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A Siren's Tale

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Chapter Five: "Walking Under the Sunlight"

Daphne had recognized the blond haired man from the few pictures she had with him and her maternal grandparents when she'd been a mere toddler along with her mother and father. The man in front of her was her uncle, though she could hardly remember Alec much, only in bits of memory.

The blond-haired girl had a friendly smile on her face, though she could feel her cheeks turning a bright shade of red. It had been so many years she hadn't seen him.

"Hello uncle. . ." Daphne had found herself being pulled into her uncle's tight, yet warm, embrace as the girl felt the man's fingers gliding down her long blond hair.

"You don't possibly have any idea how much I missed you, Dap," Alec murmured, though he could easily sense Daphne's heartbreak throb within her soul. Alec had pulled away from his oldest niece and seen the glistening tears flow down her pale face. "Everything's going to be alright, sweetheart. I can promise you that but it will take time."

He knew that Daphne was silently hurting from the inside, as the man wiped the tears gently with his fingers off Daphne's face. Alec couldn't blame her for feeling this way.

A mother not remembering the child she'd birth, was simply shattering to the heart.

Alec kissed his oldest niece on the forehead. The man had wanted Daphne to know that he would always be there for her just like Bloom and how much he loved her.

"I know," Daphne said softly, though her hazel eyes were filled with some kind of firey hope.

Bloom couldn't help but feel extremely sorry for her older sister Daphne.

The girl couldn't imagine the pain that Daphne was going through or what she'd truly felt for knowing that her beloved mother hadn't remembered her first-child (*ouch* it must've shattered Daphne's heart to million of pieces), unlike herself, for even her father knew that he'd another child (but assumed to have perished with Marion).

Bloom had to do everything to help her mother to remember her old life again—to remember her former life with her husband Oritel and her first daughter Daphne.

Maybe Bloom could slowly mend the fractured wounds in her family's hearts.

Guilt had rose in Bloom's chest upon seeing Daphne taking glimpses at Marion—knowing that she herself had grown up with her mother and the duo had shared wonderful memories together for several years.

Marion had watched Bloom slowly grow up into a beautiful, confident young woman unlike Daphne. Bloom for her part, felt her heart throb, as it was just utterly heartbreaking and rather torturous over such thought of her mother not knowing who Daphne was (and what she meant to Marion).

Would Daphne grow envious of Bloom for having a mother who took care of her, treasured her, and loved her to no ends? What if Daphne hated her for it? Would she get along with Daphne? The only sister she'd ever had?

Or would they constantly bicker like what all siblings do?

What if Daphne hated the idea of having a younger sister?

Bloom could feel her older sister's gaze on her as a small (almost a frail-like) smile played at her lips.

"So you're my little sister," Daphne said kindly.

Bloom felt her chest pound rapidly in her chest—it was clear that she was nervous about meeting with her sister for the first time in her entire life—like what was she going to say to Daphne?

The redhead siren girl returned the smile back to Daphne. "Ya, I guess I am."

It was a simply awkward first time greeting with her sister and Bloom secretly hoped in time that everything would fall into place between her and Daphne.

"So this is your first time on land Bloom?"

Bloom gave a nod. "And it's so marvelous! There's so many things to explore!"

"And there is, little sis," Daphne pointed out. "But first you have to meet grandmother and grandfather. I'm sure they're very eager to meet you Bloom."

Bloom's mind had reeled back to the thought of having other grandparents from her father's side that she'd personally never met from before. The thought itself had excited her but at the same time the girl felt extremely anxious about them.

What if they didn't believe that she was their second granddaughter at all—their son's youngest child?

Daphne had her arm entangled in Bloom's as she had led her younger sister to their grandparents who she spotted her parents in a conversation.

Bloom's eyes had wander off to every aspect of the area, even the girl heard her footstep squeaking on the dark brown wooden deck. Delightful laughter of young children had filled the beach—enjoying their summer holidays.

The blond-haired girl had glanced at her younger sister who was in fascination about being on land while she kept taking few glances at her feet, as if it weren't real, but just a long fantasy dream of hers to be on the land.

Bubbles of anxiety had rose in her chest, as Bloom drew in more air into her lungs upon seeing her grandparents face-to-face for the first time in sixteen years.

Her exposed skin had tingled causing small amount of goosebumps to appear. She wasn't the type to be nervous from anyone, but in this case, it was different. They were her other family members that she never knew about. It excited her but terrified her at the same time.

"Bloom you don't have be worried you know." Daphne had reassured her little sister who appeared to be slightly trembling from nervousness over meeting Hyperion and Leilani for the first time in her life.

The brown-haired man had spotted both his daughters—a large smile had broadened on Oritel's face, as the man had made his way to Daphne and Bloom.

Oritel gently placed his hand on his youngest daughter's shoulder—trying to ease Bloom's worry about meeting his parents while he could vividly see that in his daughter's face—as if she were afraid of giving her grandparents a wrong impression about herself.

"Don't worry Bloom. They're going to love you for who you are. Mum, Dad, this is Bloom and she's your youngest granddaughter," Oritel said proudly, as he introduced his youngest daughter to her grandparents.

Leilani had walked up to her youngest grandchild—her brown eyes filled with utter warmth and nothing but pure love. A smile played the older woman's lips as she looked at Bloom from head to toe.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Bloom. I'm your grandmother Leilani and this is your grandfather Hyperion—" the woman had introduced Bloom to her grandfather, who seemed to be the business-serious type man, but there was a sense of kindness shown in the man's hazel eyes as the young girl had greeted her grandfather.

Oritel had felt overjoyed once they had brought his youngest daughter into their loving arms as he had wrapped his arms around his wife's waist (though she nearly had flinched at his touch, as if Marion hadn't expected of him to do so).

Marion's bright emerald eyes had reflected an emotion upon seeing her daughter Bloom being welcomed by her supposedly grandparents from her father's side. Although the redhead woman was slightly skeptical of the whole idea of Bloom being Oritel's child, despite the fact that her own brother Alec had confirmed it and it was obvious that Oritel had support Alec's beliefs.

The young girl could sense the warm love spill from her grandparents.

"You look lovely as your mother and sister," Leilani commented, holding her granddaughter's soft hands in hers.

Marion's eyes had traveled to Daphne to her own sheer surprise had spotted her brother had his hand placed on the girl's shoulder, as if he had somehow knew the girl and that she didn't.

Why was she sensing that Marion was somehow left alone in the dark? The woman had wondered if this is how her daughter felt most of the time when she had questions that Marion didn't know the answers too?

Marion was puzzled by Alec's unusual behavior?

"Is anyone up for lunch?" Daphne asked.

Oritel had suggested the idea of having pizza and knew of a perfect place that was down the pier. It was one of the most popular and delicious pizza in the city. It used to be his wife's favourite place. Maybe some of her old memories would resurface into Marion's mind.

Half-hour later the entire family had found themselves seated in a large table in the center of the restaurant.

The place was well-lit and blaring with high music. Bright colors had adorned the walls, young waiters and waitress had zoomed by taking orders onto the notepads. People were gossiping to no ends as they sipped from their glass. Laughter had bounced the walls.

Bloom had never witnessed something so different from before in her entire life.

Her blue eyes had gleamed over the pure positive energy that filled the atmosphere.

The place was bustling with energetic people, several orders were being made for take out. The young girl had watched the chief in full of interest, as the man prepared the dough for pizza, in which Daphne had elaborated to her younger sister and mother.

"This used to be one of your favourite places, my love. In fact, if I do remember you had a favorite pizza." Oritel pointed at the menu that was labeled as Margherita Pizza. "You use to have it all the time."

Marion had glanced at Oritel appearing hesitant of the choice.

What if she didn't like it?

What if her taste had changed?

In fact, she couldn't remember what was pizza?

Marion had furrowed her red brows together in confusion, though she side-glanced to see her brother staring at the menu as if he knew what he was going to order for himself.

The redhead woman turned her head to see that Daphne was helping Bloom with the menu, gently explaining to her what the pizza was and what Daphne had preferred. Bloom had appeared to be intrigued by her sister's words as if every word Daphne had spoke had captivated Bloom.

Marion pressed her lips together, curiosity lingered in her voice. "So what are you planning to eat Bloom?"

"Hmm I was thinking that maybe a vegetable pizza? That sounds good right Mum?" Bloom asked her mother's opinion.

"That does sound good Bloom. Maybe I'll have the same as you."

Bloom raised a single brow at her mother. "But didn't Dad said you have a favorite one?"

"Well I think so but. . ."

"Mum please don't." Bloom had shook her head to the side in disapproval, as the girl knew instantly what was on her mother's mind.

"Or maybe we can get different pizza to try and you girls can see what you like." Oritel added.

"I think that way would be better." Daphne smiled.

The redhead siren's eyes had widened upon seeing young children, practically little girls, dressed in a costume of what Bloom figured to be mermaids—a girl had a bright pink colored like scales as a tale skirt, her short light brown hair had streaks of bright pink and neon green with and another girl with long curly jet black hair had neon yellow and bright orange streaks but had an edgier appearance about her and her tale skirt was of dark purple. The girls had appeared to be highly eager about something before an older boy had walked up to the two girls giggling in joy.

He made a face at the girls, though he was dressed funnily.

He was wearing stripped baggy pants consisted of red and yellow with a white loose shirt and there was a black patch that covered one of the boy's eyes. He had a hat on that represented a white skull with two bones behind it and the brown haired boy had a plastic sword like at the side of his waist.

"Mummy!" the light brown-haired girl cried out to her mother, sounding terribly upset about something once the boy had stumbled across the two girls. The boy must've said something to them that had upsetted them.

"Ethan said mermaids aren't real! That they are only make-believe!"

The older woman glanced at the boy. "Honey you don't have to believe Ethan's words. Mermaids are real. . ."

The boy frowned, crossing his arms in front of his chest with a huff. "But my Mummy says they aren't real. They're only stories. . ."

The black-haired girl stuck out her tongue to Ethan in disgust. "But so are pirates! They aren't real either. . ."

"Yes! They are! They travel on ships to everywhere and collect treasure!"

Bloom wasn't sure how she felt about it exactly. A part of her felt offended for being nothing but a mere folktale, as her blood riled up within her, as heat had traveled up to her pale cheeks.

"Bloom, people here don't believe in those kind of silly tales and it's better that way. Less people know the truth the better it is for us." Alec informed his youngest niece. "It keeps us safe."

The girl could sense that her uncle hadn't wanted to dive deeper into the discussion at the moment due to them being in public in which people could in-tune on their private discussion. But Bloom knew that her uncle will get into the topic tonight—it was an essential discussion in which she knew that can't be avoided.

Daphne had gazed at her sister firmly.

"He's right you know. You don't want to know what they might do to us if they ever found out about our secret."

Bloom's mind had reeled back to the time when her mother had told her dark stories about the humans greatest desire of wanting to lay their fingers on an actual siren, capture them and to hold them as hostages, while doing unimaginable experiments on them.

Bloom had feared the humans greatly when she'd been a young siren after hearing several stories from her family members. In fact, after being told the tale, she could hardly sleep without having her mother sleep besides her for warm comfort. It had eased Bloom's anxiety.

The girl swallowed hardly over imagining the darkest scenario that might happen to her if the humans had ever discover that she was in fact a siren of the sea (well half-human and half-siren).

Marion placed a hand on Bloom's lap upon seeing her daughter's expression changed to utmost worry—the same face Bloom made when she had been a young child after hearing several stories of the human world—in reassurance, trying to wash off her daughter's fears (despite being heavily interested in the human world).

"Everything's going to be okay, love," Marion whispered softly that only Bloom could hear.

The sun was beginning to set on the horizon, giving off such vibrant colors in the sky from the brightest shade of orange to the deepest of violet. Bloom was walking on the prior with her family, her blue eyes just sparked with vivid interest over every small things her eyes laid on.

There was a small sized gift shop that was at the end of the pier that were filled with dazzling ornaments, some were hung catching the warm breeze, making light jingling sounds that rung like fairies, as it had captured Bloom's eyes.

The girl had to find out what was making the jingling sound until she spot it glimmering in the last rays of the sun.

"Daphne, what's that?" Bloom asked, pointing to the sliver object that was dangling outside of the shop catching the slight warm breeze. "I want to see it!"

The girl pointed at the end of the pier with a hopeful expression. Daphne couldn't help but to give in to her younger sister's temptation in wanting to see the wind chime. "I suppose we could check it out, but first we have to tell Dad. We can't just wander off without them. . ."

Bloom gave a nod to her sister who had her arm entangled with hers, as the two sisters approached their father who was walking with their mother Marion who laughed at whatever Oritel told her.

Oritel's brown eyes shinned, as he watched his wife giggle—it made his heart tingle in joy over hearing his wife's laughter fill his ears and soul. Seeing his beloved wife overjoyed like that had made him the happiest man in the entire universe, although his smile had brighten more upon seeing his young daughters in arms length.

"Dad, I was wondering if we can go visit that shop over there!" Daphne pointed out.

Oritel had gazed in the direction where Daphne pointed out. "We'll be right behind you."

He watched as the girls ran off to the shop with excitement.

Bloom's eyes had gazed at the name of the shop—wasn't that a bit odd for a shop to be named like that?

Mermaid's Wave

Daphne had clicked the door open with a ring, as her younger sister following in right behind her.

Bloom's eyes had darted all over the shop in wonderment with shinning beautiful objects hung from the ceiling, to the wooden shelves that displayed all sorts of knick knacks of young looking females that had large wings from the back with a normal appearance of a human girl with the exception of the ears that were pointy.

The redhead siren picked it up from the shelf and slowly observed it, as she traced the stony like object with her delicate fingers. It had to be something. It was bright, colourful and beautiful with having thick long hair, dressed in such a short dress, barefooted. "What is this Daphne? This creature?"

"Oh, that's a fairy Bloom. They have wings that help them fly into the endless blue sky."

"Wings to fly." Bloom repeated slowly, memorizing such a fascinating creature before placing it back on the shelf. "Are they real?"

Daphne shook her head. "No. Fairies aren't real."

"But what if they are in a way. . . like us." Bloom whispered the last two words quietly as possible.

Daphne hazel's eyes held pure mischief in a playful manner. "Don't be silly, Bloom."

The sisters had continued to look around through the shop as Daphne helped pointed out to her sister the different things such as a cotton t-shirt, good-luck ornaments, bracelets, and so on.

Although Bloom couldn't help but stare at the wall with a large representation of a beautiful siren with curly hair. . . though the redhead girl had instantly frowned upon seeing such a dark interpretation of a siren. Dark. Cruel. Bloody. Deadly. Vain. A wretched creature who lured young sailors to their death by an enchanted song the sirens would chant.

Bloom had instantly flinched upon hearing a frail voice that belonged to a female, startling the young siren from her own thoughts as she glanced at the picture that was hung on the wall behind the register.

"Why hello girls," an older lady had greeted the two sisters—her voice sounded sweet and cheery. "How may I help you today?"

Bloom couldn't help but feel a bit agitated by the woman's presence despite her being an old woman in her late fifties, early sixties—her once dark brown hair was filled with grays and she had many wrinkles especially around the corners of her pale gray eyes and laugh smile. The woman had an olive skin color and yet her gentle smile had unsettled Bloom for some unknown reasons.

The hair on the back of Bloom's neck had rose up in discomfort, as her blood started to chill.

"Ah, I see you've took an interest to what's on the wall, deary. My name is Lillian Meadows. This isn't the first time I had foreigners coming into this shop and taking an interest in this very famous Siren tale of Adaline Hart," the short, rather plumped woman started.

"Everyone in the city knows of this old tale. I believe the story somehow begin somewhere in late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century, there were young sailors who went on sea, a little voyage per say. During their voyage, they heard the most beautiful voice imaginable.

It was seductive, luring the young sailors to their deaths. They were drawn by Adaline's enchanting voice to the point they were obsessed with her. Fortunately one of them, I believe it was Elijah, hadn't for some unknown reasons hadn't fallen to the siren like all men (or women) and was the man who killed the sea creature but unluckily as it was, he was too late to save the lives of his friends. He managed to escape the young siren's grasp and had lived to tell the tale."

Bloom could feel as if her stomach had twisted into several knots. Her skin had gone rather paler and the young girl took deeper breath of air into her lungs. Her heart had raced in her chest. The redhead siren didn't know how to respond exactly to the woman's tale.

(The old lady was giving her the creeps).

"Oh really! That's some fascinating story you've got there!" Daphne tried to remain neutral of the situation without spilling any kind of emotion that could very much reveal her and her younger sister's secret of being actual sirens.

Bloom nodded with her sister.

The woman only laughed in response to the sisters' expression they made on their face.

"My dear child, this isn't some kind of folktale like what most people believe nowadays. It's the truth. Sirens do exists out there in deep oceans. . . waiting for their next victim to try and lure to their deaths. I know for a fact that they do exists as you can see I'm the descendent of Elijah Greenwoods. This city is known for its legends of mermaids, but a lot of people dismiss it for simply being a myth." Lillian came to an end with her story, though she'd seen Bloom's distressed face.

"Are you alright my dear child?"

"Um my sister just started her menstrual cycle and I just thought I would have some time to purchase a few things, but I don't think that's the case anymore. We have to go, but I really love that story maybe we'll come over and hear more things about mermaids. . . " Daphne gave a false (promise of a) smile to the woman otherwise it would be rather suspicious as to why the girls had left after Lillian came to an end with her tale.

"Oh my. I hope you feel better deary."

The moment Daphne and Bloom had walked out of the shop, the girls had met up with their family. They had instantly noticed the girls' faces that had lost its cheery vibe and the sisters appeared to be grave about a particular something.

Oritel's face darkened. "Had something happened in the shop girls?"

"Um that woman, Lillian was just telling us about the story of Adaline Hart—"

"What?" Alec's emerald eyes narrowed at his nieces. His voice had dropped low and dangerous. "You two are going to stay away from that shop, understood? No questions asked alright."

The blond haired siren prince had an inkling feeling at the back of his mind about that strange woman. There was too many things connected in this city that were strangely linked to mermaids, but most people are oblivious to such childish tales.

Apparently that woman wasn't oblivious to such sea creatures.

Daphne had seen how utterly disturbed her uncle and mother were in that moment.

"But uncle is it true that this city use to be well known for uh mermaids?" Bloom asked, though her voice had sounded on edge—nervousness flickered in her blue eyes.

Alec was slightly hesitant of how he was going to answer Bloom that question, even her grandparents weren't exactly sure if telling their granddaughter now would be a good timing to do so.

Oritel and Marion glanced at Bloom with worry in their eyes as her parents' eyes had shifted down to her shoulders and chest in seeing dry patches forming on the girl's pale skin. She even noticed that her grandparents, uncle, and older sister were staring right at her.

"What? Why are all of you looking at me like that?" Bloom implied, upon seeing how her family were looking at her like if she had sprouted another head.

Marion walked up closer to her daughter, as the woman brushed her fingers tips over the dry red patches that were beginning to form on Bloom's skin for unknown reasons that she wasn't quite sure of (or familiar with).

The girl had seen the distress sparked in her mother's vividly green eyes, as Marion inspected her daughter's skin.

"Bloom's been out of water for several hours now. She simply isn't used to living on dry land and her body has to take time to adjust to the new environment. Bloom needs to get back into the ocean water. . . " Alec explained to his younger sister, as Marion couldn't remember anything about or her and her brother's first time experience on land.

His youngest niece was suffering from water withdrawal.

Bloom had glanced at her dry reddened patches that were forming rapidly on her skin to her own horror.

Was this it for her?

Could she only be on land for a few hours and head back to the ocean?

That wasn't fair?

There was more to learn about this world.

"So I can't be on land?"

"You can Bloom. But since this is your first time, you can manage to be on land for a few hours and the more times your on land, the longer you can be without water. What you're experiencing is a water withdrawal," her uncle continued to explain to his niece.

"A water withdrawal?" Bloom repeated, as her brows furrowed.

Marion held her daughter's hands and tightened her grip. "Then we must get back in the water soon."

Daphne had never seen so much red patches on someone's skin (that almost appeared as if the girl had terrible sunburn and the skin was slowly peeling off) from before. It'd never happened to her from before, maybe because her mother had suppressed some of her abilities that prevented her from having a severe withdrawal.

But of course her father had always kept a sharp eye on her and had reminded Daphne how important it was to her about having a salty bath every single day. Oritel had constantly worried about her.

"I have a salty indoors pool back at my beach house, which is just perfect for this kind of situation." Oritel explained, seeing the distress on Marion's face upon worrying over Bloom—even he too had noticed a few red bumps that were slowly appearing on his wife's and brother-in-law's pale skin. They were also starting to show signs of withdrawal.

"Then let's go."

The redhead woman had found herself breathing hard for air once being confined in a small sized moving vehicle.

Though that couldn't be exactly said for her youngest daughter Bloom who was breathing heavily due to her suffering from water withdrawal, unable to concentrate on anything else but her breathing.

Marion felt almost something spark up in her memory—remembering herself of that fateful night unknowingly how she was in the middle of the mountain, covered in blood due to her injuries that she presumed was from the car accident. Cold chills had ran down Marion's spine over such a thought that happened long ago, when she'd been pregnant with Bloom.

The redhead princess had recalled how the healers were incredibly stunned to know with all what she had been put through such a tragic ordeal that Marion had pulled through with her pregnancy.

Her mother Lassandra had been in tears all evening after she'd found out the truth of what happened to her youngest child, meanwhile her father Adrian had a grave expression and a look of fear flitting in his bright green eyes for knowing that he could've nearly lost her.

The woman didn't know why, but she hated being in this very vehicle—fidgeting nervously, as her eyes hadn't tore away from Bloom who was beginning to pant for deeper breaths, almost as if she were suffocating.

Bloom wheezed hardly.


"Don't worry we're almost there Marion."

It hadn't reassured the woman at all, despite the fact that they had approached the gated beach house that was large in view to the eyes once Oritel had parked the car in the driveway.

Daphne watched as her uncle carried her younger sister in his arms while her father helped Marion out of the car, though Daphne noted the strange look that glimmered in Marion's emerald eyes as she casted a long look at the car.

Had her mother remembered something in particular from the way she looked a bit fearful?

Had the tragic night resurfaced in her memory?

Hyperion unlocked the front door with the heavy silver key, twisting the knob open. The beach house was a large two story building, but it did have a large indoor swimming pool once walking down the stairs to the first floor level (technically it was sort of like the basement in away).

Bloom coughed hardly.

"We're almost there sweetheart, but I do have to you warn you though that unlike changing to human form, which is painless, you will experience pain as you transform into a siren, you possibly might scream," Alec kissed his niece's forehead lovingly.

The redhead had gave a nod.

Oritel had led them down the stairs, though Marion had noticed that there were many picture frames of herself and Oritel. There was that one picture frame that consisted of the entire family including her own parents and parents-in-law at the day of what the woman could imagine was some sort of marriage ceremony.

Marion was wearing an elegant white dress with a sliver tiara and a long veil, having a wide smile on her face. She looked positively radiating, as she gazed at the brown-haired man with full love in her emerald eyes.

Oritel had a proud face while his hand was wrapped around her tiny waist, looking most overjoyed, once she had become his wife. Her brother looked equally thrilled as the rest, holding a glass of champagne raising it in the air in toast to his sister's marriage.

"That's the day when we got married," Oritel mused, as his wife stared at their photo. "You were so happy when you married me, Marion. I was beyond thrilled in becoming your husband and the life we both would share together. The children we would have together. . ."

Marion could see the light had diminished from Oritel's brown eyes as a frown appeared on his lips—almost as if he were disturbed by her disappearance.

The woman had inspected the photo, as if trying to remember the day of her 'supposedly' marriage to Oritel, but nothing came up in her mind. Blank. But there were blotches of old memories that she couldn't quite grasp at. Marion had truly yearned for the ability to remember her former life before having Bloom in her life.

It was just most of her family were filling in the blanks for her rather than her memories being jogged up. A part of her hated it for not knowing much about herself.

But how?

How could her lost memories return back to her?

"I'm so sorry Oritel. I must be hurting you in someway," Marion said brokenheartedly. The woman couldn't help but feel responsible for opening up the man's old wounds again. Guilt was held in her eyes.

Marion's words had brought back Oritel to reality and the man looked even more shattered.

The man had placed his hands on his wife's shoulders for comfort.

"Marion, this isn't your fault. Please don't blame yourself my love. Please it's only hurting you so much. We'll get through this together as a big family alright with Daphne, Bloom, Alec, and my parents. We're all here for you and we love you. But your going to have to put a little trust in me? Can you do that, Marion?"

She looked at her husband in the eyes, though she was conflicted with what he was asking of her to do. To put her trust and faith in him. . . it sounded like such a scary thought. Though she had easily seen the warmth shine in his dark brown eyes and the way he held her hands in his. . . it made Marion feel a bit at ease.

The woman bit her lips and she looked into his handsome face that expressed nothing but genuine love for her. Maybe her daughter had a point in something. Maybe she could give Oritel a chance and this way Marion could find out what type of man Oritel really was from the way he'd introduced himself to her and Bloom?

"I can, Oritel." Marion finally gave a response to Oritel who seemed to have brighten even more.

"We're here," Oritel had opened the door and the lights had instantly flickered on.

Daphne had seen how weak Bloom had grown after being out of the waters for nearly eight hours or possibly even longer than that. She could see her younger sister panting for more breath. It hurt Daphne seeing Bloom going through such a difficult time (even though Daphne had never experienced something like this, but the girl could defiantly tell that it suffocating her).

"That water is at perfect temperature." Oritel splashed with his hands before turning back to see his daughter suffering her very first withdrawal and it had caused his heart to throb upon seeing Bloom in agony.

"You're going to be okay little sis," Daphne murmured with a weak smile on her face.

Alec walked over to the edge of the pool and gazed softheartedly at his niece before allowing her to slip out of his arms into the cold salty water. Bloom's breathing had easily relaxed once she dove into the cold, refreshing water on her skin. The girl swam deeper into the salty water as she took off the pale blue dress.

Bloom instantly winced in pain, as her body begun to shift into it's mermaid form.

The girl let out a scream upon her flesh being violently torn as her back fins emerged through the thickened skin, as her scales seemed to come out from beneath her pale skin.

Bloom felt her toes thinning out into long transparent blue fins while her separate legs had fused together. Her hands had thickened skin as it formed web between her fingers. Her teeth had become tinier and razor like that could easily tear off a fish's flesh.

The young siren girl was fully transformed back into her natural form. Her uncle was right—Bloom hadn't been quite prepared for the pain that the girl had embraced moments ago.

The girl felt completely relieved from her withdrawal experience. She noticed that the red bumps that appeared on her skin was long gone. Bloom kicked her tail and swam up to the surface where her family was expecting to see her again.

Bloom's head popped up out the water and was greeted with relieved faces.

"Feeling better, love?" Marion asked, her stress had disappeared once her daughter's face had popped up—looking much more healthier than she was earlier.

Bloom nod. "And I can see you need some too, Mum! Join me please? What about you Daphne? I hate being alone in this. . . uh - ?"

"Swimming pool?" Oritel continued for her, but the man had instantly regretted his words upon seeing the mischief twinkle in Bloom's bright blue eyes, as the girl swam up towards her father. She grabbed her father at the legs. "Ya. Please join me, Dad?"

Oritel's eyes had fallen onto his legs as he could feel his daughter's strength as the girl tightened her grip on him and the way she titled her head at him. . . he couldn't resist Bloom's temptation at all. The man's eyes had widen upon feeling a strong pressure on his back, pushing him to the very edge of the pool.

"Why don't you join your daughter!" Alec grinned, as he pushed Oritel into the pool, but unknowingly to Alec that Oritel had grasped his arm at the very last second.

The blond siren's emerald eyes has widened in alarm over what his brother-in-law had done. "Oritel!"

Bloom, for her part, had let out small giggles upon witnessing her father dragging her poor uncle along with him into the salty swimming pool.


The young redhead siren swam towards her father who popped his head out of the water unlike her uncle who instantly changed into his mermaid form.

The man seemed to have a calm composure especially after being dragged into the water. Bloom titled her head at him as if studying him or rather his reactions. Curiosity lingered in her eyes as she stared at Oritel.

The brunet man had found himself being tightly embraced by his daughter Bloom who gently rested her head on her father's chest, hearing his heart beating in his chest. The girl could easily sense her own blood flowing with her veins—the same blood that ran in her father's—an unbreakable bond that she and her sister Daphne shared with their father.

"I know this might be strange to ask, but, can you promise me that you would protect my Mum? She's very fragile you know." Bloom murmured, in search of Oritel giving his word to her about protecting her mother otherwise Marion would prove her that she'd been correct of how all men acted by toying with a woman's feelings.

"Bloom, you shouldn't have asked that question. When I married your mother I made a vow to always protect her and the children we would have together. You and Daphne aren't an exception to this rule just so you can know. I'm keeping a sharp eye on you girls." Oritel told her firmly, his voice filled with utter determination of protecting his family—keeping them close to his heart as possible.

"Young lady! Apologize to Oritel for such a stunt you did to him. I'm pretty sure he didn't expected something like this from you," Marion scolded her daughter.

"It's fine Marion! Actually I'm enjoying the water!" he grinned. "In fact you and Daphne should join in on the fun!"

Daphne glanced at her father, uncle, sister before turning to Marion with a smile on her face. Marion's green eyes widened upon seeing the mischief written across the girl's face before managing to push her and herself off the edge the pool into the water with laughter filling the room.

Leilani and Hyperion returned back to only see that everyone was in pool, laughing, enjoying their time despite Bloom urging her grandparents to join them.

After the pool incident, Daphne had showed Marion and Bloom to the spare guest room once they had retained their human form back. The redhead woman had spotted picture frames of herself and Oritel along with a her holding a beautiful baby girl wrapped in purple blanket with a tuff of blond hair.

What was even more strange to Marion, was when Daphne had jumped into the water, the girl had retained siren heritage with vibrant orange scales covering her pale-freckled skin with her hands and toes becoming webbed and her hairs had become pointy just like herself and Bloom. Though what was odd, was the girl hadn't grown a tail, appearing with more human features than siren.

Marion recalled to what Oritel had told her earlier.

"You have a daughter, Oritel?"

Oritel gazed at his wife with a sad nod. "Yes I do. Her mother unfortunately had vanished."

"I'm sorry to hear that Oritel. But I'm hoping you're not trying to imply that it was me because if you, I can assure you that I would never forget the child I'd birthed." Marion said firmly.

How could see not see that?

Even Daphne and Bloom were very similar in their appearances, indicating that both girls were related to each other—sisters. But the picture frame that showed herself holding a blond-haired baby girl. . . was that Daphne?

This was too much of a coincidence. It was like there was dots all around her and was seemingly to be connecting in someway or some type of form.

Marion simply would never forget a child of hers in her entire life?

But what if she did?

Marion gaze had fallen on both girls—they were somehow so alike but yet different in many ways.

Bloom was observing every part of the hall as Daphne was leading them to a guest room that would eventually become their room, or well Bloom's until she had grown comfortable with Oritel in being in the same room together and sharing a bed.

Oritel had told Marion that he wouldn't force anything upon her until she was ready. Bloom was right about something, the man was generous, kind, and just absolutely lovable (and in her eyes, Oritel was an attractive man).

Could she really be Daphne's long lost mother?

Marion shook that notion out of her thoughts.

She simply couldn't be. . . as no mother would leave a child behind or forget about her child entirely. And if she was her mother. . . what kind of woman was she exactly to Daphne? Was she cruel? Heartless for simply forgetting about her existence—the first child Marion ever had?

She could hear her brothers and Oritel's heavy footsteps behind her.

Daphne clicked the door wide open, allowing her mother and younger sister to step inside the wide spacious beautiful room. The wooden floors squeaked and at the far end from where Marion had stood there was a wide balcony to sit and watch the prefect view of the sun setting on the horizon. There was a dark brown wooden king sized canopy bed against the peachy wall that had portraits hung on the wall.

Before the girls could step inside the room—a faint blue light had illuminated the room entirely, giving off some sort of eerie glow. Magic.

Marion's face had drained out of all colour upon recognizing such a holographic call from her parents. Oh. She must've made them sick with worry for not appearing in the kingdom without leaving an explanation as to where she, Bloom, and her bother were heading out. They must've sent guards out in search of them and well. . . hadn't exactly located them.

King Adrian and Queen Lassandra appeared, the royal couple were sitting on their golden thrones not appearing too thrilled at the moment with their son, daughter, and granddaughter, if anything, they looked quite distressed.

Daphne was surprised in seeing her maternal grandparents for the first time in their siren forms since she had seen them in pictures but in their human forms especially in her mother's wedding.

Her grandfather had long graying hair the same length as his son, with sharp green eyes and pale complexion, his long beard was tied into a ponytail, avoiding the hair floating in front of his face. A golden crown rested on his head. The king did not appear in a jolly mood. He had a dark blue tail.

The queen had long flowing blond hair with many beads and seashells embedded into her hair just like Marion and Bloom, but also a crown made of luxurious shells that seemingly matched her vibrant purple shimmering tail and a lighter shade of purple for the seashells bra that had several designs and pearls. Her features were softer than that of her husband's as her face was filled with worry over her family.

"Hello Mum, Dad." Marion and Alec muttered.

Bloom felt just as guilty, as her mother and uncle in this heated moment while she had greeted her grandparents and well it'd been her fault for going so far out to the northern shore in the first place.

Oritel hadn't seen his parents-in-law in sixteen years and he wasn't sure this was the right time to say anything at the moment upon seeing their livid expressions.

It had grew utterly silent.