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By now, Edmund has his pillow clasped around both ears.

He can't stop asking himself, how does Peter manage? It's absolutely ridiculous. Caspian has been snoring incredibly loudly for the past hour (at least), and out of everyone else in the room, Peter is the only one who can sleep.

"Ed!" He hears Susan hiss, who is also unfathomably upset at the prospect of not sleeping.

"What?" He groans in a sleepy reply.

"Can you wake Peter up, or something?" She whines.

"Pete," Edmund mumbles as he reaches over to shake his shoulder.

"Hm? What's happening?" Peter mumbles, curling up into Caspian's form once he's been pulled from his slumber.

"Can you shut him up? None of us can sleep," Edmund tells him.

Peter nods and then proceeds to rub his fingertips against Caspian's chest, and nearly immediately, the snoring ceases. They can finally sleep.