her a very stern look.

Allie- Oh come on baby..Our first kiss happened after she said she cared about me at first she was shaking until i kissed her and her face after was just so cute, then we had our little make outs in the kitchen in the equipment room.

Franky- What bet it was cold. She said laughing.

Allie- No when i entered that room the heat pretty much boiled over..Ain't that right babe. She said winking at her wife who could only smile as she turned to face the blacked out window.

Bea- Now i want to go to the equipment room. She said under her breath but wasn't unheard by Franky.

Franky- Oh someone's getting a little frisky here. She said nudging her friend.

Their limo drive was short as the driver opened their door to let them out, once they were all out Bridget and Franky went their way while Allie and Bea went thought their way, taking hold of Allie's hand she kissed the back of it. Bea was back to her normal self.

Allie- You've soon brightened up Mrs sulky.

Bea- Did you just call me sulky..That's it no sex tonight. She said letting go of her hand and finding their gate number to find that they have 30 minutes to board so after checking in Allie wondered where their luggage was.

Allie- Babe i think we're missing our luggage.

Bea- Actually no..Early this morning me and Franky took mine and yours and then we drove down to Franky's and saw that you both wasn't in and well we took Franky's and Bridget's they'll be on the plane right about now.

Allie- Plane to where...Come on i think now is the time to fill me in.

Bea- Wait till we board and then I'll tell ya. She said taking her hand back and heading straight for the escalator.