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Lazy Sunday

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     Shirayuki gazed over at her fiancé, Izana from across the couch. Since it was Sunday, they had slept in that morning and planned to spend the rest of the day together. Right now they should be snuggled up together on the couch.  However, something came up with his job that he had to work on immediately.


     She was at the side of the couch in a baggy white shirt and black boy-short underwear. She had already pouted and bugged him for a while. So he has chosen to ignore her for the time being.


“Izana?” Shirayuki said as she looked his way.


No response 


“Look, “ she said getting closer to him. “I'm sorry? Ok? I just was really looking forward to spending time with you. “


He continued to look at his papers.


Then she had an idea. A dirty idea, but still an idea nonetheless.


      She got down on the floor and between his knees. She put her right hand on his thigh and looked up at him. He shot a quick glance at her but continued to look at the reports in his hands.


“Izanaaa....” she whined softly as she palmed him through his pants. He froze up a bit but relaxed and let her continue.


“I’m really sorry” She spoke as she felt him harden in her hands. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his hardening member and stroked him a few times before speaking again. “Let me show you how sorry I am.”


        She gave the tip a kiss and licked along the length of his cock. She looked up to see ocean blue eyes staring down at her, the reports lay on the couch long forgotten.


      She stroked him slowly and used her thumb rub the slit. His head lolled back as she took the tip into her mouth. She sucked on tip and swirled around it with her tongue. She opened her mouth and snuck down his length until it reached the back of her throat. 


        She began to bob up and down as she greedily sucked his member. She hummed as a hand threaded through her crimson locks to gripped her roots. She hallowed her cheeks and looked up at him. His breath hitched as she did this and he groaned as she continued to work at his length. He accidentally thrusted his hips up in order to feel more of her mouth. As this happened she pulled back and released him with a pop.


       She continued to stroke his member as she took a couple's breaths. She sucked in the tip once more and used the tip of her tongue to play with the slit. The hand in her hair gripped tighter as she took him in until she was at the base of his cock. He groaned as she sucked and licked his shaft. The coil in his stomach was getting tight and he felt like he was going to come. 


       Before it was too late, he used the hand that was in her hair to pull her off and stood up. He moaned as she stroked his cock faster and stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes. He groaned as ropes of his release landed on her face and tongue. She looked up at him and smirked as she swallowed what was left on her tongue.

       She stood up and took off her baggy T-shirt which left her in nothing, but her underwear. He gawks at her as she smiles and turns around to head to their bedroom. He watches her frame as she goes inside.


       He thought as he follows her to their bedroom. She is sitting on the bed waiting for him. He closes the door behind him before joining her.

Work can wait till tomorrow.