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You’ve Cat to be Kitten me Right Meow

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Lena didn’t expect this. Nope. This was the last thing she expected, hell it was the last thing she needed right now. The CEO had meeting, after meeting, after meeting today and Lex was going to surely stop by the lab today and Lena had so much work left to do for Non Nocere. It was safe to say she didn’t have any time to spare a break, or even worse; whatever had caused this.

This having started when she woke up. Something felt…. off. At first she dismissed it but that option was quickly thrown out the window when she made three important realizations. 

One being everything was loud. And when she meant loud; she meant five times louder than what she was normally used to. She could hear birds chirping and footsteps and doors creaking and who else knows what. 

The second thing being she was small, or at least the bed had grown sixteen sizes from what she was accustomed to.

The third thing she realized? She wasn’t human. Once she glanced down it was revealed; she was no longer a human. Humans didn’t have paws. instead? Lena was a cat. 

Lena never really did cats. In fact she never really did animals. Blame it on the Luthors being as strict as they were and Lena being as busy as she was. Don’t get her wrong; animals, animals were nice. The closest thing she got to having a dog was horseback riding lessons Lillian made her take until she realized Lena was enjoying them too much and promptly took them away. But that didn’t mean she didn’t like dogs or cats. Both seemed decent animals. But at the same time they were too much work in the end. 

Upon having this realization that she was a cat, Lena sat on the ground for a good ten minutes trying to figure out what the fuck to do in ones situation. No scratch that. What to do first. She was Lena fucking Luthor after all! People were going to notice her gone. Just like they noticed Supergirl gone. 

Lena had a company to run. She had inventions to work on; and most importantly had to deal with Lex. Despite all of her former friends' assumptions Lena was working for Lex to keep an eye on him. How was she supposed to do that as a cat?  

But; she supposed things could be worse. She could’ve woke up as a lizard. Or a turtle. But still. Waking up as a cat was not ideal. 

Lena didn’t know whether she should go to someone or let someone find her. Or maybe she should hide until this whole thing blows over? She didn’t know. But frankly she didn’t want to wait around and do nothing. The first order of business she assumed was getting to her lab. Perhaps she could fix things there? It was a long shot; but it was a step in some direction. 

The Luthor, now turned cat, had jumped off the bed and decided the only way she was getting out of here was through the window. No way could she get her paws around the doorknob. As she passed by a mirror she had in her room Lena paused glancing at herself. Of course she would be a black cat. Luthors never had good luck.  At least she still had her green eyes. Lena glanced around herself in the mirror for a few more seconds. She seemed oddly muscular for a cat. Hefty? She couldn’t tell. All she could tell was she wasn’t quite an adult, but she wasn’t entirely a newborn either. More of a kitten. Maybe a month old? She couldn’t tell. Lena sighed quietly to herself as she dismissed her thoughts about the matter and wandered out to the living room. It was time to get down to business.

For once in her life, Lena was glad she had created a whole security system in her penthouse. Everything was automated. And thankfully if she didn’t have her voice she still had a hidden panel with an iPad. 

Once having access to the iPad Lena was grateful her paws were able to punch out a password. She knew it wasn’t retina scanned, or finger print, but instead just type out a password. She knew it would come in handy some day. But she had always figured it would be useful on a day where she had lost her voice or the electricity was out. Never thought she’d need it because she was a cat. Oh well, first times for everything. 

Having gotten the password correct, ‘ILKBICTABIALPSLS.’ Lena managed to get to the window controls and propped her window open just a smidge before stashing the iPad under the couch. 

Once that was over, Lena promptly snuck out the balcony before freezing up. If she wanted to leave? She’d have to climb on the side of the building. The edge of the building. Maybe she should’ve just… tried taking the elevator or something. She really hated heights. Given that she’s had a lot of, helicopter crashes, being pushed off balconies, jumping steep ledges and everything she never got over her fear of heights. And yet. Here she was. And she had to face it. 

From what she had heard from cats, they were very flexible and good on their feet. Let’s hope that was true. Taking a precautious step off the ledge and onto another short ledge it seemed her cat senses had taken over, keeping her oddly balanced, even when a tiny gust of wind would nearly scare the crap out of her. 

It took about half an hour, but in the end, she menuevered it. And got down safely. 

In no time was she dashing down the street, dodging feet, and ignoring honking cars and loud children as she made her way to L-Corp. 

As she arrived at a nearby park down the street she internally sighed. Sure. She was near L-Corp, but how in tarnation was she supposed to get in? Her- okay, Lex’s’ security had been bumped up and tripled. And she was pretty sure no pets were allowed on the premises. 

Lena briefly debated about going up against security and meowing or attacking or just plain trying to dart past them when a familiar smell hit her nose. 

Noonans. The mere smell set off a lightbulb in Lenas mind. 

Kara. Maybe Kara could help! Honestly it was her best chance given she was a cat and people at the park were staring at her. 

So, following her intuition Lena scampered off to a new destination. Kara’s apartment.