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Minghao said his last goodbyes to his friends and family as he boarded the plane that'll take him to a new land that he's unfamiliar with. Everything was passing by so quickly with a blink of the eye.

The 97'er boarded the plane with his host, waving until everyone he knew was no longer in his line of sight. Minghao followed his host who was going to lead the boy to Korea like a baby duckling would follow his parent.

Minghao played his soul song inside of his head, his foot tapping to the rhythm. Looking out the window, Minghao knew that leaving China meant leaving his family, home, and all chances of finding his soulmate. But, the boy knew that one day, he'll find his soulmate, wherever he/she/they might be


A few hours later, the Chinese boy woke up 30 minutes before the plane landed. A women's voice spoke in Korean as Minghao struggled to understand one full word. Getting up, the boy quickly followed behind his host.

An hour later, Minghao stood with his mouth open in the middle of Seoul, South Korea. Not believing how different it all was from Anshan. Walking to the small dorms, Minghao settled his stuff down as he noticed the amount of rooms and necessities needed. There were four to five beds crammed into one room, with drawers and closets filled with clothing.

"Ready to meet your members?" His host asked in Chinese with the boy nodded, takin one last look around his new living quarters as he left for Pledis.


"I heard we're getting a new member soon, hyungs," Hansol said.

"Wait, really? What's going to happen between us? What if we don't like him? What if he's mean to us?" Seungkwan asked rapidly.

"Kwannie, calm down. I'll make sure nothing happens to us." Seungcheol said.


Minghao learned all he could learn within the short 11 minute drive to the company building. Relieazing that he needs to speak Korean so his members can understand what he's saying. Sure, his pronunciation was a bit off and his accent was funky, but it was better than nothing.

At the company, the 97'er didn't expect to see so many boys, 12 to be exact. He remembers the host saying that two members had already left the group and the other two members weren't present in the room.

Minghao freezes as he enters the room, slightly intimidated and slightly confident as he look at everyone. He pulls his cap farther down his head while his host walks in with him. Playing his soul song to himself for comfort, the host tells the members something and then mentions Minghao. The boys takes it as his turn to introduce himself.

"Hello, I'm Minghao- er Myungho, nice to meet you all." Minghao bows down, he spoke his Chinese name.

The host then spoke a few more words until he stopped. The boys nodded and Minghao stood awkwardly as he watched the boys practice singing, dancing, and rapping.

One boy came up to him in an overly dramatic way, after a rather weird and awkward introduction to the other Chinese member, Jun spoke. "Nice to meet you again, Kim Minghao." Minghao then knew what was up, he thought he was someone else.

"Er, Xu Minghao..." Minghao responded. He could see the utter look of embarrassment reflected off Jun's eyes as his cheeks suddenly got red at the awkward air. "Did you, perhaps, mistaken me as someone else?" Minghao asked in Chinese.

The elder proceeded to cover his face with his hands, his cheeks a tint of pink as the boy nodded. He peeked to look at the 97'er between the space of his fingers, Minghao smiled.

"Let's start again." He spoke, getting over the sudden embarrassment of messing up his first impression infront of his future member. "My name's Wen Junhui, child actor and dancer, but you can call me handsome." Jun spoke, striking a handsome pose in the process.

Minghao smiled at how charismatic the elder was. "Nice to meet you Junhui, I'm Xu Minghao,  dancer and B-Boyer." Jun gave Minghao a confused look before it dawned on him.

"You're from that one B-Boy group I saw on TV when I was younger, right? I barely remember it but I remember your name, you like kinda similar to him- Wait, not again! Sorry," Jun rambled, as Minghao continued to smile.

"Yeah, that's me... Erm, I want to show you, but, I don't know how to tell the others-" Minghao was cut off by Jun grabbing his wrist and pulling him to the middle of the practice room, while saying something in Korean.

"Hey guys, make room and put on a proper song for Minghao- Myungho! to dance too, he wants to show us something cool!" Jun spoke out loud.

"Jun, you know we're fine saying your names in Chinese," Seungcheol spoke, while Soonyoung changed the song. Jun pushed Minghao to the center of the room, telling him with eager eyes to dance.

"Go Minghao!" Mingyu called out, while the group cheered. Minghao heard the song and began to feel the rhythm and beat. He started with simple gestures, before fully getting immersed into the song.

His feet moved just like they did in the past, with so much pace and vigor that even he was surprised. His hands and arms were built to hold up his body weight. The cheers of the twelve boys echoed in the room made Minghao smile widely. Once he was done, he got up and bowed.

Everyone went over to congratulate him and comment how well he performed. The boys heart soared. Despite the fact he had gave up his thought of finding his soulmate, atleast he found something more, twelve friends who eventually became his family.


"Hyungs... how should we... with Minghao hyung?" Chan reluctantly asked.

"We'll figure something out, Channie-yah, I know we will," Jisoo ruffled the maknae's hair, but even he wasn't sure about it.


Everyone was fighting each other over something. It was after a long dance practice and everyone was tired. Jihoon was yelling at the members for bothering him when they knew the producer was busy with their debut. Seungcheol was in a heated, but passive, argument with Jisoo and Hansol reminding them what's better for the group after something they did. Mingyu was telling the members how dirty the dorm was and how they don't clean up after themselves while Soonyoung and Jeonghan were defending for themselves. Seungkwan was arguing with Chan, but it wasn't one of their playful fights they usually had.

Minghao watched as the members voices grew steadily into yelling and screaming. Words he didn't fully understand were thrown all over the place. His eyes moved across the room to figure out what to do.

"STOP FIGHTING!" Minghao then yelled, the room became quiet and everyone looked at him. "Stop, please," He didn't relieazed that he had tears in his eyes. The boy blinked them away and then, his mind blanked. All of his Korean lessons had escaped his mind.

The boy took a few steps back and did the first thing that came into his mind. He ran.

Minghao ran, left the dorm and shut it behind him. He wanted to get as far away as possible, maybe get a ticket and head straight back to China. The voices of his members yelling towards him didn't faze the dancer.

It wasn't until Minghao relieazed how was he had gone when he turned back and no longer saw the faint outline of the apartment complex behind him. Wiping at the tears in his eyes, Minghao walked around the busy streets at two in the morning.

Singing his soul song to himself, Minghao let his feet slowly drag his body around. It wasn't until the clock struck 4:45 when the boy appeared back at the dorm. He opened the door and took a step in, a body was stuffed against his almost instantly.

Frozen upon the spot, Chan appeared and shouted, "Hyungs, Minghao hyung is back!" He spoke with a smile.

Jun hugged Minghao tightly while Minghao hugged back. "Thank goodness you're safe! I'm sorry we scared you like that, Haohao." Jun spoke, letting go to smile at the boy. Tears filled his eyes as he looked at the boy infront of him.

Minghao was still adjusting to Korea and it's customs. It's been roughly three weeks since he joined. Jun didn't want to think what would've happened it Minghao didn't come back, if something had happened to him.

"You guys... aren't fighting anymore?" Minghao asked hesitantly.

"We were tired and didn't think about what we were saying. When you left, we relieazed what had happened and made up. We spent the last few hours calling you and trying to reach you, Haohao. You had no idea how scared we all were when you didn't come back after an hour." Jun responded with an honest heart.

"I'm sorry." Minghao apologized, learning his impact he had on the boys.

"Don't be, it's okay." The rest of the members appeared in the living room, seeing Minghao made their face light up with joy. One by one, they all hugged him and apologized.

"Everyone, I'm okay," Minghao reassured, "Hyung, I'm okay, I'm sorry I ran off." He comforted a shocked Soonyoung who had simultaneously bursted into tears when he saw Minghao.

The boys all brought their small mattresses, blankets, and pillows to the living room. Setting them up to sleep together. Despite the fact the sun was rising soon and they had to wake up our hours later for lessons, the boys lost themselves in the warmth of each other.


"Guys, at this point, we can't even be sure." Jun spoke.

"I think we should just ask him," Jihoon simply stated.

"I agree with Jihoon hyung!" Seokmin pipped in, along with Mingyu who nodded.

"Everyone, we have to wait. This is ultimately Minghao's choice, despite the system." Wonwoo reminded.


They were debuting, Minghao almost exploded when he heard the news. The days of their debut ticked by faster day by day. Jihoon worked on the album, Soonyoung on the dances, and Seungcheol making sure they didn't do anything stupid or idiotic that'll injure them before the debut.

Wonwoo and Jun were two members that helped Minghao with his Korean the most. Jun, since he's also Chinese and someone Minghao heavily relies on, and Wonwoo because the reader always helps Minghao pronounce some words for the boy when he was having trouble reading.

Seokmin and Seungkwan practiced their voices the most, as they are the two main vocalists. Soonyoung worked with creating the dances with the other members. Mingyu and Chan asked for advice and criticism on their dancing and rapping. Jeonghan's hair seemed to be a hassle for the 95'er to tend with but he still did despite their schedule.

The debut song was done, Jihoon was going to reveal it to everyone during the practice. Minghao was returning from his Korean lessons, everyone was already at the dance room. Opening the doors, Minghao froze as he heard what they were singing.

Ipsuri mallado halmareun haeyagesseo Baby
(Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby)
Akkyeo neol akkyeo neol hyeongijeung nal jeongdoro
(I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy)
(Adore you!)

"My soul song!"

Minghao's lips were parted, he was suppose to say it in his head, but he blurted it out instead.Everyone looked at him, Seokmin quickly paused the music when he heard the 97'er. "It's... It's my soul song.. how? What?" Minghao began, confused.

Everyone looked at each other, shocked at the sudden outburst from Minghao. They didn't expect the sudden reveal. Everyone looked at each other, sharing expressions to see who will tell the boy the news. Jeonghan opened his mouth.

"Minghao-yah, it's our soul song too." Jeonghan spoke slowly, waiting for the boy to understand as the group proceeded towards Minghao. Minghao's eyes widened.

"All of you? All twelve of you?" Minghao asked, looking between the twelve members.

Seungkwan nodded, as he began to hum the first part to prove it. Minghao finished the melody himself. "Then, how is it a actual song? Soul songs are unique to every soulmates." Minghao continued to question.

"Sit down, Hao, we'll answer your questions." Seungcheol said, while the group sat in a circle while, Minghao waited for an answer.

"...The day you ran away from our fight, Minghao-yah, Jihoon worked on the song to cope with the emotions. He used our soul song for the main part. No one else will know except us." Mingyu spoke.

"It's our soul song, all of us eventually found out when we joined the group. The relationship started with Seungcheol and I, the first two members of the group. I hummed out the song when I was stressed and Cheol heard it." Jihoon said.

"All of us eventually joined the relationship when we joined the group," Wonwoo explained. "Our soul songs were revealed accidentally. For most of us, it was humming it out loud and not expecting one of us to freak out when we heard it."

"For Seokmin's case, he sang it loudly in the bathroom." Soonyoung joked, earning a jab in the ribs by Seokmin, Minghao giggled.

"The entire group was transformed into a polyamory relationship. We thought it had ended with Jeonghan, the last member to join before you. It was already big with the twelve of us." Jisoo spoke.

"Wait, Samuel, Dongjin, Doyoon, and Mingming didn't have the soul song?" Minghao asked.

"No, but they were still accepted. Leaving the company broke their hearts but they had their own soul song and soulmate to look for." Seungcheol said.

"When you joined us, hyung, we were waiting to know what your soul song was, not in a creepy way. We never heard you even hum a single note of it since we met you." Chan said.

"I only hum it to myself when I'm along and need comfort." Minghao responded. "It's my way of coping."

"Well, over the years we met you, all of us eventually started to develop feelings for you, Hao." Jun said. "We didn't know what your soul song was and whether or not it was the same as ours. But, we knew we loved you and wanted to bring you into the relationship. For years, we had discussed this in private to figure out what we wanted to do. Soul song or not, we loved you." Jun looked at the boy.

Truth be told, Minghao had slowly fall for his members as well, he just didn't know it was real until today. "I thought I would never find my soulmate when I left China..." The boy looked down, a large smile on his face despite his tears.

"We thought the same thing, that was until we were together." Jisoo said, while everyone cooed and comforted a crying Minghao. Minghao embraced everyone tightly while they shared kisses and hugs.

13 boys, all with different personalities, born in different places, found love and tranquility with each other. May 26, 2015, Seventeen debuted as the self-producing thirteen membered K-Pop group under Pledis Entertainment.

All of the members were celebrating together, their promise rings (future wedding rings, as Soonyoung joked), were given to them. The rings united them as a official group.

In the practice rooms, singing (more like screaming) Adore U at the top of their lungs, Minghao walked around the room recording everything. The smile on his face grew bigger and bigger at every little thing the members did.

"AKKINDA!" The members screamed towards the camera, saying their goodbyes as the 97'er turned it off.

~~ 4 Years Later ~~

Minghao took a deep breath as he walked off the airplane. The promotions for Home had started and Minghao was juggling his China schedule and Seventeen schedule.

With a stifled yawn, Minghao managed to make it to the dorm and open it gently. Expecting everyone to already be asleep. That was until he turned on the lights:


The boy jumped and look at the living room, his twelve soulmates were in the middle holding a banner with the words: Welcome Back! Written in rose quartz and serenity. Seokmin ran towards Minghao side and popped a confetti popper, while Chan was recording everything.

"What are you guys doing up?" Was the first thing Minghao asked, eyes narrowed at the 12 boys in front of him

"We knew you were coming back from China today and decided to surprise you. It's your first solo schedule in China since Oh My promotions ended," Wonwoo walked over to Minghao's side and guided him to the group.

Everyone greeted Minghao home with open arms and lots of kisses. "How are you feeling, Hao?" Jeonghan asked, kissing his cheek while Mingyu appeared with a cup of warm tea. Seungcheol currently had his arms wrapped around the his shoulder.

"Tired and exhausted an hour ago, but not anymore." He said, watching Chan and Seungkwan playfully fight about how to plug the camera into the TV. "Shouldn't all of you be resting? We have things to do-"

"And we are stopping you right there, Xiao Ba." Junhui spoke, he was the only member that called him Xiao Ba while talking, the others used it when they were doing aeygo on Minghao or teasing him.

"You got manager-nim to cancel everything tomorrow, did you?" Minghao asked in a monotone but amused voice.

"We got manager-nim to cancel everything tomorrow!" Jun cheered, "With help from Seungcheol hyung," He added, the leader shot him a finger heart.

"There we go! I told you it was suppose to go in like that Chan-shhi!" Seungkwan spoke, while the TV had a paused thumbnail of an old recording from ages ago.

"What's this?" Minghao asked, while the members situated themselves on the couch and mat. Minghao was on the couch, while Jihoon was resting against Soonyoung to his left, Junhui had an arm wrapped around the boy to his right.

Jisoo grabbed the remote. "We've been recording everything before debut, changing out SD cards once every six months..." He trailed on. "We went through the cards, and Wonwoo found this."

Minghao leaned forward and gasped. It was a video of him singing Adore U  infront of the others, without messing up. "I remember this... I worked so hard to get the pronunciation right and hide the secret away from all of you." Minghao joked, leaning back into Jun's embrace.

The thirteen soulmates continued to watch video after video. Seokmin let out loud scream when they watched the BSS Cantella dance video. Jihoon covered his face in embarrassment when a picture of him hugging Seungkwan after the vocalist mental breakdown appeared.

The embarrassment was transferred to the two China Line members when they saw themselves practicing My I with the rope for the first time. "Hyung? Who's idea was it to include a rope into the dance?" Minghao from the past practically yelled as the two members struggled to detangle themselves.

Jeonghan, Jisoo, and Jun laughed loudly at the play out of some of their hidden camera pranks. While everyone laughed out loud at their planned rap battle. Minghao snuggled into Jun's side, feeling the warmth and love of his soulmates all around him.

Leaving China, Minghao thought he would leave behind all ideas of finding his soulmate, but who would've known that his chosen family of twelve were his soulmates.