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Blast from the Past.

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one year on and it was getting really hard to process what actually went on in that siege she was held at hostage and at gunpoint pregnant with her baby girl, she had weeks left of her pregnancy but after what went on and the stress made her go into labour with the help of boomer and Liz she gave birth to a her baby girl naming her Grace, Jake came in at that time and spent a little time with his daughter and Vera before she was then took to the hospital. Lives of two prisoners were taken Vicky Kosta and May Jenkins, Brody had taken 3 lives of three prisoners including Kaz Proctor.

Back from the hospital not alone but with her beautiful baby girl she hated those months when she was alone and not trusting Jake after learning that he was working alongside Ferguson he has a long way to go before he gets her trust back she didn't like being alone but that soon changed as she put her house up for sale and she stayed over at hotels. Bridget soon met up with her and persuaded Vera to come and stay with her and Franky until she found a place so that's where she was living for the time being.

After the events that had happened a week later that Sean Brody was shot dead Linda was told by the board of governor's that she needed to step up as governor, as Will was being investigated over his suspected sexual relations with a prisoner allegation and over his securities over the Prison. when Mr Jackson left his governorship Linda was behind the desk and her first priority was to get Boomer and Allie out of the slot after Allie's sentencing she was told she had to stay in the slot for 2 weeks and so was Boomer. Being put on Laundry duties Boomer held a gathering and she called out that Allie was going to be top dog and if anyone had a problem with that then they should say which they all didn't have a problem as the blonde had really showed them that she was being more tougher and that's what they need.

Boomer- It does feel good to be out of the slot. She stood beside Allie giving her the folded sheets.

Allie- It sure does last time i was in the slot would have been the time the freak planted drugs in my cell and my neighbor was Bea.

Boomer- Do you still miss her? I sure do miss her, Maxine and Liz. Now it's just you and me.

Allie- Yeah i still miss her things were really in place when my queen was here, good luck to whoever enters this hellhole next. she said pushing down the press over the sheets, then handed them back over to Boomer.

Boomer- Rumors have it that we have a new General Manager starting here.

Allie- Rumors travel fast, hey booms. She said laughing.

Over at Bridget's and Franky's they had a delivery van parked up in front and when Vera got to the door to answer it, two men came through with a large box she immediately got them to take it upstairs indicating which room it was going into when they reached the top of the stairs. Then after two minutes they came back down with clipboard in hand.

Vera- Aren't you going to assemble it. As when she ordered it she also paid for delivery.

'Sorry miss but we have other deliveries to attend to but if you can wait for another 2 hours I'm sure i can come back alone and get down to it.' He said looking over.

Franky- Stop talking with ya dick dude, we can handle it from here. She placed her arm around Vera's waist and winked at her.

'We can make it a three way i don't mind'.

Franky- I'm a lesbian me and my partner here would like to be alone if you get my drift, isn't that right baby? She said stunning Vera as she kissed her on her lips.

'Yeah, here'. Once she signed the papers he was out of the door.

Franky- Thank you Franky, oh you're very welcome Vera. She replied sarcastically.

Vera- Umm..Yea..Thank you.

Franky- I'll help put it up, just hope that i can read the instructions.

They went upstairs and started to get the box open taking out the pieces of wood, reaching in she took out a piece of paper with instructions. She told Vera to go downstairs and grab her tools from the shed in the garden. When she did return she saw that Franky had set up the legs on the cot seeing if she had done it right before she actually screws them in.

Vera- So Franky have you always been a lesbian? She watched as the dark haired woman started to screw the bits in halfway before drilling them in.

Franky- Yeah but when i was young i was with a lad in school but then i just lost that attraction i fell for my best friend i'd do anything for her and we got close but when we was alone in my room we were playing house i had a real nice doll house and dolls and i leaned in and kissed her she kissed back but she froze my mum walked in and grabbed her then i was told by her and her dad that i was not allowed to see her again it broke me. She said taking the head board and placing it onto the screws.

Vera- That's awful Franky can't believe they did that to you.

Franky- What about you?

Vera- What about me? She reached over breaking the box up so that it would fit into the bin.

Franky- Have you ever kissed a chick?

Vera- You know I'm not the DIY person thank you for doing this. She said smiling.

Franky- Well I'm not going to let some arsehole try and get into your pants just to put this up. You didn't answer my question, you don't have to if you don't want?

Vera- I'm not sure how to answer it, i have kissed a woman when i was in my 20's well i had got a friend of mine out of a tough relationship abusive relationship and i put her up in my house for awhile then we looked together for a house affordable for her then one night we were having some tequila's and vodka and she leaned in to kiss me on the lips i kissed back as i thought it was a friendly kiss but she carried on and i pulled away then i never saw her again. Can i tell you something and promise it won't leave this room?

Franky- Go on. She said tightening the last screw.

Vera- I'm jealous of you and Bridget. She said looking up at Franky who had stopped doing the cot and smiled at her.

Franky- Why?

Vera- See you Franky you were in Prison now you're doing something with your life you have Bridget but me look at me I'm a single mum and till working at that place.

Franky- I know from experience and from what I've been told too you have been the best governor screw that has happened to that place and you have a bloody beautiful girl there let's hope she takes after her mum than her dad.

Vera- That reminds me he'll be dropping her off shortly. She took her phone out of her jeans pocket looking at the time.

Franky- Unsupervised visits is it now?

Vera- He will never put her at risk of anything he was so protective over me when i was pregnant with her.

Franky- Well she'll be sleeping in a comfy bed tonight instead of hogging yours. She said laughing.

Vera- I don't mind that at all cuddles with my baby i have to get the cuddles in.

Hearing the front door open and close, knowing it will be Bridget arriving home from work as she had a stay in the office as she had loads to get through so she would be going to bed. Hearing the footsteps on the steps and heading towards them. Bridget was seen holding Grace in her arms. Vera smiled at the sight of seeing her little girl home, Bridget carefully placed her into Vera's arms and headed to Franky to kiss her.

Bridget- Oh Jake was heading to the door and he said he was in a rush and said that he'll call you tonight for other arrangements. Standing by the now set up cot she couldn't take her eyes off her daughter, Bridget was standing beside her smiling fiancee as they watched Vera settle Grace into her new cot.


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It was a rather hot day so they were able to go outside into the yard after the rain they have had and after moaning to the officers after weeks indoors. Allie was in the mood to play a bit of basket ball so she gathered up a team Ruby, Boomer and Kim Chang. 


Allie- Okay i'll have Boomer. 


Boomer- We are gonna win big time. She stated as she found a space to stand as she waited for the blonde to start.


Allie threw the ball into the air and Boomer catched it bouncing it around her legs she threw the ball towards Allie only for Ruby to jump up and take the ball, she started to dribble it through her legs skimming it through Boomers then back round. Boomer was right in Ruby's face watching her hand movements, Boomer watched as Ruby threw the ball aiming for Kim but missed her and hit the ground Boomer grabbed the ball and started to dribble it through her legs yet again, only Allie wasn't paying attention to the game but at the iron gate as there was a prisoner coming through with their hood up, when this prisoner took her hood down Allie opened her mouth wide. 


'Yo Blondie watch out ball coming straight for ya'. When Allie looked the ball plonked her on her head knocking her to the ground. 


Boomer- Shit Allie. She went by her side but Allie's eyes were closed. 


'Officer Watson'. Called Ruby. 


'Ha Ha Ha...No.. It's not like that with me and Franky'. 


'Yeah right I've seen the letters she writes to you, you fancy a chick with tats'. 


'Oh AllieCat you know you are the only woman i want, this is new to me, you know i would never look twice at another woman besides Franky is just being Franky and last time i saw her she was really smitten of Bridget.' 


' mm... Might need that in writing'. She said peeling off the woman in front of her gown. 


'And what should i write down, I as in me  will not eye fuck another woman the same way i eye fuck you signed Bea Smith. She said using her hand and her fingers to show her pretend writing. 


Allie- Well Beatrice Smith there's two fucks in that sentence, come and shower with me instead of whacking my face against that tile wall I've got something else you might want to bash. 


Bea- You'll have to show me. She gave her a sexy wink which made the blonde bite hard on her bottom lip. After taking off her own brown gown she pulled Bea into the cubicle with her under the warm spray she placed Bea's hands on her breasts, the redhead soon got worked up and pushed her back gently into the tile wall placing her knee against the blondes wet core making her gasp.


'Fuck Bea'. 


Boomer- Hey she's coming round. 


Allie-  Da fuck happen. Slowly opening her eyes and seeing Boomer hovering over her.


Boomer- Sorry Allie but i did warn you the ball was heading your way. She said offering her hand to help the blonde up.


'Right association is over now back to work duties, Novak if your head is that bad go and see the nurse the rest of you lot back inside'. 


Allie- Nah I'm good Officer Watson. 


'Well off to work'. 


Allie- Yes sir right away sir. 


'Listen of the cheek Novak'. 


She saluted at him and walked into the building with Boomer and Ruby following into the laundry room with Allie behind the press and Boomer and Ruby sorting out the washing. 

After work the inmates were then taken into the canteen for lunch then by table by table they went back to their units. Allie made herself a cup of water then went in and shut her door to her dorm and sat on the bed she took one sip from her cup and wrapped herself up in the red blanket. Placing down the cup she laid down and closed her eyes. 

Vera took Grace to spend time with her father for the night as she was off to a meeting, Bridget and Franky were having a date night so she didn't want to disturb them.

Jake- I'll have her back by dinner time tomorrow if that's okay want to take her out for a drive in the morning. 


Vera- Yeah that's fine just call or text when you're on the way back.


Jake- You want to stay for a cuppa? He said holding their daughter in his arms. 


Vera- No I'm going to have a pamper night with a glass of chardonnay.  She said half smiling.


Jake- Goodnight Vera.


'I'll get you Novak for what you did to me and that's a promise'. 


'N...No...You killed Kaz you bastard you deserved to die.' She said shaking in her bed. 


'I'll come back for you'. 


Allie- FUCK OFF!!!! 

She woke up drenched with sweat from her t-shirt and from the neck up, she sat up and threw her legs off the bed and stood up. She opened her cell door and went over to the kettle to make herself a cup of coffee. 


Boomer- You alright, can't sleep either huh? 


Allie- You want one? 


Boomer- You twisted my arm. She took a seat at the sofa while she watched Allie making their drinks. When they were made Allie went into her dorm and came back out holding a packet of Monte Carlos. 

Allie- Don't be telling the others but I love these too. She said laughing and plonking herself down and picking up their cups handing Boomer's hers. 


Boomer- You want to tell me why you couldn't sleep and why your t-shirt is drenched. 


Allie- Just a stupid nightmare?  She sighed.


Boomer- Yeah i had them too but talking to Dr Miller really has helped me a bit, then i just dream about the hot doc in the conjugal room waiting for me.


Allie- Yeah thank you for going into detail Booms, I keep having them ever since.....Well you know? 


Boomer- You shot Brody. 


Allie- I know what i did, but he killed the only person who meant a lot to me i know i didn't show it but i  loved her like she was my own mother she was there for me when my parents gave up on me and Marie pimped me out as i was sleeping rough and all i had was the drugs, then Kaz came along and had this refugee place for women going through domestic violence she took me in to her place. I owed Kaz my life and her life was taken she cleaned me up then i found myself in this place falling head over heels for the redheaded woman. She smiled at the reminder.


Boomer- Are you and Ruby getting back together? 


Allie- I just need to be on my own for awhile we did have something good but i need to be on my own I've been fucked over and my head's not actually been in the right place has it? 


Boomer- Well there's just me you and Ruby left now just try and not get yourself bumped off. 


Allie- You're stuck with me for life now. 


Boomer- Every cloud has a silver lining besides if i get out then I'm not leaving here without you.

Allie- Hey just remember what you did for Liz was kind and she didn't want to suffer she asked you to do it she couldn't stand anymore pain, she loved you so much. She placed her hand on Boomer's shoulder.


Boomer- I know but i miss her , well i best get back to bed, thanks for the cuppa. 


Allie- Anytime, goodnight Boomer.  She stayed for awhile sitting on the sofa before heading back to her cell. 

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Allie was throwing objects in her cell screaming when her cell door opened and in came Ruby she stopped throwing and threw herself on her hard bed.

Allie- I want time to myself Ruby please go. She said turning to face the wall.

Ruby- Oh come on Allie you need to eat something.

Allie- FUCK OFF!!. She yelled out in tears when she heard the door shut and everything went quiet she wrapped herself in her red blanket 'The only time i was really happy and myself was when you were here i miss you so much'. She cried out hugging the red blanket to her chest.
Boomer on the other hand was in the dining hall forking her bacon and egg the table was getting smaller every year.

Boomer- I fucking hate my life.

Ruby- Hey Boomer something wrong with Allie she just yelled at me. She said placing her tray down on the table before sitting opposite her.

Boomer- Long story.

Vera pulled up in front of a set of iron gates surrounding the building then leaning out of her car to press the buzzer.

'It's Vera Bennett'.

The gates opened and she drove through parking up at the front of the house when she got out she rang the bell after a couple of minutes none came to the door but the door was open slightly and entered the house and instructed on the phone, she came cross a German Shepard what jumped up at her knocking her over on the floor. When she heard the whistle coming from down the hall the dog backed off and she was helped up.

Vera- Thank you.

'Well how's tricks'.

Vera- Yeah I'm good still on maternity.

'Oh how is Grace'.

Vera- She's a delight she's with her dad.

'Mr Stewart?'

Vera- Yeah, what are you getting at Rita?

Rita- Come on there's a reason why you're here. Vera followed Rita through to the living room and out through the sliding doors into the garden to see someone doing sit ups on the grass with a familiar face once this person who was doing the sit ups sat up, Vera opened her mouth and without saying a word she hit the ground.

After their morning breakfast they retreated to the exercise yard because the steam press was out of action they were told to go out so that they can get it fixed. Allie had a go at the punching bad bashing at it letting out some steam when Ruby came through she stopped her bashing, heavy breathing and sweat pouring down from her forehead. 

Allie- Look I'm sorry about this morning just got a lot going on in my head right now. 

Ruby- No i understand honestly but talk to me as a friend yeah? She looked for reassurance. 

Allie- Friends. She held her knuckles in front of her and got the tap from Ruby. 

Ruby- alright then sugar tits, how many of those could you do in a minute. She leaned down to grab the skipping rope and handing it to the blonde. 

Allie- Oh it's on.  Ruby took a stop watch from the container next to the weights and told her when to go, 'Go'. 

As Allie began to skip her exercise was bought to a stop when she looked up and saw who was heading her way, she dropped the rope and took two of the hand weights into her hands and started on her arms.

Allie- You've got a death wish coming back to face me.

'I don't want to fight'

Allie- I don't want you anywhere near me, the gate is behind ya.

Ruby- Back off Marie.

Marie- You've got to have eyes at the back of your head darling, what with your spy sister gone. She backed away from Allie to attend to Ruby.

Ruby- You're a mess, you can't even beat a fly, look at ya, how's cold turkey getting on?

'Winters, you're wanted in the governors office move it'.

Marie- love to stay at chat girls but I'm wanted.

Allie- That bitch. She watched as Marie was escorted back into the Prison.

Ruby- Forget her i want you to do 40 on the ground now. She said with a flirt, as she saw the blonde get onto her hands and knees.

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After the meeting she didn't come home from the house she visited she rested up it wasn't aloud but she was told by Rita to rest up before considering a drive back home, which she did but rang Bridget to tell her something had come up. Returning back home she opened the front door after closing it behind her she heard voices from the living room. She smiled and entered.

Franky- Good job your a cutie. Earning a giggle from Grace.

Vera- Oh good morning. She said yawning once again.

Bridget- You look knackered Vera why don't you go for a lie down we've got her.

Franky- You speak for yourself babe I'm off got a meeting with a client this morning till dinner anyway.

Vera- Hey i can manage if it's too much trouble. She said walking over to Franky and kissing her daughter on the forehead,

Franky- No you go and lie down you could do with a sleep, now I've got to go weigh in the dosh my wife to be won't be too pleased if our honeymoon will be in a tent.

Bridget- Hey baby i will go anywhere on our honeymoon.

Franky- You see why i love her so much. She said smiling she walked over to Bridget and planted her lips on hers.

Vera- Well i could do with a nap even if it's 45 minutes. She said smiling

Bridget- I've got to do a shop so I'll take her with me if you want.

Vera- But be careful with Ferguson on the loose god knows where.

Bridget- Don't worry we won't be long besides be going in the car.

Franky- I'm going to change my top if I'm ever gonna make it to that meeting on time, see you both later.

Bridget- See you later baby.

Franky took her phone and keys with her and two steps at a time made it to the bedroom to change her top into her black shirt buttoning it up as she started on the stairs, shutting the door and slid over the bonnet of her car and was off in a speed of light.

Bridget- Hope she doesn't get arrested. She said sighing.

Vera- Well I'm going to take a nap. She handed Bridget her daughter and kissing her for the second time before starting on the stairs to the spare bedroom to her double bed and beside the bed was her daughters crib she fell flat on her back as sleep claimed her.
On the way out of her house with Grace in the car seat someone was lurking in the bushes peeking at Bridget putting Grace into the car, realizing she had forgotten her wallet she closed the car door and ran into the house. The person lurking in the bushes ran towards the car and with a flash of an object against the car window then ran off back into the bushes.

After a good shop round Bridget was now in her car spotting an unknown car following her at a speed she pulled over to the curb she sighed with relief putting her radio on she took off as she was going at normal speed the car that had been behind her came to a stop no lights ahead just immediately stopping for nothing when she slammed her breaks her head went forward twisting her neck, she was close to home so she carried on driving as the driver of the car turned the corner as she carried on straight. When she got home she saw Vera at the doorstep with a huge smile on her face not wanting to break that Bridget put on a brave face smiling as she got out, her neck in pain, Vera took out Grace of the car seat and took her into the house coming back for the shopping letting Bridget rest up.

Vera- What happened? She said pointing to Bridget's hand against her neck.

Bridget- Oh i turned my neck to quick. I'll be alright in a bit.

Vera- Got just the thing. She said settling Grace in her bouncer and grab her handbag pulling out a tube of Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel.

Bridget- Oh perfect. She said smiling she was about to stand up but Vera told her to stay where she was and relax, she got her to turn slightly round as she started to apply the ointment to her neck gently rubbing it in to the affected area.
Upon hearing moaning noises from the living room Franky came through with a large bag in hand.

Franky- For a minute there i thought that Gidge was at it with the post lady.

Bridget- No way baby. She said laughing.

Franky- What the F... happened here. Being careful not to swear in front of the baby.

Bridget- Nothing baby just turned to quick and my neck clicked, anyone want a brew.

Franky- I'll help. Franky took herself into the kitchen with Bridget at the bag in hand.

Bridget- Good meeting?

Franky- Yeah I've also got myself a week off i was due for one at any rate, is your neck that bad i call bullshit that you turned your neck too fast what happened?

Bridget- Alright a car was tailing me this morning as i went shopping and then i pulled over to let it past but then the car immediately stopped in the middle of the road without warning and i slammed my breaks on.

Franky- Did you get the driver or at least number plate?

Bridget-I only got the first three letters JFG oh and a number one.

Franky- Look i booked us a table at your favorite restaurant tonight are you up for that if not i can cancel and we can report this lunatic. She said taking out her phone.

Bridget- No baby let's go out tonight we're both good. She said placing her arms around her neck bringing them together for a sweet kiss.

Franky- I've booked it for 8:30, so I'm going to take a shower fancy joining me Gidge.

Bridget- Perfect I'll be up in a minute . She said smiling as she put the kettle on, Vera came into the kitchen to warm up a baby bottle of milk.


Late arriving at Bridget's favorite restaurant they arrived by taxi, Bridget was running a little over time as she was deciding on what to wear so she finally decided on black leather all in one suit and pink lip gloss, Franky got out of the taxi first then holding her hand out for Bridget to take once out Franky paid for the cab and placed her arm around her waist as they entered into the restaurant. Following the waiter as he showed them to their table he pulled out a chair while smiling at Bridget, Franky letting out a cough which got his and her Fiancee's attention he backed away. Franky stood behind the chair as she pushed it under before getting to her own seat opposite.

Bridget- Baby this restaurant is my favorite but it's also expensive.

Franky- Nothing is too expensive for you Gidge now order I'm starving,

Bridget- I would sooner go straight to dessert. She said flashing her tongue over her top lip and running her foot up and down Franky's leg. After being given a bottle of chardonnay the waiter asked if they wanted him to pop the cork which they gladly said yes too as he started to pour into the two glasses, Bridget leaned over and took hold of Franky's hand and the other hand was to take hold of her glass.

Franky- Here's to a wonderful night.

Bridget- To many more, you are such a romantic baby, this is the very restaurant you proposed. They clinked their glasses as they put down their glasses after taking a sip Bridget stood up and leaned over the table placing her hand to the back of Franky's head and pulled her towards the table and kissed her.
After ordering the starters and the main courses Bridget complaining at the prices but Franky told her that it was worth the money as they rarely get out what with Bridget sometimes working overtime at the office and Franky working over some files they hardly had a night out.

Bridget and Franky returned back home, Bridget trying to find her keys and then trying to find the key hole. When they were finally in Franky had Bridget up against the cold door, taking off her heels Bridget's hands then found their way down the sides of her waist to her arse. Franky broke off the kiss looking down to the floor noticing an envelope in black block letters Vera no stamp so it looked like it was sent by the person directly.

Franky- Who the fuck sent that?

Bridget- I don't know baby just leave it on the table for the morning she can open it then come let's go to bed we'll deal with everything in the morning.

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When Vera came down with Grace in her arms smiling from ear to ear at how much sleep she had last night and now she was feeling fresh after taking a shower, she wandered into the kitchen to see Franky making the coffee.

Vera- Oh love the smell of coffee in the morning. She went over to the fridge to get the milk bottle for Grace and warmed it up in a bowl of water in the microwave.

Franky- You have a package, came for you last night it's over in the living room, you like croissants?

Vera- Love them. She smiled taking her daughter and the now ready bottle of milk into the living room to find Bridget sitting at the table with her coffee and looking through some long overdue paperwork. She then saw the envelope on the table so she placed Grace into her bouncer strapped her in and went over to examine the envelope tearing the top of the envelope open feeling something padded inside she tipped the envelope upside down and out fell out a pair of gloves and a note saying

'You might need this it's chilly out be sure to wrap up warm you might freeze, you still checking under your bed Vera?'.

Bridget- Just put them back in the envelope.

Vera- What if it's her? She said her hands shaking.

Bridget- She's not that stupid to show her face here surely not with the police looking for her. Franky chose that moment to come in with the coffee and croissants on the tray.

Franky- Yeah don't worry about it we've got your back, I don't trust Jake though.

Vera- Why's that?

Franky- I don't know there's something about him it's just a feeling that's all.

Vera- Now tell me how you got engaged because you never really said.

Bridget- Oh my, well it involves a yummy iced bun.

Will Jackson was back in his uniform back to his normal duties he was going to take leave after his shift of the night after a stressful day he knew he wasn't up to the role of acting governor but seeing as Vera was going on light duties and she didn't want to have Jake running the prison as she didn't trust him, he made his way over to H1 seeing Allie, Ruby sitting on the sofa and the music blaring. 


Will- JENKINS!! He shouted over the noise, which got Allie's attention getting her to turn off the stereo. 


Boomer- Sorry Mr J was it too loud. 


Will- You've got a visitor Jenkins. 


Boomer- Bet it's Franky I've missed her so much. 


Allie- Well you go girl get your arse moving.


Boomer- I'm ready, why are you escorting me and why are you in uniform? 


Will- I resigned from governorship and want to return as an officer to keep an eye out on you all.  


Boomer- Oh you just wanted to see more of me huh? 


Will- Do you want me to send your visitor away? He said folding his arms across his chest.


Boomer- Sorry Mr Jackson. She walked over to where he was standing at the gate and they left to go to the visitors room when they were outside the door he opened it and allowed Boomer to enter first before saying to her '15 minutes'. Boomer looked around the room not spotting her visitor she knocked on the window of the door and said 'Where the fuck is my visitor?' 


'You've always been the one for swearing'.  Boomer swung round to hear the voice she recognized and smiled, she ran over to her visitor and placed her arms around their waist and lifted her visitor up into the air. 


'Yeah okay Booms you can let me go think you're going to squeeze my lungs out'. 


Boomer- I've missed you so much Maxine, i need you more than ever now. 


Maxine- I know love, i heard about Liz i heard she got dementia and that you ended her life, I knew Liz and I know that if she was in so much pain she would rather be out of it than live with it, she went through a lot with what happened with Sonia. 


Boomer- I told her no that i had my parole coming up but then my mum fucked it all up and shop lifted leaving me the driver but then those charges was dropped and then i kill the only woman who was like a mum to me in here than out in the real world. 


Maxine- So what charge have you got now? 

Boomer- Manslaughter be more than 4 years in this hell hole. So how is everything with the cancer? 


Maxine- Oh Booms i wanted so much to get back to you I've got the all clear no sign of it coming back, my hair is slowly growing back but I'm keeping this wig on until it fully grows back. 


Boomer- You look good your colour is back in your cheeks and your wig looks awesome. 


Maxine- It wasn't when the cat got hold of it. She said both laughing. 


Boomer- So you're out now. She said as they both sat opposite from each other at the table. 


Maxine- When i left here i had 4 months left to serve and so i went to Barnhurst spent 2 months then was out on electronic tagging and it was such a relief to be free from it and explore Melbourne, so come on we have just over 10 minutes so fill me in on all the goss. 


Boomer- Well how about you grab us two teas from the machine and a packet of nom noms. 


Maxine- Habit of a lifetime huh Booms? She said standing up. 

Boomer- Make mine a coke. She said with a smile. 

Going back to her cell Allie through herself on her bed taking out a notepad and pen from the small table in front of her, there was a light tap on her door and then saw it open and in popped Ruby. 

Ruby- You wanna come out and watch a bit of TV. She said plopping herself onto the blondes bed. 

Allie- I'll give it a miss just going to write a letter to Franky, see if she can come and see Boomer seeing a friendly face might put a smile on her face. 

Ruby- And what can i do to put a smile back on your face. She scooted closer and smiled at her. 

Allie- Ruby you are a gorgeous woman and i love your banta self you make me smile and laugh. 

Ruby- I've got a feeling there's going to be a but coming along. She took her ex lover's hand and surprised when she let her, placing the blondes hand on her face loving the feeling of her warm hand against her face, feeling Allie pull her hand away. 

Allie- But we can't be together you know that, what with Marie wanting your blood we're both at risk from that bitch and i just wish i saw it sooner than later and hat you told me what happened with Danny before me finding out later and i could have prevented her from going through the lengths of her of getting at you. The love of my life was murdered 4 years ago and all i do is hop from one bed to the other and i feel like a right whore on doing that, i'll love it if we stay as friends. She said looking at her ex. 

Ruby- Okay if that's what you want. 

Allie- I do, more than anything.

Ruby- But friends still flirt right? She said poking her tongue out getting a nudge from the blonde.

Chapter Text

After leaving the Prison Maxine saw on her way out Vera's car drive past, she took her phone from her pocket and made a call. 'Yeah just seen the car drive past just now, No...Okay yeah sounds good speak to you soon.' Boomer skipped back to H1 seeing Ruby and Allie having a game of cards, she felt like her face would fall off through the smiling.

Boomer- Have you two kissed and made up yet then?

Ruby- No non of that.

Allie- I apologized and we're staying as friends.

Boomer- Ah sweet.

Allie- Okay are you going to tell us who your visitor was? She said taking a card from the pack on the table as they were playing fish ( A card game if you get over 21 you're busted) So far she was happy with her cards she has been dealt with.

Boomer- Maxine. She said smiling

Allie- Ah how is she doing? She said picking up another card then throwing them down as she was now busted.

Boomer- Yeah she's all clear from cancer and she's coming to visit once a week to see how i'm doing.

Allie- Well I'm glad she cheered you up Boomer.

Boomer- Yeah, I'm going to crash out on the bed night.

Allie- Night Boomer.

Ruby- Night bestie.

Ruby got up after winning the game and tripped over Allie's pumps on the floor and landed on top of the blonde they were face to face with Ruby looking into her eyes.

Allie- I need the loo. Making Ruby stand to her feet Allie went to her cell closing it behind. Realizing she had mail yet to open she sat on her bed and opened the brown envelope, to reveal a piece of paper she turned it over and the look on her face dropped.

Ruby was making herself a cuppa when she felt a pair of hands covering her eyes 'Guess who'.

Ruby- OMG sis. She said wrapping her arms around her

Rita- Good to see you Roo now are you gonna make me one . She said coming out of the hug.

Ruby- Anything for you sis, so what you doing here then? She said pouring the hot water into a cup.

Rita- Well i didn't like the place i was transferred to so i asked to be transferred back here.

Ruby- Just admit it. She said looking serious.

Rita- What? She froze on the spot.

Ruby- You just wanted to be with your sis again.

Rita- Yeah you got me there. As soon as her sister turned back round she headed off into her old cell and closed the door and opened up her shirt to pull out a mobile from her bra, then after a few minutes she placed the phone under her mattress and headed back out to her sister.

'Hey Allie heard about everything that had happened, red gave me this and i would like you to have it, she also had a few extra's which she sent over to me. Well me and Bridget are thinking of you and I hope to see you very soon, you look after yourself oh and tell Booms I'm thinking of her and that i will be in touch with her very soon. Love ya kiddo Franky. 

Returning home after heading into the prison Vera took off her heels and headed into the living room to find Bridget and Franky on the sofa with Bridget's head on Franky's shoulder with a glass of wine in their hands. Bridget looked up at her and smiled.

Bridget- You alright Vera?

Vera- Not really no. She sighed as she sat herself down and Franky getting up to get a wine glass from the cabinet and poured Vera a glass.

Franky- Out with it. She said handing her the glass.

Vera- I had a report lying on my desk on Liz's death, seems like she took twice the dosage of the pill that Greg Miller gave to her he knew there was going to be side affects but he didn't tell me what and that is what sent her into the state and that she was hospitalized, he's been suspended now I'm screwed.

Franky- Now you want a solution, why don't you go back Gidge? The women really looked up to you, plus those hours weren't as bad.

Bridget- Last time i was in that place was because you were there and i couldn't bare it with you in there and me out here, i told myself i wouldn't go back when i have a life here with you. She said wrapping her arm around her waist.

Vera- I mean it could sort out the problem with some of the prisoners they are not dealing with what happened last summer.

Bridget- I don't know Vera let me think about it, okay.

Vera- Of course no pressure. She smiled.

Franky- Right spunky ready for bed? She said to her half sleeping fiancee.

Bridget- Yeah. She said yawning.

Vera- By the way I've found an affordable two bedroom house lovely garden and its in my budget, I'll be moving out in a week.

Franky- If you need a hand with anything just give me the nod yeah. She said smiling as she got up taking Bridget's hand and leading them both out saying their goodnight's to each other.

After checking if the coast was clear, Vera took her mobile from her handbag she had received a text message from 'R' saying that 'The plan will go ahead, we will make a breakthrough and I'm sure that will happen very soon'. After replying back she placed her phone into her handbag and took it up to bed with her, seeing her daughter laying in her cot fast asleep knowing that she'll be up shortly she quickly changed out of her clothes and into her flannel pyjamas and got into bed she set her alarm for 5:30am and then closed her eyes.

Chapter Text

Early that morning Allie had to go to medical for a piss test, when she arrived she sat on the free bed and took a look around to see that the bed next to her had a curtain wrapped round as to not see the other prisoner.

Allie- Your new what's your name?

'I'm not new i use to work here I'm nurse Rose Atkins'.

Allie- Well Nurse Atkins who's the other Prisoner being kept as a shield whoever it is she smells of wild Orchid. Nurse Atkins took a look at at the clipboard in hand.

Rose- It's just another Prisoner who hasn't been feeling well that's why the curtain is round. So Novak seeing as I've just started do you want to talk me through your addiction, I've not got much to go on from here.

Allie- Who are you my shrink?

Rose- No but i haven't got much to go on from what i have here, i believe that Nurse Radcliffe was the one to see to you.

Allie- I did turn to cocaine 4 years ago after a long time being clean, i was falling in love in this place and when she was nearly took from me i pulled her out of a sink of water after her being drowned so i started to do CPR on her chest to try and keep her heart beating i didn't know what i was doing then Mr Jackson took over when she was recovering she told her mates that i was the one who was in on the near death of her when it wasn't true and so i lost her for a bit until she then told me she was told that i was the one who kept her heart beating and she got me clean i don't know how she did it. But then i was given a hot shot by the freak, oh Joan Ferguson by the way she was behind it all when i was in hospital i found out that my lover was stabbed to death.

Rose- Is that Bea Smith?

Allie- Yeah, how do you know? She said taking the pot from the nurse.

Rose- I was filled in with the briefing by Miss Miles she was stabbed several times. Okay can you just nip across there to the staff toilet.

Allie- Don't know why I'm doing this I'm clean. She said walking out of the room and into the staff toilet.

When Allie came back she saw Nurse Atkins just coming out of the curtain that was closed around the second bed and all she saw was the feet. Allie handed her the pot and sat down on the bed. Nurse Rose opened the pot with a pair of blue latex gloves on and stuck in a thin piece of card with colours running up it she stuck it in then after a minute or two she pulled it out then threw it in the waste bin along with the now empty pot.

Rose- Your clean. She said taking off her gloves and putting them into the bin.

Allie- Told ya. She stood up and walked out taking a look back and saw the curtain move slightly. She sighed and carried on being escorted back to the laundry room, she saw Boomer just coming off the press.

Boomer- Hey Goldilocks you've been gone for some time.

Allie- Yeah stupid piss tests take the piss, okay heads or tails Boomer. She said stepping up to the steam press.

Boomer- I love this, but what's it all made of, do i get another go on the press.

Allie- The winner gets to go behind the steam press and the loser has to collect the dirty lining from the units and protection. She said with a laugh.

Boomer- Now that's a bargain Goldilocks.

Allie- You call. She said flicking the coin in the air and slapping it against her hand covering it up.

Boomer- Tails. She watched as Allie removed her hand.

Allie- MotherFucker. She tutted.

Boomer- Go on i think that my bed sheets might be a little sticky. She laughed hysterically.

Ruby- Eww Booms, we really don't need to hear that.

Boomer- Off you go trolley lady, now i will have my hands on the steam press and not in them. She said walking over to the steam press and smiling.

Allie- Why did you put your hands in there in the first place? She laughed.

Boomer- Well i bashed Liz for lagging and for doing that Bea got juice and Maxine to put my hands under the steam press as she placed the steamer down on them.

Allie- Ouch. Her nose scrunching up as she imagined the pain that Boomer would have been in as she once went through the same pain.

Ruby- What a bitch eh? Hearing ruby call her ex lover a bitch made the blonde seethe she walked over to the work bench where Ruby was working and she threw the lining that Ruby was folding onto the floor.

Allie- Don't you ever talk about Bea like that, she crossed the line yeah but you don't go beating up on your mates, but if Bea told you to lay off you should have listened. She said looking directly at Boomer.

Ruby- Yeah and you don't stick their hands under the steamer talk about her being protective.

Allie- She was protective of the ones she loved but she had to show the other inmates that she wasn't breaking the rules if she didn't punish one then they will think she's weak and that they can walk all over her.

Ruby- Yeah you keep telling yourself that. She said with a giggle.

Boomer- Go on Allie don't start anything go and get those sheets and clothing.

Allie backed off slamming the trolley through the double doors clearing up the piled up teal clothing and taking off the bed sheets from each dorm, she had to go back into the laundry room to take the full trolley to be emptied. She opened the trolley and threw Boomer's sheet at Ruby and laughed.
She was laughing down the corridor down to protection unit, she had to wave at the guard to be let in. When the dirty lining and clothing was collected she had one last room to go in, the door was shut so she knocked on just in case the new inmate was on the toilet or not fully clothed, when she didn't hear anyone say come in she opened the door to see a brunette woman lying on her side.

Allie- You alright, come to collect bedding to be washed.

'Yeah'. She said sitting up and facing the blonde in front of her.

Allie- WTF......She didn't say anything else as she collapsed to the floor hitting her head.

As the rest of the women were walking down to get some air Rita walked with her sister as they watched as Marie walked out, Rita told Ruby to go ahead as she wanted to get her hoodie what she had been issued when she came back into the Prison. She turned on her feet and picked up the pace but she didn't go into her unit she headed straight into H3 which is Marie's unit, she entered Marie's cell and searched under her mattress and couldn't find what she was looking for there was just one book on the shelf she removed it to find a phone on the shelf which the book was covering, she let out a smile and whispered 'Dumb fuck'. She took out the battery of the phone removed the sim and placed a sim what she had in her pocket and placed it into the phone, putting everything back to what it was in the cell she left and closed the door behind her smiling as she left the unit. On her way out she saw Vera passing by she she nodded as she walked past, she walked past medical to see Allie on the medical bed, as nurse Rose came out of medical she pulled her over.

Rita- What's the matter with Allie?

Rose- She's alright she's just collapsed that's all. Rita peeped through the door to see Allie's arm covering her eyes

Chapter Text

Allie woke up but finding herself in medical she can't believe who she just saw was she seeing things? Surely she was her lover got stabbed multiple times at least that's what the freak told her. Back over at Vera's office, Officer Watson came knocking on with the Prisoner requesting to see her.

Vera- Thank you officer Watson I'll call you in when to take her back.

' I want out of protection' She said taking a seat opposite from Vera.

Vera- Why what's happened? She said looking at her confused as to the change.

' I'm sick of hiding so i want to be back in H1 like we agreed, I've spent 4 years in hiding'.

Vera- It's risky you know that.

'I'll take my chances but I've been put in protection for 3 years and i'm so sick of hiding if I'm going to do this i want to be on the unit'. She said being firm.

Vera- Okay, I'll make the move right now, I'll take you down, you'll need the teal tracksuit first you can't wear the plain clothing.

' Fine'.

After getting changed into the teal tracksuit, Vera walked them down to H1 but the prisoner said she wanted to go alone. As she walked onto H1 Ruby wolf whistled and Rita just smiled.

Ruby- Hey who's the hot brunette, what's your name chick.

'Be...Bea Smith and you are?

Rita- The name is Rita Connors and this is my sis Ruby Mitchell.

Ruby- Hey sugar tits come out there's a hot newbie.

Allie came out of her dorm wearing her white tank top water running down her shoulders with a towel draped over her other shoulder.

Allie- Bea i knew it was you, but what the fuck i thought i lost you. She said trying to stop a tear from escaping her eye as she walked over to her Bea backed away.

Bea- Sorry you are? She said lifting her eyebrow up in confusion.

Allie- Don't act you don't know me.

Bea- I'm sorry i don't, but you collapsed outside my unit are you okay?

Allie- It's Allie, what's happened to you what did she do to you? Her voice crackling as she reached out to stroke her face but backed away from the caress.

Bea- If you don't mind I'd like to lie down it was nice to meet you all. She looked at Allie then straight at Rita and headed into her old cell dorm 15.

She took a look at thee plain pin board wall and it took her back to when she had her sketches and photos of her daughter. Allie was in her dorm wrapped around the
red blanket sobbing, Boomer heard her cries and instead of walking past she opened the metal door and peeked in.

Boomer- I don't normally do this but sounds like you need one. She said placing herself on the blondes bed and opening her arms Allie threw herself into Boomers arms and just cried.

Allie- Oh Boomer.

Boomer- Remember I'm no lezzar so no funny business. She said laughing.

Allie- There's only one for me, only woman who had my heart fully and completely.

Boomer- Now your getting snot on my hoodie. Allie laughed between the cries.

Allie- Oh I'm sorry Booms, she comes back into my life and I'm supposed to just forget what we had. She said lifting her head up to wife her yes and nose with the sleeve of her hoodie.

Boomer- What do you mean comes back into my life, not Marie? Because i will go bunta on your arse if you get back with her.

Allie- No not Marie biggest mistake i made there.

Boomer- What then Ruby?

Allie- No Bea.

Boomer- But Bea's dead. She said standing up and grabbing a damp towel and wiping her hoodie.

Allie- No she's not she's back and she's in her old cell, just take a look. The blonde stood up grabbing some toilet tissue to wipe her nose.

Boomer- Stop shitting me. She said flying out of her cell and looking through the door of cell 15 and Allie was right it is Bea well a brunette Bea she was wanting to go inside when Allie shook her up.

Allie- I think she has amnesia she doesn't remember me at all and i have nothing to remind her of what we had nothing and that's what upsets me the most because i want to be there for her i love her. She looked through the glass of the door to see Bea lying on her side.

Boomer- Bea amnesia.. No way can't be...I've got a solution why don't you take her to the places you went and you can also tell her the conversations you both had
like i will too i was here with her for 4 years.

Allie- Might just work Boomer why are you always the brains. She said smiling at her then nudging her.

Boomer- It's good to have the brain than having it up my arse.

Allie- Ya doofus..Sounds like a plan i owe you a Vegemite cracker.

Boomer- Eww nah thanks i want to see the old Bea back.

Allie- Thank you Booms.

Boomer- But don't tell her about Marie and Ruby not yet anyway, I've got to tell Franky.

Allie- No don't tell Franky until we hear what's happening with her. Boomer left Allie standing at Bea's cell door.

That afternoon Allie spotted Bea out sitting on the sofa with the plastic cup in hand she gave Officer Watson an excuse as to why she wasn't at work rosta which he accepted and got the whole unit out. Bea watched as the blonde grabbed her cup and poured in hot water and took from her pants pocket a lemon, she took a knife and sliced it in half and squeezed in some of the lemon.

Allie- Had this thing now for hot lemon, you want some?

Bea- No thanks I'm alright with what I've got. Is it always this quiet? She said starting a conversation with thee blonde.

Allie- Not always you've either got Boomer farting burping or going bunta or you have Ruby and her punch pad working out in her cell.

Bea- So you and Ruby make a great pair. She said staring into her coffee cup, Allie sat on the other side on another sofa wanting so much to sit next to Bea and just wrap herself around her.

Allie- No we were an item but i moved on from you too quick and at night all i kept thinking was you.

Bea- And you still mention me, I'm not gay.

Allie- I don't care what you are, i loved you for you and i was so happy that i was the one to love you. Come with me and i'll show you around the prison and see if it brings any memories back.

Bea put her cup down beside Allie's and they started out of the unit and into the association ground. She showed Bea round the outside basically showing where they
all hung out. When they walked further round the perimeter until they came in front of a chalked wall.

Bea- What's that? She said running her hand over the wall.

Allie- It's something we did together we forged signatures you signed me up for yoga and meditation, and that i was going to sign you up for anger management

Bea- Was i a very angry person? She said looking at Allie.

Allie- No but you did your best for the women you watched as they didn't come to harm and if they harm one another you did what you always sort it out, you were the best for the women if they crossed the line i would have done the same and i will continue to look out for them.

Bea- If only i knew what i done. She said looking through Allie.

Allie- Come on let's go inside.

The blonde showed her around the dining room and then went through to the kitchen behind the counter, Allie switched on the taps to wash her hands and Bea froze on the spot, Allie saw this and placed her hands on her shoulders.

Bea- I'm fine. She shrugged her hands from her shoulders.

Allie- You don't look it.

Bea- Is there anywhere else you want to show me.

Allie- Just one and we can do that at the unit.

Bea was shown into Allie's cell taking a seat on the edge of the bed as instructed by the blonde.

Allie- There was something about you Bea you were a fighter and you let none beat you. You always come out on top and that's what i love about you. Your red
blanket Iv'e always wrapped myself around it 3 years ago it smelt a lot like you. I loved our chats when you talked about Debbie, you have no idea of how much I've missed you.

'Smith'. Bea heard her name being called and then in popped Officer Watson's head round Allie's door. Bea stood up and just as she was about to go she turned round and whispered.

'Allie'. She said looking back at her.

Allie- Yeah Bea. She said standing up.

'I...It doesn't matter' She said leaving the blonde as she walked with the officer down the corridor back to Vera's office but this time Rita was in there too.

Chapter Text

Once again Bea was sitting in Vera's office with Linda standing in the corner of the room by the window, Linda was more shocked than surprised. Rita was sitting opposite from Vera with a notepad in front of her.

Linda- Well your like a cat huh?

Bea- Like a cat?

Linda- Well you know the saying cat has nine lives god know how many you had.

Bea- Just very lucky to be here and not in a box. She said smirking.

Vera- That will be all thank you Miss Miles for now i don't want you to tell any of the Officers that Smith is here. Vera entered the office leaving the door open for Miss Miles to walk through, when she shut the door behind herself and watched as she walked out the outer door.

Rita- You do realize that the officers will notice..Right?

Vera- Yeah I'll hold a conference and fill them in, but i won't give any details out on what we are planning.

Bea- I can't do this Miss Bennett. She said putting her head into her hands.

Vera- Calm down what's happened?

Bea- Allie that's what happened? I want out. She said taking her head out of her hands.

Vera- You didn't tell her did you? Bea we are so close.

Bea- Did i fuck, it'll fuck with her head more than it's doing to mine.

4 Days earlier

Vera was just coming round from fainting when she did open her eyes she backed away from the grip of the person's hand on her arm.

Vera- What the fuck is going on here?

'Nice to see you too'.

Vera- But how and Maxine i thought you was still at Barnhurst.

Maxine- Yeah well i was i only needed to serve 4 months then i was out and after being here with nurses, then i got this huge shock when she arrived, with this
woman sorry love i don't know your name.

'Rita Connors I'm an undercover cop but also serving time in Wentworth but I'm undercover to help the police with a case.'

'What case is that?'

Rita- You are the only survivor of Joan Ferguson's crimes and we need your help Bea.

Bea- I'm out of that place now i lost the love i felt in that place in the hands of that bitch without Allie my life is so incomplete now i just want to be left alone.

Rita- Allie as in Novak?

Bea- Yeah how do you know her? She said looking straight at her.

Rita- She isn't dead Bea she's very much alive.

Bea- Your shitting me right? She said letting out a huge breath she had been holding.

Rita- She is very much alive and to prove it. Rita took out a newspaper from her bag showing her the article of the prisoners after siege and that Allie was charged
with murder there was a picture of Allie in the paper.

Bea- This can't be true, the fucking media, someone selling a false story to get the dollars coming in.

Rita- It's true.

Bea- So why do you need me?

Vera- This is what i wasn't expecting but we need you to go back into Wentworth help us capture the Freak.

Rita- And that you have amnesia.

Bea- No fucking way am i faking that.

Vera- It's just short memory loss just so that you can't remember what happened in the prison you're a complete different person only thing you can remember is escaping lawful custody. Bea had to think really hard on

Bea- Okay what's the plan.

End of flashback

Vera- But you still didn't tell me how you came across Bea. She asked puzzled.

Rita- When i left the Prison, i wasn't transferred to another Prison but i was took to the Police Station and that's when i saw Bea which had me very puzzled too then i was told that Bea was the only witness to Joan Ferguson's crimes and she managed to survive the attacks from drowning and then the stabbing. So I was told to go with Bea to a safe house and not have any contact with anyone on the outside only the plain clothed detectives as it was very risky and that safe house was the same house that Maxine was living in it seemed the right place.

Vera- Then i was the last to find out, but i can see where you're coming from.

Bea- I want to see a solicitor or a lawyer i want to appeal my sentence.

Vera- I'll get right on it straight away, so the plan is staying?

Bea- Also i want my solicitor or Lawyer to go over Allie's sentencing giving her another 10 years for gunning down a man who slit the throat of an unarmed prisoner
and shooting and killing two inmates, it must have been that officer who bought those other guards in with those guns i read in that article that there was more than one she had to protect herself as I'm sure you would have done the same.

Vera- Non of this would have happened if i didn't go on light duties, i would have made sure the prisoners would be secured extra security measures would have been put in i just didn't notice my mind was elsewhere.

Bea- You can't blame yourself Vera you didn't know it would happen but whoever took over as acting governor should have done all that you didn't need the stress while you were pregnant and you went into early labour?

Vera- I did beautiful baby girl best thing that has ever happened to me is giving birth to her. She said taking out of her desk drawer a photo block of her daughter and showed it to Bea who smiled.

Bea- She certainly does look like you, she's got your eyes. She said looking up and gazing into Vera's eyes.

Vera- Anyway I'll see to the lawyer haven't got much going on so I'll do it as soon as i get home.

Bea- Thanks governor. She said standing and making her way out of the office.

Rita- If it's alright guv that i ring my Chief Inspector, see if she will allow us to have a familiar face back I'm sure she will help.

Bea was sitting in the dinning area tucking into her lunch getting stares from the other prisoners while Allie was sitting at the opposite side of the table staring at Bea while eating her toast. Bea looked up from her bowl and her eyes met Allie's gaze.

'Oi sugar tits'

Allie- What's up?

Ruby- Come and sit over here, I'm sure I'll be better company. She smiled and then looked at Bea who was looking right back at her holding her knife up.

Allie- I'll pass but thanks all the same, I'm loving my company. She watched as Bea started to stick her fork into her spinach and was just staring at her plate. Allie placed her fork into the brunettes plate and took a forkful of the spinach and placing it into her own mouth and made a pleasurable noise making Bea look up at her. The blonde soon turned her attention to the door when she saw Mr Stewart outside pinning up a poster on the wall, she stood up and went over to him.

'Mr Stewart can i see the governor?'

Jake- She's busy Novak another time.

Allie- Please it's important.

Jake- Alright, come on. Jake walked past the dinning hall with Allie looking through the glass door he spotted Bea thinking he was seeing things he asked Allie what was going on.

Allie- I don't know Mr Stewart she surprised me too but she's not well she has memory loss doesn't even remember me.

Jake- And I'm the last to know great. Knocking on Governor Bennett's door he stepped in allowing the blonde to enter who stood in the middle of the room and looking at Jake then back at Vera.

Vera- Thanks Mr Stewart I'll call when we're finished in here.

Jake- Governor. He said exiting the room and out of the main door. Vera pointed for Allie to take a seat which she did.

Allie- I know that Bea doesn't have amnesia, so why is she going round telling us all that she doesn't remember what happened 4 years ago.

Vera- I don't know what you're getting at Novak.

Allie- Don't act dumb with me the woman i loved is back in this place without a simple explanation, we had this moment back in my cell and i just know that she does remember me and the others too. Vera stood up and took a look out of the blinds then sat back down.

Vera- You really need to have it out with Smith it's best coming from her.

Allie- So there is something going on?

Vera- I can get you a room so you can discuss it more.

Allie- Alright but now i need to know now.

Vera- Okay I'll take you down and then I'll go and get Smith.

Allie stood up and waited for Vera to stand before opening the door to the office and walking down the corridor. Coming to stop outside the exact spot that Allie
asked Bea was she 'Poking Jackson'. Before continuing her tracks down to the conjugal room she scanned herself in and told Allie to wait so that she could get Bea.

Vera spotted Bea looking into Allie's cell all over the place under the bed, when she saw Vera approach she stopped.

Vera- What are you looking for Bea?

Bea- My sketch book. She said lowering her volume of her voice.

Vera- I'm sure Allie can explain everything to you later, can you come with me please?

Bea- Sure nothing better to do. As soon as they both entered the conjugal room Vera telling them they have just 30 minutes as a inmate was having a conjugal visit, she left them both in peace, Allie got up from sitting on the bed and bought out two chairs at the same time. Bea couldn't take her eyes off her biceps.

Bea- You been working out? Hey you don't need the spinach

Allie- Oh yeah Boomer had me pretty busy over the last few months. She placed both the chairs down one opposite the other.

Bea- So what do you want to talk about? They both sat down avoiding eye contact.

Allie- I know Bea and for some reason i don't get it, i know you never really forgot about me. Please Bea i know you're still in there. She got from her seat and was now kneeling in front of Bea.

Bea- How could i forget about you, i was on the verge of giving up my life to be with you and now your here. She looked up her eyes roaming over Allie's face.

Allie- Yeah, now here we both are alive and both looking well... You look fantastic...But Bea i need an explanation i was told you were dead, Vera Mr Jackson, hell even the freak told me you were dead.

Bea- If only you knew what i went through you wouldn't be saying that.

Allie- And that's what i do want to know and mainly why you are here and not in protection? Bea stood up pacing the room this got Allie up heading over to her but
Bea backed away.

Bea- It's all fucked up.

Allie- What's fucked up Bea just tell me.

Bea- I'm undercover alright, I'm in here for a reason not just my crimes. She said just blurting it out stunning the blonde, she went to reach for Allie but the blonde backed away.

Chapter Text

Allie- Undercover!!! Well that makes total sense. She said taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

Bea- There was a lot going down while i was in hospital and in protection so i was told there's a corrupt officer that helped a prisoner escape well i heard two prisoners but one got more help.

Allie- We are talking about the freak aren't we?

Bea- Yeah well she's pure evil she ordered a hit out on my husband then tried to frame Mr Jackson for the murder. She got Jodie Spiteri into a mental state causing her to take her own eyeball out with a pencil that the freak had left in the pysch and i bet she killed a prisoner too Jess Warner but from what Doreen had told me that the freak had told her that she had saved her baby son from Jess's clutches as she was going to smother him there was something not right about that girl. But she even tried to mess up Franky's parole but she got out of here and now living her best life...Well last time i heard anyway that was 4 years ago.

Allie- That's why the freak name came along she's so freaky, but you?

Bea- Yeah that nickname was what i came up with, me well i told Vera i had a plan which means recording her on a burner phone confessing to the crimes she did but all i kept thinking was you and how the freak needed to die so i left the burner phone, but when i did face her she took the upper hand of me then to sure that she would be imprisoned for the rest of her days i pulled her hand with the screwdriver and wedged it into my stomach then i felt weak and she carried on. It was only a little later that when the freak was taken back to this place that i had a very weak pulse thank god for Vera's touch and the paramedics soon arrived,so i was taken immediately to hospital for blood transfusion and surgery under a false name i was called Danielle Mitchell of all names. She said with a laugh.

Allie- Fuck Bea that sounded awful can't believe you went through all of that.

Bea- Yeah and i can't believe she nearly took your life.

Allie- Yep well i nearly took her life twice once with a pool ball and then second with a lethal dose exactly what she did to me but i didn't push down then she kicked me down and told me you died for nothing.

Bea- Well she was wrong all i kept thinking was i was going to be with my two girls who meant the world to me. She looked at the blonde her lips forming a smile and she matched that smile. At the same time they both came to the middle, the blonde looked down at Bea's lips as she started to lean forward, then in came Vera so they backed away.

Vera- Sorry times up. She entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Bea- I told her no more secrets, but Allie, you know nothing we've only just met and that my memory is no longer here if anyone asks as i don't want to blow my cover.

Allie- Anything you say Bea, just don't..All i ask is that you don't shut me out now with the freak dead.

Bea- I won't but Allie, the freak is still alive, that's part of why I'm here.

Allie- Fuck, she's going to come after me. She said placing her hands to the side of her head.

Bea- She'll have to get through me first I'm sure I'm on top of her list when she finds out that she didn't kill me, now come on show me out into the exercise yard it looks a lot different.

Going outside into the exercise yard Bea and Allie caught up with Boomer, showing Bea the new gym equipment outside punching bags and the new weights.
Boomer- I did have a bash at those weights getting ready to see if anything kicks off with the bitch.

Bea- The Bitch?

Allie- Oh Marie the bitch i shot she used me and manipulated me and was so against Kaz she even tried to kill my ex Ruby because Ruby whacked Danny which made him hit his head on the ground and putting him in a coma and there was nothing for him.

Bea- Jeez no wonder she wanted to kill Ruby a mothers love is to protect their children.

Allie- I also found out that he raped Ruby's ex.

Bea- Well that changes things.

Allie- Is there anything else you want to tell me get it off your chest. She said standing in front of the brunette.

Bea- Just trust me it'll all work out in the long run. She moved a strand of hair from her forehead to tucking it behind her ear.

Boomer- Hey no kissy kissy.

Allie- We're just friends. After saying that someone who Allie least expected to see wondered into the exercise yard and walking over to them, Boomer immediately coming to stop in front of them both.

Boomer- None asked you to join us now go before i punch you in your tits.

'That's not how you speak to people Boomer, now watch who you start bad mouthing to'.

Allie- Or else what you going to do, how's the leg by the way. She stepped in front of Bea and Boomer and folded her arms against her chest.

Marie- You will pay for that watch your back little Hoevak.

Bea- Oi i don't give a fuck who you think you are but back the fuck off.

Marie- Well hello good looking, what's your name?

Bea- My name is Bea Smith if it's got anything to do with you which it doesn't turn round and go the opposite direction.

Marie- Or what?

Bea just smiled walking further towards Marie still smiling she looked her over and then bent her head fast whacking her nose. Marie's nose bled instantly.

'Alright what happened here, Winter, Smith'.

Bea- Oh nothing officer just seeing who's who but i tripped and well i head butted her nose by accident.

'Winter come with me I'll take you to medical'.

Bea- Adios bitch. She said smiling.

'You'll pay for this bitch'.

Bea- Oh I'm shitting my pants. Getting a laugh from both Allie and Boomer watching as Marie walked through the gate with the officer.

Allie- But Bea you don't know what she's like. Boomer went over to the punching bag leaving Bea and Allie talking.

Bea- She doesn't know what I'm like either. She said smiling as she walked over to Boomer and started to throw a few punches at the punching bag not letting what happened a few moments ago get to them.

After been treated at medical Marie walked out of medical and to the nearest phone and tapped the numbers 'Yeah Bea Smith is back in Prison, i heard that she's suffering from memory loss, so what now?'

Chapter Text

Back over at the Prison Allie, Bea, Boomer and Ruby were in the laundry room with Allie behind the press. Bea went over to the blonde with some folded sheets that needed pressing.

Bea- Where is my sketchbook looked in your cell and it's nowhere to be seen.

Allie- I burnt them, but Bea to earn her trust to get the drugs i had to burn something that meant a lot to me i gave it to Liz but then it was in the hands of Ferguson saying if i wanted the drugs then i had to she gave me no choice.

Bea- You've had every choice like really... Thinking you could succeed in hot shotting the freak.

Allie- Bea...

Bea- Fuck off Allie. She said before walking out of the laundry room not looking back as she walked down the corridor and back to the unit.

Hearing that Franky was back Vera started down the stairs with Grace in a pouch attached to her chest, she walked into the kitchen to see Franky making a cup of tea, the dark haired woman offered her one which she gladly accepted.

Vera- Franky could i have a quick word with you? She said putting a pan of cold water onto the hob and placing the bottle into it before switching it on.

Franky- Sure.They headed off into the living room and sat together on the sofa.

Vera- I've got a case at the Prison and she's asking for legal support.

Franky- Okay what she in for?

Vera- Murder, Aggravated assault, Escaping Lawful Custody, Offence to administer substances.

Franky- Fuck it's a hard case to crack also reminds me a lot of Red, or shall i say Queen Bea. When would you like me to come in?

Vera- Great well I'll be going back later on this afternoon if that's not too early. Just at the right time Bridget came in with a tray with three cups and a plate of

Franky- This afternoon is perfect. She got up just in time to help Bridget with the tray of drinks.

Back at H1 Bea was sitting in her cell with what it looked like a new pad of plain paper, she was soon distracted by the noise coming from outside she threw her pad down on the floor and flew open her door and saw Ruby over Allie.

'No Ruby I just want to be friends why are you being so possessive.

Ruby- We were great together, come on give me a kiss. Ruby planted her lips against Allie's cheek, Allie wiggling to get free from the tight hands tightened round her
wrists. Both being surprised by Bea when they didn't see her come behind Ruby and pull her by the collar and pinned her against the wall.

Bea- She said no and what does that mean, huh?

'Bea get off my sister'. Came Rita's voice from the gate as she ran over to the brunette.

Bea- NO FUCKING MEANS NO, alright? She doesn't want to be your fuck buddy.

Rita- Roo, i told you not to go back there. The undercover cop gently pulled Ruby to the side.

Ruby- I miss her we was good together and we could be again why should Bea come back and get back with her after all this time.

Allie- We're not together, Bea doesn't even remember me, we're friends, just like i thought we were.

Ruby- Yeah just like us we were friends and then i ate you out and you loved every second of that.

Allie- Stop talking like that, yes we had sex but then people change

Rita- No concentrate on getting out of this shithole, Allie doesn't want a relationship.

Ruby- Alright, I'm sorry sugar tits, no hard feelings. Ruby held her hand out but Allie stood by Bea instead.

Allie- Please don't call me sugar tits anymore it just doesn't seem right, just call me Allie and i'll call you by your name.

Ruby- Okay it was good while it lasted but I'll soon move on from ya just stay away from me.

'Smith'. Called Linda.

Bea- Yeah. She said not moving from where she was standing.

Linda- You're wanted by the governor.

Allie- Again two visits in one day. She said raising her eyebrows.

Bea- Yeah who knows maybe Vera has the hots for me who wouldn't . She said half smiling at the blonde.

Linda- Really Smith two visits talk about the governor's pet.

Bea- Really Miss Miles heard about the promotion, all that you ever wanted.

They walked past the governor's office which really confused Bea as to where they were going. Linda left Bea at the visitor's door to find Vera sitting at the table with her hands on the desk. She soon made her way over to the table and took a seat opposite from Vera with her back to the door.

Vera- I have someone who would like to meet you to discuss your case, she's from legal relief the best in the business.

Bea- Nah i don't want no spotty teenager thanks I'll pay whatever.

'Who the fuck are you calling a spotty teenager'. Came a voice from behind Bea she stood up and spun round.

Franky- Fuck, is that you red?

Bea- Well I'm a brunette now my hair was a mess when i went into hospital.

Franky- But i thought....

'I was dead, yeah well so did i at first and so did everyone else'.

Franky- Fuck me, still looking hot. Vera you should have told me it was Queen Bea..I'm sorry i don't know what to say. The dark haired woman was bought into a
crushing hug from the brunette with Bea wrapping her arms around her.

Bea- I'm sorry i didn't get in contact with you for four years but i was told not too.

Franky- I went to your funeral.

Bea- Yeah i know i saw, you, Miss Bennett and Mr Jackson and also saw you place a rose down.

Franky- It's really good to see you, can't believe my eyes what I'm seeing but before you tell me how i can help i want the details on how you survived.

Bea- You really want the details.

Franky- Only if you want to, i want to know what that freak did to you.

After a run about with Boomer after doing her daily exercise workout from doing press ups to skipping and running around the exercise yard, she decided to head into the Prison for a shower while they had 20 minutes left of their association so she headed off into the building in full view of Marie as she watched on with a grin on her face she placed her hand into her pocket and started to whistle on the way in the same direction as Allie.

Franky- Well fuck, so you were back living with Maxi all this time.

Bea- Yeah and she has been keeping my fitness going.

Franky- So what about you and Allie?

Bea- What about her? She said with a sigh.

Franky- You back at the McMuff yet, claiming your girl back.

Bea- No, but now i know she's alive i have to continue with having memory loss in front of the other inmates now that I've come into contact with Allie's ex's, both of
them are complete bitches one calls Allie sugar tits and the other, well you don't want to cross her.

Franky- They'll never have what you had, now go dye your hair back to red, I'll get onto your case and I'll take a look at Blondie's too, you go get your girl before
someone else tries, just admit it you love her, you know when i was back in this shithole for apparently killing Mike pennisi she was hellbent on getting revenge for
your death.

Bea- Really? I'm just not worth it.

Franky- That's bullshit, Bea you deserve happiness i knew you had it in ya when you talked about her to me i knew that you was slowly falling in love and after the shit
you have been in you deserve this you deserve to be loved, plus if i wasn't happily engaged to the love of my life I'd have you over this table right now but i reckon
you'd rather have blondie over it.

'Franky'. She said blushing.

Before leaving the visitor's room Franky took Bea's hand and placed something into her hand a kite necklace which was handed back to her when Liz died, Franky telling Bea that she'll do everything in her power to get her and Allie out of that place or even a reduced sentence.

Walking down the corridor she walked straight into Marie, she tried side stepping the older woman but she copied her movements, so Bea stood still and folded her arms,

Bea- Just what is it with you?

Marie- Just want to know how much your paying that little whore of a friend of yours.

Bea- She is no whore, but you on the other hand are a crinkled old witch and none will touch your wrinkled body,

Marie- Ah well you might be wrong on saying that she's not bad for a good fuck had my $50 worth, when you see her tell her I'll be back, oh and for touching my body, from what I've heard your torso isn't in good shape.

Bea- If i were you I'd fuck off right now unless you want to see the real me come out of it's shell because you are really pushing it.

Marie- Touched a nerve did i? She said stepping to the side and smiled.

She soon stormed off back to her unit passing Ruby and Boomer, the brunette asked where Allie was and they pointed out to the blondes cell, Bea looked through the cell door at the blonde now putting her white sleeveless t-shirt on. She opened the door and shut it as she entered.

Allie- Lovely surprise, was going to come look for ya. She said with a smile as she tried reaching for her, but Bea back away.

Bea- Don't touch me!!! Not when you've been with her. She said her face with disgust.

Allie- Just what are you getting at?

Bea- You and that old witch been at it while I've been with the governor.

Allie- Are you fucking kidding me? Me and Marie. A little too late for you to play the jealous card now, me and Marie go way back she got me hooked on drugs pimped me out and used me i was stupid enough to fall for it the second time and i told myself i wouldn't go back there after her being in on the siege and sleeping with someone on the inside.

Bea- But...

Allie- No there's no buts Bea you don't trust me... The only one i ever want in my bed is you but you think the worse of me so there's no point...Just go.

Bea- Allie I'm..

Allie- Your sorry right? Yeah well so am i..Now please. No matter what Bea was going to say she was ushered out of the blondes cell.

Chapter Text

Allie had not talked to Bea for for a week now at meal times she had sat on a different table while Bea sat with Rita, Ruby sat with Boomer. At the unit Bea was sitting on the sofa next to Rita discussing their plan.

Bea- Okay she can't stay hidden forever though right? So I'll leave it with you.

'Leave what with you'. Came a voice from the gate.

Bea- Allie.

Rita- You have a lawyer coming to see you tomorrow.

Allie- Why do i need a lawyer?

Rita- You can thank Bea there, we are going to try and get you off with manslaughter charge, as a murder charge isn't fare he bought in the gunmen and he slit Kaz's throat knowing your history with Kaz when you were kicked out on the curb by your parents and that Kaz took you in she took care of you, we'll take it step by step it's a long process.

Arriving outside of Bea's house Franky locked her car door seeing the house in such a state grass was knee cap size up and the bins were tipped over rubbish on the lawn. She sighed as she walked up to the front door feeling the top of the door frame she found the key bule tacked to the frame, she made her way inside seeing boxed up items one marked 'Cuterly' other marked 'Debbie's stuff' 'The bitch's box' knowing that Harry must have boxed these up. She grabbed the three boxes and stacked them up before exiting the house and putting them into the boot of her car. She was then called over by an elderly woman.

Franky- You okay there love? She said standing just meters apart from the older woman.

'Nice woman lived there, she was sent to Prison'.

Franky- Yeah she was for attempted murder on her husband.

'Yeah i read the paper and watched the news, he was a wrong one that husband of hers though i don't know if i should be telling you this are you a friend of Mrs

Franky- I am yes and also her legal relief.

'You look very familiar'.

Franky- I was in Prison too for pouring hot fat on my boss's face because he was ordering me about and telling me i was doing things wrong'.

'I don't condone what you did but men are complete bastards some are verbal and physical abuse, but you seem like you redeemed yourself, the name is Mabel.

Franky- It's lovely to meet you Mabel my name is Franky. She said shaking the outstretched hand.

Mabel- Have you got time for a cuppa and some Victoria sponge.

Franky- When there's afternoon tea involved most certainly.

Mabel- I'm just sitting out here on the porch and would be glad of the company and i can tell you about Beatrice Smith. Franky smiled as she closed the boot of her car and headed towards the old woman who was now walking back towards the table and chairs.

Bea was in the equipment room just tidying away the pots when Allie walked in thinking that the equipment room was empty she came in carrying some pots, she was going to turn and head out when Bea placed her hand on her shoulder which made her turn round.

Bea- Please don't go, I'm sorry.

Allie- And you think sorry will make it better, you really hurt me Bea.

Bea- Why did you think i put myself up for cleaning duties, i wanted to get you alone and apologise I shouldn't have said what i did.

Allie- You asked me have i fucked with Marie recently which i don't understand after what I've told you about her i would never go back, Boomer came into my cell to give me a back massage seeing as you weren't around and well you just saw me putting on a t-shirt, what made you think i fucked her anyway?

Bea- I know I'm sorry about that i shouldn't have believed what that bitch told me but I'm finding it very hard to trust and i do trust you Allie I'm just feeling insecure about this place about the people in it, but Allie nothing can happen between us you know that i wouldn't have blamed you if you looked elsewhere, now where does this wooden spoon go.

Allie- Shove it up your arse for all i care. She said making a grab for the door handle pulling down the handle and pulling it towards her but didn't open. She banged on the metal door at one point Bea tried but getting no response after calling out she gave up.

Bea- Well what now?

Allie- We're fucking trapped, Bea I'm going to take up all the oxygen i just know it, I'll be completely breathless and gasping.

Bea- Hey, look at me we're in here together the screws will be looking for us any minute now they'll notice that we've gone now stop panicking.

Allie- Easy for you to say you don't know what it feels like to be in enclosed spaces you've been out of this place for 4 years.

Bea- Don't know what it's like? Fuck i was in hospital in a small room no windows only air condition then talk about being sent to Barnhurst into protection unit i was
glad to be out of there so don't talk to me about closed spaces if you would have known by now I've spent a lot of time in closed spaces with nothing to look forward to and as for panicking i felt my whole world crash before me seeing you on that shower floor not knowing you were going to make it.

Allie- Be....

Bea- Just leave it. Fuck, OI OPEN THIS GODAMM FUCKING DOOR. When she felt the blondes hand on her shoulder she turned round.

Allie- I'm sure there is a light switch have a feel round will ya. After feeling and bumping into the equipment Bea finally found the switch before Allie did they were
stood facing each other.

Bea- Now what, a game of I fucking spy. She laughed.

Allie- Just tell me you don't want me to kiss you, as i want to kiss you so badly. She said locking her eyes on her lips seeing Bea lick her dry lips.

Bea- Allie we can't. The blonde moved closer in smiling a little as her lips were on the verge of touching the brunettes, Bea looking at her lips it was just a peck to begin with before Allie leaned back to look into her eyes.

Allie- I missed you so much your hands on my body you holding me at night your lips against my skin making me shiver, we can keep this between us like last time. She unzipped her own hoodie she was took by surprise as the brunette placed her arm around her waist. Leaning forward Bea was the first to kiss her again then Allie chased after her lips moaning softly at the touch . Bea pushed Allie against the metal table then lifting her up for her to sit on, Allie wrapped her legs around her back to hold her close, she began to take off her hoodie in the process and threw it to the floor. She placed her hands underneath the white t-shirt rolling the bottom of her t-shirt in her fists and started inching it up, Bea moaned and pulled away.

Bea- No. She said backing away from the touch.

Allie- I'm sorry was i too hands on we can just kiss no more touching.

Bea- Fuck.

Allie- Bea you went out to get Ferguson because of me you was going to avenge for me your my hero, if you don't want me to see then that's your choice but i fell in
love with you and if you come with scars that doesn't make me love you less, you're a fighter Bea Smith and that's what i love about you willing to protect others than yourself, let me take care of you. Jumping off the metal table she walked over to the brunette taking hold of her hands.


Bea- IN HERE. She yelled back and mouthed 'Sorry' to the blonde.

Leaving the neighbours house Franky saw Maxine just getting out of a taxi after phoning her back at Bea's house.

Franky- First of all i just want to thank you for telling me about reds return back from the living dead...Well can't say red now cause she's a brunette.

Maxine- I'm sorry Franky but i had to keep quiet i couldn't even tell Boomer, Allie or Liz and I'm sure that Liz would have loved to see Bea, Boomer told me that Liz
thought she was having a surprise visit from Bea.

Franky- Yeah and it was so upsetting for her to not even remember me and even Liz was upset that was the last time i saw her, she was like a mum to me she was
really there for me.

Maxine- I felt like shit not telling you about Bea i really did they said if i told anyone i had to move out which i didn't want as i was helping her get her strength back.

Franky- Yeah well it doesn't matter now. I'm working on her case, could you take her Harley bike never really knew that she could ride that's another thing she didn't
tell me I'm sure she can make it up to me when i get her out that's why I'm here to find evidence because the police and detectives said they will release her from
charges if i can find any evidence which supports Bea's claims of why she killed Jaqs and Brayden my word won't be good enough but if i find anything among this lot I've collected then it could come good for her.

Maxine- That's going to be hard but your great at your job you did good with that Shane kid, okay I've never really rode a Harley's before but I'll give it a go, how is
Bea anyway? I need to visit.

Franky- Yeah she's good but hasn't got back with blondie. She said opening her car door and handing Maxine the keys to the bike.

Maxine- It will take time as it must be a shock because she thought for 4 years that Allie was dead and i wasn't able to tell her about her being alive because then..Well you know what Bea is like she would have been banging on those gates to get back in.

Franky- Very true Maxipads..Well it will all work out in the end I've got three cases to work on and please send in some red hair dye otherwise I'd do it damn miss that red hair, I'll call ya. She placed on her shades and started up her car.

Chapter Text

After getting close to Allie yet again knowing that they were both were locked in, Bea knew who it could have been so the next best thing the only best thing to do was to speak to the blonde. Seeing Allie sitting on the sofa smiling as Bea came over to sit down instead of taking a seat next to the blonde she decided to sit opposite from her.

Allie- Well my cell or yours tonight? She said winking.

Bea- It's not going to happen again Allie. Speaking a little loud than usual.

Allie- I know what you are trying to do, you want to try and protect me, i can protect myself, don't do this to me.

Bea- I'm sorry Allie but we can't be together, what we have is just too strong we need to let go. She said looking at her hands clasped together.

Allie- This is not what you want to tell me, tell me you don't feel the same as i do, tell me you don't love me, look me in the eyes and tell me. Her eyes were now watering with heartbreak she couldn't believe what Bea was telling her, the brunette looked her straight in the eyes.

Bea- I'm sorry. She headed straight back into her cell and stood behind the closed door placing her hands over her face that's when the tears came rolling down her face as she slid to the floor.

Allie- Hey Miss Miles, you wanna earn 100 bucks.

Linda- Depends on what it is i suppose, I'm not losing my pips in anything dodgy. She said just putting up a poster.

Allie- No it's nothing dodgy, me and Bea got locked in the equipment room and I'm not believing all this bullshit about a dodgy lock.

Linda- Well save your money Novak, you was locked in.

Allie- Hallelujah, never thought you'd tell me for free.

Linda- Well 50 bucks and I'll tell ya who locked you in. She said with a smile.

Allie- 50 bucks. She took the notes from her pocket and scrunched them up as she gave them to her.

Linda- It was Winter's after seeing you go in she thought you were alone and well she jammed the door in with a door stopper.

Allie- Cheers Miss Miles i knew it now you've confirmed it. She back away from Miles and looked in Marie's unit spotting her making herself a hot drink she went up
behind her.

'Oi Marie'. The white haired woman turned round and was immediately thrown to the floor she took beatings to the face then at her ribs before being pulled off not by an officer but a stunned Rita.

Rita- Allie what the fuck are you doing? Do you want to be slotted? Go now I'll cover for you.

GO. She did as instructed and ran leaving Rita to cover her.

She didn't need to be told twice as she ran down the corridor she stopped to a halt to be let through the closed doors when she was allowed through she ran down the corridor heading towards the Conjugal room she was looking behind her to even take notice when she did look she ran into Bea knocking them both down to the ground with Allie over her. The brunette saw the panic on her face and placed her hand on her face.

Bea- What the fuck, Allie what's wrong your shaking and well your not cold. She said with half a smile. She got from top of her and helped Bea to her feet, standing in front.

Allie- I've done something stupid, I've knocked out Marie and now I'm gonna have another charge on me, I'm one stupid bitch.

'Come with me'. She said taking the blonde by the arm and walking towards the conjugal room and barged through the door and shoved the blonde in, taking a look outside she went into the room and immediately wrapped her arms tight around the blonde she softly placed a soft kiss to the blondes neck before coming out of her embrace and kissing her softly on her lips which takes Allie by surprise, when they came apart they held their foreheads against each others.

Allie- Not like I'm complaining but that was for? She said with a smile

Bea- I tell you this i couldn't wait much longer to kiss those lips again I'm so sorry for everything. She said placing her hand on the blondes face.

Allie- Now what does that mean for us you said that you didn't want to be with me. She said looking down at the floor, Bea tilted the blondes face up and looked directly in her eyes.

Bea- I want this with you i can't put off my love for you much longer, i was an idiot to even let you leave my bed that night but Allie this has to stay between us for now.

Allie- I don't care who knows about us I love you.

Bea- Please just do this for me last time i nearly lost you was because we got close to each other and with what I'm doing here if anyone on the outside finds out then I'm scared for your safety but I will protect you of course i will. I'll get Vera to let us have this room to spend some time together, but on the outside of this room we act as if we are friends. I promise you that i will get you out of this place, but until then come and kiss me again.

Allie- But first tell me how you feel again i just want to hear it again. She wrapped her arms around the brunettes waist bringing them in closer.

Bea- I love you Allie Novak always have since our first kiss you sent shivers right down my spine, I'm in this for the long haul.

Allie- Just promise you will never leave me and that you'll always let me say my side of things before you assume the worse.

Bea- I will never leave you AllieCat your my Seahorse besides your my life sentence that i will never appeal. The blonde smile and leaned in to kiss the brunette it was a soft and gentle kiss non of them wanting it to end but they knew if they were away too long then inmates and officers will get suspicious. Allie left first checking for the all clear she headed off back to H1 she sat on the sofa sighing happily to herself but then her thoughts soon went back to Marie and that CCTV which will show that she was the attacker. Heading back to the unit on her travels she saw Vera.

Bea- Miss Bennett can i talk to you please it's about my dorm.

Vera- Smith i don't have the time for your concerns over something stupid. She said looking over her shoulder to see some of the inmates in the corner. Bea stepped to the side of Vera and pretended to look at a poster.

Bea- I want a favour well two favours.

Vera- Go on.

Bea- Me and Allie are back together i want the conjugal room once a week.

Vera- Well that can be easily arranged but you'll have to come up with something to say so that others won't get suspicious.

Bea- That won't be a problem,

Vera- I want to know something in return...Who attacked Winters I've just come from medical and she won't say anything.

Bea- It was Allie, that's the second favour..I need you to put the footage on a loop otherwise Allie will go on another charge, Marie has it in with Allie she was the one who locked us in the equipment room, i don't condone what she did but please just do this.

Vera- I can't believe I'm doing this but okay, but if Marie blabs then we're screwed.

Bea- Nah she won't blab not if she wants to keep her tongue.

Walking over to medical Bea lied to the nurse and said that Vera wanted to see her, so she grabbed the clipboard and placed it on the end of Marie's bed and left knowing that she has got a matter of minutes before she comes back, she walked over to the bed just in time to see Marie open her eyes.

'She'll pay for this'

Bea- Seems like you have a little concussion shame really. She said taking a look at the clipboard

'When i tell the governor she'll be on an assault charge'. She said grabbing her head in pain.

Bea- No..I'll tell ya what your gonna do your not gonna lag because you'll have the whole prison on ya including me...

'Like I'm scared of you'. She said laughing.

Bea- Well let me tell you a little something about myself huh...I've done double murder so I'm sure i can handle a third then maybe you can reunite with your rapist of a son soon. Moving by the doorway as she heard footsteps coming towards the room.

Rose- What are you doing here Smith?

Bea- Heard about Marie and well i forogt the grapes like so thought I'd pop my head in and see how she's doing...Get well soon Marie and just remember. She said raising her eyebrows. Heading back to the unit spotting Allie sitting by herself on the sofa she winked at her and headed into her cell closing it behind her.
Over at the Bridget and Franky's house, Franky was sitting at the table it was getting rather late and she looked tired she had a pot of coffee beside her and she started topping up her cup. Bridget came from the doorway her hair ruffled up she came up behind her fiancee and started to rub at her shoulders.

Bridget- Come on baby come to bed take a break from all that. She said pointing to the contents on the table which she had bought back to the house and emptied out.

Franky- I can't I've got to find something what can help Bea's case i won't rest till i find it.

Bridget- All this will still be here in the morning. Bridget started to put some of the contents back into a box coming to stop in front of a book on the floor.

Franky- Hey what's that? She said standing up and taking the book from her hands.

Bridget- Debbie's diary i think Bea should read that herself. She said folding her arms over her chest but Franky went straight in and picked the lock with a sharp knife and opened up the diary turning in a few pages in, she smiled.

Franky- You fucking genius. She said smiling and walking over to Bridget planting her lips against hers.

Bridget- Now are ya coming to bed. She said yawning.

Franky- I'll be right up gonna leave a voice message to Chief inspector Moore, I'm gonna get her butt down here first thing in the morning.

Bridget- Fine but hurry I'll be waiting. She leaned up and kissed her one final time.

Franky took out her black book from the cabinet drawer and searched for the number of the chief inspector. 'I know this is late but it's Franky Doyle here, I've got something to help with Ms Smith's case, you know where i live so if you can be round for the morning that will be great.

Chapter Text

Franky awoke with a smile on her face knowing that things were now falling into place. When she heard the doorbell ring Bridget went to answer as Franky went into the living room and placed the evidence she had found last night and placed them in order. When three women walked into the room with the chief in front.

Franky- The three musketeers but I've only met the one.

Inspector Moore- Let me introduce you to my colleagues who have been working on the Joan Ferguson case this is senior detective Wright and this is Inspector Walker, they come highly trained in cases like this. Franky shook their hands as they entered.

Franky- Well three is better than one i suppose.

Walker- I've recently been keeping a watch on your property as we have inside help with an undercover cop inside helping on the inside and from tracking the sim someone on the inside is feeding Ferguson information, we are close we've tracked her in this area a number of times but when we got here she was gone.

Franky- Ferguson has inside help but who? Are we in danger?

Wright- At this stage we can't say who this person is, that's why there is two plain clothed detectives on the lookout.

Franky- Yeah but Ferguson ain't that stupid.

Moore- We have set up two street cameras they are hidden in the street lamps.

Bridget- Well that's something,

Walker- I will also be on patrol starting from today till midnight then senior detective will have the upmost pleasure on doing midnight till dinner. When she said that her mobile started to vibrate in her pocket so she apologised and excused herself to answer.

Wright- And when was this decided?

Moore- Last night, i hope you don't reject?

Wright- No boss course not but would have liked to be informed earlier.

Bridget- Would you like a drink, I'm about to put the kettle on. She said rubbing her hands together.

Moore- Thank you very much Miss, I'll have a coffee if you have any, I'll have it black with two sugars.

Wright- Got any Jack Daniels, Nah just messing with ya the boss will go nuts if i drink on the job. I'll have a cuppa with a little milk no sugars thank you.

Franky- Sweet enough is it? Well what you doing in late Summer thinking of having a stripper you up for it. She said looking at the detective and then at her fiancee who's mouth had dropped open.

Bridget- That had better have been a joke Doyle otherwise that sofa is yours tonight. She said with a laugh before heading out to the kitchen.

Moore- Last night you left a voice message saying you have evidence what could help with Beatrice Smith's charges.

Franky- yeah well something has come to light and well it's worth the read and a huge help from Bea's deceased daughter too, her daughters diary it's worth a read. She reached over the table to grab the book she grabbed her black glasses from the table and placed them on licking her finger as she turned a page.

I came home from school today as i reached my garden i heard glass smashing and objects being thrown in the house as i unlocked the door i entered and found my mum on the floor covering her face with her hands with dad standing next to her, dad just said that her mum had some bad news from work and she was really angry and upset mum was shaking as she stood up and greeted me.

Tuesday- I was in bed sleeping when i woke to my dad shouting at my mum for money i heard a groan then heard the door slam, i went downstairs and found her standing in the kitchen holding her stomach i told her i couldn't sleep so she came up with me and laid with me.

Wednesday- Police turned up and questioned mum and dad about a serious number of complaints from the neighbours of screaming and smashing going on in the house, mum kept quiet as dad spoke to the police, they brushed it off and told to keep the noise to a minimum,

Thursday- It was all quiet dad went fishing for the day while me an mum did the garden we had an amazing day she took me shopping but i knew something was wrong i saw bruises on her arms she told me it was done at work.

Friday- Last day of school for 2 weeks i came home with some flowers for my mum when i entered the house i saw my mum on the floor her nose and lip was bleeding i saw my dad leaning over her i shouted at him and screamed i told him to get off her but he yelled and told me to get to my room, mum tried reaching out to me but all i could do is cry as i ran up stairs taking the house phone with me. I rang 111 and asked for an ambulance as my mum was being beaten up by my dad but then my dad caught me and grabbed the phone from my hands.

Saturday- He apologised saying he shouldn't have done what he did and that mum made him angry and that he won't lay another hand on her again. I took his word but today i spent the day with just me and mum.

Sunday- We went to Mabel next door she makes an excellent Victoria sponge. We had to come up with a lie about mums bruising and her busted lip but i don't think she had bought it.

Franky- What i want to know is why the police didn't take it further and investigated more why wasn't there a trace on that phone when Debbie made that call, no wonder Bea did what she did she took months and years of abuse of that man and she couldn't take it anymore and tried to get rid of him herself a job what the cops and your lot should have done.

Moore- That could be used as evidence in court, do you mind if i take this to be photocopied?

Franky- And I'm requesting a full compensation she should never had been in Prison in the first place she needed support not locking up she was a victim of rape and physical and emotional abuse and I'll petition write to the press anything, course not you take it.

Wright- Anything else.

Franky- Yeah also found a small black book and a black small burner phone of all things seems like he wasn't careful it needs charging now but it tells you everything you need to know about Jaquline Holt ordering her son to kill Debbie Smith, but it was never bought to caught Bea was sentenced to life without parole as they called her a liar Brayden Holt took her life so she took his yet again the police failed on looking into that, so I and also Ms Smith would like you to look into it and see what can be done,

Moore- Very strange as there should have been a full investigation and not just swept up under the carpet, if that's all I'll get back to the station and we'll be in touch by phone call or by email and it will be soon I'll put in a full report, but you do understand that Beatrice Smith is helping us with getting the freak she's going to stand trial against Miss Ferguson and if she does well they Ms Smith will be set free.

Franky- But those charges will always remain with Bea so i insist a full investigation, oh and I've spoken to Bea's neighbour her next door neighbour in fact she was mentioned in the diary and she will stand trial as a witness if needed to be.

Moore- I don't think that is necessary but if we do need to take it to court then we call by.

Wright- If that's all we'll get on with our job and see to Mrs Beatrice Smith's charges.

Franky- Thank you, i will be telling Bea this when i next visit most likely put a smile on her face.

Moore- Pleasure to meet you Ms Westfall and thank you for the coffee and the custard creams. She smiled as she shook her hand.

Franky- Perfect wife figure isn't she?

Wright- We'll be in touch shortly.

Moore- We'll show ourselves out if anything else comes to light you have my number.

Franky and Bridget both went over to the window watching as the detectives got in their vehicle, Franky wolf whistled at the look of the cars one was a BMW X3 and the other was a Mercedes Benz.

Bridget- Bet they didn't get that out of a Christmas cracker. She said with a laugh.

Franky- Well i didn't exactly get you out of a Christmas cracker did i babe, it was just luck. She placed her arm around her fiancees waist and pulled her into her, Bridget soon placed her arms around the back of Franky's neck bringing their mouths together for a soft light kiss.

Bridget- Come to bed with me baby you look exhausted.

Franky- Yeah might just get a few hours down before i go over to Maxine's see how Bea's other baby is getting on. She said with a yawn before being taken by the hand and led up the stairs.

Over at the Prison Jake was on at reception signing in the visitors who were coming to visit the inmates, when that was done he took a few pages back looking through the beginning when he saw Franky's name come up he scrolled his finger across to who she was visiting and it was left blank which really confused him since after the siege everyone visiting should have the visiting prisoner's name. He took out his mobile phone and dialled a number he placed it close to his ear and entered the side office, when the person on the other end spoke he took a deep breath before speaking.

Jake- 'Yeah Franky Doyle came to visit the Prison and it's not coming up with who she visited, she could have come to visit Bea i assume you know she's already back, look i overheard Vera in her office talking to someone saying 'that the plan is still going ahead and that it was risky but with Bea's statement I'm sure it will all work out'. Now that's us done no more favours you get me so now leave Vera and my daughter alone.....What i can't get you that money i don't have it not with my salary no way, we're done.

'I'll say when you're done, your not backing out of this easy, I'll be in touch'.

Jake- No wai....Just before he could finish off speaking the line went dead.

After taking a few hours sleep Franky was now over at Maxine's house the same house that Bea was taken into hiding as she parked up her car she saw Maxine standing by the door, Maxine showed Franky round to the back of the house to see the standing bike in the corner.

Maxine- Gave her a wash through there's still half a tank of juice still, how are you getting on with the case?

Franky- Yeah we're going good some good came out of the stuff we found in Bea's house.

Maxine- I'll just be inside, want a drink?

Franky- Have you got any lemons, I'll have a hot water with a little lemon. She said smiling at her friend.

Maxine handed her the bike keys before heading inside, she got on the bike as she never rode a bike before, well not with an engine, she got off thinking of taking it for a spin she saw that the bike had a helmet compartment on the back and the bike keys had the key to open it. When she took out the helmet out fell an envelope and something hard inside, she opened it up taking out a small key and the rest was photographs, she took them out and gasped at the image on each.

Chapter Text

Bridget came downstairs at 7am as it was now her new routine through the week, she awoke alone she can't even remember Franky going to bed last night, she knew that Franky had time off from going into work so she could sort out the case between Bea Allie and Boomer, but for now Bea was on top of that list. She entered the living room and saw her sitting at the table with her head on the table holding onto a envelope. She went straight into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, when it was made she took two cups and went back in with the coffee, she placed them on the table and placed her hand on her fiancees shoulder.

Bridget- Baby, Franky. She said shaking her a little.

Franky- Fuck...Oh sorry Gidge. She said lifting her head from the table, Bridget looked at her face who's mascara was smudged down her cheeks.

'Must have dozed off'. She added rubbing at her eyes.

Bridget- Baby have you been crying?

Franky- What gives you that idea? She said sitting up in the chair and placing her hand against her neck slightly turning it.

Bridget- Your mascara. She said taking the packet of wipes from the centre of the table, she took one and pulled up a chair next to her and started to wipe of the black marks.

Franky- I'm not normally the eye watering person, well unless I'm slicing onions of course. She said with a small laugh.

Bridget- Don't you think you should hand this case to someone else, you look drained and stressed.

Franky- She once saved my life you know Gidge and I'm going to do my hardest to get her charges dropped, she doesn't deserve to be in that place she wouldn't hurt anyone she's not a risk to the public she only killed because that was the only way of getting justice for her daughter the police were no help on finding out who killed Debbie. It was all that dickhead of a husband's fault if he didn't abuse his own wife then she wouldn't have been sent to prison for his attempted murder. Franky opened up the envelope and took out the photographs and spaced them out on the table in full viewing off Bridget.

'Look what that animal did to her'. She swallowed hard.

The photos showed that Bea had a busted lip, another showed bruising to her abdomen and ribs, the last photo showed bruising and grip marks on her arms and wrists.

Bridget- Oh no, why have they only just come to light now why wasn't they shown to the police?

Franky- Scared perhaps i read that diary she went through all that and all she wanted to do is protect Debbie.

Bridget- Did she ever tell you about the beatings? She leaned over for the coffee pot and cups and started pouring.

Franky- Nah well i didn't make her first time being in Prison any good i was awful to her Gidge just wish i could take it all back, but we have to go forward to move on. She kept her home life private, yeah she talked about Debbie. I feel like we're now becoming stronger than before. I need to see her. She said taking a sip from the cup.

'Good morning' Came a voice from the doorway.

Bridget- Morning Vera.

Vera- Come down for a fresh nappy, is there any coffee in that pot? She said stretching her arms over her head.

Bridget- Yeah plenty, hey will Franky be able to visit Bea today?

Vera- I don't know you've already had your weekly visit it will cause suspicion.

Franky- Oh please Vera i need to speak to her better face to face than on the phone.

Vera- Alright just this once.

Franky- Great well I'll just jump in the shower. She said placing taking the photos from Bridget's hand and placed them back into the envelope and into her brown leather briefcase and headed out of the room.

Vera- Is she alright?

Bridget- Yeah she's fine she just wants to sort out these cases she's just a little tired that's all, but you know Franky she'll never stop until she achieves something that's what i love about her she puts other people first than herself which I'm hoping that will change though so we can concentrate on our summer wedding,

Vera- I'm sure it will be over soon hope that they soon capture Joan, by the way got some good news I'm having furniture delivered to my new place it's being delivered tomorrow, so I'm able to move in by the weekend.

Bridget- That's brilliant news for you bet you can't wait for a place to call your own which isn't full of other people.

Vera- I actually loved it here, way too much you've been a great help with me and Grace, thank you so much for your support and for having us.

Bridget- We've loved the company plus a baby in the house gives us practise for the future,

Vera- You will be great parents.

Bridget- So do you need any help packing?

Vera- I'd love the help only if it's not too much trouble.

Bridget- No trouble at all i'll grab a couple of boxes from the garage.

Entering the Prison in the early afternoon Franky was faced with Jake at reception, she told him that it was okay with Vera to visit, she signed herself in and went through security check in before being showed through by another officer she didn't recognise. When she reached the visitors room she placed her briefcase on the table and went over to the vending machine and took out two chocolate bars and two teas. When she turned back round she saw Bea standing at the doorway with a smile on her face.

Bea- Well what do i owe this pleasure she said walking to the table and waited for Franky to join,

Franky- How are ya? You look happy than you were last time i visited. She said placing the cups down along with the chocolate and took hold of Bea's hands.

Bea- Yeah well. She sat down and smiled at Franky she couldn't help but smile.

Franky- So have you tasted the mcmuff.

Bea- Well first time you know about, but no we haven't but we are keeping us under wraps, as lovely as it is to see you but why are you here?

Franky- Well i checked out your bike, was gonna have a go myself seeing as I've not rode any motorcycles in my life and well she's a babe, but when i went into the helmet compartment,

Bea- Oh yeah...Her smile soon turned to a frown when she realised what Franky was getting at.

Franky- Why didn't you show the police?

Bea- I didn't want Debbie to lose her dad and well i thought he would have changed, i guess i needed to take those photos as a reminder of what he did.

Franky- Did you ever talk to anyone about it?

Bea- No but my neighbour came round now and again to give me some homemade cakes, she didn't like Harry, we chatted a lot because he was down at the pub most of the time throughout the afternoon, so was glad of her company and what with Debbie at school i used to help her with her garden and she did the same for mine.

Franky- This wouldn't be Mabel by any chance is it?

Bea- Yeah how do you know? She said taking a sip from the plastic cup.

Franky- Well I've had a cup of tea and a piece of.....

'Victoria Sponge' They said at the same time with a laugh.

Bea- You spoken to her?

Franky- I did she even admitted that she was the first caller to the police, she liked your company you and Debbie she was upset when she heard on the news that Debbie died, anyway she said if needs to then she will stand in that witness box.

Bea- She's a real nice lady, did you manage to box my stuff up with Debbie's?

Franky- I did, but Bea when you get out of here you're not going back there I'm telling you that for sure.

Bea- It's not like I've got anywhere else to go and i want to start a fresh out of that house i know Maxine would love me back in the house but I've got Allie to think about too when i mean if we get out or if i get out while I'll wait for her I've got to get a place up and running.

Franky- Scrap that, I've got a beauty of a place, when you get out of here I'll give you the directions and the keys but all i can say is please take care of it otherwise Gidget will have me for breakfast and not in the good way. She said with a laugh.

Bea- Your amazing you know that right but why go through all this bother I'm sure I'll be getting out once they capture the freak it was a done deal i help them build a case with the court then I'm out of here or at least a reduced sentence.

Franky- Yeah but then you'll always have these charges on your mind I've already found the evidence I'm just waiting for a call back, I've got this, oh and one more thing there's a key.

Bea- A key? Oh the key....Look Franky i need you to go back to my house and look in the wardrobe i managed to cut a hole in the bottom of the wardrobe floor there's a safety box could you keep hold of it for me, by all means open and take a look but i really need that box.

Franky- No problem, anyway lots to do, I'll see you soon and give blondie a kiss from me, tell her it's a friendly kiss and not like the last time.

Bea- You and Allie? Oh fuck Franky. She said leaning back.

Franky- Look i wasn't in the right mind Bridget had quit her job and we had this bust up she got jealous of me spending time with Allie it was all friendship but then i needed a little comfort but before we even got down to it blondie told me where to get off telling me it was too soon, i was upset and she was there.

Bea- Anything else you wanna tell me?

Franky-It was just one mistake it did happen twice it was all my doing the first time the freak caught us, believe me Allie still loved you.

Bea- Look i don't blame you i would have liked Allie to move on if i didn't make it through the attack but it does hurt that she's had sexual relations with three women one of who is one of my best friends and like you said both of you regretted it, not bad kisser is she?. She said with a smile.

Franky- Please forgive me, and you don't go off on one with her.

Bea- I won't I've only just got her back, i love her I'm not letting her go but now I'm in here with two of her ex's one who's a complete and utter bitch the other a cheeky fucker, what's to forgive, we've got through a lot together me and you and this won't change a thing.

Franky- Really, well all i can say is that sooner we get through this i reckon you should stake your claim on your woman.

Bea- Umm...What do you mean?

Franky- Well I'm getting hitched in the summer maybe it's something you should do too, i can see it now you in a Armani suit or with a gold wait coat. She said grinning.

Bea- What me get married again , is it actually legal to marry a woman?

Franky- It wasn't back in the day but it was legalised in 2017.

Bea- Yeah i don't know don't think it's me.

Franky- Well I hope you'll be my best woman make sure i get there on time organise me a stag do.

Bea- It will be a honour, if i do get out of here. She said reaching back for Franky's hands.

Franky- Well i best get going, that Stewart Officer there's something about him i don't like he's very nosy,

Bea- You can say that about most of the Officers here. She said with a laugh as she walked to the visitors door with Franky.

Franky- Left a little present back at reception, nosy parker said he'll leave it in your cell by the time visiting will be over.

Bea- You didn't have to but thank you. She said leaning forward to hug and leave a kiss to Franky's cheek.

Franky- See you again soon. She said with a wink.

Bea- Oh Franky try and get a little rest, you look like you could do with it, get a little bit of you time.

Franky- Yes doctor, I'll be going home but first got to do a shop.

They said their goodbyes and Franky left, Bea had to wait for an officer to take her back to the unit, when she did arrive back Rita was the only one in the unit she asked where everyone was Rita said that Allie was down in the shower block and the rest were out in the yard. So Bea went into her cell and closed the door she smiled at the boxes on her bed.

Bea- Here i go again. She said to herself before opening the boxes and emptying out the contents.

In the exercise yard Allie was standing in her teal pants and white tank top with two weights in her hands building up her muscles, while Ruby was standing by the punching bag holding it for Boomer.

Boomer- Hey Allie where's Bea?

Allie- Last time i heard she was off to medical.

Then all of a sudden everyone in the yard except for Allie stopped what they were doing an started to whistle, the blonde turned her head round to see what all the commotion was, when she did her mouth dropped open to see with her own eyes that Bea had gone back to her original hair colour back to red and that she was wearing a teal sleeveless top showing off the top of her shoulders, for the moment she had forgotten all about the weights in her hands as she opened her clenched hands dropping one of the weights on her foot, she yelled out and grabbed her foot.

Ruby- Shit Allie you alright?

Allie- What do you bloody think? Fuck.

Bea- Shit, Officer Watson Allie's injured her foot she needs medical.

'Alright Novak come on.'

Bea- I'll take her through. She placed Allie's arm around her own shoulder and Allie started to hop through the metal gate.

Allie- Your fault. She said between gritted teeth.

Bea- Oh why's it always my fault? She said placing her free arm around the blondes waist.

Allie- You look so fucking hot. She said groaning.

When they reached medical Allie hopped onto the medical bed as the now redhead stood by the door watching as nurse Rose started to examine her bare foot.

'I don't feel any broken bones but it's swollen and there's a bruise forming up right there, I'll take an x-ray, I'll be back in a few minutes'.

Bea- I'm really sorry, maybe i should have waited till lights out tonight. She said biting down on her bottom lip.

Allie- Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll help with the pain. She said with a wink.

On the otherside of town Jake was just coming out of Bendigo Bank when his mobile started to ring out, he took it from his pocket and answered.

Jake- Look i don't have 20,000 i could only scrape up 5,000 the bank wouldn't allow me to take another loan out i need more time.

'And time i don't have, you've had plenty of it, now guess where i am?

Jake- Don't you fucking dare you bitch or I'll fucking kill you myself, I've given you information like you've asked me to now leave them both alone'. Just then the line went and Jake slammed his phone down on the pavement smashing it, he picked it up and quickly got into his car.

But it was a little too late as the person he was on the phone to got out of a rusty old car dropping the phone and stamping on the device, the mystery person walked across the road looking to see if she had the all clear when all she saw was a post woman delivering what looked to be letters, putting on their black gloves this person walked straight into the person's garden, backing against the wall next to the window looking over at Vera with Grace between her legs clapping her hands. This person smiled and went close to the front door, taking out a picker and a thin pocket knife and attended to the lock but was immediately pulled away from the door and sirens were heard coming from the street.

'Well what do we have here, don't tell me, let me guess your the milk woman'. Said a voice taking down the persons hood revealing that it was in fact Joan.

From hearing all the commotion coming outside, the front door opened and stood at it was Bridget and Vera, Joan looked at Vera before being dragged away and being placed into a squad van.

Vera- Did you see the way she looked at me?

Bridget- It's finally over Vera. Bridget pulled Vera into a crushing hug as Vera watched on at the car pulling away with Joan in the back looking right back at her.

Vera- But is it?

Chapter Text

At the Police station Joan was sitting in the interview room with two of the detectives in the room, one was sitting opposite from Joan and the other was standing by the door, the detective who was sitting at the table had her feet on the table with a plastic cup in hand and an apple in the other.

'Well Ferguson how was it on the outside, hope you enjoyed all that fresh air because it will be the last time that you do taste the freedom.'

Joan- Yeah well 3 years was plenty of time for me got really bored so just thought I'd let someone chase me for a change.

'Seems to me you've got an answer for everything, so come on'. Said the detective at the door as she made her way over to the table and pulled out the chair, 'How did you escape?

Joan- I'm saying nothing without my lawyer.

'You're an escaped Prisoner convicted we hold the cards not you'. The door of the interview room flew open and in came the chief.

Moore- Okay Detective Walker and Senior detective Wright you may leave the room, good job.

Joan- So your the big boss of this shit.

Moore- Watch your language Ferguson, so come on how did you escape you must have had some help. She said taking a seat opposite from Joan.

Joan- Like i told your colleagues I'm not saying anything until i get my brief in. .

Moore- Have it your way Ferguson, you're being taken back to the correctional centre and I'm sure you'll get a big welcome. She said standing up before she opened the door she was called back by Ferguson.

Joan- If i give you a name what do i get in return?

Moore- I don't do bargains. She said making her way back to the table.

Joan- Well, I'm saying nothing.

Moore- Alright, i can request that you go into protection for your safety that's the best i can do because those prisoners will be after your blood otherwise.

Joan- It was Franky...

Moore- Franky? She said writing into her notepad.

Joan- Doyle, Franky Doyle.

Over at the Westfall/Doyle's residence Franky and Bridget were now enjoying each other's company, what with Franky taking a day off from the cases to concentrate on her relationship with Bridget knowing that she was putting work before her fiancee, they both had just come out of a relaxing bath together and were now in matching robes heading into the kitchen to get a light snack, Bridget opened up the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of Shiraz and backed away for Franky to get the snacks, Bridget popped the cork of the bottle and grabbed two wine glasses.

Bridget- i sure am gonna miss Vera and little Grace, place wouldn't be the same without them. She said walking through to the living room with Franky tailing behind.

Franky- Oh well thank you very much you certainly do make me feel special. She placed the snacks on the table in front of the sofa and waited for Bridget to put down the bottle and glasses before spinning her round.

Bridget- I didn't mean it like that baby, just that i enjoyed their company with a little baby to care for and someone to talk to when your at work, that reminds me how did the talk with Bea go?

Franky- Yeah it went good, in the morning I'm gonna get back over her house she's got something hidden, then back at it i suppose, we'll have to wait and see from the detectives on what's next.

Bridget- Then we can finally get married, so future Mrs Francesca Westfall, has a good tone to that don't ya think. She said leaning forward nuzzling her loves chin with her nose smiling.

Franky- I like the sound of Mrs Bridget Doyle or Mrs Bridget Westfall- Doyle.

'Oh well I'm sure we'll come up with something to the time'. She said opening up Franky's robe, when that was discarded she watched as the brunette open up her robe. Franky started to plant soft kisses to her shoulder blade, Bridget surprised her fiancee by pushing her down on the sofa.

'Gidge'. She moaned out.

Bridget- Let me love you please baby. Franky just laid back letting Bridget have her way with her, she felt a lot relaxed at this moment all her mind was on was her woman on top of her.

Over at the Prison most of the inmates were out in the exercise yard, Bea was laying on the workout bench with a weight bar over her, Ruby and Boomer were both at the punching bag as usual, Ruby throwing a kick at the bag showing Boomer some better moves.

Boomer- Oi Bea fancy a challenge?

Bea- Yeah in a bit Boomer. She shouted over as she grabbed the weight bar and pulled it down then pushing back up, when her sunlight was faded by someone stepping up beside her, she let out a groan, she placed the bar back on it's stand and sat up, coming into contact with a pair of legs she had recognised she couldn't help the smile form on her lips.

Allie- I didn't put you off your workout did i? Besides thought I'd ask Miles for a pair of shorts really get the tan to my legs, don't ya think. She said placing her foot onto the workbench and running her hand down the side of her leg.

Bea-Ummm....I mean...They do look ...I mean yeah . She said licking at her lips.

Allie- Sorry to disturb ya, I'll let you get back to it then.

Bea- Yeah i shouldn't keep Boomer waiting. She said standing up and stretching her arms out, ready for what Boomer had planned.

Boomer- Alright Ruby came up with this, so altogether we have 6 balls and we both have 3 each the aim is to keep them in the air long enough.

Bea- Been so long.

Allie- Don't i fucking know it. She said sneaking up behind Bea.

Boomer- What was that?

Allie- Oh just saying that she can't hold anything in her hands more than 10 seconds.

Bea- Alright then Boomer I'm gonna prove blondie there wrong.

Boomer- Winner gets to have my stash of brew that i got tucked away for a rainy day.

Bea- And what if you win

Boomer- I'll have your bacon for 4 days and your dessert.

Bea- Oh I'm sure i can survive without those.

Ruby handed Boomer three tennis balls and handed Bea the same, Allie stood at a distance but so she was facing Bea, they both on the count of three started to juggle the balls in hand, Boomer started off slow while Bea was going on like a champ, so Allie thought she'd have a little fun to see if her lover could take it, she rolled up the bottom of her white tank top and placed her hand over her flat stomach and not sat but laid down on the concrete floor with her top half way up to her bra. The redhead felt a little hot, but she kept on juggling, but she still couldn't take her eyes off the blonde, she kept looking at the objects in hand every couple of seconds when her eyes did leave Allie to look in the air then back down, she saw Allie on her stomach and unhooking her bra when she saw the bra on the floor her hands started to shake and she lost.

Bea- Fuck...How about another go?

Boomer- Oh no I've won now we'll have another game, but I need my strength back that bacon will help. Allie came over to fist bump Boomer.

Allie- Did you get a little distracted Bea? She said bending over taking a side look to see Bea checking her arse out she picked up a ball and started to throw it up into the air and catching it with her hand.

Bea- You can say that, i had something on my mind.

Franky now had Bridget lying on top of her, both panting and breathing heavily, Bridget started to kiss Franky's wet lips and bought her in for a crushing hug, when she felt the brunette wrap her arms around her waist and starting to kiss her chest, she tilted her head back and let out a low moan, when the doorbell started to ring out Franky took her head from her chest but was pushed back in.

Bridget- They'll go away. But the noise didn't as the bell started to ring out, making them both annoyed so she got from Franky's lap and put on her gown, handing her fiancees robe to her, she walked out of the room and up the stairs. Franky sorted out her robe and opened the door to one of the detectives.

'I'm sorry to disturb you this time, but a serious allegation has been made against you, can i come in?'

Franky- Sure, it's detective Walker isn't it?

'Yeah, i thought I'd come and talk to you off the record'. She said being shown into the living area and took a seat on the opposite sofa.

Franky- Sorry about the mess we've had a friend move out and well you know what kids are like? She said looking at the grapes on the floor.

Walker- So as i said a serious allegation has been made, by Joan Ferguson. She said taking out her notepad and pen.

Franky- What has she been saying now, whatever it is she's playing mind games with you all.

Walker- She said that you shared your escape plan with her and that you'd get her out but instead you buried her alive.

Franky- That's bullshit look i did share my escape plan with someone but she changed her mind, when i saw on newspapers that it was in fact Joan who had escaped i was mortified....Look if i tell you who was going to escape with me she wouldn't get into trouble will she?

Walker- Well i don't see she didn't do anything wrong she didn't escape, so no.

Franky- At the time it was going to be Allie Novak, she's currently serving more time for gunning down that murderer of a screw Sean Brody, well she had it bad i was the one who told her in hospital that her girlfriend Bea had died in the hands of Ferguson and well she tried everything to get rid of the freak but she overpowered her she was talking about wanting to die, so i told her she could come with me and she can go and live a happy life on the outside.

Walker- What looking over her shoulder all the time? Carry on.

Franky- Then when i got out the box i looked for her seeing all those boxes stacked up not knowing which one she was in until i took out a piece of paper from my pocket telling me that she was caught and so she had to tell the officer her plan, so she was buried alive?

Walker- From what she told us yeah.

Franky- So it would have been someone on the inside, so what happens now?

Walker- Well I'm off home, but I'm going to get in touch with my boss and we'll need to investigate more, i believe your side just don't get why falsely accuse you.

Franky- Well i can answer that she was the governor at the prison i was the inmate and well we didn't get on as you can say.

Walker- I see, well I'm sorry for the drop in, i know you've been busy with Bea's case along with others.

Franky- As there been an update yet on Bea's charges with that phone and diary.

Walker- A huge breakthrough but we can't go through it until we see Ms Smith. The detective stood up placing her notepad and pen back into her pocket and leaving towards the door.

Franky- Just be careful on what she says I'm not going to be dragged down with her lies.

Walker- We won't, well thank you Miss Doyle, we'll be in touch. She said exiting the house, Franky watched her get into her car and drive off before shutting the door, when Franky got upstairs, she heard the shower going, so she stepped into the bathroom and into the shower and into the inviting arms of her fiancee.


At the unit Bea sat at the table shuffling a pack of cards in her hands while looking over at Allie sitting at the sofa rubbing cream into her legs, the blonde saw that and reached higher up in her legs making Bea drop the cards.

Bea- Shit, sorry Boomer.

Boomer- No worries, i think i might just shuffle them.

Rita came out of her cell and looked for Bea when she saw her sitting at the table with Boomer she waited for Bea to look at her when the redhead mouthed to her 'You alright?' Rita mouthed back 'Come here' which Bea did she took a final look seeing them all occupied rather than interested as to why Bea was going into Rita's cell, but wasn't expected of what Rita was going to tell her, she froze on the spot

Bea- I need to see Vera, I'll catch you later .

Rita- Sure. She said watching as Bea walked out of her cell, Allie got up from the sofa but before she knew it Bea had walked out of the unit, the blonde looked over at Rita who raised her hands.

Sitting in the governor's office Vera told Bea that it was true and that they were one step closer of her standing trial against Ferguson, she also told her that Joan will not get anywhere near her or Allie.

Bea- So i could be getting out of here soon enough. She questioned the governor.

Vera- Yeah if your charges of murdering Braydon and Jaquline holt gets dropped or reduced then you could be out of here all the protection you had was for your own safety until you recovered and that we got Ferguson back where she belongs.

Bea- And Allie?

Vera- Let's just deal with you first then we'll sort out Novak.

Bea- Can i ask you for a favour?

Vera- Nothing Illegal mind.

Vera went to Allie's cell to tell her that Bea wanted to see her in private, so Vera told her to act as if she was being sent to the slot, as they left her cell Allie played her part and acted out.

Allie- I haven't done anything, this is bullshit. She acted out.

Vera- Quiet down Novak or you'll spend 48 hours in the slot. She said escorting Allie to the gates.

Rita- What she done Miss Bennett?

Vera- Doesn't concern you Connors, now unless you want to be sent down to be her neighbour carry on with what you're doing. She said locking the gate of the unit.

Allie- My god Miss Bennett your a feisty woman. She said as she waited for her.

After being shown to the conjugal room Vera left them both in the room, with Bea's back to the blonde. Allie smiled and climbed on all fours onto the bed and behind the redhead, she placed her hands on her shoulders moving one hand to move the red curls to the other side of her neck and placed her lips against the warm skin of her neck, Bea couldn't help to let out a low moan.

Allie- You're one smart woman Bea Smith, how did you manage it and tonight too? She said smiling and scraping her teeth down the side of her neck, Bea gave her more access as she tilted her head to the side.

Bea- Fuck...Allie. She turned to face the younger woman who had a huge smile on her face.

Allie- Yeah..

'You're so beautiful'. She said as she reached to place her hand on the blondes face.

Allie- You need glasses babe, but you on the other hand, i can't take my eyes off you, since the day i first saw you, when i entered your unit. The redhead smiled at the reminder and leaned into the blonde and kissed the blonde on the lips when she felt the blonde reciprocate she pulled away and stood up.

Bea- I really need to talk to you and your not going to like it. She said placing her hand through her own hair.

Allie- You're going to break up with me aren't you, fuck i knew this would happen get me in a private room break it gently to me.

Bea- No..Fuck no..I'm not letting you go again, it's Ferguson. She said standing in front of the blonde and took her by the hands.

Allie- What made you come up with the freak for?

Bea- She's been caught and well she could be sent back here.

Allie- What. She got out of Bea's hold and started to pace about the room walking back and forward, her heart racing, she placed her hand against her chest and breathing very heavily, knowing that Allie was having a sort of panic attack she walked over to her and spun her round until she could hold her bringing the blondes head on her shoulder she started to run her free hand through the blondes hair soothing her. 'She's gonna come after me, after what i did'. She managed to say.

Bea- What you trying to hit attack her with a cue ball and then trying to hot shot her.

Allie- No for trying to get her killed with the help of someone. The blonde moved her head from the redhead's shoulder looking into those brown eyes and the confused look on her face.

Bea- What no Allie please say your joking?

Allie- I thought you were dead, you went out to get Ferguson for me, so i wanted to get back at her make sure that she wouldn't see the outside again, you know that she was made top dog. I begged her to kill me just so that i could be with you, i didn't want to carry on without you with me but she said there was no easier way out for me. Then when Franky came to my cell after being drenched in the shower she told me she had an escape plan and it meant to escape using the garden project boxes, but i was caught by an officer so i had to tell him he was suspicious, i placed in your sketch into the box so she could die knowing that i got revenge for you.

Bea- Fuck..Allie you did that for me and not to mention putting your own life at risk. She said placing her forehead against the blondes and let out a low sigh.

Allie- I loved you Bea i wanted to be with you.

Bea- As for her coming after you she'll have to get past me she won't be lucky the next time, if she does come back here then we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it you will be fully protected my beautiful girl.

Allie- You're not angry with me then? Surprised at Bea for not screaming at her.

Bea- What for avenging me it took guts for you to cross that bitch, i never really thought that someone cared for me to do that not even Harry.

Allie- I'm not like him, i will never hurt you, your my world you know that right?

Bea- Why didn't i meet you on the outside.

Allie- Well when i saw you hotting up my tv screen after you were caught by the police for getting justice for Debbie, you showed power and strength fuck the police system not investigating her death.

'I love you Allie Novak'. She said smiling as she reach with both hands to cup her face she leaned in again kissing her softly then she took a step back taking in the lovely sight before her eyes.

The door opened and in came Vera with a flat cardboard box and a carrier bag in her other hand, Allie could smell straight away what was in the box, when Vera placed them down onto the side table she backed away and left them to it.

Bea- Thought i'd get us a little feast, enjoy our alone time because from now it's going to be hectic with what's to come. She watched as Allie opened up the box to come face to face with a 24" pizza with toppings such as pepperoni extra cheese mushrooms and pineapple.

Allie- You know a way to a woman's stomach babe.

Bea- Yeah but don't know with the pineapple, it doesn't belong on pizza. She said looking disgusted at the pizza.

Allie- You kidding me right, it's the best topping.

Bea- Something to wash it down with. She said bringing out a litre of orange fanta.

Allie- What no vodka? She let out a groan.

Bea- We've got to keep a clear head we don't want to wake up in the morning with a head do we? She said with a laugh.

Allie- No i guess not.

They spent several minutes sitting crossed legged on the bed facing one another and feeding each other the slice of pizza, Allie at one point took a piece of pepporoni and placed it between her lips and fed it to the redhead. When the food and drink was finished with Bea fell against the bed holding her stomach.

'Fuck, I'm stuffed'. The redhead groaned.

Allie- Well i would be too after eating 4 slices. She said laughing as she placed the box and bottle on the floor, the blonde threw herself back against the pillow next to Bea's.

Bea- Last time i had pizza was 5 years ago.

Allie- Can't remember when i tasted great pizza like that. She said smiling, the redhead turned onto her side and taking one of Allie's hands what was resting on her stomach and kissed her knuckles, she got lost in those clear blue eyes until she then looked at the hand in hers.

Bea- What now? I can get Bennett to bring us a board game.

Allie- Board games are for people who are bored, which I'm not, are you?

Bea- Never. She said taking in the view before her eyes.

Allie- It's not everyday we get to take advantage of an empty room is it? Once she said that she placed her hand behind the redheads head and bought her down for a soft slow kiss, non of them wanting to stop but they wanted to be comfortable, so Allie took off her own hoodie and pumps then watched Bea do the same. Coming up to the middle of the bed Allie reached up and cupped her face her in hands and leaned up to kiss her slow and soft, Bea returned the kiss pulling her into her body as she wrapped her arms tightly around the shorter woman. Allie slowly dipped her tongue sensually in and out of Bea's mouth causing her to moan lustfully into her.
Bea pulled away reluctantly, looking longingly into her eyes, the blonde looking back at her confused.

Bea reached up slowly removing Allie's white t-shirt over her head, revealing a yellow bra that complimented her ample cleavage perfectly. Bea gasped as her eyes settled on the blondes breasts, she pulled down the straps first before reaching round to release them from the cups. The blonde placed her thumbs under Bea's chin to lift her face up so she could kiss her, the redhead placing one hand on her face to hold her in place and the other on her chest feeling the younger woman's heart beating fast. She felt the younger woman tug at her teal t-shirt she started off slowly both of them keeping half an eye open to see what the other was doing, as a piece of flesh was seen. Bea grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled it away.

'No'. She said looking down at the hand she had tight grip of she quickly released her hold and looked up.

Allie- If you don't want to I'll leave it at that but you are still so beautiful with out without scars i fell in love with you, you're my hero and I'm so thankful that I've got you back. She said leaning into her to leave a kiss to her cheek.

Bea- Okay..She said taking a deep breath in then back out, she started slowly lifting up her t-shirt when she was halfway up she saw the look on the blondes face who had tears in her eyes, she was about to bring the t-shirt back down until Allie helped it off and over her head.

Allie- My god Bea what did she do to you. She couldn't help the tears that started to fall down her cheeks as she took in the scaring to her abdomen.

Bea- It's not as bad as it was, a few creams here and there.

Allie- Oh my baby. She said running her fingertips over the scar the longest one and then she took in the small scars just above the long one it was in a shape of a circle, where the freak had twisted in the screw driver.

Bea- It's all over now, my beautiful girl.

Allie- You can't be too sure though Bea, I'm scared.

Bea- Don't be I'm here.

Allie- Yeah and you won't hold me like this in front of the other women, we're stronger when were together.

Bea- Just trust me, when this is all over I'll take you at the canteen on the table in front of the women. She said with a wink and smile.

Allie- Enough talking. She said with a laugh and pulled Bea down on top of her, the blonde smiled when she felt her hands on her body, She placed her hands round the back of the redhead just to unhook her bra freeing her breasts from the padding and throwing it to the floor. Allie took all her strength into flipping them over surprising Bea.

Bea- Have you been at the spinach? She said with a giggle.

Allie- All that working out paid off now i have the upper hand. She said sliding down her body until her face came into contact with the waistband of her woman's pants, she looked up for approval which Bea nodded her head to, she lifted herself up to help the blonde, Allie didn't want to get carried way and take her underwear off just yet, she did the same to herself as she took down her shorts she had on earlier. She started to kiss up the outside of the redheads thigh when she came between her legs she kissed her way up avoiding the area she wanted to touch she started to butterfly kiss her stomach and nibbled her way up towards the scaring, she looked up to see her covering her eyes with her hands. When she felt the blonde lick and kiss over her scaring she jumped under her touch and removed her hands to pull Allie up so that they were face to face, Bea's hands started to shake just like the first time they had kissed. So she got off her body and turned Bea's face so that she could slowly kiss her again, this time she got on top of the young woman leaving a trail of wet kisses down the side of her neck and down her throat, She let her fingers scrape against Allie's stomach muscles, feeling them twitch at her touch. She felt Allie shiver before moving her mouth back to Allie's lips, she placed her right hand and cupped her breast fitting nicely into her palm, she took one of Allie's breasts in her mouth, her breath hot, as she blew softly on the hardening nipple before taking it into her mouth and sucking lustily. She smiled at the blonde before sliding down her body leaving kisses down at her chest before removing her hand to place it with her mouth kissing around the flesh before flicking her tongue over the hardened bud she latched her mouth onto her nipple making the blonde gasp at the contact, she did the same to the other then as she started to kiss down her stomach, she peeled down her underwear as she was doing this she was kissing down the inside of her thigh.

'Your beautiful body, I've missed this touch.'

Allie- I bet you have, 4 years is a long time to go without, so take your time babe.

But really all that she wanted was for Bea to be inside her where she wanted her most was between her legs and scream out her name when she climaxes, but she knew after 4 years she wanted to take her time, she was took by surprised when the redhead flicked her tongue over her clit.

'Oh i intend to, very slow'. She replied breathing in the smell of her woman beneath her, she started with a flick of her tongue over the outside of her clit making the blonde moan out, then she went on all fours back up to her mouth to plant a wet kiss to her lips, when they came apart Allie licked her lips tasting herself.

'Tell me what you want me to do'. Said the redhead.

Allie- I want you to fuck me with those long fingers of yours and that tongue. She said bringing down Bea's head to kiss her one final time.

'Talk about taking it slowly'. She said laughing against the blondes neck as she started again to kiss down her body, she placed her fingertips against her wet slit making the blonde smile. She thought she had teased the blonde enough now and she wanted to be inside, she wanted her fingers to be soaked up from her woman. She started to push in two of her index fingers easily slipping into the folds and at the same time she was sucking and licking at her clit making the blonde moan out.

'Ah fuck just like that baby, fuck me, none has made me wet like you do'. She pushed down and started to fuck Bea's face pushing harder so that her lover's fingers would go deeper and deeper. Seeing as Bea had a free hand Allie had the perfect place for it she placed it over her left breast as she watched the redhead between her legs sending waves of pleasure through her body, she was close, so close she gripped down on the back of Bea's head and moved her hips in time of her mouth and fingers.

'Oh fuck, ah fuck yeah baby, that's the spot'. She started to moan out her name which eventually became loud moans, so Bea had to cover Allie's mouth with her hand to quiet her down. When Allie climaxed all of her juices were covered on Bea's hand and fingers.

Bea- I've still got that touch. She said looking down at her drenched fingers, she smiled and placed them one at a time in her mouth sucking them not letting it go to waste, looking back at the surprised blonde. She got up and threw herself to the side of the satisfied blonde who immediately pushed her onto her back and straddled her waist.

Allie- Now it's my turn for yummy dessert and baby I'm gonna make you cum so hard and so fast. She said smiling down and started to kiss and bite down on Bea's pulse in her neck causing her to gasp.

'Please take me me slowly'.

Allie- Of course, if you feel like I'm going fast then please tell me to stop.

Vera was working back late that night she had to stay in till midnight for a late transfer, she had bought her daughter to the cresh over at reception where she was being looked after by a responsible officer, as she made her way over to reception and out of the doors leading to the car park, she let out a yawn but waited patiently out at the front, when a black car pulled up in front of her and out came a police officer and a plain clothes detective, who made their way to Vera and handed her the noted clipboard. Then out came someone she had least expected to see back at her Prison.

'Hello Vera'.

Vera- Ferguson, it's alright I've got it from here. She waited until they had disappeared in the car and stood in front of Joan.

Joan- Everyone who has out wronged me will suffer the consequences,Smith, Novak, Jackson, Stewart and you, but I'll leave the best to last.

Vera- You will not, your already in enough trouble as it is, anymore charges and I'll get your transferred so far from here and away from Shane which I'm sure will do a lot better with you far away from here.

'Ha'. Came the only reply from Ferguson and she smiled looking over at Vera as she entered the building.

Chapter Text

After a blissful night with her woman, Bea was now walking down the corridor with a towel draped over her shoulder and wash bag in hand, deciding to join the blonde after all, seeing as she missed the opportunity to shower with the blonde the last time, which ended up in disaster. As she walked down she was scanned through the doors she then went twice the speed she was going, with a smile on her face knowing that soon they’d be sent back to the unit and they didn’t have much time left. She approached the shower door and pushed it and entered but when she did enter her face soon turned to distraught at the sight before her. She dropped her towel and wash bag and ran over to Allie who was on the shower floor she was flat on her stomach and unconscious, not knowing what had happened, Bea leaned down at the naked blonde and moved her hair to one side to see a syringe sticking from her neck, she gasped and mouthed ‘No…Not again, Allie’. She pulled it from her neck and turned her onto her side seeing that she was foaming from the mouth, she panicked she got up heading over to the panic button but being stopped by a hand in front of the red button.

Bea- You…What are you doing here?

Marie- You should have been here 10 minutes ago, she’s very good for a quickie.

Bea- What the fuck did you do to her, you sick fuck? She grabbed the front of the old woman’s t-shirt her eyes not leaving the white haired woman’s, her other hand screwed up into a fist and punched her in her abdomen, winding her she fell to the ground and onto her knees. Bea went to Allie by her side and began shaking her shoulders.

‘Allie, wake up baby, this wasn’t meant to happen not again..Fuck.

Marie- Like I said you should have been here she was still fresh and wet. She said laughing through her pain.


Marie began to stand up, when she saw Bea trying to launch at her she backed away and stood by the cubicle making Bea stumble on the wet floor, but managing not to fall. When the shower door opened, Bea looked at Marie who seemed to be smiling at whoever just opened the door.

Marie- Well hello partner was wondering when you were going to show.

Bea spun round to see her worse enemy standing in front of the now closing door and was putting on her gloves. The same person who tried to kill her and Allie.

‘I might have known, you fucking freak, the both of you were in on this’. She stepped forward but then she felt her arms being pulled behind her back, she tried to
free herself but Marie held a strong grip.

Bea- Let me go, you’re not going to get away with this, I’ll kill the pair of you.

Joan- Don’t tell me you actually feel something for that whore, that little top dog whore, she didn’t stay loyal to you, she was in nearly everyone’s pants and nearly got into mine.

Bea- She thought I was dead, she thought you had finished me off, I don’t believe she went anywhere near you, it’s just your little fantasy.

Joan- If you don’t believe me go and ask her….Sorry figure of speech, you can’t do that can ya. She said with a wicked smile on her face as she walked further towards the redhead.

Bea- So what now, tell me your plan and how you think you’re both going to get away with it.

Joan- Well the plan is, I’m going to kill you and make sure you stay dead, and I’m going to plant the evidence in Allie’s hand, seeing as your DNA is over that syringe and it’ll look like you gave Allie the hotshot.

Bea- they’ll never believe that I killed Allie not with Vera knowing how much I love her and how much she loves me.

Marie- Past tense, loved…

Bea- And what are you getting out of this huh, you know she’ll just wash her hands with you once she’s finished with me and set you up for our murders, do you really need that, don’t you want to get out?

Joan- ignore her, I told you what it’ll be like…Once we are finished in here we’ll get out of this place, I’ve worked out on another escape plan. She walked behind the redhead and over to the white haired woman, she placed her hand to the back of her head and leaned down taking in Marie’s lips for a soft kiss.

Bea- Fuck….Can one of ya please pass me a sick bucket, I’m going to throw up. She said pretending to be sick.

Marie- Shut it you. She twisted her arms tight against her back making the redhead yelp, Joan told the white haired woman to let go of Bea and keep a watch on for any of the screws, when Marie was standing by the door, she stood in front of the redhead.

Joan- You know when I first met you, I thought... hey we’ll work great together as a team.

Bea- you wanted me to turn against Franky and I don’t work with screws.

Joan- I could have made your stay here more comfortable I didn’t want to go through extreme lengths to get rid of you, if you kept your mouth shut, you could have been out of here, I wouldn’t have been sent here as a prisoner in the first place.

Bea- After what you did…You’re a murderer and a psychotic bitch.

Joan- Yeah but shhh…. Our little secret something you can take to the grave with you, tell Debbie that auntie Joan says hi.

Bea- Don’t bring my daughter into this you….Bea launched herself forward to making a grab for Joan only for Joan to grab her by the shoulder and pushed her into her they were both standing nose to nose and mouth to mouth, as the redhead felt a sudden pain in her stomach she looked down to see a screwdriver lodged into her abdomen, she looked back up at Joan who had a smile on her face.

Joan- Nothing personal Bea. She pulled out the screwdriver as the redhead fell flat to her knees then onto her back holding her stomach. Leaning down as she saw the blood fall slip through Bea’s fingers, the redhead tried reaching out to Joan to attack but struggled, she didn’t have the strength.

Marie- Now you're ‘together forever’, Joan come on I can hear footsteps.

Joan- Goodbye Bea. She said leaning down she placed a kiss to her lips, and fled the shower block with Marie following behind.

Bea shuffled up close to the blonde and linked her bloody pinky finger to hers as she felt herself drift in and out of conscious, ‘My beautiful girl’. That was her last words before placing her head next to Allie’s.

Bea started to shake and yell out waking the blonde up in the process.


‘Fuck, Bea wake up. She started to shake the redhead but all she got was moans and groans. Allie straddled Bea as she wasn’t getting more of a response from her and shook her. Bea’s hands and arms began to move up in the air pushing the air before coming in contact with the blonde which resulted in the redhead pushing her off the bed and onto the floor, Allie grabbed hold of her leg in pain and just yelled out.


Bea heard and her eyes shot open she quickly sat up with sweat and her breathing still heavily from the panting, she looked down to the floor to see the blonde on the floor.

Bea- Shit..Fuck..Allie, oh baby I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to knock you off, did I hurt you? She said holding out her hands which Allie took and stood up quickly getting into bed and onto her side facing the redhead.

Allie- It’s alright, wish you were dreaming about me though. She ran her ran over Bea’s stomach, when the redhead looked under the duvet at the hand moving over her stomach, she sighed with relief.

Bea- It was all a dream, you’re here. She said turning on her side and placing her left hand against her face and rubbed her bottom lip with her thumb before leaning in to taste her soft lips. Then wrapped her arms tightly around her.

Allie- you want to talk about it?

Bea- No, well not yet anyway, just please hold me and please take me to my happy place.

Allie- You’ve taken us out for the day we’re walking on the sandy beach with our little fur baby, we decided on a Jack Russel who we named Bowie after my favourite singer, we’re there and you’re holding the picnic basket while I’m carrying your red blanket, we just watch Bowie running in the sand chasing other dogs, you run after him as he’s trying to hump another. But then we sit down on the blanket you’re sitting behind me with your legs by my side and me sitting between your legs, with your arms around me holding me as I feed you a tuna sandwich.

‘Eww, Tuna, carry on’. She said smiling as she imagined this scene.

Allie- yeah as I was saying, we stay there until dark, when none is around we both strip to our undies and I take you into the water we just stand in the sea holding onto each other watching the sunset.

‘Mmmm’. Allie looked down to see the now sound asleep redhead so she wrapped an arm around her and held onto her before sleep claimed her.

When Allie awoke she found herself alone in bed, she turned onto her back and placed her arms around her head and smiled. She then decided now was time to get out of bed as she was going to be collected by Vera shortly. When she finally got dressed she had just put on her last white pump when she saw a piece of paper what wasn’t there last night and read it to herself.

‘Morning my beautiful queen, I’m truly sorry the way I acted out this morning hope you got enough sleep, I’ll explain it all to you soon. I can’t wait to be in your arms again and hopefully when we go public, I just want to scream from the rooftops that you’re all mine but I can’t not if we want the plan to work. Now when you awake get your sexy arse down to the canteen.’
Love, well you know who.

She re-read this note while smiling, her first of many she hoped, just in time for the knock and then the walk in from the governor.

Vera- You all set.

Allie- luckily for you I was already dressed, yeah I’m ready, I've built up some hunger this morning.

Vera- Well I hope that you’ve enjoyed yourselves this was the last time in here, so come on off to breakfast then after you’ve eaten Miss Miles will take you to my office, you’re wanted.

Allie- By who? I’ve done nothing. She said heading out of the room.

Vera- Well you’ve got nothing to worry about have you, get walking.

When Allie reached the canteen before opening the doors she had a look in seeing Boomer sitting with Bea at the top end of the table in her usual spot, she was having conversation with Boomer, she pushed open the doors and stepped into the room, she waited until Bea’s eyes looked up and at her, when they did the redhead was holding a spoon with cornflakes close to her mouth as her mouth dropped open, what she didn’t know was her spoon was tilted and milk was dripping from the spoon and was dropping on the table.

Boomer- hey Earth to Bea…She said waving her hand in her face.

Bea- huh? She broke her gaze with the blondes and looked at Boomer then at the table.

Allie took a tray and started to fill it up with food, then she went to grab herself a glass of orange juice, she then went to join them both at the table sitting at the side of Bea.

Allie- Morning ladies.

Boomer- how did you get out of the slot, you haven’t spent 24 hours there.

Allie- Yeah well I kept pressing the intercom all night and well they couldn’t stand it so they told me if I stopped pressing it then I’d be out in the morning. She started to eat some of her scrambled egg along with her toast.

Boomer- looks like Vera’s getting soft in her old age. She said with a laugh before standing up and taking her tray to the tray stack.

The blonde stared at Bea before putting her cup to her lips, when she felt the redhead place her hand on the top of her thigh from underneath the table but was looking straight ahead with a light smile on her face.

Allie- What a night huh? She said with a low voice as she put down her cup.

Bea- Yeah sorry about this morning.

Allie- Stop apologising otherwise I’d have to just kiss you right in front of everyone, fuck I want to kiss you right now, besides I wasn’t talking about your nightmare I was talking about the earth shattering orgasm you gave me. She said trying to keep her voice low, luckily everyone was deep into conversation.

Everyone started to leave the canteen Bea and Allie walked together just talking, but when Allie saw Miss Miles standing in the corridor and nodding in her direction, she told the redhead she'd catch up with her later, which confused the redhead as to why she was being summoned.

When they reached the office, Miles knocked on door and waited for a response when she did she opened the door then she closed it. Allie looked back then looked back at the two people sitting behind the desk with Vera standing by the window.

Allie- Who are you? She looked nervously at the two plain clothed women behind the desk.

'Don't look frightened, we just want to talk that's all, I'm chief Inspector Moore and this is my senior detective Wright.'

Allie- And I'm missing my work rota for this, no thanks. She said turning round she placed her hand on the door handle, but was bought back when she heard the detectives call out.

'Please help us, we have Joan Ferguson'.

Allie- You what!! she said stepping forward to the desk.

'Joan Ferguson is back here'.

Allie- You've got to be fucking kidding me, i thought she was dead.

Wright- What made you to believe she was dead? we were made to believe she had escaped.

Allie- Yeah i mean escaped. She looked over at Vera when she said this.

Moore- We need to know everything, we know you planned to escape with a Francesca Doyle but you changed your mind and Joan took your place, what we want to know is you must have been caught to give up your plan.

Allie- I don't know what you're talking about. She said looking at Vera.

Moore- Before we go into anything else, we want to give you something. She nodded at her detective who opened up her briefcase and pulled out an envelope.

Wright- When Sean Brody died the police found an envelope what was crumpled up in his locker named to the correctional service, we had to read it before handing it to you safety reasons.

Allie snatched the envelope rushing to read what was inside the envelope, when she did she opened the folded piece of paper and read through it.

To whom this may concern, the boss of this shit,

Just to tell you know a few facts, there is a corrupt officer involved in the drugs in this place, there was two but I've kept my ear down to the ground and it's Sean Brody he was the second male officer to bring drugs into the Prison. secondly Allie didn't have anything to do with the righteous act she wasn't even there when we took vengeance for seeking justice for women, she only took the wrap because she didn't want to be the only one on the outside as it could make her turn to drugs and it took us so long to get her back to her normal self, as when i found her she was a mess, she told me a lot about Marie Winter's recruiting young girls to have sex to live under her roof with her boss, Derek Channing he was a bastard to her after what he did what sick creature does that.

P.S- Allie bubba you don't deserve to be in this place not for something i did, now you go and live a happy life out of this shithole, if i don't make it out here alive, i just want you to know i love you so much, I know we've had our differences but I've never stopped loving you, you're like a daughter to me.

Love you bubba,
Kaz xxxxx

Allie now was looking up with tears strolling down her cheeks, she sniffled and was given a tissue from Vera, when she blew her nose she looked up at Vera then back at the detectives.

Vera- Just tell them, i have an idea on who it could be, but it has to come from you Allie. She said leaning down beside her with her hand on her shoulder.

Allie- I shared my escape plan with Officer Stewart, he told me she was dead i was so relieved that she was dead, but she's not, so where is she?

Vera- She's over in protection for her own safety.

Allie- Does Bea know? She folded the piece of paper and placed it into her pocket.

Vera- No, she doesn't but could you tell her for us, I have a feeling that if i tell her then she'll just fly off the handle and start a riot to get at her.

Allie- Well obviously, the woman tried to kill her..Kill me

Vera- Please Allie.

Allie- Yeah okay, so what's next for me?

Moore- We're doing everything we can to get your original charges dropped, but then there's the murder thing, leave that with us.

Allie- Can i go now? She said standing, when she got the nod she left the office with Miss Miles standing outside of the door she was escorted back.

Bea was just walking down the corridor seeing as Allie was gone a little too long she was beginning to worry, when she felt someone invade her space, she turned round and locked eyes with the white haired woman.

Bea- Fuck, now what do you want, you're not my type.

Marie- Don't flatter yourself darling, i like mine younger.

Bea- Yeah and in uniform too, you sick bitch.

Marie- What do you mean?

Bea- You know what i mean, now piss off.

Marie- Fine, i just wanted to let you know that I've just seen your little whore go into the toilet, she did look upset, most likely missing me, I'll go. Marie walked in front of Bea but was pushed aside.

Bea- You stay the fuck away from her. She said storming off and down the corridor, when she reached the corner Marie followed into the same direction.

When the redhead pushed the door to the shower block open seeing no sign of the blonde, she checked through every shower cubicle still no sign of her. But when she heard the door open then close, she turned round only to be faced with Marie.

Bea- What's your game now, i told you.

Marie- Yeah and i told you, look before you came back from the dead i had everything here, was hoping to have Allie back on my side.

Bea- After what you did holding the prison hostage, oh yeah and i did hear that you gave Liz a lethal dose for herself to take now that was fucked up.

Marie- Now we want you gone dead..I'll be the one standing to comfort your leftovers.

Bea- My leftovers. Bea laughed out ' Oh this has always been about Allie...Shame she doesn't want you..And who's this we can't you work alone or you just need someone to clean the mess up.

Marie- I'll wipe that fuck smile off your face, you dumb bitch. She said pulling out a shiv from her teal pants.

Bea- You know Allie loves it when i bite her neck while my fingers are deep inside her, you just need that special touch and i have just that. She raised her eyebrows with a smile, knowing that this would send Marie over the edge which it did, the white haired woman launched herself forward at Bea, with her free hand she whacked the redhead in the face, while Bea threw the second punch she made a grab for Marie sending them both to the ground they both started to lay into one another.

After re-reading the letter Allie folded the letter and placed it into her hoodie pocket, she wiped her eyes from crying again and exited her cell. She bumped into Rita and Boomer who was about to come into the unit and asked for Bea.

Allie- Where's Bea i really need to see her.

Boomer- I don't know but i just seen Marie going into the showers.

Rita- She wouldn't be stupid to go after her would she?

Allie- To get back at me she'll do anything, well i wouldn't put it past her, come on. She said pulling them both with her, the three of them ran in the direction of the shower block, hoping that she was wrong and that Marie hasn't gone after her.

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By the time Allie, Boomer and Rita entered the showers they burst straight in taking no chances. They stood in complete shock to see Bea sitting on Marie's back who was kicking her legs trying to break free.

Bea- Stop struggling, hey I've got everything under control here, isn't that right you old witch. She kept whacking the back of her head.

Marie- Cut it out we'll get you back for this.

Bea- Yeah like you said, really getting bored of hearing you say the word 'we'

Rita- Who is she referring too?

Bea- Her bestie of course, Joan Ferguson more or less up her arse, to think I've dreamt of this the pair of them together. She said laughing. 'Now who's got the upper hand'.

Allie- Bea you're bleeding.

Bea- Fuck, Rita take this bitch, you might need Boomer to help you though.

Boomer- Be a pleasure. She stormed her way over to Bea who quickly got off her just in time for Boomer to drag her up, Boomer didn't need Rita's help but she followed Boomer out of the shower block, leaving Allie and Bea left behind.

Allie- I remember the times we had in here.

Bea- What you mean you checking out my arse? She walked over to the sink and started to wash the blood from her hand, Allie went over to her to see blood still coming from her hand.

Allie- That's your blood. She said grabbing a paper towek fron the dispenser and taking the redheads hand out of the water and placed it over the cut, the redhead looked at the door then looked down at her lover, she lifted her chin up just so that she could kiss her, when she felt her reciprocate she pulled away.

Bea- My little nurse, i love you.

Allie- Last time i said that to you in here you replied 'That's a shame'.

Bea- Yeah well i did think you only got close to me to set me up, but when you told me that you saved my life i knew then that i was stupid and that i made a mistake of saying that.

Allie- Well i love you.

Bea- I love you more.

Allie- Oh Bea. She said trying to hold it together but she had something on her mind after reading through that letter and her tears came again, she moved away from the redhead and sat at the bench, Bea did the same she sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her shoulder bringing her in for a side hug.

Bea- What's the matter my beautiful girl.

Allie- Well i was summoned to go to Vera's office and in there were two detectives, they started to question me about my escape plan.

Bea- Your escape plan? The one with Franky.

Allie- Nothing gets past you does it? Yeah that well i was caught in the act by Officer Stewart and well he told me that he was planning of getting rid of the freak once
and for all so i shared him the escape plan.

Bea- i knew there was something off about him.

Allie- He was the one who gave me a G bag.

Bea- He did what!!!

Allie- Remember when you saw me off my face in the yard, well he wanted something in return after you told me to stay away form you, he saw me in the yard but he wanted something in return, a phone what Kaz had, not sure why though, but yeah he gave me the g-bag.

Bea- I wish you told me this at the time.

Allie- Yeah well when you got me cleaned up and we started off a fresh i felt a new start was needed. She said smiling.

Bea- Yeah well Marie was working for Joan, i think that Marie has a burner phone won't be long until she's onto it again getting in touch with her. The redhead looked at the blonde who was looking at her with concern.

Allie- That's the thing..She's been caught and well... she's back here.

Bea- Fuck..She said standing up and started to pace around her hands coming into her head gripping hard.

Allie- Hey....She stood up and stopped her lover from panicking, she took her hands out of her head and then placed her hands on her face.

Bea- She'll be after me, she doesn't forget being crossed and after you, but I'll not give her that chance again i can promise you that.

Allie- Calm down...Breathe....She won't come after us she is guarded so she'll not come anywhere near us. She said bringing the redheads head onto her shoulder and started to rub her back in circles. The door flew open startling them both, when they pulled away to see the governor standing there they both sighed with relief and took hold of hands.

Vera- Been looking everywhere for you, I need you to come to my office.

Bea- What for? To tell me you have the freak in this place...Yeah i know that already.

Vera- No it's something else.

Bea- Fine, you go back to the unit and I'll see you later. She said leaning into her and placing a kiss to her cheek. When they reached Vera's office, she immediately saw the detectives.

Moore- Ms Smith.

Bea- Cut the formal crap, call me Bea.

Vera- Smith watch your language.

Moore- No it's fine, I know you'll be pissed off seeing us again, but we wouldn't ask you back if we didn't need your help.

Bea- And what help is that?

Moore- We need a confession from Joan Ferguson admitting what she did to you and to anyone else.

Bea- Yeah well good luck with that, you won't get anything out of her.

Moore- Yeah we know that too, so we may need you to face her and get the confession out of her.

Wright- When she sees you she'll know that she lost and then hopefully you will get it out of her.

Bea- Wait a minute. She said with a laugh before carrying on. 'You want me to face that freak after what she did to me?' Go and ask someone else, I'm not doing it.

Moore- Then we'll just have your word against hers, she's denying all those things she did and said that you're the one who set her up.

Bea- Well that's bullshit. She said turning back to face the detectives.

Moore- But the courts won't think that.

Bea- If... And i mean if, i do go and face her whats the plan.

Wright- Well she won't confess if there are officers around or us, so we'll get you to face her in the exercise yard, you'll be wired up underneath so we can hear from in here.

Bea- And what if she tries anything.

Moore- The code we want you to use is the colour red, then we'll get the Officers out straight away.

Wright- So will you do it?

Allie was sitting in her cell reading a magazine when someone started to knock on her closed door and then watched it begin to open, seeing her woman stepping in she smiled, Bea looked around seeing just Rita she shut the door and went to sit on toilet. Bea looked over at the blonde then down at her hands resting on her thighs. Allie threw her legs off the bed and immediately straddled her lap, Bea had to remove her hands from under the blonde to wrap them around her. She placed her forehead against the blondes.

Bea- We have to be...

Allie- What careful i know, besides Boomer wants us to get back together, but i know we can't tell anyone yet anyway, Boomer is on the phone to Franky, i just want to be close to you i always do.

Bea- I want that too, have you thought much about the future?

Allie- I've done nothing but think of the future and now it looks like those charges that i came into here with will be dropped, so now or i'll have to serve is killing Brody and shooting Marie but i have someone on the case, so after all this crap is over with, we'll look to the future together hopefully on the outside. She smiled while brushing her nose against Bea's.

Bea- Yeah well I've got to tell you something. She looked up but she wasn't smiling.

Allie- What's on your mind babe. She said placing her hand down the side of her face and started to lean in panting soft kisses to her face.

Bea= Umm...I've just agreed to something.

Allie- Oh yeah..Agreed to what? She questioned the redhead not really caring as what she agreed to as she was trailing her tongue over to Bea's ear then to her neck were she started to suck at the flesh.

Bea- I'm going to confront the freak get her to confess. She said quickly getting that in the open, but Allie groaned in response and stood up, standing by her window she placed both hands around her head.

Allie- You're fucking kidding with me right?

Bea- No, look Allie, our word ain't good for the courts it has to be from her and she will never confess to anyone, her seeing me she'll freak out and hopefully i can get her to tell me everything while wearing a wire.

Allie- And it's just as simple as that is it? Bea she tried to kill you. She rushed over to Bea and lifted her t-shirt up. 'She stabbed you half to fucking death'.

Bea- Yeah well i let her do it, i pushed her hand into my stomach and i wanted to be with you.

Allie- Yeah i know that, but you got a second chance in life, what if you don't come back from this.

Bea- Fuck, you always have to think the worse don't you. She said standing from the toilet and throwing her hands up in the air. 'Look I'm doing this with or without your support, you're just gonna have to trust me, I'll get her back for what she did to Jodie, Simmo, to you and to me'. She turned her back to Allie and exited her cell shutting the door behind.

'There you go again Novak'. She said kicking her door.

Bea went to sit opposite Rita who had a pack of cards in hand who was shuffling them and looking into space, Bea waved her hand in front of her face getting her out of her gaze.

Bea- What's up? You missing Ruby? Look i know i never got on with Ruby, i think it was out of jealously knowing and seeing that person who went down on Allie.

Rita- Yeah i understand that, we both do anyway she wrote to me and asked me to tell you no hard feelings.

Bea- When i saw her trying to have it away with her and her telling Ruby to back off it just made me angry you know.

Rita- Yeah i do.

Bea- So tell me did you tell the governor to get your sister transferred because of me?

Rita- No, it was for her own safety once i was on the outside helping to get Ferguson....And well the plan to get you in here i just knew that her life would be in danger because if Joan somehow got any information about me about the truth of me and Ruby then she would have been in danger.

Bea= What truth? That your an undercover cop. She said lowering her voice and looking round.

Rita- No not that. She said bending one of the cards.

Bea- Then what is it?

Rita- Ruby...Well she isn't my sister. She said leaning forward onto her hands so that she could whisper into the redheads ear.

Bea- Fuck...No fucking way..

Rita- You can't tell anyone not in this place. She regretted telling her.

Bea- You have my word, i won't tell anyone.

Rita- So what's the plan?

Bea- I'm being wired up to get a confession from the freak, Ferguson.

Rita- How do you feel about doing that? She said standing and taking out two plastic mugs from the cupboard from underneath the kettle and made them both a hot drink.

Bea- To be quite honest with you I'm scared, but I've got to seek justice to even move on, just wish i had Allie backing me. She said frowning.

Rita- She'll come round she loves you, she's just probably scared for your safety, so when are you going to be doing it? She said handing her the cup.

Bea- Umm. She said glancing at the clock. 'In just an hour's time'. She said taking a deep breath in and out.

Rita- I'm sure you'll be fine.

Bea- Yeah, well thanks for the drink, I'm just going to crash out for a bit, if you don't mind.

Rita- No course not, good luck. She said with a smile.

Boomer- Hey Bea, Franky said for you to call her. She said as she was just entering the unit.

Bea- I'll call her tomorrow now, got things to do. She said smiling before walking into her cell closing the door.

Boomer- What's up her bum?

Rita- Dunno Boomer but I'm sure we'll all find out soon.

Boomer- Yeah, well I'm gonna whack one out got my new magazine. She said grabbing at her pants.

Rita- Too much info there Boomer.

It was now time for the plan to go into action, Bea was no wired up by detective Walker as the other two detectives were n a different room, she had to wear the wire under her t-shirt and her hoodie over the top to pad out the wire.

Walker- Are you ready for this?

Bea- No but if it's the only way, then I'll do it.

Vera- The Officers at the doors will just let you out i told them that you need a little time in the exercise yard.

Bea- Great, well here i go. She rubbed her sweaty hands against her pants and left the governor's Office. Detective Walker and Vera watched on from the window seeing, Ferguson walking around the exercise yard all alone.

When Bea left the Office she was now heading down the corridor, but was called back hearing that voice she turned round and gasped. She headed back over to the person who called out to her.

'I'm sorry about before, of course i have every faith in you, but i hate you doing this alone'. Seeing no guards around or any of the inmates she took hold of her woman's hands.

Bea- I'm doing this for us baby, for those lives she fucked over, I'm not alone not when i have you. She rubbed her thumbs over her knuckles.

Allie- Well let me come with you let's do this together. when she said this Vera came running down the corridor.

Vera- What's going on, we don't have the time for this. She said looking at both Allie and Bea.

Bea- Take Allie back in the Office with you so she can watch on.

Vera- Okay but we have to be quick, if she clocks onto what's going on we'll fail.

Bea- You're right.

Vera- Come on then Novak. She started to turn her back and head back down the corridor. Allie pulled the redhead into her and crashed her lips against hers.

'You get her'. She said licking the redheads lips before heading into Vera's direction.

The redhead just stood their trying to get herself together again after that stunt with the blonde got her heart beating fast. She pulled herself together and carried on walking. When she reached the outside she took a peek first looking over at the woman in the exercise yard with her back to her, she swallowed hard before heading out over to the fence until she came to the open gate which led into the yard.

Bea- So we meet again. she said stepping closer, she waited until Joan turned round before carrying on. 'You thought you could get rid of me, well here I'm standing.

Joan- What are you doing here, where are all the guards? She said looking around the yard.

Bea- Don't worry about that, I just wanted to come out here and tell you that your little helper won't be helping again now that she's been rumbled.

Joan- I don't know what you're talking about.

Bea- Come on there's none else here only us. She placed her arms up in the air.

Joan- You think you can get away with anything don't you? She said stepping towards the redhead.

Bea- What like you can get away with murder first it was Simmo giving her that pink stuff to finish her off then it was torturing poor Jodie she was just a kid, you got to her.

Joan- What i did was the best for the Prison for you women, you all lacked the discipline, a night in the slot or even a week in the slot wasn't good enough.

Bea- Then there was Allie giving her that hotshot to get at me, because i was going to give evidence against you in court, you tried to kill her off, the person who i loved more than anything.

Joan- Yeah but she's like you, come bouncing right back, you both played me and i fell for it.

Bea- Then you tried to get me bumped off by using that hit man and trying to finish me off yourself when you became an inmate, drugging then drowning me, but then that didn't work, then you stab me half to death.

Joan- Wait a minute..You put yourself onto the screwdriver and you pushed my hand in.

Bea- But you had a choice to stop, was it a complete turn on for you to carry on, did your heart pump through your ears.

Joan- It did for the moment yeah, some help that bitch was, looks like I'll have to finish off the job myself.

Bea- Oh yeah what are you going to do, stick your hands round my throat, inject me with a lethal dose of drugs or lastly stab me with a screwdriver.

Joan- You won't know it when it comes, you just don't know the contacts i have. She said with a smile.

Bea- I'll still come out stronger, oh and i got strong for myself and for my woman, you know Allie..Well we even more stronger together.

Joan- Until she wants someone a lot younger and well...With less scarring.

Bea- As they said it's not about the scarring, it's about the person and the soul of the person, you haven't got a soul freak.

'Ha'. She said creepy as she wondered behind Bea who immediately turned round not letting her out of her sights. Bea started to walk over to the gate and pushed it open.

Bea- Never thought I'd get a confession out of you. But I've just got to say one last thing to you. She said unzipping her hoodie and lifting up her t-shirt to reveal the black wire and the microphone attached to her bra strap. Joan just stood there looking mortified. 'I win'. She said with a smile. Joan ran after the redhead but Bea ran to the gate in time and slammed it shut it automatically locked behind. Bea just stood a metre behind the gate watching Joan seethe on the other side of the gate, before heading back into the building. When she entered Vera's Office the blonde ran and threw herself at her wrapping her arms around her tight, she started to kiss her face over and over.

Walker- You've done it. She said taking off the headphones. She stood up and went over to Bea who was starting to take off the wire.

Allie- You did it baby. She said coming to face her all that Bea could do was smile, her eyes sparkling every time they came into contact with the blondes.

Bea- So what's going to happen now?

Walker- Be in for a long ride, this will be sent off now and hopefully to court, Mr Stewart has been arrested for helping a prisoner escape, drug trafficking and not sure whatever else he's done but we'll soon find out in court, you did good. She said with a smile as the detective took the briefcase and wire then left the office.

Bea- So when can i tell the women, my friends that are left about me being back here faking amnesia.

Vera- After the court it could be a week or even two weeks depending on how well the evidence is.

That night Bea was laying on her side when her door slowly opened letting in a little light, she rolled onto her back and looked down trying to see who it was.

Bea- Hey beautiful. She said whispering.

Allie- Can't sleep so can i stay with you and I'll go back early tomorrow.

Bea- Sure I've got room for a little one.

She lifted up her blanket and watched as the blonde quickly got in and into the arms of the redhead she placed her hand under Bea's tank top and trailing her fingertips up towards her chest noticing that she was braless she placed her thumb lightly over her right breast and nipple while grinning at Bea who began to let out a low groan, Allie began to kiss her hard on the lips then Bea let out a yelp and bit down on the blondes lip.

Bea- Fuck, you've just pinched my tit.

Allie- I've just pinched your nipple..There's a difference babe.

Bea- Yeah well it's still on my Ti...Breast..That hurt.

Allie- Well listen of the small....She laughed but then she saw the look on her face. 'Aww my poor baby, I'm sorry'. She said bending her head slightly and took in the right nipple she had pinched she licked it at first then placed her mouth over it sucking lightly. 'All better now?' She said looking up.

Bea- You're really good with that.

Allie- Well you're not bad for a beginner yourself.

Bea- As much as i would rather fuck you until you scream this Prison down, we have to be careful so sleep. She said bringing her hand to lift her woman's chin up so she could kiss her.

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Having kept to her word the blonde had left Bea's cell but she hated doing this but knowing that it wouldn't be too long until they can come out as a couple yet again. Bea got out of bed placing on her teal pants and white t-shirt as her other teal t-shirts were being laundered. She exited her cell, all eyes were on her and they were laughing, Allie looked down showing her why they were all laughing to see that she had come out with one pump on, she cursed herself and went back in for her other pump as she came out hoping on one foot putting on her other pump, Allie couldn't help but giggle.

Boomer- Alright, I'm off to the canteen all that self masturbation really bought me an appetite

Over at the Police station with glasses on her face covering her eyes Franky was looking through the computer, one of the detective's computer and was looking up some old cases, one particular, the Smith case over the noise complaints that weren't fully investigated and then the attempted murder on Harry, Bea made a statement to the police telling them about the violence and that this was something she had to do to get him to stop, but then she didn't go through with it because of Debbie. But they arrested Bea anyway not taking her word into account then it was a dismissed case, it was signed off by a PC Kaplin.

'Where have i seen that name before?' She said quietly to herself.

She typed in another case a deceased case which was none other than their close friend Elizabeth Birdsworth, She looked over the picture before reading through the recent charge on her, which was perjury and that the person who was defending her was none other than a detective Donald Kaplin.

She smiled and hit the print button she shouted 'Gotcha', before spinning round on her swivel chair to grab the pages from the Printer, she placed them in front of the chief inspector who looked at her.

Franky- Got someone who closed the case before even looking into the Smith case a Detective Donald Kaplin who at the time was a PC, so he was corrupt but got the promotion, he was also the one who got Liz Birdsworth to lie in Court for Sonia Stevens the then Prisoner, he also disappeared after the Steven's case fell through, so what does that tell ya, he was corrupt for the money, he got paid to shut the case down for Bea.

Wright- I'll get right onto this right away. She said taking the pieces of paper with her.

Moore- You sure you don't want to become a detective with that brain of yours, we need more women like you. She said smiling

Franky- Nah thanks a minimum wage a hot woman in my bed every night to go home to, plus the holiday money and i love working with young offenders rehabilitating them.

Moore- You should tell Ms Smith...I mean Bea Smith.

Franky- I also know someone who might want to give evidence against Joan Ferguson about her crimes she did as a governor.

Moore- Oh yeah and who's that? She said picking her cup of steaming hot tea up and taking a sip.

Franky- Mathew Fletcher..He was a scr...Officer there he had a run in with her too they never got on.

Moore- I'll look into him, now you go and tell that friend of yours, while i get the evidence emailed over to crown prosecution.

Franky- Let me know how you get on.

Moore- I will keep you posted.


Bridget was staring at the electric fence and at the bill board reading 'Wentworth Correctional Centre', in black bold letters. She gripped hold of the steering wheel with both hands but when she turned her hand at the sparkling diamond she started to smile. She was then startled by a tap on the window, so so wound her window down and smiled at the person.

Bridget- Oh hey Vera, no Grace.

Vera- No seeing as her father has been taken to jail none to take care of her while I'm at work i would have put her in the cresh here but i know she's safe at home with my baby sitter, she's a student but qualified and we get on so that's a good thing, anyway i don't want to talk about me, come on i already know your first attendee.

Bridget- Oh please...alright here i come. She said throwing her bag over her shoulder.

As they were walking towards the building someone came running up to them Vera turned to see who it was and then turned back round, when a pair of hands covered her eyes and a voice saying 'Guess who'.

Bridget- Jennifer Aniston....She said jokingly

Vera- Who's that?

Bridget- Oh i give in..She said with a laugh.

'Hey Spunky...She said standing beside her and kissing her on the cheek as the three started to walk towards the building. 'Hello Vera'. She said smiling.

Franky- Don't tell me you don't know who Jennifer Aniston is...Fuck...She got me into watching this series 'Friends' now before bed....Boring as fuck...But then she keeps saying to me...Your my.....

Bridget- Lobster. She said with a giggle.

Franky- Besides i don't sound american. She said nudging her partner in the ribs.

Vera- What are you doing here anyway, visiting Jenkins.

Franky- No, here to see red actually got some news that has just been bought to light.

Vera- Yeah she could do with a friendly face she's been faced with Ferguson.

Franky- No fucking way, is she alright?

Vera- Actually she is, she got a confession out of her. She said smiling.

Franky- Bloody brilliant, well i wasn't told that something to talk about anyway.

Back in the unit Boomer had Bea in a head lock with Allie sitting on top of the sofa while Rita was beside Boomer showing her how to do a little on self defence without actually hurting them.

Bea- Yeah...I'm sure this ain't the way to do it and why do i have to be the example. She groaned in frustration.

Rita- It's okay Bea as long as she doesn't tighten up, okay Boomer now grab hold of Bea's arm and bring it to her back gently.

Boomer- How do you know so much on self defence.

Rita- Umm...My mum teached me when i was a little girl and well i take after her.

'Ahem'. Came a voice from the gate, Boomer turned still holding Bea's head, when she caught Vera's gaze she let go of her. Bea straightened her head and started to tilt it to the side. 'You have a visitor Smith'.

Bea- Oh and i was just loving my morning too damn, another time Boomer, I'm sure Allie there will take my place. She said smiling as she went over to the gate and looked back at Allie and shrugged her shoulders and winked.

When Bea entered the visitors room to see Franky standing by the vending machine grabbing the hot drinks. She turned round with the cups in her hands, she started to head over to her placing the cups on the table and pulling her friend into her arms and they hugged for a few minutes before Franky made a grab for her arse.

Franky- Looking good red, how are ya? She said getting out of the hold.

Bea- All good, just can't wait for this crap to be over with.

Franky- Yeah i know, i also heard that you faced the freak that took a lot of courage and a lot of fucking strength can't believe that she confessed.

Bea- Me neither, but hey just one step ahead of her.

Franky- Actually some good has come through, do you remember the guy who came to your house on the call out after a noise complaint.

Bea- No, but i do remember Harry telling him a lot of crap that i was the one with the temper and he just laughed it off and said 'Women and their hormones all over the place'. I think his name started with a letter D.

Franky- Yeah his name is Donald Kaplin he was a PC at the time until he got promotion, turns out that he's corrupt.

Bea- And what good can come out of this? She looked confused at her friend.

Franky- His name came up on your home case about your statement you did make when you were arrested and he was the one to sign it off as a closed case and wrote on your profile 'dangerous to society imprisonment until trial'. So basically he bought his word over yours, then i remembered seeing his name before, i checked on Lizzie's perjury charge and look who's name popped up Donald Kaplin, he's also down as a missing person after the case fell through with Sonia Stevens.

Bea- They're all corrupt, you can't trust anyone. well i can trust you of course and my Allie and also the friends I've made.

Franky- Right red, we're getting in touch with Fletcher and see if he will stand trial.

Bea- And if he doesn't?

Franky- Well he was going to stand trial but when he found out about Nils Jespers death he backed off but we've told him that the freak is weak now that we have everything mounting up on her, is there anything else i can do for you.

Bea- Has the sale come through do you know for my house?

Franky- Well last time i saw they had took the 'For Sale' sign down so looks like, I've put my address down for your mail to come through to mine so you'll hear back from them soon.

Bea- There is one final thing i want you to get for me, but it's costing a bit.

Franky- Oh you and blondie wanting to spice up your free time with some se...

Bea- Yeah stop there, no it's not that but can you sort it out for me and I'll just give you the money when i get hold of it.

Franky- That i can do, now are you going to tell me?

Bea pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket and placed it into her hand and squeezing her hand shut but Franky was eager to find out what the redhead wanted her to buy, she gasped when she read it.

'Go red'. She said with a whistle causing Bea to go bright red.

Bea- Not a word right!!!

Franky- Non what's so ever.

Bea headed down the corridor with a huge smile on her face she had just turned round the corner when she was grabbed from behind and a hand placed over her mouth, hearing a door open and being pushed inside, Bea pushed back knocking the person to the ground, she felt for a light when she found it she turned round to see Allie on the floor, she gasped and helped her up.

Bea- What the fuck was all that about? She said being annoyed.

Allie- I just saw you and wanted to have you..Fuck your a little shaken are you alright?

'Come here'. She Said smiling and grabbing the blondes arm she pulled her into her body, her mouth soon latched onto Allie's, who punched her into her chest, Bea pulled back and heard the blonde growl.

Bea- Oh hello. She said bringing the blonde back into her and laughed, she wrapped her right arm around her waist holding her tight while the other was round the back of the blonde head, they just stood there for several minutes just kissing, before Allie spun Bea round so that her breasts were cushioned into the redheads back. She started to slide her tongue down up her neck heading over to her ear.

'Back into the unknown, not knowing where it'll lead'. She placed both hands over the top of Bea's hoodie and started to unzip it quickly so that she could place her hands under her t-shirt and over her padded breasts. Bea removed one of Allie's hands from under her t-shirt and placed it into her pants and inside of her underwear, causing Allie to groan.

'Going south and it's pretty wet, down there'. She said smiling into her neck.

Bea- No talky just take me.

That's just what Allie did she started to thrust in and out of her at one point she pulled down the redheads pants down to her ankles and turned her round, she placed one of Bea's free hands into her pants.

Allie- We'll cum together. She said smiling before kissing her hard on the lips

Over at Protection unit Joan was pacing around her cell tapping her head and saying 'What to do, What to do.' When her cell door opened and in came Vera she turned round and face the governor.

Joan- You played me.

Vera- I never did i respected you i worked with you until i found out what you really was like, you only got yourself to blame as to why you're in here in the first place. I wouldn't allow it personally but your brief is here to discuss your options in court. Vera looked at her one final time before leaving the cell.

'Hello Miss Ferguson, I'm your solicitor Mrs Thomas'.

Joan- Finally i thought that they wouldn't let me see my brief. She said sitting down on the bed.

'All evidence is pointing to you, there's a tape of your confession back over at the police station.'

Joan- They all tricked me, now they will pay.

'I'm here to tell you what to expect in court'.

Joan- Well that's something i suppose now what could the damage be?

'They have no proof about you starting the fire to the Prison and Jess Warner's death, but it'll be a lot difficult on the attempted murder on both Ms Smith and Miss Novak, but why don't you tell me your version of events and we'll go from there.'

After their little make out session in the cupboard, Bea pulled her pants up while Allie checked if they were clear to walk out, when she saw Miss Miles she backed in until she walked past then taking hold of her woman's hand they exited.

Bea- I feel like a teenager.

Allie- What us making out in the closet again? She said with a laugh as they headed back over to the women in their unit to find Rita and Boomer playing cards.

Boomer- Well come on then we've only just started. Both Bea and Allie pulled up a chair and they started to play from the beginning with Bea shuffling the cards.

Chapter Text

Bea and Allie stood outside a brick building with only Bea knowing the place, they stood hand in hand with Vera and Will behind them, they were both scared but they wanted to see that justice would prevail. They were shown to the sitting area when Bea and Allie took a seat next to them, Vera and Will sat away from them but in full view of them, after a full investigation over a say over a Prisoner the allegation was dropped but was bought back to grade one. Bea had watched both Will and Vera talking and then looked at the blonde beside her with her head down and looking down at her hands.

Bea- Hey just look at those two they'd make a wonderful couple.Her smile soon turned to a frown when Allie didn't look up.

Allie- I've never really given evidence before i don't know what to expect.

Bea- Hey don't worry we're in this together, you just tell the truth and everything will be okay, i love you so much Allie and you've shown me what love was meant to be like both in it together,no matter what happens in that room I'll always have your back. She watched as Allie's lips turn to a smile and leaned in the same time as the blonde and kissed her softly.

Allie- You know how i feel about you I'm madly in love with you even though you snore i still love you.

Bea smiled and went to lean in for another kiss when she had realised what the blonde had said and poked her on the nose and replied 'Oi i do not snore, it's you that snores. She said tugging at her stomach.

Allie- Hear us we sound like an odd married couple. She said with a laugh.

Bea- Allie, What do you think of the idea of..

'Can we have you all come through please

Allie- What was you going to say babe? She said smiling at her.

Bea- I thought it was supposed to be one at a time? She said standing up along with Allie and wrapped one arm around her waist.

'It's a closed court only the judge and jury are here and the defendants backers'.

As they made their way into court room, Bea knew what to expect but Allie didn't. They took their seats in the upper stand on where the public would have been sitting, Bea sat clutching tight of Allie's hand.

'Good morning all it's 11:30am before we go any further I'd like to explain on what to expect in today's hearing. So one of you will be telling your side of events to me
and the Jury and there will be questions asked by your briefs, as today we'll be listening to all sides we'll need to then discuss with the jury if the sentencing or charges made we'll write to the Prison Governor and inform you on the verdict.'

'Can i have a Miss Novak please come to the stand'.

Allie sat and just stared into space hearing her name being called out but she stood up and made her way to the stand where she had to swear on the bible to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When she did this she was told to sit down which she did.

'As I've told them your honour i will be defending Miss Novak as Miss Doyle is also a key witness and because of their friendship of both Bea and Allie i took over and i have been given the notes on the case, my name is Jayne Cormack, I'll be representing all witnesses. She said sitting down.

'And I'm Anita Harris, I will be representing all three Joan Ferguson, Jake Stewart and of course Marie Winters

Bea- She sounds like a total bitch. She whispered into Franky's ear and the brunette just laughed under her breath.

Jayne stood up and asked the first question, so Miss Novak let's talk about Joan Ferguson, could you please tell the Judge and the Jury, did you both get on?

Allie- The complete opposite in fact at first she was like a vulnerable inmate, well she made out like she was, she acted as if she was the victim she tried to get sympathy and easily bought into Kaz, at first i didn't see it.

'When did you see that Joan Ferguson wasn't to be trusted?' She said standing by her seat.

Allie- Well she planted drugs in my cell which got me slotted, so that she could have Kaz to herself

'Objection your honour, there's no evidence of the drugs being planted by Joan'. Stood an eager Anita.

Allie- You're not letting me finish you PRICk. She yelled

'Miss Novak can you please re-frain from using that language'.

Allie-Sorry your honour.

'Please carry on Miss Novak'. replied the Judge.

Allie- I found out by an Officer that it was in fact her that got us arrested and sent to Prison, Kaz thought it was Bea, trying to turn Kaz against Bea, but when we found out,we noticed that both Joan and Bea wasn't to be seen so Kaz grabbed me and got us running to the kitchen and then that's when i saw her lying in the sink unconscious and not breathing, Joan had tried to kill my...I mean Bea but i started to do CPR and then Mr Jackson took over. Allie looked over clocking eyes with the redhead who mouthed 'I love you'.

'Your honour i also have voice recording of Ferguson making a call to the Police and the canteen's cameras came up real good showing the times on when Ferguson followed Bea a glass swapping on the table made by Ferguson and from the medical notes of Ms Smith she was drugged of Rohypnol that's what the medical report says

'You were also put in hospital in a coma will you please tell the court as to why'.

Allie- Yeah well, i got close to someone she didn't like and well we had the amazing night together.

'Can you please collaborate'.

Allie- Amazing sex with my woman in her cell. She said biting down on her bottom lip and smiled,she looked up to see Bea had covered her face with her hands.

'Alright, carry on please'. He said looking flustered.

Allie- Yeah well i was taking a shower and i heard the shower block door open i thought i was her coming to join me for a shower but it wasn't, so when i went to brush my teeth and rinse i looked up to see in the mirror that Ferguson had come in looking all spooky like and that's when she pushed me against the sink head down she...She couldn't look and talk further about it as she thought about that night.

'Miss Novak are you okay to carry on?'

Allie- Yeah I'm good, she placed a cloth in my mouth i tried to scream then i felt the needle go in and everything went blurry. She wiped at her eyes and took a deep breath in and out.

'Miss Novak are you sure you didn't take the drug willingly, you have a history of drug use.' Bea was about to stand as she was seething with anger at that woman.

Allie- What, no way, do you think i wanted to be hooked on a machine not knowing if i was going to make it.

'That's enough Ms Brody, Carry on Miss Novak'.

'Then you returned'

Allie- I returned to the prison hearing that the love of my life had been killed by her.

'Is it true that you tried to kill my client?

Allie-How much are you getting paid for this...Well what would you do if someone you loved got murdered.

'So you did?'

'Objection your honour, Miss Novak isn't the one on trial, she's here to give evidence'.

'Miss Novak you may step down,we're going for a break back in 5 minutes'. He said standing and coming out of his stand.

When the Judge and Jury left the room, Mr Jackson and Vera left to give them both time alone, Bea could tell Allie was shaken up.

Bea- You did well beautiful I'm so proud of you, and you put that woman Ms Brody in her place.

Allie- I felt so angry though with that woman saying that i was basically in the wrong.

Bea- Oh she's just a bitch..One stupid motherfucking..She stood and moved to stand in front of the blonde placing her hand to the back of her head moving in close,

Allie placed both hands on her face placing her thumbs against her jawline and they started to kiss slowly none of them wanting to stop. The blonde backed Bea back until her legs hit the seat and pushed her down on it, she got on her straddling her lap,she let out a low moan when she felt Bea's hands come to her back holding her in place.

Allie- Ticking making out in court off the list. She said holding her hand up.

Bea- Silence in court. She said smacking the blonde on the arse making Allie squeal.

Allie- Oh yes your honour. She said with a laugh before going back in for another kiss

Bea- We can't we've only got 4 minutes. Bea let out a loud groan when the blonde scraped her teeth against her neck leading up to her ear and whispered 'I can be
quick if you can'. Then placing a kiss against her ear. Unbuttoning her shirt Allie slipped in Bea's hand revealing no bra. She closed her hand against her left breast feeling her nipple harden in the palm of her hand she started to plant kisses down the blondes chest, with Bea's free hand Allie unzipped her jeans and unbuckled her belt she placed Bea's hand straight into her pants and into her underwear, Bea letting out a groan at how wet she was.

Allie- Oh fuck...I'm so ready for you. She said pushed down on the hand in her panties.

Bea- We've...Only..Got

Allie- Two minutes i know...I'm just so close now baby. She said jumping up and down both moaning out at how good it was but they were bought out of their own moment by a cough below them.

'Ahem'. Came a voice from below them.

Bea- Who the fuck it that? Allie turned round to see who had interrupted them.

Allie- Franky

Bea- Did you just say Franky. She replied face still in the blondes chest hiding her embarrassment.

Allie- Bea says hi

Franky- I bet she does, did i just interrupt sexy time shall i come back?

Allie- No we can carry this on later. She said now looking down at Bea who was now glaring at her. They both were now sitting in their seats Bea looked a little flushed.

Franky- Hey red loving the hair. She said making her way over to them giving them both a hug and took a seat next to Bea, Bridget came in along with Will and Vera when they took their seats Bridget spoke.

Bridget- I've just found out who's next in the dock.

'Who'. Came the three voices of Franky, Bea and Allie.

Bridget- Joan

The Judge and Jury took their seats and waited for Joan to come through, when she did appear and took the stand she didn't look her normal self as she sat at the dock.

'So Miss Ferguson is it or is it not true that you tried to kill my client Ms Beatrice Smith and Miss Allie Novak.

Joan didn't answer instead she just mumbled quietly sounds what none could hear, she looked around the room and up to to the gallery she looked at Vera then her eyes shifted over at the others, then she saw someone sitting far from the others someone who thought was proud of her. 'I wanted you to be proud of me, to think i was good enough'.

'Who are you talking to Ferguson?'

Joan- What did you say? She said coming back to reality.

'Is it true or untrue that you tried to murder both Ms Smith and Miss Novak'. Joan looked up into the gallery and saw with her own eyes Jess Warner, Simmo Slater and Jianna who were looking back at her.

'I did it for you my love, everything i did was for you no-one will understand what we had'. Bea turned round to look in the same direction as Ferguson then looked back at Allie and shrugged.

'Your honour may i speak on behalf of my client'.

'You may'. Said the judge looking back at Joan

'My client Miss Ferguson had an on going treatment at the Psych facility, she was released so soon, so I'm requesting until she can be fixed for trial and sentencing is
for her to be sent to a psych and get that treatment and then take it from there'.

'I accept your decision, Mrs Thomas, Miss Ferguson please step down from the stand. One of the Prison guards helped her down and they walked out of the room with Joan's brief.

Allie- This is total bullshit

Franky- Don't worry, we've still got more to come.

'Can we please have Miss Doyle take the stand'.

Bridget- Go on baby, you give it to them. She said leaning in to kiss her on the cheek.

Chapter Text

Now it was Franky's time in the dock she wasn't nervous she wanted justice to be served and that's what she was going to do. She was a familiar face to the court for what she did to Mike Penisi and for representing her younger clients and she usually got them off with community service and because of their age the court submitted it to be in her care. Now it was time for her to give evidence against Joan Ferguson and that was something she knew a lot about.

Jayne- So Francesca Doyle, in your own time can you please tell us all about Joan Ferguson and your time at Wentworth in her care. She said standing.

Franky took a deep breath and carried on "Well where would you like me to start? At first i thought of her as someone who wanted to make a difference in that place". She said placing her hand through her hair and placing it to the side.

"And she wasn't?" Replied Jayne.

Franky- Nah she was the complete opposite, she wanted me to go against Bea and then she wanted Bea to go against me, Bea had saved me many times i just knew she wouldn't go against me, yeah i did some real shitty things in Prison i wasn't proud of and i earned Bea's trust and we both have been closer since not like me and Gidge but closer friends, we saw what she was like.

Jayne- Would you please collaborate?

Franky- Yeah, i was sent down to the slot for kicking off in the library and when i was down there i saw Ferguson walk past my slot and an inmate who i did get close to and cared for was walking in front of her and something wasn't right and at that time in the night.

Jayne- A bit strange on why the governor would be taking the prisoner out of the slot at that time.

Anita- Your honour this has nothing to do with this case.

Franky- It has everything to do with what she did, she terrorised and tortured the poor girl telling her she was worthless, pointless and a nothing, to the point she's taking her eye out with a pencil and one of her pencils too.

Anita- It could have been her pencil she poked her eye out with.

Jayne- Your honour the witness statement indicates that it was Joan Ferguson's pencil. Also a written statement from the psychologist the now governor and of course Jodie herself, i was told that she was scared on making this statement as she was scared if Joan will come and get her. She got from behind her desk and handed out copies to the Judge and to the Jury then a copy to Anita beside her.

"You may step down now Miss Doyle".

Franky- Not only that but she had a thing for a Prisoner a friend of mind it creeped her out, she set fire to the Prison and i was trapped with Ferguson and Bea and Mr Jackson saved me and I'll never forget that and she killed Jess Warner i think it could have been before the fire. She admitted to her crimes when we held a kangaroo court in the exercise yard.

"Miss Doyle you may step down"

Can we please have a Miss Vera Bennett"

This took the whole morning and most of the afternoon for them all to to take the stand, they bought out Jake Stewart he admitted that he was helping Joan Ferguson to get her off his back as she was threatening him. Marie didn't admit to being on with Ferguson but the tape of Joan's confession was enough to say she was and also statements from Rita Bea and Allie. Now all was left was Bea to take the stand she stood there in complete silence until she heard Jayne.

Jayne- Bea in your own time could you tell us all about your time in the care of Joan Ferguson.

Bea- Well where do i start? At first i thought of her as a committed governor wanting the best for us, but when she started to abuse the women something wasn't right about her.

Jayne- What do you mean abuse physically or emotionally.

Bea- Both, i was supposed to be sitting in a meeting with Jodie Spiteri because she didn't want to talk to the head department without me, but i was stopped on going as Ferguson ordered a hitman to drug me so I'll lose control and be put in segregation or worse i was strapped to a medical bed. She got Nils Jespar to do her work.

Anita- How do you know his name?

Bea- When i scratched him i had some of his DNA in my nails, so i scrapped it into tissue and i also drew up a sketch drawing of him and an Officer knew the look of him as he also recognised him from when Nils ran him over. If that's not worse then maybe this will top it off. She drugged me and prepared to kill me as i was the only witness she could get to in here, she got close to a Karen Proctor who then eventually found out it was her who got her arrested.

Jayne- I also understand that she tried to kill someone very close to you.

Bea- Yeah...She stopped and looked up to Allie who was in tears and was in the arms of Bridget, then she had the urge to carry on " When i found her sitting on that tile shower floor soaking with foam coming out of her mouth she was unresponsive there was nothing i could do for her. She said wiping away a tear escaping her eye with her sleeve.

Jayne- Are you okay Ms Smith would you like to stop.

Bea- No...My heart felt like it was ripped from my chest.

Anita- What makes you think that Joan Ferguson did it?

Bea- You are just like a broken record...She admitted it to me saying that Allie was just collateral damage, she knew how i felt for her, so she would get at her to get at me, she saw how much i in love with her.

Anita- So you stabbed yourself?

Bea- I wanted her to confess to what she did to all those lives she fucked over i wanted her to admit it to me and i could only do that if we were alone. I had to take something to protect myself i wanted her dead for what she did, but she over powered me and took it from my hand and well her going down for my murder as well as Allie's she wouldn't be seeing the outside again and i would have been with my girls.

"Thank you Ms Smith you may step down". Said the Judge.

Bea stepped out of the box and headed to sit next to Allie who welcomed her in open arms she was shaking, the blonde wrapped her arms tightly around her love and kissed her on the forehead.

"So is that all the witnesses been up to the stand". Called the Judge.

Jayne- No, just one more your honour, a male called Mathew Fletcher. After calling out his name the doors to the court room opened a tall figure man came up to the stand with brownish hair, he looked over to the gallery and then got up into the stand.

After giving out his evidence Fletcher stepped out of the box and sat in the lower deck, the Judge leaned forward "Hearing all sides of events, we are needing a week to progress it all and for the Jury to check the outcome, so what we'll ask you to do is go and wait for our call, also with both cases of Miss Allie Novak and Ms Beatrice Smith on your sentencing that will be discussed and reviewed in 2 weeks time on our decision, you may be dismissed". He said banging his hammer against the block and leaving.

They all left the court building Bea and Allie walking hands linked together both relieved that they got the hard bit out of the way now they have got to wait for the most stressing thing and that's wait to find out the verdict. As they exited Bea saw Mr Fletcher standing on the bottom step, she let go of the blondes hand and went down to him to see him smoking a cigarette.

Bea- Guday.

Mathew- Hey Bea, read all about you in the paper, Bea's dead, Bea's not dead...Headlines huh?

Bea- For my protection most likely.

Mathew- So you and Allie...Never knew that you were a lesbian.

Bea- Yeah well I'm not labelling myself but I've fallen in love with a woman...Here's to justice.

Mathew- Let's just fucking hope so Bea. He said blowing out his smoke to the side and subbing out his cigarette and hailed for the taxi he called out his goodbyes to them all and got in. Bea went straight back over to Allie and wrapped her arm securely round her waist.

Vera- Right you two don't give me any trouble Mr Jackson has got an appointment that's why he's not here so back to the Prison.

Allie- I don't know...Shall we just do a runner babe....See how far we'll get.

Franky- Smart arse...Trust me you don't want to do that. She said opening her jacket a little to show her a scar from when she got shot by the cop.

Allie- Well back to the shithole we go then.

When they arrived back at the Prison Bea and Allie dressed back in their teal and headed back over to Allie's cell, Bea came in behind the blonde shutting the door, Allie was just looking out of the barred window when Bea came up behind her placing her arms around her and placing her chin on her shoulder placing a kiss to her cheek.

Allie- Oh Bea we're one step closer to knowing.

Bea- I know baby. She said planting a soft kiss to her ear lobe and turning her round so they were face to face.

Allie- Did it really break you seeing me on the floor that time.

Bea- Why do you ask such a thing like that, Allie we made love you showed me that to never to be scared of someone from the same sex loving you, when i see my future i see you...A very big part of that future. They both smiled and leaned in at the same time to kiss one another's lips, when Allie felt the redhead unzip her hoodie and placed her hands up her white t-shirt and coming to rest round her warm back.

Allie- You do know we'll probably get caught out, the way we're going?

Bea- Well you did say something back in court about finishing off what you're starting now are ya gonna fill that promise or am i going to file a sex ban for 2 years. She raised her eyebrows.

Allie- You wouldn't dare you just can't keep your hands off me look at ya..You're practically touching me now..You just want me out of these soaked panties so your fingers can slip inside my slit, don't ya? Bea sucked in her breath and looked into her eyes at the desire on their faces, Allie placed her hand round the back of the redheads head and pushed her forward so that their lips pressed together. When they parted Bea looked back at her lips and went in for a more hungry kiss pushing the blonde onto the bed and started to remove her tracky bottoms, once they were removed she kissed up her thighs as she worked her way up lifting up white t-shirt as she went along. The blonde helped her and pulled it over her head throwing it to the floor.

Bea- I'll finish what you started huh? She said placing a soft kiss to her lips as she snaked down her body lifting her legs up and one over her shoulder.

Allie- What if someone comes....Ah fuck...She was lost for words when she felt Bea between her legs making her legs turn to jelly but with the redheads hands wrapping around her thighs she was able to keep them up.

Boomer- It's fucking chilly out here, I'm going in for my jacket.

Rita- Not a chance Boomer, Ruby told me to keep your strength up.

Boomer- My nips are solid rock hard...I'm going back for my hoodie I won't be long.

Rita- Well hurry, for every minute you're gone I'm going to double your press ups.

Boomer- You're gonna kill me. She said with a laugh before running over to the side entrance.

She headed back into her cell not wanting to keep Rita waiting so she grabbed her hoodie and headed out of her cell but when she heard moans and groans coming from cell 15, she knew that Allie and Bea were away, she went over to see who the "Intruders" were, surprisingly she managed to peek into the door window and some of the cover was torn so she peeked her eye into the gap and open mouthed saw what the groans were.

Boomer- Fuck. She said as she ran out of the unit.

Chapter Text

Two weeks later and they were now sitting in the court room waiting on the verdict on Joan Ferguson, Jake Stewart and Marie Winters, the three of them were all sitting in the dock behind a glass window. Bea and Allie were sitting side by side just holding each other both wanting this day to be over with so they can release the stress. In came the Judge from the backdoor from when the dock was and Bea looked at Allie confused because it was a different Judge from what they had. When she sat down and took a glass of water taking a sip, in came the Jury when they were seated the Judge banged her hammer.

Sarah: Good morning all I'm the new Judge but fully qualified, I'm taking over as the previous Judge has been taken sick, but I've been filled in on the case. So we'll start right away. Could Previous Officer Jake Stewart please rise. As Jake stood up he looked over at Vera who wasn't even looking at him, then looked straight forward.

'On the charges of helping a Prisoner escape lawful and drug trafficking what do you find Officer Jake Stewart, Guilty or not Guilty?

"Guilty, your honour"

Sarah- And is that the decision on what you all decide? The woman from the Jury stood up and nodded.

Sarah- Jake Stewart you have been found guilty on both accounts of drugs trafficking and helping a prisoner escape therefore i sentence you to 12 years imprisonment and not to be looked at before the 10 years is up before anyone even considers an appeal, you will serve this time at Watford Prison. Take him down.

Jake- NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME I WORKED THERE THEY'LL HAVE MY BALLS ON A SKEWER, NO PLEASE!!!! He screamed as he was taken away by two guards down the stairs as he screamed out for Vera, who had her hands over her ears and was now standing up and heading down the steps to the side door.

Bea- Must be hard for her. She said taking Allie's hand in hers.

Allie- And that poor baby too. She said looking down at their hands.

Sarah: Can Marie Winter please rise. Marie stood up and glared at both Allie and Bea her eyes never leaving them.

" On the charge of attempted murder what do you find Marie Winters, Guilty or not Guilty?

"Guilty your honour".

Sarah- Before i pass on any sentence is there anything you'd like to say?

Marie- Yeah..Allie she can never love you like i can...You're only good at one thing and that's your body...You've always been a let down...Once that bitch leaves you'll have nothing but the drugs to turn to.

Bea- Baby don't listen to her..Do you want a fucking slap cause you're asking for one. She knows she's loved and I'll carry on loving her until the day i die we're inseparable.

Sarah- If you don't be quiet I'll have to remove you. She said looking at Bea.

Bea- What about that cunt, she badmouthed her.

Sarah- It's clear that you have nothing to say so I'm now going to pass on sentence for attempting to take another's life i sentence you to 17 years imprisonment not to be looked at until 15 years is up, take you down.


Bea bent her head over the banister looking down, when she turned round she saw that Allie was running down the steps and heading towards the same door that Vera ran through. Bea ran after her she had her hand on the door handle when she heard Ferguson's name being called out which made her turn around and look at Ferguson then at the Judge. She went and sat back down to hear her verdict.

When the verdict was up it was now time to head back to the Prison, Bea stood outside the court building and saw Vera and Allie both sitting on the step with Allie's arm around the governor's shoulder as her head was resting on the blondes shoulder. She took a deep breath before making her presence know and when she did she smiled down at them both as she saw the mascara running down Vera's face she knealed down and patted Vera's leg.

Bea- Now we get on and look to the future.

Vera- Now we tell the women...It's better coming from you Bea.

Bea- What now?

Allie- They must know babe, they have been kept in the dark for so long.

Bea- You're right.

They were now at the Prison and in their teal tracksuits and was now outside the exercise yard where all the inmates were doing their day to day exercise, Bea linked her hand with Allie's surprising the blonde as they walked hand in hand into the yard. No-one taking notice of them until Bea whistled out to them making them stop talking and turn round. Still holding the blondes hand she started to talk.

Bea- This might come to a shock but i was put back in here to re-capture the freak....

"You what?"

Bea- I'm only going to say this once and not again...But when i finish answer please feel free to ask any questions and try to plant one on my face but trust me you won't get far...I did come back here under a loss of memory act but that was to throw you off the scent and for that i do apologise but once i heard about Kaz and Liz's death and that Allie was running things back here i was like, Allie can't run shit...She turned to face her lover and saw the look on her face "Just kidding darling" She was the one person what made me to come back here and i don't think i would have agreed to help the police if it wasn't for my love, the other half of my heart, love of my life.

Allie- Oh baby...She was now in tears.

Bea- Hey..Come here. She said wiping away her tears.The blonde leaned in to kiss her on the cheek but the redhead turned her face so that she kissed her lips instead, they just stood there kissing not caring where they were standing and not hiding their love from them. It took Boomer's cough to break them apart.

Boomer- So does that mean I'll be invited to the wedding then, Ballie wedding.

Allie- Ballie?? She said pursing her lips and looking over at Boomer.

Boomer- Yeah if you use Bea's first initial and then add your name that comes up with Ballie.

Allie- I kinda like that..But if we do decide on getting hitched you will soon find out. She said looking back at Bea who could only smile at her.

Vera- Okay ladies time for dinner.

Bea- Oh and before you all go, Marie got 17 years Stewart got 12 years and Joan got life without parole and taken back to the pysch unit, she went a little crazy after that sentence.

Boomer- Glad for it to be over with really.

Bea- Yeah Boomer.

Boomer- I have missed the old Bea really..She said standing in front of the couple.

Bea- I've missed you too Boomer. She stepped out of the blondes hold and held her arms out to Boomer who scooped the redhead up and spun her around, Bea laughing at Boomers actions.

Boomer- So how bad is your scarring? Is it bad?

Bea- Not really i thought it would have put Allie off but I'm using oil to help that out. She said lifting up her t-shirt to reveal her scarring.

Boomer- You're a fighter Bea.

Bea- That i am. She said linking her arm through Boomer's and turning round to hold out her free hand to Allie who smiled and took hold of it.

boomer- Just try and keep the noise down though blondie walls are paper thin in this place. She said laughing as they left the exercise yard.

Allie- So it was you that heard us i knew i saw someone peeking through on the verge of climaxing. She said Squeezing Bea's backside.

Bea- Fuck..I never knew that...Omg how much did you see? No more sex now until we're out of this place. She said pulling a face.

Allie- Are you putting a sex ban on me? She said releasing her hand and running towards the building laughing.

It went well as she expected while they were having dinner she had some of the inmates come up to her giving her their dessert as a mark of respect, but Bea couldn't eat anymore so she gave it to Boomer, Allie made a grab for a bowl but her hands were shoved away.

Boomer- I'll share them, look there's 4 for me and 3 for you.

Allie- And that's equal share is it? She said with a laugh.

At that moment Linda Miles came through and shouted for Bea, so she stood up planting a kiss to the blondes lips and followed her down to the governor's Office when she got there she saw the three detectives there standing with a smile on their face.

Moore- Well congratulations Bea i can't give you a bottle of champagne but i can give you a cup of coffee and it's the best. She said placing the cup on the table, which Bea went for.

Bea- So what am i doing here? When Bea said this the door opened and in came the Judge who sentenced Joan, Jake and Marie, she was carrying a folder in her arm when she came in she went behind the desk and sat down.

Sarah- Hello Ms Smith, I've got your case right here and able to discuss it with you, it's fabulous news. Bea took a seat opposite from the Judge and closed her hands together.

Bea- What's the good news?

Sarah- The police officer at the time Don Kaplin has bought forward and admitted to working alongside your ex husband Harry Smith they were close mates and he didn't think you were telling the truth, until we captured him well he was in Spain but then was sent back over here.

Bea- So....

Sarah- So..It wasn't taken into account that maybe you were the victim and not him, so your charge has been dropped of attempted murder because you were never heard and you didn't get a fair trial.

Bea- Oh like i didn't get a fair trial with killing the Holts, they took my daughter's life.

Sarah- The evidence were found on a burner phone and from the video tape from their visits we have evidence indicating that Brayden and Jacqueline Holt took your daughter's life, an order made against Brayden's mother, your charges took a huge drop down to two years for both of their murders because the police didn't look into it further because of your help we have pushed this forward for you to be released first thing tomorrow morning.

Bea- You what? Her mouth dropped open.

Moore- You're going to be released, you helped us and we've kept to our word we spoke to the CPS and put in a good word.

Bea- I don't kn...She was lost for words.

Wright- It'll take time sinking in, we know. She said sitting beside Bea.

Walker- You're getting out of here a free woman, no bars.

Bea- What about Allie? What about her case?

Sarah- Her case did come on my desk yesterday and I'm still to review it and come with a solution by tomorrow morning to discuss with Allie Novak.

Bea- Can i tell her?

Sarah- No just wait till tomorrow you don't want to get her hopes up.


When she was finally finished in the governors office, Bea left the Office as she was walking down the corridor she just couldn't believe her ears, she thought she had dreamt the whole thing but while she was awake, but no it was real and she was being set free. After what she went through losing her daughter to the Holt family and a rough time with Joan Ferguson, nearly killed by Marie until she took the upper hand and through Rita's statement they had enough to charge Marie. As she was close to her unit she stopped taking a peek round the corner seeing Allie sitting on the sofa with Boomer sitting beside her, Allie was doing something with Boomer's hair. When she stepped into the unit all smiles, Boomer stood up and headed to her cell while Bea went and sat next to the blonde. Bea patted her lap as Allie placed her head onto it, the redhead ran her hand through her hair.

Bea- I'm so lucky to have met you in this place you know...You make my life so complete. She placed her other free hand to the side of her face and leaned down to plant soft kisses to her lips, when she pulled away Allie placed her hand behind her head pulling her down for a very hungry kiss, she had to turn on her side to get better access, the redhead placed her hand on her hip pulling her in closer, until they heard the cell door slam.

Boomer- At it again? She said with a laugh.

Allie- I'm so irresistible she can't keep her hands off me who wouldn't. She said smirking at the redhead.

Boomer- Well I've got a bottle tucked away for a rainy day so let's make this a celebration to the future of you both.

Bea- Oh Boomer that means a lot to me...To us. She said taking the bottle and opening the cap, at first she smelled it and then took a small sip from the bottle, she enjoyed it.

Boomer- Only the best stuff...I didn't make it, but needed to store it away from the screws eh.

Allie- Your a star Boomer you know that. She said taking the bottle from the redhead she took a larger sip before handing it over to Boomer. Allie stood up from the sofa and went over to the table to were the CD player was and switched it on. She started to slowly dance her way back over to Bea she turned round and swayed her hips in front of her knowing that this would more than likely set off her desire, she placed her own hands onto her hips as she rocked from side to side. This was a side to Allie that Bea hadn't witnessed before.

Late that night after night count they were now in their cell, Bea was alone laying flat on her back with her hands behind her back tomorrow she will be getting out and tomorrow she will be starting all over again, but she just hoped that the same happens to Allie. There was a tap on her door and when it opened, Bea sat up looking from bottom and scrolling her eyes to the top, to see the blonde standing in her white tank top and matching undies, she rubbed her stomach as she stepped into the cell.

Allie- Did i leave my toothbrush in here babe? She said going over to the sink with her back to Bea and bent over a little, on purpose as she smiled and looked at Bea sideways.

Bea leaned over a little and grabbed the blonde by the waist and bringing her onto the bed with her landing on her side by the redhead, the blonde started to laugh. When Bea placed her hand under the blanket and onto Allie's arse, the blonde looked at her hand and then placed her fingertips to Bea's lips.

Allie- Can't keep your hands off me can ya.

Bea- You have that affect on me my hands are magneted to you.

Allie- I love you so much, just shows that we've been through hell together haven't we?

Bea- Things can only get better, kinda looking forward to it really. She said looking down at the blonde who's hands started to wonder up the redheads top.

Allie- They can and will...She said cupping Bea's breast giving it a squeeze.

Bea- Allie...

Allie- You want to play a game with me?

Bea- Depends what game? She said looking up at her confused.

Allie- Simple....Allie says..

Bea- Allie says..What?

Allie- Allie says give me a kiss. She said with a grin which Bea clearly complied to, when they broke off the kiss Allie started to get really into it "Spread your legs".

Bea- Allie no..Walls have ears remember..And i need to talk to you. She said being serious.

Allie- Ah..Ah..Talking is what you do afterwards. She said leaning down she took Bea's bottom lips between her teeth tugging on it before placing into her mouth sucking hard, making Bea moan out.

Bea- Alright but later we talk... She said raising her eyebrows.

Allie- Yes. She said watching as Bea spreaded her legs wide.

Bea- Make it quick then and keep the noise down. She said grabbing the back of Allie's head bringing her down for an urgent kiss.

Allie- Yeah like your ever quiet..

Bea- Don't you fucking star..Oh fuck. She felt the blondes nails dig into her wet folds, shutting the redhead.

Allie- Yeah i thought so. She said latching her mouth to the side of Bea's neck.

Their love making lasted for 10 minutes and resulted in Allie being exhausted and was now sleeping softly with her head on Bea's bare chest. She had that chance of telling her lover that she was getting out tomorrow but now it was the job of telling her in the morning.

Chapter Text

Waking up alone Bea walked took off out of her cell finding a box with her name on it on the table, she opened the box revealing her clothes she came with on her way back in, taking the box in hand she went back in her cell, she closed the door behind her as she emptied the contents of the box onto the bed and began taking off the tank top and shorts, she placed on clear under wear before sliding on the black skinny jeans, she took out a pair of boots and a patterned shirt. When she was dressed she heard her cell door open so she spun round thinking it was Allie but it was Boomer.

Boomer- What's happening? Why are you in your street clothes.

Bea- I'm being let out. She said smiling.

Boomer- Really? She said looking down at the floor distraught.

Bea- Hey don't be sad. She said standing in front of Boomer and grabbing her hands.

Boomer- As soon as the family comes closer together...Ever since Lizzie...Then when you came back i was so overjoyed but that was short lived when you said you couldn't remember anything but that was all undercover i know..I'm so happy for you that you're getting out Bea but now I'm going to be left alone.

Bea- I'll still visit and I'll see if Vera will let me bring Maxine and Franky along too.

Boomer- I'd love that, you'll visit Allie right?

Bea- I might not need to...But Boomer you look after yourself in here and don't get into mischief.

Boomer- No i won't besides..Miss Bennett said that she's going to start bringing baby Grace in here and taking her into the new cresh and guess who she wants to look after her. She said smiling.

Bea- Oh Boomer that is wonderful news..Hey so there's the positives if you be good then you'll be able to look after her and if you're not well the slot ain't comfy is it? She said with a laugh.

Boomer- No it's not, anyway you write too? She asked the redhead.

Bea- Of course. She bought Boomer in for a hug, when she heard Boomer cry it set her off. Coming out of their hug Bea sorted out her hair and winked at Boomer.

Boomer- I love you Bea.

Bea- I love you too Boomer. She looked back at her just as she was leaving the unit. All eyes forward she saw Allie coming towards her and she was still in her teal tracksuit, she walked and stopped in front of her.

Allie- Wow your looking mighty hot could just do you in this hallway. She said with a small smile.

Bea- Why aren't you in your street clothes what's happened?

Allie- I was told this morning in the governor's office that you were getting let out and said if i knew about it, which i didn't but that's my fault..I was bought in to talk about my case and they're thinking about it.

Bea- Thinking about it what the fuck!! I'm not leaving here without you.

Allie- What are you going to do chain yourself to the gates and protest. She said with a little laugh.

Bea- It's not funny...Hey Miss Bennett what's happening with Allie i thought it was be considered.

Vera- What do you mean? Novak?

Allie- Oh was just saying to Bea that my case is being delayed. She said eyeing up the governor.

Vera- I don't make the law i just do my job of running this place..So are you ready Bea?

Bea- No. She said glaring at the governor.

Allie- Hey..You go home make it all nice for when i get out i want to see you at those gates with a bunch of flowers and a double bed we can dive straight onto.

Bea- I'm not liking this. She said as Allie pulled her hands away from Bea's hold and kissed her softly on the lips the backing away pursing her lips.

Allie turned her back to the redhead and without looking back she turned the corner and was now out of sight. Bea started to make her way over to reception but asked Vera one last favour.

Bea- Could i walk through the exercise yard?

Vera accepted the request and so she started to walk Bea out through the yard but just before she left the gate she stopped in front of Liz's memorial placing her hand over the fence and over her knitting.

'I'll never forget you Liz, you were there for me when i lost my girl and throughout my time in here when i was a newbie, I'll always love you". She placed her two fingers to her lips as a single tear fell from her eye as she kissed her fingers and placed them against Liz's picture of her smiling. When she heard the gate open she turned to Vera and headed over to the gate, Vera outstretched her hand and the redhead shook it.

Bea- You look after yourself Miss Bennett and your baby girl.

Vera- Look after yourself Bea, it might get some time to get use to it but your a free woman you deserve this.

Bea- Thank you. She said with a smile.

As she took in the Prison building as she started to walk backwards before turning round to watch where she was walking she took in the air and it smelt good, she walked down the quiet path leading to the main carpark, she stood there closing her eyes and breathing in the fresh air. When she heard a revving noise she turned to face the noise and saw a bike coming heading in her direction and a car beeping it's horn as it was following the bike. When she saw the driver's head poke out of the car window she smiled as she saw Franky's smiling face. The bike came to a complete stop in front of her and she took in the view of her bike it was cleaned and not a scratch on it. When the car came to a stop out came Bridget and then Franky, who couldn't wait to give her a hug which she did. When the person who rode her bike got off and removed their helmet revealing that it was Mr Jackson what drove it.

Bea- What a welcome this is.

Franky- Hey where's blondie. She said looking round.

Bea- Wel....

Bridget- There she is. She pointed behind Bea, who immediately turned round her eyes on the blonde looking from top to bottom at how amazing she looked in that sea blue dress and handbag draped over her shoulder, she looked down at her golden legs then scanned her eyes back over her face as they both now were smiling. As Allie came to a stop in front of the redhead, Bea was speechless.

Allie- Surprised baby.

Bea- You really know how to surprise me, why did you do that?

Allie- Well i only had this fucker on my ankle when i saw you in the corridor and i wanted to surprise you, I'm sorry. She said looking distraught at her knowing that Bea was right she shouldn't have done it, but when she saw Bea smile again she matched her smile and kissed her softly. When they parted, Allie went to look at the Harley bike along with Bridget, while Bea went over to Franky.

Bea- Did you manage to get it?

Franky- I did it's in the kitchen drawer in the Cabin, here are the keys to my Cabin stay there until you get on your feet, the estate agent is going to call to reveal and send you the cheque from your house.

Bea- Thank you Franky, I'm not sure how i can thank you enough.

Franky- You just have a life Bea you've met your love, now you go and live a happy life and you know something?

Bea- What? She said looking into her eyes.

Franky- Debbie would have loved Allie and she'd be so proud of you that you followed your heart.

Bea- Excuse me who are you and what have you done with my best friend. She said with a laugh.

Franky- Well speaking from the heart. She said with a wink.

Bea- Aren't you a little hot under that jacket.

Franky- I'm all good. She said heading towards Bridget.

Bea- Oh and Franky, i know my girl would have loved to have seen her, thank you. She said with a smile as Franky looked at her. The redhead looked at her girlfriend and went to stand behind her wrapping her arms securely around her waist as the blonde smiled and settled in her arms.

Bea- So are you ready to leave all this behind and start our future darling.

Allie- It's just taking it all in that this isn't a dream and that I'm finally here with you, I'm not dreaming am i? She said closing her eyes.

Bea- Trust me baby, you're not dreaming...And to prove that i want to take my woman to breakfast.

Allie- Of course...Dining with my love. She said winking as she made her way to the bike as they were now alone, Bea went to the helmet compartment getting out another helmet to give to the blonde as she took hers off the bike handle, once their helmets were on before she closed her lid she told the blonde to hold tight as the bike started up first time, she was a little rusty as it has been some time since she rode. She kicked off the stand and slowly started to drive off the side way.

Boomer was summoned by Miss Miles that she was going to see the "New" psychologist, Boomer just wanted her Dr Miller back but after being struck off he wasn't to be returned. When Miles opened up the office door Boomer flopped herself down on the chair and waited until the person from behind the desk spin round on their chair.

" Well hello Jenkins",

Boomer- Miss Westfall. She started to smile.

Bridget- What you not disappointed?

Boomer- Course not, it was a real shame eh..That you got suspended.

Bridget- Well I'm back half time, so would you like to tell me how you're feeling deep down. She said taking a seat opposite from Boomer.

Boomer- Don't you need your notepad?

Bridget- No but I've got my ears, so I'm all ears. She said smiling and reaching out to Boomer.

After finding the right diner Bea and Allie were now both sitting at the table looking through the menu at the choice of food a lot to choose from than the menu back in Wentworth.

Bea- Have you found anything good for your taste buds beautiful.

Allie- Yeah i have. She said peaking out of the menu and licking her lips at Bea.

Bea- I can say the same. She replied with a wink.

'Good morning, are you new round these areas? Can i take your order...

Allie- I'll have the full breakfast minus the mushrooms.

Bea- I'll have the same along with a coffee with a little milk.

Allie- I'll have a hot chocolate.

'It's great isn't it treat your daughter or mother to breakfast is it? I need to do that but the hours i work gives me less time, I'll get your drinks sorted out while your breakfast is being sorted' She said smiling at the pair and heading back through the kitchen.

Bea- Did she just call me your mother? The cheek. She said looking towards the kitchen.

Allie- Don't take offence babe, besides you're a hot mama if i must say. She licked her lips as she said this.

Bea- Of course I'll take offence. She said looking down at the table.


'There's your drinks'. The waitress said placing the right drinks in front of them and just as she was walking away Allie went to stand up but told her to sit back and leave it. For a good hour they just sat there talking about life before Prison and basically about their families while they were eating and drinking.

Back over at the Prison Boomer was pacing about the room while Bridget was sitting back down.

Bridget- What you have just told me Boomer it's not your fault...Liz asked you she loved you and she didn't want to live through the pain...From reading her medical report she would have got worse and worse she asked you...She would have found another way but you gave her those happy years.

Boomer- She was like a mum to me someone i could turn to..To cry to.She was now in tears.

Bridget- Oh Boomer. She stood up and went over to her and wrapped her arms around her as she sobbed.

Boomer- Everyone has left me, now I'm going to rot in this place and it's all that i deserve I'm not going to have any puppies or babies, I've ruined my chance.

Bridget- Hey we'll talk more about your sentencing..But won't a visitor put a smile on that face of yours. She said getting out of Boomer's hold and opening the door to reveal Franky.

"Hey Booms"

Boomer- Franky. She said sniffling as Franky stood in front of her and wrapped her arms around her.

Bridget- I'll leave you both but 10 minutes okay.

Wanting to pay and get out of the diner before that waitress were to come back out again, but speaking so soon, she was the one who came out to take payment. As the waitress took her dollars. Allie stepped behind the redhead and wrapped her arms round the front of her body placing them on her breast.

Allie- My breasts mama. She said placing a kiss to her neck.

'Umm here's...Your...Mmm

Bea- Change. She said holding out her hand.

Allie- Come on wifey lets get home and fuck on the kitchen table. She waited until Bea had turned to face her before planting her lips against her girlfriend's mouth and waited for her to open her mouth to slip the tip of her tongue into her mouth. Not caring for the stares they were getting from the waitress or the customers, but wanting to get out of the diner to complete her task.

Bea- I'd give you a tip but seems like my wife here has already given me the tip.

Allie- Oh i love it when you talk dirty...Come on. She said smirking at the waitress who had her mouth wide open in shock as Allie grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door.

They were now outside by the bike, Allie couldn't stop giggling as she was putting on her helmet, only Bea wasn't in a laughing matter so as the redhead put on her helmet Allie went over to her and placed her hands on her hips.

Allie- Oh come on darling.

Bea- Who did she think she was assuming that though I'm sure there is many out there going out with older women I know I'm twice your age but it didn't give her the right to come out with that, it's so very impolite.

Allie- I love it when you get all fired up so...How about you get us to that Cabin and lets get fired up together.

Bea- You have no idea how hot that sounds.

Just as Bea turned her back to the blonde she felt the pinch to her backside as she threw her leg over the bike she turned to eye the blonde up before starting the bike up and pulling away from the curb. The Cabin wasn't far from the diner as Allie wouldn't be able to go a distance with the tag on her leg but it was further enough and Franky had told the Court on where they were staying. As Bea picked up the speed down a quiet road Allie placed her arms in the air and stretched them out, this scared Bea as she was travelling fast so she slowed down her speed and turned onto a dirt track slowly driving down to take in the surroundings. She drove through a bunch of trees before seeing the lake and the Cabin building. When she came to a stop outside of the Cabin she took her helmet off and flicked her hair back. As the blonde was taking off her helmet her hair was in her face she so did the same.

Bea- So you ready to check this beauty of the place out.

Allie- Did you check that lake out on the way here..Chances of a naked skinny dip with you are highly recommended. She said putting the helmet into th helmet compartment and reached out for her lovers hand as Bea reached into her jeans pocket for the key and placed it into the lock. Wasting no time she swung the door open allowing Allie to walk in first as they entered they walked down the warm hallway checking in the surrounds through the first door was a huge living area and as they walked past that door they saw the wooden staircase then straight through to the kitchen.

Allie- This is amazing, I've never been to a Cabin, have you?

Bea=Yeah but when Debbie was 5 and well it was a great break for us we'd go to the lake a feed ducks. She stared right at Allie her eyes just gazed at her.

Allie- I can't wait for you to tell me more about Debbie, i can't wait for us to have our own little family, I've always fancied a rescue dog and a little baby boy or girl in my arms as i walk along the beach, but with you it'll be magic.

Bea- We've got a lot of stuff to figure through before we even talk about that honey, we've only just come out of that place and well i want us to enjoy a little of us time before i start sharing you. She said smiling at the blonde.

It wasn't off the list but having their own family was something they really have to discuss, now looking through the cupboards she pulled out two mugs and finding the kettle she filled it up from the tap and then switched it on, she had hard time finding the fridge because it all it was were cupboards, she started to open up all the cupboard doors and then found the fridge what had a cupboard door.

Bea- What a fridge. She said laughing. When she took out the cartoon of milk she turned round and dropped the milk making the liquid fall on her boots and laminated flooring. Her mouth instantly dropped open at what she was seeing.

Allie- It got awfully hot in here. She said standing in nothing but her panties.

Bea- Yeah..She started to pull at her collar as she was getting a little hot and it wasn't due to the room.

'So..Um...Sugar..Or..Um..' At this point Allie was now standing in front of the redhead face to face.

Allie- No sugar...Sweet enough. She said leaning in to whisper that last word huskily into her ear.

Bea- How about milk...You want...Mmmm..ilk.

Allie- I want you. She said placing her hand round the back of her head and pushed her head forward until their mouths met it was just a peck at first, but when they gazed into each others eyes it was just like magnets on their lips as they started to kiss with so much passion. Allie started to open up Bea's leather jacket and slipped it off her shoulders. The blonde was taken by surprise when Bea ran both of her hands down her back and down to her arse and lifted her up into her arms.

Bea- I think we should take this to the bedroom. She said while raising her eyebrows.

Allie- I think that's a great idea.

The redhead carried her lover up the wooden stairs and the hallway was huge and finding the nearest bedroom was a challenge. Bea placed Allie on the ground as she opened up several doors revealing bathrooms and when she turned the corner there were two more doors to look through and when she did open that door they came in contact with a huge bed it looked king sized.

Bea- Thank fuck for that, thought I'd had to take you on the kitchen counter.

Allie- Well we've got to try out every room of this house right? She said tugging at her loves shirt, opening each of the button's, when she got half way down she ripped it open.

Bea- What the fuck. She said looking at her buttons on the floor.

Allie- I'll buy you another.She said unbuckling the belt of the redheads jeans.

Bea- You don't unders..She was cut off by Allie's lips against hers and was immediately thrown to the bed, she managed to take down her jeans down her long legs and throw them on the floor before climbing on that long body frame.

Allie- I'll..Buy...You...Another. She said kissing up her stomach, she lifted up the redheads bra and grazed her teeth against her breast bone straight against her neck and to her mouth.

After falling into a deep sleep an hour after from their love making, Allie turned and threw her arm over Bea's side of the bed to hit the pillow, she opened one eye first then opened the other and sat up, she stretched her arms above her head and got out of the covers. She looked in the bathrooms and didn't find Bea there so she went downstairs when she finally heard it. The door was wide open and could hear perfectly, a guitar and her lovers voice and she was singing, when she headed outdoors it was cold and dark with Bea's back to her gave the blonde more advantage of sneaking up behind her, she placed her arms around from behind which startled Bea.

Allie- Sorry babe you wasn't expecting me? She came round to sit on the redheads lap as Bea placed the guitar down she placed her arms holding her tight and placing her face into the blondes exposed chest she had Bea's shirt on but it was big to wear and it was only buttoned in most places.

Bea- You look great than i do in that darling.

Allie- What are you doing out here? It's freezing.

Bea- Yeah i know. The redhead shifted and tried to get up getting the blonde to her feet as she stood in front of Allie she was speechless she didn't know what to say.

Allie- Are you okay? She said reaching for the redheads hand.

Bea- Yeah, look Allie, I think your the most beautiful the most amazing woman... No i know your the most beautiful woman who had thought I'd fall for a woman..You taught me to never be afraid to show my feelings..And well I fell in love with you with our first kiss in the kitchen.

Allie- Oh yeah. She said eyeing up the redhead and wondering where this was going to lead.

Bea- Here's me going on..Bea still holding Allie's hand went down on one knee and took a deep breath.

Allie- Come on get up you'll hurt your knee. She said with a laugh.

Bea- Allie i want to spend the rest of my life with you..Your the other piece to my heart and my seahorse...When i thought loving someone else was impossible...I love you Allie Novak i want us to have our own family and our own pets..I want to have all my firsts and lasts with you...Will you marry me? She said reaching into her leather jacket pocket and took out a velvet box and opened it up to reveal a shining diamond. Allie just gasped and placed her hand over her mouth already in tears, she started to blubber.

Allie- I...I'm sorry Bea...I can't..After saying this Allie turned her back and ran back into the Cabin leaving a shocked Bea on her knee in the cold.

Chapter Text

Standing there in the cold Bea then decided to go after the blonde after giving her little time. She started to make her way in the Cabin and saw Allie against the kitchen counter pouring herself a glass of vodka.

Bea- I'm sure that champagne will be going flat now. She said standing against the door frame sticking her hands into her pockets.

Allie- I'm sorry Bea..It's not you it...

Bea- No don't say it's not you it's me because I've heard all that before. She was now making her way to stand at the opposite side of the counter and placed her hands upon it.

Allie- I would marry you in a fucking heartbeat but..I...Before Allie could finish the doorbell rang to the Cabin.

Bea- Why..Why can't you marry me? Then the doorbell rang again frustrating Bea so she left Allie who started to drink from the glass. Bea opened the door to see Franky and Bridget standing there with what looked like pizza boxes and it smelt really good she had an appetite but food was the last thing at the moment she needed.

Franky- Hey red, why the long face? She said stepping into the Cabin with Bridget following behind. As they walked through to the kitchen with Bea walking behind Bridget, Franky went over to kiss the blonde on the cheek.

Bridget- Bet it feels good for a drink after those years locked up in that place.

Allie- Sure is..Want one? She said holding up the bottle.

Bridget- I can't I'm driving, we just popped round to see how you're settling in.

Bea- Yeah all good..It's a great place you've got here ladies. She said looking over at Franky then at Allie.

Franky- Yeah well it's away from all that traffic and all the mischief. She said with a laugh.

Bridget- Anyway isn't there something you wanted to ask Bea?

Franky- Shit yeah..So red, I'm getting married in two months time and well i need someone to give me away...Boomer's still in that place and i doubt that they'll let her out for the day and well your the next best thing.

Bea- You want me to give you away?

Franky- Of course. She said with a smile. Bea looked at Franky then over at Allie.

Bea- Of course I'll give you away besides you already asked me in Prison it'll be an honour. She said with a small smile.

Bridget- And i need you to help me pick out a dress from this magazine..I've got all eyes on my magazine you won't keep your eyes off.

Bea- AHH fucking weddings. She just blurted it out, she immediately placed her hands over her mouth and stormed out of the Cabin, Allie was going to go after her when Franky held her hand up in front of her.

Franky- Hey I'll go..She said placed her hand on her shoulder as she went.

As Franky left, Allie picked up the bottle and glass then shuffled through to the living area and sat on the huge corner sofa and plopped herself down placing the bottle on the table in front of her and pouring herself a glass.

Bridget- Is that a good idea?

Allie- What I'm celebrating being free.She said when she poured the liquor into her glass to see the glass and bottle empty she was tempted to throw the bottle against the wall when Bridget placed her hand onto her knee.

Bridget- What's happened?

Allie- She..She got on bended knee and proposed. She said sniffling and scrunched up her nose.

Bridget- That's brilliant news, but I'm guessing you turned her down due to Bea's and now your state.

Allie- I had to Bridget.. I love Bea so fucking much I'd love to marry her but i have so much baggage and if i tell her it could really fuck things up.

Bridget- Why don't you tell me what your talking about and then we'll go from there.

Franky found Bea throwing pebbles into the lake and had her back to her, so Franky decided to copy the redhead, she picked up a pebble and skimmed it across the water hearing and seeing the water. When Bea saw Franky's presence she sat down on the plank.

Bea- I asked her tonight before you came. She said pulling out the ring box from her pocket and by accident it slipped from her hands and into the water.

Franky- Fuck..Red. She said bending slightly over to try and reach it but it kept floating away.

Bea- It was just not meant to be..Just leave it.

Franky- But red...That cost you a lot of dollars.

Bea- Fuck the money. She said standing up and heading back taking another look at the lake before heading through the trees. Franky was quick on her feet and went to follow her.

Over at the Cabin Allie was crying against Bridget as the Psychologist wrapped her arms around her and started to calm her down, but all she did was cry.

Bridget- You really need to talk this over with Bea...Allie you deserve to have a future and that's with Bea.

Allie- Oh yeah..I tell her..She walks.

Bridget- No i know Bea...She'll listen..Don't shut her out it's not good for your relationship.

Allie- You mean I'm not good for our relationship. She said getting out of Bridget's hold.

Bridget- Allie it wasn't your fault so don't go thinking it was.

Allie- Oh yeah well...

Bridget- You need to let her in Allie.

Both Franky and Bea were on their way back just collecting wood to make a fire when they saw Bridget standing outside and was pacing up and down. Franky walked over to Bridget with Bea,

Franky- Everything alright spunky?

Bridget- Bea you really need to talk to Allie...I'm not saying anything but she really needs to get something off her chest.

Bea- Okay..Thank you. She said handing the wood over to Bridget and opening the door, when she entered she went over to the living area and saw Allie staring into the empty glass she stood up bringing the glass and bottle with her and turned round seeing the redhead making her presence known.

Allie- Where have you been? You know how worried I've been. She put down the bottle and glass and folded her arms.

Bea- Looks like it. She said looking at the bottle on the table.

Bea started to walk over to where Allie was sitting and sat on the wooden table opposite from her to see her red shot eyes. She sighed and made a grab for her hands which Allie accepted and placed them to her mouth and kissed them.

Bea- Tell me what's wrong..I'm sorry of walking out earlier i just thought that we should look to the future and i want us to be in it for the long haul...Well i know I'm not good with marriages you ask my ex husband but i haven't got a medium on stand by for them to ask him. Allie laughed at this point.

Allie- Bea I would marry you in a heartbeat, i just don't deserve you. She looked down at their hands.

Bea- Hey you do deserve me...You're my other seahorse remember.....I came back for you. She let go of Allie's hand just so she could link her pinky finger.

Allie- I love you so much. She said with a smile.

Bea- I love you too more than anything, so Bridget tells me that you may want to tell me something..So if you remember back when i told you i wouldn't keep anything from you ever again..Well that should work both ways if we want us to work.

Allie- I turned you down because i don't want to lose you...If we get attached like decide to get married and i tell you this then you'll want nothing to do with me and well it's easier this way because then you can just walk out that door and well you'll know i did the best thing.

Bea- That just doesn't make sense so you turned me down because there's something you wanna tell me and you're not sure on how i would react.

Allie- Well yeah. She said nodding.

Bea- So tell me. She let go of the blondes hands and placed them onto her lap.

Allie- Well do you remember that letter that Kaz wrote saying i wasn't a part of that RRH against the attacks...Well she was lying i was the one recording them and posting it viral.

Bea- And the reason Kaz confessed to it all was because she thought she wasn't going to make it out of that Prison and leaving you behind in that place she wasn't going to do that...She loved you so much Allie she wanted you to have a future, is that all because that isn't a big deal for us it's something that is in the past.

Allie- No that's not all...When i was a working girl i...Umm..Allie's hands were shaking now so Bea sat beside her and placed her arm around her shoulder.

Bea- Do you want to carry on? If it's hard to say then you don't have to say.

Allie- No...Like you said no secrets and well it's a big secret..I just never told anyone only Kaz...I never enjoyed working as a prostitute but when Marie found me on the street that time and handed me food..She said that she would take me under her and into the warmth of her home...When i did arrive i saw a couple of girls not so old as me they didn't have much weight on their bodies at first i thought nothing of it..I was shown to a warm house a warm bed, a hot shower, clothes on my back and a hot meal. But then she started with the 'Now you owe me'. One night she bought home a bloke and told me to sweet talk him, i told her i am a lesbian but she said that didn't matter, when i felt his hand on my upper thigh i moved it instantly but then that made Marie angry and well that's when she gave me a g-bag told me it would make me forget otherwise I'd be back on the street all alone. So i went back just shut him off then at the end of it i was given money but that money was given to her.Further down now..Marie said she had a punta for me and it's a special one too so she had to give him the works i fully came out with it and said 'No..Marie..I'm done with this shit i don't want to sell my body not to you or anyone...Throw me out on the streets i don't give a shit anyway.' Then she said 'Alright go and rest..I',, bring you a cuppa'. So i did just that..I laid on the bed and i must have fell asleep..But i didn't expect what was to come...I could smell the alcohol on his breath and his hand on my face while his over hand was between my legs. I screamed but he smacked his free hand over my mouth as i started to break free, he said 'Make a move or scream, then it's going to be harder for you won't it' Then i felt it..I felt him inside me and all i could do was cry...When it finished i cried in the shower scrubbing at my body. Then i walked out but not before taking a little something to go back on the streets. Then Kaz found me...I was off my head....And still am because my head is a complete fuck up always has been. She started to cry out and was immediately bought into Bea's arms.

Bea- Oh my baby..My beautiful girl, you're not a fuck up what he did to you...What that animal did to you was so sick.

Allie- I bet now you know you'll want to run for the hills...You were right Bea nothing but a lying junkie street whore that's what i am.

Bea- No baby..No your not, i shouldn't have said that i felt bad after i said it i thought you was in on Ferguson trying to kill me and all along you saved my life.

Allie- Well i loved you didn't i you..The first person i ever romantically fallen in love with me who didn't want me just for my body.

Bea- And is this why you turned my proposal down?

Allie- It felt better at the time because then we don't go through a marriage with me keeping this from you and i was so scared of losing you.

Bea- Do you want to tell me who did this to you, who raped you? She said swallowing hard.

Allie- You won't know him, he use to work as board of directors his name was...

Bea- Not Derek Channing. She immediately came out with his name.

Allie- How do you know? She said lifting her head from Bea's chest.

Bea- Well that's the only one i know, he did that to you, I'll find the fucker and fucking kill him.

Allie- What and risk you getting life...Bea please i just feel better talking to you about it but you going after him is just going to give you a life sentence, this is why i wanted to leave it in the past.

Bea- He needs to pay for what he's done.

Allie- I hope he is... now that he's in Prison for murder, he'll see how the other half lives. She made a grab for Bea's hand and placed it against her face.

Bea- You know what i went through with Harry i tried to kill him but then it would have left Debbie without a dad and i didn't want that. But we have to remember yes we were both victims but we've come out on top.

Allie- That's why i love you so much.

Bea- And as for running for the hills like you said maybe that's a good idea but only if you take the running with me..Because i never want to be apart from you ever..

Allie- Your my Queen . Allie leaned in to kiss Bea on the lips which Bea reciprocated but when they pulled back Bea made a face.

Bea- Yeah beautiful i think you should wipe your nose. She said wiping her mouth and laughed.

Allie- Yeah not an attractive look is it. She said with a look.

Bea- You're still beautiful to me. She said standing up and heading to the sliding doors and pulled them open.

Allie-Bea... She waited until Bea turned round before saying 'I love you.'

Bea- I love you too baby, I'll just be outside but Allie you'll tell me if anything is bothering you won't you?

Allie- Yeah i will, now you go to our friends while i slap something on my face.

Bea- Oh yeah can i watch. She said with a wink.

Allie- Erm...I've worked an appetite after that talk and i can smell something amazing out that door, so get your gorgeous arse out of here and I'll come out in a little bit.

Bea zipped up her hoodie and went to join Franky and Bridget by the fire and now barbecue with only the outside lights on and the light from the fire that Franky could see while cooking.

Franky- Hey red now it's burger, barbecue ribs or hotdog.

Bea- Don't tell me there was food in that freezer? She walked over to Franky to breathe in her cooking.

Franky- Nah red thought we'd stop by and cook ya something nice while you've both been released.

Bea- And what if me or Allie were otherwise occupied.

Franky- Well i did do my timing right and well we did knock. She said turning to face her friend.

Bea- You not hot in that jacket, cause I'm roasting. She said unzipping her hoodie to reveal a white tank top.

Franky- Hey looks better on you than me. She said turning over the food.

Bea- I hope you don't mind i mean I'm gonna take Allie shopping tomorrow.

Franky- Course i don't mind red, but you are going to be here for 6 months, so get use to it.

Bea- What!!! 6 months.

Franky- That's the condition of Allie's tag that she gives the court an address and to stick with that address, don't worry about it red..6 months will soon be over and then you can buy your house...Oh I've got something for you. She said reaching into her jean's pocket and pulling out an envelope.

Bea- What's this? She said flipping over the envelope.

Franky- From your estate agent, they've sent the cheque through my post to give to you don't worry I've not opened it. She said peaking over Bea's shoulder.

Bea- Yeah thank you Franky, I'll open it tomorrow, but now i just want to enjoy us time. She said placing her envelops in her pocket.

Bridget stood up and handed Bea a bottle of beer, Bea asked if Franky wanted one but the brunette turned it down.

Bea- Alright what am i missing here? Franky not having a drink to celebrate mine and Allie's release are you okay? She said sitting down on the log.

Franky- I'm more than fine mate.

Franky started to wolf whistle and her eyes were on the Cabin so Bea turned round and saw her woman heading over to her, Allie walked round the front of Bea she was wearing the same dress she came out of Prison with, she came round to the front of Bea and sat on her lap, the redhead immediately wrapped her arms around her and snuggled into her more.

Bridget- How are you feeling Allie? She said from sitting opposite them.

Allie- Yeah..I'm good it's just something i should have told Bea along time ago.

Bridget- Look at you both. She said eyeing up the pair gazing at one another.

Allie- Would you like to ask me that question again babe? Bea looked at her confused.

Bea- Would you like a beer? She said holding up her own bottle.

Allie- No not that question. She said raising her eyebrows.

Bea- Oh fuck...She said quickly making a stand making the blonde fall on the ground but being helped up quick, she called out for Franky and for her to bring a torch. Which Franky did grab and ran with Bea.

Allie- What is it with those two?

Bridget- Probably they're going to make out in the woods. She said jokingly.

Bea took Franky's flashlight and shined it over the lake and she just managed to see the box. She looked back at Franky shining the torch light in her face and making Franky place her hand over her eyes, so she lowered it a little. She looked at Franky then back at the lake.

Franky- No fucking way am i jumping in that. She said folding her arms.

Bea- Fuck...Here hold the torch. She said pointing it over to the box what was floating.

Franky- I'll hold your boots.

Bea started to take off her boots and hand them both over to her friend, she sighed as she began to take off the hoodie and tank top, when she was finished undressing she was left in her underwear.

Franky- Bea you're going to freeze to death if you go in there.

Bea- I don't give a shit i need that ring.

She said taking a deep breath before taking a dive into the cold water, as Bea started to swim over the velvet box moved a little away from her but managed to catch up to it and grab the box in her hand, she started to swim back, as she stepped on the plank, she was shivering so Franky dropped Bea's boots and picked up her hoodie and wrapped it around her shoulders. Luckily the ring was still in it's box.

Franky- She is one lucky chick that's for sure.

Bea- I'm the lucky one, now come lets get back.

Franky- Yeah otherwise they'd think we'd be making out here in the woods.

Bea- So fucking funny aren't ya. She said placing her jeans over her shoulders as she would have a job getting them back on her long wet legs.

Bridget was just settling a burger on a bun for Allie when Franky and Bea arrived. When Allie spun round with her burger on her plate she nearly dropped it when she saw Bea coming over to her in just her underwear. Bea was bright red in the face and wet from the water, she stood next to the fire to warm a little with the box in her hand as she started to dry herself and the box. With all eyes on Bea watching from the front, the redhead didn't know where to look so she just smiled.

Bea- Jeez guys, looks like you've never seen a naked woman before.

Allie- As long as you keep your bra and panties on, no woman of mine will be taking them off unless you're taking them off for me and in private. She said with a cheeky wink.

Bea- Only for you my love...She said standing in front of Allie, but this time she got on bended knee not caring about the twigs and dirt on the ground.

Allie- You're going to graze your kneecaps. She said with a small laugh.

Bea- I don't give a fuck babe...Allie Novak, the one i want to wake up every morning to, the one i want to be with for the rest of my life, my AllieCat, i can't live without you, without you i feel so incomplete, the one who taught me how to love again, you have been by my side through thick and thin and have saved my life and with you i feel so alive, will you please take my hand in marriage and marry me? She said holding the ring box in front of Allie and showing her the sparkler

Allie- Of course i will. She said placing her hand in front of her so that Bea could slip on the ring. Allie helped Bea to her feet and dropped the plate on the floor as she pulled the redhead into her and started to kiss over her face before coming to her lips.

Franky- Hey can we join in. She said making Bridget nudge her in the side.

When they parted Bea was trying to catch her breath when Allie went in for another, so she wrapped her arms around the blonde as Allie's left hand went into her curls and the other on her face. It started to rain so Bridget took Franky's hand and led her towards the Cabin, Bea pulled away and looked up to the sky and let the rain fall on her face before being pulled in for another kiss by the blonde.

Franky- Shall we call them over Gidge?

Bridget- Leave them, they're happy I'm sure they'll come in soon.

Franky- Guess I'll have to tell them our little news tomorrow then. She said standing inside by the door and looking over at their friends making out.