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A Siren's Tale

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Chapter Four: "Reflection on Memories"

It was like a mere dream.

Oritel couldn't help, but keep his eyes firmly planted on the two women, and if he were to blink an eye, Marion and Bloom would simply vanish into thin air.

The man had watched them in fascination, as Marion was braiding her daughter's excessively long red curly hair, in which the young girl kept wincing and mumbling under her breath.

His brown eyes had drifted off to the yellow satchel bag in Bloom's lap of what Oritel had assumed that the girl had collected unusual objects that had fallen into the oceans as her hobby.

The red-haired woman Oritel was staring at was the siren he had fallen around the age of seventeen.

It was completely insane to believe that Marion was truly alive and with him on this very yacht with their youngest daughter, Bloom. The brunet man had noted that Bloom held complete interest about the human world or so he'd been told by his brother-in-law, Alec.

What had astounded Oritel the most was the fact his wife had been living in her kingdom with her family, while all this time Marion had been raising Bloom as a single parent for all these years, just like him as he raised Daphne.

This time, Oritel made a silent vow to himself under his breath: he will not lose Marion all over again. He will not lose his darling daughters: Daphne and Bloom either.

They were his world.

His absolute joy in his life.

Most importantly out of all this: they were his family.

Bloom had craned her neck, as the girl peered through the window of the yacht that was speeding, causing small waves on the surface. She had never seen anything like this from before—it was so beautiful—the surface of the crystal blue waters glimmered under the dazzling golden sunlight.

The siren girl had turned her head around, as her gaze met her father's handsome face, and in that moment her blue eyes had instantly lit up.

"You know I've never been up to the surface before Dad. Mum never allowed me to have my head out of water at all." Bloom spoke, though something in her voice sounded almost like haunting like, as the girl had reflected on her memories.

That doesn't sound like Marion at all. Or at least the Marion I'd remembered her to be.

Oritel raised a single eyebrow at his youngest daughter, knowing that his wife once used to be so bubbly-like and free-spirited just like Bloom when Marion was around her age and not being so uptight about particular things that he carefully payed attention to.

Marion had defiantly changed a lot from the last time he'd been with her (and remembered her by), but then again, after having their golden child Daphne—Marion had become more worried about certain things. Oritel couldn't blame her for it. She was a mother after all, and parents tend to become way overprotective when it involves their own children's lives.

The man had reflected back over how he'd raised Daphne as well—he wouldn't let her go out to public places without him being with her (or her grandparents)—especially to places like the beaches and waterparks.

When Daphne had P.E in high school Oritel had to make sure to get the doctor's note of approval in not allowing his daughter to participate in any type of swimming activities and he had to explain the whole story with her P.E. instructor about her being allergic to chlorine water—in which it would cause her skin to become painfully swollen and red with blisters forming all over her skin.

It would be too dangerous for Daphne, if anyone had discovered her true heritage of being a siren girl. He couldn't imagine what would become of his daughter. Oritel had to always double his protection whenever they were out together in public.

"Bloom!" Marion chastised her daughter.

Oritel couldn't exactly place his finger on it, but from the way Marion was scolding her daughter for simply being a bit friendly with him (technically speaking, he was a stranger to Bloom and Marion, well in her case it was due to the loss of her memories) that Marion had distrusted him completely.

But then again, Marion did say she had a distrust in all men.

So had something happened to her and Bloom?

Had a male siren attempted to sexually abuse his wife and youngest daughter?

Oritel's brown eyes had fluttered wide open over such a disturbing thought that flew into his mind . . . could it be? No. He couldn't think that something would ever happen to Marion and young Bloom of all people?

The redheaded woman gazed at Oritel sympathetically. "I'm sorry Oritel, but would you mind giving me and Bloom some privacy. I mean this is overwhelming for the both of us and I would like to talk to my daughter alone."

Bloom frowned.

Although, she had an inkling feeling at the back of her mind about what her mother had wanted to discuss with her in private. The young siren girl turned to Oritel as her peachy lips parted. "Thank you Dad, you've been very kind to me and Mum."

Bloom's soft silky voice had made her father's heart papillate in his chest and against his ribs. A warm tingling feeling had prickled at his skin as if being thanked by his daughter had simply made his day, no had brighten his world that had been rather colorless in the past sixteen years.

(He wished the same could be said for Marion).

Oritel's lips curled into a lovingly smile. "It's no problem Bloom. I'm glad I could help you and your Mum out."

He had spotted Bloom's cheeks that were coloured a faint pink before leaving the girls alone. Once Oritel was out of their eyesight Marion had sighed in utter relief before turning her attention back to her daughter with a deep frown on her face.

The siren girl rolled her eyes, a grin forming on her peachy lips.

Bloom could easily see the undying love Oritel held in his brown eyes for her mother. Unfading love. It was beautiful and quite rare for someone these days to hold such amount of love towards their significant other especially if said partner had vanished from his or her life for more than a decade or so.

Could love really be that powerful?

Could love truly transcend many lifetimes if it were real?

Was that true love?

Didn't Bloom once hear from her grandparents' tale that love was infinite that it has no boundaries? No limitations?

The young redhead siren had witnessed heartbreaks from former lovers in which one partner had cheated on the other person. It was so sad. How could anyone go through such a devastating process?

"Dad's still deeply in love with you. I could see it in his brown eyes."

Marion narrowed her vividly green eyes that were turned into slits at Bloom. "Would you stop calling that man your father? I don't ever recall him being in my life, Bloom."

"But I'm pretty sure uncle wouldn't make up lies about my father either, Mum, and you know that. And right now I could see that your afraid to be with a man who was once your husband. In fact, he's so nice and generous that he's offering us a place at his beach house," Bloom argued, desperately trying to get her point across to her mother.

Marion made a sour face at her daughter's remark.

"Be that as it may, darling, I still don't trust that man and neither should you. He could simply be using his charm on you in trying to lure me into believing his tale. Or have you forgotten what Acheron had done to us—especially to you, my love?"

In that moment Bloom had felt a cold chill run down her spine, as she gave off a slight shudder over such a dark memory that had stained her mind ever since she'd been five.

Bloom would never let it slip from her mind, ever.

It was unforgivable.

"Mum," Bloom's voice grew steady and lower, as her blue eyes were filled with anguish of the past that were swimming in her memory. "I don't think he's like Acheron at all."

Marion gently pushed Bloom's red bangs aside her face. Her expression grew softer, but yet her eyes remained unwavering, as it flickered with emotions.

"How can we be so sure that Oritel won't touch us or hurt us just like what Acheron did? Just forget the fact that Oritel is claiming that I'm his long-lost-wife and you're his long-lost-daughter? And how could we be so sure that Oritel isn't manipulating us just like Acheron?"

The young siren girl had let out a heavy sigh.

"But I have a feeling he isn't lying. And from the way he held your hands in his and the look he had on his face. Didn't you see it? I'm most sure you did. He looked heartbroken, Mum." Bloom tried to rationalize with her mother in hopes of coaxing Marion into being a bit more lenient with Oritel who was presumed to be her husband.

"I do get the impression that he isn't that kind of man, Mum."

Marion raised a questioning eyebrow.

"And how in all of the seven seas have you become a total expert in love, Bloom?"

"Well next time, you shouldn't give me so many romance books. They tend to give me a few ideas." Bloom giggled, playfully as if that explained it and the girl continued on. "And Mum I think you need someone in your life again. Someone who would love you, cherish you, and spend the rest of his life with you? Don't you miss a life like that? You can't possibly be wanting to spend the rest of your life being single?"

Marion had easily seen the concern flicker in her daughter's vibrant blue eyes over her own well being and her happiness. She had loved Bloom with all of her heart, more than the universe itself even if she couldn't remember much of Bloom's father. . . it didn't matter to her.

"Bloom. Look as nice as that sounds, but I'm not exactly in search of a man to satisfy my happiness, sweetheart. I'm already happy with my life. I already have everything I'd ever need in my life, what more could I possibly want?"

Except for a man's love, Mum. I know you really want that, but you're just too afraid to admit it to me or to anyone even grandmother and grandfather. A little trust in Oritel isn't going to be what you fear the most. Just give him a chance, Mum. Bloom snorted, though she wouldn't outright say it to her mother's face.

The girl could hardly believe a single word that came out of her mother's mouth. "Well can you at least give Oritel a chance? Give me a chance to know my father? Please Mum? For the sake of the two of us?"

Bloom's vividly blue eyes were pleading to her desperately in the most innocent expression her daughter wore on her face that Marion simply had simply given into her daughter's wishes.

"I suppose I could give Oritel a chance darling. But first I need proof of a couple of things from the man. Like our marriage certificate—if there is even one from the very start—and secondly I need to have valid proof that Oritel is indeed your father, alright darling?" Marion had finally admitted to her child, as if all weight had lifted from her shoulders.

Relief had settled in Bloom's chest. "You're the best Mum in the entire world you know that!"

Marion smiled warmly, as the woman felt her daughter's head rest on her shoulder while Bloom gazed up at her with full of innocence. "Don't get too far ahead of yourself darling. It still doesn't mean you get to be out of my eyesight."

"Mum." Bloom rolled her eyes, with a slight groan.

Oritel was gazing at the ocean's surface, as the yacht had rippled through the clear blue waters. The brunet man was simply wandering off in his day dreaming thoughts, as he felt the salty breeze of the ocean hit his face.

He turned his head instantly upon hearing heavy footsteps walk the deck of the boat.

It was his brother-in-law Alec who apparently decided to feel the blazing warmth of the golden sun on his pale skin. Alec hadn't changed much from the last time Oritel had seen him.

"It's been many years since I'd last seen you," Alec broke the silence.

Oritel lifted a brow. "Shouldn't you be inside?"

"And why would I be? I know how to control water unlike Marion and Bloom unfortunately. So now I would like to ask you where had you been for all these years, Oritel?" Alec's vibrant emerald eyes had shifted onto his brother-in-law for an answer that he'd been searching for all these long years.

Oritel had a gut feeling that this question would eventually crop up.

He let out a sigh. "Well after the car accident, I'd been in a coma for about a month before I had the chance to know what happened to my wife fully. All I ever knew was that they had presumed her dead, but I didn't believe a word they said."

"And so what happened next? From the impression I'd gotten, you just left with Daphne without even trying to look for your wife or child."

Oritel felt his hot blood had rushed to his cheeks. "Excuse me? But I'd been in search of Marion ever since I'd gotten out of the hospital for weeks. You can't honestly think that I would abandon my wife and child?"

Alec's green eyes flashed. "You even left a note saying goodbye? Anyways, besides that point, how is Daphne? I missed her terribly."

A small smile tugged at Oritel's lips. His eyes shinned over the wonderful memories as the man raised his young daughter Daphne into adulthood. "She's a fine, beautiful young woman. Daphne's a brilliant girl, full of life."

Alec was pleased to hear that about his oldest niece, but still it would be better to see Daphne in person. He raised a blond brow at Oritel. "Does she know about having a younger sibling?"

"In terms of having a sibling, yes. I told her about her mother's second pregnancy that she was once going to be an older sister until the incident happened and her mother's disappearance of course. . . it had broke her heart. And now, well, I told her everything. Daphne wants to meet us at the shore?" Oritel explained.

Alec shifted his gaze back onto the wide blue ocean.

"I'd just wished the girls hadn't been robbed from their sisterhood together. They would've been amazing sisters if they'd grown up together."

Oritel had remained silent and said nothing to Alec's last comment as the man had dwelled about his own thoughts of his two daughters growing up together side by side with Marion.

Oh, how much his world would've been different?

A beautiful wife to love with all of his fiber being (and heart) and daughters to deeply cherish and the memories all four of them would've made together. Oritel had felt his heart throb with unbearable pain, as he tried to imagine what would've been if his wife hadn't lost her memories that fateful night.

The two male had joined their remaining friends on the plushy couch.

Erendor's brown eyes had drifted onto his best-mate. "I can't believe that your somewhat crazy suspicion about the siren being your wife, was right? And you've gained a long-lost daughter out of it too?"

Alec gazed at Oritel with an annoyed expression.

For Oritel's part his mind had drifted off to what Marion had told him earlier. How many times do I have to tell you not to speak with strange men? Men only bring trouble to us and not mention they use us for their own selfish needs.

Had that meant what he exactly thought it would be?

It couldn't leave the brunet's mind alone or in peace.

Something must've happened to Marion and Bloom.

And the deep brownish scar that was wrapped around his daughter's waist up to her belly, and he even payed attention to Bloom's ripped and uneven blue scales on her pale skin.

It had made his heart skip a beating rhythm.

When Oritel had wrapped his arm around Bloom's waist, the girl slightly flinched at his mere touch, as if he had somehow hurt her. But his daughter had told him that she was fine and Oritel wasn't too sure if he'd believed Bloom's statement.

Unbearable pain had rippled across his chest.

No girl would feel that uncomfortable if she hadn't been threatened by a presence of a male overpowering her or far worse than simply overpowering her.

"Alec I have to ask you a question," Oritel's brown eyes had met his brother-in-law's emerald eyes, his voice sounding more serious and deeper. "Had something ever happened to Marion and Bloom? Had they ever been personally threatened by someone? I can't help but itch on it especially from the way Marion said she had distrust in men. And Bloom flinched when I merely touched her at the waist? And that scar? How did Bloom get it? Seeing that scar wrapped around her makes me feel unsettled by it?"

Alec's features had changed instantly when Oritel pressed him that question to icy cold—anger had lingered in the prince's green eyes. Everyone's gaze had fallen on Alec and they seemed to be equally disturbed, as the blond-haired prince.

"Something tells me this isn't good," Radius spoke darkly.

"And Marion can't know about what I'm about to tell you. You have to act like you don't know anything, alright?" Alec warned, as the man didn't want his sweet sister to find out about it.

"You don't have to worry about that," Teredor spoke in a firm voice.

Oritel had a dark feeling crawling at the back of his mind.

Alec had parted his lips, as he begun to tell the tale of Acheron a dark male siren who had always fancied Marion from a very young age, when his sister had been a young siren princess.

Acheron had not only fancied Marion, but the siren was obsessed with every single detail there was about her. Even the different shade of paint that was on her lips.

The male siren was obsessed with her soft and kind heart that the redheaded princess held over her people and kingdom and her family.

The first time he'd ever encountered Marion was in their early school together, when Alec's young sister had been a child around the age of nine. The boy had instantly took a fancy to young Marion, but she could only him as a simple classmate friend.

Oritel hadn't liked where this was heading, as for Marion had never told him much about her past (well not about the boy who apparently had his eyes set on Marion).

Maybe she hadn't thought it would inflict much in their relationship not after marrying him of course. Marion wouldn't want him to be troubled about her past when they were far beyond it's reach.

Once Marion had left the kingdom in pursuing her life long dream of living on the lands with Oritel. Soon after that Acheron had completely disappeared from the kingdom after witnessing the girl of his dreams marrying the man she loved with all of her heart—though the dark male siren had been utterly furious with Oritel and Marion and he had never returned.

". . . and strangely as it is, Acheron somehow had figured out what happened to Marion's memories."

Oritel's features had turned dark. "What? How would he even know that?"

The blond grimaced at his brother-in-law's question. "I'm thinking it's because he's a shapeshifter and naturally as that sounds, it's very easy for us to loose track of him. His magical traces vanishes with him once he becomes a different person entirely. And from what I found about him, he'd been keeping tabs on my sister secretly."

The man had remembered the vividly images that Acheron had once kept in his own home once the guards had raided the place—by that time, he was long gone. It had disturbed Alec greatly to see hundreds of pictures of sweet innocent little sister along with her daughters (there was only a few pictures of Daphne as a human girl).

Oritel paled drastically upon hearing those words fly into his ear. "In other words, he's been stalking my wife for several years? And are you trying to suggest that he's the one who hurt Marion and Bloom?"

Alec appeared to be solemn and his green eyes hardened, as if confirming the incident with him. "It was years ago, when Bloom was only five at the time. He had tried to claim himself as being Bloom's father."

"What?" Oritel's thick voice had rung through the air.

Teredor had placed a hand on his best-mate's shoulder. "Just calm down Oritel. Let's hear the story first."

"He sounds like a total creep and a douchebag," Radius commented.

Erendor grimaced over such a behavior of the wicked siren.

"Continue on," Oritel said, trying his best to remain neutral of the situation.

"As I was saying, he tried very hard to pose as Bloom's father—had a very convincing story about himself being Marion's husband and why he'd vanished in the first place. At first my sister refused to believe his story."

The brown-haired man felt his fingers tightening his grip on his floral pattern shorts.

Anger rose in Oritel's blood just over the mere thought of that wicked man giving false lies to Marion and Bloom and for trying to steal his rightful place as being a husband and father. What was even more creepy was the fact that Acheron had wanted to abduct Daphne as well in which was in his agendas (the nerve of that siren).

Oritel was a bit grateful for the fact that he'd left the city—and had a good chance at losing Acheron in the process in which he could be able to be on land as well (to Oritel's annoyance).

"And so he knew a clever way to Marion's soft heart was through the use of Bloom. He'd charmed my niece with grand false lies about his stories. And the fact Bloom's the type of being too trustful and fragile with people. In time, both girls had fallen to his manipulation and facade act, but after awhile everything was falling between the cracks and. . . " as the blond-haired prince rencountered that fateful day in the palace of his young niece Bloom and Acheron.

Alec and Marion were gently gliding through the royal blue halls of the palace that had several paintings of the previous royal families and the current royal family. All of the portraits indicated of pure happiness, prosperity, humbleness and there was a sense of warmth love that shinned in their eyes. Each single portrait that had been commissioned by an artist held a deep untold story about unexpected gems that laid in those sparkling colourful eyes and dainty, yet sharp features.

A loud innocent scream had filled the halls with utmost horrors imaginable, as Marion's green eyes had instantly lit up in fear over recognizing the sound of the shrieking voice that had belonged to her five years-old-daughter.

The young redheaded princess turned to her bother as worry was written all across the woman's face. Her lips trembled in fear as she croaked out the words. "That sounds like my little girl! Bloom!"

Marion forcedly kicked her tail and swam at a greater pace. Her face filled with complete panic over hearing her daughter's desperate cries of help. Alec was right at his sister's side, appearing extremely furious with hearing his youngest niece's heartbreaking voice as guards entailed right behind them.

"Bloom! Baby, answer Mama!" Marion hollered out desperately. "Where are you love?"

Another loud cry bellowed through the halls.

Marion had felt tears prickling at her eyes, as her heart throbbed in her chest with unbearable pain that radiated throughout her entire body.

Alec pointed his finger at the end of the hall where the source of Bloom's cry came from.

"There! It's coming from Bloom's room!"

The redhead siren princess couldn't wait until she had gotten her hands on the person who was clearly threatening her sweet, innocent child. If anything terrible happened to Bloom, there would be no telling what she and her brother Alec would do to him or her once they would get their hands on the wicked siren for hurting Bloom in an unimaginable way possible.

They had bursted through the door with guards being heavily armed with their strong-forced shield that was made out of thick hardened shells with metal straps, and a thick heavy spear that sparked electricity. But whoever had inflected pain on Bloom, was long gone, as if the person had swam right out of opened window—leaving no trace behind.

Marion's emerald eyes had instantly widened in utmost horror upon seeing her beloved child whimpering in agony, as the young girl had turned to her sides due to the sheer pain that burned within her. The red-haired woman quickly swam down to her daughter's side—her heart completely breaking into a million of pieces over the sight of her injured daughter.

"Bloom! My beautiful baby girl. . . " Marion brought her child into her arms while gently rocking her, as Bloom continue to sniffle. Once the girl gazed upwards at her mother and her uncle as her blue eyes were tinged with red and puffy.

"Mama! Uncle Al," Bloom spoke faintly. The girl could barely say a single word as if trying to overcome such a difficult and unexpected situation that happened to her.

"Sweetheart, please let Mama see your wounds?" Marion had pressed her soft lips against her daughter's forehead, trying to persuade her daughter to unfold her arms that was currently wrapped around her waist as Marion could easily spot Bloom's swelling bright red skin and a few of her blue shimmering scales had been torn off and half-chipped.


Bloom slowly unfolded her arms in a fearful manner as she allowed her mother and uncle take a few glimpse at her swollen wounds. Marion had let out a sharp gasp upon seeing her child's bruises that was tinged with a bit of blood near the edge of her belly button.

Alec for his part had grew livid upon seeing his niece's injuries that were unforgivable as he watched his little fall into utter despair sobbing, as Marion held her child tightly to her, trying to use her healing magic on Bloom. But no sparks of warmth had escaped the princess' finger tips as she tried to summon the spell.

"Marion, please listen to me. Your healing magic won't work on Bloom, well, not in this kind of state that you're in. We need to take Bloom to a healer now. . ."

Alec had closed his eyes, as the old memories had played in his mind over the incident that happened years ago. His emerald eyes had seen how furious Oritel was once he came to an end to the story.

"So the bastard had burned off my daughter's skin," Oritel uttered disgustedly.

"To do that to a child, it's unimaginable, disgusting and just plain evil," Radius scrunched up his nose. "I would've beaten that guy until every bone in his body is shattered to pieces."

Alec would've beaten him up mercilessly due to harming Marion and Bloom. But Acheron simply vanished and wherever he'd gone—the prince had an unpleasant feeling crawling at the back of his mind.

Something in his inner gut told him that they were soon going cross path with Acheron, and when that day ever arrives, Alec will make him pay for the hell he'd put his family through.

In all these years, the blond-haired girl was going to finally see her beloved mother. Daphne couldn't help but feel rather excited about the whole ordeal.

Tears were forming at the corner of her eyes—in pure joy.

Although, her father had warned Daphne to try and not overwhelm her dear mother with old memories of the past due to how unknowingly Marion would react to the situation.

Daphne knew that she shouldn't expect any kind of high hope of everything to fall into place so smoothly. After all, it was going to take some time for her mother and younger sister to adjust to their new life, especially Bloom who'd never been on the lands from before.

The girl was more than thrilled in showing her baby sister around (and teaching Bloom about their world) and apparently from what Oritel had informed her about Bloom was that she was a very curious siren about the human world.

Even Daphne had grew curious about a little sister (a younger sibling) she knew she had but had thought had lost alongside with Marion that fateful night.

Daphne's mind had wondered as to what kind of life Bloom had while living with their mother for all these? Had her younger sister knew who her father was if Marion had suffered from amnesia? Why did Daphne had a strong feeling that in a way, Bloom too had grown to knowing that she had a single parent for all her life?

The girl was besides her grandparents on the sandy shore near the docs.

She was standing several inches from the water in which it'd reached the shore line, as the girl didn't need to turn into a part siren while out in public.

Daphne felt a tight pressure on her shoulder to see it was her grandfather—he looked older, as grey hair filled his once dirty blond hair and he'd been growing his beard for the past week, looking more a stubbled across his sharp jawline. He was dressed in a nice plaid button up short sleeves shirt with beige shorts and matching sandals that are typically worn to the beaches.

"Is everything alright grandfather? Is about my Dad and Mum isn't it?" Daphne pursed her lips as her hazel eyes had met the same shade of eyes of her grandfather with utter concern.

The older man had chuckled. "No, Daphne it isn't about that."

She raised a questioning brow. "Are you sure?"

"Look sweetheart, you know how much your grandmother and I love you so dearly (even your father), but I just don't want you to get your hopes high up," he spoke in a wise but yet gentle tone as his face was filled with absolute adoration towards his only granddaughter, as the man placed his hand on Daphne's rounded cheek.

The young eighteen-years-old girl knew the reason why her grandfather had told her that.

Hyperion didn't want to see his granddaughter get her heart broken once more.

Though there was another reason behind it as well—well at first both sets of her grandparents hadn't liked each other much nor had they accepted the idea that their children were dating each other—since the two worlds were too different and that their culture would clash drastically.

But eventually her father had won over her mother's heart and that Marion's family were finally convinced into letting him marry their precious daughter after so many years of trying to earn their trust. Oritel had made a vow of forever promising Marion that he would cherish her and protect her until the very end of his days.

That was until. . . the car accident that happened sixteen years ago.

Daphne had rolled her eyes, though she could feel her cheeks flush a vibrant pink. Her grandparents meant very well to her well being. They cherished her to the ends of the world with all of their heart. "I know that. You and grandmother had helped eased my pain for all these years and. . ."

"That's what families do my darling."

Daphne softly smiled.

Her grandmother had the softest affectionate expression on her face. To be honest, Daphne wasn't too sure what would become of herself if it hadn't been the support of her loving family. Old memories had swept into her mind and soon vanished upon thinking of a brighter future now.

Daphne had made a silent promise to herself: she would do anything to help her mother with her memories.

Maybe there was a slightest chance in which Marion could overcome her amnesia—by over the sight of familiar things she'd seen or been to from before. She didn't want her father to suffer of living in total solitude (any longer) without having a partner by his side.

Her hazel eyes had widened, as she felt her heart pound heavily in her chest. Her breathing had increased drastically. Tears had formed into her eyes as the girl watched while the white yacht had pulled up to the doc.

"We've finally arrived!" Stella chirped, upon glancing through the windows—several beach houses were shown and a crowd of people were enjoying the golden sun.

Bloom's bright blue eyes had lit upon seeing something that she would never imagined that one day would happen to her, almost like a dream.

The redhead siren turned to Stella and Aisha who'd been filling her on stories of the land (or from what Bloom had suspected was from their daily lives of experiences the two girls faced on a daily basis). Stella and Aisha had took a picture with her from their cellphones as they had introduced to Bloom.

A device that not only communicated with people but had streamed live videos and took photos and much more features that she could barely grasp much of the concept.

The young siren had been fascinated with such a device that had left her with several questions to press on, as the girls had tried to answer to her every question Bloom held in her heart.

Aisha's teal eyes had twinkled in joy, as she gazed in Bloom's direction as a large grin had widened on her dark complexion. "So are you ready to see the world, Bloom?"

The young princess nodded. She was more than determined to embrace the world that laid just outside of the yacht—the girl wanted to experience new things and to explore the different aspects of the land.

"Ah, wait before you go. I think you need a pair of flip-flops," Stella said, handing a pastel blue and a vibrant green to Bloom's mother, Marion, as she thanked the girls for their help.

"Thank you Stella! They're lovely," Bloom moved her small stubby like toes, giggling.

"Say how many do you exactly have in your bag?" Aisha asked curiously.

"All the colours of course! I couldn't decide on one."

Aisha let out a chuckle. "Stella loves her fashion it's like if her life depended on it."

The girl scowled. "Well what isn't there to love? Anyways maybe we'll go and do some shopping! Ohhh I know of the perfect place where we can go and hang out! Here let me give you this, it's a little idea of what you might expect Bloom . . . " Stella went through her bag, pulling out the magazine she had been reading earlier. "It's a magazine all about different styles of the latest fashion. I'm sure you'll like it."

The redhead siren placed it in her satchel. "I'll be looking into it tonight."

Bloom stepped outside of the boat.

The girl instantly felt the warmth of the sun kissing her pale-freckled skin that had caused her skin to tingle. She had squinted her blue eyes due to the extreme brightness of the sun as she wasn't used to such a bright light.

(Though in time, Bloom would get used to it).

A smile had widened on the young girl's face, as she watched Oritel helping her Mum off the boat with a smile that simply warmed Bloom's heart. She only hoped that her mother would slowly trust Oritel (who was her husband), though it was a bit strange to see her mother being a married woman but at the same time Bloom was happy for Marion.

Maybe Oritel could take Marion off of her shoulders for a bit, giving Bloom a bit more freedom without having to be supervised by her mum every single second of her life. Bloom had longed for the day that she would be on her own. The girl sensed a strong, firm hand placed on her back as she gazed up to see her uncle.

"Bloom, I need to speak to you about something important, alone alright?"

Bloom had never seen her uncle being so serious about a particular issue besides preforming his royal duties. He appeared to be slightly nervous from the way he kept gazing at something then glancing back at her.

"About what uncle?"

"Oh sweetheart, remember how I mentioned Daphne earlier?"

Bloom gave a nod. "Yes, and I was going to ask you about that? Who is this Daphne?"

Alec had placed his hands on his youngest niece's shoulders, as if comforting the girl for about the truth he was about to reveal to her. Bloom had the right to know who Daphne was just as she had the right to know that Oritel was the man who fathered her. The two girls shared their flesh and blood.

Concern flickered in Alec's emerald eyes.

"Bloom, sweetheart, I need you to be really calm about it and I know telling you this would be overwhelming in itself. And for now, your Mum must not know about it until she's ready to handle the truth, okay?"

The redhead siren had inhaled a deep breath before letting it out, as if preparing herself for the news her uncle was about to tell her. She wasn't exactly sure how overwhelming the news he was going to tell, but she'd promised Alec that she wouldn't say a thing to her Mum until she was ready to take on the absolute truth about Daphne (apparently).

"Daphne. . ."

"Ya, uncle just please tell me what it has to do with her?"

Bloom couldn't handle the patient any longer.

"She's your older sister."

Bloom's blue eyes had instantly widened almost like a bug. Her sister? Daphne? Wait? Bloom had an older sister?

But . . . but how?

How was this even possible?

Several questions had flew into her mind. No. She couldn't believe what her uncle had told her. Daphne was her sister—an older sister that she never knew that she had for all these years?

Her poor Mum! Did she. . .

"I-I have a sister?!"

Alec instantly covered his niece's mouth, trying not to let Marion hear her daughter's words.

"Bloom, your mother, she doesn't remember about having a first-born child. Marion believed that she only had you for all her life. You know on the night of the accident, your mother had suffered so much trauma that it was a miracle that she pulled through while she was pregnant with you. Marion needs time and I'm hoping that maybe your father can help your mother with reviving some of her old memories."

Bloom swallowed hardly.

Everything was a bit overwhelming to her. She never once knew that she had sister who had been living with her father on the lands for years just as she was living with her beloved mother under the seas.

The young redhead siren regained her composure.

She hadn't expected to hear of this story from her uncle—though she could see the sadness linger in his green eyes.

"Do you think Daphne knows about me?" Bloom inquired.

"I'm thinking that Oritel had told her already."

"I'm a bit nervous uncle. What if she doesn't like me?" Bloom's voice grew quiet and a bit fragile. She bit her lips, a habit of hers whenever the girl had grew anxious about a particular issue.

Alec smiled. "I have a feeling that she won't and I'm thinking she's rather curious about you."

The blond-haired siren helped his niece off the boat onto the wooden deck as the girl stood right besides her mother who looked worried about her daughter, while Marion had grabbed Bloom's hand into her own, as if for self-soothing.

"Marion, they're Oritel's parents, which means they are your parents-in-law," Alec whispered in his little sister's ear.

Marion felt her cheeks flushed a bright red.

She could hardly recognize the older man and woman who greeted their son with full of love and compassion as Oritel's mother had given him a kiss on Oritel's cheek while the older man had a business-like appearance as he shook his son's hand. In the middle, stood a young blond-haired girl who couldn't be much older than her own daughter Bloom in a few years.

Who was the girl?

Why was she with Oritel's parents?

Was the girl somehow related to them?

Oritel had grabbed his wife's hand, gazing into her vividly emerald eyes that sparked with absolute curiosity. Gently enough, the brown-haired had led his wife to greet his parents.

Leilani's warm brown eyes had fallen on Marion who she hadn't seen in about sixteen years. The young redhead woman hadn't changed much in the past sixteen years. In fact, Marion looked a bit more enthralled, but Leilani could easily see the confusion across her daughter-in-law's expression.

The older woman grabbed Marion's hands with a loving smile on her face. "Why hello Marion! I'm not sure if you remember me or my husband. But I'm Leilani and my husband is Hyperion. And this is our granddaughter Daphne."

Marion's green eyes had met Daphne who had tears welling in her eyes for some odd reason that Marion couldn't be able to make out entirely if the girl was upset about something or it was tears of joy.

"You have a daughter, Oritel?"

Oritel gazed at his wife with a sad nod. "Yes I do. Her mother unfortunately had vanished."

"I'm sorry to hear that Oritel. But I'm hoping you're not trying to imply that it was me because if you, I can assure you that I would never forget the child I'd birthed." Marion said firmly.

"I'm not Marion. I promise you that."

"Good. Because personally I don't think I could ever forget a child of mine in my entire life."

Oritel knew better than to argue with Marion about such a topic in which for the dear life that his wife couldn't remember. It certainly wasn't Marion's fault for suffering her lose of memory—amnesia.

Mama. She's alive. Mama's really here. Daphne had allowed her tears to flow freely down her face.

She wasn't upset, but rather happy to see her mother in person even though Marion couldn't remember most of her earlier life. The girl didn't want to guilt her mother for not remembering her first-born daughter Marion had.

Daphne's gaze had fallen on Bloom and on an older blond-haired man, who appeared to be around her father's age. A small smile tugged at the blond's lips.

"I'm Daphne."

Bloom had shook her older sister's hand. "And I'm Bloom."

"And I'm not entirely sure if you remember me Daphne but I'm your Uncle Alec," the blond-haired prince beamed at his oldest niece who was just as beautiful as her beloved mother and younger sister. He placed his hands on both of his nieces shoulders—feeling utterly satisfied in over seeing his family being reunited again after all these long agonizing years.