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Courtesy Call

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Kazuo Yashiki is woken up from a restless slumber by the sound of his cellphone ringing. His younger friends had all agreed that he absolutely needed one and practically forced him into purchasing one. Moe had somehow gotten into it and changed the ringtone to the theme song of some American movie called "Ghostbusters" as a joke but he can't figure out how to change it back. So, he's stuck with hearing that annoying song every time someone wants to talk to him, which is too often. He would ask someone who knows how phones work to change it for him, but he doesn't want to look like a technologically inept old man. He's not even that old, dammit!

In any case, by the time he answers the phone, the song had gone from the lyrics that sound like a commercial jingle to the actually somewhat catchy instrumental segment. Not that he would ever let anyone catch him admitting to it being even a little catchy.

"Hello?" Kazuo answers, stifling a yawn.

"Oh dear, did I wake the sleeping dragon?" Mashita's voice comes from the other line sounding right pleased with himself.

"What are you calling me for, Mashita?" Kazuo asks, not in the mood to play around.

"It's nearly 4 pm, you're really only waking up now?" And there's that judgemental tone that seems ever present around the private detective. Kazuo elects not to mention that he's sleeping so late because he only really went to bed a couple hours ago after pulling another all nighter researching ways to trap Mary for good.

"What's your point?" Kazuo asks instead.

"Ah, nothing I guess. I suppose I should let you get back to your beauty rest, not that it would help." Mashita sighs.

"Hold on, wait a minute. You called for a reason. What is it?"

"It's been a while since I've talked to you. Figured I'd check in and make sure you haven't wasted away at your desk or something."

"You sound worried about me," Kazuo teases.

"You sound tired," Mashita replies blankly, although Kazuo knows him well enough at this point to figure that the monotone statement is hiding some real concern for his well-being.

"I am tired. It feels like it's been days since I've last slept." Kazuo groans and runs a hand through his hair. "And it's been weeks since I've last had a chance to de-stress."

"That's too much information, you pervert." Mashita sounds more amused than disgusted.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," Kazuo snaps. Then, he much more quietly mutters, "although, I haven't had much time to do that lately either..."

"You have some time now, don't you?" Mashita asks casually, as if they're talking about playing a video game.

"On the phone with you?" Kazuo smirks to himself, unable to resist the chance to embarrass the detective. The line is silent for a while and Kazuo almost thinks Mashita hung up on him until-

"You could." The man on the other end of the line says nonchalantly.

"Wait, what?" Now Kazuo is the one to feel embarrassed. What the hell could he mean, he could? He could jerk off while on the phone with Mashita? His face heats up just at the thought. He ignores the way his dick twitches as well.

"What, it's not so unusual is it?" There's a shuffling sound on the phone. "I've been rather stressed myself lately if we're being honest."

"Whoa whoa whoa, Mashita, what are you saying?" Kazuo's head is spinning, but for some reason he can't make himself hang up the phone or flat out deny the suggestion.

"You're a smart enough guy, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm saying."

Kazuo can't ignore the way that Mashita's voice dropping suggestively makes a shudder run through his body. He bites his lip and thinks about this for a second. He's going to jerk off while on the phone with his... with Mashita. His dick gives another traitorous twitch and he decides that this isn't something he wants to think hard about.

"And you called me a pervert?" Kazuo finally responds. He can picture Mashita rolling his eyes.

"Oh, just shut up and take off your pants."

That low, almost breathless tone Mashita uses empties all thought from Kazuo's head.

"Yes sir," he finds himself saying in response as he quickly pulls his pants off and tosses them to the bottom of his bed. They were getting rather tight around his groin anyway.

"Mm, I like the sound of that." Mashita hums out a pleased noise.

"What, me calling you sir?" Kazuo is answered with another pleased hum from Mashita. "Guess it makes sense that you'd have an authority kink."

"Ah, shut up." Mashita's words are spoken too quickly for him to hide the embarrassment behind them. Kazuo feels a small sense of victory at that.

"Anything else you're into being called?" Kazuo feels almost too casual, but he can't resist the urge to tease. "Want me to call you Master? Daddy?"

"Ugh, you're disgusting." Mashita's voice is back to his usual tone. "Can we get through this without you being gross?"

"Guess that's a no, then?" Kazuo bites his lip on a smile.

"That's a no," Mashita replies. "Go back to calling me sir. I liked that."

"Sir yes sir!" Kazuo imitates an enthusiastic soldier.

"Not like that." Mashita sounds annoyed. "Are you going to take this seriously or not?"

"Sorry, sorry. I guess I'm just a little nervous."

"Gross, you sound like a virgin." There's a pause. "Are you a-"

"No! Geez. It's just- ugh, it's been a while." Kazuo covers his face with his hand, sighing. "And I'm not exactly used to doing things like this either."

"Well, what do you usually do when you're with someone and you want to get in the mood?"

"Uh, honestly in the past it's always been the girl who's initiated it with me."

"Have you only ever been with women?"

"Yeah." Kazuo hesitates. "Not that I haven't thought about being with men too, though."

"So you're not straight?" Mashita almost sounds... hopeful? But that can't be right.

"Well, I'm still on the phone with you, aren't I?"

"You'd be surprised how many self proclaimed straight men will do more than just phone sex with another man." Mashita says it so casually that it takes Kazuo aback for a moment.

Phone sex. That's what this is, isn't it? Or, well, what it's supposed to be. Before Kazuo ruined the mood by joking around. But then that would mean-

"Mashita, are you attracted to me?" Kazuo blurts it out without thinking. He's almost expecting the other man to laugh it off or call him gross or both, but he's only met with a moment of silence.

"... Would it bother you if I said I am?" Mashita sounds uncharacteristically timid.

"No, no it wouldn't bother me." Kazuo finds he can reply surprisingly easily.

"Good. That's... that's good." Mashita clears his throat. "Well, now that we've gotten that unsightly conversation over with, do you want to get back to..." He trails off.

"Yeah. I mean, if I haven't ruined the mood too much."

"We'll see if you have or not. Are you hard?"

Kazuo's mind stutters at the blunt question. He has to look down and see that yeah, while his erection has definitely flagged a good deal, he's still somewhat aroused.

"Um, not exactly..."

"Well then get yourself hard. You know how to do that don't you?"

"Of course I know how to-" Kazuo cuts himself off with a sigh.

"I know. I'm just messing with you." Mashita shuffles around on the other end, presumably getting himself comfortable, and sighs. "Now go on. Touch yourself."

That low, commanding tone in Mashita's voice is embarrassingly enough to get Kazuo half hard before he even gets his hand around his member. It feels surprisingly good. It has been a while, so maybe he's more sensitive than usual? In any case, Kazuo breathes out a small sigh and starts to stroke his hardening member.

"Yeah, that's right." Mashita's low voice rumbles directly into his ear, sending a spark of arousal through Kazuo's body. He sighs again, a little louder. "Sounds like you're starting to enjoy yourself over there?"

"Yeah..." Kazuo murmurs in response, closing his eyes. It feels weird to be talking while doing this, but in a way it's exciting as well. Mashita hums in his ear again and Kazuo responds with a small noise of his own.

"Mmh, you sound good. Are you loud in bed, Yashiki?" Mashita's question sinks more arousal into Kazuo's gut and he thrusts his hips up into his hand.

"I don't... know." Kazuo bites his lip on another moan as his hips flex upwards again. His hand speeds up and he wonders if Mashita can hear the lewd sound of slapping skin through the phone.

"I feel like you'd be a little loud. You'd try to keep it in but it feels too good to hide." Mashita's breathing grows heavier. "Maybe to silence yourself you'd bite your lip... or my shoulder."

Kazuo's hips jerk again at the implication and he can't keep a grunt of pleasure from passing his lips.

"Oh, do you like that? I know I do. I want to just... come over to that big stupid empty mansion of yours and fill the halls with your moans." Mashita gasps on his words and if Kazuo listens very carefully he thinks he might be able to hear him stroking himself at a brutal pace.

"I-I want you to-" Kazuo manages to breathe out. He's surprised by how honest he is, too. The thought of Mashita coming over just to ravish him one day nearly makes him cum just thinking about it.

"Really? A-aah, I'm such a fool. I should have tried to talk you into this.. sooner... aaaah..." Mashita's words start to break off with how heavy he's breathing. Kazuo can't say he's faring much better though, honestly.

"Are you... close?" He manages to stutter out. Mashita confirms with a breathy moan. "Me... too..."

"Let me hear you- let me hear you come- Yashiki- ah-" Mashita practically begs, and Kazuo isn't about to deny him.

"Yeah... yeah... Mashita, I'm- I'm coming, I'm coming- aah-" Kazuo's mind blanks out blissfully as his hips thrust up into his hand repeatedly. He barely registers the feeling of his hot seed shooting onto his chest and dripping down over his still moving hand. As he comes down from his high, he strokes the last bits of orgasm out of his dick, his body shaking from overstimulation. On the other line, he hears Mashita's choked noises as he climaxes as well.

For a minute, all either of them hear is the other's heaving panting. When Kazuo finally catches his breath enough to speak, all he can say is


"Yeah." Is Mashita's thoughtful response.

They are both silent for another minute. It lasts long enough to become awkward and the gravity of what they just did and what they just said to each other really starts to sink in.

"I um, I need to go clean up," Kazuo mutters nervously.

"Yeah... me too." Mashita's response is devoid of emotion.

"I'll talk to you later?" Kazuo almost hesitates to ask.

"Mm." Is all Mashita has to say.

"Uh, bye then." Kazuo moves to hang up.


The phone clicks as Mashita hangs up before Kazuo has a chance to hesitate to press the button any longer. It's equally relieving and horrifying. The silence of his room paired with the cooling jizz on his stomach make Kazuo face the reality of what just happened even more.

Oh God, he thinks, what did I just do?