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Petrichor and Coffee

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Being an Omega wasn’t so bad anymore.


Raihan had slowly come to terms with himself, albeit he still never told anyone. The night he had hooked up with Leon really was the time he realized that he could be happy as an Omega, and since then he had found himself prouder. Prouder of himself for everything he had built up in his life, how strong he had become- and Leon was always there at his side to remind him those days when he would forget.


Raihan would be lying to himself if he said that he hated those times when Leon had him weak at his knees, bent over his bed, filling him up just right.


Those were the times where he felt closest to Leon, and he knew their relationship had built up ever since that first time. Due to Leon’s nature of being open about his ruts, Raihan had stopped taking his suppressants- but he never dropped the habit of overusing scent blockers when he went out in public.

Unsurprisingly, people had noticed the changes, how he and Leon seemed even closer than they were before. People never failed to have a comment or two about them, some even speculating they were more than what they showed to the public. Of course they were, it wasn’t the hardest thing to notice. The looks they shared, the way the relished in those times where they sometimes brushed up against each other in public, even the language they used towards each other.


Theories started to pop up online- theories about what they were. Some speculated they were just rivals, some thought they were just close friends- most knew that they were way more. Eventually the way people spoke about them became malicious, almost spiteful towards them.

There was one that Raihan had read, it always stuck in the back of his mind whenever he and Leon would get together for anything.


You can tell @ChampionTime and @DragonLord have hard-ons for each other. Who’s the Omega, boys? 👁👅👁️”


Leon and Raihan had talked about it before, how, or even if, they were going to tell the public about their relationship, about what Raihan was. Everyday it built up fear in his gut, until the days when him and Leon got behind closed doors and he could get it all go. Leon was always there to tell him that he was perfect- even as an Omega.


So, you’d imagine their surprise when their heats started to sync up perfectly.


It started with a rushed text from Raihan, then a messy fuck. Next it was a surprise Flying Taxi with Leon, then a rough fuck. Last time it was a nude of a flushed Leon, then a sloppy fuck. Raihan had made it clear that he wasn’t quite ready for being marked every time Leon was buried deep in him, but the idea of them being together in that kind of way sometimes made Raihan’s heart melt.

Nevertheless, Leon had always made sure to follow Raihan’s wishes. It had become much harder to the last two times, though, and Leon had to resort to buying and wearing a muzzle. Bars wide enough for him to get a taste of skin, but not enough to get a bite- it drove him crazy. Claiming Raihan was all Leon had on his mind for hours on end, finally being able to taste that delicious metallic almond he had been chasing.

The date of Raihan’s heat had been sitting in the back of his mind- and he was acutely aware of when it had started. He had been so excited to meet up like this again with Leon, he couldn’t help but give him a ring. He was halfway out the door as Leon picked up the video call.


“Heya handsome. Coming over so soon, hm?” A breathless voice spoke from the phone, and Raihan shot a glare at his floating Rotom. Leon was looking down into the phone in his hands, a small smile on his face as he walked, “I was hoping I could come over to you again today, if you don’t mind.”

“How long have you been walking?”
“Rai, I’ve been over to your place countless times. There’s no way I could get lost.”
“You sure?”



Raihan shook his head and turned back around, shutting the door behind himself. Leon hadn’t hung up yet, his eyes still on Raihan.

“Where are you now?”

“I, uh-“ He looked up from the phone, taking a look around. His brows knitted for a second before he looked down again, “I’m coming up to Hammerlocke Hills now, I’ll be there in a few.”

Raihan was the one to hang up. He found himself in a sudden frenzy, quickly speeding to his room to fix up the nest he had made. His inner thighs were almost dripping with slick when Leon knocked on the door.


Raihan could never get used to the way Leon’s pupils would dilate when he got a whiff of Raihan’s scent, the way he swallowed thickly, almost drooling over it. Leon wasn’t hiding his scent either, and it made Raihan’s stomach churn- hungry for Leon’s knot.

They didn’t even have to speak; they had done this so many times before that they knew exactly what was going to happen. Leon stepped in and let Raihan close the door behind him. Leon pressed his body into Raihan’s, nuzzling up into the crook of Raihan’s neck and taking in a deep breath. He groaned- voice deep and powerful, making Raihan’s knees weak.

The tongue that dragged up Raihan’s scent glands caused Raihan to pull back, “Did you bring the uhm-“ He swallowed down the moan that threatened to leave his chest, “The muzzle?”


Leon sighed, half in frustration and half in a burning lust that had been building in his gut. He waved his hand off to the side, gesturing to the air then down to the bag at his side. Raihan hadn’t even noticed it until now.

“Come, Rai. I know how you’ve been waiting.” Leon’s voice growled into Raihan’s scent glands, “Lead me.”


Raihan’s knees almost buckled at Leon’s tone, slick dripping into and staining his undergarments- but he gently pushed Leon back into his room. Leon’s body swayed as they walked, and occasionally his hips would brush up against Raihan’s, his hard-on teasing Raihan.
Leon had seen Raihan’s previous nests before- they’d usually be a loose and messy nest, done last minute to have a comfortable place to spend his heats, but this nest was done extremely well. It was built up strong- decorated brightly with different dragon themed trinkets. It was a wonderful surprise for Leon, and the overwhelming scent of Raihan that filled the room twisted his guts in ways he never thought possible.


When Leon’s legs touched the edge of the nest, he pulled his head away from Raihan’s delicious scent glands, only to push him back onto the wide of the nest. He took Raihan’s lips into his own, grinding his hips down into Raihan- earning himself a throaty moan from the man squirming beneath him. Raihan’s hands explored up and down Leon’s strong back, mapping out every little detail his hands could feel. His fingers dug into the muscles along Leon’s back as Leon rolled his bottom lip between his teeth- biting down lightly. Leon pulled back for just a moment, tearing off his clothing desperately- giving Raihan some time to search through the bag for Leon’s muzzle.

A shiver ran through Raihan’s body as Leon’s cool hands escaped under his hoodie and shirt, pulling them over his head and off to the side of the nest. His shorts were quick to follow, then his slicked-up undergarments- which Leon pressed to his mouth for a quick taste of the sweet coating before throwing it to the rest of Raihan’s clothing. Raihan couldn’t help but squeeze his knees together at the gesture, earning a light-hearted chuckle from the Champion. His legs loosened up as Leon prodded a finger at Raihan’s swollen hole, groaning into the meat of his forearm that covered his flushed face.


“Hand me the muzzle.” Leon growled under his breath, pulling his finger away. He used the moment to tug on a condom he had kept off to the side.


Raihan swallowed the drool that threatened to spill from his mouth, handing Leon the leather muzzle. Leon clipped it on quickly, shaking his head so his hair could sit more comfortably on his shoulders. He lowered his head down to Raihan’s jawline, dragging his tongue along it through the bars of the muzzle, a satisfied whine leaving Raihan’s throat.

The world almost seemed to stop as Leon guided his cock into Raihan, pressing the meaty head into Raihan. They had done this so many times in the past- but Raihan could never get used to the feeling of Leon filling him up. Leon gave a cheeky thrust when he had pressed in halfway, causing Raihan to jump and tense up- which in turn earned him a light chuckle from the alpha above him.

“Ohh Arceus-“ Leon slurred as his hips pressed flushed against Raihan’s ass, face nuzzled into the side of Raihan’s face. Raihan dug his heels into Leon’s back, forearm covering his flushed face as Leon ground his hips down into him. His dick pulsed against Leon’s toned stomach, earning some much-loved friction ad Leon started to thrust his hips.


Leon had learned what Raihan’s favorite rhythm was over time, so the pace was set quickly- and Raihan couldn’t thank him enough for his thoughtfulness over their pace. He knew exactly how to get Raihan into a blabbing mess, exactly where and how to thrust- and what words to whisper into the lobe of Raihan’s pierced ears.

Raihan had learned to stop being quiet, he found himself enjoying their together so much more when he was loud. He loved seeing the way Leon would react to how he would sing when he was pounded into just right. How his breathing would get heavier, how his pupils would dilate, how he would growl deep in his chest- he loved seeing how much Leon was also enjoying himself as much as he was.


Leon pulled his face away from Raihan’s neck to look at him in the eyes, his eyes flashing lustful and hungry sheen that showed how deep his love for Raihan went. How much he wanted Raihan in his life, how deep in his soul his love went. Raihan could see it in his eyes- shining golden luminating in the dim lighting, a deep and yearning affection for him. It made his heart flutter and his cock throb.

Leon’s knot had started to build- strong and filling. Raihan’s toes curled as nails claws helplessly at Leon’s hips and Leon gave some hard thrusts for his efforts. As Raihan’s head lolled backwards, Leon pushed his face back into the crook of Raihan’s neck, tongue pressing and licking up and down the metal bars of his muzzle- desperately trying to get a taste of Raihan’s skin.


Raihan wanted to say something, he wanted to tell Leon to claim him, wanted to tell him to make him his. It was a thought that had never left his mind, ever since that first night they had spent together.


As Leon forced his knot into Raihan, the white that flashed behind Raihan’s eyelids pulled some slurred words out of Raihan’s throat.


Leon’s head turned to the side, cheek resting on Raihan’s shoulder as he gazed up hungrily at Raihan, hips keeping up their constant rhythm.

“Fuck, Arceus—” He felt Leon’s lips curl up from behind the muzzle, “Leon I know.. how long we’ve wanted this…” Leon pulled up again, hips faltering for only just a moment. His eyes looked into Raihan’s, light confusion dusting his features. “So, I want you to mark me- mark me forever, Champion.”

“Han-“ Leon’s half lidded eyes showed an emotion Raihan couldn’t quite read, “Are you sure?” His voice stayed deep in a growl.


Raihan’s head nodded weakly as his hands clawed helplessly for the muzzle’s clip, Leon’s knot pressing firmly against his swollen walls. Leon’s head swam as he finally pulled his hands away from Raihan’s body, fumbling to unclip the muzzle as his mind almost became feral in the moment of their heated passion.

A long string of curses left his mouth as the muzzle became slack against his face. The metal muzzle was only halfway out of his hand when Leon’s face was back pushed up against Raihan’s flushed skin, tongue licking as much skin as he could. Leon was suddenly very aware of his orgasm that had been building deep in his gut, how swollen his knot had become and how much Raihan had been keeping in his own climax- begging for release.


“I’m- gonna do it. Okay Rai?”


Raihan didn’t give a response, too busy caught up in his orgasm that wracked through his body. His mouth was agape, sounds Leon had never heard before spewing out. This was his chance.


As Leon himself peaked, he let his teeth sink into Raihan’s tender flesh. An overwhelming tang of metallic almond filled his mouth, making his mind run at a million miles an hour. He kept his teeth buried in Raihan, listening to the Gym Leader’s sweet cries of pain and pleasure as he rode out his orgasm- filling up the condom tightly. Raihan kept still, his body tense as he came down from the high of his climax.

His mind refused to come back to him, swimming in thoughts throughout Raihan’s head- but he was still acutely aware of Leon. How Leon’s nails had scraped thick, red lines in his skin. How Leon’s knot pushed on his tense muscles. How Leon had claimed him. Claimed his body- all for himself. Marked by the deep bite on his shoulder, mated for life- just like how Raihan had dreamed of five months ago.


Leon reluctantly took his teeth out of Raihan and the Gym Leader groaned deeply- relishing in the painful feeling as blood dripped cleanly out of the fresh wound. His body shivered as Leon’s tongue slowly drew up the bite, licking up the crimson- looking like he could almost come again just from the taste alone. They stayed like that for few long moments, catching breaths and licking wounds- silence rang in the air.

It almost became uncomfortable, but Raihan couldn’t find the voice that he had lost in the moment- luckily Leon spoke up.


“Arceus- You’re delicious, Raihan.” Leon muttered into Raihan’s skin, giving one last gentle lick to the deep bite mark before finally pulling his head away from the tender flesh. Raihan couldn’t help the smile that snuck onto his face, the whole night finally coming back to him as he gazed into Leon’s golden eyes- earning a warm smile back from the Champion. Raihan could see the amount of pure affection in Leon’s gaze, half lidded with love.

They let the moment draw on, eyes locked, bodies close, air thick with their mixed scents.


Eventually Leon had to pull away and out of Raihan, being gentle as his knot had only half deflated in the time they had stayed still. Raihan squeezed his eyes shut and chewed his bottom lip as Leon’s cock finally left him, leaving him feeling empty- he couldn’t help the tired groan that left his chest. He jumped as a finger prodded at his used and tender hole, eyes shooting open to glare at Leon.

Leon snorted in a laugh, apologizing lightly as he finally pulled away from Raihan fully. The Gym Leader winced as he sat up, brushing one of his small dragon trinkets absentmindedly before scooting to the edge of the nest. He let his hand wander up to the mark on his neck and a sharp pain sparked down his spine, catching him by surprise. The sound that left his mouth caught Leon’s attention from across the room as he was disposing of the thoroughly used condom, looking over his shoulder at Raihan.

He grabbed two bottles of water from Raihan’s small bar fridge he had kept in his room, scooping up a dirty towel off the floor on his way back to Raihan’s nest.

“You should be careful with that, Rai.”

“Fuck off Mr. “I’ve Been an Alpha My Entire Life I Got Nothing to Hide.” I can take some pain.”

Leon snorted again, throwing Raihan one of the bottles and the towel at Raihan, “Is that so?” He flashed a cheeky grin, “We’ll see.”


Raihan smiled again, watching Leon’s slim figure tug on one of his own loose-fitting boxers- shaking his hair out of his face. He strolled confidently back to Raihan’s nest before stopping a few feet away from Raihan. He cocked a brow at Raihan’s sly expression, eyes glancing to the still lightly bleeding bite on his shoulder.



“Don’t I get one of those?”


Leon’s face twisted in confusion, earning a hearty laugh from Raihan. He ran Raihan’s words through his mind again. It took him a moment, but his mind finally clicked. “Oh. Oh. Yeah.” He muttered, turning around again and digging through Raihan’s underwear drawer, “My mind’s not here, I swear.”

Raihan laughed lightly again, catching the boxers that were thrown at him, “Oh yeah? Where is it, Champ?” His face held his popular half lidded smile, even as he cleaned himself and the nest off. He pulled on the boxers as Leon landed on the nest with a huff.


“I donno.” He answered with a light shrug, “Lost in your scent, I suppose.” Leon closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, tasting the air. When he opened his eyes again, Raihan could see his pupils dilate for a second, before returning to their normal size. Even now it made Raihan’s stomach twist.

Leon gestured to Raihan, pulling the Gym Leader into his own body when he scooted closer. Raihan couldn’t help the purr that boiled in his throat as Leon pet his head gently- nuzzling his chin as they cuddled. Raihan felt safe in Leon’s strong arms, safe from everything that could’ve harmed him. He let his eyes close, listening to Leon’s breathing as his body relaxed- focusing on the hand that rubbed slow circles on his skin.


But there was something chewing on the back of his mind, breaking him out of his comfort. What would everybody think of him now? He had been marked, wide and clear on his shoulder. He’d never be able to take selfies from certain angles, never able to take gym selfies, never be able to show off to all of his fans- it would hurt him more than before.

Leon, as if he could sense Raihan’s sudden unease, gazed up at Raihan. He made eye contact through thick lashes, face creasing as he recognised Raihan’s grim emotion. He sat up, looking down softly at Raihan, “Hey-“ He lightly rubbed Raihan’s chin, frowning, “What’s wrong?”


Raihan looked away, sudden embarrassment hurting his chest. His face dusted a light crimson, “Leon,” his brows knitted, “What do I do now-?”


Leon’s surprise was shown clearly, his eyes wide. His eyelids lowered as he fully processed Raihan’s question, but he stayed quiet- properly thinking over Raihan’s words. He hadn’t thought over it. Neither of them had. Of course, they had talked about if Raihan would ever want to get marked, but what would happen after- it never crossed either of their minds.


“Listen, Raihan.”


Leon took a deep breath in, not reacting to whatever scents were left lingering in the air.


“Telling people about- this… They won’t stop loving you for you.”


Raihan turned his head back to look up at Leon, eyes glossy with an emotion Leon found himself struggling to read. Leon gently rubbed Raihan’s cheek, “Sure, it may take everyone a moment to-“ he thought over his words again as Raihan rested his head on Leon’s thick leg, “-to accept that this is you. But you aren’t going to be hated, no way.”

Leon felt himself smile slightly, “You’re amazing.”


Raihan sat up, slouching his back against the back of the nest- almost making Leon’s back cry- but he pulled Leon into a hug again.


“You’re nothing I’ve ever seen before. You’re so strong- so brave. The world has never seen anything like you, an omega so powerful, so happy in your skin. I understand that you’re afraid, Raihan, but nobody will hate you over this. You’re an inspiration to all those Omegas who are afraid of being strong, going against the norm- they’ll look up to you like never before.”


“Will they, Leon?”


“Without a doubt.”