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faithful 256

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Dear Mom,

    I haven’t written a letter to you in a while, and really, the only one I can blame is myself. It’s been about two years, hasn’t it? I didn’t mean to stop writing to you for such a long time, but being on the road and training with my spirits has really made me forget some things. Of course, I could never forget about you, Mom. Aquarius would kill me if I did. She says HI, by the way. 

   I know it’s silly to write that as if we were talking over a lacrima, but to be honest, this is the only way i can stop myself from crying. I’ve reached Hargeon, and a two day trek south of here resides Fairy Taill. I’m almost there mom. I wonder if the girl I told you about is still a member there? Regardless, I’m sure she’ll pop up, and if I see her, I’ll make sure to thank her with all my heart. 

     Even the thought of standing in front of the guild doors fills me with excitement I haven’t felt in so long. I wonder how hard it is to join the guild? Would I have to take an entrance exam of sorts? I hope not. 

  I’m sorry for the short letter this time, but I’m so on edge over being able to go to Fairy Tail that anything and everything I’ve wanted to write to you these past two years have escaped my mind, but don’t worry Mom! I’ll write more to you as soon as I remember them. For now, your daughter will be making a short stop to the local Magic Shop, and then heading straight towards Fairy Tail!



Lucy stared at the finish letter tiredly, putting the pen down and folding it into an envelope. She stuffed it into her bag and walked out of the inn’s room and into the main lobby. 

“Hi, I’d like to check out.”

The attendant turned towards her Lacrima and began typing stuff in, before turning to Lucy briefly and asking, “What room?”



“Welcome, Miss.” Said the old shopkeeper, his old stature being held up by the stableness of the shops counter. 

Lucy smiled towards the old man and nodded his way, walking around soon after, looking around.

“Is there anything you need, Miss?” Asked the old man. He leaned over the counter and kept a firm gaze on the blonde, a look in his eyes Lucy wasn’t sure she liked. 

“Um, actually,” She walked towards the counter and calmly stared back at the old man, “do you have any gate keys?”

“Gate keys?” He dove behind the counter, “we rarely have mages in this town, but you’re in luck miss, I just got a shipment of new items last week.”

He brought out a box next, shuffling through it before he yelled triumphantly to himself, a silver key glistening in his hand as he pushed himself out of the depths of the box. “Key of the Canis Minor. 20,000 Jewel.”

“Thank you,” she reached out to it, “wait. 20,000 Jewel?”

“As I said, it’s very rare for mages to stop by and find something thats actually of use to their magic.”

“But still, 20k for a silver key?” She glared at him, “sir, do you have any idea the actual value of a silver key, especially one of the Canis Minor? This has to be the most popular Celestial Gate key and you have the audacity to charge me 20,000 Jewel for this?”

“Now, Miss-,” he tried, his voice fading out as the glare coming from the mage turned far more dangerous than he would have hoped. Lucy threw a small leather pouch on the counter, taking the key and leaving no room for the old man to talk.

“10,000 or else there won’t be any more customers for you to leech off of, Sir.”

The old man gulped, nodding reluctantly, his hand nervously edging towards the leather pouch. “Y-yes, of course. 10,000 Jewel for the Canis Minor Key.”

Lucy nodded, her grasp on the key tightening as she walks away. 

Can’t stand these shopkeeps.

"Happy are you sure about what Nab said?"

"Aye, sir!" A blue cat with wings, Happy, sprouted up into the air, "He said rumors of a Salamander being in Hargeon were being spread around recently."

Natsu grumbled, arms crossed and staring off into the alley, "But I don't smell Igneel anywhere around here."

"Maybe Igneel learned Transformation Magic since he's been away and bought that perfume thing Mira is always obsessed with!" 

Natsu's eyes sparkled, "Oh man, imagine that! I wonder what he'd look like. You think he'd be all cool and strong and stuff like Gildarts? GILDARTS WITH WINGS! Happy we gotta go."

He grabbed Happy and rushed off further into the alley, the blue cat being dragged by by his tail. Dodging people and turning corners quite sharply, Natsu stopped abruptly.

A shrill shriek came from the eastern part of the port. Natsu grinned. 

"Igneel here we come!"

A crowd gathered around one of the small docks, the normally empty walkway now filled with screaming girls. Many onlookers, fishermen and sailors alike, stared at the crowd in disgust. Their disturbance to their normally peaceful and quiet port was not welcomed with open arms. Lucy sighed.

“What the hell is going on here?” She muttered, flinching at the harsh gazes the regulars of the port threw at her. She held her hands up and shook her head, wanting any affiliation with the screaming and annoying girls to dissipate. The gazes softened a little, and some redirected their gazes to the more annoying girls. Some stayed, the blonde now catching their eye. She grinned hesitantly, turning her body away from the now intrigued stares. 

Tapping one of the girls, Lucy asked, “Hey, what’s going on here?”

“Salamander is here!” The girl all but shrieked.


Intrigued, she made her way through the sea of fangirls, making sure not to be too handsy or rude towards any of them. 

“Why ladies!” A smooth and rugged voice yelled, “Please do try to keep the fuss down to a minimum, I’m afraid we’re disturbing some of the fishermen here!”

The crowd seemed to scream more at that, and as Lucy made her way through, groaned as one of the girls yelled directly in her ear. Now at the front of the crowd, Lucy glanced up to the man seemingly at the center of this.

He was rather average looking, if Lucy were to be honest. Blue spiky hair with what seemed to be an undercut on his right side, and a tattoo above his right eye, the man reveled in the attention he was getting. She stood up straight and observed him more. A guy as boring as this is causing the ruckus? She thought, I don’t sense much magic in him either.

Her eyes fell down to his hands. She scoffed. 

A fucking charm spell. How nice of you, Salamander.

Her scoff seemed to have gathered his attention, as he was now currently eyeing her like a piece of meat. “My my, and who do we have here? Such a beautiful specimen such as yourself deserves a personal invitation from me!”

He walked closer, grabbing her hand and kissing it. His lips felt rough. She cringed. “Please, do come to my party, oh Blonde Beauty!"

He smirked at himself, looking at the crowd of girls and winked at Lucy, before a fire carpet seemed to appear below him. “I must be off, dearies! I hope to see you all later. Adieu!”

“Tsk, what an arrogant prick,” She mumbled.

“That wasn’t Igneel.”

She turned to the voice next her.

A teenaged boy, presumably the same age as her, gazed up at the flying man. His hair was undeniably pink, a feature Lucy didn’t quite grasp.

“Dude, you have pink hair?” She blurted.

The guy turned to her and yelled, “It’s salmon!”

“They’re under the same shade, idiot!”

“No they’re not!”

“Yes they are!”

“Aye, sir!” A blue cat with wings floated right next to her.

“Your cat is blue!” She yelled. The two stared at each other, before Lucy grinned and laughed. This whole situation was by far the weirdest thing she had gone through. The pink haired guy stared at his cat, before grinning back at her.

“Man, you’re weird.” He stated, “You ain’t ever seen a flying cat before?”

“They’re not really common house-hold pets anywhere, you know.”

“Happy isn’t a pet!” He looked insulted at that, “He’s my friend!”

Her gaze softened, the words striking a cord in her. “Of course, I’m sorry. My names Lucy, what’s yours?”

 “Natsu. My names Natsu.”

“Alright, Natsu.” She patted her belly, “You hungry? Cause I don’t know about you, but I am.”

Natsu opened his mouth, only for his stomach to interrupt him. Lucy laughed.

“Yea..” He murmured, slouched and holding his stomach.

“So,” Lucy took a bite of her food, gaze never leaving the duo. “Why’re you in Hargeon?”

Natsu and Happy continued to scarf down the food, an answer for the girls question thrown into the mix of burps and clattering of plates. She deadpanned.

"Say that again."

Natsu swallowed down hard, gulping a glass of water down, "I said, we're looking for Igneel!"

"Who the hell is Igneel?"

“Igneel’s a dragon!” Happy exclaimed, for once his face not drowning in the food. Lucy stared at the duo questioningly.

“You thought a dragon would be in Hargeon?”

Natsu and Happy stared at her in sudden realization, the two slowly turning their heads to each other. 

“Man, you guys are a different breed, huh?” She muttered.

Happy stared solemnly at his fish, "But the rumors of a Salamander..."

"Most likely, he was faking his identity." Lucy leaned back, "he had on a charm ring. Makes your feelings go haywire and gives you a suddent attachment to the user. He could've been spreading around the rumors to attract more people for his business."

Natsu stared at her, "Business?"

"His boat party tonight? I've heard rumors about it being a sex trafficking ring. Most likely this is how he gets his victims."

Natsu and Happy sat there, looking at Lucy as she dropped the news. The girl looked calm, yet a look of fear flashed in her eyes. She played with her hands, cracking and bending them as she stared out the window. She sighed.

Placing down a bag of jewel, she collected her jacket and stood up, slipping her arm in. 

"I gotta go now. Here's the bill for you guys. I'll see you around?"

Natsu took the bag hesitantly, looking back and forth between it and Lucy. Playing with the hem of it, he grinned at Lucy. 

"Thanks. I'll definitely see you around. I gotta pay you back, afterall!"


She smiled and nodded at the two, heading out with a wave.

Clutching her copy of Sorcerer Weekly, Lucy tossed and turned on the wooden bench.

"Man!" She exclaimed, "Mirajane is seriously pretty in these spreads. I know Fairy Tail has some seriously strong members, but all of them are lookers too! Compared to Mirajane, I doubt I have any chance of joining Fairy Tail now..."

"Nonsense," a voice said, "Fairy Tail would be honored to have a mage as beautiful, and by the look in your eyes earlier, as skilled as you in our guild."

Lucy sat up, surprised by the sudden arrival of the voice. She looked at the intruder, shocked that he was able to find her. "You're... Salamander, right?"

"Of Fairy Tail," he bellowed, "I hear you want to join?"

"You can get me in?" She huffed internally at him, already knowing his schemes and lies. He took the bait, using his magic to form the guild symbol of Fairy Tail. It hovered over the ground next to him, "Of course I can. But you have to do something for me, as well."

"Such as?"

"Come to my party tonight." The fire dissipated, wisps of the flame floating towards her, forming words. The wisps formed into what seemed to be letters. Lucy took one look at them and sighed. "Alright."

He grinned, "I'll see you later then. Dress in your finest attire!”

With that, he summoned his fire carpet and flew off towards the pier, his boat gleaming in the distance. Lucy craned her neck to follow him, glaring at the blue-haired man. 

"Fucking scum," she muttered. She grumbled, fumbling with her keys before stopping at one, swiping it in the air. A puff of smoke, along with a doorbell sound, summoned itself simultaneously, disappearing to reveal a tall figure.

"Hey there, Baby. What can I do for you today?" He snipped his scissors.

"Hi Cancer. I have something I need you to do.” She smirked, crossing her arms. “Very special.”

"Anything for you, Baby."