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BNHA One Shots and Smuts

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Hey, guys welcome to my first ever One Shots book on A03! These first few chapters are actually from my Wattpad, but I will be converting over to here more. If you have any requests you can put them, I hope you enjoy!

Also if you love Aizawa and would like to put yourself into the shoes of a student at UA, check out my newest story, You're My Hero, you can find it on my worklist! Anywho, on with the stories!

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"Well, aren't you just a cutie!" Togas knife pressed against your chest, you were pinned against a tree deep in the forest.

No one had seen this coming. It was supposed to just be camp, fun and games. You didn't even plan on going until the class convinced you to tag along.

Then the villains attacked during the test of bravery. You were partners with Deku when you both were separated. He texted you and told you to meet up with him later but then the attacks started and you were cut off.

Toga leaned closer, a twisted smile on her face. Giggling she lightly sliced at your collar bone.

"I almost want to keep you all for myself, you're so cute! You would look much cuter all cut up though." She laughed loudly and dug the knife deeper and deeper.

Blood rushed down your chest as you screamed in agony. Your quirk was Dark Charge, you could manipulate shadows and light but it was mainly a defensive quirk. You could create extra limbs and wings, but it used a lot of your energy and you had already fought Toga off for while now.

Most of your training had been on close up attacks but she had you pinned, your arms pinned down to the tree with two daggers.

"Now, let's suck up some of that tasty blood of yours!" One of the needles in her suit stabbed into your thigh. "Mm, suck suck suck.~"

"HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!" You tried to scream into the darkness but nothing came. Tears feel down your cheeks as you felt more and more of your blood get sucked up. "please...someone..."

"Your even cuter when you cry!" She giggled loudly as she took the needle out from your leg. "You have a crush, don't you? I have a bit of a crush myself."


"Look at us, two girls talking about boys. We are going to be such good friends." Her voice was sickly sweet as she leaned in and licked the blood from your shoulder. She shivered and laughed loudly.

"Dabi! Look who I found, isn't she a real cutie! Can I keep her?" Toga jumped up and down excited. A tall boy walked up to you both, his skin patched up and looked burnt. Your eyes tried to focus on him but everything was starting to blur.

"Wasnt she on the list to bring in with that other kid? Yeah grab her, Shigaraki probably wants her alive so you shouldn't take much more of her blood." He waved his hand, his deep voice seemed to echo inside your head as the loss of blood was getting to your head.

"What are you...going to do...w-with...with kacchan." You weakly slumped against the trunk of the tree. The knives dragged down as you slowly fell, ripping up more of your arms.

"Don't worry, you'll see him soon," Dabi smirked and gave a sharp blow to your head.

You were knocked out instantly.





"W-we got split up...I...She said she was going to head back to camp but then..." Izuku went silent. The group looked between each other as katsuki threw Deku aside.

They had just found out the villains were after Katsuki and went to take him to safety, but he, of course, argued that he didn't need saving. Todoroki went to touch his shoulder but the angry boy moved away.


They all knew they couldn't argue with Katsuki about something like this, And so they went




Your head hurt, your arms hurt, everything hurt. Your body was forced in a sitting position, arms and hands locked up so you couldn't use your quirk or try to fight.

A voice broke you out of your trance, but it wasn't directed at you.

"Isn't that strange...The heroes are becoming the bad guys." Shakily you looked up. It was him again. The man with hands all over his body "Seems like they're not dealing with this so well at all. So much criticism. But everyone makes a mistake right?"

The man with a hand on his face, the supposed leader of the League Of Villans. He waved his arms as he spoke, but he wasn't paying you any attention.

A thought suddenly struck you. Of course, someone was with you. They hadn't just been after you...But they couldn't have...He wouldn't just get captured...

"It's not like they're supposed to be perfect right? Modern-day heroes sure have it tough." You looked over, no it couldn't be true. " Don't you think, Bakugou?

Your blood ran cold as you stared at him, you could see how pissed off he was. His ashy blonde hair fell over his dark expression, ruby eyes burning with fury. You were tucked away in the corner and he hadn't seen you yet or someone was using a quirk to hid you.

Toga smiled and waved at you from the bar, she licked across her knife with an insane smile. Your blood was still on it. she shivered with a giggle.

Dabi grabbed the back of your neck and yanked you forward.

"Why don't you join us, your girlfriend could even join you!" Shigaraki pointed over at you, Dabi shoved you to the floor. Bagukou yanked forward, his eyes widening as he looked between you and the villains surrounding you both. "See? We didn't even kill her, aren't I being generous."

"LET HER GO YOU BASTARD." Dabi pressed his foot against your head, shoving you further into the dirty ground. "DONT TOUCH HER YOU FUCKER-"

"Shut up for god's sake or ill crush her skull." You cried out as he applied more pressure before kicking you roughly in the stomach. Coughing blood you tried to curl up but the chair kept you locked in tight. "Listen up or I burn her to pieces."

Shakily you looked up at Katsuki. His hands twitched, Eyes focused on you. He softened slightly when your eyes meet his, care flashing in his red eyes when he saw the look in your eyes.

You smiled at him gently.

He would save you both.

"K...Kacchan...Beat their asses for me..." You started to blackout again as another kick came into your stomach. Another hit your teeth and then straight in your hand.




"Hey only family can visit, she isn't ready for any visitors-"


"K-kacchan! Hey W-wait!" Deku tried to grab him but he shoved him off.

Katsuki threw the hospital door open. His grip tightened on the flowers he had bought, his eyes landing on your bandaged up form that was laying in the empty white room

After you blackout they had let him go, he tried his best to fight them off until the heroes came. But then they took you and him, and All for one showed up. He had been outnumbered, but he wasn't going to lose. He wouldn't let you down or have you get any more hurt. After stalling for a while Deku and the others came along and managed to swoop in a save you both.

Immediately you were taken away to the hospital.

One for all was beaten and All Might's secret was finally released. But he stood victorious and faith in heroes was restored. things would never be the same after this.

Even katsuki could see this.

"The doctor said she won't be up for at least a couple of days, we should wait and visit another time." Iida pushed his glasses up, Deku nodded from beside him.

"Good, gives me time to think."

"W-wait you're staying here?!" Izuku stammered. The two stared at each other surprised. "But..."

"Listen nerd, she wouldn't be here if you didn't leave her in the damn forest. She was alone and wasn't nearly powerful enough to fight multiple villains. You should've known she isn't good at fighting." His fists shook as he looked up angrily. "If your going to be a hero then you should've been there to help her! What's the point of being a damn hero if you cant even save people who matter to you!"

The room was silent. The air felt tense and deep down they all knew that each was to blame. Deku shouldn't have left, but Katsuki could've been there as well. If he had found you faster, if he had broken out of those damn confinements.

"Ok kacchan...Your right, I shouldn't have left." He grabbed Iida's arm. "Let's go, Iida, we can visit (y/n) later."

The door shut closed behind the two boys, Katsuki watched them as they walked out. Grabbing a nearby chair he spun it towards your bed and sat down.

Your arms were bandaged up from where the stabs had been. A few bandaids were played on your face, your eye swollen from the kicks and beatings you received.

'She overused her quirk again, you can see it.' He murmured as he leaned closer to you. After overusing your quirk the veins in your neck and shoulder or where ever else you used your quirk would turn black. When you last faced off against the League your skin was tainted black for weeks, you wore long sleeves and turtle necks for a solid week.

You were ashamed of them, it meant you failed.

His eyes slowly took in your sleeping figure. Up close he could see the slow raising of your chest as you breathed, how your eyelashes fluttered, the pinkness of your cheeks. Softly he touched your cheek with the back of his hand. It was softer then he had thought, smooth against his rough calloused hands.

'My girlfriend...tsk, as if I would date an extra' His hand gently stroked over your cheek. 'You think you're so damn strong. You try to save everyone and it hurt you every time. Why can't you just keep yourself safe, you're so committed to saving everyone else you forget to stop and help yourself. If Deku hadn't left you behind this would've never happened, if I was there...'

The chair creaked as he leaned back. Pulling out his phone he quickly texted his mom, telling her he wouldn't be home for a few days.

The next few hours were spent in silence, you being unconscious and him sitting and watching you. He went over everything that had happened and what you did. Questions and questions filled his head the longer he just sat, By the end of the day your 'parents' finally showed up much to his anger.

"Your Katsuki right? You won the sports festival..." Looking up he stared at the man before him. The man had your eyes and hair, as well as your pink rosy cheeks.

He was in a dark blue suit with a long black cape. His face mask was pulled down so he could speak clearly.

"Yeah im him, who the hell are you?' Bagukou muttered. The man pulled up another chair and sat across from him, a defeated look in his (E/C) eyes.

"Im her...father. I wasn't able to come sooner with everything that happened. But im happy to know she's alright..." He went to touch your hand but Bagukou slapped his hands away. The man stared at him confused. "Im sorry?"

"You better be fucking sorry, your damn daughter has been in the fucking hospital for hours and your excuse is work? She could've died. We barely made it out alive and she overused her quirk. If she was left to her own she would've been killed by those villains." The two shared a quiet stare down. Katsuki clenched his fists as he stood up. "You should leave before I beat your ass you bastard."

A thick silence filled the air. Slowly the man stood up, the air around him suddenly growing cold as he stared down at the angry blonde. The thick cape flowed behind him as he gradually leaned down to Bagukou's height.

"I see why my daughter likes you. You are determined to be a hero and are set on protecting people you care about. Perhaps you are right. " He tilted his head and smiled, his hand extending towards the other man. "Thank you, for saving my daughter."




Days passed before you woke up. The class would stop by and say hello to Katuki and see if you were awake yet. They would bring him food and other things for him to stay, even though the hospital wasn't exactly happy he hadn't left. Every day that passed more dread and doubt-filled him, but he knew you were strong and would wake up.

You had to.

"K...Kacchan?" The soft sound of your voice snapped him from his trance. "Where...where are we?"

He rushed to your side and grabbed your hand. Pain shot through you but you let him touch you, the relieved look on his face making it worth it.

"You idiot...You almost killed yourself."

"But did we win? Did you...Did you kick their asses for me?" You joked softly. A weak smile covered your face making him sigh in annoyance.

"Yeah, we won. Now rest you dumb ass, you overused your quirk again." He pointed to the dark veins covering your arm and neck. Gently he rested his hand on your head, his hands soft on top of your hair.

You grabbed his hand and held it. The roughness of his hand was opposite to your gentle smooth hands. His hand was two times the size of yours and a dark blush covered his cheeks as you nuzzled up into it.

"Nerd what do you think your doing-"

"You saved me. I owe you my life Katsuki." His eyebrows furrowed, your hand squeezing his as you swallowed. "I tried to fight them but she was stronger than me...I was already so tired from training and my quirk was weakened. After Deku had left with the flashlight I used my quirk to light up my way. The villain saw me I guess...She cornered me and I tried to scream for help but...b-but no one came."


"I couldn't even save you...I couldn't save myself. I-i can't be a hero if I can't even save the p-person I love." His heart shattered when he saw the tears slowly running down your face. Your voice shook as you looked up at him. "Im s-sorry I let you down...Im sorry, I can't be stronger."

"Shut up you nerd! You are strong! Being a hero isn't just about winning damn it, it's about trying to save and help others." He grabbed your chin and lifted your head so you were staring him in the eyes. "You fought with all you could, that's being a hero. I should've been there to help you."


"I said shut up! Im not done." His hair fell into his face as he leaned closer to you. The red in his eyes seemed sharper and bolder than ever, up close his jaw was more piercing then you noticed and you could see his spiky canine through his gritted teeth. "I've been sitting here for days now waiting for you to wake up so I can tell you how I feel so you better just sit and look pretty while I get this over with."

"You think im pretty?"

"SHUT UP NERD." He smacked your head with a growl. "You are stronger than any other girl I know, and half the idiots in our class as well. You care about your friends even though they are all stupid, You're almost as smart as me."

He smirked cockily when you chuckle. Softly he brushed back a piece of your hair from your face, your eyes shifting back up to his face. The gentleness of his touch shocked you as he lowered his voice slightly.

"You treat me like im not a monster, like im an equal. You aren't scared of me or look down on me as if im just another problem. For years you've stuck by my side even when im being a total jerk to you, and you've been my friend no matter what."


"Let.Me.Finish." He angrily grabbed your shoulder. "I love you god damn it! There I said it! Are you happy now! You're so god damn annoying, keep interrupting me..."

Silence washed over you both. He refused to look you in the eyes, his hands shaking as he slowly pulled away from you. This was a stupid idea, he shouldn't have said anything. He knew you wouldn't feel the same.

Why would someone like you want someone who just destroys everything?

You reached forward and grabbed his hands. It hurt to move but it would hurt more if you let him go.

"Wait! I love you too!" He hesitated, his eyes on the floor as he faced away from you. "I have since we were kids, to be honest...But I didn't want to distract you from your training, I know being number one was the most important thing for you and I couldn't let myself hold you down."

"You really are an idiot huh?" Confused you squinted your eyes. "Im going to be the number one hero no matter what anyone says or does. No one is going to stop me, and you're going to be by my side watching me beat all those other bastards."

He looked back at you with his signature smirk. You smiled at him softly as you tugged him back towards you.

"Sit down your dork, it hurts for me to move."





"NO, YOU."






Deku slowly creaked the door open to your hospital room. The rest of the class was behind him.

"Is that...K-Kacchan?" They all leaned closer into the room.

You were curled up inside the small bed with Bakugou, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist and his face buried in your hair. You were lightly snoring next to him, breaths matching his.

"Dude, I didn't think he would be a cuddler." Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. "He's gonna be pissed if he finds out we were here."

"We'll leave in a second...after getting a few pics" Ochaco smirked and pulled her phone out.

She crept forward and snapped a few pictures before Katsuki shifted slightly, the bright light of her camera waking him up. He squinted his eyes as the small girl tensed.


"Oh no..."



And that's how you rudely wakened up form your cuddling by your yelling, angry boyfriend.

This was probably gonna become a normal thing, but you wouldn't have it any other way.


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When you became a villain things changed in your life, everything changed. People feared you, your family disowned you, your entire life was flipped upside down.

You lost all your friends from school that went and became heroes. You fought against them In brutal battles but never killed them. You were a villain, yes but it hurt to even think about harming your friends.

After you did your first crime you ran away with nowhere to go, the police after you and your past chasing close behind them. You managed to find a small place to live where the landlord didn't care who you were as long as you paid rent and kept the cops away.

So how did he managed to find you? Had he come to turn you in, or just get his revenge and then leave?

You stared at the back of your former friend and lover, Aizawa. His hair was a mess across your bed, his body curled up making him as small as his body would allow.

You should've been angry. You should've killed him or fought or kicked him out.

There were no broken locks or broken windows, just his curled up sleeping body in your bed. When you stepped closer you finally saw it, your blood ran cold as you paused.

That made more sense...

You tucked another blanket around his body, and quickly pushed the hair from his tired face. The bags under his eyes seemed to be permanent, he hadn't lost them since middle school.

You went into the kitchen and started dinner. Enough for you and him to eat and cleaned up a little bit. It was a small apartment but it was home, with the money you stole you bought nice enough things.

It was humble.

You were at the table reading when he finally walked out to the bedroom, curled up in a blanket and one of the hoodies you kept that he gave you a long time ago. He was shocked you kept it but thankful none the less.

"Sit, your not leaving until I look at your wounds." You set the book down to stare him in eyes.

He sat down across from you,

"You're not angry." He murmured, his hands tightening around the flimsy blanket. "Normally you would be interrogating me."

"I'm furious, but not at you. This wasn't your fault, though maybe part of it is. But if I ask you what happened you'll leave won't you?" You shook your head and pointed to the plate in front of him. He stared at the plate in thought.

But he knew you wouldn't try anything.

"How do I know this isn't poisoned (V/n)?" He picked up the fork and glanced up at you. Your body tensed when he said your villain name, it felt like a sharp dagger to your heart.

"God for a hero your so dark, have you no trust in an old friend?"

"Is that what we were? Friends?" Aizawa took a small bit as he stared at the wooden table. It was a low blow but after everything, you didn't blame him. You betrayed everyone and turned to a life of crime.

You didn't expect forgiveness.

"Why did you come here Shouta."

"I wanted to see you." He said simply. He twirled the fork in between his slender fingers, you watched his hand as it skillfully moved. Everything he did reflect his training, the skillful use of his fingers, how he moved.

You were at a loss for words. He had to be trying something, he was a hero for heaven sakes. Just by being here, he must've been breaking a thousand rules. Shouta Aizawa didn't like breaking rules, that much you knew.

Silently you took your plate and walked to the kitchen, the sounds of you washing the dish filled the small space. Aizawa looked over at you as he took another small bit.

This hurt him more then you knew. Seeing you after all these years in person broke him, you just had to go and become a villain. You both had your life planned out, it could've been like this every day.

The thought had run through his head before. Coming home to you in the kitchen trying to perfect a new meal or sweet, spending nights watching movies cuddled up on the couch. Waking up in the morning to your peaceful face. You wanted to become a hero with him. Maybe you would've been a teacher or even a mother some day, you seemed to love children when you two would go on missions.

He could see it in your eyes, the passion had faded and you looked like you were at war with yourself. Every news article, every video, the one thing he always noticed was how broken you looked.

Standing up he moved to stand next to you, sliding his dish into the sink as well. You both said nothing as he hugged you're from behind.

"What changed?" He whispered into your neck. His face rubbed against your shoulder, his scruffy face tickling your neck. You wrapped your arms around his and intertwined your fingers.

"I don't know what you mean Shouta-"

"Why did you have to become a villain and ruin everything. " his hands tightened against your waist. The fall and rise of his chest matched your slow breathing. His finger twitched as he closed his eyes with a deep sigh. "You wanted nothing more than to save studied every day, you risked your life. What made you lose that dream? You had so much potential."

"I saw the real world. How dark it was." You leaned your head back against his shoulder, eyes staring up at the ceiling. "For so long I was scared of the dark, thinking a monster was going to come for me. I thought I could save the world from the darkness."

You tilted your head towards his. The softness of his hair tickled your face, his face tilted towards yours.

"Then I thought...maybe not all monsters are bad. What makes me different from you? I fight for the same principles I had as a child, I just stopped being scared of what the world thought. I stopped being scared of the dark and I grew up." You turned in his arms to face him head-on.

He was still the young high school boy you used to know, his eyes having a mask hiding the sadness behind them. Your fingers knotted through his hair as you swallowed nervously.

"Memories are the worst form of torture you know, and sometimes people have to do bad things to survive. I loved you more than anything in this world. I couldn't let you stay close to me, I couldn't let anyone know we knew each other. They can't hurt me if I have nothing for them to use."

"Who's them?" A bitter laugh left your lips at his question.

"The world, the rest of the hero's and villains..." you stared at his face sadly. "Myself, the demons inside of me that I can't ever bury. You deserve better than me and I can't risk you getting hurt."

Shouta slowly pressed you against his chest, hugging you tightly. For just a second it felt like he was piecing you back together, with just that hug you felt whole again.

Tears fell down your cheeks as you gripped his back in your fists. You wanted to push him away, shove him out of your life. He wasn't safe with you, why couldn't he be like the rest and just leave you to die.

"I'm not still have good inside of you. You can still change, you just need someone to guide you." He muttered against your hair. You shook inside his arms.

"Is this why you came? To try and convert me?"

"I came here to get you back"

"The old me?" You spat out, bottom lip quivering as you gripped him tighter. He wasn't tense or stiff in your grip, he was loose and gentle with you. It reminded you of all the times you spent over at his house studying together and watching clips of heroes on the tv, maybe that's why you were the tense one, the memories were flooding in and you couldn't handle it.

He pulled back and stared down at you. Those gray eyes were what finally pushed you over.

"The real you..."


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"(Y/n) (L/n), her quirk is Energy Drainer. She can steal other people's energy and even life span, she can shorter a person's life by using energy either of her own or by taking someone else's. But if she overuses It and doesn't have enough energy stored up inside of her she will need to rest or gain energy in some way. She relays fighting an enemy head-on and using her quirk only when needed, she needs to train on physical attacks, quirk use, and strategy or she will keep getting into fights without using her quirk and get hurt." Aizawa looked up from the stack of files in front of him to look at the board of heros.

All might glanced over at the dark-haired man and smirked slyly, slowly he leaned forward.

"Young (Y/n) seem to be very interested in their...quirk." All might smirked wider as Aizawa squinted his eyes. He straightened his papers out as the other heroes looked at each other confused. "Their quirk is very powerful and can even be deadly, perhaps you her out"

Airways looked up with a frown. He did have an interest in you, and your quirk, but all might bringing it up now was suspicious. What was he planning? Nezu ((Mr principal)) smiled brightly at Aizawa.

"I think it's a great idea, being the daughter of a villain like Rikiya Katsukame must be difficult for her to fully embrace their powers as well. They could use the extra training and guidance."

Aizawa nodded as he looked back at all might. Toshinori smirked back at him for as the subject changed onto how they were going to work on improving the school. Aizawa tried to focus on the plans but kept drifting back to you and All Mights smirked face.

What could he be scheming?



"SHUT UP DEKU." You slapped a hand over your loud friend's mouth. He continued to scream into your hand as the others at the table turned to looked at you. Blushing brightly you nervously laughed. "Um, he said nothing."

Uraraka and tenya leaned forward, softly Uraraka whispered. "Is it true? You have a crush on mister Aizawa?"

Tenya frowned softly. "(Y/n) you know student and teacher relationships are prohibited and frowned down on-"

"I know I know." You cut in with a wave of a hand. Sighing you looked down at your plate as you talked quietly. "I just... I really like him, he's smart and strong and amazing...and he's just so cute!" You giggled as all three raised an eyebrow. Uraraka patted your shoulder with a smile.

"We need to find you a man."

"One who isn't a teacher," Tanya interjected. The four of you laughed as you shook your head.

"Nah, I think I'll keep crushing on eraser hea-"


You froze in your seat as you heard your name being said from behind you. That voice, the one and only voice of Aizawa. Slowly you turned and looked up at him, he was standing staring st you with a bored and tired look. Honestly, it was how he always looked but you found it attractive none the less.

"M-mister how much did you-"

"Meet me after school." Panic seized you as he stared at you with half-lidded eyes. "We're going to be training and studying on strategy and physical attack. Wear your hero uniform and be in my classroom." He turned and walked away. A part of you wanted to grab him and ask him why he was training with you one on one. Another part of you wanted to follow him and go back to the classroom to make ou-

"Training? Does he mean one on one?" Uraraka stared at him wide-eyed as he ducked away behind a corner. Deku watched him before murmuring.

"He never does one on one training, and why would he want to only train you? Could it be a choice from the board of heros? But why would the board have a teacher do one on one." Deku rubbed his chin as he murmured. Softly sighing you looked at your empty tray that admittingly didn't have much on it when you got it.

"Well, I guess I'll find put after school" you smiled weakly at them as you stood up to clear your tray. The three looked at each other as you walked away.

"I don't think this is a good idea..." tenya frowned. "Being alone with him can't be good, I trust mister Aizawa wouldn't do anything of the sort but it can be damaging to her feelings and the relationship between the two."

Deku nodded in agreement.

"Oh come on you two, she wouldn't do anything! It's just a silly crush, we've all got one before." Uraraka waved them off with her hands, a bright smile on her face. Eh glanced over at where you had walked off.

You were smart

You wouldn't say anything...right?


The classrooms were empty, students back at the dorms or out with friends. You hadn't planned to stay after school so you had to quickly text your family that you wouldn't be home for dinner, which sucked because you missed your mother so much.

You walked down the empty hallways, your hero costume on. Normally you tried to avoid using your quirk, it reminded you too much of your fathers and it made you sick to be using something a villain like him would. No one knew your father was a villain, except the teachers and Todoraki who had investigated you after your first few weeks there.

He saw how affected you were when the villains attacked the school and how you disappeared for a few days afterward. Your father had been arrested and you couldn't bear to face any of the students after that.

The memory of that day sat on your shoulders ever since. You barely used your quirk, it was stronger then your fathers and could kill someone if you overused it or if you weren't careful. After you found out what your father was vowed to be a great hero and save as many people as you could.

And Aizawa knew that.

He admired your courage and how you stood up for your classmates. He believed you would be a great hero, just that you needed some training and help. Your past seemed to follow you where ever you went and he could see how you used your power less after the attack.

Your steps sounded throughout the empty hallway as you finally made it to the homeroom. Sliding the door open you peeked in to see Mister Aizawa sitting at his desk going through some papers.

"Your twenty minutes late." He boredly said as he flicked through the papers.

"You said after school, not a time. I had to get dressed and cancel some things..." you swallowed and slowly walked in. He glanced up and watched as you shakily sat down in the seat in front of him, your hands twitching and eyes flickering around the room avoiding his.

"Well let's get this over with, I want to get home before dark and we already have a lot to do. Follow me." He stood up and moved towards the door. His feet shuffled as he walked, his eyes set forward.

You stumbled into step behind him. He was fairly taller then you, your head reaching to about his shoulder. It wasn't often you were this close to the 'lazy' teacher with you normally sitting in the back with todaroki and hiding out during training. You never really stood out unless it was an emergency.

"Um...Mister Aizawa? I was wondering, why did you want to train one on one? Or are there other students already waiting?" He glanced back at you and blinked slowly. He turned back and sighed.

"The board has suggested we should look into the students more. With the attacks going on you've used less of your quirk then before. Your past and family changes things."

"So because my father is a villain you want to make sure I'm under control." You stopped walking. He paused, the entire hallway silent as you stared at the back of his head. A lump was in your throats as you thought back to that day. "He was part of the group that attacked the school...and my quirk isn't exactly like his, it's more powerful and could easily be used as a weapon. If I don't learn to use it or even...get turned to a villain I could be deadly. Or perhaps, you already think I am a villain."

His eyes flickered over to yours. Your body was tense as you looked up at him with a hard expression, void of any emotion but coldness.

"Yeah, I thought so. Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking there might be a mole. How else would information get out right? And it makes sense, a villians daughter trying to be a hero? " you stepped towards him with clenched fists. He faced you head-on, his hands in his pocket as he stared down at you. "Tell me, Eraser Head, famous pro hero, do you think I'm a mole? Nothing more than my father? Just a toy to be used for evil?"

Your face tilted up to his, your body's inches away from each other. You could feel his breath against your face and the sharp look in his eyes. His hair tickled your face slightly, his nose almost touching yours as your eyes looked slowly over his entire face.

"Do you...think I'm...a monster?"

Your voice betrayed you, the hard demeanor you tried to keep up was falling and showing the sad girl beneath it. Your hands shook as tears filled your eyes. For years you were plagued with the knowledge that your father was hurting innocent people, he was a horrible man. But were you any different? Your quirk could make you immortal and if used right could kill thousands. The more lives you ended the longer you could live. If you wanted you could be the most powerful person alive, strike fear into everyone around you.

"You're going to be a hero, your past doesn't make you who you are. What makes you a hero Is how you act now, how you save people. When the attacks started you saved your friends and fought off the villains even though you had a connection with one of them." He sighed. "Your strong and caring. By fighting for your friends, and showing how much you care you already are a hero."

"Mister Aizawa...thank you." You hugged him tightly, arms wrapped around his thin frame. It shocked him at first but after a while, he slowly hugged you back. You were warm against him and smelled of vanilla and strawberries.

His hands gently ran through your hair as he held you close to him. Suddenly he understood what All Might had been implying before. He couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped him.

"Damn you All Might, you knew all along didn't you..." he whispered. You nuzzled his chest softly with a sigh. "Come on, we still have training to do. Afterward, we can talk more about your quirk over something to eat."

"Is that...allowed sir?" You looked up at him. He stared down at your at face, his hand gently cupped your cheek and ran his thumb along it. Your cheeks pinkened at his touch, his thumb brushing over your bottom lip. "S-sir?"

"Is a crush on your teacher allowed?" He murmured with a small smile. Your blush darkened.

"You know?!" He chuckled at your shy expression.

"I heard you talking to Midoria and the other students. I also had a few theory's, you tend to stare at me instead of paying attention in class." He scoffed slightly with an eye roll. Your heart was beating twice as fast, of course he noticed you, idiot. You had to stop staring so much... "Look, students and teachers dating isn't allowed. If anyone finds out you'll be expelled and I will lose my job. If we go any further as anything other then teacher and pupil you have to keep it a secret at least until you graduate."

"That's only a few years..." smiling you leaned up to him again. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips. "So you plan to stick with me until then?"

He tsked, his hands gently grabbing your hips. His thumb rubbed against your skin that was exposed from your suit.

"If only you paid so much attention to my words in class..." You chuckled at his retort. Cupping his cheek you kissed his nose, you intended to pull away but he tugged you closer again. The air seemed to leave your body as his lips pressed against yours.

His hands tightened on your waist as you melted against him. Your hands raked through his black hair, tugging slightly as he pressed you against the nearby wall. Skillfully he pressed his tongue into your warm mouth.

Your hands pressed against his lean chest as he lifted one of your legs around his waist. Gently tapping your thigh he lifted you as you wrapped your legs around his waist. His tongue wrestled with yours before he quickly won and explored your mouth. You tasted of sweets, no doubt from lunch.

"(Y/n)...we shouldn't here, someone could see us. Plus the cameras." Oh shit, you had forgotten about those. He could sense you were about to panic, he quickly kissed you again. "Don't worry, this is a bit of a blind spot. Besides I can just go in and change the footage if I have to."

"Well...we should probably go train shouldn't we~" your fingers trailed down his chest to his belt. You tugged on It slightly before looking up at him. "I think I could use some endurance training, sensei" you purred out the title in a sinful way, he almost gave in and just had you right here.

"Are you trying to turn me on?" He growled as he leaned closer, a dangerous look in his dark grey eyes.

"Depends, is it working?" You rolled your hips teasingly. Another deep growl left his lips as he pressed himself closer to you. His hands gripped you tightly before rutting his hips back against yours. "Aizawa!~"

He reluctantly pulled away from you. Your legs found themselves back on the floor, you were a bit wobbly as you tried to sort your thoughts

"Let's go, now." He ordered as he turned and walked around the corner. Smiling you fell in place behind him.

Training was going to be fun~

Chapter Text

Years ago Deku would've called you a close friend of his, maybe even more than that. You encouraged him to be a hero, you supported him through everything, heck you were at his graduation when he finished UA.

And then the next day you were on the news.

Throughout high school and his battles against the League Of Villains, he saw you less and less and saw more of a certain villain. The battles made him think of how you two would spar and their quirk was exactly like yours. They reminded him of someone but he couldn't place it until one day he was fighting in an alleyway with them.

It was a brutal battle and he found himself almost outmatched. He had finally got a blow in and kicked the villain in the stomach making them fall over and clutch their weak body.

Their mask had been ripped off during the fight and his green eyes meet your (E/c) ones. Shock seized his body and he froze as you coughed up blood. He had been fighting you all along, all those years of school and the villain attacking him was one of his closest friends. Weakened you ran away and from that day on he only saw you during fights.

You were his 'nemesis' and your battles always ended the same way. Your eyes would meet and he would freeze and let you run away, and then next week it would start all over again.

Back before he knew you were a villain you still saw each other, you knew who he was and yet you still fought him on the side of killers. He didn't hear from you or your family. If they had known they didn't tell him or offer any advice.

But he was an adult now and things were different. You weren't kids anymore, you were a villain and he was a hero, simple as that.

After everyone had graduated and left to become their own heroes he found himself alone. He stayed close to home for his mom and quite a few of his friends stayed as well but it was still lonely. He found himself missing you and seeing you made him happy.

With other villains he had a 100% success rate, capturing everyone he fought and turning them in. He was a symbol of peace. Sweet, kind, nice to his fans.

But he couldn't bear to take you in.


The day started off normal, he was staying at his mother's for the holidays. He was doing a work out in his old room when he heard the door opening and his mother's voice from the front room.

"(Y/n)? Are you back for the holidays? How are your parents, come in come in! Izuku will be so happy to see you." Deku froze in his spot from the other room. He could hear shuffling and his mother taking the guest's coat, but it couldn't be...why would you be here? With everything going on in your life it couldn't be.

He rushed out into the hallway just in time to see you hugging his mother with a smile. Your eyes slide over to his and a small smirk covered your face, the sweet look replaced with a sinister grin.

Questions filled his head as your mom cupped your cheeks and talked quickly. It was like old times, but with a bittersweet and darker tone to it.

"What are you doing here." He finally mustered his voice up, shaky and almost scared. The slow cat-like stare on your face made him shiver and clench his fists.

"You have to stay for dinner." Her hands grabbed yours as she looked between you both.

"Actually." You gave a sheepish smile at her. "I was wondering if Izuku could come out to play."

She laughed at the childish way you asked, just like when you were kids, but it came like a sucker punch to the stomach for Deku. But he couldn't risk her getting hurt or you attacking indoors, you could seriously cause some damaged so he followed you outside in silence.

The door clicked behind him as he stood across from you. You were staring out into the street watching as snowflakes fell and covered the empty road.

"Im not going to fight you, that wouldn't be very festive of me would it?" The soft laugh that left your lips made his blood run colder. "You seem shocked to see me."

"Last time I saw you, you were throwing me in front of a train."

"Ah right...Good times." Your head tilted as you scanned over the street before landing on your old house. "How would your mom react if I took you hostage? I bet she would be so worried."

He lurched forward and grabbed your shirt roughly shoving you against the wall of the house. The tight grip on you lifted you slightly, his eyes blazing as he stared down at you.

"What do you want (Y/n)?"

"Aw, no nickname Izuku? You loved coming up with nickname when we were kids, I miss you calling me sweet names." Your voice purred out as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"You don't get a nickname anymore, you aren't my friend." His voice cracked when you ran your fingers down his back slowly. The thin tee shirt he wore outlined his built form, it made you smile sweetly at him.

"You sure did grow up didn't you? Honestly im jealous, I always liked you when we were kids but now? God, I love this body." He leaned into your touch as you ran your cold fingers over his chest. His breath came out shaky as you dipped your head closer to his.

You pressed your face into his neck and hummed softly, his grip loosened on the front of your shirt as you gently ran a hand over his abs.

"Then again I wanted to eat you up before you became the 'symbol of peace'. I know you think things have changed now you're the number one hero but don't forget you were once a nerdy little high school boy, that's the version of you I miss."

"I miss the old you before you decided evil was the answer." He whispered quietly. Your fingers raked up to his hair and gently tugged his face down towards yours. "Please (N/n), just tell me why your here..."

"Its Christmas, I don't have any family to spend it with, and being a villain is surprisingly lonely. I wanted to see you without the spandex." You teased with a giggle. "I wouldn't mind seeing you without anything else, to be honest."

He rolled his eyes and blushed. It was odd thinking about what was happening right now if you did this when you both were kids he would've been a blushing stuttering mess. Well he still was blushing, and yeah he was still kinda shy but he was an adult now and a little more confident.

Another thing he hadn't considered the fact was that you were lonely as a villain. With your family gone to who knows where and your double life he didn't really think about what would happen to your other friendships. All he knew was that you and he ended being friends and started being enemies.

Maybe deep down you were just like him. Lonely and craving for something you never could have.

Maybe you weren't as bad as he thought.

"I wanted to ask you to dinner, no fighting, no hero or villain titles." You gently cupped his cheek. "I miss being friends with you."

You whispered the last part with a soft kiss to his cheek. The heat from his body enveloped you, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist as he nuzzled your neck.

Tears tracked down his soft cheeks making you chuckle.

"God, you're a cry baby even as an adult."

"S-shut up (N/n)." He kissed your neck with a pout. For just a second he thought maybe he was getting you back, maybe this was the start of something great and maybe he could even try and get you to leave your life behind.

And then he felt a sharp pain in his neck and the world was slowly fading in and out. Your arms tightly wrapped around his waist and he heard a glass drop to the floor, a syringe. His limbs gave out instantly and he couldn't move at all.

The cold snow fell slightly on his face as you dragged him off of the porch towards a nearby parked van, he stared at the clear blue sky as carried his body in your arms.

"Im sorry about this, but I can't have you out saving the world. You understand don't you darling?" You stroked his cheek as you opened the van and tossed him onto a small mattress. Climbing in you grabbed a pair of handcuffs and locked him to a bar. "This is filled with a little thing called pyrophoric, the minute it comes into contact with air it blows up. If you try and break free you will kill us both."

You grabbed his chin and stared at his face with a twisted smirk.

"So be a good boy for me ok? Wouldnt want our symbol of peace found dead in the back of a van now do we?" You forced his head to shake no. He growled annoyed but couldn't move anything, his neck felt stiff and fell as soon as you let him go.

The door slammed behind you and he could hear you climb into the driver's seat. A few seconds later the car was starting up and you were driving.

For the first few hours, he tried to memorize the turns and twists you took but it was useless after the first hour. Instead, he sat and tried to think of how to escape or what you had injected him with. You were smart but not in chemicals, so you couldn't have made it yourself.

Meaning you had help, probably from your little gang of bandits. The serum you injected made him sleepy and soon he found himself dozing off.


His eyes slowly opened to the fuzzy light surrounding him, he was laying on something flat and hard that made his back hurt. When he went to move his arms he found them tied down as well as his legs, before he could try and think about what was happening your voice broke him out of his sleep trance.

"Morning cute stuff, you know you sleep just like when we were kids. All curled up snoring, it's adorable." His eyes stared into yours as you leaned over his body. You traced a hand over his chest and sighed. "Tell me where should we start? Should I have my way with you first and then break you, or perhaps break you until you have no choice but to love me?"

Pain seized his body as you whipped him, the leather stung even through his clothes. He tried to curl up but his arms forced him to be strung out.

"Don't be sad darling, im keeping you safe down here. Away from the world." You cooed and gently stroke his cheek. "You don't need the world, you only need me."

"I'll use my quirk, i-ill gets out of her and ill turn you into the police." His fists clenched as you gave another sharp whip to his stomach. A painful cry fell from his lip as you whipped him three times quickly.

"I own you Deku," You said his name mockingly. "I suggest you listen to me or ill treat you worse, I thought you liked being a good boy? Being the world's little hero and savior, doing as they tell you."

A tear slowly fell from his cheek as you whipped across his chest. You pulled away and looked him over quietly before turning and walking away.

"You say you're going to use your quirk hm? That's not going to be a problem for long." You waved a small syringe in front of his face before grabbing a small bottle of pink looking liquid. Slowly the liquid-filled the glass, your finger tapped it before slowly pressing it into his skin.

You forced the liquid into his bloodstream and pain-filled him. It crept through his blood until his entire body felt like it was burning alive, cries of agony and pain filled the room as you sat down and watched him with careful eyes.

After about 30 minutes of his screaming, he slowly started to calm down to a soft cry. His face was stained with tears and his voice hurt and his wrists felt sore.

Sadly you wiped his tears away and looked down at him, you leaned up and undid the restraints. 

"We won't need now, are you going to be good or do I need to whip you some more?" He shook his head weakly as you undid the leg restraints. "Good Deku, good boys get things."

He slowly sat up and flinched at the pain in his stomach. When he tried to summon his power he felt nothing, just more pain coursing through his entire body. Noticing him trying to use his power you grabbed his hair roughly.

"Don't bother, I took your power away. Your a worthless quirkless kid again, your nothing." You spat into his face as he whimpered in pain. "Your mine now. Your going to be a good little boy and listen to me or ill put a bullet in your head, understand?"

"I...I won't let" He weakly looked up at you.

"I already won darling. If you want to live I suggest you start to watch your mouth." He felt another syringe stab into his arm, but it made him slowly drift off to sleep instead. His eyes felt heavy as you lifted him up into your arms again.

The way you held him was gentle and sweet, your hands gently cradling him like he was a delicate flower. He couldn't help but curl up against your shirt and inhale the sweet smile, the drowsiness made him slowly start to lose any common sense he had.

You carried him towards the small cage you set up for him. It only had a small bed and a collar attached to a chain. You laid hs sleeping body onto the bed before clicking the collar on his neck, it was reinforced with the strongest metal you could buy on the black market so even if he did get some power back it would stall him.

His fingers curled in his sleep as you pulled away and stared down at him. A bright smile crossed your face as you walked away and closed the steel door.

He was finally yours.

And the fun was just beginning.


Chapter Text

When I was five, I fell in love

"Hiya Iida!" You ran up to the small boy, a bright smile on your face. He stood up straight and bowed in front of you making you giggle, his mom nodded at him with a polite smile. You curtsey before grabbing his hand and tugging him away.

It didn't last

"Let's go and play Iida!" You pulled him into your backyard, away from the party. He laughed and let you tug him.

When you both were away from the party and by your secret hiding spot you leaned close and gently kissed his cheek. He turned bright red and stared at you.

He ran from me

Nervously he stared down at you as you laughed and kissed his cheek again. He blushed and quickly pulled away.

Literally, ran from me

And being Kenyan, He ran fast

He turned and ran back to the party with a dark blush, when you went back inside he was hiding behind his mom mumbling into her skirt. The both of your mothers looked at each other before lightly laughing.

When I was ten, in love, again

You sighed as you held a bouquet of flowers to your chest. You knocked on his door, his father answered. A sad look crossed your face when he told you Iida wasn't home, but a smile soon replaced it when he said you could wait for him.

This peace corps guy

"Thank you, sir!" You bowed and quickly scurried up to the boy's room. It was decorated with different hero posters and a Tv was set up in the corner with a few sonic games next to it.

I waited for hours

Inside his tent with flowers

You looked at your watch and sighed sadly. It had been hours of you just sitting there, messing around with your hands and adjusting the flowers. Every once in awhile his mother would come in to check on you, but you dismissed her with a determined smile.

And then finally he came

Which made him laugh which made me cry

He stared at you quietly for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter. Tears filled your eyes as you shoved the flowers into his hands before running away out the door sobbing.

He tried to race after you but you were already gone.

By thirteen I gave up trying

I decided I would be a mathematician


"Hey (y/n), what are ya doing?" A group of girls was around your desk, watching as you scribbled away in your notebook. You glanced up at them and back at your book with a blush.


'Cause math is real

They rolled their eyes and walked away from you, bored with your answer. You watched as they walked away with a pang of sadness in your heart but pushed it aside so you could focus on your work.

I memorized a lot of PI

Because addition and subtraction and division

You solved the problem after problem in your homework, hands moving quickly as you scribbled each answer. As the teacher passed she smiled and pated our shoulder. When she moved away you noticed Iida staring at you, he gave you a small thumbs up.

Would never make me feel

So stupid with love

Scoffing you looked down at your book with a blush and a scowl. He stared at you confused but shrugged it off, going back to his own work.

Like I didn't get it

"I heard she likes Iida-" A girl whispered at lunch, you tensed as you passed there table.

I didn't get it, somehow

"Isn't she super nerdy? She would be perfect for him." Another girl tsked. You hung your head and tried to escape to the back of the lunchroom but before you could a body bumped into you.

Smart with math but stupid with love

"GOOD MORNING (Y/n)!" Iida smiled brightly at you making you blush. He pointed over to his normal table. "DO YOU WANT TO SIT WITH ME?"

I didn't get it

"Oh um...yeah sure..." You shyly followed him to his table.

I didn't get it, 'till now


"Do you have an eraser?" Iida whispered to you as he leaned back in his chair. You looked up from your work at him and swallowed.

"I would love to." You handed the eraser over to him, He raised an eyebrow at your response but dropped it. After he turned back around you facepalmed.

So thank you, math, for being there

To bring me joy

"ARE YOU READY TO LEARN (y/n)!" Iida chopped the air excitedly as you both walked towards your math class. You turned to him with a chuckle.

And thank you, math

"Sounds like you're the one ready for learning Iida." You bumped your hip against him with a small smile. He stared down at you and chuckled.

'Cause now brought me this cute boy!

Sighing you stared at the back of his head as he scanned over his paper. His hand shot up into the air, sighing the teacher called onto him.

"IS IT TWO?" He blurted out making you smile.

He's like someone from T.V

He's like that guy who gives out roses to those women


"SINCE IT IS VALENTINES I HAVE BOUGHT EVERY ONE IN CLASS A ROSE, PLEASE ACCEPT THIS GIFT." A red rose was placed onto your notebook, covering the worksheet you were doing. When you looked up he was offering them to the other girls in the class.

You smiled and gently held the rose in your hands.

His clothes, his grooming


"Iida your glasses are super dirty, let me see them." You snatched the glasses off of his face and pulled out a cloth. He watched you as you wiped them clean, a small blush covering his face as you lifted them to the light.

And he's a foot away from me with swoopy hair and shiny eyes that I could swim in

You looked up and blushed when you saw his face, the wind swept his hair over his face and into his eyes. Gently you placed the glasses back onto his face, face close to his as you stared into his blue eyes, after a few seconds you quickly pulled back and grabbed your book.

He is live and in the room!



And I'm stupid with love


"I think I love him..." You buried your face into your arms as Mina, Tsu, Occhaco, and Momo stood around you. Mina giggled and gently patted your back as you groaned.

I wanna get it

I wanna get it, but how?

"You two are so cute!" Mina looked over at Iida who was excitedly talking to Todaroki and Deku. "You should ask him out!"

You looked over at him and smiled softly, Deku and him high fived as they loudly talked, Toda nodding along as Iida waved his arms around.

Smart with math, but stupid with love

"I don't know...I don't want to ruin our friendship, I've known him since we were kids." You ran a hand through your hair and looked down at the papers in front of you. Aizawa had handed them back, all A's and B's. "Besides, I don't want to distract him from his hero work. It's so important to him, it wouldn't be nice of me to take that away from him."

I wanna get it

I didn't get it till now


"Two over zero is undefined," You both said at the same time. He glanced back at you and smiled. "Jinx!"

"heh." You looked at your desk as he turned back around. Glancing up you stared at the back of his head with a smile.

I'm astounded and non-plussed

"(Y/n) WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MY PARTNER ON THIS ASSIGNMENT?" He bowed and looked up at you through his hair, you blushed and buried your face into your scarf with a nod. He quickly stood up straight and grabbed his phone. "IS 7:00 OK? MY PLACE?"

"Y-yeah..." Your hand shook slightly as you reached into your pocket to grab your phone. You stared at the notification as he smiled.

I am filled with calculust


The room hadn't changed much over the years, more books were added and the tv was shoved into the corner. A few things for working out were scattered around the room, and a proud looking Iida was standing in the middle.

"YOU CAN SIT ON MY BED IF YOU WANT TO." He waved at his bed politely. You flushed and sat down on the bed, your bag in your lap so you could hide behind it.

Does this guy work out? He must

You glanced up from your book every once in a while to stare at him as he read in his book. Your eyes flickered over his built arms, up to his fit chest and strong looking legs. Blushing you stared down at your math book before he could see you staring.

All sweaty at the gym

Could that image be more hot?

Your mind drifted back to Gym classes with Iida, sweat dripping down his chest to his hips. His hair sweaty and slicked back as he sparred against another student, his muscles flexing as he moved. You couldn't help the slightly pleased sigh that left your lips.

Let me just enjoy that thought

"Are you ok (Y/n)?" He tilted your head, you snapped back to reality with a small gasp. His eyebrows furrowed as you stuttered and shoved your face further into the textbook. After a few seconds, he smiled and shook his head.

School was rough but now? It's not

Tiredly you leaned your head against his shoulder. His eyes slid over to your sleepy figure, your hands gently placed in your lap as you nuzzled against him. Your hand gently moved to his and intertwined your fingers with his.

'Cause now there's him

It's all so simple

He said nothing as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. He leaned back into the bed so you were laying on top of his chest, your book falling from your lap as he set his aside.

Stupid with love

But I can get it

Gently you kissed his cheek. A dark blush covered his cheeks as you giggled, he gently gripped your hips and pulled you closer against him.

Watch this girl self-educate

"Your adorable Iida..." You mumbled against his chest as he rested his chin on your head. His fingers on your hips slowly made small circles and traced patterns on you, one of his hands pulled back so he could take his glasses off and set them on his bedside table.

I learned math, so I can learn love

"You're warm..." He nuzzled his face into your neck. "Im not letting you go."

You sighed as he gently kissed your cheek and nose, your hands moved up to his hair and slowly ran through it.

You wanna bet it?

That I can get it?

"I love you, Iida."

Just wait

He looked down at you and blushed with a smile. Everything seemed to fade as he slowly pressed his lips against yours, all the years of your friendship, all the moments of pinning after him, all the passion in one kiss.

Just wait

"I love you more, my star." He whispered against your lips.


Chapter Text

"This is humiliating..." Well, that was an understatement. This was more than that, it was mortifying.

You had been dating Aizawa for awhile now, and you enjoyed all your time with him. He was a good boyfriend and you loved his company, you would sit and listen as he ranted about his newest students ((And remind him of how much of a trouble student you were when you both went to school.)) and he would take care of you.

You let him do really whatever he wanted with you, he was a good boyfriend and you loved making him happy.

But this? This was much.

"I think you look good kitty~" His deep voice purred into your neck as he wrapped his arms around your waist. His reflection in the mirror was smirking, a dark look in his silver eyes, hands fumbling over your skin as he licked and kissed along the nape of your neck.

"It's embarrassing..." You leaned back into his touch with a soft whimper. The version of you in the mirror was shaking and whimpering at the smallest touch, your reflection looked pathetic as it begged for more of his sweet touch.

No wonder he wanted to add a mirror today, not only to add to your humiliation but to show you how needy you got from the littlest of things.

But this wasn't what was humiliating, no not the mirror or your shaky and submissive nature. You knew you were like this but it was what he insisted you wear, the stupid little cat outfit that caught his eye at the store. When he saw it in the store window he made you go in with him and find your size, his eyes dark and a smirk on his face as the store clerk rang you both up.

The entire ride home he had that damn smirk, one hand tapping along on the steering wheel while the other gently rested on your thigh, rubbing small circles into them as he quietly drove.

And then when you got home...well you already know what happened then.

"Come on kitty, you don't like it?" A soft hand ran through your hair and tugged your head back, his lips attacking your neck and leaving dark bits over every bit of skin he could get his mouth on. The sinfulness of his mouth always shocked you. "I love it when you dress up for me...Such a good kitty for me. I want you to watch yourself in the mirror now, I want to show you how pretty you look when you're spreading your legs for me."

Dragging you backward you both landed on the bed, him sitting on the edge while you straddled his legs. When he pulled you closer you could feel his hard bulge pressed against the thin lace of your underwear. While the Cat Ears and Tail had been already so embarrassing to put on and wear but he also made you wear matching black lace panties and bra, dressing up for him wasn't something you did often and when you did he loved to go all out.

Your legs were spread from his legs being underneath yours, forcing you to spread open and stare at your wet self. His hand gently wrapped around your throat and force you to watch yourself as he dipped one hand into your underwear.

"Aw look at that, you're already wet. Does dressing up like this turn you on?" He ran one cold finger up your slit and gently pressed on your clit, a small moan leaving your lips as he sighed against your shoulder. "If you keep making those sounds I'm not going to be able to stop myself"

"T-then...dont stop." Your head turned so you could kiss his neck gently. Tsking he pushed your head back and gently slapped your thigh, his hand leaving your panties which made you whimper at the loss of his gentle fingers.

"Did I say you could move your head kitten?" He growled and bit your shoulder. You shook your head no as he pressed your ass down against his bulge again, his hard cock straining against his tight denim jeans. "You keep acting like a little brat and I'll take you over my knee right now, and If you're going to act like a little brat then I'm going to treat you like a little brat. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." You said breathlessly. Sliding your panties down he spread your legs further and dipped his hand between your legs, the soft pads of his fingers pressed against your wet core.

He slowly pushed one finger in and rubbed your clit with his thumb. A seconds finger pressed into you and slowly stretched you open, scissoring and curling up inside of you. He made quick work of your bundle of nerves until you were shaking and dripping wet.

A soft chuckle left his lips when he pulled his fingers out of you, you whimpered and gripped his arms.

"You take my fingers so well, such a good kitty...Look at you, I've only started using my fingers and you're already shaking. Do you want me? Are you gonna take me fully like a good kitty arent you?" His hips rolled up against you as he reached down to unbutton his pants.

His cock popped out and pressed against your bare folds, his tip twitched as you rubbed yourself against him as much as you could. The head of his cock slowly slid into you as he groaned.

"Do you feel that kitty? Just relax, and let your man take care of you." He slowly lifted you and lowered your hips. The sound of his skin hitting yours filled the room, your cries and whimpers following each thrust of his hips.

He rubbed his hands over your breasts as he sped up his hard and deep thrusts. When you looked at yourself in the mirror you could see his thick black hair sticking to his sweaty face, cock sliding in and out of your tight entrance, his fingers teasing over every sensitive part of you.

It was bringing you closer and closer to the edge. His face was twisted up in pleasure as you rolled your hips down, your hands moved back to grip his arms and move faster.

"Yeah just like that...I bet all our neighbors can hear you, I bet they all know what a dirty little slut you are my kitty. Im getting there..." He twitched inside of you as you quivered underneath him.

After a few more hard thrusts you were cumming around him. Your back arched and your walls tightened around him, he grunted in appreciation, cock sliding in and out of your orgasming core faster and harder.

His thrusts got slightly sloppy as he rubbed over your clit, the overstimulation making you tighten and cry out in pleasure. Seconds later he was holding your hips down and cumming.

He held you still as he filled you to the brim with his seed. Finally, when he seemed satisfied and caught his breath he pulled out, a smirk covering his face when he saw your juices mixed with his dripping down your thighs.

He shuffled back onto the bed with you in his lap. Exhaustion and contentness were filling your head, you felt whole in a way with his arms wrapped around your waist and his body gently pressed against yours. It was a feeling only he could give you, whether it was in your moments of passion or just in the little things he did.

After stripping you out of your costume and his clothes he got back into the bed with you and pulled you onto his chest. You curled up and purred against his chest, his hand running through your hair and gently rubbing your back.

"I love it when you dress up for me kitty." He kissed your lips gently. You yawned tiredly and kissed his cheek before burying your face into his neck.

"Well...maybe ill let you dress me up again..." You mumbled as he smiled brightly. He couldn't wait.


Chapter Text

Soulmates, everyone had one. There were two ways you would know someone was your soulmate, a black patch on your skin and the first words they would ever say to you. When you both touch for the first time the spot bursts into color and the words on your skin seem to glow as your soulmates say them before turning bright gold. As long as you and your soulmate are alive, the words stayed gold.

Some kids were lucky, getting their soulmates early on in life. They would spend days talking and playing with these kids and becoming close friends until they were old enough to finally date. Some people didn't meet their soulmate until they were adults and others never meet their soulmate.

But you? You had given up on finding your soulmate long ago. Being the only kid in your school without a soulmate leads to lots of bullying ((Mainly done by people in twos of course)) and by middle school, you hid the words scribbled on your skin in shame of being seen and hoped no one asked about your soulmate. While kids were proudly showing their golden marks you were hiding out in the library or listening to music.

When high school started you finally seemed to escape from soulmates and everyone asking. Since everyone had already met their soulmate no one bothered you, you didn't get close to many kids and hid from any sort of interaction in fear of getting bullied again.

So when you transferred to UA for your last year of hero training you didn't expect much. Just finish your school year, become a pro hero, and pray to god that you don't get caught up with a soulmate.

It wasn't that you didn't want one, it just seemed like a bother. Everyone acted as if soulmates were this great thing but you saw no point in it. Why would you need a soulmate when you were a hero? You would be busy saving lives, no time for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But maybe this year would be different and a part of you hoped maybe you would find your soulmate and finally fit in. If you found them you could finally get friends, hopefully, your soulmate was nice...You couldn't handle meeting your soulmate to only find out they are a total jerk or some overconfident playboy.

As always you had your head down as you scurried around the hallways of the large school. So far no one had tried to talk to you, thank god for that. You didn't want to introduce yourself to the class and go through the humiliation of having kids rush up and try to talk and be your friend. You were kinda introverted but it might be because of your past, given the chance maybe you could be a bit more outgoing.

The safety of the classroom was just at your fingertips. So close, you could already imagine the sweet relief of sitting in your seat at the back, quietly doing work and no one staring at you or judging you. Perhaps they would see you for your quirk and power instead of your mark, that would be nice.

Of course, nothing is simple and you bumped into a tall, dark-haired boy before you could even open the door. His head turned to stare at you as you tumbled backward and fell onto the floor. What a great way to meet your first classmate.

"Ack! Sorry, I didn't mean to get in your way." You mumbled as you rubbed your head. His eyes widened as he backed away from you, shock and embarrassment on his face. His friends turned and stared at you, then back at him, then back at you confused.

Geez, he wasn't even gonna help you up or say sorry? If he didn't look so scared you might've been mad.

"Um ok then..." You stood up and grabbed your books from the floor, the boy watching you in silence as he shook in his spot. When you went to grab a book by his feet your arm brushed against his ankle, and the next thing you knew your arm was bursting in shades of violet and pink. "What the-"

The colors made your head spin and your arm feel warm. You leaned back onto your knees and stared at your arm in fascination, the boy was sputtering and shaking even harder.

"I-im so sorry...I can't b-believe I messed this up..." He looked down in shame and tried to hide behind his hair, as he mumbled you could see the slight glow of gold coming from your upper arm.

Your soulmate.

If he was scared before he looked mortified now. Before you could tell him it was alright and that you didn't mind, he had scurried off out into the classroom leaving his two friends behind smiling. As soon as he had left one of them grabbed you and helped you up.

"Wow, so your Tamaki's soulmate huh? This is so cool!' The blonde guy smiled brightly at you. "Im Mirio, don't mind Tamaki he's just nervous."

You tilted your head and glanced into the classroom, the poor boy, Tamaki, was standing in the corner with his face pressed against the wall. There was a dark aura around him as he pouted and wallowed in shame. From here you couldn't really see his face but you could see his slightly spiky blue hair and his tall body.

You couldn't help but giggle. He was kinda...cute.

"Weird, I never thought I would meet my soulmate, to be honest...Or that he would be so cute." You tapped your chin as he tensed, you thought he was cute?

You must be saying this to pity him, or maybe this was some sort of prank. The anxiety was already creeping on him as the bell rang and everyone went to there seats.

And of course, you had to sit right in front of him.



"Tamaki!" You waved down the boy and smiled up at him. In only two weeks your entire life had changed, you became friends with him and his friends almost instantly. You opened up, excitedly sharing your interests with the group, spending all your time with them, and even calling them your best friends.

He still was nervous around you and barely spoke unless you talked to him, but boy did you talk to him. It did make him happy though in a way. It felt nice to have someone who cared, plus you were his soulmate so you already wanted to be close to him. This did mean more socializing but at least you didn't make fun of him, in fact, you were really nice to him.

"H-hey (Y/n)..." He gave you a shaky smile as you walked next to him, both of you headed towards the school field. Since the temperature was slowly going back to being warm you would spend most of your lunches outside with the three. "Um, how are you?"

"Im good! How are you?" You gently hooked your arm with him and rested your head on his shoulder, as always he tensed under your touch and glanced around to see if anyone was nearby.

PDA was his least favorite thing. Normally you weren't too clingy ((He would die if you touched him too much)) and since you both weren't dating you didn't even kiss him or hold his hand in public but even things like this made him anxious and worried. If it made you happy though he would go along.

"Im fine." Tamaki quietly murmured as you tugged him towards one of the trees farthest from the school. This was...odd, you normally sat by the school, why were you taking him away from the school? If you weren't holding onto him so tightly he would've tried to run away and go back to the school to just eat there with you and the others.

"That's good...Oh, I forgot to say but the guys said that they had some work they needed to do so it's just us today!"

"A-alone?" This can't end well, he already could think of a hundred things he could do wrong. You dragged him down and sat next to him with a bright smile, at least being alone meant he was a little less worried about being judged.

Then again this also could be worse than being in public.

"Actually I wanted to talk with you..." You squirmed and looked up at him with a nervous smile.

Oh god, you were gonna tell him you hated him, weren't you? Or say that you didn't like being his friend, maybe you would slap him or tell him how worthless he is.

What if you didn't want to be soulmates? Or if you liked someone else? He couldn't handle losing you, as nervous as he was about things like this he found himself really liking you and your bright happiness. It reminded him a bit of Mirio but you were calmer than him, when you two were alone you would be gentle and quiet so you didn't stress him out too much.

The thought of you, his soulmate, leaving him for someone better made his heart shatter.

As if you could sense his dread and overthinking ((Not that hard to tell with his terrified look and saddened eyes)) you grabbed his hands and squeezed them in your own. He looked at your hands and blushed.

"Tamaki stop overthinking, I promise im not gonna say anything bad. I wanted to ask you out, Maybe come over for dinner? I could make Takoyaki if you want?" You closed your eyes worried he was gonna say no or tell you he wasn't interested. Or just you know, freak out and run away in a state of panic. After a few seconds, you felt him shakily wrapping his arms around you, a few tears falling onto the top of your head. "T-Tamaki?"

"I would...L-love too...m-my bunny..." Smiling you hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek before he could pull away embarrassed. A dark blush covered his cheeks as he stared down at you, the scared look in his eyes was almost completely gone, a happy and love-filled look replacing it.

Your soulmate, Tamaki Amajiki.


Chapter Text

The first thing he felt when he woke up was a numbing feeling, edged on pleasure but he couldn't place exactly why. Normally he didn't wake such a mood, the last time he had woken up like this was back in the days when you would wake him up with...

His eyes flicked open as he groaned in pain. Before he could sit up his neck was yanked back down by the chain, instantly memories came flooding in and he was so overwhelmed he didn't even notice you between his legs, hand pumping up and down his member.

"Morning babe! You enjoy your little nap?" You purred out with a dark chuckle. He whimpered as you teasingly licked the tip of his cock, tongue flicking across him before sucking gently. "I thought since your going to be my new toy I should treat you well, show you why you want to listen to me. Good boy's get pleased you know."

His hands twitched as he stared down at you. While he could use his arms to try and fight you off as soon as he moved to push you a gun was pressed against his chest faster then he could even move, you smirked and kissed his hip as you shoved it hard against his skin.

"Don't even try, just let me work baby~"

"This is...D-don't touch me..s-stop!" He cried out as you wrapped your hand around the hard shaft. Your hands were smooth and warm against his already flustered skin, the gentleness and smoothness of your hand brought back memories and he didn't want to think back to those times. Times where you were good and you were happy with being a hero with him.

He didn't want to remember you as anything other then what you truly were. A monster.

When he went to try and tell you to get off again you sharply slapped him with the gun. He whimpered and collapsed onto the bed, curled up and shaking as you towered over him. A sharp kick and a few more hits followed, each blow made him sob out and curl up further, trying to avoid your hits to his body.

"WHAT DID I SAY, DONT FIGHT THIS DEKU IM TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU." He sobbed into the bed as you panted. Quietly you sat down next to him, staring at the floor and holding the gun loosely. "Im so sorry baby I just...I don't like when you don't listen. I just love you so much..."

You leaned over and ran your hand through his hair with a deep sigh. It was soft in your fingertips, you gently scratched his scalp as you knew he enjoyed it when you were kids. His body slowly untensed and he leaned into the gentle touch with a soft whimper.

"There we go...Im sorry Deku...I picked you because I love you so much Deku, your so beautiful." His head turned and looked up at yours, tears in his eyes and his face slightly swollen from the hits. He sniffled as you kissed his bruising cheek. "I hate hurting you but you have to know your mine...You can't leave me. I want to love you but you have to learn."

The sad look in his eyes didn't leave, he merely turned back and pressed his face into the cold mattress. You sighed and gently patted his head before standing up and walking away.

He would break soon.



After you had left he spent all day alone, chained up, hungry, and hurting. You never came back down and he started to worry maybe you wouldn't ever come back. Leave him here to starve, or go insane, whichever came first. His dreams were filled with images of you hurting him, beating hin, dreams of his mother worrying over him and his friends looking everywhere for him just to find nothing.

When he awoke he could hear your soft humming as the cell door being unlocked. He bolted up and stared over at you, he couldn't help but feel relief when he saw the tray of food you were holding. Even if it had been one day he felt like he was starving, for the food and to see some company, who knew only a few hours of being locked up would make him so needy to talk to someone.

"Morning baby boy, are you hungry?"

"Y-Yes!" He tried to sit up more but was yanked back down to a laying position. You stared at the leash before turning back to him with a delicate and soothing smile.

"If I take off the leash so you can sit up will you be a good boy?" Setting down the tray you walked over and leaned down to click the leash off using one of your keys. He smiled brightly as you let the leash drop, still chained to his collar but at least he could move around a bit. "I'll put it back on you before bed though, I have to make sure you don't try escaping or get any ideas."

Finally able to sit up he watched as you went over and grabbed the tray before sitting down on the bed. He didn't dare move or say anything, fearing that you might hit him or tell him no. It wasn't worth risking food given how hungry he felt.

It looked extremely good in all honesty, but it didn't surprise him so much as the fact that you even bothered to cook for him. Then again as you insisted before he was now.

"Katsudon. It's your favorite right?" You grabbed a pair of chopsticks and shyly smiled. "I remember making it for you after school whenever you had a hard day, it felt nice to spoil you with it."

When he laughed gently you could feel a pang of happiness in your chest. It didn't mean he was completely ok with this but at least it was somewhere, he was slowly getting comfortable at least.

You lifted a bit and feed him it. A shocked and bright look crossed his face as he chewed slowly, savoring the taste before swallowed with an awed smile.

"That's...That's so good!" He leaned forward and let you feed him another bit, you barely had another ready before he was opening his mouth for another. It made you laugh and smile at his almost childlike appearance, mouth open waiting for another bite, eager to eat as much as he could.

When the bowl was finished he sighed happily and leaned back against the smooth steel bars. The cold jabbed into his skin but he didn't mind, he felt warm after the meal and you helped him drink a few sips of water so he wouldn't get dehydrated. After a few minutes of just sitting and watching him as he quietly breathed you pulled out a thin clothe and raised it to his eyes level.

Oh right.

"Since you were a good boy and let me feed you, you can have these back." He scurried to tug the boxers on over his...well you know. It was humiliating last night sleeping with his body naked, the cold keeping him shivering since you didn't provide him with a blanket or any clothing.

They were tight but he didn't mind. Any form of clothing was enough for him at this point whic kind of got him thinking. It had been maybe one day, not even a day, and he was already so excited to have the bare minimum of things. Was this how people who couldn't afford things felt like? It gave him a whole new view of the world.

"What do we say?" You cupped his chin with a smirk.

"T-thank you..." He blushed and turned his head away slightly, he flinched when your lips gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Your fingers were soft against his face as they slowly ran over his cheek and jaw before dipping down to his smooth chest.

Snapping out of your trance you pulled your hand away and looked back up at his leash that dangled from his collar. You genty tugged it and tilted your head in thought, while he had been a good boy during lunch this didn't change the fact he may try to escape or find something to use for an escape. You knew that there wasn't anything he could use but after going over the camera footage you would have to punish him if he attempted escaping.

And you didn't want to have to do that again.

"I have to go work now baby boy, do I need to tie you up again or will you be good?"

"Ill...I'll be good." He mumbled out in humiliation. Just submitting to you was bad enough, but giving you what you wanted, what you asked for was another level of disgusting. Yeah, that's how he felt about himself.


After another quick kiss to his cheek, you stood up and took the dishes with you to the cell door. You made sure he was watching as you locked the door and shoved the keys into your pockets, a visual way of saying 'you're mine and you aren't leaving without this key so behave.' Your body faded into the darkness and a few feet away he could hear a door click open and closed before a few deadbolts slid into place.

He curled up onto the bed and shivered quietly. Maybe when you came back ((Whenever that may be)) you would give him a blanket if he asked nice enough. Was that what you wanted? Him to beg?

Or...something more?


Chapter Text

"I'm only going to ask you this one last time nerd, who do you fucking choose." Katsuki glared down at you, the anger clear on his face. 






"Heya tenya! I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over and help me study." Nervously you rubbed the back of your neck. "I haven't been doing to well to be honest...heh."


His head shot up in excitement, a bright smile on his face. He practically jumped at the opportunity to help a fellow student, and it was much better considering it was you. You both knew each other growing up, your family's both rich and went to the same parties meaning you two were dragged along. 


You would spend most of your weekends over at his house, racing and playing together or training. But you did have your differences, he was a great student with high grades and you...well you didn't exactly pay attention much in class. This usually means that you would spend a lot of time in middle school getting tutored by the fast boy, but he always seemed happy to teach and you liked the company.


Even if he scalded you for not paying attention.


"OF COURSE! AS CLASS REP IT WOULD BE A HONOR TO HELP OUT MY FELLOW STUDENTS TO BETTER EDUCATE THEMSELVES." He smiled brightly. "When would be a good time to meet up, we can go to my room if you would like! Or perhaps the school library, they have an extensive collection of books the time could be rather useful." He pushed his glasses up as he stood up. He was much taller than you but you grew used to it a long time ago. He went to grab his bag when a certain angry friend of yours stormed up.


"What the hell do you think you're doing with him nerd." You glanced over at katsuki. You weren't as close with him as tenya but you got along fairly well. You had a few fights with him but bonded over fighting and All Might. Hell, you even invited him over to show him all your figures and posters.


But let's just say he and Tenya shared a few of the same ideas when it came to you. They did things a bit different though.


"Oh well I just was going to study with Tenya, I haven't been doing good in my studies, to be honest." You laughed out nervously. Lately, the blonde has been more protective over you, yelling at anyone who even looked at you the wrong way. "Why? It's not like I'm doing anything wrong."


His eye twitched slightly as he looked between you and Iida. Tenya tensed slightly as they connect eyes, he really didn't want to get into a fight. Especially not with you around. He also knew that Katsuki seemed to really like you, at first he didn't really mind but it was started to irritate him. After all, he did like you first.


"I know what this bastard is trying to do so you better choose right now you hear me?" He growled as he looked back at you. You frowned and looked between the two boys.


"I'm sorry? What?"


"I'm only going to ask you this one last time nerd, who do you fucking choose." Katsuki glared down at you, the anger clear on his face. Silence filled the air as you tried to decode what exactly he could mean by this. Did he mean who you wanted to study with? Or?


"(Y/n), you do not have to choose, this is highly inappropriate for school anyway. we should get going so we can start our study session-"


"Why can't I choose both?" You innocently asked, unaware of what Katsuki was implying. Tenya blushed a dark red as Bagukou went wide-eyed. "I mean I like you both, why should I choose only one? Your both my friends."


"What the fuck are you saying you dumb ass?!" 


"(y/n)! I don't think you understood the question-" tenya cleared his throats with a nervous swallow. The thought of...choosing in the way katsuki was clearly implying was wasn't right. Of course, Iida assumed that the other boy was implying "choosing" was saying who's you preferred to date but to force such a choice on you wasn't right.


And sharing? He couldn't bear the thought. He didn't like to stoop low enough to think certain thoughts about you since you weren't dating but he knew what the other boy would try to pull if you all "shared" and it couldn't be more against his morals.


"I don't see why you two are reacting like this, it isn't a big deal." You shrugged and turned around. "I'll text you guys later, you can meet up with me at my dorm."


"(y/n) WAIT WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING." you waved at them with a chuckle, tenya yelling after you.


They both watched as you sauntered through the door. The minute you were out of earshot Katsuki grabbed Tenya by the shirt and yanked him down to his height.


"Listen you bastard, we both like her and I'm not gonna let you stop me from getting what I want. So we're gonna play It nice and 'share' until she realizes I'm fucking better than you." Tenya frowned and pulled away from him.


"The choice is up to her, I don't agree to force such a choice until she feels she is ready nor do I want to 'share'. " he shook his head and grabbed his bag. Turning away he paused. "And just so we are clear, she would choose me."




You spent the next few hours cleaning up your room and making sure everything was ready for a study session. The more time you spent in the dorm room the more you moved and arranged things differently.


" this chair Kacchan wouldn't want to sit next to Iida...but Iida wouldn't sit on the bed, he's so polite." You giggled slightly at the thought of Iida in your room, nervously sitting on your bed worried about doing something wrong. You liked that part of him, he always made sure you felt ok and that he wasn't pushing anything.


Not that he would of course. You knew him like the back of your hand, he was polite and sweet and overly excited. You loved it about him.


Your thoughts drifted to Bagukou, the angry blonde boy who wanted to be the number one hero. He was bold and brash and rude with a hot temper that got in him trouble a lot. But there's was something about him you also really liked. Deep down he cared for his friends and his passion amazed you. You respected him and at times he would lower his angry walls and you would see the actually nice guy underneath. 


Well at least until he started yelling again.


A swift knock on your door woke you up from your daydream. You swung the door open to see Iida in a plain blue tee-shirt and tight skinny jeans, It wasn't often you saw him in more relaxing clothing since he liked the school uniform and said it was more appropriate.


But this was much more comfortable for an in-room hang out.


"Hey, Tenya! I was just getting everything ready, you pumped to study?!" You fist-bumped the air excitedly. Smiling he nodded and slid his shoes off as he stepped inside your room. As he set his bag down he carefully adjusted his glasses further up his nose.


"GOOD AFTERNOON (y/n), I HOPE IM NOT TO EARLY." He bowed quickly in apologize which made you laugh softly. He blushed when you patted his head gently.


"Its alright Iida, you're right on time actually!"


"Sup extra," Bajugou smirked at you as he stepped into the room. He was in a tight black tank top that showed off his strong arms and a pair of shorts. The two men looked at each and other and glared slightly, Bagukou slid his shoes off and tossed them next to Tenyas. "Since I made ever we should get right to it, you want us both ey nerd? Honestly, I didn't think you were that fucking dirty, I like it."


"BAGUKOU!" Iida blushed as he stood straight up. You blushed slightly and looked at him confused. "THAT IS HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE."




"What? What's dirty about asking you two to help me study? I didn't want to choose between my friends, you both are smart and I like you equally! I thought it would be fun for us all to bond." The two stared at you quietly. The same thought ran through there minds,




"She's so cute and innocent. I can't let him have her"




"That wasn't what I meant, look we both fucking like you and you gotta choose between us. Or we can share, honestly, I don't give a damn as long as I get to see you beneath me. You agree right Tenya?" Bagukou grinned at the other boy as he chuckled. Tenya was bright red and sputtering, he didn't know what to say.


"Y-you..." tenya swallowed deeply. 


"Wait you two like me?! Why didn't you both say so! i wouldn't have been so confused if you dorks had just told me" You giggled from behind them. Plopping down on the bed you looked at the two. "I mean I know it's probably a little weird...I've never had two guys like me before so I don't really know what to do but I can't just turn one of you down. That wouldn't be very nice. Man now the wanting thing makes so much sense! No wonder you two were freaking out!" 


You pouted softly and rubbed your chin. Tenya couldn't believe this, he knew you were nice and would do anything to make people happy but you really wanted to date the two of them? You had always had a soft spot for people and would jump at any chance to make someone's happy. If you excepted one of them and not the other your friendships would be ruined. In a way, by choosing both you were making a Strategic move that ensured you all stay friends. I mean why else would you want them both? They were polar opposite for heaven's sake! 


I mean tenya followed rules, katsuki broke them. He preferred to be strategic and katsuki would blow things up in a rage. 


"Now we're talking, come on you bastard lets study." He smacked the back of the taller man's head as he walked past. He sat down right next to you confidently, his arm wrapping around your shoulders. Cockily he smirked up at Tenya.


Two can play at that game






You sighed softly as you set your book down onto your lap. You were currently curled up between the two on you small bed, Katsuki had his head on your shoulder while he rubbed circles into your hip. Tenya had his head on top of yours, carefully reading along with you as he politely held your other hand.


"Are you two even reading along? You both keep glaring at each other and being weird." You leaned back and looked between them. Tenya frowned and pulled back slightly.




"Tsk, even if I did try anything she would be fucking begging me to keep going." Katsuki crossed his arms, he leaned against the wall behind him. Tenya clenched his fists.






"I CANT KEEP LISTENING TO YOUR RUDENESS, YOU SPEAK OF HER AS IF SHE IS A PRIZE OR SOME SORT OF TOY. I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT, HOW DO YOU WISH TO SETTLE THIS." Tenya hopped up off the bed and got into a fighting stance. He wouldn't actually hurt katsuki...unless he had it coming of course.


Bagukou smirked as he stood up almost calmly. It worried you more than his usual yelling.


"I think you know how, Tenya." His eyes flashed up to stare into Iidas, the taller man swallowed slightly and looked down at you. "Don't be a bitch. It'll be fun, besides I thought you were our class rep?" 




"IF YOU CANT EVEN BANG A GIRL HOW CAN YOU LEAD." He yelled back. A thick silence followed as both stared each other down. It was almost like they forgot you were even there, I mean come on they were fighting over YOU after all.


Standing up you grabbed both their hands. They glanced down at you.


"H-heh guys come on, I mean its o-ok. You both just need to relax..." you smiled nervously at the two. The devious smirk on Bakugous face made you shrink down slightly, tenya seemed to be arguing with himself but he turned to Katsuki with a determined look.


"IF (y/n) AGREES I WILL DO IT." He confidently said. You choked and looked up at him.


"Wait what?!"


"Fucking finally, now we can have some fun." Katsuki rolled his eyes and grabbed your waist. He tch'ed at your lightweight as he tossed you easily onto the bed, your body bouncing slightly. "Listen princess I'm only gonna ask this once for Glasses sake since he will freak out if I don't. Do you consent and shit." 


Even though he said it as if it was merely a bother to him his eyes looked concerned and serious. He wouldn't force you if you really didn't want to, he may be pushy at times but he wasn't a rapist. He would never stoop low enough to force you.


"W-well I mean... I um...I guess?" You fiddled with your thumbs with a blush. "I-I don't know what you're going to do but uh...I guess you can go ahead? Just be gentle-"


You were interrupted by Tenyas soft lips on your own. He was leaning down over you, his hands pressed against the bed on either side of you. The gentleness of his mouth against yours made you melt into him. 


Softly you ran your fingers through his blue hair, tugging him closer so he fell slightly on top of you. You both leaned closer as you opened your mouth for his exploring tongue.


While you were busy with tenya katsuki got to work tugging his shirt off and undoing his shorts. To be honest he had this planned out for a while, not with fucking Legs being there but he didn't really care.


His hand slowly pumped up and down his member as he walked you two with an eyebrow raised. Tenya was exploring every inch of your mouth as if he was studying it for later like he would be tested on it and he had to memorize everything. 


Your eyes fluttered open and you glanced over at Katsuki. You both pulled away and blushed deeply. 




"Yeah, princess?" He smirked down at you, the blush on your cheeks making him even more confident.


You gently motioned for him to come over. It didn't take much convincing him, he was instantly by your head. Sitting up you wrapped your arm around his neck and kissed him on the lips slowly. 


His rough hands raked through your hair and tugged your mouth harder against his. The kiss was completely the opposite of tenya, it was rough and hot. He bit your bottom lip making you yelp into his mouth. Smirking he shoved his tongue into your mouth and fought with your tongue for a bit.


Tenya turned away with a frown. He still didn't feel like this was right, but he also didn't want to deny himself of you even if Katsuki was there to ruin things. He wouldn't let the other boy ruin his fun just because he wanted to try and act like a man.


"Suck me doll." Katsuki pulled you away from his lips with a lust filled grin. By now you were completely gone, instantly you nodded your head and moved down to his thick veiny member. He was above average and extremely girthy, your tongue gently kitten licked his tip. 


He didn't want to waste time though and shoved his entire member down your throat. A surprised muffled yelp came from you as you grabbed his tights tightly.


"BE CAREFUL!" Tanya huffed as bakugou shoved his thick member deeper down your throat, tears pricking the edges of your eyes as you sucked him softly. " YOU'RE GOING TO HURT HER IF YOU ARENT GENTLER!"


"FUCK OFF GLASSES, YOULL GET YOUR TURN. Besides, she likes It. Don't you princess," his ruby eyes looked down at yours as he thrust his cock in and out of your warm mouth. You mumbled around him and shakily nodded your head yes. He smirked wider and speed up his thrust, making you choke and drool around him


The tent in Iida's pant was getting bigger as he tried to keep his arousal low. But watching you suck around Katsuki like that was turning him on much more then he thought. The boy growled and looked up at Tenya, he mumbled and motioned for him to come over.


"Jerk him off princess, we don't got all day." He ordered you as tenya shuffled over to you. You looked over at the glasses-wearing boy. His face was flushed a dark red as you tugged his jeans down and gently rubbed your smooth hand over his bulge. 


He almost choked as you rubbed over him and gently teased his tip before tugging the clothing down as well. His hard member popped out of his tight boxers and smacked against his stomach. A groan left his lips at the feeling before me he yelped slightly as you wrapped your hard around him.


He stared down at you as your soft hand slowly pumped him. You were staring up at him with desperate and needy eyes, on your knees, being choked and face fucked by one of his friends and classmates.


It was a sinful sight that he was happy to be able to see.


"Damn it I'm close, pull off and suck Tenya for a bit." He gently cupped your cheek as you pulled away from his throbbing member. He wiped the spit from your chin with a proud smirk, you were already a mess and he hadn't even touched you yet.


Turning you looked up at the other boy with a gentle smile. Under any of circumstances it would be cute but right now wasn't the time for cute.


"You would look better with your clothes off." You murmured. Gently you ran your hand along his stomach and chest, creeping up to his pecs and his face. He leaned into your touch as he quickly went to tug the tight shirt off of him.


The room felt like it was getting hotter.


Softly he cupped your cheek and pressed his tip against your soft lips. The sight of you on your hands and knees, mouth slightly open as he pressed his cock against your mouth made him delirious with lust. Your lips wrapped around his tip and slowly bobbed down taking him inside your wet and warm mouth.


"Seems like someone forgot to wear any underwear, naughty~" Katsuki chuckled as he flipped your skirt up. He slapped your ass making you shiver and moan around tenya. The vibrations made him tense and buck up into your mouth. "Your ass is gonna be seven different shades of red for that little stunt baby." 


Tenya frowned at katsuki who merely smirked back at him. He disappeared behind you out of sight from Tenya.


"MPPFH!" You shivered and jerked your head further down. Tenya grabbed your hair and held you there tightly, his cock brushing against the back of your throat. 


Katsuki smirked and added another finger, pumping in and out of your heat. He didn't expect you to be so damn sensitive but it sure as hell made his job more fun.


"Bakugou what are you doing-" tenya growled out as he starts to thrust in and out of your mouth.


"Your so fucking dense, I'm getting her ready for my cock dumb ass." Tenya looked up at him and frowned. 


"I will not allow you to be (y/n)'s first time." Katsuki squinted his eyes as he brushed his thumb along your clit. Another moan vibrated through Tanya's hard member making him shiver and twitch inside your mouth. He was already close.


"Like fucking hell, you'll be her first, I'm going to fuck this ass until it's red and she's a moaning mess."


"No, it should be slow and gentle. I should be her first time and you should treat her with respect and care."


"Please you both! Less talking more fucking!" You panted against tenyas hip and looked up at the two. They paused and stared down at you, before looking back at each other.


"Tsk fine, we can both go at once." Katsuki grabbed you and flipped you onto your backHe poked just above your pussy with a taunting smirk. "We're gonna fuck you at the same time you hear? You'll be a fucking mess princess. "


He glanced up at tenya and pointed at where your pillow was on your bed. Normally tenya wouldn't take orders from him but he knew what katsuki as planning and it would be worth it to just listen and not argue.


He quickly got comfortable against your soft pillow. Reaching out he tugged you're onto his lap, his cock stood up between your thighs as he used his legs to prop yours open. The cold air against your bare body made you shiver.


"I'd hold onto something if I were you, darling," Tenya muttered. He pressed the head of his cock to your ass as katsuki went between your legs. The ashy blonde smirked wider as he gently placed his tip at your entrance. 


"Saddle up doll." He winked before thrusting up into you. Pain seized your body but you took it anyway, you knew that once the pain faded away it would start to feel good. Your hands clenched tenyas forearm tightly as Katsuki paused to let you breathe. You missed the look both sent each other.


Slowly you felt tenya enter you from behind. A sharp gasp left your mouth as he buried his face into your shoulder, shivers raked down your body as he gripped your hips tightly. He let you adjust before lifting you up and slowly thrusting you down again. The moan of pleasure that left your lips was enough of a signal for them to start really thrusting.


Tenya rubbed your hips as he lifted you up and down, Katsuki grabbed your breasts and leaned down to suck on your nipples, his mouth quickly latched onto you and sucked and bit the small nub. Your head fell back against the blue-haired boy's shoulder.


Tenya gripped your thighs and forced them further apart for Katsuki to thrust down on you. His fingertips dug into your thighs making you moan louder. 


"Well isn't this a tight fit." Bakugou chuckled as he moved his hand to rub over your clit, the sensation making you clench around them harder.


"Y-yes...I'm already getting close." Tenya kissed along your neck as he speeds up his thrusts. While he was known for his speedy legs he was rather fast with his arms, quickly moving your light body down onto them.


Katsuki leaned down and latched onto your breast as his fingers rubbed your clit harder. No way in hell we as he came before you. Tenya kissed along your ear and left a hickey just below your neck where your school uniform would still be able to cover.


"T-TENYA! KATSUKI!" You gasped out with an arch. Gripping tenyas arm and Bakugous hair you came. The two quickly chased after their own orgasm, soon coming after you, Neither bothered to pull out ((Much to Tenyas annoyance as it was irresponsible for Katsuki to not pull out, what If you got pregnant!))


They slowly pulled out of you and laid next to you. Tenya gently wrapped his arms around your waist as Katsura cupped your cheek and kissed you. After pulling up the blankets you snuggled up between the two.


"Hey uh, guys?" You shyly looked at the two. Tenya pushed your hair back while Katsuki ran his hands over your shoulder. "I love you two."


"Love you too nerd."


"I love you as well (y/n)" 


Yawning you closed your eyes and let yourself drift into a peaceful sleep. The two soon followed, cuddled up against your small body in your small bed.


It was perfect.






"Do they...know we can here them?" Jiro murmured as she leaned back against the common room's couch. Your dorm room was right above where the common room was and your creaky bed and moans could be heard throughout the entire dorm.


"If they do they sure didn't care." Kirishima shook his head. Izuku was shaking in the corner, what were you doing with tenya and kacchan? You couldn't it wasn't possible. 


"GUYS LOOK!"Toru shoved her phone in front of the group a picture of you, Tenya, and Katsuki fast asleep in your rickety bed. She giggled as the group stared in surprise.


"What the fuck-"

Chapter Text

The first date is supposed to be the easiest, but just the thought of a date made Tamaki break into a sweat. Maybe he was overthinking...well he definitely was overthinking but maybe more than usual, I mean it was just dinner with his soulmate, at your house, more than likely alone...with you...

He was going to have a panic attack.

But he didn't have time for that, no he had to get ready and show up at your house. After lunch that day you had been extra happy and somehow even more clingy, you talked to him all day about the date and how excited you were for him to come over and show him your house.

Of course, Mirio and Nejire already seemed to know about your plan to ask him out. When you and Tamaki went in for class they practically tackled you both, asking you how it went, what you two were going to do and such. It made Tamaki smile just the smallest bit. He could feel how proud the two were and he was getting a first date, he could only think of two negative things at the time.

It wasn't until later that you both decided to hang out on Friday at your house. You sent him your address and told him that you would be making dinner and that your family was away for the weekend. ((Something about your uncle hurting villains with one punch and cyborgs, you spoke to fast for him to understand and he didn't want to bother you by asking))

Which lead him to now, standing outside of your door shaking in fear. He spent about an hour trying to find something to wear before calling up Mirio for advice and then he had to shower and muster up his courage. When he did finally leave the house and got to your house he was 30 minutes early.

So then he spent the next few minutes trying to decide if he should just knock and be early or wait the 30 minutes and show up on time. But what if you thought he was creepy for waiting outside your door? What if being on time was weird, but then if he showed up late what if you thought he wasn't interested or took the serious?

Mirio's pep talk from early did not help...

Before he could spend the next hour panicking the door was swung open and he practically jumped three feet into the air. He tensed up as he looked down at you. You had dressed up for the date. Of course, why wouldn't you dress up for a date, people dress up for dates. He didn't dress up, should he have?

"Hey, Tamaki! You're exactly on time, im just finishing up cooking, come on in." You grabbed his wrist and tugged him into the house. The door shut behind him as you dragged him past the kitchen over to the front room, there was a breakfast bar dividing the kitchen and front room so he would look in and watch you as you worked.

The house wasn't too big but it was homey. You sat him down on the couch and smiled quickly before rushing off back to the kitchen to keep cooking.

Across from him was a tv and two large bookcases next to it, they were filled with books and pictures of you and your family. In the younger photos, you seemed happy and bright holding up medals and certificates. A few were of you and kids running around but mainly family photos. As the photos shifted less of you showed up as a middle schooler. Right at the end was a photo of you, Tamaki, Nejire, and Mirio outside of UA.

It was the only photo he could see of you as a high schooler. After what looked to be 7th grade you stopped taking photos with or without your family until the photo of you and the big three. While it was slightly odd he could understand, you mentioned to him once before that you didn't do well in middle school and barely had any friends. Thinking back he had always been friends with the others and couldn't think back to a time where he didn't have his two energetic friends.

The rest of the living room was fairly blank except for a few art pieces on the wall and a small coffee table in front of him. He didn't move from his spot ((You had sat him there, it would be rude to move right?)) so he didn't see any more of the house. Perhaps that was for the best if he just sat he wouldn't mess something up.

"Im not that good at cooking to be honest, I hope you like it though!" You gently sat two dishes onto the table with a proud smile. The small fried balls smelled amazing, two bowls of rice were next to it and two glasses of water. "I didn't know what you wanted to drink, I can get you something else if you want though."

"I-Its ok, this looks...Looks amazing." He gave you a small nervous smile. You sighed in relief and grabbed your chopsticks, he grabbed his and you both took the first bite. "Wow...these are so good."

You turned and smiled up at him with a blush. "Thanks, I've been um...well I kinda practiced the recipe for a few days before today. I wanted it to be perfect."

He blushed and shyly smiled. You had learned the recipe just for tonight? Not only that but you had been practicing for days? No one had ever spent days trying to make something for him, even if it was a simple meal it made him feel that feeling again...he got it around you a lot, it was kinda like being nervous and worried but it was different then being nervous around other people.

Mirio said it was love but it couldn't be that. I mean you had only known him barely three weeks, but maybe that's why you two were soulmates. Did he love you? Did you love him back? Was he supposed to say something-

"Are you ok? You look a little more pale than normal, did I rush things? Do you want to go outside and get some air?" You gently touched his thigh with a worried look. Oh no, he was worrying you, he wasn't supposed to do that.

"I-Im O-O-Ok." He cringed at his stutter, real smooth. "L-lets keep...keep eating."

You stared at him for a few seconds before nodding and gently grabbing his hand. Your hand squeezed his as you grabbed your chopstick and started eating again, he tried to focus on eating but he was shaking hard from holding your hand. You were touching him, alone in your house. Maybe if he was more confident he would've tried something or just went along with it.

Your hand intertwined with his before you gently set your chopsticks back down. He watched as you shuffled back onto the couch, legs pulled up to your chest as you ran your thumb over his hand. There was a soft and calming feeling to the silence between you both. He shuffled back and leaned against the couch next to you, his hand gently gripped yours as you pressed your head against his shoulder.

For once in his life, he felt his anxiety gradually loosen up. Being here with you made him feel safe, he was still worried about messing up but being alone with you made him feel relaxed and less like he would be judged by everyone. It was like he was in his small bubble with just you.

"Hey, Tamaki?" You closed your eyes with a sigh.


"Can I kiss you?" He tensed as you nuzzled his shoulder again. A kiss? He had never kissed anyone ((Shocking I know)) and as far as he knew you haven't either. Not a lot of people dated outside of Soulmates, plus it wasn't like you were the kinda person to go around kissing random people. "We don't have to if you don't wanna...I just wanted to."

Would he disappoint you if he didn't, he didn't want that. He wanted it to be perfect. You looked up at him as he looked down at you, and at that moment all his thoughts left him.

Your eyes were staring up at him with a look of worry and complete understanding. You weren't going to force him to do it, if he decided he didn't want this you would've let him. There was complete love in your eyes as well.

He shakily held your face between his hands and closed his eyes tightly. If he didn't open his eyes he could get over the anixety, it was easier to just close his eyes and let his body to the rest.

Leaning closer he felt a shiver run down his spine when your lips meet his. It was softer then he thought, your mouth moved against his slow and gentle as you gently placed your hand over his. His hand gently stroked your cheek as you softly ran your hand down his chest.

It wasn't a feeling he thinks he could get used to. It made shivers run through your body and grip you tighter, he loved the feeling of you in his lap and kissing him like this. All his.

When you both pulled back your eyes stayed closed for a few seconds, savoring the feeling as he watched you with lidded eyes. After a few seconds, you pushed your lips back against his.

He could taste the Takoyaki on your lips as you gently ran your tongue over his bottom lip. Nervously he opened his mouth as you crawled onto his lap, your tongue gently pressed against his as you cupped his cheeks.

Your tongue tangled with his as he gripped your hips. After a few minutes of battling tongues and exploring his mouth, you pulled back again to kiss his cheek. He sighed and squeezed your waist.

"I think im falling in love with you." You muttered against his lips with a shy smile. "No, I...I love you."

"I l-love you t-t-too bunny." He looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. Your head rested against his chest as he nervously rubbed your hips, every once in a while you would lean up and kiss him or tell him you loved him to make him blush.

By the time he needed to get back home, you were practically begging him to stay the night. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he swallowed and looked between the door and you. So much had already happened in one night that staying with you for the night...well he had no idea what would happen and he didn't want to risk messing up.

"Come over tomorrow. I'll take you out to the movies or something...then again we could just hang out here again." You traced his jaw with a small smile.

"W-what ever you want B-bunny." You kissed his cheek and sighed. As much as you wanted him to stay over he had to go home, but tomorrow you would get him to stay with you no matter what.

You waved him goodbye as he walked away towards his house. After watching him for a few seconds you turned and went back into the house, a love-stricken smirk on your face.

Maybe soulmates are all everyone said they were.


Chapter Text


A study date...


Well, not a date, just a study session...Just a good ole study date with Deku and his totally not crush, (Y/n). No yeah, everything was  great, you were just laying on his dorm room floor in the shortest damn shorts you could've found while he sits on his bed, trying to not stare at your ass like a pervert.


In the poor boy's defense though, it was your choice to wear the smallest pair of shorts you could find and just happen to lay a certain way that made sure every time he looked up to talk to you he would get a nice tease.


The date had been your idea after Aizawa mentioned to the class how you all should be studying for the upcoming quiz or something a rather. Of course, Deku being Deku jumped at the opportunity to spend more time with you and share some of his notebooks on heroes, so when you suggested hanging out in his room over the weekend everything seemed great.


With the heat going around it made sense to not wear pants or something that covered a lot of skin. He accounted for this, he had seen your legs before so he doubted it would be an issue. Both of you being friends made things easier since he would just rationalize and remind himself that you both were just friends.


Then you just had to come in with bright  short shorts .


"Hey, Deku? Do you know the answer to number five?" Your head tilted back and you couldn't help but smile when you saw he was already looking over at you. He snapped out of his trance and blushed darkly.




"Number five, homework?" You pointed at the book in his lap ((That covered his crotch in a totally not suspicious way)) with a giggle.


"Oh right...Um, I got...uh." He looked at the page and mentally facepalmed, after being distracted for so long he barely got any work done and every problem he started he just left blank and moved to the next. 


He couldn't focus with you tormenting him like this.


"You seem...distracted Deku, is something wrong?" He tried to swallow the lump in his throat as you slowly stood up and walked over to him, he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. Your hands gently rested on his shoulders before pushing him back against the All Might bed sheet with a smirk. "I think you need to relax, your so tense."


"(Y-Y/n) What are you...Ack!" Your mouth attacked his neck with kisses and bites, his hands flew to your waist and clutched you desperately. "H-Hey! Wait a minute I wasn't r-ready!"


"Deku shut your pretty mouth." He whimpered as you sucked on the skin of his neck, a dark purple hickey showing up after a few more seconds of sucking. You moved to the other side and left two more right above where his school uniform would be.


The thought of others seeing the marks made him kind of anxious, but at the same was kinda hot. It was like you were marking him so everyone who saw knew he was yours. Your fingers dragged over his chest and gently grabbed the bottom of his teeshirt, your hands gently brushed over his skin making him whimper.


"Wait before you go further i..." He cupped your cheek and tilted your head up. Smiling he pulled you closer until his lips pressed against yours sweetly, his hand rubbed small circles on your hips as he pulled you closer to his chest.


His lips molded against yours perfectly. For years he had dreamed of this moment, and finally, he was getting his dream kiss with his dream girl. Of course he didn't think it would happen after you came wearing the smallest pair of clothing you could and then tackling him to his bed to hickey his neck up.


But he didn't mind, in the end, he was still kissing you and holding you close. As long as you were near him he was happy.


Your hands moved away from his chest to gently run your hands through his fluffy green hair. It was soft and poofy and you couldn't help but giggle into his mouth slightly.


"Your hair is soft." You mumbled against his lips. He kissed the edge of your mouth down to your neck, gently biting down on your shoulder. "Deku do you want this?"


He glanced up at you and smiled gently. I mean you did kinda shove him down before but you still asked, which he appreciated. While this was a bit abrupt he knew that even if you both didn't go further you would at least be his...well he would probably have to ask but he hoped this meant you liked him and would be willing to date him. 


Instead of saying anything he kissed your lips again and rolled you over onto the bed. Your lips connected with his again as he tugged your tank top up over your head, your lips left his so he could tug it off and as soon as he tossed it aside you were kissing his neck again.


"Take your shirt off Deku." You whispered into his ear with a smirk. "Or do you want me to take it off for you?~"


He whimpered and let you grab his shirt and tugged it up. Somehow you taking his shirt off made him even more self-conscious, but it wasn't like you hadn't seen him shirtless before. But context is key, the other times you had seen him without his shirt was during training or at the pool, but you guys were alone and it made him kinda worried but excited at the same time.


There were scars littered across his pale skin. Scars from battles and sparing, and some from using his quirk. He tensed as you kissed over a few of the scars on his chest, nuzzling your face against his soft skin, gently tracing his hips and v line.


"I'm going to take your pants off ok?" You looked up at him with a determined look. A blush covered his face again as you unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down.


All might underwear, not too surprising to be honest. Of course, he felt humiliated at the fact he was wearing  that  pair while you were stripping him. Should've worn the black or green ones instead...


Your palm pressed against his bulge lightly. He loudly gasped and looked down at your hand with wide eyes, it felt odd having someone else touch him down there and you hadn't even took his boxers off. As if he couldn't be more embarrassed precum was already dripping from his tip, slightly staining his boxers making a small wet patch.


"Aw baby boy look at you.~ You're so cute." You pushed him slightly off of you so you could sit up. Your hands grabbed his underwear and slowly pulled them down as you licked your lips with a hungry look in your eyes. It kind of scared him but turned him on even more.


His cock sprung up from the tight boxers and hit his stomach. Your eyes widened as you stared at him, for such a small kid he sure was fucking huge, your hand wrapped around the base and slowly pumped up.


"A-ah! (Y/n) I...You don't ngh, have to do t-that...Ah!" His voice was quiet and shaky as you slowly pumped him in your hands. Even though he said you could stop like hell you would, not when he was moaning and shaking like that. 


He grabbed the sheets and pathetically whimpered when you took his tip into your warm mouth. You didn't think he would be so sensitive but he was shaking and gripping the sheets as tight as possible, knuckles white, face scrunched up and those  sinful moans  leaving his parted lips.


Your mouth slowly took as much of his length as you could in one go, the size of his cock was bigger than you thought especially now it was in your mouth. There was a certain heaviness of it on your tongue that made you hum happily at the feeling. 


"O-oh god...Faster please..." He gripped your hair as you bobbed your head up and down, he moved your head back and forth with shaky hands. You obliged and sucked him harder and faster. 


Your tongue flicked over his tip as he was pulling out and pressed against the sides when he was thrusting back in. It only took a few minutes for him to feel his high rushing into him, when he went to warn you he was close you slammed your head down and took him fully into your mouth, his tip brushing at the back of your throat.


"AH! (y/n)!" He hunched over as he came into your mouth. You pulled back a little and swallowed as much as you could, savoring the sweet taste with a smirk. 


After a few seconds of panting and holding your head tightly, he let you go and you pulled away from his throbbing member. He lifted his head and saw you smirking up at him, you opened your mouth and he could see some of his cum still on your tongue before you swallowed it down.


It made him shiver and blush darkly. Somehow that was more embarrassing than the actual blow job, not only did you  swallow  but you made sure he saw you do it. Hell, you were enjoying it!


"I-I um...Thank you want me you now?" He rubbed your hips gently with a shy look. "I want to make you feel good..."


"Lay down Izuku." He stared at you confused but listening. He watched as you tugged your shorts and underwear down before crawling over his hips and up his chest. While he was fairly innocent he could connect the dots as to what you wanted him to do.


You adjusted yourself above his face and gently cupped his cheek. He nuzzled your thigh and gave it a small kiss as he grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer.


Nervously he flicked his tongue out against your lips. He kept his eyes trained on yours as he licked up your slit slowly and teasingly, your hands grabbed his hair while you moaned and pressed his face slightly closer.


Enjoying your moans he moved his tongue faster and slowly thrust it into you with a quiet groan. You shook above him as he moved his tongue in and out, one of his hands reached up and rubbed circles over your clit. His tongue was warm and made you shiver in delight as he moved his mouth faster and pulled you down by your thighs so you were sitting completely on him.


He gave small groans and pleased hums as he eat you out earnestly, for a virgin he was skilled with his tongue. Every time you tensed or moaned louder he would repeat the action before making note that it was one of your weak spots, that way later on when this happened again ((God he hoped it would happen again)) he would be able to perfect it.


He pressed two fingers into you as he sucked and nibbled on your clit. The knot in your stomach was getting tighter and tighter, and when his fingers brushed against your G spot you couldn't hold back anymore.


Shivering and shaking you came, he moved his fingers slowly as he lapped at your clit and your juices. After riding his fingers and face for a few more seconds you rolled off of him onto the bedsheets. He looked at his fingers quietly in though before quickly licking them clean, a blush on his face.


"Thank you...for that." You looked up at his shy face with a lazy smile. 


"Of course! Thank you for um...for doing uh..." He waved at his lower half embarrassed. He stood up a grabbed a new ((not All Might branded)) pair of boxers and a tee shirt for you, the lifted you up and helped you get changed into it before laying down with you under his blankets.


Silence fell over you both as you pressed your face into his chest. The air was warm and he was holding you close, arms around your waist, chin resting on top of your hair, and his breathing slow and calm. It felt perfect.




"Midoriya! I see you have woken up!" Deku rubbed his eyes as Tenya jumped in front of him.


"Oh yeah, what's up?"


"Well you see we could hear you and (y/n) and as class rep, I take it upon myself to inform you both about the safety messages you two should consider. Please sit down I have prepared a slide show-"




"No, I insist! It is my job as a class rep to make sure you two are safe, now did you use and protection-" And that's how you and Deku were forced to sit and listen to Iida's long slide show about using condoms.

Chapter Text

"Do you know what tomorrow is?" You tilted your head off of your boyfriend's bed, he had invited you over to watch him as he played pokemon and be general moral support. After a few hours of just sitting and looking at your phone googling things for him, you had grown bored. Then you saw the date.

"Uhhh I don't know baby. Oooh-" He ducked his head back down and clicked away on his DS. With a deep sigh, you rolled onto your stomach and leaned over his shoulder, your chin resting on him as he tried to catch a shiny Haxorus. As you suspected, he was using his look-alike as a main, Pikachu. "What's tomorrow?"

"Well, its...Tuesday."

"Aw, man!" He tossed his Ds aside with a huff, he had lost the shiny. The Ds hit the side of his bed with a thunk, he tilted his head back and looked at you as he sighed gently. "Ok? Do we have something planned besides school? Did Midnight assign another test while I wasn't paying attention, I can't take another F in history-"

"June 29th."


"Denki it's your birthday tomorrow." He stared at you for a few seconds as he processed. Of course, it was his birthday! With school and the constant attacks on the school, he had forgotten all about celebrating his birthday. Hero training was taking so much of his time and then school and his friends and then you. Not that he minded hanging out with you an the guys, but it did take a lot of time in his day. 

You sighed and kissed his forehead with a small smile. Unaware to him you had planned a few surprises behind his back, two parties to be precise plus tons of presents and tons of fun activities. One of the parties with the rest of the class and the other with his family. They seemed really excited when you called them up to ask about throwing a party.

"Oh! I completely forgot, wow im gonna be 16 huh?" He nuzzled your neck with a soft chuckle. Things had really changed in the past year, he joined UA, he was training to be a hero, he made tons of friends, and hell he even got a girlfriend! So much had happened and he was so thankful for everything you did for him. "I guess we should do something hm?"

"I already have everything planned babe. Its gonna be the best damn birthday you've ever had!' You made a fist with a determined look, he laughed and kissed your nose gently.

"You're adorable baby."

"No, you-"

"No, you!" He turned and tackled you back into the bed, his hands pinned down yours as he stared down at you. His hair fell over his face and framed his smirking face and yellow eyes, if your hands weren't pinned down you would brush the hair from his face and kiss him all over. "Say you're adorable."

"I refuse!' You squirmed under him and huffed annoyed. Before you could argue again a small jolt ran through you, you gasped and glared up at him. "DID YOU SHOCK ME?!"

"Say ittttttt~"

"Im...adorable." Trumpift he let your wrists go. After rubbing them a bit and glaring at him you wrapped your arms around his neck and tugged him down back onto you, quickly you kissed his cheek.

He smiled sweetly and laid next to you. You moved closer to him and buried your face into his white tee-shirt, he gently held your waist as you pressed your legs close to his. It was moments like this he really cherished, away from school and the stress of hero training. Just the both of you in his bed holding each other as if nothing else mattered.

In a few hours, he was going to be 16. He would wake up and you would drag him around doing different things and no doubt his friends would tag along. Then when the day ended you both would be back here. You would probably be cuddling or playing video games or just sit and talk about the last year.

Of course, he also thought about what would happen after this birthday. He wanted you to be in his arms like this every birthday, every Christmas, every day and every night. Every day for the rest of his life and maybe even beyond that ((Not saying he believed in ghosts but if they were real, he would date you in the afterlife. Hot ghost gf!))That was years from now but he liked to think about the future. Days when he would be a pro hero and fighting like all the other great heroes, then coming home to you, maybe even a family one day.

He tightened his arms around your waist and buried his face into your hair. 

It already was the best birthday, because he had you in his arms.

Chapter Text

"This is stupid." Katsuki leaned back as the rest of the class set up, you all decided to karaoke to help relax after the whole camp disaster. After you all finished showing off your rooms you all got to work getting the common area ready for a night of singing.

Well everyone but Katsuki.

"Come on dude it's gonna be fun!" Kirishima slapped him on the back as he walked past, his arms full of snacks. Denki followed behind holding a bunch of drinks.

"IS EVERYONE HERE?" Iida took a headcount while Jiro fiddled around with the tv set up behind him. Smiling she gave a quick thumbs up to him. "LETS QUICKLY GO OVER THE RULES-"

"Come on Iida relax! This is supposed to be fun, no rules!" Ochaco gently patted his large shoulder with a soft smile. He sighed and shook his head but moved to the side.

When you left your room you could hear everyone downstairs talking. The past few days had been so insane that a night of just singing and having fun felt...weird. I mean you were glad to relax but it was such a change. Maybe t would be a bonding experience or something, it would be nice to see the class relaxed and not so worried about grades or villains attacking.

You slowly walked down the hallway thinking about the past few weeks and finally being able to just sit and relax, when you turned the corner you bumped into someone. You saw a flash of red and white as you stumbled backward.

"Oh im sorry (y/n)." Todaroki quietly muttered.

"Oh, it's ok! Are you on your way down?" You smiled up at him as you shoved your hands into your pockets. He stared at you for a second before sighing, he wasn't really surprised you were going but he really wanted to skip out on this to get some rest.

"I was going to go back to my room and get some sleep...but I have a feeling you're going to make me go anyway."

"Yup!" You popped the P before grabbing his arm and tugging him to the elevator.

The two of you rode in silence, but it was pleasant. You zoned out while he watched the numbers by the door tick down to 1, you were standing with your arm still hooked through his and your head against his shoulder. A loud ding chimed and the door slides open to the bottom floor. You both walked through and went through the dorms until you got to the common area, waving over at the group you smiled brightly.

"Look, I managed to get Todo to come with me!" You pointed at the boy who sighed tiredly. He sat down next to Bakugou and stared at Iida who was still shouting out orders despite everyone telling him to relax.

"EVERYONE WILL BE GETTING A TURN, NOW I WANT YOU ALL TO WRITE DOWN YOUR NAME AND PUT IT INTO...UM," he paused and looked around for something to put the names into. Momo tossed him a bag she quickly had just made, she buttoned her shirt back up as he nodded. "THANK YOU! NOW LET'S GET STARTED, EVERYONE."

You grabbed a piece of paper and flung it in. Everyone wrote down their name and tossed it in, Katsuki reluctantly doing it so Kirishima and Sero would stop nagging him. Tenya quickly shook up the bag before pointing it towards Midoriya. He tentatively put his hand in a pulled out-

"(Y/n)!" Deku smiled and lifted the paper. You chuckled and stood up to grab the mic, ((PRESENT MIC)) before turning to the small tablet that was set up with all the songs to choose from. It was a huge list of every song you could think of, You flipped through them before pausing in the Disney section, a huge smirk covering your face as you instantly clicked on the song.

Walking in front of the screen you closed your eyes and sighed dramatically. They all watched in silence until the song slowly started to play.

"(Y/N)!" Denki and Jiro groaned in annoyance.

"Really? This song?" Kirishima shook his head with a small smile.

"HELL NO NERD, I HATE THAT SONG. TURN THE DAMN THING OFF-" Katsuki leaped forward about to grab you but you dodged him and started to sing softly with a taunting smirk.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, Not a footprint to be seen." You waved your arm out over the class, your face serious as you sang. "A kingdom of isolation, And it looks like I'm the queen."

You clenched your heart as you turned away from the group. A few of them snickered as you looked out the window sadly, completely living the song out as if you yourself were the ice queen. 

"The wind is howling like this swirling storm insideeeee," You turned away from the window and stared at the ground. "Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried."

"GO (Y/n)!!" Mina fist-pumped the air making you laugh softly, quickly you got back into the role and looked at each of their faces.

"Don't let them in, don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be." Turning to the class you connected eyes with Todaroki. He smiled slightly at you. "Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know...Well, now they knowwwwwwwwww."

You jumped back into the middle of the room, clutching the mic in both hands.


Katsuki growled annoyed and sat back down next to Kiri and Todaorki, who was sitting slightly forward with his hands in his lap. He was softly smiling at you, watching you completely embrace the song and dramatically wave your arms around. 

"Turn away and SLAM the door. I don't care what they're going to say." You smirked over at him. "Let the storm rage onnnn."

"The cold never bothered me anyway~" You winked him with a chuckle. He rolled his eyes with a small shake of his head, why was he not surprised this was the real reason you choose the son.

"OMG, (Y/n) AND TODAORKI WOULD BE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE!" Mina whisper yelled at the group of girls sitting by her. Momo laughed as she gently brushed her fingers through her hair, Jiro nodded in agreement as she played around with her earphone jacks.

"She has liked him for a while now." Jiro pointed out.

"I mean look at her, she's totally flirting with him." Toru giggled as they turned to watch you. You were walking around the room pretending to shot ice, The whole class laughing as you pouted in concentration. You smiled as you passed Todo.

Leaning back he smirked up at you.

"My power flurries through the air into the ground." You bent down to the ground and ran your hand over the floor. "My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around"

You waved over at Todaroki quickly to get him to help you out. He sighed but did as you wanted, making small snowflakes fall around you. Going back to shooting ice beams he used his power to make ice 'blast' out of your hands which made you even more excited somehow.

"And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast, I'm never going back, the past is in the past" The ice followed you as you ran around the room singing. You stopped in front of Todaroki, you couldn't stop laughing as the snow fell into your hair. "Let it gooooo~"

You pushed his shoulders back and leaned down towards him, your knee between his legs while you smirked. His eyes flickered from your face to the mic. The girls were fangirling hardcore, the boys cheering him on.
"The cold never bothered me anyway~" You purred out as you pressed yourself closer to him. Your noses brushed against each other, a light blush on his pale cheeks as he nervously glanced up at you. "Let it go, let it go, And I'll rise like the break of dawn"

"Let it go, let it go. That perfect girl is gone" His hand gently grabbed your hip as he stared at your lips. Normally he would've just rolled his eyes and let you go along with your little game but he loosened up and let himself enjoy it. "Here I stand in the light of day-"

"Let the storm rage on." He finished into the microphone. The class erupted into applause, a few whistling while the others cheered and patted you on the back. 

You handed the mic back to Tenya but didn't move from Todaroki. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you adjusted in his lap so you faced the class but still sat with him. He rested his chin on top of your head as he gently hugged you. He leaned down and kissed your cheek when no one was looking.

"The cold never bothered me anyway." You whispered and leaned up to kiss his cheek back. He chuckled with a sigh.

Chapter Text

"You can't stay here."

"Im here to talk." That much was obvious, it had been obvious since he had walked in and saw you. Maybe that's why instead of kicking you out or scalding you further he sat down quietly and stared at the floor in thought. He knew why you were here and what you wanted to say to him. He knew why you were in his bedroom, curled up, turned away from him as if just seeing him would make it hurt that much more. 

"Do you...Do you ever feel regret?" He whispered as he hung his head. The weight of the day hung on his shoulder and seeing you made it just that much heavier.

"Every day since you left and decided I wasn't worth your time, every day I wake up I regret meeting you and I regret letting myself grow close to you.  I regret our first kiss and I regret saying yes to dating you." You curled up tighter. "I regret letting you go...I wish we didn't mess everything up and I wish you didn't put being a hero above me."

It hurt and the words stung. They stuck to his skin and dug deeper, like a knife twisting and pushing into his very being, his soul cut with every word and every shake in your voice. It was his fault but he couldn't go back and fix things or put you first. He couldn't turn back time and tell you how much you mattered, it wouldn't make a difference if he said it now. You wouldn't believe him or give him another chance anyway.

It was too late for that.

"Today is our anniversary."

"I know."

"Do you?" You spat out. "You never did remember...always a second thought to you, wasn't it? It was always a bother and you didn't want to deal with me unless you needed a stress reliever or wanted to be entertained." 

The room felt colder as you spoke, was it his quirk acting up? Sometimes when you both would argue back then he wouldn't be able to control himself or his quirk. Looking down at you he saw the burn across your wrist, the burn he had made, you didn't deserve to have been treated like that. You just tried to touch him to calm him down, and he was so angry and he couldn't stop himself. You were just trying to get him to look at you and what did he do? He hurt you. 

He was just like his father.

"It's easy to say you don't love someone if you don't have to see them...Because you can just say the words and they mean nothing. But saying it to their face? That's hard. You have to look them in their eyes and tell them you don't want them, tell them you don't love them and that you don't want them in your life." You turned slightly and looked up at him. "Is that why you didn't tell me to my face? Just kicked me out of your life without a note or even a message?"

Your eyes held his for a few seconds too long, your gaze cold and empty but a layer of sadness behind them. After he left you broke and couldn't fix yourself. Without him you were no one and had nothing, you were a sliver of someone and only a part of the girl you had been. But that had started much before he left you, you had broken long ago because of him.

"All the memories came back but you never did. I guess I came for some closer." With a shrug you turned back to staring at the wall, his silent eyes made you feel colder than normal and you couldn't handle his face another second. "Betrayal never comes from enemies, it comes from lovers and friends. But your betrayal was the most painful I've ever experienced, maybe it was because you both or maybe because you were neither."

"I loved you more than anything in this world..."

"If you loved me you wouldn't have let me go." You whispered into the sheets.

"You can't stay here..." He repeated, he sounded like a broken record stuck repeating his words ad actions. How many times had he pushed you away now? He stared at his hands as they clenched in his lap. 

The bed shifted under him as you moved off of it, your legs pressing against him for a few seconds. It was a small touch that anyone else wouldn't think about but just the slight pressure of your body against him made his heart clench and his eyes sting.

You stood up and walked to the door. The door creaked open as you stared out into the hallway, your body illuminated by the small light and the moon streaming through the nearby window. You looked almost like a ghost, the ghost of his past mistakes, the ghost of every wrong thing he ever said and every time he hurt you. The ghost of the girl he once loved and devoted his life to.

"I tried not to fall in love with you, really I did. Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever had to do, I had to build myself back up so no one could hurt me. I fell in love and I opened up my very soul to you..." Your head turned to stare at him one last time, a lone tear tracking down your cheek as you gripped the door frame. " I won't make the same mistake again."

And then you were gone, the wind blowing his curtains and leaving with him an even emptier feeling in his heart. The room filled with silence and the lonesome feeling he could never escape. The feeling that followed him no matter what he did or where he went. 

He had lost the only thing he ever had that mattered.

And it was all his fault.

Chapter Text

"Tamaki do you want to have sex?" He spat out his food and looked up at you in shock, you were casually sitting on the couch, eyes focused on the tv as you ate from the bowl of popcorn resting your lap. 

"I-I-I...Im sorry?" 

"Do you want to have sex, Tamaki." You looked down at him with a slight smirk.

Your boldness was something he could never get used to, even after dating for the majority of high school. It was something he just seemed to lack and you made it seem so easy and carefree. Nothing phased you, you would just roll with it and keep going. 

Another thing you possed that he didn't have, was the ability to tease and flirt. Normally he would just sit and get flustered while you complimented him or kiss him or touch him until he was a blushing mess. Your little endeavors normally ended with him coming up with an excuse to stop or him having a full-blown panic attack. 

"I don't want to force you baby, but it has been three years. Besides," You stood up and walked over to him as he swallowed nervously. "I've wanted to ruin that innocence of yours for a while now.~"

"I-Innocence?" Blushing he tried to back away from your predatory stare, you took a step forward for every one he took backward until he was pressed against the wall and couldn't escape. Innocent way to describe him, it wasn't so much as he was innocent but too worried about being a pervert and seeming like one to actually try anything.

Your hands rested on his hips and teased the fabric of his teeshirt between your fingertips. The farthest you had gotten him to go with you was getting his pants off and a bit of a blow job, unfortunately, you both had to stop as this was inside Mirios house and one of the others needed to use the bathroom.

He couldn't live down the embarrassment of walking out with you, you smirking and licking your lips while Mirio stared at you both confused.

"Yes, innocence. I love you Tamaki, you know I do. I want to show you how perfect you are." You cupped his cheek with a gentle sigh. "Besides I really want to ride your dick."

Before he could even try and muster up a pathetic response you were kissing him and he had to use all his strength to keep standing. Your lips molded against his as he shakily held your waist in his hands, his head tilting towards yours while he let out small whimpers. Your hand ran up his chest and flicked his nipple teasingly as you bit down on his bottom lip.

He gasped into your mouth, your tongue shot out and pressed against his in a quick and passionate dance. He squeezed your waist as you explored his mouth and played around with his tongue, he was much too nervous too much but he slightly flicked his tongue with yours every once in a while to amuse you. 

When you pulled back a string of salvia connected your mouths and he blushed even harder at the sight of you panting with your lips slightly bruised from the kiss. Your hands pulled his shirt up and off before he could try and convince you to not.

"Look at you baby boy, you're so pretty." Your mouth came down on his neck and started leaving small hickeys and bit marks all over the pale skin. He jolted slightly in shook when you bit down on one of the spots of his neck, you sucked on it making him moan and grip you tighter. "If you keep making those sounds I’m not going to be able to stop myself."

"T-then...dont." He nervously whispered as you looked up at him. Oh boy, he shouldn't have said that. 

The next thing he knew you were pushing him onto the couch and practically ripping his pants off of him. While it wasn't exactly gentle he surprisingly didn't mind, your excited confidence was exactly what he needed. If he was the one having to be dominant this would end way different ((Probably with him messing something up and apologizing for hours.))

You ran your hands over his pale white thighs before gently tracing his bulge with one finger. His hips bucked up from the small touch, needy and ready for you to stop teasing him and just get to the point. You tsked but tugged his boxers down none the less.

Just like before you had that glint in your eye. The look of a lion about to eat its prey, prey being him of course. Then again, he wouldn't mind if you...ate him? That isn't right-

"Stop thinking baby. If you want to cum you'll have to beg me for it." You pressed your hand against his hip as you slowly tugged the thing clothing off of him. There was something extra sinful about you being completely dressed while he was naked, it made him feel even more submissive and needy.

As soon as his cock was freed from the confinements you got to work. His fingers gripped your hair tightly as you slowly took his tip into your mouth, skillfully running your tongue along the slit and sucking down. Another whimper left his mouth as you took his member more and more into your mouth. 

You started to bob your head up and down his thick shaft. He was actually very long, his girth was average but you could never fit the entire thing into your mouth no matter how much you tried. Though in all honesty, you both enjoyed trying, it was a challenge to you and he enjoyed the feeling of his tip pressing against the back of your throat. 

Your hand wrapped around his base as you licked the underside of his cock. It slid in of your mouth quickly, his hips bucking up desperately into your mouth and your own head matching each of his thrusts. His face was twisted up in pleasure and need, if you had teased him any longer you were pretty sure he would've cried out from need. 

He twitched inside your mouth as you hollowed your cheeks. You tapped his thigh to remind him of what you said before, he shyly looked down at you and his bottom lip shook.

"P-please let me AH!~ Let me cum please please please-" He gripped your hair tighter as he drew closer and closer to his orgasm. This was too much, your eyes staring into his, the slight smirk on your face even though your mouth was filled with his member. 

You nodded slightly as you thrust your head down to take his full length, he gasped as he brushed against the back of your throat. Seconds later he was cumming hard.

You swallowed as much as you could before pulling back and humming, you swallowed the last bit as he sat shaking on the couch. Already he felt so satisfied and that you had done so much for him but you weren't done of course. You had plans for Tamaki and you weren't going to stop until you took that boys virginity.

When he finally caught his breath and managed to open his eyes he went wide-eyed at the sight of your now naked body. He had seen you with your top off ((After a night of you sending him teasing photos while he tried to do homework)) but seeing you fully naked took his breath away.

Your lips pressed against him and he flushed even darker when your tongue pressed into his mouth, he could taste some of his cum on your tongue and he couldn't help but shiver.

"B-bunny how could you...Kiss me after y-you just had your m-m-mouth down there..."

You crawled onto his lap and smirked when you felt his cock slightly harden underneath you, you didn't bother to answer him as you pushed your breasts against him. You pressed your fingers against his shaky lips.

"Suck on my fingers and get them nice and wet for me."

"B-But-" Before he could finish you pressed your fingers into his mouth with a sigh. His tongue shyly moved against your fingers as he sucked around them, his face flushed pink as you pressed down against his tongue slowly.

"Suck on my fingers and get them nice and wet for me" He whimpered around them as you teasingly ran your hand over his chest. A soft moan vibrated through your fingers as you flicked and played with one of his nipples.

You let him suck your fingers as you rolled your hips against his member until he was hard again. When you pulled your fingers away they were slightly dripping, a string of saliva connecting them to his parted lips.

You stared him in the eyes as you ran your fingers over your entrance before pushing both of them in. Thankfully you didn't need to stretch too much since you had stretched before coming over, when you plan something you plan. 

"Are you ready Tamaki?" Your voice lowered to a gentle tone, even if you were slightly dominant about these things you wouldn't force him if he really didn't want to. There was a little bit of unsureness in his eyes but he nodded and gripped your hip. "Use your words, Tamaki, I need to hear your consent.

"Y-yes Bunny...J-J-Just put I-it in." His hips pressed up and slowly his tip slid into you. "A-Ah!~"

"Shh, don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of you." He buried his face into your neck as you gently stroked his hair, your hips lowering down further. It slightly hurt with how long he was but you adjusted fairly quickly, your hips firmly pressed against his as you shushed and kissed him. Every time you even so much as shifted he let out a whimper and gripped your hips tightly.

After giving him a few seconds you slowly lifted yourself up before pressing back down. His head threw back against the couch as you bounced up and down on his cock, he was crying out already, his hips bucked up slightly roughly.

"B-bunny! A-ah, Bunny i...I love you Bunny." He gripped your hips tightly as he buried his face back into your neck. "I love you so much, I-I Mm ah~ You're mine...M-my naughty bunny~."

The sounds of his whimpers and moans filled the room as well as the sound of your skin slapping against his. You gripped his face and kissed him roughly, he would pull away every few seconds to moan 'bunny' against your cheek or whimper out an 'I love you'.

The knot was building up in your stomach as he wrapped his arms tightly around you. Before you could tell him you were close he was hitting your G spot and you were gripping his shoulders tightly, your lips parting to let out moans and loud gasps of his name. 

Then you were cumming and screaming his name out. He looked up at you in slight shock, he was making you do that, you were calling out his name and he was making you feel so good. He could feel pride running through him as he thrust up and chased his high. After a few more thrusts he was about to cum but before he could pull out and cum on your chest you slammed your hips down roughly and he was orgasming inside of you.

Your lips crashed against his as he gripped you tightly. Small whimpers left his mouth as he slowly rocked you up and down, eventually just letting you sit down on his lap as he panted tiredly. Your hands gently ran through his hair as you kissed over his neck and shoulder.

"I love you, Tamaki...Thank you for letting me do this." You nuzzled his neck lovingly. 

"I love you too bunny." His lips pressed against the top of your head as he smiled and ran his hands over your hips. If sex was always that pleasant he would have to try it more often, maybe next time he would even try and top. He didn't mind being a bottom though if it meant he was pleasing you he was ok with anything.


Well as long as you weren't dressing him up in cute outfits again...

Chapter Text

If there was anything Todoroki loved to do, it was anger his father. Normally this was done with small things like stealing his credit card and spending tons of money or just being annoying like usual, purposely being defiant to push the man's buttons. It made him happy seeing his dad so angry. But this? This was the most damn disrespectful thing he's ever done and he was more than happy you suggested it to him.

He smirked down at you as you hoped up onto his father's desk, he had a key to the large room and when you suggested him showing you around he didn't know why. Of course, after a few minutes of him just standing there watching you as you looked around, you finally showed your true plan.

If he wanted to make his dad mad, what's better then to bang his girlfriend on his dad's desk? Even if Endeavor didn't learn about your little stunt it was still hot none the less. There was a level of dangerousness from even being in here let alone fucking, the fact anyone could walk in and see you bent over while Todoroki rammed himself into you was an even more sinful thought.

His hands gently grabbed the desk as he leaned closer to your lips. With surprising gentleness he cupped your face in one of his hands, his hips slipping between your parted legs and his thumb brushing over your cheek. It was edged with slight urgency which you couldn't help but slightly chuckle at, hurrying up was what you should be doing but you, took your time instead, opening up the first Few buttons on his shirt and loosening his tie just a bit, rubbing over his chest down to the dip of his hips.

You didn't have time to fully strip him much to your disappointment. That would have to be saved for later, you enjoyed those times but there was an excitement about doing it in clothes. Even though you preferred seeing his abs and strong arms bare to you as he moved on top of you.
His hands smoothly flipped your skirt up as you leaned back on the desk. You rested back on your elbows as he ran one finger slowly over your underwear, a few pleased sighs leaving your lips as he rubbed your clit through the thin fabric.

Taking his time was also something he often did. It was his personality, he liked to try and please you as much as possible and memorize all the little techniques you seemed to enjoy then use them all to completely wreck you. Of course, there were times he relaxed and let himself either lazily fuck you ((most of these times were early in the morning when he was still half asleep or after hard training)) or when he would be extra rough. ((These times being when he was pissed off, normally at his dad.)) but he couldn't be to slow since endeavor was coming back to the office in barely an hour and he wanted to get a few rounds in.

He pushed aside the fabric and leaned down to gently kiss your thigh. Before he could kiss your hot and wet core you gripped his hair and tilted his head away, you shook your head with a soft smile.

"Later baby, we don't have time."

He nodded and started to unbutton his pants, thankfully he decided to wear jeans and they slid down fairly easy along with the half and half boxers you gave him on his birthday, while it was a joke he still took the gift and insisted he wear the white and red boxers.

You giggled slightly when you saw them as he leaned down over you. His hand rested next to your head as he gently traced your hip with his fingertips, he dipped down to kiss over your neck and shoulder as his cock pressed against your heated core.

Todoroki wasn't really a dirty talker or a very vocal person unless he was in one of his angry moods or when he really wanted to turn you on ((This wasn't really needed since he turned you on with other methods)). Though he always seemed gentle and logical with his words sometimes he would use a bit of degradation and honestly you loved it. That was probably what shocked him most when you two had sex the first time, he had slipped up and called you his slut and you looked like you were going to cum just from the name.

"Are you ready slut?" He said it with his normal monotone voice but it made you shiver none the less. You nodded and wrapped your legs around his waist to pull him closer which he happily obliged to, a low groan leaving his lips as he sunk deep inside you

He paused and stared down at you with his eyes as he gently pressed his one hand into yours. The desk creaked slightly under both of your weight and his slight movement, his fingers intertwined with yours as he pulled back his hips and slowly snapped them forward.

His hands ripped your shirt open and shoved your bra up so your breasts were free, the cold air nipped at your skin and made your nipples harden instantly. Smiling deviously he leaned down to kiss you before setting a faster pace with his hips.

If pissing his dad off was one of his favorite things, banging you was his all-time favorite. A low moan left his lip as you arched up into him and gripped his hair tightly. You were tight around him, clenching down on his cock as he rocked in and out of you with a quick but deep pace. Your hair fanned across the desk and over the few papers left behind as Todoroki buried his face into your neck.

After just a few minutes of thrusting you could feel your high coming close. One of his hand dipped between the both of your bodies and rubbed your clit quickly, flicking over the nub as his mouth moved down to your hard nipples to suck and bit them.

"Shouto...I-I'm close."

"Me too (y/n)..." his voice wavered as he let out a low grunt. He kissed up your chest back to your mouth as he brushed over your g spot, your cries muffled by his soft lips as you clenched down and came. The sound of skin hitting skin filled the room accompanied by both of your moans, the scent of sex spurring him further.

He gave a few more thrusts before pulling out and coming onto your stomach, he would've cum inside you like normal but something about seeing your panting figure sprawled out on his father's desk while covered in cum seemed more appealing.

He stared for a few seconds as he pumped his member in his hand, you were completely out of breath and covered in cum. Quickly he grabbed his phone and took a photo for later. 

You panted and shook with pleasure as he slowly pumped his cock a few times more. When he was finally pleased he tugged his boxers up and his jeans, buttoning them up before helping you get back dressed. Just in time as well, you were just sliding off the desk into his arms when the door swung open and the number two hero came storming in already angry about something.

Shouto wrapped his arms around your waist protectively as the older man watched you both confused. Shouto tried to keep you away from his father as much as possible, the few times you meet his dad was when you came over to study and Endeavor beat Todo to the door and you had to do the whole awkward explanation of who you were or when you were bringing Todorki back from a date and Endeavor insisted you come in and explain your quirk to him. 

 You stared up at him slightly scared, your hands clutching your boyfriend's tee shirt as you tried to not wobble on your weak legs. After the pounding Todoroki gave you, you were surprised you could even look at his father without blushing like a mad man. You hoped he couldn't see how flustered your face was or smell the lingering scent of sex. Hopefully, you didnt...get anything on the desk as well. Knowing Shouto though he probably wouldn't care and even be joyed about ruining his fathers work with a mix of your juices and his.

Shouto said nothing and tugged you out with a bright and cocky smirk.

 He had to start bringing you to his dad's office was more.

Chapter Text


It had been six weeks, maybe longer since you had met the shy blue-haired boy in the middle of a game stop. The new Doom and Animal Crossing were coming out on the same day and you planned to buy copies before locking yourself in your room to game all day.

When you were walking up to the counter you bumped into a tall man. As he helped you up to your feet you looked up and your eyes meet him, his blue hair falling into his eyes, a dark mask over his mouth, and a hoodie tugged over his head. Quickly he let go of your hands while you apologized for not paying attention and running into him.

The next thing you knew he was picking up your dropped games and you two were talking about them. He mentioned how he too was buying a few new copies ((Something about destroying his older ones on accident)) and that he was super excited to play them. You both checked out together and before he could leave you handed him your number scribbled out onto a piece of paper with your Friend Id under it.

After that, you would spend your nights calling Shigaraki and playing games with him over the internet. He didn't open up about much so you found yourself doing most of the talking, telling him everything about your past and what you did during the day. Every once in a while, you could hear someone talking to him, the voices ranged from a tired older sounding man, a young girl, and an annoyed monotone young man.

When you asked if he had roommates he said it was something like that, even though he said it with a bit of inconvenience it made you laugh. Later on, you managed to get him to open up and tell you about the other roommates. Even though he spoke about them in an annoyed tone you could tell he thought of them like family, it made you happy hearing him talk.

Eventually, after two weeks of calling every day and hours of gaming together,  you braved up enough to ask him out to lunch some time. He seemed shocked and didn't say anything for a while, but before you could wuss out and say that it was fine and to forget everything he asked where he should meet you.


And that's how you were here, sitting across from Tomura in a small Cafe sipping coffee. Every time you saw him he was covering his mouth with a mask or a scarf and seemed reluctant when your drinks arrived.

"Why do you wear the mask if you don't mind me asking, I don't want to pressure you to take it off if its a medical thing but I must admit im curious." You gave him an understanding smile as you held the cup between your hands. 

"My...I have some...Problems with my face." He slouched down slightly as he twisted his cup in his hand. Whenever he touched something he always lifted a pinke, it was cute. Of course, you didn't realize that he had to do this so his quirk wouldn't affect anything and scare you off. "It's part of my...quirk."

"Oh, that makes sense. If you want can take it off though like in front of me. " You stared at the table with a small blush. "You're cute and I wouldn't care if your quirk did something to your mouth or anything like that. I don't know exactly what it is but I promise it won't change anything."

There was more to it just than that. So far you hadn't noticed who he was, and if you did you said nothing about it, but he didn't want to risk you or someone else realizing who he was. You interested him and it would be horrible if he revealed who he was and you rejected him. At least when you two were like this you treated him as if he was a normal man and not some monster or killer. 

Leaning down he tugged his hood back on before pulling the mask over his mouth and under his chin. When you looked up he was staring at you with blank eyes, he was slightly...Well crusty? But not in a bad way, he was pretty attractive even with his interesting skin.

Slowly you reached out to touch his face. He flinched when you touched him, your hand gently cupping his cheek as you run your fingers along his skin.

"Wow...Your really cute-" He blushed and tugged the mask back up as you giggled. "Aw come on im just playing with ya. But really, you don't look any different to me. You shouldn't worry so much about what other people think, people's opinions are...meaningless."

He watched as you sipped your drink and looked out the window with a sigh, there was a slightly saddened look in your eyes when you got to the end of your sentence. Quietly he reached one hand out and carefully took your hand in his, one finger pressed against the table as he nervously looked up at you. 

Your palm turned to press against his as you intertwined your fingers with his, your hand squeezing him lightly. 

"Tomura hey...are you up right now?" Groggily he sat up in his bed, phone pressed against his face as he rubbed his eyes. It was around 1 am and you for some reason decided to call him now of all times. Had this been anyone else he would be much angrier but the sound of your quiet voice calmed him down.

"Yeah im up now."

"I miss you." Your voice wavered on teh another side of the phone. Curled up in bed you had a pillow to your chest, your phone laying next to you on speakerphone. "I couldn't sleep...Im sorry I woke you up I just like hearing your voice."

He paused before laying back down in his bed, he stared at the roof and listened to the soft sound of your breathing. His eyes closed as he scratched his wrist slightly and rolled over to face the chipping wall.

"We can talk until your tired, do you want to play a game or something?"

"If you want to. Thank you Tomura." He smiled softly as you shifted in your bed to grab your Switch, he liked when you said his name like that. Like he was important to you.


"Heya boss we got a recruit!" Shigaraki sighed as toga bounced up to him, he was in the middle of a level and really didn't want to be bothered by the girl.

You both had been playing when someone came into your room and told you that it was time for you to go to your appointment, he was disappointed of course but you told him you would call him afterward. So he left his room and decided to sit and play at the bar, Kurogiri asking him about his plans for the next attacks.

"Can't you see im busy?" He ducked his head lower with an annoyed huffed. "We don't need any more recruits-"

"Wow...this place is so cool!" He stopped and went wide-eyed at the sound of the sweet voice behind him, he could hear the door opening and the sound of two people walking in. "Is that your boss? He looks kinda weird."

Shakily he stared at the screen in front of his face, he could see his face and his father's hand positioned on top of it. This couldn't be right...

"Boss this is-"

"Please let me." You gave Toga a pleasant smile as you towards the bent-over figure, from what you could see he was a lean and scrawny man, clad in a dirty hoodie and messy jeans. In a way, he reminded you of Tomura but that would be absurd. After all, Tomura was such a sweet guy. If he knew you were a villain... "My name is (Y/n) (L/n) my quirk is-"

"I know who you are." You paused and frowned, man, he sounded like Shigaraki too. "Why are you here..."

"I want to join the League of Villains. My whole life I wanted to be a hero until I realized how twisted and wrong they are, I lost everything close to me...I also have this friend...I want to make a world where I and he can live away from the world's judgment. Poor soul won't even go outside without a mask-"

"Shut up!" His fists slammed on the counter making you flinch, he was shaking and slowly lifted his head. 

Then you saw his face.

"You...T-Tomura? But you...You were so..." Stumbling backward you bumped against a table, it flipped over as you kept moving away from him. He knew this would happen. You were bound to find out one day but he wanted more time, time to win you over, show you his way of things.

Show you that you were safe with him.

"Boss? Are you ok?" Toga looked at him worried as he crept towards you, Dabi grabbed your wrist to stop you from running away but you lifted your phone and his hand seemed to dissolve into pixels. He screamed out and pulled away to look at his pixeled wrist, the edges sharp when he tried to touch them. He raised his other hand and blue flames shot from it as he growled and lept towards you. 

"You're gonna pay for that brat-"

"Stop." Shigaraki grabbed his shoulder and shoved him away from you. His eyes stared into yours as you took in his face and body, the hand on his face made it hard to see much of him but you knew what he looked like underneath it. You had memorized those eyes until they were burned into your very being, how had you not recognized him? Now that you saw him it was so obvious.

Grabbing your wrist he slightly tugged you towards him. You let him, following him as he leads you away from the bar while the rest of the league watched in confusion. After tugging you down a hallway and a few turns he opened a door to a bedroom before pulling you in with him.

It was mainly empty except for a bed and a corner set up with a tv and piles of games. Of course, you knew that part of the room, whenever you called him he was either on his bed or playing on the tv, phone propped up so you could stare at him while he gamed. Once the door was closed he reached up and gently pulled the hand away to set it onto his bed.

"Were you going to tell me?"

"Eventually. I needed time, I wanted to make sure you trusted me before I told you my plans. I wanted you to join me and help me destroy all the heroes, I wanted you by my side." He sighed and sat down on the bed. "Were you going to tell me?"

"I planned to join the League and finish off the heroes, then when the world was right for us I would tell you." You sat down next to him. " I wanted to make the world perfect. A place where you didn't need a mask to go outside, a world where people didn't judge us."

The air filled with silence as you both thought over what this meant. With the truth finally out it changed things, but at the same time, it didn't. When you looked at him you still saw the man you were falling in love with, the man who stayed up playing games with you, the one who listened when you told him everything about yourself. The one who stuck by you even when you admitted some of the dark things in your past.

"On our first...Date..." You glanced up at him to confirm. "I told you that nothing would change after you showed your face. I lied because something did change after that day."

Your hand grabbed his as you rested your head on his shoulder. "I fell in love with you after that. You were so cute and energetic, plus you were so good at games. But it hurt me to see you so worried when we went out, I thought it was maybe because of your face but I think I get it didn't want someone to recognize you as the leader of the league."

Your thumb ran over his hand gently. Sighing you leaned up and stared at his face again, his skin cracked and ruined, the look in his eyes sunken and sad. Your hand went up to cup his cheek gently before your lips pressed against his.

"This doesn't change my mind. I want to join and I want to wipe out all the people who look at us as anything less than gods." You mumbled against his lips before pressing another and another to his face. "I love you..."

"I love you more." He whispered with a wide smile, it was the widest you had ever seen him give.

And it was the most beautiful he's ever looked. 


"Hey, little sis! Hows the boss doing~" Toga giggled as you sat at the bar in Tomura's lap, even though he was sitting right there she knew better than to disturb him while you both were playing. 

You looked up form your Switch with a blank look. Before you could use your quirk to dissolve her head into mere pixels Tomura kissed your cheek and you leaned back into his embrace for more. You were officially part of the team, and officially his girlfriend. It took a while for the team to get used to you but Toga and Twice took an instant liking to you.

Dabi still didn't like you though-

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"You...YOU'RE SONIC!" Tenya went wide-eyed as the small boy in front of him jumped up and down, the boy was clutching a sonic doll to his chest and had a bright blue shirt to match. 




"(N/N) SONIC IS HERE, FROM THE FESTIVAL." The boy ran back into the house screaming excited, Tenya stood at the doorstep confused. 


Had this been the wrong house? Tenya wasn't one to mess up on things like this, he followed the GPS straight to your house after you sent him your address, but you didnt answer the door. 


A few seconds later you popped into the doorstep holding the boy on your hip with an embarrassed smile. Tenya gave you a polite smile as the boy squirmed and stared at Tenya as if he was some celebrity.


"Hey sorry about that Tenya-"


"Sonic." The boy corrected.


"...Sonic. Please come in." Tenya bowed politely as you moved to let him in. He slipped his shoes off while the child stared at him intensely. "Oh this is my brother, by the way, his name is Vincent-"


"No! Im Knuckles!" Vincent squirmed out of your arms to pose with his fists, he smiled up at Tenya brightly. "Im gonna be a Pro hero like my big sister!"


The boy ran off before Tenya or you could say anything, your face was flushed bright red as Tenya smiled at you sheepishly. He knew you had siblings but...well he had no idea your family had a nickname for him. Or that your brother was so energetic about being a hero, but it made sense with you being in UA and from what he has heard your sister was a fairly famous Pro. 


Grabbing his wrist you tugged him away from the door through the front room to the hallway. Just as you went to open your bedroom door another sibling stopped you, this one was a girl who looked just a little older, she had a smirk on her face as she held the door closed with her body.


"I heard what Vince said, you didn't tell us you were bringing speedy over today."


"His name is Tenya, and I didn't tell you because I knew you guys would do something embarrassing." You slouched as the girl wrapped an arm around your shoulder and ruffled your hair. Groaning you pushed her away. "We're studying ok? Go away-"


"Oh right. 'Studying'." The girl gave you a wink and a cocky smirk at Iida before sauntering off to the front room where the younger boy was still running around talking about how sonic was in his house and how he was gonna be just like him.


The door shut behind him as he walked over to your bed, he sat down and watched as you let out a deep sigh.


"Sorry about them..."


"Your family watched the sports festival im assuming." You nodded with a sigh.


"Yeah they wanted to be supportive and stuff, once my brother saw you he went crazy. By the time I got home he was begging me to bring you home so he could ask you about your leg boosters." You pointed at his calves and smiled. "After that, they insisted on calling you Sonic since you' and blue."


"Fast and blue?" He raised an eyebrow with a smirk. While it embarrassed you that he had caught you giving him a childish nickname he found it cute. It was nice knowing you talked about him at home and it made him happy seeing how energetic your brother was about heroes. Must run in the family.


You sat down across from him on the bed criss-cross, he scooted back onto the bed so you were facing each other. 


"Do they...know?" His hand gently reached out and took yours, his fingers tracing over yours as you pressed your forehead to his shoulder. He smelled like soap and fresh clothes, you also could detect a bit of mint from his breath, Tenya always smelled good. Probably because he insisted on showering every day and keeping his cleanliness impeccable. With how much he worked out you did admit you were thankful for his tons of showers.


"Heck no. If my parents found out I was dating the one and only  Tenya Iida  they would flip out." Leaning up you sighed and kissed his cheek. "Besides...Im pretty sure if my sister and brother found out they would start planning the wedding right now."


You said it sarcastically with a snort but he tensed slightly. Worried you crossed the line you looked up at him, he glanced away with a nervous swallow as you gently cupped his cheek. Did marriage make him uncomfortable? It didn't really seem like something that would bother Tenya, he was a good man, you knew he loved you and that commitment was never a problem before so why was he so tense now?


"You say it like...Marrying me would be...A bad thing..." He coughed into his fist as you squinted your eyes, he looked away from your confused stare. "Never mind, we should start studying-"


"I do want to. Marry you I mean." Silence followed as he stared at you quietly. It made more sense now, it wasn't that he didn't want commitment, he thought YOU didn't want commitment. In a way, he was scared of the thought. After all these years if you decided you didnt want to further the relationship and leave him...he would be devastated.


 Your hand went back to his and gently locked his hand with yours as you tried to think of a way to convey your feelings that wouldn't be super cheesy and stupid sounding. 


Tenya and you had been dating all through high school and with your third year coming to an end you hadn't even thought about getting married, to be honest. All you knew was after school you two were going to move in together and probably work together, you as his sidekick helping him get to his dream of being the best hero in honor of his brother. 


You wanted nothing more than to help him achieve his goal, getting married of course wouldn't really make a difference but it made you think. (Y/n) Iida, wife of the pro hero Ingenium and his sidekick. Maybe even the mother of his children one day, dear god that was a whole other story.


You giggled at the thought of what your kids would look like. No doubt they would be speedy and probably get Iida's quirk, it would make chasing them down impossible for you, you would no doubt have to get Tenya to most of the chasing. But it was a happy thought. If you both had kids you would probably have to retire and stay home with the kids until they were old enough, but it was something you were willing to do. 


A family with Tenya.


"I want to...marry you as well, (Y/n)." His words shook slightly and snapped you from your daydream. You blushed slightly and looked up at him, he gave a sheepish smile as you hugged him tightly. 


"You're a dork, Sonic-" He chuckled as you kissed his cheek and ran your fingers through his blue hair. His glasses were slightly askew as you nuzzled your face into his neck. "I love you."


"I love you too my star-"


"I KNEW YOU WERENT STUDYING." You jerked backward and stared at the door in shock. "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU WERE DATING HIM."




"IM TELLING MOOOOOOOM." You shot up and started chasing the girl with a growl, Tenya laughed and watched as you ran out of the room yelling. He was going to marry you one day.


Quietly he pulled out the small box from his back pocket, popping it open to stare at the small diamond ring. The diamonds shined in the light as he held up the ring between his fingers. It was passed down from his grandmother when he first introduced you to the family, after having dinner with you his father pulled him aside to give it to him.


It was the most precious thing in his family. He knew fairly early on that he would marry you but over the years he grew more sure of his decision. Shoving it back in his pocket he stood up with a smile. He would wait till later to ask, at least now he knew you wanted to get married as well, he felt a little less nervous now as he walked over to the door to find you. 


He would marry you one day, and he couldn't wait.

Chapter Text

Your entire life you only saw things in blue, it had different shades and colors, but you couldn't escape the baby blue. Everyone had a soulmate and people could only see in your soulmates eye color until they meet there soulmate, then they saw the world in every color. 


When your soulmate died your world would turn black and white.


Growing up you never met your soulmate. At first, it seemed that you were doomed to a life of loneliness and blue, it was almost fitting. The world matched your feelings, every hue, every face, all of it blue and almost sickening.


Then you got a job offer for UA high school as a teacher. It was an odd offer but you agreed and accepted the offer, your life as a pro hero was pointless any way plus you enjoyed being around the children. They were the next in line, the future of the world. If you could shape them into the heroes the world needed maybe you would finally feel like you had done something that mattered.


So here you were sitting at your desk and organizing the papers scattered around. The first students of the day we're supposed to come in only a few minutes but you still were mentally preparing yourself.


God, you could use some advice.


"Good morning! I have come to give you one of my famous pep talks!" The door slide open and a tall man walked through, you looked up to respond when your eyes meet his.


And then the world was bursting with colors, but the blue in his eyes was what stopped you. He went wide-eyed and gripped the door tightly with a shocked expression. You knew who he was but you hadn't ever seen him in person or connected eyes, you knew he was the famous hero, the symbol of peace.


This was your soulmate.


"You' I um didnt expect this." He laughed nervously. All might was your soulmate. He was...even huger in person to be honest.


"I think im going to be sick." 


"Don't get sick young (y/n)!"


"Im barely younger than you?" You curled up in your chair as he stepped forward into the room, his heavy feet made the floor creak and he seemed much too large to fit into the small space of your classroom. "I can't believe this, you're...Oh god, I cannot believe this." 


You buried your face into your knees, what was he supposed to do? You didnt seem to happy about being his soulmate but then again it was a lot to take in. Just meeting your soulmate was a huge deal but meeting your soulmate and realizing he was the number one hero?!


A soft hand gently touched your shoulder, but it didnt feel like his hand. I mean you didnt know what his hand felt like but the hand on you was bony and gentle. Looking up you saw a completely different man.




"Don't scream! Geez, calm down!" He waved his hand in front of you as he sighed. "I just figured since we are...soulmates you should see my other form."


Your eyes stared into his, worry creased in your brow as you stared at the reflection of blue. The blue you saw your entire life but somehow it felt different seeing them on him. They matched him perfectly.


He sighed and looked at the desk as you scanned over his body in thought. The man in front of you wasn't the symbol of peace you saw on the Tv, he was...well he looked like a sick man, not a Pro hero. But somehow you liked this side of him better.


To be honest, as great as the big buff version of him was, this felt more real. He looked less like a tank and just a bit more normal. Well not normal, he looked like he was on the brink of dying if you didnt give him something to eat.


"So um...Im (Y/n)." He looked up as you nervously smiled. 




"It's nice to meet you...Toshinori." Smiling you gently held your hand out to him, his hand pressed against you as he gave you a gentle handshake. Before you could pull away he suddenly puffed back up into his huge self, a smirk on his face as he chuckled.


"It was very nice to meet you! Now, it is time I get back to class!" Confused you looked around before noticing the class starting to walk into the room, they stared at All Might in awe as he posed for them. Oh, that makes sense. 


Looking back you smiled and squeezed his hand gently.


"It was nice to meet you, All Might." He pulled away with a sheepish smile, a piece of paper slipped into his hand as you pulled away. When he walked out he opened the paper to see your number hastily scribbled onto it. 


You must've written it down when he wasn't looking. He pulled his phone out and quickly put the number in, under the contact name he smiled as he typed.



My Soulmate.

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugou Adulto


"Katsuki we will be late and you know I don't want Denki and Kiri to nag us"

"I don't give a damn what they think." You sighed as your husband, Katsuki Bakugou, wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. "Why are we even going with shitty hair and Pikachu anyway."

"Because they are our friends and you can't keep ignoring them so you can sit around the house being a lazy ass. Now go get dressed." You leaned back and kissed his cheek with a somewhat cocky smile. Groaning he pulled back and mumbled while walking to your shared bedroom.

Even if he was slightly miffed about going out with his friends he was glad you decided to tag along, ever since you started school with him at UA he tried to get you around him as much as possible. That lead to an interesting friendship and eventually an interesting dating life.

Finally, he proposed. In just a few weeks you Both were married and moving into a new house together, a small place near his agency. Being married to Katsuki had its advantages, you worked with him as his sidekick so you spent most of the day by his side helping out with paperwork and more. When you two would get home you would cook dinner ((while he tried to help and not blow things up)) and watch tv together on the couch. Sometimes he would help you do research on heroes or come up with ideas on how to raise his ranks from the Number Two hero spot.

After everything in his life, he felt content with how things were. He was married and the number two hero, he saved people every Day, stopping villains with his badass wife on his side. Did I mention you were his wife?

He would change nothing about his life.

He looked at the bed where you had set out his outfit. Even though it was childish he smiled at the sweet gesture, quickly he tugged his tank top off and pulled the red Button-up on. As he buttoned it up a thought crossed his mind semi-related to how childish you were.

It wasn't that he didn't think about kids but it was always a pushed off thing. You both were heroes and you didn't want to ruin his shot at being a pro hero even if he already was at the very top ((Well he would be if it wasn't for dEKU)). Work was so important to him but when he saw his other friends having kids it made him slightly envious. He wanted a family with you and to have a little shitty kid of his own running around.

He knew you would be a great mother and he would like to think he would be a good dad. Of course, he would have to get his temper a little more in control, and you would no doubt scald him if he cursed in front of the damn thing. But he also thought about how different life would be for you both. While kids were slightly annoying he knew how much they meant to you, you grew up around a ton of kids and he had seen the almost motherly instinct from you while you two worked. Whenever you were fighting a villain you always focused on helping the people getting away.

While he was to busy yelling and...well being himself you were always calm and gentle with the victims. You could make a kid stop crying in seconds, and after you always insisted on making sure every single one of those twerps was happy and smiling. It never took much with your quirk, just looking at someone could make them smile and have a happy feeling. Its why you wanted to be a sidekick. 

Even without using your quirk, he realized you made him happy early on. After he asked you out you seemed wary at first, thinking maybe you used your quirk and accidentally made him feel those things but he showed you how much he cared over time.

"Baby? You ready?" He looked up and stared at you. You were putting in earrings and watching him, your hair pinned up and a tight red dress on your body. "You haven't even changed your pants or put your shirt on! We're going to be late if you don't hurry."

"Yeah yeah, im doing it." Pausing he bit his lip. "Hey, can I ask you something."

"Sure darling just talk while you change." 

"Why don't we have kids." You froze in your spot as he looked over at you, his eyes burning into yours. They weren't angry but there was something similar to it, more at himself then you, it wasn't your fault that you both didnt have kids. 

You both were careful ever since you were kids but it honestly bugged him now, he didn't want to be careful anymore. He wanted a family. Yeah, he admitted it, deep down he really wanted a family.

"Well, I...I mean with our work its...Do you want kids?" You walked up to him with a slight frown, it was more worried than anything. "Why are you bringing it up now?"

"Because everyone else is having kids and we don't, how can we be the best damn team if they have something we don't." He huffed annoyed and glanced down at you. Even though he made it seem like he wanted a kid for you both to look better you could tell that wasn't it, he wasn't that sort of person. "Besides, I want a shitty kid of our own..."

Sighing he draped his tie around his neck and grabbed your hand to hold it, you moved to do teh tie for him but he pushed your other hand away. His head hung as you stared at him. 

"We can try if you want babe, I just want to make sure this is really what you want. If we have a kid I can't be your sidekick...I'll have to stay at home until they are old enough to watch themselves." Your hands smoothed out the wrinkles in his shirt as he watched you carefully. "We can talk after dinner ok?"

You leaned up and kissed his cheek softly. Before you could pull away he kissed you on the lips softly, his hand cupping your cheek as he tugged you against his chest. 






Look you didnt mind sex with Katsuki, in fact, you greatly enjoyed it. Any chance you could get onto that man you jumped at but this was just INSANE. Not only did he insist you start the night after your conversation, but he also insisted you both go at LEAST 5 rounds a day, anywhere he could bend you over and fuck you he took the chance.

It was tiring and you couldn't walk by the time the end of the day came around. Of course, this just meant he carried you to bed for another few rounds before eventually deciding you were filled enough and that you could sleep.

Finally, after three weeks you came home with a pregnancy test in your shopping bag. He didnt knows if you had tested before or were planning to, honestly he just enjoyed having as much sex as he wanted while also cumming inside of you until you were dripping with his seed. To him, it was hotter knowing you weren't on any pills and could get pregnant.

Damn him and his kinks. 

You rushed off to the bathroom before he could stop you and try to start another round with you. You were praying you were pregnant at this point just so he would stop being so insane about all this, besides, even if you didnt tell him you were excited about the idea of having a family. 

This is why when you saw the two small lines you instantly started crying. He rushed in worried, having heard your tears he figured you didnt get the two lines but you raised it up and showed him.

"We...we're gonna be parents...Katsuki im pregnant..." Your arms reached up to him and he rushed to lift you up against his chest, tears streaming down his face as he gripped your hips and pressed his face into your hair. Both of you held each other while crying.


The first people you told were your families over dinner. Your family was excited but fairly calm, happy you and Katsuki were deciding to take this next step, all around it was a quiet evening with Katsuki protectively holding your shoulder and a proud smile on his face.

Then you both faced his parents. They were...a bit more excited than yours. 

"MY LITTLE SHIT OF A SON IS FINALLY MANNING UP! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE LITTLE TWERP!" Mitsuki ruffled the back of Katsuki's head with a hearty laugh, his father smiling politely with a nod.


Embarrassed you smiled at the two, hand gently touching your stomach. Even though it was only a few days after your test you constantly were touching your stomach to feel for any differences.

After that, you and Bakugou went to tell your high school friends. Kirishima and the rest of the Baku squad were over the moon, insisting on touching your stomach and asking tons of questions. Denki tried to convince you guys that he knew it was going to be a "Totally awesome little dude!" While mina insisted it would be an "Adorable baby girl!"

You were pretty sure Kirishima ended up crying at some point.

Todorki was happy for you both but was fairly quiet about the matter. Then again he wasn't much to talk as it was but he was happy for you both none the less. Deku cried and hugged you both as tight as possible. Katsuki even let him hug him, though it mainly was because you were glaring at him and he knew if he wasn't at least a little nice you would kick his ass. Pregnant or not you would beat the shit out of him.

By the time you finished telling the entire class and all your friends a few months had passed. Your stomach was growing and Katsuki was extra careful with you, taking more days off from working so he could come home and make sure he did everything you needed. Of course, it was sweet but it wasn't like you were bed-bound, you could get a glass of water damn it.


It was a Friday night when the baby kicked for the first time. You both were sitting on the couch and you went to kiss your husband when the baby kicked you angrily, a soft grunt left your lips as you touched your belly. Katsuki went wide-eyed as you grabbed his hand.

The baby kicked again, harder this time.

"Ow!" You winced as katsuki touched your stomach, the baby kicked his hand and he pulled back with a huge smirk.

"Hell yeah! They are already super strong just like his parents!"

"It hurtssssss." He smiled and lifted you up into his lap, the baby kicking you every time he placed a hand on your stomach. Of course, this just made him even more excited even though the baby clearly didnt like him touching you.


"Bakugou I think...I think my water broke." Shyly you looked up at him as you clutched your shirt tightly, it stretched over your swollen belly as you limped forward towards your husband.

He instantly reached you and lifted you into his arms. Thank god for how much he worked out, even with the added weight he carried you like you were nothing. The two of you rushed over in the car to the nearby hospital, his hand constantly holding yours tighter than you even held his.

When you finally got to the hospital the contractions were starting. It terrified him to see you scream like how you were, your legs propped up while the doctors worked quickly. It was finally happening, he was going to be a dad, you both would find out the gender of your baby.

After 5 hours of labor, you finally had given birth. What was the most shocking part was the fact you had twins, the both of you insisted the doctor tell you nothing about the baby when you got check-ups. I guess the doctor must've thought you also meant to not say anything about having two babies.

He stared at the two sleeping babies. One of them had bright blonde hair like him, the baby boy's face soft and gentle looking as he was washed by the doctors. The other baby, a girl, had your hair color but an angry look on her face, scowling and howling out while thrashing. 

The babies were soon moved to your arms and you held them close to your chest. The baby girl one red eye and one (E/c) eye, while the baby boy had only Katski's eyes. In fact, the boy would look exactly like Katsuki had he been a little more...angry.

It seemed that the girl had gotten his hot temper and personality. She must've been the one responsible for kicking him so much since the minute she was moved from you she would start crying and screaming. Katsuki insisted on holding her though, shushing and calming her before she finally gave up and let her father hold her with a small pout. The boy was happy when Katsuki held him, curiously staring at him with a blank face.

You both were crying as you held your two twins. After a few hours, the rest of your friends showed up as well as both pairs of your parents. The room almost wasn't big enough for all of them, they all took turns holding the different kids and feeding them with bottles. Todorki smiled as he bounced the little girl in his lap, she instantly took a liking to the boy while the baby boy was latched onto Deku, eyes staring up at the teary-eyed man who sobbed about how cute he was and how much he looked like Kacchan.

"We're parents...You and me..." Katsuki smiled down at you with tears still in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed your face. "I promise I will keep you and them safe. No matter what."

Tiredly you looked up at him with love and adoration, he was your husband, lover for life, father of your beautiful babies. Nothing in the world could make you happier than watching as your husband held your children while both of your friends stood nearby happy for you. 

Yeah, nothing was better than this.

Chapter Text


-He insists on running to work

-Sometimes you tag along and he carries you on his back or in his arms

-For Halloween, he always dresses as sonic

-Friday is movie night and this is a must, work or not

-Calls you his Little Star


-He takes you to meet his brother every once in a while

-The ring he proposed with was passed down from his grandmother, you always cry when you tell people about it


-Smells like caramel when he sweats

-Loves cuddle but refuse to admit it

-You help him research how to be the Number One hero

-Calls you Babe or Baby girl

-Wants a family really bad

-Thinks your the coolest woman in the world ((Because you are!!))

-Lots of working out together

-Sometimes just sits and angrily rants about DEKU to you

-When you two have kids he rubs it in Deku's face and trains the kids a lot



-He buys you tons of flowers and gifts as much as possible

-You have dinner with him and his mom every weekend

-His nicknames range, you mainly call him Baby Boy and he just melts

-When you cuddle he likes to murmur about all the reasons he loves you

-Just...he is such an sOFT BOI

-All might is your dad I guess



-Tons of naps together

-During dinner, he tells you about his students and you help him grade

-Tons of cooking together and tons of baking

-Coffee dates on Fridays and dinner dates on Saturdays. 

-Calls you kitty or kitten.

-Present mic comes over a lot and Aizawa has to literally fight him to get him to leave at the end of the day

-He loves when you play with hair ((Which you do a lot))



-Lots of gaming together

-Secretly really likes cuddling and holding hands but he gets worried about...well killing you on accident.

-You get gloves that allow him to touch you without worry

-At first, he tried to keep you away from his work in fear you wouldn't like him as a villain

-you don't care and help him with his plans when you can.

-Calls you...well he calls you His and Mine a lot but as far as nicknames he doesn't really use a lot.

-Tried to get you to hold Father but you politely said no

All Might 


-Randomly will go into his buff form to say a one-liner before having a coughing fit afterward

-He insists on you helping him work out so he can get strong in his normal form

-Deku is pretty much your son now

-Actually pretty shy and nervous? It's so cute though

-Calls you Little One or Babe ((Sometimes he calls you Yonug (Y/n) But you always make him just use your name))

-You spend a lot of time just staring at his eyes and touching his hair, gets flustered when you do this


-He LOVES playing games with you

-When your phone dies he charges it for you using his Quirk

-Sometimes when he wants to tease you he will shock you just a bit

-Sweet but still a bit of a perv

-You dress him up most days and help him with his hair in the morning ))His quirk sometimes acts up and his hair gets crazy))

-Loves taking showers with you but you have to make sure he's careful since he could KILL YOU if he uses his quirk with water

-Calls you his Poke Babe or Baby

-Since your friends with him, you spend a lot of time with the Baku squad

-Pillow forts. That's all, just tons of pillow forts

Chapter Text

Just like the night before you came in carrying a tray, a bright smile on your face and a cheerful hop in your step. Perhaps you had a good day at work and would be a little more forgiving. At least, he hoped you would be at least somewhat willing to go with his plan...

"Hello baby boy, he was your day?"

"G-good." He quietly stared at his lap hoping his answer wouldn't anger you even though it was an obvious lie. He had nothing to do all day except look around the cell and think about everything going on, he tried to use his quirk again but quickly found himself unable to, his body even felt weakened more than normal. He would kill for anything to do.

You sat next to him and gently placed the tray next to him. Instead of feeding him, you waved at the plate and he grabbed it slowly, before quickly digging into the meal. So far his favorite part of the day was when you would come down with hot good food and at least some company. You weren't the best at times but it was better than sitting alone with only his thoughts.

"I know baby, it's getting pretty boring all cooped up in here hm?" He nodded softly as he took a large bite, you smiled and gently cupped his cheek. "Well if you keep being a good boy I'll get you your room, a tv, real bed, anything you could ever need. And then when you are mine-."

You leaned in close to his face with a devious smirk.

"I'll even let you free, but you will always choose to come back to me. Because you need me, you need me more than anything in the world because without me you'll be killed." He stared at you shocked and confused, you would let him go? So if he just played his cards right and pretended you...he would be able to get free? There had to be a catch.

He looked down at the tray in his lap. There was another part of this that he hadn't considered, you could've just killed him or tried him much worse but you weren't. You came down every day with good food and when he listened you kept to your word by giving the things he needed. If he mentioned how cold the nights were getting he had a feeling you would provide for him just because he asked. In a way, he was...almost grateful for how you were treating him.

Wait grateful?

"You're muttering baby, what are you thinking about?" He glanced up as you tilted your head, hand gently caressing his cheek.

"Well, I...I wanted to ask..." Oh god, he couldn't ask you for something like this, you had a Give and Take system. He knew what you would ask in return and he couldn't go through with it no matter how cold he was. But then again...he missed being touched in any way, any human contact would be enough for him. "Im just..."

"I already know what you're going to say." He looked up worried as you turned and rummaged through the bag you brought in with you. At first, he thought you were looking for something to hurt him with, he didnt want another beating, but instead, you pulled out a pile of clothes and blankets. 

Moving the tray away you scooted forward and lifted his arms before slipping a long sleeve shirt on him, next you grabbed a hoodie and also put that on. He grabbed the sweat pants and slipped them on while you laid out the blankets on his mattress.

Instantly he felt so much warmer. You smiled as he tucked himself into the blankets, the covers pulled up to his chin as he sighed happily. 

"You always can ask for things Baby boy, I know I did some bad things before and im still so sorry for that." You closed your eyes with a frown, he almost felt bad. "But you're my Baby boy and im going to take care fo you no matter what. If you need anything else just ask."

When you went to stand up he sat up and grabbed your hand quickly. You paused and looked down, he seemed just as surprised as you, what was he doing? A part of him wanted you to stay with him. Another part of him really wanted some contact, any contact with another human. When you were slipping his clothes on him the brush of your hands against his skin made him realize how much he missed the feeling of someone else.

He loosened his grip as you stood looking down at him. Quietly he scooted over in his bed, there wasn't much room to begin with, but he made enough for you to lay on your side with him. He lifted the covers and shyly looked up at you.

You gave a soft sigh but laid down next to him in the small bed, the covers lowered on to your body as he warily wrapped his arms around you. A low hum left your lips as you wrapped your self around him, his gentle arms around you and his green hair tickling the top of your head. Kissing his cheek you closed your eyes with a smile.

He was already starting to trust you.


Chapter Text

A monster, that what he was. He wasn't the man you meet all those months ago, he was twisted and sick, he was a killer.


"All is forgiven, baby! Come on, get dressed." Your body shook as you pressed up against the closet door, his footsteps clacking against your bedroom floor. "You're my date to the pep rally tonight!"


He would kill them. You had to stop him, he would go to UA and kill everyone there.


"You chucked me out like I was trash, For that, you should be dead—" His fist slammed against the wall making you jump. "But! But! But! Then it hit me like a flash,"


He looked around the room with a smile on his patched-up face. "What if high school went away instead" 


Reaching forward you went to grab your phone, call someone for help, there had to be someone who could save you from Dabi. Anyone. But when you searched your pockets you found nothing, you left the phone on the bed.


Of course.


"Those assholes are the key! They're keeping you away from me!" His voice rang throughout your room as he walked around, his hands twitching and sparking with blue flames from just THINKING about those stupid UA students keeping you from him. "They made you blind, messed up your mind...But I can set you free!"


Tears tracked down your face as you tried to think back to the man he was when you meet, he seemed so sweet, even with his scars he was so gentle with you. You 'saved' him from a villain, little did you know he had just been fighting the lower level thug for fun and he planned to kill the man for laughs. 


Why did you have to but in?


"You left me and I fell apart," He sighed and pressed his forehead to the door. "I punched the wall and cried—"


He slammed his burning fist against the wall three times in a row, each time his fist collided with the wall a larger hole followed. The wood sizzled underneath his hits and you could smell the ash and smoldering wood.


"Then I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside!" The heat from his fists seemed to ghost over the door, warming your back slightly as the smell of burnt wood filled the small closet. "And so I built a bomb! Tonight your school is Vietnam!"


"Let's guarantee they'll never see their senior prom!" He looked over at your bedroom desk and smiled, he reached forward and grabbed the framed photo of the two of you, your arm around his waist and a bright smile on your face.


He traced over the photo of you with a dark smirk. "I was meant to be yours! We were meant to be one! Don't give up on me now!"


He turned to the door and walked back over, he tossed the photo onto your bed as he stepped to the now slightly burnt door. Your body shook as more and more memories fill your head. The things you let him do...the things you let him do to you...The things you did yourself...


"Finish what we've begun! I was meant to be yours!" Tears streamed down your cheeks as he pounded on the door with every single word. "So when the high school gym goes boom with everyone inside— Pchw! Pchw! Pchw!"


The door was extremely hot now and you had to move away before it burned you. Desperately you looked around, not much was in the closet but you had to have something. Maybe a weapon, or an emergency pocket knife, but he was much more powerful than you and could kill you in seconds with his quirk.


You were trapped


"In the rubble of their tomb, We'll plant this note explaining why they died!" He rummaged through his pocket before pulling out the list he made, every single one of the students had signed it with your help of course. You didn't know why he wanted them, you were so blinded by him that when he told you his plan you couldn't stop him. "We, the students of UA High-"


Your body shook harder as you covered your face.


"Will die."


This was your fault, wasn't it?


"Our burnt bodies may finally get through, to you," Dabi smirked as he heard you sob from behind the door. "Your society churns out slaves and blanks-"


You made this happen.


"No thanks."


You helped create a monster.


"Signed the Students of UA High...Goodbye." He whispered the last part just so you could hear it, it was muffled from the wood but the words burned into your skin just like the flames of his quirk. "We'll watch the smoke pour out the doors. Bring marshmallows, We'll make s'mores!"


"I won't help you...I will..." You whispered against your knees, you knew he couldn't hear but it was more a silent prayer to yourself, a way to convince yourself you weren't a monster as well. "Im not a villain..."


"We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!" Closing his eyes he smiled at the thought, the blue flames licking over the school, the students screaming while he held you in his arms. 


It would be perfect and you would be there by his side the whole time.


You would see his vision.


"I was meant to be yours! We were meant to be one!" His voice invaded your senses and all your thoughts. Everywhere you went and everything you thought always had him, you couldn't escape his roaring voice and psychotic smile. "I can't make this alone! Finish what we've begun!"


Finish what you've begun...You stared at the box of clothing near your feet, quickly you reached forward and rummaged around. Maybe if you could find something to end yourself he wouldn't go through with things.


"You were meant to be mine! I am all that you need!"


Where was it, you needed something longer than this.


"You carved open my heart!" He smiled as his fists glowed with flames, you were going to be his no matter what you said or did. "Can't just leave me to bleed!"


It was hopeless, even if you killed yourself he would just find a way to bring you back and continue with his plans. Nothing you did would stop them from being killed.


"(Y/n), open the—open the door, please" He slammed his fist against the door, a piece of it breaking and falling to the ground. A shocked gasp left your lips as he banged harder. "(Y/n), open the door."


"GO AWAY." You screamed out and backed away into the corner, he chuckled softly.


"(Y/n), can we not fight anymore'...Please, can we not fight anymore'" He said softly as you shook harder. His voice sounded so sad and sweet, just like the version you knew he was before he decided being evil was the only way he could cure the world.


It made you feel sick.


"(Y/n) sure, you're scared, I've been there. I can set you free!" There was so much promise in his voice it made you pause to think. He was insane and a villain but...But maybe..."(Y/n), don't make me come in there!"


Maybe he was right?


"I'm gonna count to three!" Dabi pulled away from the door and stared at with a twisted smile, his hands bursting with flames now.




He was coming.




He would find you and he would take you to watch as your friends died.


"Fuck it!"


The door burst into flames and he rushed in, eyes insane and burning to match his attack. The smile on his face widened as you screamed in fear, the flames were closing in on you and you had nowhere to go except towards him.


If you didnt choose him you would die.


"Hey doll~"




You choose him.


"Let's go doll, we got a school to destroy." His arms wrapped around your waist as he laughed, his hand petting your hair as the flames danced around you both. His arms felt safe as they held you.




Maybe being a villain was what this world needed.





Chapter Text

The entire class decided one night that you all should Karaoke. Of course, everyone joined and now you all were sitting in the dorm common rooms, the class scattered on the couches and floor eating snacks and talking about what song they would sing.

You looked up at your boyfriend with a smile, he glanced down and stared at you as you nuzzled your face into his black tee shirt. Gently he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his beak on top of your head as Tenya had everyone write down there name on a piece of paper.

Everyone wrote down their name and tossed it in, Katsuki reluctantly doing it with a string of complaints. Tenya quickly shook up the bag before pointing it towards Midoriya. He tentatively put his hand in and pulled out-

"Tokayami!' Deku looked up, the class turned to the dark bird-like boy sitting in the corner with you in his lap. He sighed and stood up, setting you down with a small nod before slowly walking over to the stand. He flipped through a few songs before tapping on one.

Tokayami raised the mic to his beak as the music started to build up. You instantly knew the song and couldn't help your quiet snickers, of course, he picked this song of all things. His face was calm as he cleared his throat.


"WAKE ME UP INSIDE" Dark shadows chimed in behind him.



"SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-" He screamed into the mic as half of the class stared in shock, the other half dying with laughter. You fell onto the ground from how hard you were laughing, your entire body shaking as dark shadow and him duetted.

By far your favorite song of the night.

Chapter Text


"Yes, my love?"

"Can I have a PECK on the lips?" Tokoyami sighed as he looked down at you, your body curled up in his lap laughing your ass off. "Aw come on, my humor is Im'PECK'ble"

"Indeed darling." He kissed your cheek before lifting his book back up so he could continue studying, after a few seconds you forced your head between his chest and the book, your chin resting against his chest with a playful look in your eyes.

Your hand reached up to pat his beak a few times to get his attention. Sighing he set the book back down and stared into your eyes with a huff. 

"We should be studying."

"If ya keep frowning like that you'll get CROWS feet." You poked his cheek with a smirk. "Besides, my puns stick like vel'CROW' " 

How many puns did you have that were bird-related? He knew you liked to use them every once in a while to mess around but had you been researching these? Did you just sit in your spare time, writing up bird puns and jokes JUST to say them to your bird looking boyfriend? Your face turned serious as you cupped his cheeks and ruffled his feathers ((literally)).

"Ok ok, serious time. I need help with some homework" nodding he smiled and gently picked his book back up.

"What is it you need help with?" 

"...OWLgebra." He stopped and groaned as you started cackling again. The boy just wanted to study yet you kept distracting him with puns, while he did find your antics quite cute, he still needed to prepare for the test coming up. Plus you needed to study as well since you weren't doing so good in your math class, or as you called it, Owlgebra. "You smell really nice darling."

"Why thank you it's a new soap-"

"Do you use DOVE." Another groan left his beak as you rolled off his lap onto the bed, your hands clutching your stomach as you laughed. His tired and annoyed expression was enough to make you crack up. "If you were a villain and attacked someone, I guess you could say it was FOWL play."

Pushing you off his lap he curled up into the bed and pressed his face into the book. When you tried to move it he sent you a small glare before lifting it back up to hid behind. 

"Hmph fine, TOUCAN play at that game." You crossed your arms with a pout. He raised an eyebrow at your pouting expression, it was much like a child's who had beèn denied their toy or favorite candy, but he said nothing in response as he went back to reading.



"How does a bird break into a house?" He sighed deeply and glanced up at you, a bright smile on your face as you rested your hands on your knees, your body leaning close to his.


"By using a CROW bar." Ok, that was it-

He reached forward and grabbed your hips before slamming your body against the wall. Shocked you gripped his shoulder, his beak nuzzling your neck as he ran his cold hands up your shirt before tugging it off. If you were going to distract him so damn much he might as well do something he actually wanted to do, besides it was your fault for distracting him. Wasn't his fault he would distract you right back.

"H-hey go slower! At least talk a little BIRDY to me." He groaned getting more annoyed at your attempt to flirt and make a pun. Your lips pressed against the side of his beak as you gently giggled, your hands running down his shirt and tugging it up.

He pulled back and allowed you to take the thing off of him. Tossing it aside you couldn't help but smile when it hit his dresser, thankfully you missed the candles that were burning on top of the desk and instead threw the shirt over one of his skulls. Normally Tokoyami wasn't one to be rough or just start things off without telling you, he was polite and always made sure things were ok with you, he was also fairly blunt but you enjoyed the honesty.

His hands slowly moved over your hips to your chest, squeezing you through your bra as you pressed closer to his hands. They were gentle as the squeezed and fondled you through the thin black material. He recognized the bra as the one Jiro bought you awhile back as a birthday present, you had been super embarrassed when you opened it in front of the class, she didn't get to tell you in time and the boys all had a good snicker over it. Of course, you still were thankful and often times would wear it since he seemed to enjoy the dark color contrasting your skin.

In all honesty, he loved it when you would wear anything dark for him, he loved it even more when you wore nothing for him though. Not that he voiced these thoughts though, again, he was a gentleman after all.

"As DOVE-ly as I find this please hurry up babe." You sighed out as he undid the back of your bra and slid it down your arms.

"Yes, darling." He looked up at you and gave a gentle smile as you lifted your hips up for him to slid your shorts off. Along with the black bra you had on matching purple and black underwear, you matched his room perfectly which made him even more pleased, it was as if you planned this for today.

Slowly laying you down he nuzzled his beak down your body before tapping his beak against your thigh. Your legs opened up and he slides his body between them, his bulge pressing against his pants and against your wet core. He slid his hands between both of your bodies and undid his pants before shoving them down along with his black boxers. 

The first time you had done this with him it was because you had asked him whether or not every single part of him was bird-like. It had been a simple question, was his body completely human underneath his pants? I mean even if he did have a...bird dick you wouldn't really mind. Of course, he was embarrassed but allowed you to take his pants off and answer your question yourself, but before he could cover himself you were licking up his shaft and sucking on his tip with your hot mouth and he couldn't just tell you to stop. After a good for minutes of blowing him, you pulled off to tell him that he was true, as human as could be. Not only human but fucking huge. So after that, he decided to return the favor. By the end of the night, you both had lost your virginity and both of you cuddled each other while talking about random things.

He pressed his tip against your entrance as you kissed all over his beak. Your lips moved down to his neck to leave love bites and hickeys, he would have to cover them up or figure out how to rid of them before class tomorrow but that was a problem for another day because today you were underneath him and his neck was to damn good looking to not mark up.

Finally, he moved his hips forward and he was pushing his member into you. Your walls clenched around him as he pressed his hands to the bed by your head, you were holding his shoulders and shaking slightly, your body stretching to take his size. After having sex a few times you had grown more accustomed to his size but it still was a stretch and since he didn't finger you beforehand it was a little tighter than normal. Not that he minded though. He didn't have to wait long for you to tap his shoulder and roll your hips for him to move.

He set a deep and slow pace, each thrust carefully calculated and aiming for the deepest part of you. Tokoyami was a skillful lover who always aimed for the best place to thrust and tease and touch, it made sex so much better then you could imagine. 

You leaned up to kiss his beak lovingly, hands stroking his feathered head and run down his smooth pale chest. With every touch, there was love behind it and he couldn't but melt against the soft touches of your hands. His hips moved slightly faster as he watched you half-lidded, the way your hair sprawled across his bedsheets and how your body arched up against his, how you were gripping his feathers and raking your fingers through them,  the way your eyes shone in the light of his candles and burned with an unspoken desire.

He loved everything about you.

Your chest bounced as he gets your leg to rest around his waist. His head dipped down as he closed his eyes, your heat tensing around him and squeezing him, already he felt overwhelmed and close to spilling. The moans leaving your lips weren't helping his case either, soft whimpers of his name and begs for him made him even faster and closer to his orgasm.

After hitting your g spot a few times you finally fell off the edge and came. Your legs wrapped tighter around him and you gasped out his name loudly, hands gripping his shoulders and your body shaking. The look in your eyes and the tight way you gripped him was enough to make him finish as well, buried deep inside of you, his hands gripping your thighs as he gave a few more slow deep thrusts.

He held you there for a few seconds and tried to catch his breath. You were shivering underneath him before he leaned down and covered your body with his, the heat from him warmed you and you wrapped yourself around him. Instead of getting dressed you just let yourself press against his naked body and hold him close to you.

"If I knew you would do this from just a few puns, I would've started telling them OWL day." You giggled and he scoffed with an eye roll, but a soft smile covered his face as you gently kissed his neck. 

Chapter Text

"Do you want to play a game before class (Y/n)?" Uraraka slid into the seat in front of you with a bright smile. It was a few minutes before class was going to start and most of the students hadn't come in yet, just a few of your friends scattered around the class chatting. A game wouldn't do any harm.


"Sure, I got some time. What did you have in mind?"


"Well, I thought we could play Date, Marry, Bang." She blushed towards the end as you chuckled, she was so innocent that you weren't surprised she changed around the game a bit. 


"Date, Marry, and Bang? Ok sure."


"Ok um, let's see." She looked around the room before smirking wide. "Ok ok, I got it. Mister Aizawa, All Might, and Midnight." 


Tapping your chin you leaned back and thought over the options. Even though it was a game you went over each of the options in deep thought, your eyes squinting as you smirked.


"Bang Midnight, Date All Might, and Marry Aizawa." At the mention of All Might, Deku looked up at you both confused. You giggled and waved him over so he could play with you both. A few other people also were listening to your game, Todoroki was glancing over at you from his chair a few feet away while Bakugou leaned back in his chair to hear you a bit better.


"How about the Big Three." Deku offered quietly with a smile. 


"Bang Nejire, Date Mirio, and Marry Tamaki." Uraraka giggled as your eyebrow waggled suggestively. "Come on give me something tuff!"


"Ok...How about Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki." Bakugou's head whipped around to stare at you and the others. Todoroki also looked up, his face confused but also curious, you blushed as all of there stares turned to your face.


I mean you did ask for something tuff but having to say it to there faces was embarrassing. You didnt want to bring it up but Uraraka knew you secretly had a crush on them, you liked each of them for different reasons and it was hard for you to choose just between the three of thems. I mean they were all so nice and sweet in there own way.


"Hm...well," You glanced over at Bakugou. "I would bang Bakugou because if I had to pick someone for like a one-time thing I would want it to be as fun as possible and Bakugou would probably be the roughest in bed. Plus knowing him we could still be friends afterward and it wouldn't be weird. And have you seen how much he works out? God damn those abs." You gave a swoon with a sarcastic smirk.


He tch'ed with a slight blush and looked at his desk as you turned now to Todoroki.


"I would date Todo since he's so polite and sweet, He's the sort of guy you could bring home to meet your parents and they wouldn't ask a million questions. Besides, he probably would be super warm for cuddles." His face flushed similar to Bakugou's as you turned now to Deku who was slouched over dark red. "And well I would marry Deku! I mean come on he's a cinnamon roll! The most innocent guy I know!"


Leaning forward you pinched his cheek with a chuckle. He blushed harder and sputtered as you leaned back with a satisfied smirk, Uraraka was staring at the four of you with he own pleased smirk while the bell rang overhead. 


As everyone moved to there seats the boys stared at each other with a mix of jealousy. Katsuki glared at Todoroki, Todoroki stared at Deku, and Deku watched Katsuki.


In Bakugou's mind, he was way better Boyfriend material. I mean come on Icy Hot was a total lame-ass, besides the whole 'meeting your family' thing was total crap. You both grew up together and he already KNEW your family. He was a total pleasure to have over, a treat as your mother called him. Plus he could be warm and cuddle as well!


In Todoroki's mind, he should be the one chosen to marry you. Unlike his father he would be a great husband, he would be caring and support you wholehearted. He was polite and would make sure you were always safe and cared for, plus he had been told by many people he was cute. He could be a 'Cinnamon roll'


And last of all, there was Deku. He was happy of course you choose him as Marry but he also couldn't help but be envious of Bakugou. You always say him as some innocent kid but he could be rough too! He wasn't just some cute little kid, Bakugou may be known for being rough and tough but if you wanted that Deku would gladly provide for you! Even in...that sense. He wasn't  that  innocent.


It made all of them think about how they could prove they were way better than the other.




After that day you found yourself around of the three constantly. One minute you would be asked to spar with Katsuki then Todoroki was taking you out to the mall to go shopping and later when you finally got home Deku wanted to watch a movie and hang out. Look not to make it seem like you didnt enjoy hanging out with them but it was odd.


I mean you hung out with them before but this was crazy. It was worse though when they were around each other, Bakugou would get extra touchy and try to hug you whenever possible ((When you asked he blew it off as being cold or people staring at you wrong)), Todoroki was trying cuter? You think? He was extra sweet with you, buying you flowers and gifts and holding your hand as much as possible. He even took you home to meet his siblings! ((When you asked him why he was also being weird he said he merely wanted to treat his friend to some gifts.))


Then there was poor Deku. Whenever you came over he tried to act confident and basically like Bakugou but he failed almost every time. He would try and stiffen his shoulder and stand taller. When you teased him or tried to pinch his cheeks he would get all serious and say how he wasn't cute and was a 'Badass'. Of course, this just made you tease him even more until he was a blushing and stuttering mess.


Each of them was being weird and while it was kinda cute seeing them all being so protective you weren't sure why they were being like this. So what better way to figure things out then to invite them all over for a movie night in your dorm!


You were setting up the bed with extra pillows and blankets, your desk was set up across from your bed with a small monitor on top of it with a pile of movies and Netflix up and ready. Even if you did invite them over to have an intervention you might as well still have fun for the night.


After finally getting the Fairy Lights up you heard a soft knock on your door that you assumed was Todoroki. When you opened the door your guess was confirmed, he shifted nervously and handed you a basket of sweets and candy.


"I brought over something for the movie." 


"Aw thank you Todo, these are perfect!' You tugged him in and set the basket onto the bed with the other snacks you had bought for the night. Smirking he sat down on your bed happy with himself for getting you a gift you seemed happy with, even if it was just sweets he made sure to buy every single candy you liked. Mixed in were a few of his favorites for you to try.


Another knock came from the door, this one much shorter and quieter. Deku smiled down at you as you opened the door, a blush on his pale face as he fiddled with the collar of his All Might shirt.


"H-hey! I um... I brought d-drinks."


"Thanks, Deku! Come on in." You leaned up to kiss his cheek as Todoroki huffed annoyed from the bed. His gift had been MUCH better, why didnt he get a kiss when he came in? Deku hadn't even dressed up nicely, he was just in jeans and a tee-shirt.


Todoroki adjusted his turtle neck as the door was thrown open. 


"Sup nerd." You all looked over at Bakugou, he had a bouquet in his hands and a smirk on his face. He also wasn't dressed up, he was in his normal tank top and cargo shorts with flip flops. "What the hell are these bastards doing here?"


"I could ask the same of you." Shouto frowned and looked him over with an annoyed look.


"I t-thought we were watching a movie (Y-Y/n)." Deku leaned down to whisper into your ear, his eyes glancing between the other two boys who were now having an intense staredown. Before they could get into an argument or worse, start fighting, you plopped down on the bed in front of Todo and patted the spots next to you.


"We are. All of us are gonna sit here and watch a movie and you all are gonna explain why you three have been so weird lately." Each of them shared a knowing glance at each other. While none of them wanted to admit they had been acting differently so they would get your attention they all knew they were doing it, Todoroki sighed and went to explain when Bakugou sat down next to you and beat him to it.


"You were damn wrong about me."


"Wrong about what?"


"You think Half and Half would be a better fucking boyfriend and you are  wrong. " He grabbed your shoulders with a frown. Todorki leaned forward with his own frown.


"I would be a much better husband then Midoriya, I can support and care for you while also being a...Cinnamon roll."


"A-and I can be rough! Im not just some weak kid I can be d-dominant." Deku sat down next to you with an equally serious look, which normally would've made you laugh if you weren't trying to connect the dots between what all this meant.


They were jealous over...the game you played a few weeks ago? Really? I mean it was nothing more than that, a game, but the fact it had bothered them this much made you start laughing. They all looked at each confused as you snickered into your hands. 


"Guy's it was just a game. I just had to choose one for each of you, I like you all equally." After snicking for a few more seconds Bakugou grew annoyed and tugged you into his lap. "You guys were jealous over a dumb game?"


"Shut up (Y/n). Im better these damn nerds and ill prove it." His hands tightened around your waist as he leaned down to kiss your cheeks a few times. When he finally deemed your face covered with enough kisses he finally pressed his lips against yours.


It was rough and quick, his teeth biting down onto your lip before shoving his tongue into your mouth. If you didnt move your tongue against his you were pretty sure he would've shoved the whole thing down your damn throat.


As he busied himself with your mouth the other two looked between each other before slowly crawling over to sit behind you. Todoroki ran his hands over your shirt before dipping his fingers underneath the thin fabric. One of his hands was warm and soft against your skin while the other was slightly colder, he leaned down and kissed the back of your neck as Deku watched with a dark blush.


Both of them were so confident but he had no idea what he should do or where he should be touching. Was he supposed to just...Touch you?


As if you could sense his worry and stress you pulled away from Bakugou and leaned your head back to stare up at the green-haired boy. You gently cupped his cheek and tugged his face down to yours for a soft and gentle kiss.


He was hesitant against your mouth, his head dipping down further as you gently ran your tongue along his lip before slowly slithering it into his mouth. He tasted like Katsudon and something sweet that was just so him, while you were busy playing around with Deku's tongue Bakugou got to work with Todoroki leaving marks and kisses down both sides of your neck and shoulders. At first, Shouto was strategic with where he placed them before he noticed Katsuki filling up your entire neck with them, he didnt wants Katsuki to have more then he did, so he got to work leaving more and more in the most visible places.


Deku pulled back so the boys could lift your shirt up. They tossed it at Izuku who blushed and set it down on one of your chairs, Bakugou snapped at him and pointed to the back of your bra.


"Undo it, nerd." 


"Y-yes Kacchan." He nervously undid the hooks one by one, his hands brushing against your warm back while Todoroki and Bakugou watched your chest intensely. The boy behind you gently pushed on of the strap off your shoulder before pushing the other as well, you helped him at the last part before pulling away from the flimsy fabric.


They all leaned in to stare at your naked chest as you rolled your eyes. 


"You guy's look like you've never seen a pair of tits before."


"Shut up." Bakugou glared up at you before burying his face into your chest with a growl. "Don't act like you've done this before either, you're more of a virgin then the rest of us."


Your fingers threaded through his hair as Shouto gently cupped your chin and lifted your lips to his. Unlike the other two, he was more simple and calm with his kisses, his tongue flicking around your mouth experimentally while playing around with your tongue in a heated dance.


Bakugou grabbed Deku and pulled him closer to you before pulling back from your chest, he shoved the boys face into your chest with a smirk. The boy blushed deeply with a yelp.


"Go on you fucking nerd, don't be a pussy." Deku looked up at you before gently cupping of your breasts in his hand, he squeezed the mound of flesh before dipping his head down to lick over your nipple gently. Bakugou held his head down against you so he could move back as he leaned back to watch the other two.


When you pulled away from Shouto you let out a soft moan when Deku gently bit down on the soft bud in his mouth. You gripped Bakugous shirt as Shouto got to work tugging his shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans.


Bakugou finally let go of Deku and pushed you off his lap so you were now sitting in Todoroki's but now facing both Bakugou and Deku. Deku tugged his shirt off as Katsuki also stripped, he slipped out of the shorts before gripping Deku by the hair and tugging his mouth to kiss him.


Izuku let out a muffled gasp as Katsuki pressed his hand against the boy's hips, his fingers gripping the jeans and tugging them down to his thighs. Shouto shifted you up slightly so he could take his pants off before pressing your hips down against his.


His member was straining in his red boxers as he rolled your hips down against his. A pleased smile covered his face when you let out a soft whimper, his hand pressed down over your stomach before flipping your skirt up. 


The other two pulled away from there heated make-out session to stare up your now flipped up skirt and drenched panties. A smirk covered Katsuki's face as Izuku flickered his gaze between your face and between your legs, his mouth parted and bruised from Katsuki's rough kisses. Almost as if he knew it was going to happen he let the angry blonde grab his head and shove him between your legs that Shouto held up with his own. 


Deku's nose pressed against your clothed sex as Katsuki leaned down to stare closer. Quickly deku gripped the panties between his teeth and tugged them down a bit before Bakugou simply leaned down and ripped them off. A soft yelp left your mouth at the sudden temperature change, the air cold as Katsuki shoved Izuku further between your legs.


As the green-haired boy's mouth slowly moved against you Shouto moved his hands to your breasts and gently kneaded them. Suddenly you felt his one hand become cold and pinch your nipple, it hardened under the temperature as he pressed warm wet kisses to your neck. With Deku licking your slit and kissing over your clit while Todoroki was using his quirk it was proving the be hard to focus. 


Before you could get any closer to orgasm though they both pulled away and you were laid down onto the bed. The bed shifted as each pulled down there boxers, you looked between each of them as you subconsciously licked your lips.


They all looked at each other as well. Bakugou was the thickest and Shouto was longer, Deku was more in the middle but admittingly his was cuter with a few freckles speckled over the skin. Shouto moved his eyes up to stare at the others.


"How are we going to do this?"


"I say we all take 'er at once," Bakugou smirked and pumped his member slowly. "I call her ass."


"C-can I um...Can I have h-her mouth?" The other two nodded and quickly got to moving you around until the found a position that allowed each of them to take you. 


You were on your hands and knees with Shouto underneath you, Deku kneeling in front of you and Bakugou behind you. It seemed that Todoroki and Bakugou were prepared for this since they both pulled out small bottles of lube from there discarded pants, you squinted your eyes at the two but said nothing about it as Katsuki poured some over himself then over your ass while Shouto carefully pumped his member.


Izuku watched as you looked up and smiled at him. He was worried about this considering he hadn't even kissed a girl before today, now he was about to get a blow job while his friends fucked his crush. Your mouth kissed over his tip and down his freckled member as he let out a shy moan. From below you could feel Shouto slowly pushing into you, Katsuki shoving his tip-in before teasingly pulling back out.


Finally after a few minutes, they both were sheathed inside of you and you were shaking in pleasure. It already felt so good having one of them in you but two? It was like heaven.


Katsuki was the first to pull out before thrusting back in slowly, his hips hitting yours making your body shift slightly forward. You opened up your mouth and took Deku back into your hot cavern and sucked on his dripping tip, Shouto quickly got to work as you ran your tongue over the green-haired boys slit.


They all started moving their hips at a moderate speed. Katsuki was gripping your hips as Shouto watched your breasts bouncing from each thrust, Deku had his fingers in your hair pulling your face further down his shaft as needy moans left his lips. A sharp slap came across your ass as Bakugou increased his speed making you bob your head even faster.


Shouto groaned out as you tightened around him slightly while Deku bumped his tip against the back of your throat. He was twitching inside your mouth and gripping your hair tightly with his fists, his eyes shakily watching yours as you stared up at him with wide eyes. Another sharp slap came and you tightened around all of them, a collective groan leaving each of the boys.


Leaning forward Izuku gently kissed Katsuki's while Shouto attacked your breasts with kissed and small bits. You whimpered out as your orgasm came barrelling forward, Bakugou and Shouto started to move at a painful speed while Deku was slamming himself into your mouth as fast as he could with all his strength. Shouto went back to using his quirk, his cold thumb pressing against your clit while Bakugou's hands snapped and crackled with heat against the soft skin of your ass.


The two pulled away from each other as you came. Your moans and whimpers of pleasure were muffled by Deku shoving himself to the hilt into your mouth, his cock twitching and cumming down your throat. The grip on your hair tightened as you swallowed every drop of his cum, when he pulled out of your mouth you opened it to show him the cum before swallowing it all.


He whimpered out and blushed as you closed your eyes tightly. Bakugou gripped your hair and forced your head down against the other boys, your mouth moving against Shouto's until he was cumming inside of you, Bakugou followed soon after.


The two thrust a few more times before stilling. Katsuki smirked as he pulled out, cum dripping down your thighs as your two holes were utterly wrecked. Your body felt tired and heavy as you laid down on Shouto's chest, his body rising and falling as you nuzzled his chest with a pleased sigh.


They all looked at each other before back at you, your body curled up and slightly sleepy. Before you could drift off to sleep though Katsuki was gripped your hips and yanking you back up.


"Tsk we are done yet nerd, we all are getting our damn turns with each of your holes." He leaned down and kissed your cheek. "Don't worry, we'll wake you right up.~"






You didnt walk straight for three weeks after that.

Chapter Text

"This is stupid Mirio."


"Aw come on its gonna be fun!" He turned to look down at you with a smile. "Don't you want to dance? I think I see Tamaki and Nejire over by the punch!"


Parties with the Third Years were always...well insane to be honest. While your boyfriend was such an energetic, sunshine,  Bright , person you were more like your other friend Tamaki. You preferred sitting in the corner and not getting into trouble, reading and enjoying the silence. Well enjoying it when Mirio isn't around. He can't be quiet around you.


But you loved him none the less. So when he begged you to come with him to a party with the rest of the Big Three you had to say yes, he was way too cute to deny anyway. Plus if he kept doing those damn puppy dog eyes you would explode.


And that's how you ended up here, standing next to your tall blonde boyfriend, his head bobbing to music as different people came up and said hello to him ((then seeing you and giving you a half-hearted hello)) while he sipped the clearly spiked punch. 


If he noticed he said nothing and kept sipping it as he talked. The music was so loud you could barely hear him though, you just smiled and nodded while he waved his hands around with a huge smile, the punch sloshing in his cup from his movements. But you knew Mirio drinking would only end up bad, even if he was an extremely gifted and smart boy, he still was a teenage boy.


Your body swayed to the music as you looked around the room trying to track him down. Nejire had tugged him off while you stayed behind in the corner with Tamaki, who had also somehow vanished. You assumed he just went to the bathroom or to find a room to hide out in that wasn't being used for sex.


Probably what you should be doing, hiding out in a room until Mirio came to find you or people started leaving. So, of course, you decided to force yourself through the dance floor to the stairs, the trip was longer then you wanted since you had to step around a shit ton of kissing couples and drunk students stepping on your shoes, but you made it to the second floor.


You walked to every door and pressed your ear against it and if you heard someone talking or moaning you would move on to the next door. By the time you got to the end of the hallway, you felt like you weren't gonna find a room but finally, at the last door, you heard no one inside. After tugging the door open and peeking inside to make sure no one was in fact inside, you finally let out a sigh of relief before sitting on the bed.


You pulled out your phone and frowned deeply. It was nearing 11 pm and Mirio hadn't even messaged you, it worried you but it couldn't be helped. For someone as huge as him you would think it made him easier to find but it was much harder somehow.


You were so trapped in your thoughts you didn't even hear the door click open or the couple stumbling through. Backing up you watched as the girl tugged the man down against her by his blonde hair, must've not noticed you standing there with her tongue down his fucking throat. Before you could cough and alert them if your presence you noticed that the boy looked a lot like Mirio...


Didnt Mirio come in that shirt?


Wait a damn minute.


"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" When the boy lifted his head your questions were answered, a shocked look on your boyfriend's face as he stared between you and the other girl. He shoved her away instantly and reached forward for you but you were already storming out in a fit of rage.


He dragged you to this stupid party, you drove his stupid ass here, he drank and then ran off without even a text and then he fucking CHEATS?! Did he just think that lowly of you? After dating for 3 years and he just CHEATS?! Was this all some fucking twisted game?


His voice rang out through the hallways as you tried to fight off the tears threatening to track down your cheeks. As you were turning you bumped into Tamaki, he tensed before noticing it was you, then retensing as he saw your tear's eyes and angry look. A few feet behind you was Mirio, watching as you leaned against Tamaki and sobbed.


The taller boy wrapped his arms around you as you told him about what you saw and what happened. He was shocked to hear that someone like Mirio would cheat, it seemed like a huge misunderstanding, but he knew not to ask about it now when you were sensitive and crying on his chest. Instead of saying much he lifted you in his arms and carried you down the stairs. As you passed a few people hollered and whistled, he flushed and walked faster to the door so he didn't have to stand around and be watched.


Mirio stood in the hallway with a feeling of dread. In his state of intoxication, he didn't realize that the girl wasn't you, she looked exactly like you when they were in the kitchen doing shots. Ok maybe that was the first sign it wasn't you but he swore it was! Then she was kissing him and forcing him into a room. When he tried to stop her she just growled and kept going, then you saw him and it all came out so wrong. He had to find Nejire and convince her to talk to Tamaki or you and clear up his name or at least get you to speak to him



A whole month.


During this month of you ignoring him and refusing to talk to him he was miserable. At first, he tried to stay positive and smile, talking to you every day and constantly trying to get you to smile at him. When he realized that wasn't working he tried being a little more personal, there weren't a lot of times when you both were alone and the word about what happened was already out, he knew you wouldn't be happy talking about it in front of the class though. By the last week, he was completely silent and emotionless.


The other two were saddened by this of course. Mirio was always so bright and happy but with you basically having broken up with him he was depressed. When they were alone with him he even cried at the mention of your name. This happened a few times actually, they would be looking through movies to cheer him up and they would pass by your favorite so Mirio would start crying, they would go out to the mall and he would see your favorite store or a shirt you would like and he would be sobbing in minutes.


Hell once they even took him to the park and a puppy made him start crying.


Of course, you didn't know about how hard he was taking this. In all reality you were so busy with school work and your hero studies you just pushed him out of your head and focused on your work, it was surprisingly easy to just live your life in silence and work. But a part of you did miss hearing his voice and his energy. When a test would bring you down or you felt too tired to work he would always give you a pep talk or give you extra kisses to make you have more energy.


When you did finally start to tune back in you noticed how sad he was. Sulking, walking around with his head down, he moped around more then Tamaki who was also getting pretty sad from seeing his friend like this. Nejire was the one to try and convince you to forgive Mirio but you had refused and pushed her away before she could even finish talking.


That was at the beginning of the month though and she hadn't talked to you since. Without the Big Three, you had no friends, just work and studies and the memory of Mirio in that room with that girl. Looking back she did look kinda like you, same hair and same skin tone, her body was the same but she was a little taller then you and her outfit was completely different. But Mirio was drunk and from what little Nejire had gotten to you was that she forced herself onto him and he just assumed it was you since everyone knew you both were dating, who would pull a move on one of the Big Three when he had a girlfriend?


Turns out the girl didn't even go to your school and was just some random chick looking for a hookup, or so you heard at least. Most of the class seemed to dislike you even more once the news of what happened got out. Mirio might be suffering from your silence but at least he wasn't getting death stares and threats, I mean come on he was cheating with YOU yet everyone seemed to think it was your fault and you should just let it go.


Maybe they were right though, maybe you did overreact. If you got him at least happy again the students would leave you alone and you could go back to your normal life where a kid wasn't always tripping you or shoving you into things while calling you some sort of name. None of the Big Three took notice of the bullying but if they knew you were getting bullied they would have kicked some ass a long time ago, well maybe they would've if you hadn't fucked up so badly with Mirio.


You swallowed and looked down at the bouquet in your hands, they were sunflowers. They reminded you of him since they to were bright and yellow and similar to the sun. After knocking on the door and stepping back you inhaled deeply and prepared yourself for the inevitable, what were you even going to say to him?. To be honest you had a lot to tell him about this last month but now wasn't really the time.


The door slowly opened as his head popped out from behind the door, his hair was messy and dirty looking and he wore an old tee shirt with fading jeans. Even with his tired look, you found him attractive, his eyes shifted down your face to the flowers and back to your face with a worried frown.




"Hey, I...I came to say sorry... for ignoring you." He silently stared at you as you swallowed and looked down. "I just needed time to process but I shouldn't have just ignored you, I know it was a mistake but it took me a while to realize that...I just couldn't see your face without thinking about that night and..."


Unbeknownst to you tears were sliding down your face as he stared at you shocked. In all honesty, he hadn't thought about that, he knew you were mad at him but were you just ignoring him because you couldn't face him? In a way, he had been acting selfishly thinking about how all this was affecting him and not you. He didn't even think about the fact you were saddened by all of this and your ignoring was just you trying to forget.


Before you can force out another an apology he was wrapping his arms around you and pressing your body against his. Your head barely reached his chest and you sobbed into the tee-shirt, hands clenching his clothes as he soothed and petted your hair. He let you just stand there and cry against him before pulling your head back to stare at him.


"I would never cheat on you on purpose babe, it was an accident I swear! I love you so much and seeing you ignore me mad me feel blue you know?" You chuckled as he smiled down at you. "I do love you though, more than anything. I just want to see you smile..."


A short sniffle came from you as you nuzzled your face into his shirt, you shoved the flowers into his hand before looking up at him with a shaky smile of your own.


"I love you too Mirio."

Chapter Text

"No thank you" is what I should've said, I should be in bed


"Reports are showing that several students have been found during the attack, officials are just now getting to the scene." Tamaki glanced up from his phone to stare at the TV.


But temptations of trouble on my tongue, troubles yet to come


"We now have someone on the scene! It appears a girl is stuck under some of the fallen building-" 


It couldn't be...No...


One sip, bad for me


"That's (y/n) isn't it?!" Mirio glanced over at the other two with a worried look. Tamaki shot up from his seat and rushed over to the door, Mirio stood up and raced over to him as the other boy threw open the door. "Tamaki wait!"


One hit, bad for me


"I'll be right back baby, im just heading to the store." You smiled at him and patted his head. Leaning up he stared at you with a huff.


"D-do you have to?"


One kiss, bad for me


"Don't worry so much Tamaki, I will stay safe promise." Tilting his head back you gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, his shoulders untensing as you smiled brightly. You never lied, when you promised you always kept it.


But I give in so easily


"Wait Tamaki you cant go! It isn't safe-" Mirio grabbed his hand but he yanked himself away, eyes blown wide and teary. They stared at each other for a few seconds as Tamaki shook in his spot.


This was his fault. He should've gone with you, he should've just had you stay home with him a little longer.


And no thank you is how it should've gone


He should've just told you no.


I should stay strong


"Tamaki...She wouldn't want you to go and get hurt...Please just come back inside, we can call her agency and see what's going on-"


But I'm weak,


He turned back around and ran off before Mirio could grab him again. With every footstep more and more dread filled his heart, the ache in his chest was taking his breath away and tears were starting to stream down from his eyes.


and what's wrong with that?


"Im fine Tamaki it's ok...shh baby." Tamaki sobbed into your shoulder as you clenched him to you. His fingers gripped your waist as you pet his hair softly, your fingers raking through the soft purple locks with a smile. "It's just a little scratch...Mirio found me before they could do any real damage."


Boy, oh boy


"J-just don't get...H-hurt again...I can't lose you." He whispered against your shirt as you gave a pained smile.


 I love it when I fall for that


"I promise..."


I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


The streets were filled with people as he shoved his way through, the closer he got to the accident the more people were in his way. Panic was filling him form being around so many people, the noises were so loud, the people pushing and yelling were so overwhelming.


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


"Oh my god...Is she alive?!" A woman gasped and covered her mouth as the heroes forced the stones and broken building away. Tamaki stopped and stared in fear at the different people in front of him.


"This is so horrible..."


I'm weak


"This is so horrible, i can't believe someone would attack a bunch of first years like this!" You threw your hands up with an annoyed look, Tamaki gave you a sheepish look. "We have to do something!"


You looked over at the boy with a determined look. Sighing he shook his head with a wider smile, your passion and drive were what he loved about you the most. Always throwing yourself in front of danger just to save people. It was scary for him to see you do these stunts but he also respected you deeply for it.


You were a true hero.


But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


Shakily he forced himself to the front. A police offer was saying something to him but he heard nothing as he stared past him, a brief flash of (H/c) passed by as the medics huddled around the body.


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


"Sir I need you to move back-"


"Let him through." Tamaki stared up at the hero in front of him, your agency leader Godzillo. The other man stiffened but sighed as he lifted the tape up for Tamaki, the boy didnt even stop to thank him or say anything, instead rushing over to the ambulance.


No thank you


"Tamaki, can you come over? It's important." Your voice shook over the phone as you shut your eyes. "I need to tell you something..."


They call me after dark, I don't want no part


"U-um ok..." Tamaki swallowed nervously. He was already tugging his jacket on and walking out the door by the time you started talking again. He kept you on the phone as you talked about random things like your day and what you had planned for the rest of the night.


My habits, they hold me like a grudge


"(Y/n)" The body in front of him was drenched in blood, the small bits of skin that weren't ripped or covered in blood were scratched and burned. A mask was placed over your mouth but you were out cold.


He collapsed to the floor as tears streamed down his face faster now.


I promise I won't budge


"Hey, you came!" Smiling you waved him in, hands behind your back as he stepped in carefully. He slid his shoes off as you watched him with a nervous smile.


"Is everything ok?" He murmured as you kissed his cheek softly.


One sip, bad for me


Someone grabbed his shoulder and moved him away from the vehicle, he let himself be dragged off somewhere. There were no thoughts inside his head. Everything felt...empty.


One hit, bad for me


"Is that kid ok?"


"Why did he get to go through?"


"Did you see that girl? She's dead for sure..." He flinched harshly.


One kiss, bad for me


"Yeah im ok, I just wanted to ask you something..." Your arms wrapped around his neck as you softly pressed your lips to his, he dipped his head down a bit as you threaded your fingers through his hair. "Stay the night..."


But I give in so easily


"O-ok Bunny." You giggled against his lips with a smile.


And no thank you is how it should've gone


The air was cold against his arms as he trudged behind Mirio, during the walk, he couldn't remember when Mirio had put his coat over him or at what point the blonde boy put his hand on his shoulder to steer him. 


I should stay strong


"She's gonna be ok dude...I promise." Mirio softly muttered.


But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


That was all it took to finally drive him over the edge, his legs buckled and he fell to his knee with a choked out a cry. His body shook and he pressed his hands to the concrete with an angry sob. 


This was too much. 


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


He slammed his fists against the ground as the ringing in his head increased in loudness. Everything stung and burned inside his body, his hands scratching as he punched the floor in a rage, his knees scraping against the ground, tears falling from his cheeks to his broken hands.


I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


"Wait you're gonna do what!?" Mirio went wide-eyed and grabbed your hands. "Dude that's awesome! Im sure he's going to say yes!"


"I hope so..." Looking down you stared at the velvet box. "Um, I was gonna ask him tonight...he's on his way actually. Do you mind staying a bit? I was gonna head to the store and I want you to keep it safe."


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


Dropping to his knees Mirio grabbed the box in his pocket, the velvet soft in his fingers as Tamaki shook and tensed.


I'm weak


"Tamaki I should...I should give you this...she wanted to give it to you but now seems right." The boy glanced up, face puffy and red as Mirio pulled the box out. "She was going to ask you after coming back from the so sorry..."


But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


"Im gonna head to the store, be right back!" Tamaki glanced up from the couch with a confused look. You were slipping on your shoes and smiling, why were you going out after just having him come over?


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


"Are you s-sure? It isn't really s-s-safe to go out night." Tamaki looked out the window with a swallow. You waved your hand with a sigh.


We, we fall for that


"I'll be right back baby, im just heading to the store." 


Wake up, we fall again


The box opened silently as he held it close to his chest, the moonlight shone off of the black diamond placed in the middle of the ring. It was almost glowing from the light as he lifted it up shakily.


We, we fall for that


Another sob left his lips as he slid it onto his finger, a perfect fit.


Can't wait to fall again


"Tamaki, you know I love you right?"


One sip, bad for me


"I love you more Bunny."    You were supposed to be here, you were supposed to be putting the ring onto his finger. It wasn't supposed to end like this.


One hit, bad for me


"You're going to be a pro hero no matter what Tamaki...I'll be by your side for everything, I promise!"    You promised...


One kiss, bad for me


"Don't cry, baby... it's going to be ok." Your lips pressed against his temple as your thumb brushed his tear away. "I'll always be here for and death."


But I give in so easily


"Nejire messaged me, she says they got her to the hospital and she's in urgent care. Shes doing better." Mirio forced a smile as he lifted the boy up. Tamaki hung his hand and held his hand protectively, the ring shining on his finger.


And no thank you is how it should've gone


"We can go see her if you want?" Mirio gently helped him walk along to your apartment, your car was already started up and Nejire was inside tapping her fingers against the steering wheel. 


The feeling of dread filled him when Mirio slid him into the back seat. In the front seat, he could see the picture of you and him at prom in the middle console, a shy smile was on his face as you wrapped your arm around his. Your dress was shiny and matched his purple suit, you had spent the entire night dancing and laughing with him. It was the perfect night.


I should stay strong


The drive was filled with silence, Tamaki resorted to quiet tears as he curled up and clutched his hand pathetically. Every once in a while he would stare at the ring and break out into fresh tears, hands shaking as the ring shimmered against his pale skin. Nejire had handed her phone to Mirio for updates from the news and the pro heros that rode with the other victims to the hospital.


But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


The hospital doors slide open and he trudged forward. Up ahead Aizawa was talking to one of the nurses, a deep frown on his face as the woman tried to explain what happened and how the condition was critical so he couldn't go in. 


Mirio and Nejire pulled the teacher aside to get more information as Tamaki sat down in the corner.


Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that'


"Hey, Tamaki...if something happened to me...promise me you will still follow your dreams." You whispered against his chest as he held you close to him. The warmth of your body against his made him sleepy but he heard what you said, closing his eyes he nodded and quietly muttered his response.


"I will...b-but dont...dont.." The bed shifted slightly as you leaned up to kiss him, his lips moving against your softly. When you pulled away your hand went up to gently cup his face. "I want you to b-be there with me...So d-don't..."


"I know baby..."


I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


"Tamaki...she..." Mirio closed his eyes tightly as a few tears tracked down his cheeks. "Im so sorry...They couldn't do anything..."


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


"I won't, I will be there for you when you become a pro hero. One day you're going to be the top hero and I will be by your side."


I'm weak


Tamaki's body was completely shaking as he fell to the cold tile floor, Mirio falling next to him as he stared at the ground. 


You promised him.


But I'm weak, and what's wrong with that?


"They found a letter in her pocket...It was a proposal speech..." Aizawa handed him the folded up piece of paper, the edge of it was burned slightly and a few dots of blood covered the surface. "I figure you would want this..."


Boy, oh boy I love ya when I fall for that


Gripping the paper he hung his head further. 






You had promised...

Chapter Text

It started with a simple text at 1 am. You had been telling Denki about the assignment in history ((He wasn't paying attention...again)) when he jokingly sent a few bad pick up lines.


It was a very Denki thing to do so you ignored them and went on with your conversation, sending a few lol's after the bad ones and telling him he was a dork. He did this with everyone so it didnt phase you. I mean come on, its Denki for heaven's sake, that boy flirts with everyone and everything.


Then the next day he came up to you and started using more of them, every minute in class he came up with a new one and would lean over to whisper it to you or pass you a note with the line scribbled out. By the time lunch came around he was following you around like a puppy saying as many lines as he could to get you to laugh or smile at him.


"My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful person in the school. What should we do with their money?" He winked as you sighed and sat down next to him, Sero raised an eyebrow at your tired look and forced smile. 


"Very funny Denki-"


"Kiss me if I'm wrong. But dinosaurs still exist, right?" He leaned closer with a bright smirk. You groaned audibly as you took a bit of your lunch, he glanced down at it before back up at you. "If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber."


"Just eat your food dude and stop with the pickup lines for like five minutes." Kirishima smacked the back of his head with an annoyed sigh. Denki rubbed his head and huffed annoyed but quickly got to eating his food, shoving as much into his mouth as he could. While he was busily scarfing his food down you were chatting with the other boys happily, It did make the yellow-haired boy a little jealous but he knew that you were closer with him than any of the others.


Before UA you two had met when he went out to buy a new manga. It was the same day you happened to be visiting the store and you two instantly connected when you saw his Pokemon shirt and the mangas in his arm. Later on, you found out he was going to UA and that you both were in the same class.


The rest was history, you guys were practically inseparable, everywhere he went he asked you to go with him. While he did get jealous of the guys every once in awhile those fears and doubt would wash away when he finally got you alone, he could tell you weren't the same with them, he got to see that special side of you when you were relaxed and just sitting in your room playing games.


 In a matter of minutes, he was done with his lunch tray. Satisfied he turned to you again with another huge smirk. "I'm in the mood for pizza."


"You just ate all your lunch in like five seconds, if your still hungry I would be utterly amazed-"


"A pizza  you , that is!" Kirishima slammed his head on the table as Bakugou groaned at how horrible that last line was. Everyone knew Denki liked you ((Well everyone but you)) so he  was  trying his best, It made him happy when he could make you smile or laugh and last night you seemed to enjoy his flirty lines and teasing. So he went online and found like 200+ pick up lines to try on you. 


You both liked each other but it wasn't like you to flirt and he didnt know how to flirt in a way that wasn't cheesy. Of course, while it was cute it didnt feel real, he did it with everyone so you figured the lines were just him practicing on you. But on his side of things he was just using the lines with other girls to see if they would work on you. If the girl laughed or didnt hit him he would use it on you later, most of the time you found it amusing and laughed.


Again, it wasn't that you dislike the lines or anything but he used them ALL DAY nonstop. By the end of the day, you were exhausted and Denki was following you around with the last of his failed flirty attempts. You weren't laughing anymore but he would get you to smile at him again somehow.


You were walking to your dorm room while he followed behind you, his backpack slung over his shoulder as he stared down at you in thought. Rather quickly he found himself out of flirty one-liners and had to improvise, but coming up on the spot was a little harder then he thought.


"Hey, can you feel my shirt?" You tiredly looked up at him. "Its made of Boyfriend Material!"


"If it's made of Boyfriend Material why are you single." That was harsher then you wanted it to be. He paused and stared at you slightly hurt, his eyes flickered down to the floor and he slouched in defeat.


Nothing he did was working and even he could see it. All he wanted was for you like him, maybe he was just wasting his time. Besides he could see why you wouldn't want to date him. He couldn't ever be serious, all he did was flirt and a lot of the girls saw him as a pervert, he was just Mineta but with a little more self-control. 


"I didnt mean it like that, im sorry...Im just really tired and you haven't stopped with the pickup lines and it just keeps confusing me." He cocked an eyebrow up at that.


"Confusing you?"


"Well I mean yeah, you do all this flirting and its confusing. If you just flirt with people they will never know how you feel..." He stared down at you in thought, you were confused? I mean yeah he was a flirty guy but he thought he was being obvious. The only girl he hangs out with is you, and he spent so much time talking to you it was clear how much he enjoyed your presence.


You both stood in silence before he quietly muttered.


"If I was... blunter, would you-" He corrected himself quickly. "would a uh, girl like it better?"


"I mean depends on the girl. Like, I enjoy the pickup lines but after a while i just want a guy to tell me how he feels and then goes from there."


"So if I told you I loved you right now what would you say?" The words left his lips before he could even think, quickly he slapped a hand over his mouth and stared at you with wide eyes. This wasn't his plan for the day.


I mean he had planned to just flirt and ask you out, but a straight-up confession? It wasn't supposed to be like this. He had a whole night planned where he would take you out and sweep you off your feet before telling you how much he truly liked you. While he still could do it things wouldn't be the same.


"I would tell you I feel the same." With a shy smile, you grabbed his hand and stepped a little closer to the blushing yellow-haired boy. "Hey uh, Denki?"




"If you were a fruit, you’d be a FINE-apple." You smirked when he started laughing, his head tilted back while you also snickered. When he finally stopped he leaned down to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you closer, his head tilted and carefully watching you to see if you were going to protest to his touching. 


"If I were to ask you to go out with me tonight what would you say?"


"I would say yes." You giggled as he smiled and gently kissed your cheek.


"I'll pick you up at 7 then-."


"GET OUT OF THE HALLWAYS DAMN NERDS." Bakugou pushed between you two with an annoyed glare. Kirishima rushed up and gave an apologetic smile, you couldn't help but laugh as the redhead tried to calm down his fuming angry boyfriend.

Chapter Text

"Just fucking hurry up nerd-"

"Call me nerd again and you can get someone else to suck your dick." He huffed annoyed as you tugged down the zipper on his pants. They came off easily along with his red and black boxers, his cock instantly popping up and twitching. 

Even like this, crammed into a closet, on your knees in the dark, he found the moment special. It wasn't always that you two got to have sex or intimacy since there were rules about being in someone's dorm room after hours and during the day one of his friends was always around to tease him. If you so much as hugged him someone would come up and make a comment which would end up with him chasing the poor soul around while you sighed annoyed.

Looking up you flickered your tongue along the slit, collecting up the pre-cum before swirling the tip in your mouth. Over the years you mastered how to blow him and get him cumming in only a matter of minutes. 

A pleased sigh left his lips as he leaned back against the wall. Gently he raked his fingers through your hair, gripping down on it lightly when you swallowed around his tip teasingly. After a few seconds, he pushed your head down a bit so he slid in further, your jaw already ached from the stretch but you tried to relax and let more of his cock into your mouth.

The room was dark but you could see the cocky smirk on his face as he bobbed your head up and down. Letting him take control you closed your eyes and ran your tongue along the underside of his cock, it rested heavily on your tongue as he started to move at a faster speed.

"Fuck baby...Fuck yeah, taking my cock like a slut." He growled deeply when his tip brushed against the back of your throat, his hips speed up as he tightened his grip on your hair. He was rutting against your face at a quick pace. "Slobbering around my hard dick. I bet you love being my slut hm?"

The words made you even wetter than before. While sucking him off did get you off his degrading and praising got you even wetter. Drool was slightly dripping down your chin from him pistioning his hips so quickly, your mouth forced open, with every thrust he growled and muttered. Just to tease him you ran your tongue along the vein under his cock while reaching up to gently rub teh base of his cock.

Slamming his head back against the wall he let you deep throat him as fast as you could. No matter how many times you two did this he couldn't get over the feeling, his body twitched in pleasure as you sucked him off earnestly. While he had been just joking about you liking to suck him off you really did enjoy it, I mean it was obvious with how many times during the day you teasingly pressed against him or rubbed him through his pants while no one was watching.

When he finally came he snapped his hips harshly and forced your head down onto him. Since you couldn't move backward you swallowed instantly, with him shoved so deeply it was hard for you to get it down without gagging or letting it drip out the sides of your mouth. After a few seconds, he pulled back just a little so you could swallow better.

"Good girl, swallowing all of my cum." He tilted your head up off of his cock to give you a gentle kiss and stroke your hair softly. His hands quickly pulled his pants up and tucked himself back into the slacks before lifting you up to your feet. When he pressed his tongue into your mouth you let out a soft hum of happiness and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"I think I saw Kacchan go into here-" Deku paused and stared at you two with wide eyes. Bakugou pulled away to glare at the boy as you gave a shy smile. "Oh u-um..."



Chapter Text

Sleepy boi: Come over


                                                              Its 1 am :You


Sleepy Boi: I can't sleep


                             You never can sleep Shinso :You


Sleepy boi: Just do it. I miss you.



He set his phone down with a quiet sigh, while it was late he couldn't quite get himself to sleep. It wasn't that he isn't tired but most nights he just couldn't get himself to sleep. Unfortunately his quirk didnt work on himself, so most times he would just read at night or text you instead until you eventually passed out or forced him to put the phone down to sleep. Sometimes if he was lucky you would use your quirk and just teleport into his room for some late night cuddles.


Since you were in the general training classes with him most of the day you spent by his side but he enjoyed the time you spent alone. It was during these few hours alone that he could just relax and hold you, if he was really lucky you both would just nap together in his dorm room in peace. There was something about just laying bed cuddled up next to you that warmed his heart.


As if on queue he could feel a pair of arms slowly wrap around his waist, tugging him back to press against someone's chest. When he turned around he looked down into your eyes with a tired smile. 




"Hey." You gave him your own sleepy smile as he bent down to kiss your cheek. Despite his stoic nature and the know it all attitude he seemed to have he was surprisingly gentle and sweet. During the day he is actually pretty good at showing affection, it doesn't embarrass him to hold your hand or kiss you in public. With his quirk he could just erase their memory anyway but why would he bother doing that when it didnt mean a damn to him.


But when you two were alone he was especially cuddly. Every time you came over he always insists on you laying next to him or on him, his hands running through your hair and playing with it while he leaves soft kisses all over your cheeks. If he wasn't playing with your hair you were petting his. The shampoo he uses must be magic because that boy has the fluffiest head ever.


As he does every night he tilts your head up to stare at him. There is a sleepness in his eyes but he still gives you a soft smile as he studies every little part of your face, from the little scars you had to the way your nose is shaped. Over the course of your dating, he mapped it all out. The way your eyes shine when you talk about something you love, the way your smile is slightly crooked when he tells a joke, the shape of your jawline.


As he draws closer to your face you can smell his body wash and the scent of coffee still lingering to his clothes from lunch. Your nose bumps against his as he nuzzles your face softly, your fingers softly drag through his unruly hair as gently as you possibly can, it makes him sigh pleased and lean more into your touch.


Sleep is slowly starting to take its effect on him, your touch making him even more tired. This is one of the reasons he always calls you over so late. The only way he finds himself sleeping these days is when you come over and sleep with him, just the feeling of your body in his bed, the way you shift ever so slightly during the night to move closer to him or snuggle into his chest makes him feel loved and safe. Its a feeling he wasn't used to at first but learned to need.


Another soft sigh leaves his parted lips as you yawn quietly. Your eyes are slowly fluttering closed and you can barely keep them up to stare at the purple ones staring right back down at you. Dipping down he gives you one soft kiss on the lips, his voice whispering against your lips as you drift away into sleep.


He shifts onto his back so he's laying down and you're laying your head on his chest. As his eyes flutter closed and his arm wraps tighter around your waist he thinks about how he got here and all he has now. You were his girlfriend, you loved him so much and he loved you even more. It was such a foreign thought when he first started dating you, I mean why would someone love him? With his quirk, so many people saw him as a monster but you never did.


You believed in him more then he believed in himself sometimes. When he didnt take care of himself as much as he should you would swoop in and force him to sleep or eat, scalding him for not doing these things when really you were just worried. It made him happy to know you cared so deeply. 


He looked down one last time at your sleeping face before smiling and pulling the covers up over you both. Finally, sleep won the battle and he was drifting off with you in his arms and a gentle smile on his pale face.


As long as he could spend his nights with you sleeping on his chest, eyelashes fluttering against your soft cheeks, hair cascaded over his bedsheets, a smile on your face even in your sleep, he was happy.

Chapter Text

"I HATE THIS!" Your best friend, Deku, jumped as you angrily threw your bag to the floor next to him. "PEOPLE ALWAYS GIVE ME SUCH WEIRD LOOKS FOR MY STUPID MARK."


In a world where the first thing your soulmate thinks appears on your body, you were cursed with one of the worse ones. Most people hade something cute but not you. Couldn't get something sweet like " Wow she's cute " or " I hope she's my soulmate ."


No, you had to get stuck with " I can't believe that fucking nerd is friends with this weirdo ." If it was placed somewhere that no one could see you would be ok with it. But nope, its smack in the middle of your arm, most times you can cover it with a long sleeve but it was so obvious when you didnt wear one.


Some people would give you glares, purposely covering their kid's eyes so they couldn't see the crash langue. It wasn't your fault that your soulmate talked like that! Some people felt bad for you, saying how maybe your soulmate meant it nicely.


Yeah sure.


"W-well its not...t-that bad." Deku rubbed the back of his neck as he looked up at you, you scoffed and flopped down next to him. "B-besides you can't let it get you down! Were going to UA tomorrow...Its gonna b-be fun!"


"I just hope I don't meet my soulmate... I just want a normal year of school..." Reaching out you ran a hand through his soft green hair. He sighed and leaned back against your touch, your fingers scratching his scalp as he practically purred in response. Quietly you leaned down and kissed the top of his head. "If I meet my soulmate and he's a jerk, do you promise to not let me get attached?


He looked up at you shocked but nodded with an unsure smile. "S-sure!"




"MOVE IT, NERD!" Deku stumbled backward as Katsuki pushed past him. It was your first day and someone was already pushing your friend around? Hell Nah.


"LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU JERK!" You pushed the boy backward with an angry look. When he looked down a shocked look crossed his face before he quickly scowled. Just as he was about to say something when he saw your arm and paused. When you looked up at him though the first thing you could think about was how damn hot that hair of his was and those red eyes and oh god this guy was fit-


"Pay attention nerd!" His harsh voice snapped you from your thoughts, his eyes still were on your arm. Before you walked in you rolled the sleeves up a bit because of the heat so he could see your mark perfectly, for some damn reason it seemed to interest him. "My eyes are up here."


"That's funny coming from a guy who can't even look me in mine." You huffed and crossed your arms. "Stop staring at my damn arm, its none of your business-"


"I think you're my soulmate dumb ass, let me see your arm." He reached forward but you yanked away. "Bastard just let me see!"


".......Hell no-" Annoyed he yanked you by your arm to the side of the school, you gave a few protests but followed him just because his grip was so tight that if you did try and fight he would no doubt twist your arm or hurt you in some way. He walked quickly as he rolled his sleeve up with his teeth, his hand being busy dragging you along behind him.


When you both were alone he shoved his arm towards you.  "Damn this guy has hot hair, oh god look at his eyes too, they are so red. He's so fit, Deku why do you have to fight hot guys."


"I DID NOT THINK THAT." A bright blush covered your cheeks as he gave a cocky smirk. Your embarrassment was enough of an answer, he leaned down to your height as you backed up away from him. With every step backward you took, he took one closer until you were pressed against the wall. His fist slammed against the wall next to your head.


Leaning down he scanned over your face for a few seconds, his breath fanned across your face as you shakily pressed your hands to his chest to push him away, this guy was just asking for trouble now. I mean he just assumes your his soulmate because what? The mark on your arm was semi-related to what was happening?. Before you could push him though he was speaking again.


"You're pretty cute for an Extra, why were you hanging out with a loser like Deku?" 


"He isn't a loser!" You tried to defend your friend as he cocked an eyebrow up at you. This guy had to be kidding right? Even if he WAS your soulmate like hell would you date a guy whos first thought was an insult to you and your best friend. "I've known Midoriya my whole life, he's a total sweetheart-"


"Yeah yeah I've known him my whole life to. He's a nerd, and so are you."


"I am not a nerd."


"Prove it." There was a taunt in his tone that pissed you off even further, this guy bullies your friend, teases you, ruins your life with a humiliating mark and now he thinks you arent what? Cool? Brave?


Annoyed you grab his shirt and flip over the position. Even though he was much bigger and could easily beat you he let you slam him against the stone wall, he loved a challenge and he wanted to see where you would go with this. Normally he wouldn't let someone even TALK to him the way you were but he would let it slide due to his pure curiosity. I mean you were his soulmate after all. If he was going to be stuck with you for the rest of his life might as well see what you're capable of doing.


But how were you going to prove your point? You couldn't fight him, it was your first day after all and starting it out with a fight would not be good on your record at all. He was so damn cocky but so damn hot that it made your brain fizzle out and all you could think of doing was wipe that smirk off his face the only way you knew how.


Slamming your lips on his you raked your fingers through his spiky blonde hair. A surprised gasp left his lips as you shut your eyes tightly and yanked his head down further against yours, it was a shock to him someone like you would just randomly kiss him like this. I mean from what he saw and from the fact you hung out with someone like Deku he figured you would just be a pathetic loser. Before you could pull back he was grabbing your waist and pulling you against his body with a gentle growl.


He bit down on your bottom lip roughly as he groped your ass through the thin skirt, he expected you to back down or slap him but instead, you opened your mouth and moved your tongue out to meet his in a passionate battle. You didnt even move his hand! Your hands slowly moved down his hair to his chest, your fingers danced along the soft skin that was uncovered from his undone button-up shirt, it made him sigh against your mouth with a shit-eating grin.


"I didnt expect a nerd like you to throw themselves onto me, guess my soulmate isn't such a fucking weirdo after all." You smacked his chest annoyed.


"Just because I think you have hot hair doesn't mean you aren't a fucking bitch."


"OI watch your langue bastard-"


"WATCH YOUR OWN, MOTHER FUCKER." It had only been a few minutes since you meet your soulmate, but you could tell he was the one for you. Even if he was a little bitch.


What a way to start the school year...




"So do you want m-me to tell you not to get attached o-o-or?" Deku smiled as Bakugou wrapped his arm around your shoulder protectively, his chin resting on top of your head as you looked at your phone.




"IM READING SHUT YOUR TRAP BAKUGOU!" You leaned up and smacked his head annoyed, the boy huffed and glared down at you as you two got into yet another argument. Even though you both were loud and angry, it was a perfect match, Deku could see it plain as day.


He was glad his best friends finally found their soulmates.

Chapter Text

"You've....never been camping?"


"No? Why is it important that I have?" Todoroki frowned slightly and looked down at you. 


One of the first things you realized once you started dating the Half and Half boy was how little he did as a child, I mean it made sense with his father, but there was so much he didn't KNOW about. Sunday cartoons? Never heard of em. Disney Land? Please, he was training. It saddened you every time which of course lead to him being worried he did something wrong to which you would smoother him in affection and love because the baby boy needs it.


Going over it in his head he knew what camping was but he wasn't sure why it would be important to either of you. There was the time you all went to summer camp but he had a feeling that wasn't what you were implying ((Or that was how camping was supposed to end))


"Do you want to go camping? We don't have anything planned this weekend, we could ask some of the others to come with." Smiling you laid your head onto his chest. "Or we could just go?"


He missed the  obviously  suggestive tone in your voice. "If you want to, would you like me to message Midoriya and the others?"


With a quick nod and a kiss on the cheek, you sat up fully to watch him type away on his phone. While he did that you got up from his bed to go over to his closet, when he moved his stuff over he used a few duffle bags, they would have to do for packing his things. 


When he set his phone back down you were at his dresser rummaging through his clothes and throwing articles of clothing in different places. A tee-shirt hit him in the face as you huffed.


"Geez do you own no shorts?"


"Do I...Need them?" He lifted the shirt so he could watch you, there was a slight pout on your face as you stuffed a few short sleeves into his bag. As far as clothes went he didn't have many that weren't what he normally wore, even though he was technically extremely rich he didn't spend a lot of it on himself. 


With a wave of your hand, you went back to rummaging and making a mess of his once clean room. "We can buy you some later on, but if we are going to be in the forest we wouldn't want you to get too hot. Oooo we should all go swimming! Do you still have your school bathing suit?"


He stood up and walked over to his closet where some jackets and such were hanging up, he pulled out a pair of trunks and handed them to you. They weren't the school brand, in fact, they were All Might branded. It was adorable he had bought them, you sometimes forgot what a huge All Might fan he was since Deku was the main FanBoy of the group 


He sat down next to you as you finished his Teeshirt and pants drawer. A small blush covered your face as you tossed in a few pairs of boxers, of course, Shouto being Shouto wasn't embarrassed at all. It was just clothing and it wasn't like you hadn't seen his boxers before.


As you were zipping his bag up you started telling him about the other things you needed for the trip. The others would bring there own stuff and you already had a tent, blow up mattress, tons of blankets, and other things needed for surviving. In all honesty, he just found it amusing to watch you pack and talk excitedly. 


By the time you had to leave his room, the plan had been confirmed with the others. It would be You, Shouto, Deku, Iida, Uraraka, and Tsu. You tried to get Katsuki to join but he said he would 'Rather die than spend a weekend with those nerds' so you just kinda gave up on anyone else. Before bed, you texted Todoroki a few pictures of all the things you packed and what time he should be up. 


This was going to






"Iida it's like 5 am stop yelling." You smacked his head as you passed, he tsked but lowered his voice so he could still shout out orders at everyone. Unfortunately, you were the only one with a driver's license ((Everyone else had been so damn busy being heroes they forgot to be a normal person-)) which meant you were stuck in the front seat, more than likely with Iida.


Shouto and Deku were throwing things into the back of the minivan that Shouto's dad so kindly paid for...He totally knew about it as well...Totally...


"So Todoroki you've never been camping?" Midoriya leaned against the van with a smile. "You're gonna love it! I used to go on camping trips with (y/n), it was always fun!"


"You used to go camping with (y/n)? Ribbit?" Tsu tilted her head as Deku nodded. 


"Mmhm! We would spend a lot of summers together." Souto glanced over at you as you scrolled through your phone. You hadn't mentioned that you used to go camping with Midoriya, he shouldn't have been surprised since you two were childhood friends, but in a way, it made him a little jealous. It wasn't like you liked the boy as kids though. From what Shouto had heard you were only friends with Midoriya growing up, besides you were dating Shouto now so he shouldn't be jealous...


An arm wrapped around his waist and squeezed him slightly. Snapping out of his thoughts he looked down at you, you still were scrolling your phone but as if you could sense his thoughts you held him to your side. 


"Do you want to sit with me in the front? I'm pretty sure Iida is going to bore me and I wanted to talk to you."


"Sure...babe." He protectively wrapped his arms around your waist when Deku glanced over. His chin pressed against the top of your head as he stared the other boy straight in the eyes in a challenging way. You patted his cheek to grab his attention, when he glanced down you pecked his lips swiftly before he could pull away from you. A small blush covered his cheek as he heated up slightly, you hummed in appreciation at the warmth before squirming out of his arms to go tell Iida that he wasn't sitting with you and that he couldn't run the whole way there for "extra training".


A smile ghosted over Shouto's features as he went back to throwing things in the van and getting everything set up.




It was surprisingly beautiful at the campsite, he wasn't sure exactly what he expected, but it was nicer than he thought. Maybe it was because he didn't know what he was expecting that made it so much better or it was simply the nature of it all. 


The campsite in its self was fairly simple. There was an open plot of land surrounded by trees, to the left was a lake and it was a few miles before you would run into anyone else. During the ride you told him a bit about the history of the land and how the owners were family friends, hence why you all were able to get in at such late notice. A few birds were chirping in the trees as you all got to unpacking.


"I think I forgot my tent..." Uraraka blushed with a sigh.


"You can use my spare one if you want! I brought two for me and Todo but we can share!" You patted her shoulder with a gentle smile, while it was a sweet offer, why had you brought two anyway? Were you not supposed to share a tent with him? Was that weird? Did you not want to spend the night with him?


The camp was set up after an hour. Everyone had their tents set up((Iida and Deku were sharing one and Uraraka shared with Tsu)) and you were setting up a fire with Deku while the others explored the area. 


The idea of you staying back alone with Izuku worried Shouto, I mean you were loyal and he knew you would never cheat on him. After everything you had said and done it would be heartbreaking for you to just leave him, especially for  Deku . But either way, it made him worry. Deku was always close with people but you were  Shouto's  not Deku's, only  Shouto  gets to be that close with you.


A bit overprotective yes, but it wasn't something he could help. This was the first time in his life he had something he refused to lose or give up, nothing would get between you and him. So when he got back to the campsite to see you sitting with Deku, the boys head in your  Lap , and your fingers running through his hair...well he got a little...jealous.


"What are you doing?"


"Oh hey, babe! How was your walk? Did you see the lake, it looks so pretty this time of year-" Deku lifted his head sleepily as you talked. With a yawn, he grabbed your hand and moved it back to his head so you would go back to scratching it. Before it could make contact through Shouto grabbed your wrist and tugged it away. "Um...Ow?"


"  Don't touch her  ."




"Come on (Y/n)." Deku moved out of your lap so Shouto could yank you to your feet. He turned and stomped off towards the shared tent, his hand was wrapped tightly around yours and the coldness made you yelp in surprise. Normally he made sure his quirk was always under check when you touched so he didn't burn or freeze you on accident, even if his hand was just the slightest bit cold it usually meant he was pissed or distracted enough to not keep himself in check.


After struggling around with the zipper on the tent for a few seconds he managed to rip it open and toss you in. You stumbled forward and face planted onto the mattress, there wasn't much else in the tent except the two bags in the corner and your matching water bottles.


He crawled onto the mattress as you backed up so he had more room.


"Are you ok? You've been acting weird-"


"I don't like when you touch Midoriya like that." He pushed your shoulder back so you were lying down and he was hovering over you, his hair fell slightly over his face as he squinted his eyes. "I'm your boyfriend, only I get to touch you."


"Well yeah but he's my friend. It wasn't like I was kissing him or something." He tensed just at the  thought  of you kissing another man. It made him even more jealous, his hand grabbed your hips and flipped you over onto your stomach.


"He wants more than that...I can tell, and I won't allow it."


Before you could protest he was sliding your jeans down past your thighs. A surprised yelp left your lips as he quickly undid his own pants before pressing himself flush against you, his bulge was slowly growing with every move of his hips against yours. A slow roll of his hips followed as you whimpered out, he was getting harder and his slow humping was making you wetter.


He leaned down and wrapped his arms around your waist to rut himself against you better. After a few seconds, though the clothing was starting to irritate you so you moved your hand moved between the both of your bodies and slipped your underwear down for him. 


He pulled back and hummed in appreciation before tugging his boxers down. Part of him wanted to take this slowly to tease you and show you who owned you, but at the same time, you were his and if he wanted to take you right now he damn could. It was a bit of a power thing with him but then again you were more than willing to submit and give him the dominant feeling. 


He leaned back down and gently pressed your thighs together. The tip of his cock pushed between your thighs and paused there, a soft sigh leaving your lips as he started to thrust between your soft legs. His hand gripped your middle tightly as he rubbed himself next to your slick core, your wetness lubed him up and he thrust easier between your thighs.


"Babe...Fuck babe please." You leaned back and gave him a small pout. One of his hand reached down to push your shirt up, using his quirk he quickly burnt the fabric of the bra, it was enough to snap the fabric but not hurt you...Too much anyway. "Ow!" 


The other hand reached up and rubbed over the spot with a cooling touch, his hips continuing to pistion between your legs while he fondled your chest. His fingers skillfully tugged and rubbed over your nipples as his tip bumped against your clit. If he kept this up you might just cum honestly, it would probably be an ego boost for him but you didn't want to just end it here.


"You're mine...Not his or anyone else." He ended the sentence with a sharp thrust. A low growl left his lips as he slammed himself into you, he bottomed out quickly and gripped your hips tightly in his hands. "Mine you hear me?! I own these lips and this body, I don't care if anyone tries to take you from me...your mine!"


"Y-yes Shouto!" You gripped the blankets with a whimper as he pulled out. When he slammed himself back in you lt out a pleased cry, even though you were trying to quiet yourself it was proving harder with every harsh thrust he gave.


His hands moved back up to play with your chest. The sound of your skin hitting his filled the small tent, he groaned and growled into your ear as you whimpered and arched up into him. Your head tilted back so he could kiss along your neck and shoulder. A few marks littered your skin from past nights spent with him but he filled up the space with even more, if anyone looked at you they would see you were  His, only his .


"You like making me jealous, don't you? Do you enjoy it when I get like this?" His hand slapped across your ass as he smirked, the skin turned red in the shape of his hand. He leaned back down and kissed your cheek softly. "You look so cute when you're flustered like this...I almost feel bad."


The mattress was shaking from his wild movements, his unpredictable and quick thrusts were already bringing you so close but now with the spanking, it was hard to keep your release at bay. But you knew the rules, Todoroki made you do the same thing every time you both had intimate moments like these. His tip slammed against your G spot and you were screaming out his name needily.


"Can I...P-Please!"


"Yes baby, you may. Scream my name." He ordered as he wrapped his hand around your neck. A chocked outcry of his name came from you as you tightened around him, your body instantly went limp as he groaned out. His hand reached up to yank your head back, his lips pressing against yours in a sloppy and hard kiss. The hand on your neck gently squeezed as he buried himself deep inside of you before he started cumming.


He rode out his high for a few more thrusts, his hips slowing as he leaned down to press a few kisses to your shoulder. Normally he would pull out but he enjoyed the feeling of you flush against him, full of his essence. It truly was his way of making you his. The skin around your neck was slightly red from his grip but you had a content smile on your face as he shifted you onto your back.


"I'm sorry...I went too far didn't i..." He gently ran his fingers along the red mark on your ass with a worried look.


"Its ok Shouto, I liked it. Now, come cuddle me." Gently he shifted you over so he could snuggle up next to you. His head buried into your chest as you wrapped your arms around him, your legs intertwined with his as he nuzzled your skin and inhaled deeply. After you two had sex he would always get extra cuddly, whether it was hard or gentle he always made sure you had plenty of aftercare.


His fingers danced along your spine as you threaded your fingers through his hair. You let out a soft sigh and tilted his head up look at you, his eyes were half-lidded and he had a small pout on his lips from being moved away from the softness of your chest.


"I love you Shouto, I don't love anyone else."


"I love you too (Y/n)...I'm yours..." He buried his face into your neck with a blush, his arms wrapping tightly around you.










"Yes, baby?"


"Do you think they heard us?...."


"...........................go to sleep babe-"


"Shoutoooooooooooooooo its like 1."


"Sh we can get up later...for...S'mores? That's what they are right?"


"Fuck yissssssssssssss. S'mores."

Chapter Text

"Do you want me to get you anything? I could go and get you some soup, do you need more blankets? You need more water babe-"


"(Y/n) im...ACHOO!...Fine." Tenya gave you a weak smile as you fussed over him, rearranging blankets, filling up his water glass, everything you could do to make him more comfortable.


Tenya didnt get sick often. It was something he was actually rather proud of, his body wouldn't allow him to get sick and miss school or studying, but since it was summer break and you had some time his body must've let its guard down. There definitely was something wrong though. You knew something was wrong when he canceled your study date and denied you to come into his dorm room. Of course, you didnt listen and barged in any way, to find a curled up Tenya in his bed, sniffling and blowing his nose with pink cheeks.


After that, you refused to leave his side unless you were buying him more things or going to grab him food and water. It was just a cold but every time he so much as  shivered or sneezed  you were at his side with a tissue or a comforting hand. It was just your way of showing affection, but again, it was just a cold and while he did find the way you worried over him very adorable it was a bit over kill.


Now Tenya is very aware of how important health is. In fact, he deeply respected how careful you had been ((Well at gave up on staying away and decided to come closer to him even if he told you not to)) but he wasn't dying and he certainly could get up to get himself things.


"Your health isn't a joke Tenya, you're burning up!" You pressed the back of your hand to his forehead to emphasize your point, he huffed and moved his head away with a small pout.


"I don't want to get you sick as well, if we both are sick we might fall behind in our studies!"


"Tenya school doesn't matter if you're bedridden. Im not leaving. Now drink some more water." He let out a sigh of defeat as you lifted the cold glass to his lips. Insticnfully he opened his mouth and let you move the cup against his mouth, carefully tilting it up as he drank down the cool water. After getting a few good gulps you set the cup down on his bedside before tucking the covers up further.


Instead of moving away you sat and stared at his flushed face. His eyes were closed and his eyelashes fluttered against his rosy cheeks, there were few moments like this where you really got to study his face and appreciate his beauty. There was a calmness to him when he was like this, his face had a sharpness to it that you learned to associate with him early on, but on the other hand, it was also gentle. His blue hair was splayed across his pillows and over his refined features as he slowly let out a soft sigh.


Delicately you reached out and brushed the locks of hair from his face, his eyes fluttering open to stare up at you. Those eyes were probably the reason you instantly fell in love with him, from the moment you locked eyes with him on your first day you knew he was perfect for you. The way they shined when he was happy, how blue they were when he cried, how gentle they were when you were close to him.


Your hand moved down his face to stroke his cheek, slowly you ran it down his jaw to his neck and shoulder. It rested there for a few seconds as you stared him in the eyes. A small blush was on his cheeks, it made his already rosy cheeks even redder as you leaned down to press a gentle kiss to his parted lips.


Another sigh left his mouth as he reached up to cup your cheek and move your head more against him. There was a gentleness to every touch, his lips moved in a slow dance as his fingers weaved through your hair and slowly stroked you.


"I'll get you sick..." He murmured against you as you nuzzled his neck lovingly. Before he could protest you slid into his bed against his chest, your arms wrapping around his firm torso and your legs tangling with his while you left soft kisses over his jaw. 


"Then get me sick." You leaned up and kissed him again. His body wrapped around yours and he returned his hands to your hair, gently threading through and stroking the soft locks through his fingers. With every kiss he pressed into your mouth you could feel his warm breath and the slow drag of his fingertips running over your body, they shifted down your body before resting on your hip, his thumb rubbing small circles into your skin as you pulled away to look up at him.


If getting sick was the price you had to pay to see his eyes filled with so much love and feel his arms holding you this way...well, you would spend the rest of your life sick just to be able to embrace him like this.

Chapter Text

"Relax princess, if you squirm it will hurt." Bakugou purred out against your ear with a deep chuckle, his fingers traced over the ropes holding you down as his eyes slowly slid over your figure.


When Katsuki said he wanted to try Bondage he went all out. Just a few minutes after he had asked you and you confirmed you were ok with it there was a rope in front of you and handcuffs and so many more things. Where he had been hiding these things was a mystery but he wasted no time in stripping you down and tying you up, his hands flying over your soft skin with a silent smirk on his face.


You were on your knees now, rope fastened over your body and the cuffs on your wrists. He had shoved a gag into your mouth at some point and you could only whimper out around it as he carefully dragged his fingers along the softness of your skin. With every movement, the rope rubbed into your skin and made you squirm even more, he enjoyed the small noises you made but there wasn't time for that.


He could enjoy your noises later.


His hand shoved you down as he crawled onto the bed, he had tied the ropes so your legs were forced open and you couldn't close yourself from him, not like you would if you could've. Teasingly he traced your thighs and down your leg to your ankle before tracing back up, his finger smoothly pressing against your hip as you shivered. His finger was so close to where you wanted it but he skipped over your heat to teasingly rub over your stomach over to your chest.


One of his hand squeezed your breast as the other undid his pants. His shirt was tossed aside long ago and when he tugged the slacks down you could see he was wearing nothing underneath them, but he wasn't planning on getting to the main event any time soon.


Leaning down he placed a soft kiss to the side of your mouth since he couldn't kiss your lips. You gave an annoyed huff as he kissed down your chest, his hand squeezing your breast harder with a tsk.


"Don't act up brat, be glad im touching you." He slapped your thigh before kissing down to your breasts. His lips wrapped around one of your nipples before sucking down roughly, his tongue flicking around the hard nub while he groped the other breast in his hand. The feeling of his sharp teeth gently pressing into your sensitive bud made you yelp out slightly, he gave a short chuckle and switched to the other side, his mouth giving the same treatment to the other nipple.


A shiver ran through you when he moved his hand down your stomach to your dripping wet cunt. His finger dipped slowly into your heat, you instantly clamped down on the digit with a low moan.


"Fuck you're wet already, such a fucking slut for my fingers aren't you? I’ve only started using my fingers and you’re already shaking." He shoved another finger in with a chuckle, he pumped them slowly as you tried to buck your hips up against him. His other hand quickly shoved your hip down with a growl. "Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic."


The degrading words made you shiver and get even wetter, his fingers were thrusting harshly up inside of you at a brutal pace. With every thrust a slightly wet noise followed adding further to your shame, it just made him grin wider and move faster.


He ripped the gag out and you let out a soft gasp. Instantly you groaned out his name as he pulled his fingers out, you huffed annoyed as he leaned up to your face.


"Why did you stop? I was so close, come on I thought you were all about making me cum?" He grabbed your chin with a deep growl, his eyes flared with slight anger as his cock rubbed up against you.


"You’d better watch your fucking mouth." A small smirk covered your mouth as he pumped his cock quickly, his hand was still wet with your juices so he used it to lube himself up. Even if he was slightly angry with you he wasn't cruel enough to go in without some form of lube. "I think I like you better with a gag in your mouth."


"I think I like you better between my legs- Ah!~" Your head tilted back as he roughly thrust in. When he pressed himself further against you the ropes dug in a little deeper, for a few seconds you had forgotten all about the confinements but the rough scratchy material brought you back to the reality of the situation. If he wanted to he could just use you and deny you of orgasm, use your body to his likening while you whimpered and listened to anything he said just for some pleasure.


A snicker left his lips as you shivered and leaned up to nuzzle against his chest. He pressed his hand to your shoulder and shoved you back down. "If you’re going to act like a little brat then I’m going to treat you like a little brat, so you better take your fucking punishment before I change my mind and don't let you cum."


He started a quick pace, he didnt bother to give you any time to adjust or get used to the pace, his hips slapping against your aggressively. The bed started to shake underneath you both as he grabbed your hips tightly. When he rocked against you your hands dug further into your back, the cuffs burrowed into your skin and were starting to hurt but in a numbingly good way.


He tilted your hips up so he could thrust himself deeper inside of you, his hand moved up your chest to grab your breast and squeeze harshly. A shaky groan left your lips as he pounded you into the bed faster and faster. Quickly he flipped you over and lifted your hips, your ass pressing against him as he shoved your face into the bed.


With the new position, his cock pisitioned deeper inside you. The tip was just brushing your G spot as he slapped your ass roughly. The rope was wrapped around your waist just above your ass, one of his hands grabbed it and used it to pull you back and forth onto his cock. 


Drool was dripping down your face as he fucked you into the mattress harder. His hand moved up to grp your neck and choke you, a low groan leaving his mouth when your cunt squeezed him as he gripped your neck.


"Fuck, You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat. I bet the entire dorm can hear you, I bet they all know what a dirty little slut you are~" He growled into your ear as he ground his palm into your clit roughly, you're entire body was shaking and pulsing around him. "If you want to cum you’d better beg princess."


"Please K-Katsuki! I n-need to cum..." You whimpered out as he tugged your head back, his eyes stared into yours as he gave a small smirk.


"Cum around my cock Princess. Say my name, scream it. I want the whole  Dorm  to know who’s making you feel good." As he thrust back in you finally were pushed off the edge, you screamed out his name as he quickly rubbed over your clit, his other hand playing with your breast.


Shivers racked your body as your hands clenched tightly. He wrapped his hand around your confined wrists as he thrust faster, his skin slapping loudly against yours while he growled and grunted deeply. Just as the thrusts were starting to overstimulate you he buried himself deep inside of you before cumming.


His hips stilled as he shivered and filled you with his cum, his hand twitched against your hip as you buried your face into his soft sheets. A pleasant warmth filled you as you closed your eyes and gave a small hum of appreciation, his hands gently rubbed your slightly reddened ass as he held his hips still. After a few seconds, he pulled the ropes loose and let you move your hands to the bed.


He pulled out and smirked at the sight of his seed dripping down your thighs and the red marks still lingering from where the ropes were. With a soft sigh, he grabbed your wrists and tenderly kissed over the marks, his lips soft against the slightly burning skin. Leaning over to his bedside he pulled out a bottle of lotion while you crawled into his bed.


You lifted your wrists up for him to rub the soothing lotion in, the cold made you shiver slightly but he quickly warmed it as he rubbed it in. His gentle touches and the sweet scent of caramel were making you sleepy, he noticed your doozy look and smiled lovingly.


The bed shifted as he crawled under the sheets with you. His arms gently wrapped around your waist as you snuggled into his warm chest, he always smelled sweet like caramel and candy after he used his quirk or when he would sweat. A soft sigh left his lips as you threaded your fingers through his hair, your lips kissing over his chest and up to his neck to his jawline, you smiled against his face as he looked down at you.


"Did you have fun?"


"Fuck yeah babe." You giggled as he rolled over and smothered you with his chest, his entire body laying on you. His chest rumbled as he laughed, you tried to push him off and playfully hit his chest, gasping out you frowned up at him as he lifted himself slightly, he almost suffocated you! "You're fucking adorable baby."


"Hmph, I thought I was a brat-"


"You are a fucking brat. But you're my brat." He gave you a cocky smirk before pulling you onto his chest, his eyes sliding closed as you hummed happily. 




You would be bringing those ropes back very soon.



Chapter Text

A normal first day, that's all you wanted. The last year of middle school before you were on your way to high school where you would study to become a hero.


A fight wasn't what you needed.


" Holy shit! Holy shit! " The group was small at first, just a few kids crowded around two boys. It was probably nothing, it was just a fight, so what was it that attracted you towards them? Maybe it was the growing crowd or the fact neither of the students was using their Quirks. Maybe it was just pure curiosity.


Why, when you see boys fight does it look so horrible yet feel so right?


You pushed past some of the kids to get a glimpse of the poor soul who decided to pick an argument today, the students parted for you instantly as you calmly stepped up.


I shouldn't watch this crap, that's not who I am


They watched you intently as you finally moved past all of them, your cold eyes finally settling onto the two boys. Your eyes widened when you finally saw them. One of them was plain-looking, green hair and a simple enough face, he seemed weak and already pretty beat up.


It was the other boy that made the air leave your chest.


But with this kid, damn

Hey, Mister No Name Kid


His spiky blonde hair was falling into his eyes slightly from the fight, a large grin plastered onto his face. It was the sort of grin that would instantly make you hate someone, a grin so full of its self that you wanted to wipe it off someone's face, but this kid? Damn he made it work.


So who might you be?


Your head tilted as you watched him carefully, the crowd was gathering more as the blond boy delivered a kick to the younger boys' stomach. It looked painful but you couldn't rip your gaze from the beautiful blonde long enough to bother looking at the other boy.


And could you fight for me?


 As he looked up your eyes meet his, they burned ruby red with a mischievous and happy look, a wider smile crossed his face as he winked. You tsked and crossed your arms with a slight blush.


And hey, could you face the crowd?


He growled as the kids rushed forward to pat his back and tell him how cool he looked. In the side of your vision, you could see a few kids helping the other boy up, before you could walk up and see if he was ok though the blonde was walking up to you with a cocky look.


"Hey princess, you new?"


Could you be seen with me and still act proud?


"Depends. What's it matter to you?" His eyes flickered over your body as you raised an eyebrow. There was a small cut on his cheek from the fight, a small bit of blood dripped down his cheek as he leaned in closer to you.




He smelled like caramel.


"My name's Bakogou, Katsuki." He held his hand out for you with an amused look, it was warm and rough when you grabbed it.


"(L/n), (Y/n)."





Hey, could you hold my hand?


"Damn it nerd get out of the way!" Bakugou grabbed your wrist and yanked you out of the way, a few students sent you a glare as you stumbled through the hallway. His hand gripped you tightly as you followed him to your next class. "You're gonna get lost you dumb ass."


And could you carry me through no man's land?


A few kids whispered as you passed, his hand loosened to a comfortable grip as you walked next to him. Slowly, you moved your hand up so it intertwined with his. He gave a low grunt in response but didnt move away from your gentle touch, his thumb lightly brushing over your hand as you chatted away with him.


It's fine if you don't agree


"Is he holding  her  hand?" A boy snicked from behind you two, he leaned over to whisper to someone but purposely said it loud enough for you to hear. "Isn't that pathetic? Holding some girls hand, how  weak "


Bakugou tensed slightly as you looked between the two. His hand slid out of your and he looked away, a small frown crossed your face as the boy snickered louder.


But I would fight for you




Your fist collided with the boy's face, his nose giving a loud cracking noise as he stumbled backward. Blood rushed over his face as he screamed out in pain. Your knuckles were covered in his blood as you glared at him but before you could give another punch Bakugou grabbed your hand and pulled you to his chest quickly.


If you would fight for me


"Don't bother with this scumbag, we got better things to do." He slung his arm around your shoulder and lead you away from the crying boy back towards your class, his arm proudly resting over your shoulder. Every time someone even looked at you he sent them a glare growled annoyed.





Let them drive us underground


"Come on Katsuki! Cant handle a few robots!?" You punched through a robot as Bakugou jumped up from behind you. A huge explosion blasted through his hands as he flew backward slightly, you quickly jumped up and caught him before he hit the nearby building.


"Shut up nerd!'


I don't care how far


 You turn to him and smiled brightly. Even like this, he looked perfect, his face covered by his hero mask, sweat running down his sharp face and chest, the ever so cocky smirk on his face as he blasted through each wave of robots. 


Still the same fighting boy from middle school.


You can set my broken bones


No matter what you were with him after every fight, checking up on his injuries and him doing the same for you. He always said it was just to make sure you were healed up enough for sparring later since he didnt want to fight a 'weak nerd' and he needed the challenge.


And I know CPR


Secretly though, he enjoyed just touching you and the feeling of your soft hands running over his skin. If getting the shit beat of him meant you would touch him with those damn hands he would lose every fight he got into.







Well, whoa

You can punch real good


You ducked your head as he quickly punched forward, his fingers just barely brushing against the strands of your hair. Sparring was always fn with the boy, he would give it his all and you would do the same, dodging and countering every attack the best you could.


"Come on dumb ass, you're getting slower!" He taunted as you huffed out. Predicting your next move he sidestepped before slamming his fist against your side, your body instantly falling to the ground.


You've lasted longer than I thought you would


He paused as you sniffled quietly, your hand wiping your face as you tried to stand up. He rushed over quickly and wrapped his arm around you to help you but as soon as he was close enough you grabbed his arm and flipped him backward.


You pinned him down with a triumphant grin, he let out a low growl from the ground as you twisted his arm back and placed your foot onto his shoulder. 


So hey, Mister No Name Kid


"You're getting soft Katsuki, I thought you were the best?" Once you let his arm go he shot back up, he reached forward and slammed your body to the ground. The force of his body slamming into made you stumble backward, you fell to the ground with him hovering above you smirking.


His hands quickly pinned your hands down as he panted slightly. The warmth of his breath fanned across your face as your nose filled with the scent of his sweet caramel smell, his face twisted up in a cock smirk when you squirmed under him.


If some night, you're free


"I'll let you go if you agree to something." You raised an eyebrow at him as he stared down at you, his face suddenly serious. 


"Depends what do you want?"


"Go out with me this weekend." A wild blush covered your cheeks as he leaned down. "We can go out to the movies or whatever, we could even just spar some more. I don't care to be honest. Girls like dinner or whatever ever right?"


Wanna fight for me?


His hands loosened slightly, once he let his guard down you easily flipped the two of you over. Your hips straddled his as you placed your hands onto his chest, your hair falling into your face slightly as you carefully traced your fingers across the outline of his muscles. A content hum rumbled through his chest as you leaned down to kiss his cheek softly.


"Course dumb ass, Ill crush your ass in a fight and ill crush you in a date."


"LIKE HELL YOU'LL BEAT ME!" He yelled out as you laughed, he reached up and grabbed your hips. Tossing you aside he got up and huffed annoyed. "Whatever dumb ass, ill see you at 7 on Friday. Don't be fucking late."


With a wave of his hand, he walked out of the training room, your gaze watching him as you left. A small smile covered your face as you leaned your head against your knees, your blood was pumping and your heart was beating out of your chest. You couldn't wait for your date and you couldn't wait to crush him in a fight.




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"And this is the main event! Our very special butterfly room, our little beauties here range from the gorgeous Apatura iris to the exotic looking Protographium Marcellus and anything else you can think of!" Kouda smiled as he stared at the tour guide, the boy was waving his hands around excitedly talking about all the different species.


Kouda had learned to love this museum for many reasons. Learning about animals was one of his hobbies and it helped with his quirk, normally he tried to avoid the bugs and such but butterflies weren't so bad. It was one afternoon he came a few months ago that he ran into the new tour guide.


(Y/n) (L/n), every other day the boy would give tours of the butterfly exhibit and help out in the children's section. Kouda found himself coming on these days much more and tagging along with the tours. His shy nature made him incapable of talking to the tour guide or answering any of the questions the boy asked the group but he was happy staying towards the back and watching as the boy talked to the crowd.


Kouda smiled and looked around the room. The group had dispersed for a few minutes to look around and explore the different plaques filled with various fun facts and paragraphs of information. Kouda had read them all but skimmed over them quickly as he walked over to where some of the smaller bugs were. It was easier to be around the smaller ones since they weren't so creepy.


"Arent they lovely?" Kouda jumped and looked over, you were standing next to him smiling brightly. "Personally the Limenitis arthemis is one of my favorites, the adult butterfly has a wingspan of about 3.0 – 3.5 inches with beautiful blue and black wings. Truly beautiful creatures."


Kouda swallowed nervously with a nod. Up close you were even prettier to the shy male, he stared at you with a dark blush as he fidgeted and looked around. 


It didnt take long for you to realize that he showed up to almost all of your tours. He hid out towards the back but always paid close attention, he would come with a notebook and write down any facts you mentioned but after attending so many of the tours he rarely would write anything down since he knew most of it. It was nice though, the boy was cute and polite, plus what's better than an adorably shy boy who likes butterflies?


Now that you were closer to him you could examine him a little closer. He was in a beige sweater and shorts, the top of his head kind of looked like a rock and matched his tall wide frame. Even with his height and bulk, he was nervous and shy, his body slightly hunched over as he fiddled with his hands. Every few seconds his eyes flickered over to you then back to the exhibit.


"You're from UA, right? I saw you at the Festival, you did super good!" He flushed darker and stared at you wide-eyed. The poor kid looked terrified that you were talking to him, in all honesty though, this was his dream come true. I mean he had been crushing on you for months now and you finally were talking to him! Plus you knew who he was! "You don't talk much do you?"


You giggled as he looked away shyly. "S-sorry..."


His voice was soft and almost a whisper, his hands still fiddling with each other as you looked over the scenery. Even if he had spoken up doing the tour you probably wouldn't be able to hear him with how quiet his voice was. It was cute none the less, his shy and quiet nature was what lead you to enjoy the tours.


A small butterfly fluttered up to you both, he instantly froze and went tense as it landed onto your shoulder. Instead of flipping out ((Like he would normally)) though you lifted your finger to the small animal and smiled when it hopped up onto your finger.


"Why arent you confident today? Are you hungry already, I suppose you could have a special treat." You cooed out at the bug and lifted a small container that was attached to your hip. Kouda watched as you unscrewed it and dipped a finger in before lifting it, it was coated with a clear liquid that the bug instantly slurped up. "My quirk allows me to make any type of food for an animal, I like to make an extra bottle of nectar for these guys so they can have special treats when they are good."


"T-that's so c-c-cool!" Kouda smiled as the butterfly went back to rest on your shoulder, its wings fluttering slowly as you set the container back. 


"Hey uh, i don't know if you...swing that way but would you want to get some coffee together? Maybe after this tour?" He went wide-eyed as you smiled softly at him, a blush tinting your cheeks as you rubbed the back of your neck nervously. "I just figured I would shoot my shot heh..."


"I-I...S-s-sure!" He shakily smiled and pulled his phone out for you to put your number into it. The crowd started to form up again as you handed it back to him, a bright smile and blush on your face as you looked up at him.


"I'll see you after the tour then cutie." You winked before turning to the group with a bright smile. "Whos ready to get moving! Next, we are going to go over the history of some of these beautiful creatures and you will get the chance to feed some of them!"


As he blended back into the crowd he held his phone with shaky hands and a shy smile. His first date and it was going to happen in only a few hours! 


Just as you all were leaving the butterfly from earlier gently rested onto his shoulder. He paused and stared at the bug quietly, normally he would freak out and scream but he stared at the animal with a calm expression. Shakily he lifted his finger for the butterfly to hop onto. It was the one you mentioned before as your favorite, its black and blue wings slowly fluttering as it rested on his large finger.


He leaned down and whispered to the bug before letting it go. The bug flapped over to you and rested on top of your head, the guests laughing as you smiled and tilted your head up with a raised eyebrow. You looked out at the crowd and connected eyes with Kouda, shyly he smiled and waved at you as the bug fluttered down to your shoulder.


The shy boy from the butterfly exhibit, Koji Kouda.

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"Listen I would love to cuddle you but im pretty sure you will stab my eye out with your hair." 


"Babbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbe please?" Kirishima huffed and wrapped his arms around your waist, his face pressing into your neck lovingly. Just as you predicted his hair poked you in the face as he nuzzled himself into you. If it wasn't constantly poking into you maybe you would've let him continue, but the strands were so sharp it felt like they were going to cut you and like hell would you get your face chopped up because this boy wanted cuddles


"Kiri it hurts!" He pulled back and sighed with a saddened look. Before he could fully pull away from you, you turned around and reached up to flatten down the hair. The spikes gave way underneath your soft touch as you pressed the hair down to his face.


"Hey don't do that!"


"You want cuddles don't you?" His hair flipped down as you giggled.


"Yeah but it's so unmanly when it's down!" Another huff left his lips as you flattened down the last piece. When he had his hair down he looked completely different, it reminded you of when you both meet back in middle school before he dyed his hair and became the hero you knew now.


So much had changed in him during that last year. Before his huge change you loved him but you loved him even more now, after all these years he finally seemed happy and proud of his quirk. There was a confidence in his eyes you never had seen before that made you even more overjoyed. The spiky hair was cute and you did love it but when it was down it gave him a softness you only ever got to see when you both were alone. It was a reminder of how shy and sweet he really was, even if he didnt see it as the manliest thing it was special to you anyway.


"Come on babe we're just in your dorm. You can spike it back up if we leave the room." Before he could protest you wrapped your arms around his waist and buried your face into his soft chest. 


Even with his workouts and quirk, he was extremely soft. Nothing was better than cuddling with him. His arms wrapped around you and gently stroked your back as he scooted himself up further into the bed before lifting up a blanket for you two to slide under. The bed creaked underneath him as he laid down, your chin resting on his large pec so you could stare up into his eyes while he ran his fingers along your spine and over your hips.


Kiri was a very touchy sort of man. Every single second he needed his hands to be on you, holding your hand, his arm around your waist, his lips kissing over your skin, any sort of contact at all. To him it wasn't unmanly, in fact, it made him even more manly! Being seen with his badass girlfriend under his arm was the biggest flex on anyone. Nothing was better than when people stared at you talking walking down the street, his arm snuggly around your waist while you leaned your head against his shoulder and talked about whatever was on your mind.


But it was when you were in his room alone when he really was touchy. It wasn't even a sexual thing, though he certainly wasn't lacking in that area. As said before he is a very touchy man, out of everywhere you could sit in his room his lap was where you always ended up. His hands had to be holding yours or in your hair, he had to be cuddled up against you or he would  die.


He gently ran his hands up your back to your hair so he could gently stroke it, his fingers weaving through and gently twisting a few strands between his fingers. Moments like these always took your breath away, the softness of his touch, the slow rise and fall of his chest, the way his eyes stared down into your with that look of love and adoration only he could give.


He pressed a soft kiss to your lips with a smile. They moved down over your jaw to your neck and shoulder, he gave a few playful nips with his teeth to tickle you. He made sure to never bite down to hard since his sharp teeth could easily pierce your skin if he wasn't careful.


"I love you, babe." He pecked your lips again playfully with a grin, his hands moving up to squish your cheeks together. You pouted as he pressed them closer together so you made a face similar to a fish. "You're so adorable!"


He pressed his lips against yours again as he held your cheeks. When he moved back his lips left yours with a loud smack, shortly you both started laughing at the ridiculous sound. Once your laugher died down he was pulling you back onto his chest and his hand returned to your hair to thread his fingers through. His chest reverted to its slow rise as his eyelashes fluttered close, your breathing matching his own as you drifted off to sleep in his warm embrace.


Sleepy cuddles with Kiri were always worth it, even if his spiky hair stabbed you in the eye sometimes.






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"B-Bunny I need your help!"


"Baby I would but I have homework-"


"N-no! Its...Mirio and Nejire, they..." Tamaki's voice shook as a loud cry came from behind him. "Please Bunny I...I need your help!"


You gave a soft sigh and rubbed your temples, normally you would drop everything to go spend time with your boyfriend Tamaki, but you needed to study for the upcoming test. As you went to tell him about this though another loud cry came from behind him. You raised an eyebrow as he yelped, a few babbles followed soon afterward.


"Are those...Kids? Did the guy's make you babysit or something?"


"...something like t-that..." He sighed and looked down at the two babies in front of him. "Please Bunny... I need your help."


"Ok ok, ill come over. But only until you take them back home, I have to study." He let out a sigh of relief as you stood up to get your coat and things. After giving you about a hundred thank you's you both said goodbye and got into your car to drive over to his house.




"I d-don't know...P-please help me!" Tamaki looked between you and the two babies, the two babies being the other half of the Big Three...But they were...Babies?


Tamaki looked even more stressed than usual. His hair was a mess and he was franticly rushing between the two kids, his arms were filled with snacks, toys, and juice cups. Leaning down you closely inspected the bigger of the babies, he had the same hair and face as Mirio with chubby cheeks and chubby legs. Well, he was completely chubby.


When you lifted him he gave a few happy babble as the other baby crawled up to your leg. Nejire cooed up at you with grabby hands, you held the two in your arms as Tamaki watched in slight awe.


"So im guessing this was a Villain or something? A De-aging quirk?" Tamaki nodded as you sat down on the couch. "How long is this supposed to last?"


"U-uh well, I...I don't know..."


"We have school in a few days! We can't take them to classes if they are babies, besides what will we tell their families!" Sensing your worried tone Mirio frowned and gently patted your cheek. When you looked down he smiled brightly and patted your cheek softly, his small hand gently petting your face as Nejire tugged on your hair. "We have to stay calm...where did you get all the baby stuff from?"


"It w-was some of my old toys...M-my mom brought it o-over..."


"She didnt ask why?" You raised an eyebrow as he blushed darker.


"I told her...Um that we were thinking about..." He fiddled with his hands and looked away embarrassed. It was a difficult conversation, he didnt mean to imply it but she took it that way instantly. As soon as a baby was mentioned she was flipping out and saying how happy she was for grandchildren, how she had so many things for you both to have, asking him when he planned to propose.


He almost died from embarrassment.


Nejire shifted out of your arms to grab her juice cup, Mirio was now crawling around the floor picking up random toys and tossing them aside until he found a small shaker. Aggressively he shoke it with a few murmurs.


"...right. If my moms call asking if im pregnant you're telling them what happened." You clapped your hands together and stood up. "Ok! Who wants to play!"


"Bunny? What do B-Babies eat?" You poked your head into the kitchen. Tamaki was standing by the fridge, Mirio resting on his hip as he rummaged around.


"Like apple sauce and stuff." He nodded and pulled out two containers of apple sauce. Instantly Mirio smacked them from his hands onto the floor, Tamaki let out a sharp yelp as the baby phased out of his arms to the floor.


Quickly he ran over to the fridge and pulled out a small container of Ramen. Before Tamaki could grab it the baby waddled up to you and handed you it, his face full of determination as he babbled loudly.


"Ok ok Ramen it is." The baby nodded and babbled some more as you nodded in agreement. "Yes I know, it is very good. But you have to be nice to Tamaki, you cant smack things from his hands."


Mirio glanced over at him and gave a loud babble that sounded something like a sorry. Tamaki smiled softly and patted the boys head as you went over to the microwave to heat the noodles for the baby, just as you went to pick him back up he muttered something.




"Did you just...Say Tama?!" You lifted him quickly with a huge smile. "Say it again!"


"TAMA!" The baby squealed out happily as you bounced him up and down. A look of surprise crossed Tamaki's face as the boy babbled and muttered his name over and over again. "Tama Tama Tama!"


"He said his first word!" Well more or less at least, but Tamaki wouldn't take away your excitement. He nodded as you lifted the baby boy to rub your nose against his. The feeling from earlier came back, he couldn't help it. Seeing you so excited over the boy's first words, the fact they were his name, it made his heart ache more.


What was he thinking?


"Oh hey, babe?"


"Yeah Bunny?"


"Where did Mirio go?" He looked up from his spot on the floor with a panicked look, you were walking around the room checking under pillows and anywhere else he could've squirmed his little body into. "Do you think his quirk still...Damn it!"


As if on cue his head popped up through the couch, a huge smile on his chubby face. When you reached for him he phased back through and moved to the end of the couch. You quickly lunged for him as he started running around, his clothes phased off his body as he ducked away from your hands.


"MIRIO GET BACK HERE!" Tamaki snickered slightly as you finally caught his leg. Mirio huffed annoyed but let you slip his small shorts and tee shirt back on before placing him onto the couch. 


You handed him a small cup of orange juice that he happily started drinking. Nejire crawled onto the couch and made grabby hands at him, Mirio handed her the cup and they switched between sips. 


Exhausted you flopped onto the floor next to your boyfriend.


"Jesus...I didnt know Mirio would be a problem child." You lifted your hands to glare at the small boy. "He may be cute but he still is the same old Mirio."


Tamaki gently stroked your hair as you sighed into the floor, his fingers gently scratched your scalp as you looked up at him softly. He gave a soft smile and leaned down to peck your lips-


"GAH!" Mirio threw the cup at your head with an angry pout, Nejire was giggling and patting her small legs.


"Ok ok ill put something on. Geez, Mirio let me kiss my boyfriend before you get all pouty on me!" The baby squinted his eyes as you stood up and walked over to the TV. You flipped through a few of the channels before he gave a loud coo at Baby Einsteins. The two instantly curled up next to each other as the soothing music started to play.




Tamaki gently pressed his head against your shoulder, he had to reach over slightly since the other two were between the both of you. Mirio was resting his head in your lap and chewing on a blanket while Nejire sleepily tried to hold her head up and watch the TV.


It honestly amazed him how good you were with this. Kids weren't something either of you talked about, It wasn't that you both didnt want them but since it was your last of school and both of you planned to be pro heroes it wasn't at the top of your list of priorities.


But seeing you take care of the kids, even if they weren't both of your kids and were your friends, made him consider what was his plans for life. His hand gently moved to intertwine with yours.


"They're out." You muttered with a yawn, a small smile on your lips as you stroked Mirios bright blonde hair. The boy curled up tighter and cooed out at the touch.


"Yeah...I-Ill take them to the room." Tamaki gently scooped the babies up into his arms and walked towards his bedroom. As he was setting the down into his bed you gently touched his shoulder, your chin moving to rest on his shoulder as you sighed. "B-Bunny?"


"They are so cute." He looked over at you then back at the two.




"Tamaki do you want kids? Some day?" Your voice was quiet against his shoulder as you pressed your face into his tee-shirt. He didnt respond instantly, he reached back and grabbed your hand into his as he went over the thoughts in his head. He went to open his mouth but was cut off by a soft cry, Nejire was sniffling into her pillow and clutching her blankets. Quickly you moved past Tamaki to lay next to the small girl, your arms wrapping around her as she nuzzled into your chest.


Tamaki sat down on the other side by Mirio. You gently stroked over her back and whispered to her, slowly her sniffles stopped and she was gently snoring into your teeshirt. Your eyes were slowly fluttering closed as Tamaki laid with you.


Reaching out he intertwined his hand with yours again. 


"I do..." 






"Should we...Wake them up?" Mirio looked between you two with a confused look. Waking up in bed with even one of you would've been weird, but waking up with all his friends in Tamaki's cramped bed was even weirder. The last thing he could remember was him and Nejire fighting some sort of Villain. Then he was getting hit and blacked out, so how the hell did he end up here? And why were you all in bed together?


Nejire shook her head and slipped out from under your arm. "Let them rest. Besides look cute they are!"


Mirio nodded and slipped out from under Tamaki's arms, the boy shifted from the movement before sliding his arms around your waist instead. Quickly Nejire moved the blankets up over you two, your face buried into the taller boys' neck as you sighed contently, it was an adorable sight.


"They are so cute!" Nejire giggled and patted Mirio's arm. "They would have the cutest kids!"


Mirio laughed at the thought, you two as parents? Taking care of children? 



What a silly thought.

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The time of year were kids went trick or treating, the time when couples got together to watch scary movies and the time of year where families bonded over carving pumpkins. But most importantly...


It was the time of year when the teachers of UA threw the biggest staff party of the year.


Every year it was hosted and planned by Present Mic, Midnight his seconds in command and Aizawa the DJ. Most years it ended up with the teachers drunk and doing stupid pranks and other dumb things. Since a lot of the teachers were new this year Mic was extra excited, he would be able to do double the pranks and with new meat, it meant extra fun.


Not only that, but there was a certain pro hero now on the team.


It wouldn't be a classic Halloween party if Mic didnt have something up his leather studded sleeves. When you had first joined the staff of UA everyone could see how close you and Toshinori, from the moment Mic saw you two together he was planning how he would set you both up.


The Easter party was a failure ((Toshinori was helping students with the egg hunt and you did face painting)) then there was the Valentines Day ((You two just sat drinking with the rest of the staff, Mic almost strangled you both for not giving each other  something )) Don't even get my started on  New years day  ((NEITHER OF YOU EVEN SHOWED UP TO THIS ONE)))


But this was going to be the year. In all honesty, Mic wanted you two to get together more than anyone, including yourself. Not saying you don't want to date the former #1 hero but Mic took things to a next  level .


"So uh do I need like...a costume?" You rubbed the back of your neck with a worried smile, lunches were the most hectic during this time of year. It didnt help that you often sat with Aizawa and   Hizashi. Aizawa glanced up as Mic stared at you in silence. When things got quiet with Mic it normally doesn't last.


"...OF COURSE, YOU NEED A COSTUME YO, YOU HAVENT BOUGHT ONE??" He grabbed your shoulders as he screeched. If you hadn't known him for as long as you did your eardrums would've burst by now and you probably would've smacked him for his yelling.


"What do you want to go as?" Aizawa watched as Hizashi shook you harder.


"Um...I don't know to be honest...Do I have to go?" 


"Hey! Are you going to the Halloween festival!" The sound of Toshinori's booming voice made you tense up, shyly you glanced up at him as he smiled down at you. He was using his other form but it didnt last long.


After a few seconds of coughing and sputtered he looked back up at you, his body back to its natural spindly self. "Um...So are you going?"


"I mean I guess I could uh...Find something to wear." You both smiled at each other for a few seconds as Mic franticly shook Aizawa. "I'll see you there?"


"Yes! I WILL BE THERE!" His body bulked back up as you giggled. A smile crossed his face when you giggled, this was going to be the year he made a move. He decided to ask you out a few months ago, sometime after the Easter party when Mic broke down and finally told him that you had the hots for the hero.


It was a shock at first. I mean he wasn't exactly the man he used to be, he was practically a skeleton at this point. For awhile he was worried that you only like him for his hero persona and body, but then he noticed how you were always closer to him in the natural form, how you smiled at him so fondly. There were times where the doubt came back but he wasn't going to let that stop him. 


He was going to make a move.




"Hey look, I could go as Shouto!" Mic snickered as you held up a yellow sleeping bag, Aizawa squinted his eyes with a tsk.


Party City was the first place you all went for costumes, Aizawa wasn't going to come but after you two begged him he finally gave in. ((Plus if he went Mic wouldn't drag you to the adult section...Pretty you passed Midnight when you walked over there)) Most of the suggestions they gave you were in vain, most of them were too cheesy or super cheap-looking or just plain old boring.


But just as you were going to give up something caught your eye. It was hidden towards the back and was covered in a black slipcover. When you pulled it back a soft gasp left your lips, hearing you the two walked over and glanced over your shoulder.


"Did you find something yo?" Mic raised an eyebrow as you tugged the costume down into your arms, neither of them could see much but there was a look of pure awe in your eyes.


"This is the one!" You held it to your chest with a huge smile. "I just know it, and it's my size!"


"Wait we have to try it on-" Aizawa tried to counter but Hizashi shook his head. 


"Let's get your costumes, I still think Aizawa should go as a cat-" 


"Absolutely not."




This was...more intense then you had thought.


Drinking and Pro heroes were never a good idea, but then again that depends on who you ask. For you though, being around a bunch of drunk teachers who also happen to be your friends, well it could only end badly. 


For the most part, you spent the night towards the corner by the drinks and food. Dancing wasn't really your thing plus most of the people on the dance floor were...well if its a group with Midnight in it you can imagine how things are going. 


Another thing that made it hard was the fact you hadn't seen Toshinori anywhere. On the bright side, your costume was killing it! So far every teacher had come up and commented on how pretty you looked, even though you appreciated the compliments deep down you wanted only one person to compliment you.

"The Voidfish" by fandom-freakgirl on Polyvore

((Here is the costume btw, I found this and i HAD to use it))


But apparently, he decided to not show up.


"Um hey, Aizawa?" You walked up to the Dj station where Aizawa was sleeping behind it, a computer was set up with a looping playlist. Lazily he looked up at you through his hair, his cat ears were askew on his head and the cat whiskers drawn on his face were smeared. "Have you seen Toshinori?"


"Messaged a few minutes ago saying he had to grab something from his classroom. You could go see if he's still there, if he isn't in there he should be in the teacher lounge."


"Thanks." You flashed him a quick smile before turning back to the dance floor. After maneuvering your way through the crowd ((A few of the drunker teachers got a hold of you and delayed you but thankfully they got distracted by Mic offering shots)) you were walking down the hallways of the school.


Away from the cafeteria where the party was, it was surprisingly quiet. Most of the students were at the dorm or back home celebrating with family and all the teachers were at the party. Well, almost all the teachers at least.


When you opened up the door to Toshinori's classroom you almost didnt recognize him. He was dressed in a Skeleton bodysuit with a long tailcoat over it, somehow he looked even skinnier than normal but maybe that was just the bodysuit. Another part of it was the fact it was form-fitting. Most of his clothes were too big for him since he liked to change between his weaker figure to his hero one, but this outfit was tailored for his normal body.


It made him look...well really good.


"Um hey." He jumped slightly and turned to you, his cheeks dusted over with pink as he slowly looked you up and down. Nervously you giggled as he blushed darker.


"Hi...You look uh, you look good." 


"Thanks, you do too." A thick silence followed. His eyes stayed on your figure, carefully glancing over the different pieces of your outfit while you looked around the room. "So this is your class? I don't think I've ever been in here."


"Oh yeah, it isn't much." He rubbed the back of his neck as you walked up to one of the desks. On the edge of each corner was a name tag for each student, they were all drawn on with little sketches or jewels or something else to make them personal. It was a bit childish for teenagers but it was sweet.


You ran your hand along Midoriyas desk. It was decorated with a small drawing of All Might and little notes. Since the paper was tiny and mainly was his name there wasn't much he could fit onto it, but he managed to squeeze in a few small drawings.


"Its cute, very you."


"Does that mean you think im cute?" A dark blush covered his cheeks as he franticly waved his hands. "I-I mean uh...I didnt mean it like that, crap...Im sorry-"


"Well, you are." He paused. You looked up from the desk to stare at Toshinori. "Cute, I mean. I think you're cute."


Another silence followed. I mean it wasn't awkward or anything, right? It's normal for friends to call each other cute, it was just a compliment between colleagues, nothing more nothing less...Unless he wanted it to be more cause then it certainly could be more-


"We should get back to the party." More silence. Neither of you moved from your spots, you staring at the floor and walls while he fiddled with his hair strands. It was something he seemed to do when he was deep in thought or nervous, it was honestly adorable but if he kept tugging on it he would surely pull them out.


Before he could say anything else you stepped up to his desk across from him. When he finally looked you in the eyes his breath hitched ever so slightly, his bright blue eyes gazing into yours deeply. Up close they were much brighter then you thought and they contracted his pale skin and the blondeness of his hair.


Quietly you pushed one of the strands from his face so you could see him better. A gentle sigh left his lips as you moved your hand down to cup his sunken in cheeks, his skin was smooth and delicate, thin like paper. Small goosebumps covered his skin but you couldn't see with his sleeves, his heart was beating twice as fast though, nervousness evident in his eyes as your hands slowly moved down his cheek to his shoulder. There was a slowness in your touch that made him curious and needy for more.




"Toshinori just...Don't say anything." Another look of worry crossed his face. Had he done something wrong? Was he doing something wrong right now, should he be making his move?


Slowly you leaned forward and pressed your mouth against his. He tensed as his eyes went wide, your arms wrapped around his shoulders and pulled his body closer to you. If the desk wasn't in the way you would fully press against him but for the time be you just kissed him slowly.


After getting over the shock his eyes fluttered closed and he softly cupped your cheeks in his thin hands. They stroked over your face as you hummed into his soft lips, his tongue swiped over your bottom lip as you tilted your head. You opened your mouth and his tongue rushed out to meet yours in a passionate dance.


He pulled back to quickly walk around the desk and pull you to his chest. Even though he was fairly thin in this form his chest was firm and solid against you as he quickly connected your lips again. His hands ran over your waist and gently touched the frills of your costume, his fingers gently pressed you closer to his body before dipping down to the edge of your dress.


The contact of his fingers to your bare skin made you shiver in excitement. As soon as your lips left him he was moving down your jaw to your neck, he left a few kisses over your skin before gently biting down and leaving a small hickey. The mark would no doubt be obvious later on and your shirt collar most likely wouldn't cover the mark but you couldn't bother to stop him. Not when he was kissing you like that and leaving marks like you were his.


"Toshinori mm~" He glanced up as you gripped his coat tightly, your head tilted slightly so he could mark up the other side. "P-please..."


It was an unspoken request but he knew what you wanted. He backed you up against one of the desks, he quickly lifted you so you were sitting on it with his body in between your legs. With a soft kiss to your lips, he went back to slowly rubbing his hands up and down your thighs gently, they dipped down underneath your skirt to press against your core.


He raised an eyebrow when he felt nothing underneath the skirt. "You're not..."


"I uh...Well, I was hoping we would...Makes things quicker ok!" You covered your face embarrassed as he chuckled lowly, his chest rumbled slightly against yours as he traced his finger along your lower lips. 


A low moan left your lips as he slowly pushed one finger in. Even though you were both adults and not virgins you were surprisingly tight around his finger. He slowly pumped his finger in and out as you loosened his bow tie, your hands moved up to his hair once you finished and threaded through the soft golden locks.


Just as you had guessed his hair was extremely soft. He gave a soft moan when you lightly tugged on it, you chuckled softly as he sent you a look.


"(Y/n) don't do that."


"Why not? You make cute noises when I do~" He went to say something else but you tugged on his hair again, a small mewl left his lips as he pushed his finger further. A shiver ran through you as he huffed out.


"I said not to do that darling." The nickname made you shiver even more which he raised an eyebrow to. Instead of dwelling on it, he flipped your skirt up further so he could look underneath it, not before he looked up at you and got consent though. Once you gave him the nod he hurried with moving it up and out of the way for his excited eyes.


He stared for a few seconds with a wide smirk. Once you decided he had enough time staring at you ((This boy is like a teenager seeing a woman for the first time I swear)) you moved your hands down his chest to his slender hips. They bucked up slightly when you passed your hand over his bulge, he was already quite hard and that much was evident by the largeness of him, he was already pretty big when he this. Not that you stared or anything that would be weird.


But I mean...It was pretty big when he wasn't already hard, at least from what you could tell from his pants.


You were snapped out of your thoughts by the sound of his zipper being tugged down, his hands had moved your away since you paused in your though process but he held your hand in yours as the other tugged his pants down. Before he could push down his boxers you grabbed his other hand and held it in yours.


"Wait before we do this...You want this right? I mean this isn't a one-time thing? If you only want a one-time thing that's...that's ok but I want to know now." Your eyes cast downward as you braced yourself for getting shot down. Instead of the harsh words you expected he gently grabbed your chin and lifted your face to his, the blue in his eyes were soft and filled with love. It was a look one wouldn't normally give before having a quick fuck or a one night stand, it was a look you would give a partner before making love.


His lips pressed against yours softly before kissing over your cheeks and up your face. "I love you (Y/n), I don't want a one-night thing. I want...I want a relationship. I understand if you don't want that with someone like me, a former hero, a shell of the man I used to be. Honestly, I don't see what you see in me, im more bones than a man at this point."


He gave a soft laugh as you cupped his sunken in cheek.


"I don't see that about you Toshinori. I see who you are past the body, a strong man who does everything in his will to protect others, an amazing teacher who wants the best for his students...I see the sort of man who no matter what keeps a smile on his face because he knows that's what the world needs." You pressed your forehead against him as he sighed softly. "That's what I love most about you. Besides, I think the bony look is kinda hot."


"Oh yeah?"


"Listen when you are in the other form you look like you could crush my skull with your pecs. I swear you could murder me if you hugged me." He laughed out as you giggled softly. "When you're like this you are easier to hold and cuddle anyway. I mean it isn't like you arent...still um...big in other ways."


He raised an eyebrow as you gently ran your hands down his stomach again. For a few seconds, he had forgotten what exactly you two had been doing, when your hand brushed over his hard-on it was a quick reminder of what he was attempting to do.


He glanced down and watched as you tugged the piece of clothing away from his thin hips, his member snapped up out of his boxers and hit his stomach. What he lacked for in girth he made up in length, he was fairly average girth but damn was he  long . It sort of matched his current form but you didnt have time to think about that since you were to busy wrapping your hand around him and slowly pumping it.


A low groan came from above you as you tilted your head curiously. The tip was leaking with precum, your thumb brushed over and collected the sticky substance before bringing it to your lips. He watched as your tongue flickering out to kitten lick it up.


That was his snapping point. He quickly opened your legs and pulled you to the edge, his hips pressing against yours as he pushed his tip inside. The first few inches were fairly easy but once he was halfway in the stretch was getting harder, you were tight and he didn't spend much time stretching you out. He paused and let you get used to the feeling before pushing another few inches in and the pausing.


Once he was fully sheathed inside of you your body was shaking and your hands gripped his coat tightly. His hands gently rubbed your hips as he pulled away and slowly pushed back in, you moaned out and moved your hands up to his hair.


He gave a few slow thrusts before speeding up. The sound of his low grunts and his skin hitting against your filled the room, he found your G spot soon after and rammed himself in harder. 


He ran his hands over your thighs and gripped you tightly. The way his member pounded inside of you was overwhelming, even though he was thin and lean he moved at an extreme speed, the desk shaking underneath his movements. One of his hands moved up from your thighs to gently grab your chin and lift you for a quick kiss.


"Toshinori...Im c-close!" He looked into your eyes and shivered, your voice was shaky and your eyes squeezed shut as he groped you through the costume. It was a sight he burned into his memory for later, even though you did say you wanted more then a one time thing your face twisted up in pleasure for the first time was something he always wanted to remember.


He pressed his mouth against yours as you tightened around him, your body shaking as you cried his name out and came. The speed of his hips slowed slightly, he focused on driving himself as deep as he could before he gripped you tightly and came. Another cry of his name came from you as he slowly moved his hips.


You held onto his coat as he gently stroked your back, your face buried into his chest as he leaned down to kiss your shoulder. When he pulled back you whimpered and latched onto him tightly.


"We have to get going...someone is going to notice we aren't at the party." He chuckled and kissed your lips softly. "We can um...Go back to my room afterward and...cuddle? If you want?"


"I would like that." Smiling you kissed his lips and cupped his cheek in your hands. He smiled back and wrapped his arms around you, just as he went to pull away the door swung open.


"I THINK THERE IN HERE YO-" Hizashi paused as he stared at the two of you, your skirt still flipped up and Toshinori between your legs. His eyes widened as Aizawa poked his head in from behind him.




"UM." They stared at you both as you franticly got yourself presentable, Toshinori frantically tugging his pants and boxers back up with his back turned to them. When you looked up you connected eyes with All Might, a shy smile on his face as you hopped off the desk.


You gently grabbed his hand and quickly walked past the two bewildered males towards the cafeteria. Even though your friends had caught you in a less than ideal situation you wouldn't have traded those moments with Toshinori for anything. 


His hand intertwined with yours as you opened up the doors. For the rest of the night, you two drank, danced, and talked. You both made up for all the lost time and by the end of the night you were stumbling back to his room with him, hands intertwined, the both of you smiling and giggling.


It was the perfect night with the perfect man.

Chapter Text

In a world with quirks, there were already so many differences with people. Even if you excluded gender, appearances, personality, there was still so much that made people different. There were a few things that brought together groups, though. One of these things being Alphas and Omegas. In all honesty, you didn't care about it all. Your friends were just your friends, regardless of whether or not they were an Alpha or Omega. When it came to you, though, you preferred not to talk about which you were.


Omegas were seen as submissive, shy, people; Save for the few who were more confident. During heats and...well, sex, Omegas instantly became submissive bottoms, desperate for any sort of psychical touching.


You, on the other hand, hadn't even had a heat yet. It was odd since you hit puberty long ago, and you were even in high school. The doctors just said you were a late bloomer or that you needed someone to trigger it, then they should start coming every month. You were thankful for it though, you didn't want a boyfriend, and it would be hard to deal with it alone. Just in case, though, you avoided anyone else in heats. They possibly could trigger your own, and like hell would you have your first time just because you went into heat.


But on the subject of heats, you were almost a hundred percent sure one of your friends had started his. Deku was a shy boy. During middle school, you were one of his closest friends, well one of his only. Katsuki was a close friend of yours as well, but you mainly just kept the two from hurting each other. ((Kacchan hurting deku that is)) Deku was an Omega like you. It perfectly matched him, and you were slightly envious. Your personality was fierier like Katsuki, but you just had to be an Omega. An Omega was just something you weren't. Deku didn't like to open up about it, unlike Katsuki, who rubbed it in that he was an Alpha every damn day.


Being the only Alpha of the group made him the leader early on. Once puberty hit things just got more intense, he became much more violent with Deku and much more protective of you. You didn't mind, he was kind to you, and as long as you kept him in check, he wasn't too bad to Deku. For years everything was fine. Things were good with your friendship, you all went to UA, and it was great. Friends were all you three were.


Then Deku hit his heat.


At first, you hadn't noticed, you were in your dorm room with the two watching a movie and snacking. Deku was snuggled up against your side with Bakugou on your other side, a peaceful quiet over you all as you watched the screen intently. It was halfway through the movie he started to squirm.


He leaned up and looked at you with slightly pleading eyes, his hands gripping your shirt as he gave a small whimper. Not realizing what he was trying to get at, you patted his head and pressed his head back against your chest in hopes he would go back to laying down.


The scent of Lavender then hit your nose. Your quirk was similar to wolves, your sense of smell and sight heightened, not to mention your matching tail and ears. Your nose scrunched up as you looked down at him. It was a pleasant smell and made you feel...odd, but where was it coming from? It certainly wasn't coming from Bakugou, but it seemed to be emitting off of your other friend.


"You ok, Deku? Did you open up a bottle of like oil or something?" His arms wrapped around your waist as he nuzzled himself into the curve of your neck. Just as you went to pet his head, his mouth pressed against you, leaving a few small kisses along the soft skin before biting down. "Ack! Deku!"


"What the hell nerd get off of-" Katsuki paused to sniff the air. He wasn't an idiot. He could tell just from looking at Deku the boy was in heat. The boy was practically humping your leg for heaven's sake! It wasn't uncommon for an Omega to get needy once in heat, but it was odd that he was trying to mate with another Omega. If Deku was to cling to anyone, it should've been Katsuki.


Not that he wanted the damn nerd on him, though.


There wasn't much time for either to think. Deku was too clouded over with his own need, and Bakugou had to move fast before the other boy did something rash. Bakugou's strong arms wrapped around your waist and yanked you over into his lap.


"Damn it, Deku, what the hell! You can't just fucking go into heat and not warn us! Cant you take fucking pills like the rest of us, Jesus, you fuck up on everything."


"I-im sorry, Kacchan...I forgot..." He whimpered sadly at the loss of contact; his eyes teared up as he sniffled. The scent increased and hit both of you in the face. "I can't control it...P-please don't be mad."


Bakugou went to argue when you squirmed out of his arms. The protective side of you was overruling the logic, you should get out of here before he triggered your heat, but he looked so sad and fragile. Making him cry was something you never wanted to do. He was your friend, after all! The scent was stronger as you pulled him against you again, your fingers stroking through his hair as he nuzzled your neck again. 


When he started to bit down again, you tugged his hair slightly. But instead of stopping, he whimpered out and leaned into the touch, his face twisted up as he panted. The sight was erotic, and you couldn't help but stare at his plump lips and freckled cheeks.


Bakugou watched as you leaned down and pressed your lips against the boys. He was utterly silent as he watched Deku melt against you, he whimpered every few seconds into the kiss as you held him tight against you. From what he could tell you were slipping into your clouded lust, the sweet scent of vanilla starting to overtake Deku's Lavender.


Your tongue rushed out to meet Deku's as you gripped him tighter. So many thoughts were running through your head, but they all seemed to be slipping into one. 


You needed to fuck one of them, and you needed it now.


For an unmated Alpha, the scent was intense. Bakugou had to use all his will not to rush forward and put his dick into either of you. At this point, No Homo be damned. All he knew was that two Omegas were going into heat right in front of him, and he was finding his will power slipping away. This wasn't even including the fact you both were desperately clinging and shoving your tongues into each other's mouths like fucking animals.


Instead of fighting it, he decided it would be easier to live in the present and be awkward later. His hands reached forward around you to grab the collar of your shirt, a low growl leaving his lips as he ripped the fabric in two.


They stared down at your chest with wide eyes. Deku pulled away from the kiss to look at the newly exposed skin. You could see his member twitch inside his pants as Bakugou gripped each of the covered breasts into his hand, and the cold air made your skin bump up. It felt odd having yourself displaced in front of two boys, especially them being your closest friends.


But you didn't...Dislike it.


"Go on, you damn nerd, get to fucking work." Bakugou reached forward to shove Deku into your breasts. The boy whimpered at the harsh movement but did as he said, his mouth going back to leaving marks and bites along your skin. Bakugou busied himself with leaning your head back and roughly kissing you.


Unlike Deku, the kiss was rough and dominating. There was no gentleness with him. He was exploring your mouth as if it was  his . You were  his  Omega and no one else. But instead of being angry at the roughness, you melted into the touches and the heat of his mouth. Submission was weaving its way through your thoughts as your scent increased.


Bakugou ran his tongue along your sharp teeth as he ripped off your bra as well. The clothing hangs onto your body pathetically. It covered little to nothing from either of their intense stares. 


"Y-You're beautiful (Y/n)." Deku leaned up to kiss your cheek with a shy smile.


"Shut up, you fucking Omega, you got us into this mess, so fucking hurry up." Bakugou rolled his eyes as Deku frowned. "Listen, princess. You're going to be a good girl and suck this bastard's cock while I fuck your pretty little ass got it?"


You nodded your head frantically before reaching for Deku's pants. As soon as his pants were down and his cock was out, your mouth wrapped around the tip. You didn't expect your heat to make you this way, but with every second, you were growing needier and needier for them to touch you. When Katsuki wrapped his hand around your tail and gently stroked the soft fur, you whimpered around Deku, your head moving further down his shaft while the other boy pushed your skirt up.


Thankfully you wore your cutest pair of panties today. The black lace barely covered your ass and hugged the skin sexily. Teasingly you pressed your ass against the bulge in Bakugou's pants while bobbing your head quickly. His hand tightened around your tail and yanked it slightly. Instead of it hurting pleasure erupted through you, and you moaned loudly.


"Fuck you like that? I'm going to wreck you, princess...Make you my fucking mate. You want that baby?" He growled out as he pushed your panties aside. "I might even let Deku have a piece of you, bet you want that, don't you? Want that fucking nerd to bang your ass out after I'm done wrecking you?"


Before you could answer ((Not that you could with Deku halfway down your throat)), he had leaned down to press his face between your legs. His tongue darted out and ran along your lower lip as spread them with his fingers before thrusting inside of you. It started at a quick pace, thrusting in and out, then flicking over your clit smoothly. Unlike his kiss, the movements of his tongue were skilled and precise. Every spot he hit that elicited a moan from you, he made sure to spend extra on just to make you whimper louder. Your entire body was shaking as Deku tightly gripped your hair so he could jerk your head faster.


Just as your orgasm was rocketing towards you, Bakugou pulled away with a lazy smirk. Juices dripped down his chin as he slapped your ass roughly, he enjoyed the way your ass moved from the slap and how the skin turned a soft pink. After leaving a few more, he gently ran his hands over the smooth surface.


"K-Kacchan..." Bakugou looked up from your ass to connect eyes with Deku. He was shaking and thrusting into your mouth desperately. They stared at each other for a few more seconds before Bakugou finally complied and leaned forward to press his mouth against the boys. The kiss was short, but Katsuki quickly dominated, his hand pressing against the back of Deku's neck to hold him closer. When they pulled back, a line of spit connected their lips as he snarled.


"Fine fine, ill fuck you as well, Deku. I'm not fucking gay, though; I'm just doing this so you will end your heat." He spat out. Even though he said he wasn't gay, that didn't stop him from kissing over the boy's neck and shoulder, his mouth stopping at his sweet spot to mark it. Deku let out a loud gasp when Bakugou bit down and bucked his hips harshly into your mouth.


After a few more seconds, he exploded into your mouth, his sweet seed filling you as you swallowed immediately. He tasted much nicer than you thought he would, and he kept cumming for a solid few seconds. Once he was finally done and whimpered at the overstimulation, you pulled back, cum dripping down your chin and a needy look on your flushed face.


Bakugou leaned down to tilt your head back and stare at your wrecked features. A growl left his lips as he leaned down to lick some of the cum off of your chin, his tongue moving to your mouth as he kissed you deeply. While he did this, his hips ground against yours slowly.


The bulge in his pants was rock hard against your soft ass, the fabric of his pants rubbing against your smooth skin as your tail carefully wrapped around his leg. It squeezed him lightly to tell him to hurry up.


Complying to your request, he pulled away to undo his belt and zipper. Deku busied himself with stroking your hair and peppering your face with kisses, he was slowly becoming hard again, but he would wait for his turn with you. For years he wanted this to happen and to finally be able to kiss you was a dream come true. Even though Kacchan was going to Mate you first and take your first time he was alright with that, maybe they all of you could share, he would be ok with that as long as he got attention.


An Alpha could have two Omegas...Right?


His lips kissed your nose as you pressed your hands against the couch. When Bakugou pressed his bare cock against your wet lips, your claws shot out and dug into the fabric of your couch. The material would no doubt be ripped after all this, but you could care less.


"Are you ready, sweetheart?" He leaned down to kiss your shoulder gently. There was a slight worry in his voice. As much as he felt turned on, none of this could go through if you didn't consent. Heat be damned, he wasn't a fucking monster, and he sure as hell wouldn't do this if you didn't want him to. It may be your first heat, but he needed to know before he took your virginity. "If you want me to stop-"


"Please, Katsuki...I need you, please just...I trust you." He paused and stared at your pleading eyes. Behind all the lust, he could tell you were ok with this, there was love in your gaze, and that was enough for him.


The first thrust was hard. Your body wasn't used to taking something so big, and Bakugou hadn't stretched you, so the sting was painful, but it wasn't your first thought. The heat had buried a lot of the pain with pleasure. He gave you a few seconds before forcing the rest inside as he leaned down to your shoulder to bit down on the skin. It left an angry red mark that would be hard to hide from the class, but it didn't matter, he was your first, your  mate .


Carefully you lifted one hand to gesture Deku over. Slowly he crawled over, a soft whimper leaving his lips when you wrapped your hand around his hardened cock. Until he fucked you ((Or kacchan fucked him he supposed-)), he would stay hard, which just meant fun for you. 


Bakugou slowly pulled out before thrusting back in roughly, his skin slapping against yours as he groaned at the tight feeling. It was so much better than his hand and those stupid porn videos. His entire life, he thought heats were stupid, and having a mate was pointless, but now, he could see why people kept useless Omegas around.


His hand wrapped around your fluffy tail to pull you back and forth on his hard cock. Each thrust pushed you forward, he was hitting places so deep inside of you that you didn't even think was possible, but this was Katsuki Bakugou after all. If there was one thing he was, it was determined. Deku was already bucking into your firm grip as you kissed and licked his tip playfully.


It was hard to focus on the other boy when Bakugou was pounding you into the couch, but you managed to. Each thrust was bringing you closer and closer to the brink of orgasm, and you could feel his knot slamming against you. If you let him knot and finish inside, he truly would be mated to you. The idea didn't scare you though, Bakugou was a nice guy, and you could trust him. He could protect you. Of course, as great as Bakugou truly was, you couldn't help but focus on the whimpering begging boy in front of you as well.


His cock leaked precum as you jerked him faster and faster. It was all so much for him, watching you get knotted by Bakugou while you give him a handjob after just blowing him. The three of you were all rushing to your orgasms as you speed up.


Bakugou growled loudly before slamming your hips completely against his. His thrusts were intense and unrelenting. He was trying to drive his cock as far into your warm heat as he possibly could. The knot slid in as he came, his body shaking as you gasped and tightened around his pulsing cock. Deku's member twitched in your grasp as you collapsed onto the couch, exhausted.


Everything felt warm and pleasant. Bakugou was lying comfortably on your back as he firmly held your hips in place. The knot prevented him from moving, but he still held you tenderly. As your eyes fluttered close for a second, you heard a loud moan from above you. 


When you tilted your head up Bakugou was casually sucking Deku, his head bobbing up and down as he stared at the boy with half-lidded eyes. Needily Deku gripped his blonde hair and slammed himself into Baugou's hot mouth, Bakugou calmly grabbed his hip to move him faster. After a few more seconds, he was cumming again, his entire body curling as he shook and gripped the boy. 


The boy gagged slightly around Deku, he was deep throating him at this point, but his cum was going to choke him if he didn't move. Gently you tapped Deku's thigh, and he moved back so Kacchan could swallow. The two panted heavily as you stared up at them smirking, Bakugou was slowly starting to shrink, and when he pulled away, he finally was able to get out of your tight grip.


Cum dripped down your thighs as you shivered slightly. Bakugou smiled proudly, he would've just stopped here and let you rest, but he had promised Deku a turn at you. ((Even if it was his seconds-)) The green-haired boy gasped as Bakugou grabbed his hair and tugged him behind you where he was sitting, Deku's eyes widened when he saw you cum covered thighs and dripping core. Part of him wanted to lean down and lick all the cum away and let you ride his face until you were cumming again, but that would have to wait for later.


Hopefully, there would be a later.


Bakugou waved to you with a sly smirk. "Well, go on, nerd. You wanted to get your dick wet didn't you?"


"D-don't say that Kacchan! T-That isn't...Isn't nice..." 


"Just shut up and fuck her. You ain't done yet, princess~" He tilted your head up and pressed the head of his cock against your lips. The tip was dripping with the last of his cum, and the taste was surprisingly a lot like caramel. Instead of instantly fucking your mouth, though, he let Deku take his time pressing himself into you, his body shaking as his nails dug into your hips.


Perhaps it was an Omega thing or simply who he was, but he was sensitive. The second he had himself inside your hot core, he was humping against you, his body laying against yours as he tightly pressed you into his chest. While his cock wasn't as thick as Bakugou, he was long, and the tip almost instantly brushed against your G spot. 


Your body arched up, still sensitive from just cumming and the over-stimulation making your head feel fuzzy, and your body writhe with excitement. His thrusts were faster then Bakugou as he tried to chase down his thrid orgasm, your tight heat around his cock was driving him insane. Since he was an Omega, he never thought he would be able to do anything like this with you. It wasn't common for two Omegas to have sex, and he could understand why. Either way, it didn't matter to him. The only thought he had right now was to cum.


"T-thank you for letting me...Oh god...Y-You're so t-tight!" His hands tightened on your hips as he lifted you. Bakugou raised an eyebrow. You were now on your knees facing him, which gave him a delightful view of Deku sliding into you and your bouncing breasts. Smirking, he grabbed his phone and quickly started recording. Your face was blissed out as Deku slammed his hips into yours. "I-I'm close! S-so tight..."


"You're doing so good princess, taking Deku's cock so well." The gentle praise made you whimper out and reach forward for more touches. Complying to your request Bakugou leaned closer and wrapped his arms around you, his lips gently pressing along your skin. "Such a good girl, going to let the damn nerd cum so deep inside you aren't you? Such a good girl, isn't she Deku?"


"M-Mhm...So good...Such a good girl..."


"You're making me hard again, sweetheart, watching you get plowed by Deku like this. I should be mad. You're my mate now, after all." He growled against your skin as he licked over the bite mark on the nape of your neck. The scrape of his teeth made you submissively lean against him as he sighed. "But I think that makes this so much more damn fun for you, doesn't it? Do you like getting fucked by a pathetic Omega? Even his stupid ass could fuck you, not as good as an Alpha like me, though. You just like being a cum slut for us, don't you?"


That was what finally pushed you over the edge. Your claws dug into Bakugou's shirt and ripped the material. You tightened around Deku as much as you could, your entire body bucking up against Bakugou. They watched as you screamed out both of their names and shook between them.


Deku soon followed and pulled you to his chest as he filled you with his cum. It wasn't as much as Bakugou, but you hummed out at the warm feeling, the both of them had cum inside, and you felt warm all over. Deku slowly ran his hands over your skin while Bakugou made sure neither of them hurt you too badly. The slight scratches on your waist would go away after a few days, but he had bit pretty hard. When he skimmed his fingers over the skin, you shivered.


"Damn it, Deku...You and your stupid heat..." Bakugou whacked the back of his head, annoyed. 


"I'm sorry K-Kacchan, I thought I took my pills..."


"What are we going to now, nerd!" Bakugou huffed out as you curled up between them, your tail wrapped around you, and your ears pressed down against the top of your head. In your sleep, you purred out happily. it was a cute image, but Bakugou was more occupied with the still hard member between his legs. "Get over here, you fucking Omega, you started this, so you'll finish it."


"Yes, Kacchan!" Deku shyly moved you aside so Bakugou could grab him. They paused to stare at your sleepy expression, a soft smile on both of their mouths before Bakugou got to work.




It was going to be a long night.






What the hell!?


You slowly sat up and looked between the two males next to you. The entire room smelled like sex, Lavender, Vanilla, and Caramel. As lovely of a mix as it was, you couldn't help but stare at their naked bodies in confusion. What had happened? They were all inside your bed ((A narrow fit but cozy)) and all of you were completely bare. The scent was making you crazy, though. You couldn't handle being here without being overpowered by the smell.


When you moved, your entire body ached, and you curled up at the soreness. The heat between your legs hadn't gone away from earlier, as more and more memories came back, you could feel yourself slowly slip back into your more primal mindset.


As if sensing your scent Bakugou wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer. "Go back to bed, nerd..." His voice sleepily muttered against your skin as Deku nuzzled himself against your thigh.


Whatever had happened, you were happy it did. Even it was your first heat, you were glad it was with the two of them. Since you were all on banging status though...


"Bakugou, I need you."


"Need you to princess..." He dismissed you with a kiss to your hip.


"No, I NEED you." 








"Fucking hell (Y/n), Fine fine. Get up, Deku, we're going again."


"Kacchan I'm sleepy-"




Chapter Text

"Hey, don't! D-don't do that, babe! W-wait a minute, at least! I'm still in-"


"I suggest you stop squirming and let me finish unless you want to let everyone know I'm under your desk blowing you." The threat instantly made him pause and stare at you with begging eyes. Why did you have to pick now to do this?


To put it simply, he was sick and had to miss some school. Instead of missing to much class time and work though, Denki came up with a brilliant idea to harness one of the school computers to set up in place of Kirishima's missing seat. This way, he wouldn't miss his classes but would still be able to sit in bed at home. A win-win. It was a great idea in all honesty, and so far, it worked well. He got to stream from home and get work done but also rest up.


That was until you, his loving girlfriend, decided to teleport inside his bedroom under his desk.


It wasn't that he didn't want your affection ((Or mouth around him in this case)), But a little warning would've been helpful. One second he was dozing off in the middle of history, eyes settled on the blank wall in his bedroom, and then his sweatpants were being tugged down by your soft hands from under his desk. Teleporting was an interesting quirk, had many uses outside of battle, this being one of them. After telling the teacher you had to go to the bathroom, you just teleported here to see him real quick. What was a better way to use this free time alone than to give him a little fun?


A small muffled grunt escaped his lips as he quickly moved a hand to his mouth. Your fingers were slowly rubbing up and down his bulge, your palms pressing down teasingly as he tried to look focused on the screen. Thankfully he was near the back in this class and didn't have to concentrate too hard unless he raised his hand to answer or got called on.


Slowly he was starting to harden underneath your soft rubbing. When you decided you were tired of waiting around and teasing, you tugged his boxers down to his thighs where his sweatpants had been placed and smirked at his cock. The teasing seemed to have worked. After only a few minutes, he was already fully hard, his cock twitching against his stomach as you purred happily at the sight. From the first time you saw his cock you had been impressed, he was long AND thick as hell. Sucking him off had been a challenge at first, but you got used to it after a while, and you were pretty confident in your blow job methods. As long as he came in the end, you did well. 


And you always made him came.


 Another small grunt came from above as you gently wrapped your lips around the tip. The teasing had been one thing, but now that you finally had your mouth on him, he couldn't focus. It had been difficult enough to pay attention to the teacher knowing you were between his legs and anyone could see his turned on expression, but now that you were bobbing your head up and down his hard member it was practically impossible for him to keep a straight face or keep his soft moans in.


When you started to pick up the pace, his hand raked through your soft hair to tug your head up and stare at him. The look of his flushed red cheeks, his typically spiky hair down over his face to cover his full-blown out eyes, his shaky hand cupping your chin as he swallowed, well it was enough to make you want to lean up and kiss him. Instead of doing that, though, you settled for kissing his tip while staring him in the eyes teasingly.


Of course, the teacher decided now was a great time to call on him for an answer.


"Kirishima? Do you know the correct answer?" He lifted his head and flushed darker. The teacher was staring straight at him with squinted suspicious eyes; the entire class seemed to be turned around to stare at the monitor as well. What had they even been talking about again? Was this history, or had this been math? When he went to answer, you jerked your head down fully, his tip brushing against your throat as you hollowed your cheeks with a hum. Pleasure spiked through him, and he instantly gripped you tighter with a pathetic whimper. Some of the students looked between each other confused. Most of them assumed this was just a side effect of him being sick, but if only they knew the real reason, they would look at him in a completely different way.


Gasping loudly, he slammed the laptop closed and gripped your hair in his hands tightly.


It was all too much for him. Having you suck him off while he tried to do work was one thing, but you deep throating him, when a teacher was talking as well, was the finally staw. His hands gripped your hair tightly, your head bobbing as he bucked up into your mouth at a rough speed. Soft praises fell from his lips, but you didn't focus on his words. Instead, you put all your energy into licking up the underside of his cock as he thrust harder and harder with loud growls.


Finally, his member twitched, and he slammed your head down with a loud grunt. Cum filled your mouth as you swallowed instantly, the liquid filling up your entire mouth as he yelped out your name. The grip on your head was vice-like, and you had no other choice but to try and take it all before you could choke, not that you minded all that much, though. Seeing his blissed-out face was enough to make you pleased, swallowing his seed was just a bonus—the cherry on the cake.


When he finally calmed down, he released your hair and leaned back into his chair. There was a glazed over look in his eyes as he shivered from the aftershock, your mouth moving back to lick up the last of his sweet seed before popping off loudly. Glancing down, he gave you a small glare.


"That wasn't very cool, babe, we could've got caught...I think we did in all honesty."


"Mm, worth it, sweet cheeks~" Teasingly, you kissed his tip before tucking him back into his pants. You pushed the chair back and leaned up to kiss his lips, your mouth parting to take his tongue before you pulled away and disappeared. Just like how you arrived, you left without a trace.


When he opened up the laptop, the class had continued, but now you were sitting in your seat with a bright smirk. Turning to the camera, you smirked and winked with one finger pressed to your lips. A shiver ran through him as he flushed and looked away.


Teleporting was an interesting quirk, all right...

Chapter Text


Waking up at 4 am to find a drunk Denki rummaging around your kitchen while giggling like a little girl wasn't how you expected the day to start.


Being friends with Denki had its up and down. On the one hand, he was charmingly sweet and loyal, and the cutest best friend you had ever had. If you felt down, it was his mission to make you feel better, even if this meant doing something dumb to get you to smile at him. The downside was that rather quickly, you fell in love with said dork and that isn't the best when your best friends with the guy. Waking up to see him in your kitchen was odd but made sense; he usually would go back home with the guy's, but seemingly drunk Denki found it more suiting to go here and bug you first thing in the morning. A part of you didn't mind seeing him so early since you enjoyed being around him, but another part of you was annoyed that he seemed to be breaking all your kitchen appliances.


"Denki, what are you doing?"


"H-Hey Hunny. I'm homeee~." His voice slurred as he giggled loudly. While he stood with your new mixer in his hands, you stood in the doorway with a suspicious eyebrow raise and small frown. "I think I broke your knobby thingy...Sorrrrrry."


Before he could break anything more, you walked towards him and snatched the mixer from his hands. Just as he said, it was indeed broken. It appeared to be fried, and one of the metal whisks was somehow bent, how did he even manage to do that?? The thing was solid steel. 


"I'll fix it! Don't worry. I like, know sooooo much about fixing things." When he reached out to grab the mixer, you moved it away with a huff. "Ok, ok, I guess I deserve that. But anyway, hey! You're here!"


"It's my house, Denki."


"Well yeah, but like, you're home and stuff! That's cool, very cool." A soft giggle escaped his lips as he looked around the room with half-lidded eyes. If his happy and stupid demeanor didn't tip you off before that, he was drunk, the scent of whiskey clinging to his clothes ((Plus, cheap cologne)) and the nonsense rambling rooted your theory. The smile on his face was broader than usual as he looked back down at you.


Sensing your displeased expression and general disinterest in him being at your home at 4 am, he leaned closer to you and smirked wider. The look in his eyes gleamed with mischief and playfulness that made you worry slightly. It was one thing for him to be stupid sober, drunk Denki just screamed so many bad ideas.


"Why are you here, Denki? You're drunk, did the guys send you here to mess with me?" The look shifted to hurt as if just the idea of being sent to prank you was a stab to his pride.


"What N-No! I just came to tell you I'm happy! And that im...I'm soooo excited to see you like it's been so long! Did you miss me?"


"I saw you yesterday in class."


"That was ages ago!" He argued back with a flick of his hand, his hair bobbing. "Sorry, sorry, I know I didn't call or anything...At least you are wearing pants. Heh... That would be like, so awkward, but at least you got em!"


What a dumb ass.


Another small smile covered his lips as he leaned down to try and hug you. The whiskey scent made you gag and push him away with a huff, not giving up though he just moved quicker and wrapped his arms around you. Under normal circumstances you would've loved to get a free hug from him, it wasn't too rare with how clingy he was, but it was always pleasant none the less. At least, it was enjoyable when you weren't having your face shoved into his chest and breathing in the crappy perfume some lady must've been wearing at whatever club or bar he went to with the others. 


One of his hands reached up to pet your messy hair as he swayed slightly. For most of the night, he had thought of coming back here to see you, hug you in his arms like this, and feel you close. It would be a lie if he didn't say that he loved being around you. Sober or Drunk, his thoughts always went to you, and more times then not, it kept him distracted from whoever was talking to him at the moment. If it weren't for the guy's constantly nagging him about doing shots and picking up girls, he would've sat at the bar texting you drunkenly all night. 


In all honestly, was that any different than here? Showing up drunk in your house, hugging you and wishing that you liked him back enough to date him? If anything, this was somehow worse. At least through text, he would seem less like an idiot. Anything he said to your face, you would remember, and he couldn't just take it back when he was sober as if it didn't happen. But if he didn't show up, he wouldn't get to hug you like this, feel your head against his chest as he stroked your hair lovingly, the alcohol still making him feel buzzed and electric. Even if he did seem stupid, it was worth it to have you in his arms.


"You smell bad, and as much as I love hugging you, I don't think I can handle the scent of cheap perfume and vodka."


"I didn't drink vodka, though. I drink whiskey!" The correction made you roll your eyes and pull away to stare him in the eyes. They seemed to twinkle in your cheap kitchen lighting. Somehow he appeared even prettier this up close. "You have nice pants, by the way."


"Um, thanks?"


"Very nice pants, on a very...Nice...Ass." He seemed to drift off halfway through his sentence, his eyes zoning off in thought. Before he could think about your 'Nice' ass any longer, you smacked his chest to get his attention. "Heh, what? You have a nice butt, ok. It's almost as cute as your little face right now."


"God, you are so drunk right now. Get off, you weirdo." Part of you didn't want to push him away, but the drunk flirting was too much for you to handle up close. It would've been one thing if he was sober, but this was just a side effect of his little party with the boys. The two of you were friends, and you weren't going to ruin that friendship because he though saying your butt looked nice while drunk was funny.


"Woah Woah Woah! Are you...A-are you implying right now, that I, Denki Kaminari, am drunk? Because if so..." He paused and smirked brightly. "You are a hundred percent right, heh heh heh-"


The way he giggled made you blush and roll your eyes even harder than before. This would've all been more simple had he not looked so cute and adorable when he was drunk, but no, he had to show up and act all giddy and charming and just so  himself .


"Yeah, I uh, I had a few drinks with the group. Shots with the guy's." He slurred out with a pleased smile, his eyes fluttering closed at the thought. "With uh, you know, um...Bakugou? Yeah, you know, Bakugou!"


"Yes, I know who he is. Continue."


"Well yeah, so we dared him to like, take a shot out of Kirshimas belly button, and it was like so awesome dude. I'm pretty sure they went home together? They so hooked up in the bathroom, lucky dude." He drifted off into thought again before looking back at you. There was a small frown on your face that he wasn't exactly sure why until he realized it sounded like he wanted to hook up with someone himself. It would've been nice of course if the person he was hooking up with was you, but saying it to you now probably wasn't the best idea. "But like, I didn't hook up with anyone! I don't want to anyway, I uh, I wouldn't want to do that sort of thing...No ones as cute as you anyway so it would be pointless.."


What he didn't realize was he didn't whisper that last part as quiet as he expected, and you more than certainly heard his small confession. But friend calls each other cute all the time, that was normal...Right? I mean, it wasn't like that was a weird thing to say. Then again, if it weren't strange, he wouldn't have whispered it all shy like? Probably was just the drinks making him weird, but either way. The small compliment was enough to make your face flush and turn away embarrassed. It didn't help he was back to smirking all childlike with that gleam in his eyes, seeing you smile was enough to get him giddy again.


"I'm not...cute."


"What!? Of course you are!" The quick change in his tone made you jump back slightly shocked. A look of disbelief was on his face, just you saying that made him want to show you how wrong you were. "You are the cutest girl I know...Like, way cuter then...Hm, cuter than a corgi butt!"


"What is with you and butts, Jesus christ Denki-" His hysterical laughter made you giggle a little as well. That was the thing with Denki. No matter what it was, he made you laugh along.


"I can't help it, ok! You have a cute butt and a cute face...I wanna touch the butt~." Why were you surprised he made a Nemo reference now of all times. After another fit of giggles, he spun around to look towards your front room. The lights were all off, but it didn't matter, he just wanted to point over it as he leaned back to talk to you. "Do you remember the first time we watched Finding Nemo together? It was my first time seeing it, and you were soooo surprised I hadn't watched it, so you like, forced me to sit with you and watch it. Then at that one part, the one fish kid was like 'Im going to touch the butt' and Nemo...Heh, Nemo is all like, 'bet you won't'...But he did...I like that movie."



The memory made you smile and chuckle again. It had been a weird day, just sitting on your couch watching Disney movies with Denki, but after watching the film, he didn't stop quoting it for days after. It was almost cute seeing him so excited over a children's movie. In all honesty, he was a bit of a child himself. Even if you took away the soft gleam in his eyes and his little giggle fits, his personality was still much like a child's. When he didn't get his way, he pouts and whines until you give in to his wishes. If he had to much sugar, he gets overexcited and more then likely will break something of yours. Everything about him made you smile. Maybe that's why you loved him as much as you did. Yeah, you admit it, you loved his dorky quips and confident exterior, what wasn't there to love about him?


"Let's go sit on the couch, I'm tired, and I want to sit down before my legs go out." Nodding, you walked over with him, his hand brushing against yours as you moved past him to reach over and turn the light on. Thankfully you had those lights where you can change the brightness, so when you dragged it on, the light didn't hurt his eyes too much. The two of you flopped down on the couch as he looked for a blanket or something to cuddle underneath. After some searching, he gave up and turned to you with a smile instead. "We sat right here, didn't we? You didn't think you sat so far away, though. Come a little closer, cutie. I won't bite~."


He gave a happy sigh when you finally moved over next to him. Before you could protest, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you even closer, your body almost in his lap as he nuzzled your neck. Despite the fact he still smelled like a cheap bar, you let him snuggle up to you, even going as far as wrapped your arms around his neck to hold his head closer to your neck. There were a few beats of silence between the two of you, the only sound his soft heartbeat and the quietness of his breath. It felt peaceful having him close to you like this. Sighing, he gently lifted his head to look up at you and give you a loving smile. When you returned it with an affectionate look of your own, he sighed and kissed your cheek quickly, a dark blush covering your cheeks as he chuckled.


"I think by far, my favorite thing about you is the fact you have a stupidly cute smile." Pausing to kiss your neck, he hummed against your soft skin. "Like, you're stupidly cute. You're so stupidy cute it makes me feel stupid, I just get these feelings for you, and I can't help it, you know? I'm always stupid, though, but liking someone can make you act dumb, I guess. When you like someone, all you can do is like them, anything outside of that you kind of fail at doing. Well, that's how I am, at least. Just stupid Denki being stupidly in love with you."


A short silence followed before his brain finally caught up with his words. That wasn't supposed to come out, he hadn't meant things to go this far or for him to confess his feelings. Not like this, not with him drunk and you staring at him with those shocked eyes. Not with him smelling horrible and no doubt looking just as bad. Most of all, not in your front room at 4 am in the least romantic way possible. Things were supposed to be passionate and perfect when he finally confessed, maybe go out for a walk underneath the blossom trees before turning and saying he loved you more than anything. All of it had been planned so carefully, and he just ruined it by drunkenly muttering while kissing your neck, which, he realizes now, was super over the line since he sure as hell didn't ask.


But when he looked into your eyes and waited for the inevitable slap to the face, it never came. There was no hatred in your eyes, no disgust at his confession, you didn't like angry at him for his idiotic admission. If anything, you looked...Happy. Maybe he was seeing things, but he could've sworn you smiled as you shifted entirely into his lap. Instead of pushing him away, or hitting him, or cursing at him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and gently placed your forehead against his. The sound of his pounding heart filled his ears as you slowly closed your eyes and sighed.


"I hope you're not saying this because your drunk off your ass. if you are only saying those things because you don't know any better, then that's going to make what I'm about to do next pretty bad."


"Wait what-" The words fell on deaf ears as you finally leaned down and captured his lips in a soft kiss. A small gasp passed between his lips, but he didn't have time to stop himself or try and pretend you didn't surprise him. Your mouth muffled it as you gently reached up to rake your fingers through his blonde hair, your fingers gently tugging on it so you could drag him closer into the sweet kiss. The locks felt soft between your fingers as he slowly closed his eyes and leaned in closer.


Never in his life did he think kissing you would give him so much of a buzz. For so long, he imagined what it would be like, but it was so much better feeling it than he ever thought it would. The room felt alight with electricity as he grabbed your hips and leaned back with you, every movement of your lips against his made him feel on fire. It was a pleasant feeling he didn't expect. Kissing someone didn't have much appeal outside of his sexual drive ((We all know what a horny boi he is)) but just this, having you in his lap kissing him so slow and sweetly, it made him reconsider his view on it. If every kiss gave him this feeling of sparking and energy, well damn, he would be kissing you every second of the day if he could.


When you both finally pulled away, his entire face was smiling. It was a life-changing moment; he only wished he wasn't drunk during it. Maybe if he wasn't, you wouldn't look so worried and scared that you messed things up. Before you could say anything or try and take it back, he leaned in again and pecked your lips with a sigh.


"I've...wanted to do that for so long...Your lips are soft a-and I um...I like kissing you—a lot. Can we just sit here for a while and cuddle? I don't want to go home, especially after a kiss like that. In all honesty, I wouldn't mind staying forever if you promise to kiss me some more~."


"God, you cant be not cheesy for more than five seconds, can you? You are lucky I love you, because you are impossible." He laughed and nuzzled against your neck as you gently stroked his hair again. Even though he was flirty, overconfident, and a bit of a dumb ass...He was your dumb ass, and you wouldn't trade that for a thing.








When you awoke, you were laying on the couch underneath Denki's jacket. The fabric smelled like him, and you wanted to curl up under it to get more sleep, but before you could drift back into another nap he was walking into the room humming loudly. Turning around, you stared at the plate of food he set on the coffee table and his cheery smile.


"Morning, babe! I made you breakfast!"


"What? Since when do you call me babe-" Oh right, you kissed him last night. Guess that means your dating now, or at least that's what he was trying to get at. Life is to short to question things, so instead, you smiled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. "Thank you...Um, baby?"


"You're welcome cutie~ I was hoping maybe we could go out today, go on a little date? I know I kind of confessed last night under the uh, influence as Iida likes to put it, but I want to show you I mean it. I want to show you that I like, really love you. Plus, I want to show off to everyone that I have the cutest little girlfriend ever~." Teasingly, he leaned down and kissed along your neck, before burying his face against your chest. It was something he secretly always wanted to do, and it was so much better then he expected. If he knew your skin was this soft and comfortable, he would've confessed sooner so that he could enjoy burying his face against you. Sighing, you tried to force his face away with a fake annoyed expression. After attempting to push him off a few times, he pulled away and pushed you back down against the couch so he could pin you down, his hands on either side of your head.


"You are so cute, and then you open your mouth again and ruin it by being a total dumb ass." You rolled your eyes as he leaned down and kissed your nose with a small giggle.


"Mm, you love it!"


"Shut up, dork." Leaning away, you stared down at him and sighed. The playful look in his eyes from the night before remained, his hands resting on your hips as he pecked your lips quickly with a smile. It was short, but you still felt that small spark only he could give you.


"I love you~."


"...I love you too...Now get away from my tits you perv-" Finally, you managed to shove him off with an eye-roll. He lifted his head and laughed at your pouting expression.


"Aw, but I'm yourrrrrr perv baby~. You're stuck with me, and I'm not leaving for a long time. Not when I have the cutest, hottest girlfriend with the most adorable little butt I've ever seen." He nudged your hip with his foot and gave an eyebrow waggle.


"Oh god, your weird obsession with my ass stuck around...I was hoping it was just a drunk thing."


"Nope! I think you have a nice ass no matter how many drinks you give me~."





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"So I heard you were talking to Shouta, you two seem rather...Close~" The purr in Midnight's voice made you look up at her with a raised eyebrow. It wasn't that she didn't do this often, it just was that she never included Aizawa with her little suggestive quips about your personal life.


"Yes, I was asking how his class has been doing with the new assignments talking about stealth tactics. It's essential we exchange information-"


"No, no, darling! Come on! You know what I want to hear~ Tell me something...juicy~." Could she be any more suggestive? Wait, no, that's a stupid question. This was Midnight; she always finds a way to be more evocative. Sighing, you set your paperwork onto your desk before swiveling around to face her. There was a cocky look on her face as she leaned forward, her chin cupped in her palms and elbows resting atop the edge of your desk.


From the moment you joined the school staff, she was linked to your hip, guiding you through everything and trying to get 'girl' talk from you. For the most part, you didn't mind. It was nice having a 'gal pal' as she put it, and she did give good advice on men. But that wasn't important to you; you already had your eyes set on one man, so you don't need to get help to badly.


Of course, she found out about your little crush on the one and only, Shouta Aizawa. Hizashi eventually came forward to her and admitted he liked you back, which is how they started their little plan to get the two of you dating. Their schemes usually didn't seem to work, either you would not react, or Aizawa wouldn't even notice. As frustrating as the game of cat and mouse was turning out to be, the challenge wasn't something they were going to give up on. Neither of them would stop until you went out with your dream man!


Smirking, she leaned closer to whisper in your ear, her eyes darting across the room to where Aizawa was sitting at his desk with Hizashi perched atop it. The two were idly chatting while Aizawa flipped through papers and sipped his coffee. "We planned a little surprise for you, but you can thank us later, darling. When you get back tonight, you'll be calling me to thank us for being the best friends a girl could have!"


Before you could respond, she wrapped her arms around you and tightly hugged you. There was no use in fighting, so you let her hold you close and squeal, as great as hugging her was, she tended to suffocate you with her chest.


On the other side of the room, Mic was somehow managing actually to keep his voice down to whisper in Aizawa's ear. Of course, he wasn't paying full attention, his eyes trained onto the student test in front of him until Mic mentioned something about a date and being awesome. But when he looked up, Mic was smirking at him so widely that Aizawa didn't have the heart to confess he wasn't paying attention or that he didn't care what he was rambling about. Instead, he gave a short nod and a small smile before marking an F across the page.


If only he were paying attention...




"HUNNY COME ON WE'RE GOING SHOPPING!" Nemuri wrapped her arm around yours with a bright smile, her eyes twinkling at the thought of dressing you up. This whole date idea initially seemed stupid considering the situation, but then again, who were you to deny them of their fun. In the end, this was just a way to make Hizashi and her happy.


You also didn't mind some alone time with Aizawa.


Practically dragging you, she lead you to her rather beautiful 2020 McLaren 570S Spider with an even brighter smirk. If there was one thing she loved more then her...suggestive actives and shopping, it was her beauty of a car. Whenever you got into it, you worried about spilling or messing something up, but she always laughed it off with a wave of her hand. Even if you did mess it up, she had the car for a while now and knew how to take care of any problems that could occur.


((I kid you not, I was searching for "Sexy Cars" for like a hour before I just gave up and asked my Bf for a pic and he sent this instantly. I didnt even know who knew anything about cars lmao.))


After a few minutes of jamming out to the radio and her blaring Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back a few hundred times, both of you were at the mall. Thankfully you both changed at the school before heading out. You wouldn't be able to go anywhere in your hero costumes, especially with hers. Even in casual clothes, people noticed you though, kind hard not to notice the famous Midnight and her sidekick.


Getting through the crowd was semi-hard, but after a few pictures and autographs, you finally made it into the shop she planned on taking you. It was dimly lit and relatively small, changing rooms in the back and the cashier to your left. Confidently Midnight moved towards one of the racks and pulled out a skimpy yellow dress, carefully she held it up to your body before shaking her head and tossing it aside. Every few minutes, she would pull a new one out, hold it in front of you, shake her head, and go back to searching. When you showed her one, she would shake her head and say how it didn't match your eyes or hair.


Finally, after searching for about half an hour, she pulled out a tight red dress and held it up. Instantly her eyes twinkled with excitement as she grabbed your hand and tugged you over to the changing rooms. In the blink of an eye, she had shoved you in and placed the dress into your hands. Now that you were alone, you could look over the clothing.



It was undoubtedly smaller then you expected. Skimpy wasn't the right word, but it wasn't exactly modest. Part of you even doubted it would fit on you, but after sliding your clothes off and trying it on, you were pleasantly surprised. You wouldn't have thought it would be so comfortable or soft, but it was the fabric hugging your curves in the right way that made you look even sexier than before and made your legs seem longer that sold you on it. Before you slipped it off, you unlocked the door and let Midnight get a glance at your outfit.


"Hunny...My baby girl, sweetheart...YOU LOOK AMAZING! HE'S GOING TO LOVE IT, HUNNY    I    LOVE IT!" A few customers turned to watch as she hugged you and twirled you around with a loud squeal. Even though you were blushing with embarrassment, you were smiling and laughing at her over the top enthusiasm. Finally, she set you down and ran his hands along the fabric to smooth out the creases she had accidentally created. "We are buying this right now, and then we can head to Sephora to get you some killer lipstick because we both know that he won't be able to keep his hands off you when you're wearing this~ Oh and we HAVE to buy some new heels, I know this great place a few stores over ill show you after we ring this up."


"Don't you uh, think this is a bit much? I mean we've been marr-"


"Hunny, please were on a schedule. Go get changed while I go ring you up mm k?" She patted your cheek before turning on one foot and sauntering off towards the cashier, the tag in her hand so she could get it scanned while you got dressed. Sighing, you did as she asked and turned back to the dressing room.






This was going to be a long day.





"Yo, there she is! Its time, get ready to swoon that girl yo!" 


"Hizashi is this necessary. Its been six years since we got ma-" The words instantly left his mouth when he saw you. You weren't nervous before you had seen him, but seeing him here now, dressed up in a tight black suit and a bouquet in his hands, well, that made you nervous. His eyes slowly moved down your dolled up face to your shoulders, over your chest and waist, before dipping down to the small slit in your dress that showed your upper thighs, then finally down your legs before stopping at your laced up red heels. Quickly his eyes flickered back to your face with a smirk.


Nervously you smiled at him and stepped closer, he did the same and gently handed you the flowers with a look of slight awe. The bouquet matched your dress and makeup perfectly, something you assume the other two planned. Still smirking, Aizawa leaned down to your ear. "You look...gorgeous, kitten."


"Did he just call her kitten yo?" Mic turned confused to Midnight, who, unfortunately, looked just as confused as him. It was the first date, after all, you don't just jump ahead and say something like that. Hell, even Midnight didn't move that fast, and she jumped on people left to right. But as an even bigger shock, you just smirked and gripped his jacket before leaning up to kiss him firmly.


They watched as Aizawa smirked against your mouth and carefully wrapped his arms around your waist to pull your body closer to his. One of his hands reached down to squeeze your ass playfully as he growled into your mouth. You moved your mouth away to giggle and swat his chest as Midnight and Mic stood by watching, jaws open in utter and complete shock at what the hell was happening in front of them.


"Babe, not in public!"


"Mm, are you saying I can't touch my gorgeous wife? Because if so, I'm going to have to just not listen." He gave you another quick kiss before turning to the confused pair. "Thanks for planning the date, I don't think we've gone out since our anniversary."


"Anniversary?" Hizashi shakily said, confused.


"We tried to tell you guys. Aizawa and I have been married for six years now, I'm surprised you didn't notice. We take our rings off for work because we don't want them getting lost during training, or for the students to get involved with our personal lives too much. Distracts them, you know? But either way, we ride to work and back every day, so I'm shocked you didn't notice us making out in the car after work." You shrugged with a playful smirk. It felt so good to say it out loud to them, finally, especially being able to tease them with how obvious your marriage was. All those times trying to get it out and finally, they listened to you...Even though it took around a year, and you had to have Aizawa grope you for them to realize. Before they could ask any more questions or gawk at you both in shock, Aizawa grabbed your hand and turned towards the restaurant.



Gently you intertwined your fingers with him and rested your head on his shoulder. It was safe to assume that those two wouldn't be setting you up on dates any time soon.


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"Listen shitty Deku. I didn't spend a fuck ton of money for you to stand around and act like a damn virgin. Either you're going to go pick a girl to get your pathetic dick wet, or I'm going to use MY money to pick out someone for myself." Bakugou shoved past him with an annoyed growl, his eyes staying connect with Deku's before turning to push his way through the different chairs of men and women.


As far as birthdays go, this was far from what Deku expected. When he woke up, things were normal, had breakfast with his mom and All mi- Dad...drove to school with him and then spent the rest of the day doing classes and getting happy birthdays from his friends and classmates. By the end of the day, someone of the students surprised him with a party in the dorms and lots of presents. But it was after all this that he got the 'bigger' surprise from his friends.


Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima didn't say anything about where they were going, all they gave as a hint was a smirk and wink before turning back to each other in silence. The entire drive felt like a trap, but since Shouto was there, it felt a little less stressful. Of course, the minute they pulled into one of the biggest strip clubs in Japan, all that stress came rushing back. Quickly, Kiri explained how they wanted to get him something 'special,' one dude from another, and how Bakugou mentioned him still being a virgin. That was embarrassing enough, but what was worse was the fact Bakugou said how much money they spent to get him one full night with a girl of his choice. It was one thing to bring him here, another to spend tons of money for him to get laid.


It wasn't that he didn't want to; it was just that he wanted to lose it with someone in particular. But when he tried to explain this, they just shook their heads and shoved him through the door to sign in. Kirishima and Bakugou went off early on to find something to drink and figure out where the room was while Shouto and Deku walked around the main hall. No matter where they looked, there was someone there, an older man walking around, a girl in skimpy clothing, a lap dance in process, or some pole with another girl. It was all embarrassing for Deku, Shouto didn't seem to care until they walked towards the back and saw...It.


To explain a little bit, Deku didn't have a crush on just anyone. The girl he wanted to be with was out of his league by all means, but to see that girl up on stage, dancing in stockings and a mini skirt was shocking. That's right, that girl was you. For years he wanted to ask you out, but every time he tried another guy was beating him to it, or his self-doubt got in the way of things. After a few years he gave up on trying and settled for watching you from afar, as long as you were happy, so was he. Now, he didn't know about the strip dancing, but he didn't immediately believe it could be you. Why would you work at a place like this?


Of course, that was just hopeful thinking. It was clearly you, the both of them could tell from the moment you turned with a flip of your hair and a cocky smirk on your lips. The sight was so shocking they didn't even notice Bakugou and Kiri walking up to them.


"What the hell! I thought I told you to find someone-"


"IS that (Y/n)?!" Kirishima cut him off and pointed up at the stage where at the moment, you were teasingly tugging your top off. The small crowd around the hollered as you tossed the skimpy leather top towards them, one of the men caught the material with another holler. "This can't be right...I thought those rumors were just lies bro!"


"I didn't know that damn nerd was such a slut, damn Deku. You like a stripper. Nice going." Bakugou chuckled as the boy slumped down, embarrassed.


"Did you know about this, Bakugou?" Shouto nodded towards the stage with a slight blush, he was trying to avert his eyes politely from your indecent exposure, but it was hard to contain himself. Even though they did pay to get in, and you were doing this was work, it felt wrong to try and gawk at one of his friends. On the other hand, Kiri and Bakugou had no problem getting a few eyefuls of your topless body.


"Heard some rumors from class 1-B. There wasn't enough evidence to prove it right or wrong, though, we decided to choose this one just in case they were true." He gave a short shrug before slapping Deku on the back. "Now, you know what this means, don't you shitty Deku?"


"U-um n-n-no?" Deku tried to move away from him, but the boy gripped his neck tightly before he could scurry off. With a growl, he shoved him forward until they were at the front of the stage. Trying to stay polite, he kept his eyes on the floor while Bakugou held him in place, and the others rushed forward to catch up. For a few seconds nothing happened, all he could do was stand there while the sound of pop music filled the air and Bakugou held him in place, then he felt his chin lift and your smirking face was in front of him.


It was probably part of the show, but he couldn't help but go wide-eyed at the touch. Your fingers cupped his chin and tilted his head even further, your eyes flickering over his face as you crawled closer on your knees. The crowd was utterly entranced as you leaned back onto your knees, your body swaying to the song as you slowly grabbed his hand and moved it down over your stomach to your shorts. Without thinking, his fingers made quick work of the tight pants before tugging the zipper down for you. When you stood back up and sauntered over to the pole to continue the show, he realized what was happening.


He was watching his crush strip, not only that, but he just helped said crush strip. It was such an odd thing to see someone on stage getting naked for money, but it was also thrilling. Something was exciting about the fact his friends were nearby as well, watching as you stripped down for there eager eyes. They should feel ashamed for doing this, but it was too late to back down, and they had already paid for a show, so why not enjoy it?


They scurried to find seats and finish off the show. Every few minutes, you would stop dancing and make your way into the crowd, giving a few lap dances in exchange for a few dollars and teasing stares. When you made your way back to the group, you lowered your voice and dropped the teasing look.


"What the hell are you four doing here?!"


"We could ask you the same princess, aren't you a little dorky to be a stripper?" Bakugou raised an eyebrow as you sauntered over to them, even though the others couldn't hear your conversation, you were still on the clock. "I thought you said you were to busy to hang out with us tonight, makes sense where you've been sneaking out."


"Bakugou-" Kiri went to stop him when you slid into his lap and grabbed his shoulders. Instantly, he could feel the air leave his body as you ground your hips against his and let out a low moan. Whether it was for show or you genuinely enjoyed, it wasn't clear to them, but all they knew was that you were grinding down on one of your friends like a porn star and damn was it hot.


Reaching forward, he gripped your hips to try and steady himself, at this point you were only in panties and a bra which didn't leave much to the imagination. One of his hands moved up to grab your breast, but you slapped it away with a chuckle that made him shiver and lean more into your touch.


"Tsk, have you never had a lap dance? No touching the merchandise, it's extra for that-"


"Shut up and take the cash." Bakugou shoved a few tens into the waistband of your underwear, his hands lingering at your waist before slowly inching up to cup your chin. "Deku, get your ass over here. You're picking this one."


"W-Wait Kacchan y-you don't know if she-"


"Midoriya, I suggest you don't say anymore." The group turned in shock at Shouto interjecting, his face was blank, but from the visible tent in his pants, it was clear this was affecting him as well. In all honesty, it had stirred them all, Kiri, most of all. The strain from his jeans was going to make him go insane. It didn't help you were rolling your hips perfectly against him, and your hands were undoing the buttons on his shirt.


Before you could slip your fingers into the open part of his shirt, you were being tugged out of his lap and placed into Shouto's. The fact Bakugou was even going along with this was already shocking, but forcing you to give each of them a lap dance was even more so. There was no apparent reaction of Shouto's face at first; he slipped a pair of '20s into your bra before leaning back and letting you do your work. The minute your hips starting to grind, he tensed slightly, your lower body slowly bucking down against his while you run your hands up his shirt to trace over his defined abs. All those workouts must've been paying off because damn was he fit.


Bakugou slipped away to turn to Deku and pull him onto his feet. Quickly he leaned down, his eyes staying on you and Shouto while he gripped the boy by his shirt. "Listen, Deku. We bought a room for the next 3 hours. If you want to lose your stupid virginity now is the chance, I didn't spend all my damn money for nothing."


"Y-yes Kacchan!" They shared a silent stare before Bakugou nodded and let go of his shirt. Still a bit nervous, Deku sat down and waited for Bakugou to shove you over to him for his dance. Watching you take your time with the other two was already making him hard, but once you were actually in his waist, he couldn't help but yelp out. "O-oh!"


"Aw, how cute, this your first time too? We don't get sensitive ones often. This is going to be so much  fun ." The low purr in your voice made him whimper and bucked his hips up needily. It was shocking how quickly he submitted to your will. Most guys who went to these sorts of placed wanted to get their dick in something and act all manly. But with Deku, he was entirely at your will, in the palm of your hand ready to be pleasured or to give pleasure. When you slipped his shirt up, you felt along his stomach, similar to the other two, he was rock hard with abs, but still managed to be soft at the same time. It was a nice contrast.


Bakugou leaned against the chair Kiri was sitting in, the both of their eyes trained on your body as you dipped Deku's head back with a rough grip on his hair. Even though they weren't supposed to, Shouto pulled out his phone to take a quick picture for later. When the guys gave him a look he just shrugged and tucked the phone back into his pocket, he was a guy after all, why wouldn't he want to save this moment for later on. They watched as you crept your hand down Deku's chest to his zipper, your hand rubbed along his bulge before teasingly undoing his first button.


"You said you rented a room, right? Is this for the birthday boy, or do you expect me to serve you all at once?~" The three looked between each other in confusion, Deku was to busy bucking into your hand even to bother listening to what you were saying. All of it felt so good, and it was becoming too much. If you kept moving like that, he would end up cumming in his boxers, humiliating as hell, but so worth it. Unfortunately, you pulled away before he could get any closer and walked over to Bakugou.


Both of you stared at each other before he moved to sit down across from where Kiri was. Instead of letting you slid onto his lap and get comfortable, he tugged you onto his lap harshly, his hands forcing your hips to move against his with a low chuckle. The bulge in his pants rutted against your thin panties as he leaned up to grope your chest and bit along your neck, the others leaning closer to watch as you squirmed and let out submissive whimpers.


"Bakugou! This isn't how this works. I'm supposed to do the work-"


"Shut your mouth, bastard. I ain't paying for you to talk back to me, princess." The way he treated you like you were just some toy he paid for made you whimper even louder. He treated you like a slut instead of his friend, but somehow you didn't mind it, not when he was groping you with those rough hands of his and his hard cock straining against his pants as he rutted himself into your soft body. Before he could go further, one of the waiters came up and told him that customers weren't allowed to touch the dancers, so before they could get into any more trouble, he let you go and helped you stand back up.


The heels you were wearing made you feel even more unstable. Usually, dances don't make you feel like this, but after all of that, you could feel the heat pooling between your legs as the boys pushed you towards the backrooms. You usually didn't do backroom duty. Even though people saw stripers as some dirty sluts, it wasn't that. It was a fun job, dancing was something you honesty enjoyed, plus it paid well. Sure, you had to strip down in front of a few creepy guys, but it was a good workout and kept you toned up for training at school. Backroom duty was where the filthy girls went. The girls who did the rooms were more open about themselves. They knew they were hot and sexy, so they didn't mind showing it off to anyone that came through. If you paid, you'd get laid. It wasn't your scene, but it was too late to back down. The four paid for a night with the girl of their choice, that girl just happened to be their classmates who decided to strip on a wrong night.At this point, it was your fault. You did tease them about serving all of them at once. It wasn't that you couldn't, it's just you didn't expect them to go through with the joke. But the thought of having four guys at once was something you certainly enjoy thinking about. The minute the door was open, Bakugou tossed you forward until you stumbled onto the large bed in the middle of the room.



Pin by Thatcher on All Might | Hero academia characters, My hero ...


It was your first time being inside one of the rooms, but you didn't get to see much since they had moved to your sides rather quickly. Since it was Deku's birthday, they stood by and let Deku get first touches, his hands slowly moving to grip your hips as he shyly looked over your face.


"You a-are ok with this, right? I-I know Kacchan Is being...Forceful, b-but If you don't want to, we understand." The shakiness of his voice made you melt. He was so shy and adorable even when he was in a situation like this. Instead of answering, you leaned up to cup his cheeks and pull him down against you, his lips pressing against you as you arched up against him.


The hands-on your hip tightened as he gave a small sigh into your mouth, your lips moved with expertise while he tried to get used to the feeling of having you against him. When you reached up and gripped his hair, he gave a small gasp. It was long enough for you to squirm your tongue into his mouth and explore around a bit. When you moved your tongue against him, you could faintly taste Katsudon in his mouth. There was something so adorable about his kisses and the sweet taste of his lips. If he could sit and kiss you all night, he would've, but unfortunately, Bakugou was getting restless with his slow pace.


"Would you fucking hurry UP!" Sighing, Deku pulled away and shyly smiled at you before sending a glare at Bakugou. 


"It's my first-time, Kacchan. I want to take my time with it."


"I didn't pay you to sit around and take your time, either get your dick in it or ill do it myself." While it was annoying to have Bakugou forcing him along, something was satisfying about being the first one to go. It was his birthday, so he got the first round. Even if Bakugou was annoyed at him, in the end, he got to be relieved first.


Going along with the boy's wishes, he hurried up with his touches. There was an uncertainty to his touch, his fingers slowly running along your skin before you grabbed his hands and firmly placed them onto your chest. It was all so new to him that he wasnt exactly sure what he was allowed to do, but you seemed to be okay with him touching you so far. I mean, you were moving his hands at this point, so you were definitely into it.


Still wanting to be careful, though, he slowly started to squeeze your chest with his firm fingers. Your skin was soft under him, and he enjoyed the way you arched up into his hands, your face slightly flushed as he leaned down to peck at your neck. The material of your bra was soft and silky, wanting to keep up with his speed he reached behind you to unhook it and toss it over at the others. 


While Deku went to work kissing and marking up your chest, the other three were carefully watching and looking around the room. The entire place was velvety and silky-looking red, the walls a dark burgundy, and the floors plush with black carpet. On one of the sides of the room, there was a wall of toys, ropes, and anything else they might want to use. Shouto and Kirishima were going through the different objects while Bakugou went to sit in a nearby chair and watch as Deku sucked on your nipples and gently roll his hips against yours.


Kirishima walked over and showed him some of the things they picked out for their turns. Slowly he went through each of them. If he found one he liked, Bakugou placed it on the table, and the others he didn't like were tossed aside. When they finished going through it all, the table was covered in different types of ropes, vibrators, gags, blindfolds, and a few other items that they would experiment with later.

As far as experience went, the only one of them who had sex before this was Bakugou. But even with that in mind, he was far from professional, and he only knew what these things were used for because of late-night porn searches. It wasn't often he drifted to that side of the internet, but he knew what he liked and what he didn't. Kiri was more excited to be there, and Shouto was more for enjoying it all silently.


When they all turned back to focus on Deku and you, he had moved you onto your knees, where you were currently sucking his cock with an innocent look on your face. His hands were firmly placed in your hair to steady your head and move you up and down. Low groans escaped his lips as you hollowed your cheeks and flickered your tongue over his tip before moving your head down until he hit the back of your throat. Shocked at the movement, he bucked up his hips and clutched you tighter with a loud gasp.


A dominant growl escaped him as he jerked your head away so he could catch his breath. They all turned to stare at your flustered face, your mouth hanging open up obediently and hands between your legs to rub yourself through the thin material of your underwear. A few needy whimpers left your lips as he finally looked back down at you, a flicker of lust crossing his eyes when he saw your hips bucking up against your fingers.


It wasn't just Deku getting affected by this, though. While he moved you around onto the bed, Bakugou undid his jeans and kicked them aside, the other two staring at him in slight shock. 


"The fuck you staring at?" With a satisfied sigh, he pushed his boxers down to free his cock. It sprung up and hit his stomach as he stared at the two boys with a cocky look. "Jealous?"


"As if. You're going to be the jealous one in a second, bro!" Kirishima started to undo his shorts and kick off his crocs while Shouto rolled his eyes at their competitiveness. When Kiri finally managed to get them off, they turned to the icy boy with expecting eyes.


After a few seconds, he sighed and finally gave in to their curiosity. Unlike them, he slowly undid the buttons on his jeans before carefully stepping out of them. Next, he folded them and set them onto the table, and by the time he took his boxers, they were growing antsy. They all looked between each other, comparing length and size while also trying to pay attention to the other two people in the room. While they were doing their thing, Deku was slowly tugging your underwear down and staring at your now bare body.


It felt odd being naked in front of him, considering he was still clothed, his shirt rumpled, and his jeans just past his thighs so you could touch him. There was a slight blush on his cheeks that made his freckles even cuter, and the mop of green hair on his head was even more unruly, the strands falling into his face as he leaned down to look closer. You could hear him muttering about something under his breath, but you didn't hear much before he leaned forward to give an experimental lick at your folds.


When you gasped and shivered underneath him, he looked up at you with a cocked up eyebrow. Even though he was a virgin, by all means, he knew a few things about sex. Porn wasn't something he indulged in often, ((He was still innocent after all)) but when he did watch it, he made sure to study what seemed to work best on women. Using what little knowledge he had, he carefully wrapped his hands around your thighs and pushed them apart so he could delve his tongue in further. A pleased hum left his lips as he thoroughly sucked on your clit, his tongue was flicking over the sensitive bud as he slowly stroked over your thighs. As you threw your head back, your eyes fluttered open to stare at the other three, their eyes trained on your body as they slowly stroked themselves. Bakugou winked while Kiri flashed a toothy grin, and Shouto gave a small smile with a wave.


Deku slipped two fingers inside to gain your attention again, his teeth dragging along your thighs as he slowly stretched you open. "You taste amazing puppy. You're doing great so far. I've wanted to do this for so long. I'm so happy you're letting me do this. You have no idea how long I've wanted this, and I can't wait to get inside you. So warm and wet for me.~"


Another chuckle escaped his parted lips when you whimpered out his name and bucked against his fingers. It was safe to say the dirty talking was turning you on, then again, it might just by his fingers making you this wet. Or maybe it was because three other boys were watching as their friend fingered you to the edge of orgasm.


Before you could meet your pleasurable end, he slipped his fingers out much to your disappointment. Your eyes fluttered open to watch as he stared at the juice coating his fingers, a low moan escaping you when he licked and cleaned his long digits of your essence. When he deemed them clean enough, he moved back to finished stripping down, your eyes slowly scanning over each piece of newly revealed skin as you squirmed needly. Even though you had seen him shirtless at school, there was something different about him. Maybe it was the lighting or that burning look of lust in his eyes, but he seemed even more attractive than before, his body far more built then you remember him being at the beginning of the year. Praise the Lord for working out.


Slowly, he pressed his hips forward until his tip brushed against your silky folds. Since you were so wet from his fingering plus the added spit from your blow job, it would be reasonably easy for him to slid in without to much discomfort. Even though you didn't mention it, you were as much of a virgin as him. Having him so close, his smooth skin brushing up against yours as he slowly lowered his hips against you, it was amazingly pleasurable. As he slid just the tip in, you leaned up to capture his lips in a fiery kiss, your arms moving up his before looping around his neck to hold him in place.


A few gasps left his lips as he slowly dipped himself in further, his skin rubbing up against yours as he pressed himself in to the hilt. When he was fully inside, he paused, his hands slowly stroking your hip while you whimpered into his neck and clutched his shoulders tightly. While you got used to the feeling Kirishima was setting up his phone to record the scene while Bakugou moved his fist slowly up and down his cock. Each of them had been jerking off, none of them speaking as they watched the display unravel in front of them. Once he got the phone set up, Kiri smirked over at Bakugou. 


"We're next right dude?"


"Hell yeah, I'm going to show that slut how a real man fucks. Deku's slow ass is nothing compared to me." Bakugou boasted with a proud smirk, his hand still slowly moving as he spoke. He wouldn't admit it, but he found the entire thing a lot hotter then he thought. Watching shitty Deku fuck you wasn't something he thought he would ever see, yet here he was, his hand around his dick while his childhood friend lost his virginity to the girl of their dreams. Yeah, he would admit it, part of him did have a crush on you. It made him a little pissed that Deku was going first, but that didn't matter. Deku could fuck you a thousand times over and he would still be better than him.


They weren't the only two sharing these feelings, though. During the school year, you had gained quite a few admirers, which also happened to be the rest of the group. It was hard not to like you in all honesty. Even though you were closest to Deku and Bakugou since you grew up with them, you spent lots of time with Shouto and Kiri. After a few months, they both started to like you, so being able to get their turn with you was thrilling in itself; this wasn't even mentioning what was bound to happen afterward.


While the three went back to rutting against their hands, Deku was slowly thrusting his hips, his cock sliding in and out of you as he moaned into your ear. The feeling of your tightness made him whimper, it was so fucking good, and he had wanted it for so long that when you started to buck up against him, he couldn't help but move faster. Speeding up his hips, the sound of skin hitting skin filled the room as he leaned down to suck on your shoulder and neck. There were a few marks from before, but he left some more anyway, your skin turning a brilliant shade of red from his bites and sucking. 


With every thrust, he drove himself deeper and hit closer and closer to that spot inside of you that made you melt against him. The room felt like it was spinning; the only thing keeping you rooted in the world was the feeling of his skin and those perfect hands running over your heated body. When he lifted one of your legs to rest on his shoulder and pounded even deeper, you screamed out his name, your back arching up as he leaned back to stare at your body. One of his hands gripped your thigh while the other reached down to rub over your clit quickly, his cock twitching inside of you as you clenched down on him.


Just as he slammed himself into your G spot, you came, your body shaking as you whimpered out his name. Clutching his shoulders, you rutted up against his hips desperately. Your breasts pressed up against his chest as he groaned out and rubbed you through your orgasm. After a few seconds, he shoved himself fully in, his hips stilled as he filled you with his hot cum. A groan left your lips as you shivered at the full feeling; his hands were clutching the blankets by your head as he slowly rolled his hips before stopping so he could try and catch his breath.


Silently, he lifted his head and kissed your lips softly. The kiss was sweet and gentle as he tenderly rubbed your hips. When you drew away, he started to pull out, a groan escaping him as you shivered from the movement. Once he was out, he collapsed next to you with a bright smile.


"That was amazing...T-thank you."




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"Move it Deku. It's our turn." Bakugou shoved him off the bed while Kiri set some of the toys onto the bed. Not expecting the forceful shove, Deku rolled off and fell to the ground with a dull thud and loud gasp while Bakugou crawled onto the bed to lean over your still shaky body. "Hey princess, you ready for some real fun? Shitty hair! Hand me the ropes."


"My hair isn't shitty, dude! It's manly!" Kiri pouted as he handed him the thin red rope, it was surprisingly soft and was made so it wouldn't irritate your skin even with some...added friction.


Carefully, they lifted you back onto your knees and started to move your body into a position that would work. It was shocking how good Bakugou was with the ropes, his rough hands calmly positioning your limbs before wrapping the string around it and then tying a few knots to keep it in place. By the time he was done, your legs were tied apart, and your arms were pressed against your back. The red contrasted your skin, the delicate material wrapped around your chest all the way to down to your ankles. Kirishima raised an eyebrow as Bakugou carefully adjusted some of the different ropes and asked if it was too rough in certain areas or if you were okay with this.


Even though he was rough at times, it was clear that before anything, you came first. If you didn't want this, he would stop immediately. In a way, it was cute, the one guy who always forced things to go his way was more worried about you than his pleasure. Smirking, Kiri leaned over and pecked your cheek before looking over at his friend.


"So, how do you wanna do this?"


"How do you think dumb ass, grab me that gag and some of the other shit." Instead of arguing, he listened and handed over a few of the other things they picked out. Baugou leaned forward and gave you a small kiss before cupping your chin and using his thumb to open up your lips for him. "If you ever feel uncomfortable, gave one of us three taps, and we'll stop. Understood?"


When you tried to nod your head, he slapped your thigh, his hand slightly heated from his quirk. The added spark made you whimper out and flinch. "Y-Yes!"


"Good girl, open." Pleased with your obedience, he shoved the ball gag into your mouth with a satisfied grin. It was an odd feeling, and you had to get used to it. A part of you enjoyed the toy, but it also made breathing a little harder. While you squirmed around and ran your tongue along the new barrier in your mouth, Bakugou ushered over Kirishima to sit behind you while he unraveled the silk blindfold. While he tied the silk around your head, Kirishima slowly ran his hands along the curves of your body before dipping forward to grasp your breasts.


A soft moan escaped through the gag as he tugged and played with your hard nipples, her fingers carefully pinching at the buds as he leaned down to kiss the top of your head. The kisses trailed down the side of your face to your neck; one of his hands pushed away your hair before he bit down on your skin roughly.


Bakugou pulled back to look at the large mark, starting to form where Kiri bit down. The sharpness of his teeth pierced your skin, a little bit of blood beginning to drip down your skin as he stared at you guiltily. That wasn't part of his plan. He just wanted to give you a playful bit, guess he got a bit carried away though. When he looked up at you to apologize, he noticed you weren't uncomfortable, in fact, you look pleased with the rough action. A small smirk crossed his face as he leaned down to lick away at the wound and grip your hips tightly.


You couldn't see which of them were touching you with the blindfold, but it was reasonably easy to figure out after a few seconds. Kirishima was erratic with his touches. One second he's rubbing here, then he's moved onto a new part of your body to squeeze and grope. Bakugou was more precise with his touches, his skilled fingers roughly grabbing and pinching at your skin before he leaned down to leave a mark on any available part of your skin.


When the two deemed your neck marked up enough, they shifted around so Kiri was lying down, and you were between his legs. Bakugou moved forward to press a gentle kiss to the side of your mouth while Kiri gripped and pulled apart your thighs. They looked between your legs with large smirks.


This was going to be fun.

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"For your armies, I offer my son. He is the most powerful and smartest of my children. When he turns 18, I will hand him over for your men, and most robust charrettes should you accept my offer."

"That's a very tempting offer, your highness. But to trade my men, I ask you to take my daughter to be your sons' wife and promise that our lands shall never stay at war. I will gladly trade my men if it means that she may grow up to be a queen at peace with your kingdom."

"I agree to your terms. I will send one of the servant boys to grab a scroll writer to put our deal on paper."

"It was a pleasure to see you, King Todoroki."

It wasnt fair.

Being a princess wasnt something you wanted, from the very beginning, you despised the title. Everywhere you went, a guard was nearby, watching you and making sure you didn't get hurt or break a rule. When the kingdoms kids would go out to play, you were forced inside to read and be shaped into the leader you were born to be. It was all tiring, the yearning in your heart to be free with the people overpowering your demanding role in life.

It was when you turned 16 that your father told you his deal from years ago. Next to your kingdom was a ruthless ruler, a king named Enji Todoroki. The country was a harsh place known for its even harsher king. When you had turned age seven, he made a deal with the man, as a trade for promised peace, he gave away your hand to the king's son. Being the daughter of a king to scared to let you leave was one thing, but having him tell you that your marriage was sealed to a man you didn't even know was worse. When he did break the news to you ((On the day of your birthday party as well)) you decided that you would not accept the marriage.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to do to stop the deal. Just the idea of being forced into marrying made you full of anger, how dare your father give you away like some prize! If you were to be Queen, the man you marry should be your choice, not some prized doll who was no doubt worse then his father.
In an attempt to make things better with you, he granted you special permission to leave the castle once a week to roam around the kingdom. It wasnt enough to make you less angry, but it gave you more freedom than ever before. Feeling the breeze rush over your face, the gentle sound of your horse's hooves, clicking against the rocky pathway as you made your way into town. Everything about it felt so freeing.

Over the next few years, you grew close to the commoners and local children of the kingdom. Every time you came to visit, you would sit by the large central fountain to read from the many books you had taken from the castle. The children would flock around you and rest as you read, a few even staying longer so you could teach them to read. Every little boy wanted to play different games about battles and wars while the little girls would let you braid their hair as you told them stories. Being a princess didn't matter when you were in the kingdom; no one knew who you were or your status. They treated you as one of them.

It was around your 17 birthday you ran into an odd-looking boy. He couldn't have been any older than you, his slender body perched atop a perfectly groomed white horse, and his eyes trained onto yours. The day was only breaking dawn. You had left the castle early in hopes of getting a walk with your stallion through the forest. By the time you were halfway to the central city, you had run into the peculiar boy.

The look in his eyes shifted from shock to intrigue as he slowly stared you up and down. It wasnt just his groomed horse and costly clothes that bewildered you. It was his eyes and hair that drew you to him. Instead of having only one color, his locks had was split into two different hues, the left a brilliant fire like red, and the right a pure white similar to a dove. When you looked into his eyes, you saw two different colors: the right a sparkling gray and the left a brilliant blue that shined brighter in contrast to the large scar across his eyes. When you had finally finished staring him down, you straightened your back and calmly held your head up.

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"Good morning sir, I dont believe I've seen you around the kingdom before. Do you come from another land?" The white horse he was on neighed and shook its head as you looked down at it. When you connected eyes with the creature, he clopped forward until it was near your bag, its snot poking at the satchel until you opened it up to pull a radiantly green apple out. "What a smart horse, I think you've earned this. Such a gorgeous creature, we dont have breeds like this where I'm from."

"His name is Merek." The boy's deep voice snapped you back to reality, his head tilted down as he carefully stroked the horse's mane and patted it gently. After a few seconds of letting the horse eat from your bag, you drew your attention entirely to him.

"I am (Y/n), daughter of Edward." 

"I am Shouto. I come from the kingdom over yonder." His hand waved out over in the direction of Hinokoku, the country of fire. Just at the mention of the place, you tensed and snorted in distaste, a disinterested look on your face at the thought of such a horrid place. But he didn't seem appalled at your disrespect as you would assume someone of his people would be. In fact, when he saw your upturned nose and apparent hatred, he gave a smile and short laugh. "It appears you do not like my kingdom."

"My father has offered my hand away to one of the people over there. I do not have an interest in being involved with your people." The smile widened as he gave another laugh at your scornful expression.

"You seem to rather hate this man, have you meet him yet? Or do you assume all men from a country like mine must be horrible?"

"I have seen the man you call ruler. If the people there choose to bow to such a horrible person, then I know I will have nothing in common with my suitor. The river shall sooner be diverged then me falling in love with a man of that kingdom." The answer made him pause and think over your words before smiling widely again. Most women would be fearful of what they would say around a man, only women of higher positions were able to say such rude things to others, but it was uncommon even then. If a woman had a more elevated position of power, they would be whipped into obedient, quiet, and respectful ladies. To have a girl talk so freely to him was entertaining.

"Well, I happen to agree with your hatred toward the king. He is a cruel man, isnt he?" The way your eyes twinkled with loathing made him even more entertained. It was fun watching you get so worked up over such a powerful man. If the king were to hear about this, he certainly would have your head on a platter, as it was high treason to talk badly of a royal unless you were one yourself. But it was clear from your attire you were nothing more than a common working girl, someone with little to no power in the larger scheme of things.

As he slowly dismounted his horse and walked over to you, he kept this in mind. Being outside of his kingdom for the first time was already so exhilarating, but to speak with a common girl from a completely different land was even more entertaining. It was very uncommon for him to even talk with anyone outside of the royal guards his father put in place to watch him. In only a few hours of him being away from the castle, he met a most interesting girl, a girl who shared his hatred towards his father and was also shocking beautiful. There was something simple yet elegant about your face that he found himself drawn to. None of the women back at home were as striking as he saw you.

It was indeed a pity, if his father hadn't traded his hand away, maybe he could've tried and gotten closer.



The day of your eighteenth birthday, the very day you dreaded since your father told you his plans to give you away. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if you kept your heart locked away from others, maybe it would be easier to sit around and give yourself away if you hadn't gone and gave your feelings away.

Over the last year, you grew closer and closer with that strange boy from the forest. He would accompany you to the town square to watch as you read the children's stories and helped around the city. Between your different small jobs and the hours you spent with the kids, you would tell Shouto stories about the kingdom and the different things you were taught growing up. Every story you said he sat and listened to, a focused look in his heterochromatic eyes as you waved your arms and excitedly described whatever you were telling him at the time. It was rare for him to open up and speak about his life back in his kingdom, but when he did, you made sure to pay extra attention, asking questions here and there while tucking away the information for later.

Every week he was to visit the kingdom for unknown business. It seemed there wasnt much he did though, since most of the time he spent by your side helping or listening to you talk. Either way, you were thankful for his visits and the added conversation. It wasnt long after meeting him that you grew fond of his quiet but sweet nature. Seeing him was the highlight of your week. After every visit, you would think about all the things you talked about, the way his eyes stared into yours with such interest, and how kind he was to the children and animals that both of you came across.

No man had ever looked so enamored with your silly stories and playful jokes. Never before had you seen someone so delighted just to be helping others, whether it be herding cattle back into their pen or carry something for an older woman he did it with a polite smile. Even after all his work, he never asked for any money and insisted that he didn't need it. Instead, he either gave it back or used it to help the other people in the kingdom struggling with making enough gold to get by.
The kindness of his soul made you feel a deep connection with him. When he opened up to you about his father, you felt as if he was finally starting to get closer with you, and when your 18th birthday drew closer, he admitted that no one before interested him as you did. Every word of praise he gave you made your heart flutter and your cheeks tint a rosy pink. It always made him laugh or smile, the shyness overtaking you as he went along with it. But when you came to visit him one last time before your birthday, something was wrong.

As usual, you meet by the forest in front of where the pathway meets the lake, and the fishermen's house was tucked away in the trees a few feet away. Instead of his calm smile, he was sitting by the water; his pant legs rolled up so he could dangle his feet in and a deep in thought look on his face. His thin eyebrows knitted together as you carefully approached, his face only softening when you gently placed a hand on his shoulder to alert him of your presence.

"Good morning, lady (Y/n), how was the ride over?" The stream crackled as you lifted your skirt so you could dip your feet in before sitting down next to him. The edges of the ordinary dress you were brushed up against his leg as you kicked your feet in the water, a few droplets flicking over onto his skin as he leaned back onto his elbows. Looking over at him, you observed the curve of his jaw and the focused gaze in his steely eyes. It always took your breath away when you got to see his handsome face up close, but you couldn't enjoy it with the thought of tomorrow looming forward. "You seem troubled, is everything alright?"

"I am turning 18 tomorrow, and I will have to meet my suitor then...I do not wish to marry him, though, I have...I have become interested in another." The confession made him glance over at you perplexed, his expression confused at the mention of liking another man. It wasnt that he was surprised you found someone to love, knowing you even for just a year he saw how special you were compared to the other girls. If anything, he merely hoped that whatever man you choose to love saw the way you sparkled and just how independent you were.

A silence hung over you both as you kicked at the water, and he stared up at the blue sky. Clouds rolled past as you glanced over at him, your eyes taking in the sight of his chiseled jaw and those beautiful eyes for the last time. 

"I won't be able to see you any longer...I wish my father hadn't done this... if I wasnt swore away, I would...I-I..." Halfway through, your voice broke as the tears streamed down your cheeks. To have to say goodbye to the boy you had grown so in love with was heartbreaking, it made you even more bitter about having your heart traded away for some stupid peace treaty. Was it worth it? Was the flimsy word of a king who more than likely would attack any way worth destroying your first real love? Just looking at him was making you even more pain-stricken at what tomorrow was to bring.

At the sound of your sobs, he sat up and turned to wrap his arms around your shaking frame carefully. The fabric of his thin coat was soft against your face as you wailed out in anguish; the loss of his comforting touch would be the hardest of all. What if your husband wasnt as kind as Shouto had been to you? There was no doubt that the son of Enji would be just as cruel as his father, the thought of marrying anyone other then Shouto shattered your soul to pieces.

What you hadn't realized was that you weren't the only one who had been traded away from something. A few days ago, his father informed him that in trade for some armies, Shouto was to marry a princess in another country. Even though he knew you were to take another man's hand in marriage, he thought maybe he would be able to take you to his kingdom anyway. Being the prince and future king, it would've been an offer you couldn't refuse. After all this planning, after falling so deeply for a girl he wasnt supposed to have in the first place, he was being told that his father traded him away years before he even was king! It outraged him, but it also made his heartache. To lose you to another man broke him every time you mentioned it, but to be forced to even try and love another woman as entirely unjust.

There was no use, though. Unbeknownst to each other, the two of you were royal, and royals didn't choose who they were to love. It was a cruel reality that both of you had to except. Before you had to be whisked away into a life spent beside someone you didn't love, you decided to give yourself to the one man who truly did adore you. So before he could pull away and have your father take this from you, you leaned up and captured his soft lips in a gentle kiss.

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It was so sudden, but he wouldn't have had it any other way. Carefully, he cupped your face to pull you even closer, his lips slowly moving against yours as he poured as may of his emotions into the tender touch as he could. All he could hope was you felt how deeply he loved you in that kiss, feel his anguish over leaving you and feel how saddened he was to see you go. By the time you pulled away, tears were streaming down your face as you held him close and mourned the loss of your only true friend and the closest thing to a lover you had. Hours passed between the two of you sitting by the river and sharing teary-eyed kisses and desire filled touches. With every gentle caress of his hand, your heart swelled for him even more, and you would pull him up for a passionate kiss to show your compassion. When the time came for you to leave him, your face was red from crying, and his cloak tightly wrapped around your shoulders. With a teary-eyed goodbye and one last love-filled kiss, you left to go back to your castle and prepare for the next day.
The day you would meet your husband.



It was already a horrible start to the day. From the moment you woke up, all you could think about was Shouto, his cloak still wrapped around your frame even after the maidens had been sent in to change you the night before. At the sight of your tears and puffy face, they left you alone to grieve the rest of the night, and your father allowed you to skip dinner. A part of you was thankful for this, at least he gave you the courtesy to grieve the night alone, but another part of you was still outraged at him.

When you awoke, a few maids were summoned to help you get ready for the day. It was the same as every morning, first a bath, and then you were escorted away to fit into your dress of choice for the day. Once that was taken care of, you were ushered downstairs to have breakfast with your father before leaving to attend your studies. As you walked down the long halls of the castle, you took in the many paintings hanging up along the wall, portraits of former rulers and bloody battles. The kingdom used to be known as a war-torn country, bloodshed in behalf of the king's selfish desire. Over time, slowly, peace was formed with the other kingdoms, your father a strong encouragement to this change in demeanor. If you were to be Queen, order was something you would encourage, but not to the point of selling your daughter away.


When you turned around the corner to the main hall, you saw your father, his long wispy hair pulled back elegantly, and his crown set on top of the table. Even though his choices weren't always correct, it would be a lie to say he wasnt a good king. The people always came first, and he was a cheerful ruler. Back when he was younger, there was always a festival of some sort he was throwing and attending. But as he grew older and saw more of the world, the playfulness slowly turned to wisdom and peace, his face always resting with a calm smile. The kingdom loved him as a ruler, for he was wise and mature but still king to them. If you were to take over the country, you would rule just as he did, one with the people and Queen to all.


Sensing your presence, he lifted his head to give you a soft smile. After politely bowing and pulling your chair out to sit, you glanced over at him, his wise eyes still watching you with a peaceful smile. To see him so joyed made you feel troubled for the anger festering inside of you the past year, but it was too late to change things. Peace came before your heart, and you were slowly learning to accept that fate. His hand reached out to gently grab yours, the softness of his fingers made you want to pull away, but you let him have the small touch if only to make him happy.


"I know you are still angered at me for this, but I promise you that I only did it with the people in mind. A peace treaty is a sacred thing, we wouldn't have been able to win a war against their country, and I had to assure that wouldn't happen. I only ask that you think of the people. I've seen how thrilled you are after going to the city. I can imagine the good you've been doing on their behalf." As always, what he was saying was wise and correct. It hurt to think about, but being a ruler meant putting others before yourself. If Shouto had been here, he would've done it without a second thought. Kindness seemed to be the first thought for him, selfishness, an idea tossed aside. 


Carefully you pulled your hand away to settle it into your lap. Your eyes cast down onto the mahogany table. A few servers came in to set up the food as you slowly spoke. "I understand, father, but I am not doing this for you or for that horrible king. I choose to do this only for the people. I will not love my husband and will rule my kingdom without his help."


"If that is how you wise to rule, I will not stop you. As Queen, you will take over my place, and it will be up to you. I can not assure you that King Todoroki will be pleased with your choices, but I suppose that is up to you." A low chuckle left his lips as one of the maids placed a bowl in front of him. He gave a smile and nod before turning back to you, his eyes shining with mischief. "Aren't you at least the smallest bit curious to meet your husband? I have heard that he is quite attractive, and from the reports I've gotten, he is known to be very kind to his people. There have also been reports of him sneaking to visit our kingdom, interesting isnt it? An adventure just as you are!"


"I dont see how that is to make me feel better, father." The monotone sound of your voice made him give way to another laugh, and his hand reached out to gently ruffled your hair.


"You sound just like your mother on our wedding day. She wasnt very pleased to be marrying me. It took me quite a while to get her even to like me. Most days, she would spend out in the kingdom or the library just to ignore my presence; she would rather have been a peasant than be married to a king." The mention of your mother made your head shot up, a wide-eyed expression on your face. It wasnt often he spoke about your mother after she passed away, the kingdom took a very long period of grieving during the first few years of her death. From what you had seen, your parents were very in love. Her free spirit worked well with his, and the people loved her just as much they loved as your father. To hear that their marriage was arranged was shocking, not to mention that there was a time when she wasnt enamored with him.


When she had spoken about your father, it was all good things. Before bed, she would tell stories of all his battles, and how young at heart he was, how it was his kind nature that drew her heart to his. For your entire life, you dreamed of falling in love just as she did, but you hadn't known that their romance didn't start by choice. To be forced into a marriage but still be so happy...It seemed impossible! 


The conversation ended there, your father more focused on eating and your mind to busy trying to wrap around the new information you just learned. When the meal came to an end, you were sent to your room for the time since you didn't need to get ready for the party until the afternoon you had time to read up and finish some chores around the room.


Your back was to the door as you straightened the shelve of books towards the corner of your room, the only thing alerting you of someone opening the door being the quiet click of shoes on the hardwood floor and the sound of the door creaking closed.


"I dont believe its time for me to get ready. Unless you are my father, I would like to be alone." Your hand dusted off some of the books before slowly running over the covers until you found one up to your taste. With your head down focused on the cover, you walked past the stranger, they hadn't said a word yet and were silently watching as you walked to your desk.


A sigh left your lips at the continued silent presence from the stranger, had they not heard you? Perhaps they didn't understand who you were, probably a new guard or some lower-level maid. You usually wouldn't look down on someone for their position on the chain of power, but your annoyance was growing. After a few more minutes passed of the silence, you slapped the book shut with a low growl.


"I dont believe you heard me, but I wish to be alone until my suitor arrives. I would like to have some time alone before my life is utterly ruined by whoever my father has chosen to take my hand." The annoyance in your voice made the stranger laugh, it was low and felt so familiar, but you couldn't place it. Keeping your eyes on the desk, you paid close attention to the sound of their walking, the click of their heels coming closer until they stood behind you.


"It appears you do not like my kingdom. You seem to rather hate this man, even after meeting him. Or did you assume all men from a country like mine must be horrible?" That voice, those familiar words you heard just only a year ago...


You bolted straight up in a state of shock, the chair falling back from the sudden force as you whipped around to stare up into those gorgeous mismatched eyes you had grown fond of for the past year. Instead of the regular commoner clothes you became used to seeing him, he wore finely woven garments, gold-laced into the fabric, and the buttons shiny on his coat. For the occasion, his hair was slicked back, his scar on display and eyes even prettier than ever as he stared at you with a small smirk. Before either of you could say another word, you threw yourself into his arms, tears starting to track done your cheeks from the utter joy you felt.

I saw a man so beautiful I cried

"Shouto! I...I dont understand, I thought you were a commoner. Why didn't you tell me!" Leaning back, you glared up at him, the tears slowly rolling down your cheeks as he let out another joyful laugh. The light streaming through your window reflected onto his eyes, the blue in his left eye just as bright and sparkling as the river you visited with him every week. 


"I dont believe you ever told me you were the daughter of King Edward, either."


"That's different!" A smile crossed your face as he leaned down to press his forehead against yours, his arms wrapping around your waist to pull you closer. The expensive material of his dress shirt brushed against your skin as he nuzzled himself into the dip of your neck and shoulder.


"My father and I just arrived, when I saw the portrait hanging along the main halls I knew that it was you. I dont think my father noticed me slipping away-" Just as he said that the door swung open, a somewhat flustered and angry looking red-haired man standing there. Behind him, your father poked his head in, a broad smile instantly taking his features at the sight of you in the arms of Shouto.


Shouto stared into the other man's eyes as you sent a little glare at your father. They just had to pick now to barge in, didn't they? The arms around your waist tightened as he carefully pulled you closer, your head resting against his chest as he rested his chin atop your head.








"Hi, dad." You waved over at him with a pleasant smile, having Shouto hold you was enough to make you break into a joyful expression even with him glaring down his father from across the room. Just as Enji went to protest or comment on how Shouto wasnt supposed to be there, your father grabbed his arm and started to direct him to his conference room to go over more plans for the wedding. As he closed the door, he gave a wink and mouthed a quick 'I love you' before shutting it behind him.


As soon as they were away from the door, Shouto looked back down at you and gave a small smile as you lifted your head to stare at him. Softly, you reached up and traced your fingers along his jaw and neck, the pads of your finger slowly moving over his skin before resting on his shoulder. Without another word, he cupped your chin in his fingers and tilted your head to press a gentle kiss to your parted lips, a pleased smile on his face as you leaned into the loving touch.


Maybe an arranged marriage wouldn't be too bad, as long as you had Shouto you had a feeling you would come to enjoy the romance not because your father choose it for you, but because you learned to love him for the man he was. 


The boy who sat and listened to your stories with expecting eyes, the boy who was kind to every person he meets. The boy you shared those tender kisses with and the boy who was your first real friend. You loved that boy, and if it so happened that this boy was also heir to the throne and your future husband, well, you supposed that was ok as well.



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Prince Todoroki

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"Oh, bunny, you look so good like this...Wrapped up, all on display for me...I love you so much, bunny." The praising words he whispered in your ear only made you whimper louder as he carefully tightened his grip on you, his tentacles slithering over your body slowly. One of them trailed down your leg before nudging apart your thighs, the tip slowly making its way up until it bumped against your entrance. "T-Thank you for letting me use my quirk...I like seeing you like this. You're so cute when you're flustered."


Another whimper passed through your lips as the tip slowly forced its way in, it was an odd feeling that you weren't accustomed to, but you quickly found yourself enjoying the slick feel. Tamaki's eyes flickered down at where his tentacle was slowly starting to thrust up into you, his eyes flickering with lust as he leaned in to kiss your cheek. Two of the other long limbs wrapped around your waist to lift you higher and slowly move you up over him. A shy smile filled his face as he set you onto his lap after sitting down on your bed, your legs forced open by the slippery appanages and his thighs between yours.


Using his left hand, he reached up to cup your cheek softly. With every thrust of his tentacle, your body jerked upward, chest bouncing as he kept a steady but deep pace. Just as it hit your G spot, the tip flickered slightly, the small movement adding to your pleasure as you cried out his name. Giving a low chuckle, he nuzzled your neck.


"You sound so pretty, Bunny. I love it when you s-say my name like that. I love it...So much..." Between his words, he gave you soft kisses, his lips momentarily muffling your faint cries and pleas as you bucked down onto the now fast-moving limb. The knot in your stomach was building up, your walls clenching down around him as you moaned into his hot mouth and desperately clenched your fists. "A-are you close bunny? You keep c-clenching...I can f-f-feel it, you know, your so tight bunny...Do you want to c-cum?


The tentacle rammed up inside of you at a brutal pace. Even though Tamaki's words were gentle and shy, his movements were far from it. The other tentacles that weren't holding you down moved up to play with your breasts and flick over your nipples teasingly as he watched with a mix of arousal and love. When you cocked your head back to let out a scream of his name, he took the chance to lean forward and kiss over your neck, his teeth gently biting down your soft, smooth skin as he whimpered at the tight embrace you gave to his tentacle. The sight of you bouncing up and down on him while gasping out his name like a cry to a god was enough to speed up his thrusts, the only thing focused on his mind your sweet release.


When he slammed up against your G spot one last, the other tentacles rubbing at your chest as he lapped at your neck, you finally came. Instantly your legs gave out, and you collapsed against his chest, your body twitching as he kept pounding into you at the brutal pace. 


At first, you thought he was helping you get through the orgasm, but when the pleasure started to feel overstimulating, he didn't stop. Tamaki carefully repositioned you, so you were lying down in bed, and his body hovered above you. His tentacles slowly traced down your body until another one pressed against your entrance where the first was still thrusting in and out relentlessly. Another one went at your clit, and the last made its way to your mouth. Teasingly, the tip pressed against your lips as he leaned down with a smirk.


"I didn't say you could cum my bunny...I think I s-should punish you. I want my bunny to listen, after all. Since y-you like cumming so much, I think ill make you cum a few more times..." A broader smirk crossed his face as he gave a small giggle at your flustered face, and the shocked look in your eyes. With a loud groan, you arched up as he slithered another tentacle inside of your still sensitive body. The one posed at your mouth squirmed its way in past your parted lips as he stared down at you and cooed at the sight of your shaky body and lust-filled gaze. Lovingly, he leaned down and pressed a short kiss to your forehead. "Such a good bunny...I can't w-wait for you to moan my name again."


Moaning his name wasnt the only thing you were going to do tonight.


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"God, you are so annoying! If you comment one more damn time about my ears or something else about my quirk, I will tear you to shreds!" The blush on your face only made him laugh harder at you, the sternness making you look even cuter to him.


The way he cackled at you made you even more furious. It wasnt a new thing for him so that he would go and tease you about your quirk, but it was starting to get old. At first, it was kind of funny, and you liked it, but now he was plain old annoying! It didn't help that every time he gave you that cocky smirk and that teasing tone in his voice, your blush would only grow, which would lead to more teasing, which leads to you getting even angrier.


To say you had a crush on Shinsou would be an understatement. From the moment you saw his fight at the sports festival, you knew you wanted to get to know him, with a quirk as amazing as his there was no doubt in your mind he would be a great hero. It was his incredible quirk that got you interested in joining his class instead of class 1-B with the other hero students. Once you got into the course, you instantly sat next to him and started a chat, which is when your odd friendship began to grow.


Over time you fell for him, hard. If he noticed your crush, he didn't say anything about it and instead kept things 'casual'. Teasing was something he always did, so you took it as a friendship thing, even though it was more than that. Maybe it was because you were easy to fluster or because you were so similar to a cat, but he found you amusing enough to hang around. It didn't take long for him to start feeling things for you as well, your fiery attitude was something he respected, and your quirk was interesting to him. Not only that, but a cute catgirl was right up his alley. I mean, come one, you had the ears and tail and everything! It was adorable!


Now, admittingly, he didn't know how to go about having a crush on you. Having been shot down before severally ruined his confidence, and he didn't want to risk ruining the closest friendship he's ever had. Even though that girl was wrong in every way, he believed what she said all those years ago. No one would want to date a guy like him, so why would you? In his mind, a girl like you wouldn't ever wish to date a guy like him. All his quirk was seen as was villainous. What if you started dating, and you realized that? Or what if he asked you out and just the thought of being with an evil person like made you want to transfer out of the class or worse, never talk to him again?


 Losing you would break his heart, so confessing was something he pushed aside. Sure, he wished you would look at him the way couples stared at each other and yeah, he wanted to hold your hand when you walked down the halls and then go for bike rides after school together, but he could keep those thoughts buried if it meant having you as a friend. So instead of telling you how he felt, he settles for playfully teasing you to get those cute little reactions from you.


More often than not, you would get blushy and yell at him. It wasnt often that you truly got mad, but he usually stopped when those times did arise if only because the way you stared at him so angrily and hearing you snap at him made his heart hurt. It did bother him when you would get snappy and albeit mean, but he knew you meant nothing by it, it was just his doubts getting inside his head that made his feelings go to the next level and interpreting your anger as hatred towards him. In reality, you only snapped at him because you were scared to show how much you liked him, but of course, things aren't simple in life, and he saw this as strong disliking towards him.


It was his fault for pushing things, but he couldn't help it, not when you gave him such cute blushes and got all shy. Even if it meant the possibility of you getting mad and, in turn, getting his feeling hurt, it was worth it.


Today happened to be one of those days where he went a little far with his teasing. It started playful, commenting on how cute your tail looked today and how your ears were fluffier than usual. The compliments made your cheeks rosy, and your ears fluff up from embarrassment, which just lead to him bombarding you with even more praises. In a state of distress ((And classic Tsundere-itis)) you started to yell and huff at him, waving off his compliments with angry comments.


A small crowd had grown around the two of you, him complimenting you and pointing out your blushes while you countered back with dismissive excuses and snark. Just as you went to remark the fact you weren't blushing because of him, your ears picked up one of the whispering students towards the back of the crowd.


"God, he's such a jerk, I heard that his quirk is a lot like a villain. What sort of hero makes fun of a girl? No wonder people dislike him, I would too." 



They did not just say that, did they?



A silence instantly hung over you as you stared into the crowd, your ears flickering as you honed in onto the student who said it. Shinsou raised an eyebrow at you, it was clear you weren't paying attention to him anymore, but why were you staring into the crowd like that? When he turned to listen, he heard the sound of a boy taking a little louder now.


"I agree, dude, only an asshole would make fun of a chick like that. He probably likes her but keeps getting shot down, can't blame her, though. I wouldn't date a villain either-" The words had barely left his mouth before you stormed towards him, your claws out, and a snarl on your face. Instantly the crowd parted for you as you stepped forward and grabbed the guys shirt roughly. "Woah! Hey, let me go!"


"What the hell did you just say about my friend? Because if I heard what I think I did, you're about to have a fucked up face in the next five seconds, so choose your next words carefully." The sharpness of your claws tore through his shirt as you leaned in closer, your lips curved up to show your sharp fangs. From some of the battles Shinsou had seen, he knew what you could do with a quirk like yours, from the way you ripped up training dummies that alone was enough to be feared. This wasnt even including the other half of your power. If you wanted to, you could keep up to that promise and severally ruin the man's face. At this point, he wouldn't be surprised if you went through with it.


This was Shinsou's first time seeing you get so angry. Sure, he had seen you get flustered over his quips, and you did get heated in battle, but there was a look of pure malice in your eyes as you growled at the boy. Seeing you so angry over something he heard for so long was confusing, hearing someone call him names was common at this point, but you flipped out over a few small insults. If something like this warranted you threatening to deform a man, he didn't want to know what you would do if you knew some of the worse things people used to say to him.


It was almost...Sweet.


By now, the boy was sweating and nervously looking around for some help. The other kid he was talking to ran off long ago, and the other classmates didn't seem to want to step in to save his ass. Better to stay away from the angry feline, then try and tame it.


"I-I just um...I just said he s-shouldn't be treating you like that! G-girls dont d-deserve that!"


"Oh, I see, you think since, I'm a girl, I cant take care of myself? How about I show you just how well I can handle myself by showing you what happens when you say shit about my friend!" Just as you went to raise your other claw and slash at the whimpering boys' face, a hand wrapped around your wrist and tugged you backward. A firm chest pillowed you from falling entirely, and when you looked up, you saw Shinsou's frowning face.


"(Y/n)." There was a firmness to his voice that you usually would've listened to, but you were far too angry to listen to him now. When you tried to squirm away from his grip, it only tightened, the blunt nails on his fingers dug into your skin as you growled out annoyed. "(Y/n) Stop!"


"Let me go.! I'm not going to let this spineless twerp talk about you like this." But when you looked away from his face to glare at your victim, you saw that the crowd had scurried off in different directions. Not only had they all left, but the rude asshole got away as well. Swearing you snatched your hand away from Shinsou's and looked up and down the halls, your ears perked up as you tried to figure out which way he went.


Before you could turn to walk away, he reached out to grab your wrist again. Turning you stared into his eyes, they were slightly saddened, and the sight made you soften into his touch. A short silence passed before you finally sighed, and calmly stood up straight.


"You should've let me finish."


"You would've hurt him."


"He deserved it." Another frown crossed his face at your blunt argument. Sighing, you ran a hand through your hair before looking up at him with a grimace of your own. "You can't let people talk about you like that. They are wrong and need to be shown that. You arent a villain, you never will be god damn it. You work too hard to let some guy come along and say shit when he doesn't even know you!"


"(Y/n) I-"


"No, dont start with me! God, you're such an idiot! I'm trying to stand up for you and show that I care about you, but your so dense you can't see that!" Without even thinking, you grabbed his button-up shirt and yanked him down to press your lips firmly against his. His eyes widened as you tilted your head, lips moving slowly against his as you held him in place. After a few seconds, the shock slowly started to pass, and his eyes fluttered close as his hands moved to rest on your hips while he pressed his lips firmly on yours. The kiss was sweet and slow, his lips moving against yours lazily as you soaked in the gentle touches. When you finally pulled away, you stared up into his usually tired eyes, a pleased hum leaving your lips when you saw a more surprised and shocked look in them. "God, you're so annoying."


Just as he went to say something, the bell rang overhead, and students started to flock into the halls. Swiftly you moved away from his hands and brushed down your shirt and skirt with a flushed expression, your eyes flickering around the room as you quickly adjusted your hair in case it was messed up. The shocked look was still on his face as you looked up at him with a huff.


"Dont stand there like a dumb ass! We have a class to attend, and I dont want to be late because you can't handle one damn kiss." The teasing in your voice made him snap back to reality and roll his eyes at your remark. It wasnt his fault you took him off guard, you were the one to kiss him, so it was your fault.


He didn't say any of that though; he was to busy watching as you leaned to peck his cheek quickly before sauntering off to class with a sway in your hips and a smirk on your face. Slowly his gaze flickered down to those hips of yours, the way your tail swished almost hypnotically as you confidently walked away. All he could think about was how to get his revenge for catching him off guard like that. I mean all this time he thought you hated him then you just go and kiss him as if it was nothing. No, Shinsou isnt just going to let that slide through because you left with a confident little show.


He was going to get even, and he knew just the way to do it.

Chapter Text

"I'm going to kill shitty hair once we get out of this"


"Now Bakugou, that's a bit harsh, dont you think?" His head turned back to yours slowly, a scowl across his face as you sunk further into your seat. 


Ok, maybe it wasn't the best time to try and be positive with him. Then again, it wasnt your fault the ski lift failed, and it wasnt your fault that the cause seemed to be his red-headed best friend. A part of you questioned why exactly Kiri decided to shove you into the car with Bakugou of all people, but now that you were stuck and you could see a rather pleased Kirishima down at the bottom, it was starting to connect.




You were sitting in a ski lift...with Katsuki Bakugou...


There was no way this would end well.


It seemed he sensed this as well since he immediately pulled his phone out to try and call for help. Unfortunately, even if you were on the ground, the snow was making the connection almost completely gone, but since you were in the air, it was even worse. No bars meant no calling for help. To make it worse, Aizawa was already up at the top with some of the other students, so he wouldn't notice the fact that both of you were gone until he went down and saw that some students were gone. So until Aizawa noticed that you both were gone, you would be stuck up here with a rather pissed up Bakugou.


While he cursed and looked around for something get out, you curled up tighter, your arms wrapping around your knees as you brought them to your chest. Being so high in the air made you anxious, and it wasnt helping that every time Bakugou moved, the ski lift would shift back and forth. Every swish of the small box made you even more nervous.


"Bakugou...Can you please sit down-"


"Shut up, nerd! I'm trying to figure this thing out." The harshness of his voice made you flinch slightly. His eyes softened at the scared look on your face, he wasnt sure if it was his outburst that sacred you or being up so high in the air. Either way, he quietly stared as you curled up tighter. "Um...Are you...Ok?"


"I'm f-fine." Adrift of cold air made you shiver, your teeth chattering as you buried your face into your knees. 


"Dont fucking lie to me, I can see you aren't. Get over here before I regret it." When you looked up, his arms were open, a small blush on his cheeks as he stared out the window. It was a shocking gesture that you weren't sure whether or not he was actually serious. After a few seconds of staring at him in shock, he turned to send you a glare, your reluctance just annoying him further. "If you dont want to get over her you can just freeze your ass off in the corner-"


"No!" He blinked silently as you carefully stood up and inched towards him. There wasnt much room inside the little box, so you were in front of him after only two steps. Another short silence hung over you both as he stared up at you before you slowly sat in his lap.


This was far from how you planned today going. If anything, you expected at most getting some hot chocolate back at the lodge with Bakugou, not sitting his lap stranded up hundreds of feet in the air. Just the fact he offered for you to sit with him was embarrassing, even more so that you went along with it.


You were trying to shift your weight onto your legs instead of him, you hadn't ever sat on someone's lap, but you didn't want to seem heavy. When he noticed this, his arms wrapped around your waist and tugged you down firmly, your ass pressed against his hips snugly. He smirked when you gasped out in slight shock, your hands moving to grip his arms as he leaned backward with you. "Relax nerd. I'm not going to bite you."


The lift slowed to a gentle rocking. With the two of you not moving t helped still it, something you were extremely thankful for. If it kept moving, you were pretty sure you would've had a panic attack or worse, thrown up. God, nothing would've been more humiliating then throwing up in front of your crush.


Then again, sitting on your crushes lap as he casually rested his head on yours, his hands firmly holding your hips as he quietly stared down at you was also pretty stressful. The heat from his hands seemed to burn into your skin, which you knew was impossible with how many layers the two of you wore, but you could've sworn you felt the imprint of his hand. One of his hands reached up your arm slowly and pressed you down against his chest. 


"Just calm down, your heart is pounding. Are you really this scared of heights?" His chest rumbled when he talked, and instead of the regularly booming voice, it was lowered to a gentler tone. It wasnt a whisper, but it wasnt his usual loud self. It would've been typical for anyone else, but hearing him of all people so quiet was shocking. 


"I just...I'll be fine i-if I dont move too much." The soft rise and fall of his chest calmed you down. If you knew he was this warm to cuddle, you would've done it sooner. Well, you would have done it with his permission, of course. There was no circumstance where you could see yourself going up to him and  asking  to do something like this. If you had gone up and asked him, he probably would've called you a freak or made fun of you. It was the last thing you needed.


But there was no point in thinking about that. Why focus on that when Bakugou was holding you close to his chest, his breathing matching yours as he firmly held you against him. Within minutes your eyes were fluttering closed, and you drifted off into a quiet sleep.


When he noticed your breathing slow, he carefully leaned back to stare down at your peaceful face. His eyes slowly looked over your expression, the way your eyelashes fluttered, how the tip of your nose was red from the cold, and how pink your cheeks were. Silently he leaned down and pressed his lips to your forehead before leaning back and shutting his eyes.




"Um, dude, I think he's out." Kirishima poked his head in further with Denki, the two watching there friends as they silently slept. Bakugou shifted slightly, his arms wrapping tighter around you as you nuzzled into his chest.


The two awed at your cute expression and the small smile on Bakugou's lips. Denki quietly pulled out his phone and snapped a few pictures while Kiri nudged the two of you slightly.


"Hey, uh, dude? We got the lift going again...You can get out." Bakugou's eyes slowly opened to the bright flash of Denki's camera, a slight scowl taking over his features at the sight of his two friends. Kirishima jumped back and smiled. "So, uh, it looks like my plan worked!"


"...You're fucking dead shitty hair-" Before he could finish, his eyes snapped back down to yours as you shifted around, the sleep making your mind hazy as you leaned up to nuzzle his neck. A small blush covered his cheeks as you slowly opened your eyes.




"Yeah, I'm here..."


"Did the ski lift start working? Where are we?" Instead of answering, he stood up, your body still in his arms as he pushed past the other two. When you had fallen asleep, the sun was high in the sky, but it was slowly setting behind one of the towering mountains. Quietly you looked up at Bakugou, a smile replacing your confused expression. "Thank you...Katsuki."


"Whatever nerd, go back to sleep. I'll take you to your room."









"Hey, Bakugou?"


"What's up, nerd?" One of his eyes fluttered open, his head tilting to stare down at you. You lifted, so you were leaning on your elbows, your chest pressed against his as you stared into his eyes.


"Do you want to get some hot chocolate? Like an um...A date?"


"....I would like that, princess." He blushed slightly and looked away, his hair slightly falling into his face as you smiled brightly. Before he could say anything else, you pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. "Hey! Dont do that without warning me-"


"You look cute when you blush."


"Shut up! I'm not cute!"


"Mmhm, sure cutie.~"

Chapter Text

Two weeks.


Two weeks of no talking, not even so much as a glance in your direction. When you tried to approach Shinsou, he would brush past you, his eyes trained ahead over your head as if he was in a trance. During the first week, you tried to get him to say something. You followed him to all of his classes and tried to sit with him in the cafeteria, but after awhile, he stopped showing up. Instead, he started training in one of the training rooms with his father. Even after the bell rang and he was walking out, he didn't look at you, his expression emotionless as you tried to start a conversation with him.


It hadn't occurred to you how much time you spent with him until he was ignoring you. When you had decided to spend lunch in the actual cafeteria instead of waiting around, you had to choose where to sit, something you hadn't thought about since your first day. Just before you went to sit in the corner alone, a blonde-haired boy waved you over, a bright smile on his face as he jogged up towards you.


That was the day you meet Denki.


He mentioned that he hung out a few times with Shinsou after the UA sports festival and that when he saw you standing all alone, he figured now would be a good time to introduce himself. Thankful for the escape of sitting alone, you went and sat with him at a table with some of the other students of class 1-A. It was weird sitting with them, it was clear they had their system, but Denki still included you inside of all there jokes and little secrets. By the time lunch ended, you were feeling better then you had the entire week.


When the second week of Shinsou's silence rolled around, you were sitting with the Baku Squad every day. ((They insisted you call them that, even though it made Bakugou slightly pissed off)) It felt nice to be a part of a group, and when Shinsou brushed past you in the hallways, you didn't feel that guilty pang in your heart. 


Of course, you missed him. Every day you thought about him, it was hard not to when he sat right in front of you in every damn class. When you thought back to the kiss, you could see why he would ignore you, I mean you just kissed him out of nowhere! What if that was his first kiss? In all honesty, you felt like shit, even if it was amazing. Pressing his lips against yours was the most fantastic feeling, and you could've sworn that he kissed back, but you must've imagined it. After all, why would he ignore you if he kissed you back?


Either way, you found yourself focusing more time on your studies and your new odd friend. He was sweet, a bit too energetic, but it was quirky in a way.


He was cute.


It wasnt until Friday of the second week that Shinsou finally said something to you. You had been sitting next to Denki as always, laughing away at some stupid video he was showing you on his phone. Since you were sharing his earbuds, you had to lean in, your head slightly pressed against his as he held the phone between the two of you. While you giggled along to the video Shinsou walked into the cafeteria, his eyes scanning over the crowd for your head.


Instead of finding you at your regular table, his eyes finally settled on Denki's group, and he caught a glimpse of your hair through the crowd. Walking forward, he tried to keep his face emotionless, but he couldn't help the small frown from crossing his face when he saw the way you were sitting next to Denki. With how close you were, he wouldn't be shocked if you just sat in his lap instead. Keeping the thought to himself, he casually approached the table, your head still tilted down, so you hadn't noticed him advancing from behind you.


When the video ended, you popped the earbud out and handed it to the blonde-haired boy with a smile. "That was the funniest thing I've seen in, like, ever! God, the way he fell over when she tried to talk to him was so funny-"


"(Y/n)" Shinsou's deep voice made you jump up in shock. It felt like it had been years since you heard the sound of his voice, so hearing it coming from behind you suddenly was a shock. Slowly you turned around and glanced up at him, his head tipped down so he could look down at you. The look in his eyes was unreadable as he flickered his gaze to Denki before going back to you. "Come over after classes, and wear something nice."


Without another word, he turned and walked off. The group watched in silence as you stared at him, your expression shifting from the happy look to one of confusion and slight hope. Did this mean he wasnt angry? Or was this just a way to distract you before he yelled at you until you died of shame?


Instead of having those questions answered, you turned back around and stared at the table quietly. After a few seconds, the group started to talk again, but Denki's eyes stayed focused on you the entire time.





When it came time to go home, Shinsou still hadn't said anything to you. The most he gave you in response was a second stare during health class. Besides that, he went back to ignoring you at every intersection and bump in the two of you had in the hallway. In all honesty, you weren't even sure if you wanted to go to his place at this point, but when he sent you a text telling you what time to come and to wear a skirt or dress of some sort, you decided to go through with it.


I mean, why would he ask you to wear something like that? Wearing a skirt was semi-difficult with your tail since it would lift the fabric if you weren't careful, but you learned to get used to it. Its easier then pants anyway.


Since he had an odd request, you decided to go out and buy something for the occasion. Even though it was wrong, you couldn't help but try and pick out something cute that he would like. When the two of you talked, there were a few times when he confessed to liking girls in cute outfits, girly stuff, and such. Of course, after you found that out, you tried out as many different outfits until you found out what sort of things he liked.


Thank god for this information because when you got the store, it took far less time to find something he wanted. It was a dingy little store that sold cosplay stuff, not somewhere you would go for everyday things, but it sold what you needed. When the shop owner saw your quirk, he laughed and took you over to the skirts and cat cosplay section.

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After buying your things and trying them on, you decided to go over to his house. It was a few minutes before the time he sent, but you figured it would even out if you walked over. A few people stared, but you managed to get there without anyone harassing you or saying something about the embarrassing attire. Finally, you were in front of his door, the tall birch wood inviting as you quietly knocked.


A few seconds passed before you heard someone moving behind the door. When you walked up, you noticed no one was parked in his front driveway, odd since Aizawa was almost always home watching Eri. They must've gone out before Shinsou invited you. Before you could think more about the implications behind asking you when no one was home, the door opened, and Shinsou was pulling you inside.

Neither of you said anything as he firmly shut the door. Silently his eyes moved from the birch wood to your face, his eyes slowly shifting over your outfit before flickering back to your face. The hand he tugged you in with was still gripping your wrist, but the tightness gradually loosened as he stood up straight.

Shinsou Hitoshi by keiid. (With images) | Hero, Boku no hero ...

"You came, good. I'm glad you came." There was a slight sound of uncertainty in his voice that made your raise your eyebrows unsure, was there something wrong? It was clear he wasn't lying, he really did want you here, but why was he so nervous looking?


Of course, to someone else, he probably would've looked normal. The only sign that he was nervous was how his fingers twitched, clearly wanting to reach up and rub the back of his neck. It was a little tick of his. He always did it when he was deep in thought or nervous. The way his hands clenched and unclenched was clear enough to you that he was trying to appear normal when he certainly wasnt feeling that way. Not wanting to make a big deal of it, you instead smiled and cocked your head to the side.


"It feels like it's been a while since we hung out, it's nice being back in the house. Wheres Aizawa and Eri?"


"Out."Another short silence fell over the room as he looked between you and the door while you shuffled back and forth slightly. For the first time since you had met him, you felt nervous and awkward, as if you weren't supposed to be in his house in the first place. Maybe coming was a bad idea after all-


"I want to try something, but I need you to trust me. A simple game...I'll explain the rules if you agree." His voice snapped you out of your daydream. His face was firm, but his eyes held something else, something much darker then you had seen before. The sides of his mouth twitched as he attempted to hold back a smirk, it would've been scary to someone else, but you saw it as strangely attractive. It was nice seeing him smile, and the way he smirked was enough to make your knees weak.


Without even thinking to connect the dots between his little idea, the glimmer in his eyes, and the way he hid his devious smirk, you agreed to go along with him.




"Hm, I wonder if she's in here?" The quiet click of his shoes made you jump, your hand quickly slapping over your mouth to try and silent your scattered breathing.


It was an odd request and an odd game to want to play. When Shinsou suggested playing Hide and Seek, you were suspicious, of course, but then he explained that the winner gets to do whatever they wanted, and you quickly agreed. There was no doubt in your mind that you would win.


It turns out, his house was a lot smaller then you remember. In all honesty, it was somehow even scarier that way, being crouched inside some random closet, the walls so thin you could hear his almost silent footsteps from anywhere in the house.  It didn't help he was continually teasing, his voice carrying throughout each room he checked before it slowly made its way to you. Maybe it was being alone in the dark, or perhaps it was the silence, but you were starting to wish he would find you and do as he pleased. If getting caught means you got to leave the quiet, you would gladly do whatever he wanted.


Was this just some sort of joke? I mean, now that you had time to sit and think it was an odd thing to bring up as soon as you came in. Did he have something planned for when he found you?


Either way, you kept your mouth shut and shut your eyes firmly. The clicking stopped in front of the door, his outline barely visible through the slants of the door. Silently, he opened the door.


"Well, there you are, kitty~." A large smirk was plastered on his face as he carefully stepped forward through the different scattered toys and blankets until he was standing right in front of you. You were sitting on your knees, your body shaky as you shyly looked up at him. One of his hands reached down to carefully stroke your ear, instantly you gave a soft purr and leaned into the touch. "I figured there was something behind those ears of yours. I did some research on girls with cat quirks. Apparently, you like when someone touches you here...and here-"


Halfway through his sentence, he crouched down and reached around to grasp your tail firmly. A loud mewl left your lips as you latched onto the front of his shirt, your eyes wide as he chuckled lowly and tilted his head to see your twisted up face. Using the tips of his fingers, he slowly stroked over the soft fur, the digits slowly caressing it as you tried to keep the desperate moans from leaving your lips. It wasnt like this was the first time you had your tail touched, but it felt so different when he did it, the way he slowly ran his fingers over it, the way he tugged on it until you finally gave in and gasped out his name. The way he held you to his chest was making you feel so heated that you felt like you were going to go insane.


It wasnt long before you could feel the heat pooling between your legs, the soft caresses of his fingers on your tail was becoming too much for your frizzled out brain. His head cocked to the side as you pressed your legs together firmly, another wide smirk quickly crossed his face. "Since I won, I think I know precisely how I'm going to be using my prize..."


With a soft whimper, you connected eyes with him, his indigo ones staring straight into your needy ones as you clawed at his shirt. The way he smirked down at you, the sparks of excitement and lust in his eyes, it was enough to make you want him more than you ever had before. Maybe it was the pleasure from him touching your tail that clouded your mind, but you could've sworn there was a darker undertone to his words. Was he thinking what you were?


If so...Then you would be in for a long night...

Chapter Text


"Kiri? Man, I didn't expect to see you today! This is where you live? Nice place." You leaned forward to peek around his shoulder, a bright smile on your face. "Is your mom or dad home? I was going around the neighborhood washing cars, I saw a car in the driveway, so I figured someone was home."


"A car wash?"


"Yeah! Since its summer and getting warm, I figured this was a great way to make some extra cash on the side! I mean, what's one thing people dont want to do during the summer? Wash their cars!" Kirishima blinked slowly as you beamed up at him.


Honestly, he didn't expect to see anyone today. He spent most days with Bakugou or the gang, but today, everyone had been busy, so he decided to spend the day inside training. After a few hours of training, he decided to take a short break when he heard a knock on the door, which ended up being you with a bucket in hand and a bright smile. 


Now, on the one hand, he was happy to see you. On the other though, he could keep himself from staring at your outfit in slight shock. I mean, sure, it was summer, and you were going to be getting wet, but did you have to wear  those  shorts? They barely went past your thighs and showed off the majority of your legs. On top of that, you wore a small white tee shirt. The fabric was thin enough that he could see the patterning of what he assumed to be a bikini top...At least he hoped it was a bikini top, made it less rude of him to stare.


Snapping back to reality, he remembered you had asked him a question. "Oh, uh, they went out. It's just me today. Getting in some training."


He watched as you nodded along. Secretly he hoped you would be impressed with the fact he was working out, even though the two of you had your share of working out he was hoping it seemed even more manly since this was supposed to be the time of year where everyone is relaxing. What's manlier then keeping up your fitness? 


"Oh, ok! Well, do you need your car washed? Since we're such good friends ill even give you a discount.~" You gave a coy wink as you leaned closer with a smirk. Nervously he chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck as you shifted the bucket to your other hand, the water slushing around slightly as he leaned more towards the door. The doorway covered most of his body, including the forming bulge in his shorts. 


God damn hormones, can't stay down for five seconds after seeing a girl in fucking shorts.


After silently cursing himself and the horribleness that is unconventional boners, he agreed to let you wash the car. Instantly a bright smile crossed your face, and you leaped forward to hug him.


"I promise it'll come out great!" He yelped slightly at the contact. It didn't help he was shirtless during this entire encounter, but to have you pressed up against him made his heart leap inside his chest. Slowly he wrapped his arms around you as you lifted your head to flash him one last grin before walking off towards his car.


With a wave, you turned and faced the car. His eyes stared at you as he swallowed nervously.


This couldn't end well...


"Well, what's she doing now?"

"Shes uh..." Kiri leaned forward to stare out the window, his words instantly dying on his tongue. The phone shook in his hand as he choked on his spit, god damn it why did you have to choose to do this today?!

At the moment, you were completely bent over the hood of his car so you could reach over and wipe his windshield. The water had drenched your shirt so you had taken it off a while back, from this angle he couldn't see where you had tossed it, but he silently hoped you wouldn't put it back on. His earlier suspicious proved to be correct. It was a bikini top and a revealing one at that. The material barely stretched out over your breasts, and when you leaned over, he could perfectly see the outline of your nipples and the way your chest jiggled from the pumping of your arms. To add insult to injury, you were dripping with water, the droplets slowly rolling down your body as you leaned up even further onto your tippy toes.


While he gawked at you from the window, you were silently smirking as you rung out the sponge into one of the buckets. You knew damn well he was watching you, its why you were putting extra effort into bending over and getting wet. Teasing a cute guy like Kiri was fun. Besides, you liked him for a while now, and this was flattering in a way. It was clearly affecting him; you could tell from the hug and his lingering gaze. There was also the fact he had immediately called someone and the fact you could hear him almost precisely through the walls. Poor Kiri, if only he knew how thin those walls were.


The sound of Denki saying Kiri's name snapped him back to reality. "Shes uh, shes...Man, I can't even think! This is so unmanly of me, I can't stop watching her!"


"Dude, I can't blame you. God, you're so damn lucky, bro. Like, this is a once in a lifetime thing! You're getting to watch your crush up close in a bikini! Not only that, but she's also washing your car for you! What's better than a babe in a bikini getting drenched!" Kirishima rolled his eyes as he huffed out, annoyed. As truly sexy as it was, it wasnt cool for him to gawk at one of his friends. It wasnt like you were doing this to show off your body and tease him, the two of you were friends, and he was paying you to do a job for him. In a way, he was like your client. You came over, you provided your services, and he pays. After that, you go home, and the transaction is over.


Now, on the other hand, he wouldn't mind if you offered up another kind of service...Before his thoughts could drift any further, he slapped himself to stop from getting further. The boner in his pants was already so obvious, but he couldn't just let himself get fully hard while you were around. What if you came in for something and saw? You would probably end up connecting the dots and call him a pervert, and then you would ignore him for the rest of the school year and perhaps for life. No, he couldn't let that happen!


He would be a man, but not just a man, a gentleman. If there was one thing he learned from his mother and from all the gentlemen he's seen on TV, its that when you have someone over, you should always be hospitable and polite! Kiri could be polite, yeah, how hard could it be? When he offered the idea to Denki, he suggested taking out something to drink as it was a hot afternoon, and lemonade was always a good idea. It was honestly shocking how good of an idea it was, not only that, but Denki didn't seem to have any double meaning behind it—just offering some lemonade. Simple as that.


Hanging up the phone, Kiri tossed it onto the couch and rushed into the kitchen to grab the pitcher from the fridge. Before his family left, they had made some and left it in the freezer to cool a bit. When he pulled it out, the top had begun to ice over, but after stabbing at it with a spoon, it became similar to a slushie, which was even better. Who didn't like slushies?


After pouring it into two glasses ((He was a bit thirsty after all the training and slushies were way too good to pass up)) carefully walked out the front door over to where you were currently bent over. He swallowed and quickly looked away from you, but after a few seconds, his eyes fluttered back. The shorts had ridden up even further, your ass barely covered by the bright material. Some of the water was dripping down your back and along your leg as you dropped the yellow sponge into the bucket. Turning around, you jumped slightly at the sudden presence but smiled when you realized it was just Kiri.


"Oh, hey! I'm almost done with the wash. I was going to throw in a free wax and polish when I'm finished. The girl's going to be shinier then the day you bought her." You patted the hood with a grin as he chuckled.


"Thanks again, man! I appreciate the help; my mom would've made me wash it if you hadn't shown up." Kirishima gave a shy smile as he extended one of the glasses to you. Being up close to you helped settle some of his nerves, but it also had some downfalls. Well, if you consider getting an eyeful of boobs a loss, that is. "I uh, figured you might be thirsty since its kinda hot out here..."


"Aw, thank you, Kiri! You're so sweet." When you grabbed the glass, your fingers brushed against his, and you couldn't help the smirk from growing on your face when he blushed darkly. Quickly he moved his hand away and went to rub the back of his neck as you raised the glass to your lips.


His eyes flicked over to your lips as you tilted the cup back, the juice sliding down your throat as you hummed out. A shudder ran through him as he looked between your slightly blissed face and you tilted back neck, the way the muscles flexed as you swallowed and how some of it dripped down to your cleavage. Maybe going out here wasnt the best idea after all-


"Oh my god, that was amazing, Kiri. Exactly the pick me up I needed!" You licked over your lips to catch some of the lingering sweetness, his eyes watching intently as you swept over the plush flesh. A chuckled escaped you when he realized he was staring again, another dark blush starting to cover his face. "You know, Kiri, your blush is almost as bright as your hair. It would almost seem that you enjoy seeing me dressed like this.~"


"Psh w-what?! What makes you say that?!" A panicked look replaced the shy one as he stepped backward. How could he be so dumb, going out here was a stupid idea! He knew that being around you when you were dressed like this was going to be a bad idea, god, you probably noticed his hard-on from earlier and were waiting to spring the embarrassment on him. 


Every step he took back, you countered with a step closer. The driveway was short, and he ended up pressed against a tree, his face flushed bright red, and his hands scrambling between waving in front of him and rubbing the back of his neck. Before he could figure out a way to run, you grabbed his flailing wrists and pinned them down, your chest pressing against his as you traced your fingers along the skin of his wrist.


His body went rigid as you rolled your hips against his slowly. The water from earlier made your skin cool against his, and he could feel your breasts' softness when you ground against him. It felt like his heart was racing ten times its average speed. This couldn't be happening; no, this had to be a dream! That's right, this was a dream! It would explain everything. He probably fell asleep on the couch after you came over, and he was having a super realistic wet dream!


Any thoughts he was having stopped when you started to tug him over to the car. Your hand was wrapped around his as you fiddled with the handle before popping open the back seat and throwing him inside. Rather unmanly like he stumbled inside, his body twisted as he tried to get into a position where he could sit up and see you. Once he turned onto his back, you crawled over his hips and shut the door behind you, a smirk on your face as you place your hands on his chest.


"You overthink, Kiri, enjoy this instead. I know you want me and I sure as hell want you so touch me before I walk out this door-" Before you could finish the sentence, he grabbed your hips and forced you firmly against him with a low grunt. The strain of his jeans didn't do much to hide his growing girth; the size already impressive to you even through his tight pants. It's clear from the look in his eyes that he doesn't want you to leave, not after everything you just teased him with. No, you weren't going to get out of this so easy.


His arms wrap around your waist as you lean down to lay more comfortably on him. The way your body slowly moves against him has him bucking up against you, the shorts not doing much to cover your wet slick from his desperate thrusting. Carefully you traced your fingers along his chest, the pads of your digits slowly moving over each muscle and dip in his skin. 


There were a few scars from training and the different missions he had gone on. When you worked out with him before you had seen a few of them, but now that you were up close, you could see every small mark that littered his chest. A few he shuddered at when you touched them, when you came across those you made sure to lean down and pepper it in kisses before moving onto the next. When you got to his hips, you paused and looked up at him through your eyelashes with a smirk.


"Can I take your pants off?" He gave a weak nod as another blush crossed his cheeks. Even though he wanted to be confident, there was no way he could look you in the eyes while you did this. I mean, you were in a bikini, taking off his pants in his car with the full intent of sucking him off. How the hell was he supposed to be confident when you were looking at him like that?!


His thoughts snapped back to you as you carefully tugged the jeans down. The material slid down his smooth thighs as you stared at his bulge through his briefs; the soft fabric outlined his cock perfectly. Your eyes fluttered up to his as you licked your lips slowly and leaned down to press a kiss to his member. Without taking off the underwear, you started to leave kisses up and down his length, your tongue pressing against it teasingly as he shuddered underneath you. When he finally grew tired of your teasing, he ran his fingers through your hair before shoving you back a bit, his other hand busy tugging down his briefs while staring into your mischievous eyes.


As soon as the fabric was at his thighs, his cock sprung up and hit against his bare stomach. His head tipped back as he gave a low groan at the freeing feeling as you went wide-eyed. 


In all honesty, you hadn't ever done anything like this before. I mean you had watched porn before, who hadn't, but you didn't expect Kiri to be so damn  big . It was almost scary seeing him like this, the ordinarily innocent look on his face replaced with an amused smirk, his cock curved up against his stomach as you swallowed nervously. You were going to have that thing inside of you, either in your mouth or somewhere else. Would it even fit? 


Instead of swelling on that thought further, you let Kiri grab your hair and tug your head down to his throbbing length. With one hand, he grabbed his cock and tapped the tip against your cheek with a small chuckle, his cock playfully tapping against your cheeks until you pouted up at him with a huff. He raised one eyebrow at your annoyed face as he tried to keep from flashing a wide grin. "Why are you looking at me like that, bro?"


"Are you going to keep hitting me with your dick, or are you going to let me give you a blow job? If you're going to keep hitting me then that's fine, just tell me, so I know whether or not I need to take you seriously."


"Aw, impatient arent cha? Fine fine, ill stop." Carefully cupping your chin, he pressed his thumb against your lip to urge you to open your mouth. With a pleased hum, he swiped his thumb against your tongue, his finger pressing down against the muscle before pulling back to replace the digit with his tip. The tip was spongey as you kitten licked at the few inches he placed inside his mouth, your eyes moving from his to stare down at the rest of his dick. There was a solid 6 more inches to go.


Even though he wanted to thrust into your mouth instantly, he calmed himself and slowly moved his hips up, his pace slow so you could get used to his length. Every inch you took, he gave you a few words of praises, his hips stilled as you sucked and licked at his flesh. When you were ready, he started a slow pace, his hips pulling back before thrusting up into your pliant mouth. In seconds he was tightly gripping your hair and moving your head quickly, his tip hitting your throat as he grunted out. Your hands pressed against his thighs as you relaxed your throat for him, your tongue wrapping around him as he bucked into you speedily.


Spit was dribbling down your thigh as you whimpered around him. When his hips snapped up, it shook your body and made your breasts bounce slightly, a pleasant sight for him when he lifted your head. While he busied himself with ramming in between your lips, you carefully reached down to brush a finger inside of your panties, a low moan vibrating through you when you came into contact with the heat. While you had been sucking him, you grew extremely wet, your panties drenched from all the activities of today. 


His eyes fluttered closed as he tightened his grip on your head. The pleasure was flooding his mind, and he was close to his end, his cock twitching inside your mouth as you sucked harder. When he pulled back, your tongue rushed to flick at his tip, your mouth milking his sensitive cock as he groaned out loudly.


With one last flick at his tip and hard suck, he was cumming inside your mouth. His hips bucked up, and he forced your head down to take all of his cum, the semi-bitter taste filling your mouth as you hummed happily. Even though it wasnt the sweetest, you found yourself enjoying the palate, it was sort of sharp but had a pleasant undertone. Moans fell from his lips as he let go of your hair and allowed you to move on your own, your mouth slowly milking the rest of his orgasm until he was shuddering from overstimulation.

His eyes slowly opened to watch you rise off of him with a loud pop. One of his hands reached out to gently cup your cheek, his thumb stroking over your skin as you hummed sweetly at the tender touch. His face had gone from lust to love, his eyes trained on yours as he lifted you for a kiss.


A few minutes passed where the two of you just sat and kissed, your lips moving against his slowly as he rubbed over your hips. When the two of you pulled away, he smiled softly, his pearly teeth flashing as he nuzzled your neck. "I'm glad you came over, babe."


"Babe?" You playfully teased with an eyebrow raised. He merely chuckled and leaned up to peck your lips again. 


"Mmhm, you're my babe and im your man. Now get over here, I want to cuddle you some more." 











"So dude, how did it go?! Did you get some?!" Denki shook his shoulders frantically, his eyes wide as he quickly spoke. Before Kirishima could respond, you poked your head around the corner with a smirk.


"Well, you could say he got some if you consider getting several blow jobs getting some."




"What? I'm not wrong. I'm pretty sure I sucked you off like four times in one hour." You rolled your eyes and quickly rushed off as he chased after you, a small smile on his face as well as a blush.


"Get back here!"


"Catch me if you can, rock boy!" Denki watched in shock as Kiri chased you around while laughing. His brain was trying to wrap around the information he just received. 


He was....happy for him?? Was he supposed to be??


"What's with the stupid look dunce face?"


"I think Kirishima got a girlfriend..."


"Wait, he didn't already?? I thought he was dating (Y/n)?"


"Well, he is now." Denki shook his head with a sigh. He did not want the image of his best friend getting sucked off in his head, but now that you brought it up, it was all he could think of. With one last sigh, he turned and left to hide out in his room and try to get the mental image of Kirishima cumming out of his head.

Chapter Text

Another party, and another night of drinking. It wasnt unusual for Mirio to be seen at one of the parties thrown by a third-year since he was the most popular student at UA. He tried to attend everyone he was invited to, which meant most weekends he ended up wasted and hung over the next morning.


Tonight was another one of those nights. Instead of a stranger throwing the party, it was Tamaki. He hadn't expected so many people to come, and once people started to show up more and more let themselves in. While the poor boy tried to keep the crowd from damaging any of his things, Mirio was busying himself with drinks and dancing. Every few minutes, someone was offering him a cup of some random liquid or starting up a conversation that he found himself smiling and nodding through without thought. It was all just a blur lately, go out to a party, get drunk, laugh with some students, then end up walking back home or getting a ride. 


For the entirety of his school year, he hadn't found himself particularly interested in anyone or anything as far as his weekend adventures went. All the girls ((And boys)) at the party were people he already knew. If he wanted to date a fellow student, he would've. But either way, he quickly found out that nothing was exciting to the parties; he just enjoyed the free booze and an excuse to get out of the house.


Maybe that was why he was so shocked to see a girl who he had never before seen. They weren't a student, and they certainly didn't hang out with his crowd of people. The idea of meeting someone new and exciting was enough to have him pushing through the crowd, apologizes half-heartedly leaving his lips as he bumped into dancing couples and drunken party-goers.


After a few minutes of shoving his way through, he finally was in front of the girl. His eyes slowly looked you up and down,  round eyes taking in your body as a few people bumped him backward. Cocking his head to the side, he stepped closer to grab your attention.


"I dont think I've seen you around here before, my names Mirio." He stuck out his hand with a dazzling smile. Your eyes flickered between his palm and the stupidly wide grin on his face as you slowly leaned forward off of the wall. A few beats of silence passed between you two before he slowly lowered his hand, the smile on his face not wavering as he rubbed his neck with a nervous chuckle. "Are you having fun so far?"


"Yeah, sure." The music made it hard for him to hear you, but he managed to catch the sweetness of your voice. His eyes widened in slight surprise as you raised an eyebrow at him.


"Do you go to UA? I haven't seen you around, are you a second year?"


"Look, you seem nice and all, but I'm only here for one reason. I'm not looking for some pointless conversation or to try and make friends. I just came to meet someone and get my shit, then leave." Even though your voice was annoyed and it was clear you weren't interested in talking to him, he couldn't help but chuckle at the distaste in your voice. It wasnt often someone spoke like this to him, and it was funny seeing someone who very clearly disliked parties to be at one themselves.


You sent him another glare when you heard his soft chuckle as you reached over for your bag. While you rummaged around, you got a good look at his tall figure.


The flickering lights made it hard to get a good look at him, but you could piece together some of the basics. When the lights flashed, you could see that he had long blonde hair and round eyes, they didn't even look real in all honesty. Almost like a cartoon character. Slowly your eyes moved down to his broad shoulders and the enormous muscles of his arms and chest. Since he was wearing a simple white shirt, you could see the effects of many works out and training, something you were slightly thankful to see. It would be a lie to say he was somewhat cute.


Finally, you found the pack of cigarettes from your purse. Pulling them out, you flicked the top off and picked out one, carefully placing it between your lips as you tossed the box back into the handbag. Mirio watched in slight awe as you pulled a lighter from your pocket and lit the end, your chest puffing out as you deeply inhaled before slowly blowing the smoke into the air.


Waving the cloud away, he gave you another broad smile. "You never told me your name."


"Didn't plan on mentioning to you cartoon boy." The grin dropped as you puffed out a cloud at his face. It hit him square in the front, and you couldn't help but chuckle at the pouty look on his face. "(Y/n). Tell me something cartoony, whats a nice guy like you doing at a place like this?"


"A place like this?" His head cocked to the side as you rolled your eyes. It was as if he was some oversized puppy, the innocentness in his eyes almost sickening as he looked down at you. 


"This doesn't seem like it would be your group: drug dealers, sex workers, and the lot of em. All theses kids got something there dealing, just looking for a way to get high on whatever numbing thing they can get their hands on."


"Oh...My friend is throwing the party. I dont know where he went, to be honest."


"Mm." You hummed out as you drew back the slowly burning cigarette. His eyes moved over the crowd as you slowly puffed away beside him, a pleasant silence shifting over you both as he took in the sight.


Everywhere kids were dancing or smoking or drinking. Your words about everyone looking for there high came back to his head as he watched different classmates switch between chugging shots and making out and going out back to do whatever type of drug they choose. It made him wonder what exactly brought you here tonight, what was your choice of numbing? And was he here for his own numbing? Had you been right about not only the students but himself?


Now that he thought about it, maybe this was his form of a high. Going out to parties and hanging around so many people relaxed him; it made him feel like he was a part of something bigger. As silly as it sounded, going out and talking to interesting people was like a drug to him. It didn't take long for him to get addicted to something, whether it be someone or a certain feeling. Maybe that why he found himself wanting to get to know you so much. He had seen the one girl at the party who was different.


Before he could dwell on the thought any further, he looked over to ask you a question only to find a space where you were standing. His eyes moved over the room until he finally spotted you near the entryway with a few other kids who didn't look like they went to UA.


When he walked over to the three of you, the other two kids stopped talking and stared at him, confused. A snarl covered the red-headed boys' face while the girl raised a judging eyebrow at his odd appearance. Instead of saying anything, you lazily looked up at the tall blonde, gave a short nod, and then turned back to the other boy. "Do you got the shit or what Dylan? I want to leave already."


"Yeah yeah, I got it. I figured some uptight UA students would make you fit in a bit better, yet you're still acting like you got a stick up your ass. It seems like you got a little boy toy following you around already, though." He waved a hand over at Mirio as he slapped a small baggy into your hand.


"He looks more like a golden retriever, in my opinion. Did (Y/n) here promise you a bone if you follow her?~" The girl giggled as Mirio looked between you three amused. If he was aware that they were making fun of him, he didn't show it. Instead, he smiled brightly and turned to you with those damn wide eyes of his. God, he really was a dog wasnt he.


"Whatever. Come on, cartoon boy, we're leaving."


"We?" A sigh escaped you as you pushed past the other two and threw open the doors. The cold breeze hit him in the face as you stalked off towards your car, arms wrapped around your body, so you stayed warm from the blistering wind.


"I ain't smoking this shit alone, and you seem nice enough. I could use some company." The cold look on your face shifted to a small smile. He could feel his heart stutter when you looked up at him with that sly smirk, your hand holding up a small bag of an odd powder. Even though he didn't smoke, he was more interested in getting to know you, so he followed you out to your car with bright eyes and that funny feeling in his heart. As the music slowly faded away and he stared up at the sky as you turned on the car, he thought over your words. 






He was finding his new high, and that high was a girl who smelled of smoke and hated parties and had the perfect smile.








Chapter Text

"Morning, now that Midoriya's back, we'll go into more detail about what the work studies entail. Go ahead and come in." Aizawas' head turned towards the door, his eyes lazily staring as he waved a dismissive hand. The class turned, their eyes focused on the students entering. "I'll have people who have experienced them first hand explain. I suggest you listen carefully as they point out how work studies differ from internships."


Looking back, his eyes scanned over the classroom of students. "These three are third years at UA. They rank at the very top of our student body. You may know them as...The Big Three."


The class stared in awe at the three students that ranked at the top of all the students in the school: two boys and one girl. One was a tall blonde boy, a huge smirk on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest. The other boy was hanging his head, his dark hair covering most of his face as he stood next to the shortest of the group. With a grin, she turned and stared at Aizawa as the class began to murmur among themselves.


As you might guess, that girl happened to be you. Being apart of The Big Three was a huge responsibility, and being able to appear in front of class 1-A as an example of what they should be doing was a huge honor. Not only that, but it was the perfect chance to show off in front of Aizawa. Even though it was decided early on that Mirio was going to be taking over the demonstration power wise, you figured the best course of action for you would be to show off your wisdom.


You see, after a few days of joining the school, you realized how much you liked your teacher. Back then, you were a first-year, new, and fresh to the hero world, ambitious and so filled with passion. It wasnt easy, Aizawa could be a strict teacher, but you got through it. If he wasnt so hard on you, you might've not made it to where you are now! Either way, you were thankful to have him as a teacher and mentor. 


It also happened that you looked at him as more than that. Now we all have had a crush on a teacher. I mean, who hasn't? Maybe it was those little moments during sparring, or how much time he put into helping you with your quirk, or perhaps it simply was because he was so damn hot. Either you found yourself crushing hard on him, and if you were honest, it seemed as if he felt the same way.


A few seconds later, Aizawa's gaze flickered over to you as the class continued to gush over the three of you. The grin on your face grew as you cheerfully waved at the half-lidded man. He didn't wave back or say anything, but he did crack the smallest of smiles before turning back to the class to continue what he was saying. Snapping back to serious mood, you looked out at the class and gave a focused look. 


As he spoke and allowed the three of you to introduce yourselves, his eyes flickered over to stare at you carefully. The proud smile on your face had returned rather quickly, no matter how serious you tried to seem that smile always took over. When compared to Mirio, you were just as bright and bubbly, maybe even more so.


Aizawa's eyes drifted down over your form as you started to tell the class about yourself. His gaze moved to your chest as you waved your arms around excitedly, the grin growing wider as you went into a mini-rant about how happy you were to meet them all. Before he could keep gawking, he looked back down at his desk and cleared his throat with a light blush.


Staring a student like that was highly inappropriate. In all honesty, he had to stop himself from gazing at you often, but it wasnt like he did this with every female student or anything like that. When the two of you had met, he didn't think of you as anything other than a student. All you were was a student, someone he was expected to shape into a respectable and brave hero. It wasnt until your third year he started to notice things. 


It was hard to notice pick up on your little flirty comments or the way you let him pin you down a little too much when you sparred. Usually, he would've been annoyed at a student trying to flirt with him. It wasnt only against the rules but extremely disrespectful...But when you stared at him with those innocent eyes and begged him to teach you after school, how could he deny you? Indulging in a little extra time wasnt wrong, right?


Either way, as long as he kept his stares and not so teacherlike thoughts to himself, everything was fine. If he kept his feelings to himself, then things would continue as they were, you would graduate and become a hero and who knows, maybe you would meet up with him one day and things would go from there.


What he didn't realize was that his rather optimistic fantasy to wait until you graduate was going to be shattered. Not only that but in a way he would never expect...




"So, what's it like being apart of The Big Three?! Like, do you guys do crazy stuff?!" One of the girls was jumping and down in front of you as you chuckled. She had said her name was Mina and insisted on following you around on the walk back from Mirio's fight with the class. Her quirk was pretty compelling as far as the first years went. Nothing compared to Mirio or Tamaki, but then again, no one was as good as them. Not even you were that good.


"Ah, well, nothing too crazy. We go and do missions with Pro's every once in a while, but that's probably boring sounding." Shrugging, you turned to hide your bright smile. Hearing the mention of Pro's students began to flock around you, asking if you had met this hero or worked on this fight. Each bombarded you with questions and listened carefully to your stories of villains and battles and some gossip on the heroes that you found out after some heated battles. It was during your story about accidentally trapping Endeavor under some debris that Aizawa walked up and tapped you on the shoulder.


Swiveling around, you looked up at the dark-haired man with a smile. The students slowly dispersed after a sharp look from Aizawa, a few grumbling about wanting to hear the rest but left without a fight. When they were all out of earshot, Aizawa turned back towards you. "The board has decided to choose one of the Big Three for an upcoming mission. It will be an undercover stealth operation, ill be conducting the main attack, and after some consideration, I've chosen you to join me. You'll be back up, keeping eyes on the ground while I find the culprits behind the attack. If things go bad, I expect you to get me out of there."


"A stealth mission?" He gave a short nod as you raised an eyebrow. As far as the Big Three went, it could be said you were the stealthiest, but that was only because the boys had such...loud quirks. Another part that piqued your interest was the fact he mentioned how  he  choose you to join him. 


Did that mean something?


"I'll send the file to your room to brief you on the mission. We're leaving at 8, be ready with your Hero costume. Got it?"


"You can count on me, Sensei."




Shifting to your left, you gazed down through the pair of binoculars to catch a glimpse of Aizawa as he ran along the edge of the roof. The moon was almost entirely covered by the rolling clouds and fogy cover of night, the perfect weather for a stealth mission. Having night vision on the binoculars help you follow along with Aizawa as he hopped from building to building.


Leaning forward, you clicked on the small com connected to your hero costume. "Head to the left, you should find a tall storage area. Lots of boxes and stuff."


"Found it, what next?"


"Head through the main doors and go to the right and straight ahead for about..." Carefully you lifted the map and ran your finger along the traced path. "20 feet then take a right. After 15 feet, you will take another right then a left at the next hallway."


The com flicked off as you leaned back with a tired sigh. Being on lookout duty was annoying, to say in the least. Aizawa was to busy trying to stay undercover so you couldn't talk much besides the directions and alerting him of anyone nearby. Maybe it was hopeful thinking, but you had thought there would be at least a few minutes where the two of you could catch up.


Pushing up your mask, you rubbed your eyes with a soft sigh. This mission had been open for months, and if the police thought one night was going to change that, they were wrong. So far the most people you saw were Aizawa and the scheduled workers, there hadn't even been noise on the com besides Aizawa-


Just as you were thinking, a loud crash came through followed but dull static. Frantically you rushed to grab the binoculars and try to see if Aizawa was in danger. The rule was that if he didn't respond after five minutes on the com, you would go in and grab him before leaving to get back up. Mentally you started to count the seconds as you watched the entrance, static filling your ears as you slowly watched. When you hit 4 minutes, the com fizzled before slowly clearing up so you could hear his broken voice.


"(Y/n)I need you here....I got hit with something. I dont know what..." There was a slight twinge of pain in his voice, but overall, he sounded ok. For a second, you thought there was a slight huskiness normally gravelly sound of his words, but that was probably the mic breaking in and out. It was a weird thought, why would he sound so husky in a situation like this? "Hey, are you there? Did the damn thing break?"


"I'm here! Do you want me to enter the building, and is the villain still there?"


"I apprehended them, just...get in here, now." The com fizzled out before you could ask any more questions. There was no point in stalling. If Aizawa was hurt, then that came before any questions you would've asked.


Swinging down, you hopped onto the edge of the building below you. Thankfully, training with Aizawa was coming in handy; one of the first lessons he taught you was how to parkour over buildings. Thoughts raced through your mind as you jumped and scaled down each of the buildings, your feet hitting the ground silently as you inched towards the storage garage Aizawa was located in.


When you creaked the door open, a body fell towards you. In a semi-panic, you grabbed the body and twirled it around to pin them down on the concrete floor. The man let out a loud gasp when you slammed his body into the ground, your hands rushing to twist his arms back and slam his face down. When you had their wrists in your hands and held down, you finally got a look at them.


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry, Sensei!" You jerked back away from him and covered your mouth with an embarrassed blush. He grunted as he rolled over onto his back. "I thought you might've been a threat. I'm so sorry-"


"It's fine (Y/n), help me up." Scurrying to stand up, you brushed off the dust on your outfit before grabbing his extended hand. You tugged him up with a slight huff and quickly scanned over him for any visible injuries. Just from looking over him, there weren't any tears or cuts in his clothes. There was a smidge of dirt on his cheek, but besides that, he looked the same as when you split up at the beginning of the mission.


When he looked down at you, the look in his eyes flickered to something darker, a look you didn't get often. A long silence hung over the two of you as he wordlessly stared at you, his eyes taking in your outfit as you looked him over for injuries. Stepping closer, you tilted your head, confused.


"Sensei? Are you ok? You said you got hit, but I dont see any injuries, I think I should take you to somewhere I can look you over a bit better. Can you walk?" You gave him a small smile when he nodded in agreement. If he could walk, that meant it was more then likely not fatal. There was no blood on him, so you guessed it was probably just a blunt attack. 


Glancing around, you grabbed his hand and led him back into the building. His fingers flexed in your grip as you carefully ducked around the different shelves and boxes, the walls twice your height and towering around the two of you. When you were deep inside the maze, you turned back to him and carefully pulled your hand away. For a second, he kept gripping, the look in his eyes flickering before moving his hand away reluctantly.


Reaching forward, you carefully patted down over his chest to his hips, your hands skimming over his body to test for any sort of reaction. Instead of wincing in pain or moving away, he watched you intently, his eyes darkening with that emotion you just couldn't quite place. When you reached his hips, he gave a grunt that made you pause and stare up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Here?"


"Kid I dont think-"


"Does it hurt when I touch here? Lift your shirt, ill see if you have any bruising forming." Before he could argue, you were lifting his shirt and tugging his belt down. The second your skin touched his hips, he jumped away from you, his jaw clenched, and a panicked look on his face. You stared confused as he frantically looked around and tried to avoid your staring. "Sensei?"

His eyes flickered back to you and shivered at the sight of you. When you were inspecting his hip, you had gone down on your knees to get nearer to him and look at the potential wound up close. But since he moved away, you were sitting there perplexed, head tilted to the side with that damn innocent look on your face. There was this feeling creeping up inside of him, a burning want that he couldn't quite satiate, and when he looked at you, so innocent and wide-eyed, he couldn't contain himself.


Lurching forward, he grabbed your shoulders and yanked you up to your feet. Before you could ask what he was doing, your body was being slammed against the nearby shelf, his hands moving to tie your wrists with his scarf. When you squirmed your hips brushed up against his where you felt his rather large ((And still growing)) bulge. He chuckled at the shocked gasp you gave as he leaned down to bit at your neck. "As much as I enjoy having you grind that cute ass against me, Kitten, I suggest you stop squirming. I wouldn't want to have to punish you.~"


"S-Sensei?! What...What are you, d-d-doing?!"  Another chuckle escaped him as he slowly ran his fingers along your hips and up your sides. Whatever he had been hit by was making him act without thought, but you couldn't stop yourself from leaning into his warm touches. It was wrong. He was clearly under the influence of someone or something, and you should be trying to fight him.


But even if you did fight, would you get this opportunity again? It was unlikely that Aizawa would do something like this, I mean if he was trying to do what you think he is anyway. Under normal circumstances, you doubted he would even go out on a date with you, let alone fool around on a mission. At any moment, someone could come around that corner, and your cover would be blown, or worse, they could attack while the two of you were in a compromised position. On all accounts, you really should be stopping this. It wasnt safe, and Aizawa would never allow this had he been in the right state of mind.


While your thoughts were racing as to whether or not to give into Aizawa's temptations, he had busied himself with undoing the front part of your hero gear. The material slid off your body quickly, and he leaned forward to peek over your shoulder to stare at your bare chest. He gave a low chuckle when you finally snapped back to reality and realized what had happened. 




"Shh Kitten, someone might hear. Just enjoy yourself, I know you've wanted this for a very long time. Dont think I didn't notice you're staring and those little tricks you do when we spar."His fingers traced along your collar bone before slowly moving down to cup your breasts. The inside of your costume had a built-in bra, so when he tugged away your top, the cupping had gone away as well. It was cold, and the draft inside of the building made you shiver slightly, the only heat provided to your skin being from his teasing fingers.


"Aizawa something I-Is wrong...Y-y-you wouldn't normally do this..."


"You're right, but that doesn't mean I dont want this. You have no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you, and I know you want me to. If anything, I'm thankful for whatever that villains quirk was, all I can focus on is fucking that cute little pussy of yours." The pads of his fingers slowly teased over your breasts before tweaking at your sensitive buds. He chuckled at the desperate moan that escaped you, your body arching up into his fingers. "Look at you, so beautiful. Bend over for me, Kitten. I dont want to wait any longer."


His warm hands left your body as he stepped back to undo his belt and the front of his pants. Instead of trying to fight it, you went along with his order and bent over at the waist, your hands bracing against the metal railing as he sighed softly. The confinements of his pants were growing much too irritating, and the freeing feeling of tugging them down was pleasurable on its own. Looking back up, he stepped forward to tug down the rest of your outfit. "I've wanted to rip this off of you for months now, Kitten. It's such a fucking tease, but I think you like teasing me. I've seen the look in your eyes when you shake that cute ass of yours for me, you want me to stare, dont you?"


His hand came down to slap your thigh firmly. The skin jiggled from the pressure, and he chuckled at the soft whimper you gave in response. Rubbing over the reddening flesh, he sighed and leaned down to press a sweet kiss to your back. While he started to move up your back, his lips kissing over your shivering skin, his hips moved forward to press against you. A groan left his parted lips as his tip slowly rubbed over your drenched entrance.


"Shouta of god...P-Please just...Just put it in, I need you."


"Of course, Kitten. Anything for my good girl." Finally, his hips snapped forward, and he slid inside of you. Since you were bent over, you hadn't seen his size, but the stretch burned, and tears formed inside your eyes as you gripped down on the railing. His hands soothingly ran over your hips as he whispered small praises into your ear. After a few seconds of him tenderly holding you close and you getting used to the size, your body shifted, and a groan escaped fell from your lips.


A spike of pleasure shot through you at the small movement. It wasnt like anything you had experienced, the fullness almost addicting, and you found yourself shifting around even more. When he realized that to be your sign of being ready, he pulled back and snapped back in quickly. Another moan escaped you as he started a rough pace, his hips pushing your forward with every thrust.


His hand gripped your hips tightly so he could pull you back against him. Every time his hips shot forward, another moan bubbled out as your body bounced back and forth. The shelves' cold metal stung your hands, but the feeling was buried underneath the pleasure of his cock spearing inside of you.


Reaching down, he wrapped his arms around your waist, his chest pressed against yours as he drove himself even deeper. The new position allowed him to slam himself into your G spot, the feeling overwhelming as he bit down on your neck. "Fuck kitten your so tight, I love you so damn much. I've wanted to take you for so long, make you all mine. You're mine. Do you understand that? All fucking mine. This body is mine. No one else can touch you but me."


The dominant tone in his voice only added to the pleasure as he went at a punishing pace. Your eyes squeezed shut as you listened to his deep grunting and his skin hitting against yours. It was all so much for you that the knot inside of your stomach was tightening to an unbearable feeling. His hand reached around to rub at your clit as he licked over the shell of your ear.


"Go ahead, Kitten, cum on my cock. I want you to scream out my name, let everyone know whos fucking you so good. Scream out who owns you, Kitten."


"S-Shouta! Shouta oh fuck!" Your legs shook under you as you arched up into him. A pleased hum left his lips as you tightened around him, the pleasure spiking as you gasped out his name between your cries of ecstasy. One of his hands reached up to yank your head back by your hair, the sting of it only making you groan out his name louder and squeeze his cock faster.


It didn't take long for him to meet his end as well. After a few more thrusts, he was slamming his hips as hard as possible, his tip brushing up against your abused G spot as he filled you with his cum. The warmth made you shiver and lean back to clutch at his arms as he softly nuzzled your neck. A couple of seconds passed where he just held you and filled you up with his warm seed, his fingers softly stroking over your heated skin while you shivered and basked in the afterglow of his sex.


Finally, he pulled himself away and looked down at your dripping pussy. He gave a low chuckle as his thumb brushed away some of the juices still dripping down your thigh, his tongue flickering out to clean his digit before he grabbed your hips. Your legs felt like jelly as he carefully dressed you back into your outfit again. When you were standing back up he turned you around so you faced him.


He leaned down and pressed a firm kiss to your lips as he tangled his fingers into your hair. It wasnt like before when he had fucked you, there was a softness to his kiss that showed how much he truly did love you. When he pulled away, there was a smile on his face, and he laughed when he saw the blush adorning your cheeks.


"Let's head home, Kitten. I'm not done with you yet."







The Next Morning


Aizawa's eyes slowly adjusted to the stinging light that peaked through his curtains. It wasnt often he woke up this late, he must've stayed up working a case...


Just as he went to sit up, an arm shifted around his waist, and he felt a body curled against him tighter. His eyes widened as he looked down at his very naked body and the tangled blankets around his hips. Did he take someone back home with him last night? No, that couldn't have been right. He was working last night. What had happened? The last thing he could remember was fighting someone inside the storage building, then it all faded into a blurry mess of images.


The body shifted from behind him, and he could feel a woman's chest press against his back. A light blush covered his cheeks as she sleepily yawned and leaned up to kiss his jaw.


"Morning, Sensei~."


"(Y/n)?!" He jerked away and turned to face you, the look of shock on his face only making you laugh. The blankets didn't do much to cover you, and it was clear what had happened. He knew from the moment he realized someone was in his bed. To think he did it with  you,  though was shocking, to say in the least. For so long, he kept his feelings to himself and then suddenly threw out all his morals?


No, something must've happened.


Before he could think further on it, you were leaning up, and the covers slipped away from your chest. He couldn't help himself from looking at your chest, a darker blush covering his cheeks as you casually stretched your arms above your head. "While you were asleep, I did some research on the villain that we took in last night. It turns out it's known for having a sort of sex pollen, the only way for the side effects of wearing off is by...well, you know, having sex. Of course, this doesn't affect anything the person might say, though. So when you said you love me, I'm assuming you meant it."


His chest tightened at the accusation. How could he have let this happen? This wasn't good! This was so bad, not only did he have sex, but he confessed to his student! Panic was starting to settle over his mind as he thought about what would happen. Were you going to report him for sexual harassment? There was no doubt that this could become a scandal, not only his career on the line but also the school's appearance.


Sensing his panic, you leaned forward to kiss his jaw again. The scratchiness of his unshaven face made you giggled as you carefully crawled into his lap. "Calm down, Aizawa. I like you to. It's ok. Besides, I really enjoyed myself last night. I mean, I didn't expect my first time to be that mind-blowing, but damn do you fulfill. I dont think I've ever felt that good before."


"...Was I that good?" He couldn't but crack a smile at pleased sigh you gave.


"God, you were more than good. Honestly, I wouldn't mind another round...That is if you aren't going to kick me out now that the side effects are worn off?" Leaning up, you gave him your biggest puppy dog eyes, hoping it would sway him to let you stay. A sigh fell from his lips as he leaned down to softly kiss you, his arms wrapping around your nude waist so he could pull you closer to his body.


"Of course, Kitten, I wouldn't just make you leave, especially when you're looking at me with those eyes of yours. Lay back and let me show you how much I love you.~"

Chapter Text

“Yo yo little mama, mind if I help you with that?” Hizashi gave you a bright smile as he grabbed the heavy box from your arms, his eye sparkling with amusement as you let out a heavy sigh. The smile only grew wider when you looked up at him and gave him a small grin of your own.


“Thanks, Hizashi, but aren’t you supposed to be teaching right now? I can handle the party.”


“It’s all cool, Shouta is taking over my classes today so that I can work with you!” He set down the box of party supplies by the table you directed him to. Leaning against the counter, he looked at the large training room that you had been assigned to remodel for the annual UA Valentine’s Day dance.


Usually, there would be a group of students helping out and a few of the staff, but today it was only you. In all honesty, he was shocked that you even volunteered. You had never had an interest in helping out with the parties and such since you focused more on work than anything. It was sweet seeing you help since no one else had, but it worried Hizashi to see you working alone. The training room was huge, it would’ve taken the entire staff all day to do it, and you were here all by yourself. He had felt so guilty when he saw you walking between the storage carrying boxes by yourself.


That’s why he had asked Aizawa to take over his classes while he went and helped you! At first, Aizawa wasn’t keen on the idea of doing more work, but when he realized it was to help you, he agreed to the loud blondes trade. It may be more work, but at least he didn’t have to help set up. If anything, he was just watching another group of kids, he could sleep through that. He wouldn't be able to sleep through party planning.


Hizashi’s eyes flickered over to you as you tugged a ladder over to the door. Carefully stepping up, you pulled a small box of tacks from your belt and started to pin up the different streamers, your hands doing quick work. Even though he was supposed to be helping, he instead watched you as you went around the room, pining up the different colorful decorations.


When you leaned up to pin a particularly high streamer, the ladder shuddered underneath you in protest. A shocked gasp left your lips as you fumbled to grip onto the metal only to slip and miss by just a few inches. Your body fell backward, and you braced for the hard floor's impact as you closed your eyes tightly.


Before you could hit the ground, though, a pair of arms caught you and pulled you close. Your eyes slowly opened to look up at a worried Hizashi, his eyebrows furrowed as he huffed out semi annoyed.


“You have to be more careful! You could’ve been hurt!” He straightened out and looked up at the wobbly ladder in disdain. Instead of letting you down, his arms tightened around you in a gentle squeeze. “Let me handle the rest of the streamers, stay away from ladders for now...”


“It’s okay, Hizashi. I just lost my footing a bit.”


“I don’t want you hurt (y/n).” The look on his face shifted to a serious one before going back to a relaxed concern. His arms loosened and he set you back down onto your feet before rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He handy realized how tightly he was holding you or the fact he might’ve been pushing things.


Of course, instead of being mad or questioning his overprotectiveness, you smiled at him and gently patted his shoulder. “I’ll be fine, Hizashi, you don’t need to worry about me. If anything, a fall is far less bad then some of the stuff we’ve run into during our line of work.”


He chuckled at the thought. It was true, you two had been close friends since middle school, and you decided to become his sidekick when you both graduated. This lead to some odd adventures and several times where your life had been on the line, but you saw it as a way to grow closer with him. The two of you were an unstoppable team, and that didn’t stop even after you both joined UA.


It took some convincing, but he eventually managed to get you to come along with him. UA was your old school, after all, to be able to teach by his side was exciting. While he took over the English department, you specialized in health, a subject you quickly learned to love. Most of the students seemed to have dreaded the idea of health class, but once they discovered it wasn’t all embarrassing, they quickly learned to like your teaching. Every course was fun, and you did something new to grab their attention.


As far as the school went, things had changed since the two of you were students. Everything was much more organized, and there was a bit more flexibility as far as fun went. A prime example of this, being the party.


The thought had occurred to you when you first volunteered to be a chaperone and to help out with setting up. It brought you back to your high school days. Walking over to the box, you started to pull out some of the carefully wrapped lights. While you took off the wrapping paper and organized them by their sizes, you started to talk with Hizashi again. “You know, all of this is making me wish we had a dance when we were kids. It would’ve been a nice break for all of us. God knows we needed it. I even know who I would’ve asked.”


“Oh yeah?” His voice carried throughout the room as he stepped up the ladder carefully. Pausing, he stared back at you from behind, his eyes lingering on your form before snapping back to the job at hand. “Was it someone in our class?”


“Mmhm. He was the sweetest guy ever, rather loud but super cute. I had the hugest crush on him, I never really got over it either. We still are in touch as well, which is nice.”


“You should invite him to the dance, you’re chaperoning with Aizawa and me, right? It’ll be fun.” Even though he was trying to sound encouraging, he couldn’t help but feel a sting in his heart. It wasn’t like he had a crush on you since middle school, no totally not. It wasnt like he had only grown more in love with you over the years, and it wasnt like he really wanted to spend the dance with you.


He couldn't help the sad sigh that escaped him. There was no way he could lie to himself, he had loved you since he was a kid, and it was damn obvious. It seemed that the entire staff knew, all of them except you. While it was annoying, he was also secretly thankful for your obliviousness. It meant that he didn't have to deal with the embarrassing truth and confessing.


 Either way, it wasn’t professional for a teacher to express feelings for another teacher. If you were interested in a guy that was your business and as your friend, he should encourage it.


A short silence passed over the two of you, and he worried that maybe you heard the disappointment in his voice. When you finally spoke up, he could feel the air he was holding in, let go. “Yeah, maybe. I would have to ask him.”


Another few minutes passed as you both worked. While Hizashi finished hanging up the streamers, you got to work setting up lights and the tables. After he finished hanging everything up, he stepped down, his hands brushing off the dust from his pants as he gave a satisfied huff. You paused and turned to him, a small blush across your cheeks as you fiddled with one of the lights in your hand.


“Hey, uh, Hizashi?”


“What’s up (y/n)? Need my help with the lights, yo?” He leaned over to grab the light, but you shook your head before he could reach it. Pausing, he lowered his hand and raised an eyebrow as you set the spotlight down. “Is everything alright? You’re looking a little pale.”


“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wanted to uh...ask if you wanted my date? To the dance? I mean, we both would be chaperoning, but I figured it would be fun if we um you know...went together?” Your words trailed off as you nervously looked up at him. A look of shock had replaced his expression, and he stared at you in silence, the question taking him so aback that he couldn’t form a sentence in response.


When he finally managed to sort his thoughts, his voice was quiet for once, barely above a whisper. “I thought you were going to ask out the guy you liked?”


“...Hizashi, I was talking about you. The loud boy from high school was you. I’ve liked you since we were kids. I’m pretty sure everyone knows I like you as well.”


“Wait, you’ve liked me since high school?! Why didn’t you say anything?! What do you mean by everyone knows?!” He threw his hands in the air with an exasperated look as you stifled a giggle. It would’ve made you laugh had he not been staring at you so seriously. You cleared your throat before speaking up again.


“Well, I liked you a bit before that, but uh...I don’t know, I just was worried. We were friends, and it felt silly to mention it once we graduated. We started working together, and once we got the teaching gig, I figured it was better to focus on work than a relationship. I didn’t want to distract you for teaching or being a pro hero.” The look in his eyes softened as he gave a deep sigh. Of course, your reasoning for not telling him was precisely the same as his. If anything, he couldn't blame you for keeping this from him. After all, he had done the same thing.


 His shoulders hunched slightly as he stared at you, his gaze fixed on yours as you looked between the floor and him. The nervous look hadn't left your face, and he found it endearing. You were so worried about asking him out, it felt like the two of you were high schoolers again. It was silly but cute. “If you don’t want to, it’s ok, Hizashi. You can just forget I asked-“


“I would love to!” He blurted out before you could finish. A small smile replaced your worried look as he blushed darker at the realization of his outburst. God, he just could not play things off cool around you, could he? The shyness made you giggle and smile wider anyway.


“I look forward to it. For now, though, we should probably finish setting up if we want to be done for our date.” His eyes widened at the word date. Before he could ask you about it, you leaned up and kissed his cheek with a giggle. Turning around, you sauntered off to grab more table cloths as he stared at you in shock. The flush on his cheeks increased as he quickly spun away so you would notice his blush, his hand reaching up to touch the spot where your lips were.

A date, huh?


With a bright smile, he got back to work and hummed along to a song inside his head. His eyes flickered over to you as he got through each of his tasks, the smile on his face only growing wider every time he saw you. 



A date with you sounded perfect.

Chapter Text

"Hi, um... I'm sorry to bug you, but my daughter saw your hair, and she wanted to say that she thinks you're beautiful. Did you do that braid yourself? I've been trying to learn a few new styles for her, but I haven't been able to find any that she likes." The man in front of you nervously rubbed the back of his neck as a small girl came up behind him. Your gaze slowly drifted up from the little book perched in your lap as he shifted from one foot to the other.


The girl couldn't have been over seven and had long white hair pulled back into two loose pigtails, a shy smile on her face as she gave a small wave. The man you assumed to be her father, had long black hair that was pulled up into a low bun. There were bags under his eyes but attractively if that made sense, his gaze moving between you and the small girl behind his leg.


Lowering your coffee cup, you looked between the man and the girl. He genuinely looked interested in figuring out the braid, a nervous smile on his face that matched his daughter. It wasnt often random people came up to you in coffee shops, and it wasnt often that hot dads came over with their daughters. Usually, you wouldn't even bother talking to a stranger, but he seemed interested, and that little smile on her face was too heartwarming to let down. You had a few minutes to spare before work, what's the harm in helping out a little girl.


"Well, I could show you if you like? It's really quick and easy, shouldn't take more than five minutes," Your eyes flickered down to the girls as you gave a small smile. The promise of getting her hair done made an excited look flash in her eyes, the red in them sparkling as you fiddled with your bookmark. " If you two arent to busy, of course."


"We have a few minutes before we need to head over to the school. I think we can take a detour." Looking down, he made sure she was ok with this. When she gave a small nod of confirmation, he sighed and looked back at you with a grateful expression. " Thank you so much, I've been trying to figure this whole thing out, and I dont know what I'm doing in all honesty."


 His shoulders relaxed when you gave a soft chuckle. At first, he wasnt sure about approaching you, it was an odd thing to request, and he wasnt guaranteed that you would want to help him. It was clear now, though, that you had no problem helping him out, something he was beyond thankful for.


Pulling out a chair, you stood up and patted the seat for the small girl to sit on as he carefully moved her over to it. "Its ok Eri, do you want to get your hair done?"


"O-Ok..." Eri gave a small smile as she carefully sat down, his hands brushing out her skirt. Reaching forward, he carefully tugged out the tiny hair bands and ruffled out her hair softly with a focused look. She giggled as he fluffed out the long locks and moved to the side so you could get to work.


Carefully running your fingers through the hair, you started to section off the different strands as he leaned over to watch as you worked. Mentally he took notes as you began to braid the white strands. "Your name is Eri? That's a beautiful name. Does your daddy have a name?"


"That's M-Mister Aizawa. He adopted me." Her head tilted back to smile up at the man sweetly. The confession made him blush slightly and rub the back of his neck as you chuckled lightly. Kids were always so honest, something you loved about them. It was adorable. "Daddy  also said that your hair was very p-pretty and that you're very cute-"


"Um, what did you say your name was again?" He cut in before she could finish. The flush across his cheeks had increased as he fiddled with the leather strap on his satchel.


Looking up, you connected eyes with him, fingers still working as you gave him a light-hearted grin. The relaxed expression on your face made him let go of the breath he was holding in. Asking a random stranger to do your daughter's hair was weird as it was, but to have your daughter confess that you found said strange pretty was even weirder. It didn't seem like you were offended or disgusted. If anything, you looked amused at the confession. Silently he thanked the lord that you didn't get mad.


"My names (Y/n), (Y/n) (L/n)." A small smile crossed his face as you reached over to shake his hand gently.


"Shouta Aizawa."


"Well, it's nice to meet you, Shouta Aizawa. And it's nice to meet you too, Eri." Her head tilted back to flash you another small smile. Reaching down, you patted her head before going back to carefully braiding her hair, your hands working while you talked with the two strangers. 


While you worked, Aizawa told you a bit more about himself. He explained that he was a teacher at UA ((You knew you had seen him from somewhere!)) and that a few months ago he had adopted Eri. It was a bit of a transitioning period for the two of them, so he was only recently learning how to be a parent, the troubles of hairstyles, something he was having a hard time tackling. He also told you a bit about Eri, which she eventually ended up taking over to tell you about her school and a boy named Deku that was 'her hero.'


You found yourself smiling brightly as you carefully tied up the first braid. Eri's hand reached up to smooth over the soft locks as Aizawa leaned over to get a closer look. Before he could comment on it, the barista was calling out his name, and he excused himself briefly after you agreed to watch her for the time being. Turning the chair, you opened up the front camera on your phone to show her the braid. "Wow, it's so pretty!"


"Well, that's all you, I just braided your hair." She looked up at you and flashed a full grin as you carefully tucked the braid behind her ear. Setting the phone down, you carefully tucked some loose hairs back as she looked over at where Aizawa walked off. When you leaned back to get a full view, she lowered her voice to a whisper so he wouldn't hear.


"My daddy doesn't have a girlfriend, do you have a boyfriend?"


"Well, um...Not at the moment." The question caught you off guard, and you couldn't help the awkward chuckle that escaped you. It was true, you were single, but you hardly expected to be asked that today, especially by a seven-year-old. Maybe that blunt honesty was a bit too much at times.


Not that you didn't find Aizawa attractive, but it was certainly startling to have her spring it on you. Reaching up, you rubbed the back of your neck as he slowly walked back over. Your eyes moved to the table as you quietly spoke back up, unaware he was only a few feet away. "Um, W-why do you ask?"


"My daddy wants to ask you out! Then you can braid my hair every day, and I can show you my kitty collection. You could even braid big brother Shinsous hair." You couldn't help but laugh at the bluntness of her request. It was so adorable yet so shocking you couldn't help but be taken aback by it. The complete excitement on her face only caused you to smile wider, in her head, this was all going along perfectly.


It also so happened that Aizawa also heard her confession, another dark blush covering his cheeks as he rushed over and set the drinks down quickly. Your eyes flickered up to his before back at the table as you blushed wildly. Exasperated, he cleared his throats and turned to the grinning girl.


"Eri you can't just-"


"It's ok! I just uh...Can I give you my number? I could send you some more hairstyles and maybe we could...Could go out sometime?" His eyes widened in shock as you gave him a small smile. Your cheeks were tinted a dark pink as he looked between you and Eri, the grin on her face in full force as she bounced in the seat. The color of your cheeks matched him as he swallowed nervously, his mind racing as he went over what the hell was happening. After a few seconds of wrapping his mind around this, he cleared his throat and pulled out his phone from the back pocket of his satchel. The tips of your fingers brushed against his as he handed it over.


"Yeah, that would be...nice."


"Cool, cool cool. I'll just uh, put my number in." While you tapped away, he handed Eri her hot chocolate and the small pastry he bought, the cup barely able to fit inside her little hand. Handing him back the phone, you turned back to Eri with a shy expression. "Now, let's finish up that hair!"

Chapter Text



"Monoma can you please relax for five seconds. You dont have to go insulting my class every time you see them." His eyes shifted to you as he huffed out, annoyed. Smiling, you waved over at Deku and Iida with a bright smile. Their expression showed how shocked they were to see you, their classmate, holding hands with the one and only Neita Monoma. As far as they knew, you barely knew Monoma let alone to be close enough to hold his hand!


Yes, it is true. You were dating the...charming blonde from class 1-B. While it could be said that Monoma 'hated' 1-A, the two of you had shared a shocking connection after accidentally running into each other at the school library. You had been looking for someone to help you with some studies, and he was checking out a book, it just happened that he was extremely talented in the subject. When you explained that you were looking for a tutor, he jumped at the opportunity. Even though it started as a way to prove how much better he was then 1-A, he eventually found himself liking being around you. Unlike the other annoying students, you didn't see yourself as better than him or the rest of 1-B, and he respected your power.


After that, you two started to go out. It wasnt a secret, but you hadn't officially said it to your friends, it just didn't seem necessary. What you did with him was your business, but you wouldn't hide it from them either. You loved him, and that was enough said.


Of course, that didn't mean the shock on Iida and Deku's face amused you. You couldn't blame them. There were days where even you were shocked that he wanted to date you. "Are you guys here with Uraraka? I called her earlier, and she said she was busy this afternoon, I would figure if you two were here, she would be as well." 


"I wouldn't be surprised if she couldn't afford the shops here-" Before he could finish, you slapped his shoulder, annoyed. You rolled your eyes as he glared down at you. "Hey!"


"Um, Uraraka went to get some smoothies while Iida and I get seats...What two here?" Deku's gaze flickered between you and Monoma, his eyes squinted in slight suspicion. Monoma went to repeat something, but you squeezed his hand tightly and sent him a look.


"Monoma suggested this new french restaurant for our date, it just opened, and it's supposed to be super good. After that, we're going to head over to check out this new comic book store with a new manga I wanted to check out. Oh, and Monoma is getting a new comic as well." The look in your eyes was full of excitement as you looked between Deku and your boyfriend. He was smirking broadly, a silent taunt in his expression. Even though he wasnt speaking, it was clear he enjoyed you talking about your date with him, it was another way to prove how much better he was then class 1-A.


Wrapping his arm around your waist, he grinned and leaned closer to you. "That's right! I bet you're jealous of us, aren't you? While you lower classmen go and indulge in your...smoothies, my lovely darling and I are enjoying high luxury dinning! I can understand if you are envious of us."


His arm tightened as you sighed softly. It wasnt that he was incapable of playing nicely; it's just that he enjoyed showing off what he had. This applied for most things in his life, whether it be his high status or his quirk. In this case, it was his girlfriend. Now, it could easily be confused that he was only dating you to show you off, but it was far from that. It wasnt as simple as that. He wasnt as simple as that.


When you looked up at him, his eyes flickered down to you, and his smile softened. Sure, he was a bit of a dick, and he enjoyed showing off. But it was those times where his eyes softened, and he was gentle that you loved. Beneath all that teasing and ego was a kind guy who you loved, it just took some time for you to see that. 


His eyes moved back over to the two boys as he went off into another rant about how much better he is. You stopped paying attention halfway through and instead focused on playing with his pocket watch and sharing a side conversation with Iida. When Monoma decided he had lectured Deku enough, he stepped back up to you and grabbed your hand.


"Well, we must be on our way. My time is much too precious to be wasted on class 1-A, come on, Darling." He squeezed your hand as you put the small watch back into his pocket. Flashing the two boys one last smile, you waved as you walked off towards the restaurant with Monoma, who had started yet another tyrant about how amazing the two of you were. You rolled your eyes when he mentioned you transferring over to class 1-B, a suggestion he proposed many times.


Before he could get any further, you leaned up to peck his cheek with a giggle. A light flush covered his cheeks as he gave you a relaxed smile and leaned down to kiss your lips. 



He might be egotistic and annoying, but his kisses were sweet enough to make it all worth it.



Chapter Text

"Hey! Watch where you're going, freak!" Sighing you moved to pick up your spilled books, the boy you bumped into not sparing a second glance to you. 


It was ignorant for you to assume things would go back to normal after the Mirio incident. The students hated you over what happened, but now it was them hating you because you got back with him. In their minds, he should've just dumped you and left it at that. It didn't help that you were already a little odd compared to the others; you just didn't fit in well.


As far as the Big Three went, they weren't aware of the bullying. When they were around, no one bothered to mess with you. No one wanted to piss off the top three students. It was those few moments where you were alone that you were subject to your fellow student's torture. Of course, when you figured out no one was bothering you around them, you started to tag along with them a bit more. You already spent so much time with them, but if you could spend more time around Mirio or Tamaki or Nejire, you jumped at the opportunity.


Today, though, you weren't able to tag along with them. While The Big Three went off to talk to the first years, you were being pushed and shoved in the hallways, kids smacking your books out of your hands and the basic methods of bullying. Every five minutes, someone tripped you or pulled your hair or spewed an insult your way. It took you back to middle school; it wasnt a feeling you had experienced in such a long time, and it genuinely affected you. To have so many people hate you because of a guy liked you sucked. But there wasnt a way out of this, all you could do was hope the day would end soon and you could head home alone.


Of course, even that was hopeful thinking. You had barely made it two steps out the front building when a group of boys grabbed your hair and yanked you behind the school. At this point you weren't even phased, you didn't scream for help or try and fight, you just let them drag you back and do as they pleased.


The leader of the group seemed pleased with your compliance. He looked between the others as they held your arms behind your back, there nails digging into your flesh as they pushed you towards him. 


"Where do you think you're going,  bitch.  Did you think you would get to leave scotch free? Fucking whores like you irritate the shit out of me. You're dragging along Mirio for your damn amusement. Such a fucking slut." He spat at your face as you flinched away in objection. The wad of spit hit just below your eye, and the group laughed at the disgusted look you gave him. "You ain't nothing but a fucking cock slut, and I bet you're only dating him for his dick. You dont deserve a guy like him you pathetic whore-"


"(Y/n)? Babe?" The sound of Mirio's voice made them all still as his head popped around the corner. His eyes widened as he took in the sight, the two boys instantly dropping you to the ground. Reaching up, you wiped the spit as he slowly walked around the edge of the school, his eyes looking between you and the boys as they backed away from you.


"Mirio! Hey, how are you doing?"


"What are you doing with my girlfriend?" Mirio's voice had lowered from his normal happy tone to a cold drawl, his eyes fixed on your shaking form. Unbeknownst to you, tears had started to form inside your eyes as you sniffled quietly, your hands wiping at your face desperately. It had all built up inside of you for so long you couldn't hold it in anymore. The tears started to pour down your eyes as the group frantically looked between you and the towering body of Mirio.


"W-We weren't doing anything! S-She...She was trying to flirt with me, and uh, we were just telling her we weren't interested. Ain't that right, b-boys?!" The leader looked at his two lackeys nervously. They nodded along with his lie while Mirio carefully lifted you onto your feet.


His hands brushed off the dirt on your skirt as he delicately raised your chin. The look in his eyes softened as he checked you over for cuts and any other injuries. When he found none, he gave you a small smile and kissed your temple before turning to the boys with a pissed look.


"I suggest the three of you run before I lose my temper. If you want to keep all your bones intact, I suggest you take my advice." The group looked between each other in thought before turning and rushing off while throwing insults at you. Their harsh words made you flinch, and you had to grab Mirio's hand before he could rush off to beat them.


When they were gone, Mirio turned back to you and carefully wiped away the tears still spilling from your eyes. "Are you ok? How long has this been happening? Why didn't you tell me people were...were..."


His words trailed off as you buried your face into his chest. Your entire body was shaking as he carefully wrapped his arms around your waist and stroked your hair. The tears only fell harder as your words bubbled out, keeping it a secret for so long only made it so much harder to lie to him, but now you were confessing everything. You told him about the pushing and the tripping and the hurtful things people said to you. You told him about the girls getting mad at you for dating Mirio and the boys who called you a slut. Everything was coming out, and it broke his heart to hear you sobbing, not only that but to be sobbing over the cruelty of his classmates. It had all started after HIS mistake, why couldn't anyone see that this wasnt your fault?! All of it only pissed him off further; people were hurting HIS girlfriend because HE made a mistake.


After a few minutes passed, Tamaki and Nejire came around the corner with a concerned look. When Mirio had disappeared, they thought he had just gone off to grab something from his locker, but when he never returned, they figured something happened. The second they caught sight of him, they gave a relieved before they noticed your shaky figure curled up against his chest. A few minutes before they had found the two of you, a group of boys rushed past muttering something about a slut and other harsh words. They hadn't connected the dots that it might be related to you, but it was starting to seem like they were talking about you.


Rushing forward, they looked between you and Mirio worried. His arms tightened around you as he leaned down to kiss the top of your head, his eyes hardening as he whispered. "I want you to find those boys, I just need you to point them out, and ill take care of it. They won't hurt you again, ill make sure no one hurts you again."


"Mirio? What happened is (Y/n) hurt-" Tamaki started but was cut off by Mirio halfway through his sentence.


"They were going to hurt her if I didn't show up. When we weren't there, our classmates were bullying her. If I didn't find out about this...I should've noticed something was going on." The two looked between each other as Mirio carefully lifted you into his arms. Your arms locked around his neck as you yelped out in surprise. "I'm taking (Y/n) to my dorm room, ill meet up with you later. I have something I need to do."


They nodded as he turned and jogged past them. Silently they looked at each other before rushing off to find those two boys. 


They had a few things to ask them.


While they went to find the bullies, Mirio pulled you closer as he trotted off towards the large dorm building, his eyes looking between your tear eyed face and the road ahead of him. Squeezing you, he quickly kissed your cheek and gave a small smile. "I'll take care of it all, ok? All I want is for you to smile, babe, and I promise ill make you smile. Nothing they say is true. I love you more than anything...Let me show you how much I love you."


His voice lowered to a low whisper as he kissed down your jaw and neck. A whimper escaped you as he carefully paused to suck at the skin where your neck meets your shoulder. When a sizeable purple hickey began to form, he pulled away with a satisfied grin, his lips kissing along your face as he started to sprint faster. It didn't take much to connect the dots between what he meant by showing how much he loved you, and the thought made you clutch him tighter.


Tonight was going to be a long night...

Chapter Text

"Boss I dont see how this matters, one brats life shouldn't get in the way of our whole operation. Can't we kill her and leave?" Dabi's voice bounced off the empty walls as the two walked down the long hallway, each step of their shoes making a low thud as the stalked down. From underneath his father's hand, Shigaraki gave a quiet and annoyed sigh.


"It isnt as simple as this. I'm not going to kill my pet. I intend to bring her back and punish her for escaping. This isnt just some brat, you see. This is my personal...plaything. I dont want to hurt her...more then need be, of course."


"I get that, but cant you pick up another girl on the way back? It seems like a lot of work for a girl who doesn't even like you."


"Oh, you dont understand love at all." Shigaraki waved his hand dismissively as they swung open a door. The room was silent as they started to look around. "She isnt like other girls. I want her and only her. She is my number two, my partner in crime, and I will do anything to keep her safe. As for her loving me back..." He paused as he swung open a large closet, the only thing inside dust and broken glass. "Well, she will learn to."


Dabi raised an eyebrow as he looked over at the tall man. Even though Shigaraki could be questionable with his choices, he was still his Boss. In the end, none of this mattered. Their goal was set, and Tomura was getting them to it. If it meant getting to where he wanted to be, Dabi would gladly follow Shigaraki around to find that little brat.


Now, on the subject of his pet, you might be wondering what exactly this all means. Well, it's all quite simple. It was just as the League was starting to form that you happened to run into a peculiar man on one of your walks. He looked to be injured and, being the kind soul you are, offered to take him back home to patch his wounds. Thankful for your generosity, he followed close behind, his head hung low, and the hoodie tugged over most of his face.


You hadn't thought anything of it and leisurely let him inside. After patching him up, you offered him food and a place to stay, which he kindly denied. Instead of just letting the stranger go, you talked with him for a bit and ended up bonding over some games. Just as you were starting to fall asleep on the couch, he got up and left.


Odd, but a pleasant night all in all.


A few weeks later, you started to They started normal, a new video game for your console, flowers at work, your favorite chocolates. All of it could be pushed aside as merely forgetting you ordered it or a surprise gift from a friend. It was when they got a little more personal that you began to worry.


Dresses that were your exact size, individual toiletries when you were running low, hell at one point even lingerie! It was all a bit too creepy, so you reported it to the police only to brushed aside as paranoid. The off gifts went on for about a month, until one day, they stopped showing up. 


For a while, you were worried this might mean something, but after a few weeks, you had pushed the thoughts aside to focus on work. It was almost a month after the stranger's incident when you were walking home, and a pair of hands grabbed you. They tugged you backward, the right hand muffling your scream while the other wrapped around your neck very gently. They leaned down and whispered into your ear, the voice resonating throughout your head as your blood ran cold.


It was that peculiar man.


A second later, you were out cold, and he was carrying you back to his base. You woke up inside a dark room; your body curled up against the stranger. Maybe if you had a quirk you could've fought him, or if you were braver, but all you could do was lay there in his arms and sob. After that, he came and visited your small room every day, you wouldn't say he forced you to cuddle and be affectionate with him, but it wasnt like you really were in a place to consent. If anything, you just sat there and let him do as he pleased. You were too scared of being killed to fight him.


Three months passed before you got your chance to run. There was a sudden attack on the base, and he had rushed off to defend the hideout, but on the way, he left the door ajar. Taking the opportunity, you escaped.


You had run four blocks before he realized you had left. When you heard the loud calls from Shigaraki and the pounding of his footsteps, you ducked into an abandoned apartment building. There were four floors and tons of places to hide. It wasnt a permanent hid away, but you could stay until he eventually left or grew bored of searching. You weren't that special, after all. He could just find a new replacement...Right?


Well, all you knew was that they were getting closer. The vastness of the halls made each step and breath ten times louder, so you had heard them the minute the stairway door was thrown open. Every step they took brought them closer to your hiding spot, a small cabinet underneath a sink in the farthest room. Looking back, maybe you could've picked somewhere better, or perhaps taken more time to choose the apartment where you would stay in because you were more than sure he was going to find you.


When the room door creaked open, your heart pounded, and you stilled your breathing. Shigaraki's heels clicked against the rotting wooden floors, his low chuckle making shivers run down your spine.


"Well, well, I think my little doll has slipped away. But what's this? It looks like some of the dust has been disturbed. I wonder why that may be." He let out a dark laugh as he leaned down to brush his fingers along the dust. Lifting his dirty fingers, he observed them, his steps slowly rising in volume as he pushed open the bathroom door. "If you come out and beg, I might let not punish you as much as I plan to. You can make it out of this with your body unbroken. Of course, I cant guarantee that you wot be other ways."


His steps stopped outside of the cabinet as he ducked down. Resting his four fingers on the wood, he leaned in closer, his shadow covering the small slivers of daylight that streamed through the cracks. Leaning closer, he whispered. "I dont want to hurt you. You're a good girl, you've always been so good for me. Were you scared by the attack? Was that why you ran? I know you wouldn't have left because of  me , now would you? I've been nothing but kind to you. I give you gifts and clothes and a safe place to stay. I shower you, and I'm gentle with you, what more could you want my love? Just come home with me, and I promise ill keep you safe. Dont you want to be safe?"


"Boss? Did you find her?" Dabi's head popped into the bathroom as Shigaraki sighed in annoyance.


"Yes, but it appears she doesn't want to take my kind offer. Fine, if you want me to be the bad guy, I can be the bad guy." Instantly the door began to fade into ash. His last finger had touched the door, and it dissolved to the ground, the dust dirtying the edge of your white dress. A broad grin covered his face as you shakily stared into his blazing eyes, the insanity and burning love terrifying. 


"Well, there you are~ Did you miss me?"

Chapter Text

6 Minutes, at most. That was how long you had until you died of blood loss, or from the trauma. It was 50/50 between the two.


When you thought of how you would die, bleeding out in an empty alleyway wasnt how you expected things ending.


You had hoped it would be when you were old, surrounded by family and loved ones, a peaceful but fulfilling death. Hell, you even would've been ok with dying during an epic battle, risking your life to save millions.


Instead, you had been walking home when a random thug cornered you. Before you could scream for help or fight, they had stabbed you, the knife digging into your stomach as they snatched the purse from your shaking hands. A scream ripped from your throat as they ran off, your bag in their hands, as your body crumpled to the floor.


They had left you there to bleed out to death. No one could hear your screams, and any type of movement dug the weapon deeper. This was how you were going to die. This was the end.


If you were going to die, there was something you had to do beforehand. It was going to be your last few moments, so you might as well make them worth it.


 Shakily you shifted your weight onto your left side, your hand reaching down to drag the small phone in your pocket out. The blood on your fingers smeared across the glass as you pulled up Denki's contact, his smiling face flashing as you slumped against the wall tiredly.


A few rings went by before the phone clicked. "Dude? Are you ok, you were supposed to be here a while ago. I'm getting hungry, and its cold without you!"


"Oh right...I-I'm sorry, Denki...I'll be over...soon." The blood stained your clothes as you slowly closed your eyes, your hand resting below the handle of the knife as you lowered the phone. It was starting to become so blurry and cold, your strength leaving your body as you tried to focus on speaking. "Denki, I need you to listen to me...It's important ok?"


"Of course, man. Go ahead."


"I...I love you, Denki...I've loved you since we met, and I have to tell you this now because I might not be able to say it later. You're amazing, funny, and charming, and I just love you, so mu-" You stopped to let out a loud cough, blood splattering over your chest as you curled forward. The phone tumbled to the ground as you groaned in pain.


"Are you ok?!" Denki's voice began to increase. The worry was evident in his voice, but you couldn't focus on the sound. Everything was starting to darken, black spots taking up your vision as you choked up more blood.


Reaching forward, you tumbled to the ground and let out a sharp gasp when the handle pressed in deeper. The knife dug into your body as you whimpered in pain, your fingers twitching to grab the phone again. Lifting it, you carefully moved it closer to your ear so you could hear the worried sound of Denki's voice one last time.


"Denki...I love you...Please just...S-Say it back..."


"I love you, I love you so much (Y/n) and I promise you that's the truth, but you have to tell me what's wrong. You sound...Sound like your dying! Where are you right now?! Do you need help?! Answer me (Y/n)!" The phone finally slipped out of your grip as your eyes fluttered closed, and your body went limp on the floor. So much blood had left your body, your eyelids felt tired, and the sweet whisper of sleep was calling you. As you rolled onto your back, your eyes stared up at the starry night, the constellations the last thing you saw.


6 minutes.


6 minutes left to live, but you were glad you got to spend it hearing Denki's voice.

Chapter Text

As far as sugar daddies went, you didn't expect that you would get one.


Now, most people probably dont think they would get one. It just wasnt something you wanted nor needed. You could provide for yourself, and dating a rich guy for his cash in exchange for touching just felt...wrong. If anything, you would rather date someone for who they are, not how much money they had in the bank.


Of course, I wouldn't be bringing up Sugar Daddies TM just to talk about your lack of one. It's quite the opposite because you do have one, and he happens to be your best friend's father.


It started the day of the UA sports festival. You had made it to the top four, and you had barely lost to Shouto. The battle was such a close fight that you were proud of far you came, and you were more than happy he beat you. He was your close friend, why wouldn't you be happy for him?


As you walked out to meet up with some of your friends, you were cornered by a certain pro hero. Your footsteps slowed as he calmly looked you up and down, his blue eyes taking in your still panting body. 


"Oh um, hello, Sir. If you're looking for Shouto, I think he already left to get ready for the next round." His face shifted from deep concentration to a slight shock, as if he hadn't expected you to speak to him. Smiling, he turned his weight to his left foot, cutting off your exit. Your feet stopped as you looked up at him, his large body trapping you in the small hallway.


Up until this point, you had only seen Endeavor once before. It was when you went over to Shouto's to grab some notes, and he had come earlier than you thought. There had been an awkward silence before you quickly ran off so he wouldn't see the flustered look on your face. It would be a lie to say you didn't find him attractive. I mean, you didn't know a lot about him besides the few times Shouto ranted, but he was still a hero, and you admired his work. 


Plus, he was so damn hot.


It was clear from the slight discomfort in his stance that he didn't know what to say to you, but after staring for a few more seconds, he finally spoke up. "You did very well against my son. I didn't expect you to get that far into the round."


"Honestly, neither did I. He's very powerful, but if he hadn't used his fire, I think I might've won." You gave an awkward chuckle as you rubbed the back of your neck. "But he um...yeah, he's got a lot of power...I guess that's your cause, haha."


"Right." His eyes went back to slowly taking in your form, the flames around his mask flickering as he leaned down towards you. The heat coming off of him made you even more flustered as he carefully observed you.


"Um, S-Sir?"


"Would you be interested in joining my agency? We could use a quirk like yours, and I imagine Shouto would like to have a friend working with him." Your eyes widened in shock as you stepped backward. Pro hero Endeavor was asking YOU to be part of his AGENCY?! 


To be working with such a massive member of the hero society would be a dream come true! Sensing your excitement and the awe-filled look on your face, he gave a hearty laugh that made your chest flutter. Something was charming about his smile that made you tense and stare at him with even more awe. 


"I-I...I would be honored! Thank you, Sir! I promise you won't be disappointed!"


"Good, I can send the paperwork over after the festival. Before you go though," Enji stepped forward, eyes darkening as he carefully placed his hand next to your head. You hadn't even realized you were pressed against the wall, your body almost touching his as he dipped your head up with his forefinger. "I wanted to say that I found your fight....interesting. I'm interested in getting to know your quirk a bit more. People would pay to have a power like that."


Shakily you looked around his face as your hands trembled by your sides. Being so close made you nervous; it didn't help that your shyness only made his lips quirk up into a dark smirk. "R-Really? That's um...Thank y-you, Sir."


"Mm." He stared at your lips in thought for a split second, his thumb brushing over your chin before someone cleared their throat from behind the two of you. He moved away slowly as your eyes flickered to the intruder. "Shouto."


"Father. (Y/n), the next round is starting soon, you should be in the waiting room with the others." Brushing past his father, he grabbed your hand and started to yank you away from his silently smirking dad. You let him pull you away, only pausing to throw a happy smile at Endeavor and give a small wave.


Looking back, you wished you could say that was where things ended with Enji Todoroki. It wasnt cool to flirt with your friend's dad, and you definitely shouldn't be dating them.


A few weeks had passed before Enji told you his plan. In exchange for press coverage, training, and anything you could want to buy, you would be his toy. Of course, he didn't say it like that, but you knew from the look in his eyes and the dark smirk he gave you that this was what he wanted. At first, you were going to say no, but the next thing you knew, he was pressing your body against his desk, his lips were against yours as his large hands caressed your hips, and you couldn't say no.


Things only escalated after that. You were a member of his agency, helping around the Office between meetings and missions. Most of the time, he wouldn't say much, only sparing a few words to tell you to do this or file that. It was when he called you into his Office for private meetings that he showed his true colors. Months passed as he bought you gifts, buying you clothes and jewelry and expensive food. Every Friday, he took you out for a special dinner then to any store you would want to go.


After that, he would take you home, and you would 'work' for all the money he spent on you. It was wrong, but you couldn't stop yourself from being with him. Deep down, you genuinely cared about him, and his touches were too addictive to lose. So you went along with his wishes through the rest of the year, being his close secretary and personal toy.


Today was another one of those days where Enji was in a bad mood. From what you heard through some of the interns was that Shouto was refusing to answer his calls, a negative press cover was going around, and something about another pro hero irritating him. During these days, you would spend the day working extra hard and staying out of the way.


While on your way to file away some reports, though, he had stormed up your desk and was angrily waiting for you. Pausing in front of the counter, you looked up at him and swallowed lowly. "Good morning, Sir. Can I help you with anything?"


"Office. Now." His booming voice made you jump slightly. Turning on his heel, he stormed back into the Office, leaving the door open an inch for you to follow behind.


A few on the interns gave you pitting looks as you straightened out your skirt and walked into the room. Everyone had thought you were just Endeavors favorite assistant, his punching bag for when he was mad. Of course, this was semi-true since he did take his anger out in...certain ways.


As soon as you had shut the door, he pinned your body against the door roughly. The force knocked the air from your lungs as he reached down to flip your skirt up, his hand cupping your heat as he shoved a knee between your legs.


"I thought I told you not to wear anything under your uniform, can you not take simple orders?" His pointer finger stroked over your clothed core as he sighed, annoyed. "Bend over the desk. I dont have time to play around with you."


"Y-Yes Enji." Your body was shaking when he finally pulled away enough for you to move. Trembling, you quickly scurried over to his desk, a gasp escaping you when he slapped your ass when he passed by you. A small smirk covered his face when you gave him a slight pout in response to his rough touches.


Your hips pressed against the cold wood as he pushed you down over the surface of his desk. The top was hard, and your chest pressed against it firmly as he got to work tugging down your panties and spreading your legs, his hips slotting in between yours as he undid his belt.


Looking back, you gave him a seductive smile as you wiggled your hips against his. His hands paused as you ground against him, small whimpers leaving your lips as he slowly rolled his bulge against you. Slapping your backside again, he gave a low grunt. "Stay still. I'm not in the mood. I suggest you be a good girl for me unless you want to be punished in front of everyone in the Office?"


"I'll be good, Sir, I promise. Just please hurry, I need you." 


"I'll take you when I want to, now spread your legs for me. I'm not going to be gentle. I would hold onto something if I were you." The grip on your hips tightened as he slammed himself into you, not even waiting to let you get used to the size. His hips drew back before crashing forward, the force making your body jerk as he started an intense and quick pace.


Each thrust brought him even closer to you, the girth of his cock stretching you so thoroughly that it was all you could feel. Whenever you had sex with Enji, it was always mind-blowing. Most times, you couldn't even tell where you began, and he started. All you could feel was his skin against yours and the mind-numbing pleasure of him fucking you with all his might.


Leaning down, he pressed his chest against your back and helped tilt your hips up. The pressure of his body lying across yours only added to the desire as you tilted your head back to give a loud moan of his name. Every thrust made a loud slapping sound, your soft mewls, and his loud grunts adding the noise that filled the room. Anyone who walked past the door would hear, but you were far to gone to even worry about getting caught.


His body pulled back so he could flip you onto your back. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you stared up into his blazing blue eyes, the pure lustful look in them making you shiver and latch onto him tightly. As he leaned down to kiss you, his hips started at a slow pace, his cock dragging out of you before steadily pushing back into your heated core. The change in speed made you whimper and grip him. The sensation so gentle yet dominating in a different way. It wasnt fucking. It was more like making love. He was touching you like you were his, and you wouldn't have him feel you any other way.


His lip massaged yours as he pressed a thumb against your clit and rubbed slow circles into it. Pulling back, he peppered your face in kisses as you shakily clenched around him. "Enji im...I'm so close, can I please cum?"


"Of course, Princess. Cum on my cock, I'm going to fill you to the brink. You've been such a good girl. You want me to fuck you full of my cum, dont you?" A soft chuckle left his lips as he speeds up his thrusts. "Come on, Princess, cum for me. Scream my name so that everyone in the damn building knows who fucks you so good."


As soon as he gave you the confirmation to cum, your body began to shake as you gripped his arms, a scream of his name falling from your parted lips. You clenched down on his cock as you arched against his chest and tugged him closer with your legs. The tight grip only allowed hi to fuck into you deeper, his tip brushing against your G spot as you whimpered out a mix of his name and thank yous.


After a few seconds, he was cumming as well, his body slamming into yours hard enough to skid the desk back from the force. His hips paused as he filled you, another low groan leaving your lips as you pulled him flush against you.


Pulling back, he looked up at your blissed-out face and sighed softly. Your eyes were closed, so you didn't see the small smile that crossed his face or the love-filled eyes as he softly kissed your lips. His hands moved up to cup your face as you raked your fingers through his slightly ruffled hair. Your legs fell from his waist as he carefully slipped his tongue into your mouth, his lips pressed against yours firmly as you hummed into his.


When he finally pulled away, he quickly pulled his dress slacks up and redid his belt before helping you get redressed. Your knees shook as you clutched his arm and tried to steady yourself, not even noticing him slipping your panties into his back pocket. 


Leaning up, you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Feeling better?"




"Good, I'm going to finish up doing some more files, then we can head over to your house. I want to show you this new movie I found, plus I figure we could get in some cuddles before Shouto or the others come back." Another smile crossed his face as you straightened out his tie. "I'll see you in a few hours, ok? Unless you need to get our more stress.~"


"I can wait until after work. We wouldn't want anyone to get suspicious about why your in here, even though I do want to fill you up again." He reached down to grab your ass with a soft chuckle. With a roll of your eyes, you cupped his cheek and leaned up onto your tiptoes to kiss him one last time.


"Whatever you say, Enji. I love you." The words slipped out before you could even think about it. It just felt like the right time to say it, but when you pulled back and saw the shocked look on his face, you couldn't help but feel like maybe you had made the wrong choice.


Pulling away, you quickly fixed your hair with a flustered expression. In your state of panic, you didn't notice the full-on grin on his face or the tears of happiness that filled his eyes. Before you could open the door and run off, he grabbed your hand and pulled you back against his chest.


His fingers grabbed your chin and lifted your head, so you were staring into his blue eyes. Dipping down, he pressed his forehead against yours and pulled you in for a soft kiss. "I love you too, Princess."



Chapter Text

His hands reached forward and yanked you to your knees in front of him. Somewhere along the line, you had started to cry, the tears falling down your cheeks as he gripped your hair roughly. The tips of his fingers dug into your scalp as he slowly straightened out to his full height above you. 


"I treat you with nothing but kindness, and you take it for granted, I can show you how rough I can be. Dont see this as a cruel treatment or hatred, though. I truly do love you. But your behavior must be punished, so I suggest you act like a good pet and follow along before I change my mind and kill you right now. Understood?" The tears dripped down to the floorboards as you shakily nodded along with his question. Another broad grin covered his face as he laughed loudly. "Already acting good for me, I'm starting to think you enjoy listening to my requests."


Without letting you stand or letting go of your hair, he started to drag you over to the door, your knees scraping against the floor as you sobbed in pain. Splinters made home in your soft flesh as he hummed happily, Dabi close behind, watching to make sure you wouldn't fight or try to run. The threat of death was enough to put you into submission and desperately follow them.


Halfway through, Shigaraki showed mercy to your cries and lifted your shaking body into his slender arms. They carefully wrapped around you as you quietly sobbed into his shirt and held on tightly just in case he might decide to drop you suddenly. The walk back was maybe half an hour, but you couldn't be sure. Your head hurt, and the crying made you feel tired. All you wanted was to lay in bed and let Shigaraki pull out the wood from your bruised and scraped knees.


In another act of mercy, he allowed you to lay down on the soft bed while he grabbed the bandages and antiseptic for your knees. The alcohol burned when he applied it with a cotton swab, his lips quickly replacing the material as he kissed each bruise. Every touch of his lips made you shiver and jerk slightly. You wouldn't admit it, but the softness of his mouth on your skin made you feel better.


Maybe it was being trapped with him for so long, but you truly did start to like him. There was a gentleness to him that he seemed to be unsure of, only showing his inner worries and deeper personality every once in a while. Seeing his eyes staring at you so sweetly made your heart swoon, and you couldn't help but lean in when he pressed his mouth against yours.


His lips softly massaged yours as he carefully pulled your knees apart. The pads of his fingers traced over the scratchy material of your bandages, careful not to disintegrate the fabric accidentally. When he pulled away, he stared at your face and sighed. "I dont like it when you run from me, pet. You made me worry. Did you want to scare me?"


"N-No...I-I'm...I'm sorry..." The shakiness in your voice only made him sigh deeper. Your hands fiddled with the hem of your dress as he leaned back onto his knees, your legs pushed apart so he could sit between them. Reaching over, he grabbed the special gloves he had made.


They only covered three of his fingers and were light enough that his quirk wouldn't activate but thin enough that they wouldn't irritate him. When you first arrived at the base, he had them made to touch you without worry, something you were secretly thankful for. It ensured that even if he did explore you, he wasnt going to hurt you, something about that calmed your nerves the smallest bit. As he slipped them over his hands, you leaned up onto your elbows to watch him nervously.


"Um...How are you...g-going to punish me?" His eyes lifted from his hands, and he lazily stared at you. There was something so pure about the look he gave, nothing behind it. If anything, he seemed bored with you. Had this been any other time, you would've thought he was going to up and leave, but it was clear that wasnt his intention tonight. No, even if he were bored, that wouldn't stop him from putting his darling pet into place.


In a way, you feared the simplicity in his stare. After growing so used to having to pick apart his thoughts, it was odd seeing his motives so transparently. Maybe you were getting closers, or perhaps he was too intent on punishing you than hiding his ideas. Either way, it made you shiver when he lowered his hands to your thighs, his fingers slowly pushing up the material until it pooled at your waist as he leaned down to kiss your cheek. 


The dryness of his skin sent another shudder through you, and he nuzzled himself against your soft shoulder, the contrast in your skin apparent when he pressed into you. Where you were smooth, he was dry, where you were timid, he was confident. It was a perfect case of yin and yan—two halves of one whole. You had noticed it early on, but it was starting to grow into more of a reason that you loved him. While you tried to make more of your thoughts seem 3d, he was blunt and straight forward. Something about him so extremely different but also so close: it made you feel like you were the same by sharing your differences. There were things you shared in common, but it was how different he was that drew you closer to him.

Snapping out of your thoughts, you focused on his hands, gliding up the dress. The fabric bunched up under your arms as you lifted them, allowing him to pull the dress off of your body. After tossing it aside, he leaned back to get a good look at you, his fingers tapping against his thighs in thought.


"Let's start simple, Pet. I dont want to hurt you too badly, since you are so good for me now. But this wouldn't be a punishment if I just let you get away without a little pain, now would it? I'm going to sit on the edge of the bed, and after you finish stripping down, crawl over my lap. We can start your punishment off by spanking that adorable ass of yours until its red." The monotony of his words made you shudder and almost gasp. To say something so dirty, holding such promise without even blinking an eye, it was shocking. 


When he quirked up an eyebrow, you took the hint and quickly started to fumble with the back hooks of your bra as he inched over to the edge. From behind, you could see the broadness of his shoulders as he leaned down to slip off his shoes and socks, his long hair falling over his face when he moved. In your mind, you knew you shouldn't find him attractive, not after he kidnapped you and then dragged you back home by your hair. No, he was a monster, and you should've fought him earlier on. Maybe if you had attacked him while he was stripping you, you could've run away again.


Instead, you were stripping down, and not only that but were getting  excited  at the feeling as well. If Shigaraki was stalking you, he must've known how lonely you were and the lack of men coming around. There was no doubt he was aware you were a virgin, even at your adult age. While it could be seen as humiliating, he never made fun of you or even brought it up much. The only time it had surfaced was one day when he grew a little too handsy, and you admitted to not have had sex before. That night you had told him a bit about why you never had a boyfriend or lost it, and he opened up about how, admittingly, he had never had a girlfriend.


Back then, you saw it as kind of...cute. But now that you were going to have sex with Shigaraki more then likely, there was a nervousness growing inside of you that countered your previous excitement. Sure, it was nice to figure out what about sex every one liked, but there were still a few doubts in your mind. Shigaraki had said he was going to be rough, and he wasnt a man to lie. If he wanted to hurt you, he would. Having your first time be rough wasnt what you wanted, and deep down, you doubted he did either.


You had drifted away again, your thoughts cut apart when he gave a loud snap. Quickly scurrying over, you stared at his lap in slight embarrassment as you tried to hold your hands over yourself. If you could spare just the smallest shred of dignity you had, you would.


Annoyed at your slow pace, he grabbed your wrists and yanked them away with an angry huff. "Dont act shy now, Pet. I've already seen you undressed, so there isnt anything new that you have I haven't seen. I suggest you get over my lap like a good girl before I decide a harder punishment for you."


"Y-Yes master!" Your voice shook as you immediately laid over his lap. A small smirk tugged at his face when you stuttered out the nickname, something you had quickly realized over the past months he very much so enjoyed. There was always something so humiliating about calling him master, but as of right now, it seemed fitting. The way it rolled off your tongue felt exhilarating, but that could be because you were buck naked over a hot guy's lap.


 With a calmness you hadn't thought he possessed, he slowly rubbed over your hips with the palms of his hands as you squirmed into a more comfortable position. The impatience inside him was growing, but seeing you in his lap was enough to keep his eagerness at bay for the time being. 


As his hands slowly moved down further, your hips shuddered underneath him as he traced the curve of your behind. Only allowing his fingertips to brush over your warming skin, he gave a tired and low sigh, his voice deep enough to make his chest rumble, and the vibrations run through your body. "Well, how about we start with how many spankings you think you deserve? I think one for every minute you made me waste would be fitting. That's about...60? If I'm generous, I might keep the number there, unless you want me to do more, that is?"


"I dont think I can...can h-handle that, Master..."


"I would never push you past what you can handle. But dont worry, Pet," Leaning down, his lips brushed against your ear as he slipped a finger against your slit, the tips of his fingers swirling around your dripping heat. "You'll learn to like it.~"



When his sentence ended, the palm of his right hand struck against your lifted ass, the skin instantly stinging as he stared down at you with a twisted smirk. It was an odd sensation. While it did sting, it wasnt entirely unpleasant. In fact, you kind of liked the tingle of pain that his hands brought to you.


With a soft whimper, you counted the first smack with a slight shake in your voice. The submissiveness of your voice only made Tomura smirk brighter as he brought his hand down against you again. Every hit made your skin turn a gorgeous red, and more whimpers leave your parted lips, the smirk growing even wider on his face while you cried out. After the first 20, he paused to rub his hands over the enflamed heat and lift your head to make sure everything was alright.


Tears had started to track down your cheeks, but you shook your head frantically when he tried to pull away. Reaching back, you grabbed his hand and brought it back down to your reddening backside, the desperate look on your face shifting to a pleased one when he returned to rubbing over your soft skin. 


"Well, well, look whos enjoying their punishment. What happened to your resilience, hm? Do you like it when your Master punishes you?" Every pause in his words was accented with another harsh slap to your arched body. The stinging increased as you cried out and rutted down against his thigh with a sobbing beg. "I only wanted to do this because you're my favorite pet, and I dont like it when my pets run away, but I'm starting to think you want this more then I do. Maybe I should've let you escape sooner. If I knew you were such a  Slut  for punishment, I would've put you in your place sooner."


"T-Tomura please, I need you-" His hand came down as he growled annoyed, your words being interrupted by the pleasure moan that left your throat.


"I didn't say you could call me that, bitch. Get on the bed. I dont have time to waste on punishing you if you're just going to like it."


Tossing you aside, he stood back up and looked at your body as you scurried up onto the bed. When you laid down, you flinched slightly, your ass still stinging from his hands but not wholly intolerable. Before he walked off, he quickly leaned down to press a kiss to your lips and gently cup your cheeks as he pressed his forehead against yours. It lasted only a few seconds, but when he pulled away, you were leaning back in for another.


Watching from your spot on the bed, you shifted your body underneath the blankets while Tomura went over to the large dressers opposite of the door. He rummaged around for a few seconds, annoyed murmurs laced underneath his breath before he finally pulled away with what he was looking for. 


Turning on his heel, he lifted the collar with a sadistic smirk. 

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"It's pretty, isnt it? I hope you like it because you're going to be seeing a lot more now. You've proven you can't be trusted, so ill just have to keep you with me at all times. Whats a better way to do that then keeping you tied up like the good little pet you are?" Stepping forward, he lifted your head and carefully clasped the collar around your neck. As he traced his fingers along your neck, he smiled broader and dipped down to kiss your lips softly. "Is it too tight? I may enjoy punishing you, but I have no intention of hurting you. You matter too much to me."


"It's ok, I...I like it." Shyly, you reached up to touch the smooth leather and the steel words that decorated the front of it. The material was a bit tight around your neck but not enough to cut off your airways or cause any pain, just enough that it was snuggly on you and gave a slight pressure.


For a few seconds, he paused and stared at your neck with half-lidded eyes. Even though you couldn't tell what he was thinking about, you gave him a gentle smile and reassuringly patted his hand, your eyes softening when he looked up at you, unsure. As much as he wanted to push things along, he wasnt a complete monster, and he would make sure you consented before anything. 


Tomura leaned down and tenderly kissed your lips while your hands slowly ran down his chest. Pausing at his waist, you moved your lips against his and let him move away when he was ready, his eyes watching your fingers grip onto the material and tugged it up over his head.


Your eyes slowly took in the sight of his bare chest. Save for the few scars that littered across his frame, his skin was utterly perfect—no blemishes or freckles, just a pale canvas ready to be painted with bite marks and hickeys. The thought of marking him up made a shiver rake through your body as you slowly caressed his chest and arms, your fingers tracing each of the scars and his slender torso. He gave a shaky exhale when your touches stopped at his waist and slowly started to undo the leather belt laced through his jeans.


Pulling back from your wandering hands, he finished unlooping the belt and tossed it aside while you busied yourself with unbuttoning his jeans. Your hands moved faster as you tugged down his zipper and shoved his pants down, your palm brushing against his bulge as he clenched his jaw tightly. Casting his eyes downward, he stared at you as you slowly pulled down the thin material.


As soon as the boxers were tugged down enough, his cock popped up, the length of him making you instantly go bright red as he groaned out at the freeing feeling of being out of the tight confinement.


In all honesty, you hadn't expected him to be that big. Unlike some of the pathetic guys who tried to flirt with you on the internet ((If you called unwarranted dick pics flirting-)), Tomura was much thicker and longer, at least 8 inches long. Sensing your amazement, he chuckled and gently grabbed your hand and placed it on his base as he leaned closer to your body. 


"Touch me, Pet." Your fingers gently wrapped around his base as you pumped upward with wide eyes. The movement made a low sigh fall from his lips as you started to pump his cock slowly, your hand moving with a hint of uncertainty as you looked at his flustered face.


Reaching down, he lifted your hand to his lips, his tongue flickering out against your palm, so it was slick before returning it to his cock. The added slickness made it easier to jerk him off, your hand moving faster as he praised your good behavior with kisses and compliments. Every praise that fell from his lips only made you more confident and happy. The heat pooling between your legs increased when he jerked forward, his cock pressing against your thigh as he buried his face into your shoulders with a groan.


Your hand left his throbbing member as you quickly opened your legs and pulled him in closer, your wet slick pressing against him as you rolled your hips with a pout. 


"Please master, fuck me...I'll be a good girl, I need you so badly. I promise I won't run away again." To further prove your point, you kissed at his jaw and rolled your hips harder, his tip brushing against your clit as he reached down to grab your waist if only to stop himself from thrusting up into you suddenly. "I'll be your good Pet, ill be your good Pet forever. Please just fuck me-"


The words had barely left your mouth before he was slamming himself into your heat with an intense stare, the sides of his mouth twisting up at the scream that ripped from your throat. Even with the burning pain tearing through your body from the sudden intrusion, there was a pleasurable undertone, a low burning lust that knawed from inside of you.


Deciding to mercy your pained cries, he kept his body still and allowed you to get used to his girth. A few tears fell down your cheeks, but you didn't focus on it, the only thing on your mind the fullness you felt and the soft hands of Tomura.


When he deemed you ready, his hips slowly started to pull back, hands gripping your waist tightly before thrusting himself back inside your heat. His pace instantly started, the force of his hips hitting against yours enough to shake the bed slightly as you clawed at his back desperately. The bluntness of your nails dug into his pale back, your nails tugging downward hard enough to leave long and angry red marks that would more than likely be on his skin for weeks.


This only seemed to spur him on further, his body pushing yours upward as you cried out in pleasure. Every cry of his name or beg to go faster, he obliged to, moving his hips faster or deeper, rubbing his hands up to your chest or pressing his lips against yours. No matter where you looked or where you felt there was Tomura there, his entire being flooding your senses. 


For the first time in years, you were at peace. All that flooded your mind was the feeling of Tomura pounding into your pliant body, taking you as his toy yet still showing those hints of sweetness behind it all.  Even when he flipped you over, his hand reaching up to grip your hair and tug it back while his other hand slapped your ass, you knew where his mind was. Rough or not, he truly did love you, and that was enough to make you orgasm on its own.


When your first orgasm came, he didn't bother to slow down and stop. The tightness of your core squeezing him, the added wetness of your cum, the way your body quivered as you cried out his name, it only made him more driven by desire. The room was filled with the stench of sex and the sound of his skin hitting against yours ruthlessly.


It slowly started to overwhelm your raw body. Every brush against your G spot made your body clench around him, and your fists clench the sheets harder, his movement enough to slam your body against the mattress.


When you hit your 4th orgasm, he finally started to slow. You were now riding him, his hands holding your waist as he bounced you on top of him. When you slammed down for the last time, his body shuddered, and suddenly, he was filling you with his hot seed, another shudder making your entire body shake as he gripped you bruisingly tight. The feeling of fullness took over all your senses as you sobbed out his name and gripped him tightly. Your mind was frazzled out, no thoughts in your head, only mind-numbing pleasure as he slowly stroked your skin.


After a few seconds of stroking your hips and whispering sweet praises in your ears, he started to lift you off of his cock. Another whimper escaped you as he laid you down, his fingers softly stroking up and down your thighs as he pushed them open.


Leaning down, he pressed a soft kiss to your abused core, his tongue flickering out to lick up some of your mixed juices. A soft groan vibrated through his chest as he wrapped his arms around your thighs and brought you closer.


"Let me clean you up, Pet. You've been such a good girl for me, taking your punishment so good. Do you want a reward? Anything you want." He paused to look up at you with a small smile. "Within reason, of course."


As your thoughts tried to catch up with your body, you gave a sleepy yawn that made him laugh. You reached down to run a hand through his messed up blue hair, your nails scratching his scalp until he leaned into your touch with a happy sigh as he slowly shut his eyes. Pulling him up, you pressed a soft kiss to his lips, the taste of your cum on his lips as you murmured into his mouth. "Can we cuddle a bit? Or...Can I watch you play games for a bit? I just want be around you..."


"Of course, Pet. Anything you want." He pressed a kiss to your forehead as he lifted the covers for you to slip underneath. After tucking you in and making sure you were comfortable, he started to get up, halfway off the bed before you grabbed his wrist. "Hm?"


"I...I love you...Tomura." He paused in slight shock, unsure if you were just saying this to get him to trust you. When he connected eyes with though, he didn't see any signs of deceit, only a burning love that made his chest tighten and his heart quiver from feeling. It had taken him so long to feel something, to have a heart again, and yet you managed to make him weak with such simple words.


Beliving your confession, he leaned down to stroke your hair and cup your cheek with a sigh. His thumb brushed over your lips as he nuzzled your messy mane.


"....I love you more, (Y/n)."

Chapter Text

"Ow! Watch where you're throwing those things!" You froze in shock as a head popped up from inside your apartment complexes garbage bin. The strange man huffed, annoyed, his eyes slowly looking you up and down as you lowered the trash bag in your hand.  "You could've hit me! Throwing those bags everywhere like its nothing...I shake my head at you!"


"Um...well, why are you in the garbage?"


His eyes squinted at you as he lifted a small baggy. "Free stuff, my friend. People throw away all kinds of crazy stuff. I consider it...recycling."


"Isnt it illegal to go through people's trash?"


"Hey! I'm not a criminal, ok! I just like getting cool stuff. You can't blame a guy for wanting stuff for free." Pulling himself up by the ledge, he tossed a small bag next to you and struggled to get over the edge. When he reached a hand towards you, you raised an eyebrow and looked at him skeptically as he rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Come on, just help a guy out, promise I dont have like...rabies or something, I dont know. I'm not homeless or anything like that."


Trusting him ((Something that you probably shouldn't do)), you reached out and firmly grabbed his hand before tugging him onto the ground. He gave a loud oof when his body hit the ground with a thud. 


A few seconds passed where he laid there, staring up at your skeptical face and examining you closely. While he looked over you, you did the same, taking in the different features of his face.


Well, he certainly wasnt homeless. He seemed entirely normal, nothing dirty or weird-looking about him. A few of his long blonde locks had fallen into his pale face from the drop, and he wore a plain black tee-shirt with tight ripped jeans. From what you could see, they weren't the most expensive of clothes but not second hand. His sneakers looked new, and the shirt was reasonably clean, considering where he just was. If you had seen him on the street, you would probably think he's a typical student, not some weirdo going through your trash cans.


Sticking out a hand, he smirked widely. "Denki Kaminari, at your service."


"(Y/n) (L/n)...So do you live here or you just like the trash?" Denki laughed as you slowly shook his hand, still a bit unsure whether or not to touch the strange man. There was a glimmer of amusement in his yellow eyes as he hopped back onto his feet and brushed off the dust from his jeans and tee-shirt. When he deemed himself clean enough, he looked back up at you with a grin.


"Nope! Just like the trash! My friend dropped me off here for a few hours while he goes and works out, so I figured what's better than getting some free stuff while I wait! I'm assuming you live here, though, right?"


Deadpanning, you gave a tired sigh. "Why would I be throwing away my trash here if I didn't live here?"


"Mm, I dont know, maybe you like this trash can better than the ones at your place?" Smirking, he leaned in closer. For the briefest of seconds, you caught a whiff of his cologne as he tilted his head and smiled at the small blush that started to cover your cheeks from the proximity. "Besides, it's not weird for a guy to ask a pretty girl whats shes around a place like this, now is it?"


"Are you trying to flirt with me after you fell out of the dumpster?"


"You bet so honey.~" You chuckled at his cocky wink and finger gun. The confidence he had was cute, and it would be a lie to say you didn't find his fluffy blonde hair and smirking expression to be adorable. If you hadn't seen him rummaging through your trash can, maybe he would have a chance with you.


Before he could make another cocky comment or try and flirt, a car pulled up from behind you, and Denki paused to look over your shoulder. The blonde-haired man in the front seat rolled down his window so he could lean out. He looked between the two of you with a raised eyebrow.


"Come on, Dunce face. We're going to be late to meet up with the guys."


"Just a second!" Looking back down at you, Denki smiled brightly and pulled out his phone. "Could I get your number? I dont want to leave you with the impression I only go through strangers trash cans without getting to know the person."


"Mm, it depends. If I give you my number, does that mean I have to let you go through my trash?" He laughed and shook his head as you carefully grabbed the phone and started to put your contact into it.


"Hey, I dont just go through a person's garbage after just meeting them! I'll save the rummaging for the second date."


"COME ON DUMB ASS GET MOVING!" The man in the car leaned against the horn with an annoyed groan. Denki rolled his eyes and smiled softly, his fingers brushing against yours when he grabbed the phone from you.


With one last wave and wink, he turned and jogged over to the car. You watched with a small smile as he slid into the car, the other man hitting him on top of his head while he yelled at Denki for taking so long. A pained yelp left Denki as they drove off, a smile still on your face as you finished tossing in your trash, this time a bit more careful as to where you were putting it.


What an odd way to meet a cute boy.


Chapter Text


The flashing lights that made your eyes burn in the best way, the way the glitter danced through the air hypnotically, the thumping of the bass through the floor that ran through your entire body, it was more then Jiro could ever imagine. 


Her entire life, she had been to thousands of concerts with her parents, going backstage to meet tons of bands and hanging out with hundreds of celebrities. All of that was great, but it didn't compare to tonight. Not at all.


It had happened maybe a week ago. Jiro was hanging out back home, listening to music on her bed when her parents burst through her door with bright and giddy smiles. In their hands were three VIP tickets to Jiro's favorite singer, HeartThrob.


Since her family was very well known in the music industry, they often got backstage passes and could get into any performance they wanted to. When their managers gave them the free tickets, they instantly knew who to bring along with them. As soon as the tickets were in Jiro's hands, she was freaking out and started to plan what she was going to wear and what she was going to say.


Only a week later, Jiro was standing in a small pit of people, waiting for the famous HeartThrob to come onto the stage. Unlike her typically enormous performances, HeartThrob had chosen to do a select up-close-and-personal show, which meant that Jiro got to be extra close to the stage and get to see her idol up close. 


Looking around with a bright smile, Jiro fiddled around with her ear lobs nervously as she shifted from foot to foot. Her parents had gone backstage to talk with the bands while Jiro went and got a spot, which had only made her have even more butterflies. She was not only meeting her idol but her biggest crush! For the past year and a half, she followed along HeatThrob's rise to fame, and her feelings only grow stronger with every video and interview. To be this close was already insane, but she would be getting to meet the pop star after the performance.



God, Jiro hoped she wouldn't faint.



Being so deep in her thoughts, she hadn't noticed a tall girl pushing through the crowd towards her. When their arms bumped against each other, she finally looked up, her jaw-dropping and eyes going wide as the girl gave a quick smile. 



This couldn't be happening. 



This could not be HAPPENING!


"Sorry bout that, the crowd is real rowdy today, isnt it? You're Jiro, right? Your mom told me to get you, I dont think anyone noticed me, but that won't last long so we should get going. Take my hand." Without a second thought, Jiro was being tugged away by the hand, her eyes bug-eyed as she was pushed along the crowd. 


There had to be at least 300 people in the room, yet Jiro couldn't focus on any of them. Not when she was holding the hand of her idol and being dragged off towards the exclusive VIP section. Even though she was allowed back there, it felt surreal, different from the other times she had been to the backstages of concerts.


 A few people around her murmured at the sight but didn't bother to stop the two girls, the show was about to start, and they wouldn't bother two random girls making their way through the crowd.


After a few minutes of shoving and pushing, they finally made their way to the backstage. Jiro shyly looked down at her hand that was still touching the other girls. When she looked back up, there was a smile on the girl's face as she leaned down to talk over the bustling of the stage producers and managers yelling out orders.


"I already know your name, so I suppose it would be best if I told you mine. Names (Y/n) (L/n), or better known as-"


"HEARTTHROB! GET OVER HERE, YOUR SET IS STARTING SOON." Your eyes flickered over to your screaming manager as you sighed. There wasnt enough time for a real introduction so it would have to wait for later.


With a quick smile, you turned back to the small blushing girl in front of you, your hand squeezing hers before slowly letting go. You reached up to rub the back of your neck with a soft chuckle.


"Guess that my cue to run along. We can talk more after the show, though. I can introduce myself in a less...crowded way."


"T-That would...Would b-b-be awesome!" Jiro stuttered out as her cheeks flushed darker in embarrassment. The blush only darkened when you chuckled at her shy but excited response. "Um...I G-Guess I should find...My parents..."


You gave a quick nod with a wink. "That would be best. I should head off before my manager gets his panties in a bunch. It was nice to meet you, cutie~."


Jiro didn't even have a chance to respond. You were instantly tugged away by different makeup artists and bandmates asking questions, their hands pulling you in different directions while the stylists fixed up your hair. The smile stayed on your face as you chatted with each of them, your arms waving while Jiro watched from her spot, shakily. 


Her hands clutched at her chest as the butterflies in her stomach only increased. Did...did her idol just call her a cutie?! Not only that, but the two of you had held hands! 


A loud announcement came through the speakers saying that the set was going to start in five minutes. Jiro snapped out of her thoughts and quickly rushed back to the crowd, her hands still touching her chest to try and steady her thumping heart. When she reached her parents, they raised their eyebrows, confused. 


"Is everything ok, sweetie? You're all red..."


"I'm fine, mom, just excited. In fact, I'm more than just fine. I'm feeling amazing!" They smiled softly as she looked up at the stage. "It's going to start!"


Shifting closer to the stage, she looked up with a bright smile as the lights dimmer, the glitter fluttering through the air around her like magic. The curtains shifted, and the crowd silenced as the click of heels filled the air, stopping right in front of the stage.


The entire room seemed to inhale sharply as the light flickered on, each strobe light lighting up your body until it reached up to your face, the brightness illuminating your features as you stared at the crowd with half-lidded eyes. Smirking, you raised your microphone.




"Whos ready to get this party started?"




Chapter Text

Hey, guys! So I know I usually dont do chapters like this, but I thought it would be a nice little change from my ordinarily horrible writing.

Today, I'm going to show you a bit of how I do my writing! This will also be a bit of a preview ((I guess?)), and at the end, we will even have an in-depth chat ((I deep as I can get lmao))

Anywho, without further ado, let's get into it!



So the first thing I do is get some inspiration. This can come from anywhere, whether it be a weird dream I just had, a Tiktok that gave me a story idea, something that happened to me, requests/prompts, songs. Anything can be a story, guys. If it gives you an idea, I recommend writing it down because you never know what it might turn into! ((I forget things a lot, so I write EVERYTHING down))

So let's pick out my most recent idea that may or may not have come to me at four am after waking up from a dream...


Ok, now that we have the story down, let's go over this a bit.

This is the most barebones version of the story. It doesn't have any real details and is there as a place holder for the rest of the story. From here, we're going to add a few more bits of information, and at this point ill pick out what character I want to use.

I dont always pick character after I've written out the story idea, but more times than not ill come up with an idea and then pick my least written character to use or whoever fits the vibe. Now, in this case, my least written characters are 




As you can see, while these are the least written people in my book, they dont match the overall vibe of the story. Instead of choosing any of these people I think ill go with...Denki!

Ok, let's write down some more details.



Cool! We have an idea written done and who is going to be staring in it. From here, we turn on some epic tunes, get any snacks we might need, ((Get distracted for like thee hours by watching Tiktok and youtube before realizing you need to get work done)) and get to writing!

I use Grammarly as my choice for writing. I pay for premium, which has a ton of super cool features that help with my book, but you can use it for free. You can use whatever website or hell, even just notes to do your writing, though. I highly suggest Grammarly, though, if you can. At this point I sit and get to writing, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a 1 if I just sit and get it done. Sometimes it will take me a few days if I get distracted but if you can, sit and just work through it! Its always better to just get it done in one sitting then messing around for a week and then panicking when you realize you haven't posted in like 4 days...((At least thats what I do lmao.))


And really thats it! I write done the idea, I get a bit more detailed, and then I just type it all up on Grammarly! I like to go through Pinterest and other photo-sharing-apps for some dialogue prompts or I watch some Yagami Yato for inspiration. I hope you guys enjoyed my little background on how I write, and I would love to see some of your guys stories! Down in the comments if you guys want, mention your works that you want to share of just a little snip it of your writing! I would love to see your work and im sure everyone else would too!



While future me gets to writing up this story, past me is going to have a bit of a Deep Chat TM with yall. Things have been crazy these last few months and hard on a lot of people. Even the people who aren't affected by Corona are going through there own hardships, financial issues, parental fights, mental illness, and many other things. I try not to talk about these things too much since its such a dark subject, but I promise I'm bringing it up for a good reason.


When I started this book, I initially did it as a form of therapy and as a coping method. I had been doing fanfic before this, but it wasnt satisfying. I was doing work I didn't like, and the people who commented were extremely toxic. It didn't help with my already screwed up mental state, and I honestly thought about quitting writing altogether and picking up...I dont know math or something. 


In one last act of desperation to keep onto the art of writing, I started this account, and oh boy, did it go better then I thought! You guys have been nothing but friendly and amazing. I was amazed at how nice you all are and still get shocked every time someone comments. I started to like writing again and now its one of my most joyful hobbies, nothing makes me happier then publishing a chapter and seeing you guys comment.


During these times, we all can use positivity and niceness in our lives. I just want to say that, if you guys ever need someone to talk to or vent to or even just trade epic memes, message me on my books or hangouts. If you go onto the website and just type in, you can message me, and I will gladly talk to every one of you. One of the greatest things about technology is that we can all connect so much easier than before and get together and just talk, you know?


Anywho, I'm going to get to writing. I just wanted to say that you guys are doing fantastic during this quarantine, things are hard right now, but you guys are getting through it amazingly! Everything might seem hopeless, but it will end eventually, and you will always have someone in your corner to talk to or vent with. Stay safe you guys, and remember that you always have a friend on Archive. ❤️❤️


Chapter Text


Denki's eyes flickered around the room as he nervously stepped forward, his tall heels clicking against the marble flooring as his arm tightened around yours. Each step he took made him wobble harder; the only thing keeping him from falling onto his face was your steady arm hooked through his.


Looking up at him, you bit your lip with a light chuckle. "This makeup suits you, babe."


"Shut up!" He whisper-yelled back down at you as he scowled down at you. "This is so humiliating, why couldn't you dress up as the girl?"


"Because last time I checked, you didn't know how to hack, and I did. Besides, that dress fits your form much better then it does me."


"Let's just get this over with...These heels are killing my heels, and I am not digging this draft." Letting go of his arm, you gave one last smile before turning and walking off towards one of the butlers to grab a quick drink as a prop. With you off to find clues, Denki was left at the large doors opening up to the main hall standing by himself, in heels and a dress that shoes way to much skin.


When the teachers came up to the two of you and asked if you wanted to go undercover, Denki was ecstatic. This was his opportunity to show his skills! Instead of fighting villains or going into some covert operation, the two of you were told that the mission would be at a black-tie event where you would be getting information while Denki acted as a distraction. Since the host of the party was in question, and he happened to be known for his...intrest in woman, it was logical to dress Denki up and shove him in as the distraction.


Maybe it wouldn't have been that bad if he was only sent in as a woman. Sure, the dress and heels were a bit much for his taste, but that wasnt what he was uncomfortable with. I mean, Denki was very comfortable with his sexuality. It was something he was proud of. Drag isnt something that weirded him out. It was the fact he had to flirt with this creep who may or may not be a criminal, Bi or not it was weird!


Either way, he was here now and only had to distract the guy until you found what you needed. The worst-case scenario is that you find nothing and left empty-handed. Well, that isnt true. The worst case is that the two of you get killed, but he was trying not to think about the nagging threat of death at the back of his mind.


With an unsure step, he carefully started to walk towards the center of the ballroom with a forced smile. A few people stopped and stared, whether it was his questionable feminity or because he looked good was uncertain. All he could do was hope that no one asked him any questions or noticed the masculine build of his body.


When he finally made it to the center, his eyes trained onto the target as he swallowed nervously and fiddled with the hem of his shawl. The man was even taller than in the photos, and the unamused look in his eyes only made Denki more scared. If this man was working the League of Villains and found out Denki wasnt who he said he was...well, there would be deadly consequences.


Before Denki could walk up to the man, a soft voice started to speak inside his ear. He jumped a few feet into the air in shock, his cheeks flushing as he smiled at some of the skeptically staring party goers around him. Turning around, he covered his ear with a growl.


"Warn me before you just start talking!"


" Sorry bout that, just checking up on you. Did you find the target? He should be right where you are. At least that's if my tracker is working ." He could hear you tapping on a keyboard as he grabbed a small glass of champagne from the passing waiter. Sipping the drink, he sighed softly. " Quick! Turn around- "


"Are you ok miss? You look a little lost." A hand rested on Denki's shoulder as he choked on the drink. Sputtering for air, he waved his arm around frantically as the man raised an eyebrow and gently touched the small of his back.


A shiver raked through Denki's body as he looked up at the man. It was the suspect!


"Oh um...I-I'm ok, just a little...Choked up."


"I can see that. Are you all by yourself, Beautiful?" His hand stayed on the small of Denki's back as he directed him over to the table full of food and drinks. Denki's eyes widened at the sight of so much fancy food. The food must've cost more money then Denki's entire house!


"My sister went off, to...powder her nose. " Denki cringed, but it seemed to be enough of an excuse for the taller man. Reaching down, he set the glass aside and tried to put on his best flirty face. "But I dont have a...male date tonight.~"


" You're doing good! I think I might've found something, keep it going!  "


"Is that so? I wouldn't think such a pretty girl like yourself would be all alone." Another drink found its way into Denki's hand as he chuckled softly and gently touched the man's arm. 


"Oh, please, I'm far from pretty. You, on the other hand, are  extremely  handsome."


Leaning closer, Denki bit his lip teasingly, the top of his dress dipping down as he winked. The man smirked brightly as he raised his glass, his arm wrapping around Denki's waist so he could pull him closer. Denki could smell the sweet scent of whiskey and cologne on the stranger as he forcefully eyed the man up and down. "Well, we dont we have a toast. To good company and being single.~"


"To good company and being single!"














He hadn't meant for it to get this out of hand.


The drinks had made Denki's mind complete mush, all he could think about was his goal of distracting this guy, and oh boy did he distract him. Somewhere along the night of drinking and chatting, he lost his earpiece and let the stranger lead him around the large mansion for a tour. When they had made it to the bedroom...well things just, escalated.


Before the man could put his hand up Denki's dress, you had barged in and stopped him from going further with a sharp punch to the jaw and an annoyed growl. At the sight of your angry face and the blood dripping down your knuckle, Denki suddenly remembered why he was there. He was just making out with a potential criminal while his girlfriend was supposed to be getting information was enough to make the fog in his head clear instantly. 


It was the quickest he's become sober.


Without another word, you grabbed him by the wrist and dragged his blubbering ass out of the room, his pleas for forgiveness falling on deaf ears. A few people watched silently as you pulled him through the hallways but said nothing at the sight of your angry face and tears building up in Denki's eyes.


When the two of you finally made it outside, you turned and slapped him roughly against the face, his makeup smeared across your backhand as you tried to hold in your anger.


"I can't FUCKING believe you. We were sent in on a mission to get information and to keep the host at bay. You weren't assigned to get FUCKING DRUNK AND MAKE OUT WITH HIM! WHAT IF HE REALIZED YOU WERENT A WOMAN OR IF YOU BLEW OUR COVER?! NOT TO MENTION THE FACT IM YOUR GOD DAMN GIRLFRIEND!"


"Baby, please, I didn't mean to get drunk! I just-" He wasnt able to finish his plea. Your hand wrapped around his and began to drag him off towards the car, the annoyed look on your face only grew as you unlocked the backseat and pushed him inside.


Stumbling backward, he fell in and looked up at you wide-eyed as you crawled onto his lap. Your hips rolled against his as you tsked in disgust. "Just like I fucking thought, you did enjoy it! Fucking got off on making out with a stranger, didn't you? Think he can fuck you better than me?"


The sudden dominance made a shy whimper leave his parted red lips as he tried to grab your hips. You smacked his hands away with a sharp tsk, the disappointment in your eyes only making him whimper louder as you rolled your hips slower. Every movement pressed the fabric more against his skin as you reached up to grip his hair roughly. 


"You are fucking lucky I'm even touching you right now. You could've blown this for us, and you're so damn lucky I found you before you fucked up everything. You're such a fucking whore that you're getting off on me talking down to you, aren't you? Yeah, I can feel it, you like it when I treat you like my little  bitch ."


"P-Please! I-I-I can't handle it!"


"Aw, how cute. I thought you liked teasing? Why such a change in heart?" You spat out at him through your teeth as he gripped at the hem of his dress. Pulling back, you lifted the fabric. "Hold this for me. If you want to get off, you'll listen like a good bitch, and I might even let you cum."


The promise of cumming had him instantly scurrying to do as you said. He pulled up the fabric and looked down in shame at the large bulge in his tight boxers, his tip already leaking pre-cum as you shook your head with a sigh. Scotting back, you pushed apart his tighs and settled yourself between them.


You leaned down and flicked your tongue against his tip through the fabric, the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum making you hum in content as he shivered. The material of his dress bunched up inside his hands as you pressed open-mouthed kisses up and down his length. Pausing at his hips, you looked up at him through your eyelashes, a small smirk covering your lips as he swallowed.


The makeup had smeared across his face from the small tears that feel down his cheeks early. His eyeliner was across his cheeks, the mascara ran down his face, and the edges of his lipstick were messy from the kissing earlier. In a way, you should've been mad that he was this ruined from a stranger, but the sight of him so ravaged only made you more turned on. Suddenly it made sense why Denki liked having sex after you put on all your make up. Seeing some so utterly wrecked was...addictive.


Your fingers traced over his hip bone as you tugged down the boxers and bunched them up. Connecting your eyes with him, you leaned up and pressed a soft kiss his lips, a low moan filling your mouth as he let go of the dress to touch your face softly. His tongue pressed against your bottom lip as you wrapped your hand around his throbbing member.


When you pulled back, the lipstick was even more smeared than before, and his eyes were glossy as he softly stroked your hair. Kissing his cheek, you sighed softly. "I really shouldn't do this while you're drunk, isnt moral for me to take advantage of you when you're in this state."


"Babe I-Its ok! I'm not even that drunk a-any...anymore!" He barely was able to stutter out a sentence as you pumped his member softly. The tip dripped as you pressed soft kisses to his shoulder and collar, your lips caressing his pale skin as he bucked up into your palm. One of the benefits of cross-dressing was the low dip in the dress allowed you to touch most of his chest. It still was a bit humiliating to be dominated while wearing one, though. "I dont think I could survive if you stopped baby...Please, I need you so b-badly. Let me m-m-make up for messing up, l-let...let me pleasure you, ill do anything for you not to be mad at me. Use my cock, call me all the names you want, I dont care just...Oh god, please just fuck me.


The desperation in his voice and the puppy dog eyes were enough to make you drenching wet. His lips twisted into a pleased smile when you pushed yourself up and started to unzip your short skirt, the fabric dropping to your knees as you slipped out of it. One of his eyebrows quirked up at the sight of your bare lower half as you carefully sat back down on his lap.


"Did I permit you to stare, bitch? Dont think I didn't see that little smirk of yours either. I'm still pissed off at you. I'm only doing this because  want sex, not because  you  want to. So, If you want to end this night with a girlfriend, I suggest you get to fucking."


"Y-Yes ma'am!" His hands gently grabbed your waist and shifted you onto your back, so he hovered above you. Nervously he wrapped a hand around his cock and looked up at you, his eyes silently asking permission as you wrapped your legs around his waist and tugged him closer.


"Words, slut."


"Can I...Can I fuck you? Please?" He leaned down to kiss the edge of your lips as you raked your fingers through his hair and tugged roughly. The roughness of your fingers only made him groan and tip his head back, the nape of his neck exposed to your teeth as you bit along the expanse of his skin. "I can't wait any longer! Please please please let me fuck you. I promise ill be good! Just let me fuck you for a few minutes, I only need a few minutes, and then you can go back to being mad at me...You feel so good every time you let me have sex with you. I'm so lucky that a girl like you wants to date me-"


"Less talking, more fucking. You have my permission, so get to thrusting."With a quick nod, he lifted your hips into both of his hands, the bluntness of his nails digging into your soft thigh as he slowly pressed himself closer. Another soft whimper escaped him as he shivered in pleasure.


"Oh, fuck...Oh fuck, you feel so tight." He paused to look down at you, his eyes blown out with desire as he leaned closer. The gentleness of his kiss made you sigh into his mouth, your hands gently touching his face as he pulled back. "I love you...I love you so much, baby. I'm so sorry about everything. You know I only love you, though, right? You're all mine, and I'm yours. I promised you that once and I promise that now."


The tips of his nails dug into your skin further as he sped up his thrusts. Every thrust back in made your body shake, and he watched with appreciative eyes, his gaze fixed onto your breasts as you let out soft moans of his name. "No one makes me feel like how you do, honey. You make this...spark in my heart, you know?"


"Are you...Mm, making puns during s-sex?"


"Sorry, I couldn't help it, heh." Smiling, he pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder, a small smirk covering his face when he saw the leftover lipstick mark on your skin. "Fuck babe, can I go faster? Fuck you real hard? I know you were saying how I'm your bitch, but now, all I can think about is making your ass sore for weeks."

When you gave him a nod for confirmation, a bright smile crossed his face as he pulled out completely. The empty feeling didn't last long though, he quickly got to work turning you over and lifted your ass for himself. Gently he groped at the supple skin, his fingers brushing over the softness of your ass as you sighed out at the massage.


The gentleness didn't last long, though, since he was more impatient than in the mood to tease.


Without warning, he pushed himself forward and started a brutal pace. The tip of his cock brushed against your G spot as he gripped your hips roughly, groans, and praises flying from his mouth as you arched up into him.


Reaching down, he wrapped a hand inside your hair and yanked it back, similar to how you did to him. The roughness of his touch had melted away any of the dominance you showed before. The only thing left was your lust clouded mind and the feeling of submissiveness as he pounded himself into you, his cock buried deep in your tight core as he groped and praised you. At this point, you couldn't even tell where he began, and you started. All that you knew was the warmth of his body and the knot twisting inside your stomach.


All you could feel was Denki. His warm breath on your neck, his hands gripping you so tightly that it would leave bruises, the was his hips speared against yours. Everywhere was Denki, and it eased the stress of everything. All that mattered was the feeling of him fucking you, telling you how much he loved you as he pleasures your body beyond anything anyone had made you felt. If he knew how good you felt, he didn't say anything, but deep down, you knew he was more than proud to make you feel so good.


What little of your thoughts were snapped as your orgasm rushed over your body like a tidal wave. Desperately you gripped at the car seats, gasps, and mutterings of his name, leaving you like a chant as he pressed himself closer to your body. The tightness of you squeezing him only brought him closer to his high as he bit down onto your shoulder one last time.


Halfway through your body shaking orgasm, he started to cum, a loud groan filling your ears as he sloppily moved his hips. A pleased look took over his features as he rocked his hips slowly, the heat and fullness of his seed making you melt further into the seats as he fucked his cum further into you. When you whimpered from the overstimulation, he stopped and let you have a few seconds to breathe before pulling himself away.


The cum dripped down your thigh as he stared in appreciation. "I love you (Y/n). I love you so damn arent still mad, are you?"




"Yes, honey? Do you need anything?"


"I need you to shut your stupid ass mouth and come cuddle me before I smack you."


"Of course, babe! Let me take care of my Lil spark."






Chapter Text


"I dont appreciate my Kitten playing with other boys. You know better than that." His hand came down against your lifted ass as you whimpered at the stinging pain. The tips of his fingers softly massaged the red skin. "Did you want me to see you and that idiot so I would get jealous? If you tell the truth, I might end the punishment here and give you what you want."


"I-I didn't...I didn't mean to make you jealous..." Shifting on his lap, you looked back with a shaky quiver of your lip, your lower half squirming around until he struck his hand down again to get you to stop moving.


You weren't sure how you got here. One second you were in the closet, Shinsou's hands stroking over your tail and making your head spin with lust, then the next thing you know your hands are tied behind your back and your laying over his lap, skirt flipped up and his firm hands striking down against your ass.


The rope rubbed against your wrists as you arched up into his touch. Even though it was a punishment, he made sure to soothe the skin gently as he stroked your hand and ears with his other hand while you cried out his name. Each touch made you mewl out and arch, but was it because of the pain or the pleasure? Did you enjoy this? 


Denial filled your thoughts. No, no, you weren't like that. You weren't that sort of girl. You were innocent and good. This was just part of the deal, and that was it, this was just some ploy to get his revenge, there was nothing behind his actions. Somehow the thought of him not having any meaning behind this only made you feel worse, deep down, you knew that you needed him more than you wanted anyone else. If this were the only way to show how much you cared, you would have to deal with the possibility that he didn't mean it.


Your thoughts were snapped when he started to lift you from his hips. Looking down, you flushed in humiliation at the small wet patch on his pants from your dripping wetness. It didn't see to bother him, but it sure as hell bothered you.


Shinsou raised an eyebrow at your teary eyes and shaky lip. He knew you well enough to recognize that the tears were from the overwhelming feeling and not any discomfort. If you didn't want this, he would've stopped long ago. Even if you were still in denial over the fact he was doing this, he knew you wanted it. It was apparent enough that you enjoyed it. You just didn't realize that your body was reacting before your brain was.


Before you could formulate a thought, he was pushing up your small crop top over your breasts with a dark glimmer in his eyes that spelled trouble. Another faint flush covered your cheeks as he cocked an eyebrow with a sinister smirk.


"Tsk, and I thought you wouldn't want this, yet look at you. Not even in a bra or underwear. Why am I surprised. You're practically asking me to take you now."


"It isnt like that!"


His eyes darkened at your outburst, and you instantly shrunk down. The tips of his fingers dug into your hips hard enough to sting but not cause any real damage to least not too badly. "Watch yourself, Kitten. Do you want me to punish you again?"




"No, what?" His hands reached up to cup your breasts gently, the smirk on his face returning when you pressed your body into his skilled hands. The pads of his fingers skimmed over your skin as he pressed wet kisses to your shoulder and twisted your nipples, at first his touches were slow and gentle but slowly became rough as you ground down against his bulge. 


"No m-master! I'll listen, I promise."


Chuckling, he moved away and gripped your hair, a yelp leaving your lips when he slammed his lips against yours. The kiss was short but took your breath away. When he pulled away, you were gasping for air and were clenching your fists as he bit down on your bottom lip. "I know you will Kitten because you need this more then I do. Now, should I go get the ice cubes to tease you a bit more, or do you want to skip ahead to the main event?"


"Ice cubes?" You swallowed as he nodded at your innocent gaze, his hands now gentle as they rubbed over your stomach and hips. The dipped down to trace the edge of your skirt.


"Mmhm. I would run the ice all over your body, starting at those sinful lips of yours that you love to tease me with down to that curve in your shoulder, " Shinsou's fingers traced your lips to your shoulder, voice husky as he touched each area with precision. "Then down over those cute nipples of yours until they are nice and hard for me. I would keep going down and down, over that adorable stomach of yours to your thighs..."


Pausing, he looked up at you and chuckled at the blown out look of your eyes and the neediness in your gaze. His hands stopped at your thighs as you groaned out needily. "Then I would stop just before touching where you want me to. I would make you beg for it, beg for the smallest of touches. It would feel so good, Kitten, the coldness contrasting your  filthily  hot pussy. Do you want that Kitten? Want master to tease you until you cum from the smallest touch?"


"I-I..." You were at a loss for words as he stared at you patiently. How the hell were you supposed to respond? 'Yeah, I would love for you to tease me and then fuck me until I can't walk. While I'm at it, why dont I tell you how badly I've wanted your cock for months now.'


Sighing at your lack of an answer, Shinsou tossed you onto the bed with a bored look. The mattress bounced as you stared at him in slight shock.


"Since this is our first night, I'm going to give you a few passes, but I expect an answer when I ask you something. Next time I'll just leave you tied up on the bed with a vibrator in your cunt while I go out and get work down. We'll go over your rules more in-depth later, but for now, know that when I ask you something, I want an answer and no back talk. Understood?"


"Y-Yes master!"


He smiled gently and leaned down to kiss your lips softly. The touch had you melting and leaning up against him, needy for his body to be against yours already. Sensing your desire, he pulled back and carefully got to stripping off his jacket and tee shirt. "When you listen, you get rewarded, since you took your punishment so well I suppose I could show you what a reward feels like. But you have to tell me something first..."


The shirt and jacket dropped off the edge of the bed as he looked down at you. Your eyes were staring at the slender frame of his body as he leaned forward. Even though he was on the lean side, there was still a bit of muscle on his body and a very delicious looking set of abs that had you watering at the mouth with need.


Rolling his eyes, he grabbed your chin and lifted it, so you looked up into his eyes. The two of you shared eye contact before he finally continued talking. "I need you to tell me you want this. If you only are going through with this cause you want sex, then you can get out, I'm not going to do anything if you dont give a fuck. I want a relationship with you. Fuck buddies isnt my thing, I like you, and I get the feeling you like me to."


His change in tone had you wide-eyed as he pressed both his hands next to your head and leaned down. The warmth of his breath fanned over your face as he stared at you with a stern look, the seriousness filled his eyes making you somehow even needier.


Swallowing away any doubt you might have, your eyes stared into his steadily as you tried to reach up and touch his face, forgetting that they were tied. "I like you too...I dont just want sex, I want more than that. I want to go out with you and hold your hand. I've wanted to date you since I saw you at the festival...I can't handle the thought of anyone taking you away from me, and I can't handle losing you to someone who doesn't realize how amazing you are."


"I wouldn't call myself amazing, but thank you, Kitten." He went in to kiss your lips, but you pulled away before he could your eyebrow furrowed as your tail flickered in annoyance. "What?"


"Dont say that you dumbass! You're more than amazing, you are powerful, and you are going to be a great hero. You're smart and funny, and I love your dry humor. I would fight anyone who says you aren't perfect because you are, and I will do anything to show you how great you are."


Softening his gaze, he nuzzled himself against your neck with a gentle sigh. Even with you tied up in his bed, ready to be taken in any filthy way he wanted, you just had to be so fucking  cute . Maybe it was because he loved your headstrong personality, but he couldn't help melting at your determined words of praise. Not only were you complimenting him, but you just had to make that fucking adorable little furrow in your eyebrow and jut out your bottom lip at his gentle chuckles. 


Looking up, he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. "You're so fucking cute (Y/n)."


"I'm not cute!"


"Mm, yes, you are. my cute little Kitten...only  my  Kitten, my perfectly cute baby girl." His hips pressed up against yours as he raked his fingers through your hair. After being so caught up in talking with him, you had completely forgotten about what you were doing, but his hard length pressing against your silky folds was enough to draw your attention back to the task at hand. "I hated seeing you with that blonde idiot...even I can admit I get jealous at the sight of you with another man. I wanted to take you right there, show the entire school who owns you, and gets your love. Do you understand? You're only mine, my Kitten, and my baby girl. Only I can touch your body like this, ill show you why you should let me be your man."


Even though you wanted to argue that he had already shown you why he should be your man, your thoughts were snapped when he thrust himself up inside of you with a deep growl.


The feeling was unlike anything you had felt before, a fullness that had you gasping out for air that wasnt enough to keep you from gasping out. Shinsou's chest pressed against yours as he growled out into your ear with an animalistic stare in his eyes, the gentleness inside his eyes wholly gone and replaced with a lust-driven man that craved your essence more than anything. There was something inside his eyes that made you shiver and crave him even more; the only thing inside your mind the burning want to have him utterly destroy you.


Pushing his hands into the purple sheets of his bed, he began to rock his hips at a slow pace steadily. Moderate enough that if there were any chance it hurt, the feeling wouldn't overbear you but fast enough that he would still feel satisfied. 


Each thrust made a soft clap sound of his skin hitting against yours as he reached down to bury your soft moans with his lips. Instead of a soft, tender touch, it was all teeth and tongues, mouths mashing together with a craving that couldn't be described as anything other than beast-like. His teeth bit down on your lip as he pounded himself into you, the lingering thought of making mind burned inside his head.


The thought of Denki being next to you only furthered his want to fuck you harder. He would show you things Denki could never, he would break down any doubt inside your mind, he would give you so much dam pleasure you would forget your name. There was only one thing he wanted, and that was for you alone to feel his body as he made you his.


Your body jerked with every press of his hips against yours. It felt like there were too many good things to stare at, your eyes rolling back in your head as you groaned out his name, the way your breasts bounced with every pump of his cock, the way your heat practically suctioned to him and kept him pressed inside you. His eyes moved between your blissed face and between your thighs to watch as he fucked you with a brutal pace.


When he reached down and rubbed at your throbbing clit, you cried out in pleasure and clenched his member harder. A broken man escaped him as you fought against the ropes desperately, your mind begging to touch him and grip him but unable to. There were too many overwhelming feelings. Too many things to focus on and feel, you couldn't handle it any longer.


When he slammed himself up against your deepest parts, you were screaming out his name as you came around him. Instantly he stopped and stared down at your consulting body, the shock taking over his mind as you sobbed out in pleasure. You hadn't even warned him you were cumming, was he so damn rough you couldn't even speak?


He looked down at your lower half in consideration. When he came to a decision, you were gasping on the bed, eyes closed as you panted tiredly. His hand carefully traced over your hip before reaching up to stroke hair lovingly until you finally opened your eyes.


"Hey, Kitten. Was I too hard?"


"No...I liked it." Your voice was hoarse from moaning and screaming. "You didn't cum..."


"Mm, well, I'm not done with you yet, Kitten. I didn't say you could cum after all." The realization hit you, and your face paled as he pulled himself out of your sensitive hole with a chuckle that was beyond terrifying. His eyes brows raised as he pushed your thighs open further, eyes dark as you began to shake in slight fear.


"S-Shinsou I just c-c-came...If you...If you keep going I...I dont think I can handle it..."


Looking up at you, he grinned brightly, finger reaching down to stroke your tail. It was enough to get you moaning again, thighs shaking as he leaned down to press a kiss to your dripping wet entrance. "Mm, well, I guess ill just have to fuck you until I break you. But I think you're going to enjoy me breaking you. I promise that  It's going to feel so damn good. "

Chapter Text


"Shinsou! (Y/n)! Its good to see you two. It looks like you made up with each other." Waving his hand at Shinsous arm wrapped around your waist, Denki smiled brightly. "We were all rooting for you guys. Bakugou and Kiri were betting on who would come around first, guess Kiri won since Shinsou came to you first."


Your head rested against your boyfriend's shoulder as he lazily stared at Denki, his eyes half-lidded as you smiled at the blonde boy in front of you. After your exciting night with Shinsou, the two of you spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and going on different dates, biking around town and getting various snacks, and spending lots of time making out when no one was looking and holding hands  everywhere . It was by far the most fun you had in months with Shinsou, plus you got extra bedroom time every time Aizawa and Eri left the house or when Shinsou came to sleep over the night before school.


It was going well, but there was something that seemed to nag Shinsou. Even though you both were dating, he got tense whenever you mentioned Denki, or he caught you messaging him. Most of the time, he just got quiet and would hug you tightly afterward, but on the few occasions where he would get annoyed things would escalate, and you ended up with a sore ass while a rather satisfied Shinsou bathed you with that damn smug smirk on his face.


Neither of you talked about his jealousy, and you didn't plan to mention it. At least, you didn't until Monday rolled around, and Shinsou was protectively holding you to him when anyone even looked your way. There was a dark glint in his eyes as he wrapped his body around yours and growled at the other boys in annoyance, but it only got worse when Denki saw the two of you.


Quite a few times in the hallways, you would pass Denki and his group, but before you could even wave, Shinsou was shoving you against a wall and slamming his lips against yours, tongue slithering into your mouth as you whimpered in embarrassment. A few people stared, and Denki would always cheer along with some of the guys who only annoyed Shinsou further. When the kissing didn't work, he instead started to play with your ears or touching the tip of your tail teasingly. Every mewl that left your lips had him smirking, only to frown when Denki whistled and sent a wink your way.


By the end of the day, he was practically groping you in front of Denki in hopes to spark some sort of jealousy inside the boy or to show his dominance over you. But, of course, there was no success in his endeavors. Every action he made was met with encouraging words or Denki's eager eyes taking in your submissive body. Shinsou would complain that he was a pervert, but since he was practically fucking you in the hallways and in front of Denki, he couldn't exactly complain.


Shinsou's eyes were unreadable as he leaned closer. "A bet, huh?"


"Mmhm! Kirishima was saying that you would cave in first, but me and Bakugou were certain (Y/n) would get horny first. Guess we were wrong, though."


"Well, I wouldn't say that. My Kitten is entirely...experienced, with those feelings. Isnt that right Kitten?" Shinsou purred out as he reached down to grab your ass through your thin skirt, a dark blush taking over your cheeks as Denki laughed heartily.


"Dude, you're crazy! Ever since you guys started dating, it's like every time I see you, I get a free show. Who even needs porn when the two of you are making out in every hallway." He shook his head with a smirk. "You're a lucky man Shinsou. (Y/n) is a total babe-"




"What's the matter, Kitten? He's not wrong." Shinsou calmly looked down at you with a smirk of his own, Denki nodding beside him. Even though there wasnt anyone else around but them, you felt embarrassed that they were talking so...openly in public. It was humiliating, but almost in a good way.


Sensing your thoughts drifting, Shinsou snapped his fingers in front of your face to draw your attention. You blushed darker and looked off with a huff. "Shut up...It's weird to have the two of you talking like that in public."


"Would you prefer it in private?~" The purr in Denki's voice made you blush darker as he reached forward to cup your cheek teasingly. "Dude, you're so red! You are way to easy to embarrass, no wonder Shinsou got you to like him."


"Denki, I was wondering...You said you enjoy our little shows, correct?" Denki looked up and smirked as you buried your face against Shinsou shyly, your nails digging into his shirt as he protectively stroked your ears. The two looked down at you as you purred contently, your tail moving around his leg as you nuzzled your face into his cologne filled button up.


"Hey, ill take any chance to watch a hot cat girl get made out with."


"How would you like to watch us have sex?" You and Denki looked up at him in utter shock, Denki's mouth open wide as you stared wide-eyed. The fact he didn't even mention this to you before asking added to your confusion as Shinsou smiled darkly. "I figured that it would be enjoyable to...share, my little Kitten with someone else as a punishment of sorts. You see, a bit of humiliation is always a welcome punishment for bratty pets, and I know how much my Kitten loves getting punished. What's better than having her master fuck her in front of her friends?"


".........You aren't serious, are you?"


Shinsou smirked wider as he leaned closer to Denki, there noses almost touching as he licked over his lips. "Deadly."


Looking down at Shinsou's lips then to your face, Denki flushed a light pink as he thought over the offer. You weren't even sure how you felt about all this, but their wasnt time to argue. The proposal was already on the table, and you know that if you used your safe word, Shinsou would always stop, but that didn't help calm down the nerves rattling around inside you.


After a few anxiety-filled seconds Denki nodded and swallowed awkwardly. "Yeah, yeah, I would like that...Um, what exactly would I...What would I do?"


"I'll text you my plan later on when my darling Kitten gets into trouble next. I'll call you and invite you over for the punishment. Until now, though-" He reached down and gently cupped your chin, his fingers lifted your flustered face. "Why dont you give our little friend a goodbye kiss? Just to show him what to...expect."


"Hey, it's fine, dude, if she doesn't want to, I'm cool-" He wasnt able to finish his sentence, his mind instantly stopping any thought process when you moved away from Shinsou and wrapped your arms around his shoulders instead. The tip of your tail flickered as your ears pressed down onto your hair, lip pouted out as you shyly looked up at him. "Um, o-ok, then hahaha cool, do I just...Do I just uh..."


"Just kiss her, you idiot." Shinsou ran a hand through Denki's hair before yanking down, so he was closer to your face. The action made the boy yelp out, giving you the perfect opportunity to press your mouth against his and slid your tongue into his mouth.


The sudden kiss had him whimpering and gripping at your hips desperately, mouth opening further for your tentative tongue. Shinsou's hand stroked over his head as you moved your mouth against the other boys, eyes fluttered closed while Denki moaned into your mouth with neediness you hadn't even heard from him before. Something about kissing him right in front of your boyfriend had heat pooling between your legs, the scent of your arousal filled the air as Shinsou sighed softly.


After a few minutes, Shinsou yanked Denki's head back with a huff. "Enough."


"Wow...I uh...That was really um...Realy g-good."


"My Kitten is very good at kissing, isnt she?" Shinsou stroked your ears as you dug your nails into Denki's shirt, another mewl leaving your lips as he Shinsou carefully stroked the soft fur. "I would let you continue, but I have an appointment later on, and my Kitten and I have to get home to change. Besides, from the scent shes giving off, I think that kiss was a bit too much of a tease for her. Is that right, baby girl?"


You nodded and nuzzled up against Denki, the more feline part of you starting to take over as Shinsou let go of your ear. Even though he knew you would complain about this later, he allowed himself to tease you further by yanking your tail with a broad smirk. "Words, Kitten. And I want you to address me as my  name ."


"I-In...In front of Denki?" You shyly looked up at Shinsou as Denki raised an eyebrow.


"Yes, in front of him. Tell me if you enjoyed the kiss."


"I..I enjoyed it a lot, master." The title had Denki's eyes widening as Shinsou hummed at your obedience. 


"And, are you wet from that?"


"...Yes, Master." Humiliated even further, you looked down at the floor with a dark blush as Denki stood slack-jawed. There was no way this was happening. There was no way in hell any of this just happened-


"I suppose ill see you later,  Denki ." Shinsou's voice lowered as he leaned down to whisper into Denki's ear with a chuckle. The close contact had Denki blushing wildly as Shinsou wrapped an arm around your waist and started to tug you to the door, your arm around his as he smiled proudly.


Denki watched in silence as his two friends walked out. 


He had just made out with one of them, and the other made him feel even more Bi then he was. Was that even possible? Did any of this happen, or was it just some sick dream?


After quickly pinching himself and slapping his face a few times, Denki concluded that no, this was not a dream and that he now was alone in an empty school with a raging boner that refused to go down no matter how much he thought about non-sexy things. A sigh escaped him as he rushed off the nearest bathroom, hands already fumbling with his zipper as he muttered curses under his breath.


What an odd day...



Chapter Text

"Listen, kid. This would go by a lot quicker and smoothly if you told me what I need to know. I won't turn you in if you tell me where your group is selling those drugs. You can walk out of here, scotch free, knowing you did something good." Hawks pressed his hands against the cold steel table as he leaned in close. "You're not a bad kid, I can see it in your eyes, you know. You want to be a good guy. Just tell me-"


"God, do you ever shut up?" You interrupted with an annoyed eye-roll. The sass didn't seem to catch him off guard, is anything he just seemed more amused with your arguing back.


"You aren't really in a place to talk back when your hands are tied, kid."


"You aren't in a place to be telling me what to do, douche bag." Squinting your eyes, you snarled and leaned back against the chair. He watched as you squirmed into a comfortable position and tilted your head back to stare at the ceiling as you spoke. "There ain't nothing you can do to get me to spill. I ain't no snitch."


His eyes glimmered with mischief as a smirk took over his sharp features. "Is that so?"


"Yeah, and dont think you can try and pull some rough shit on me to get me to talk. You're pal already roughed me up before, didn't get him anywhere."


"Endeavor has his methods, and I have mine." Leaning forward, he grabbed your chin casually and tilted your head down so he could examine the different bruises that littered your face. A few scratch marks were under your lips, and the bags under your sleepless eyes made him sigh. "Damn pity they didn't let me in first. You got a cute face."


"Normally bruises dont turn men on. You must be into some weird shit to think I look good right now."


He shrugged dismissively. "I can see past that. You have potential kid, and It would be wasted on a villain. Dont ruin your chances because you think some thugs come before yourself."


His hand left your face as you rolled your eyes again. A silence passed over the two of you as he yanked a chair over in front of the table, his body slumping against it as he lazily watched you squirm in the handcuffs. 


Looking down, you huffed, annoyed as the metal clicked from behind you. Whatever this cell was made from was keeping you from using your quirk, so you couldn't break out of the cuffs unless you convinced Hawks to help you somehow. Finally, it dawned on you, your eyes widening as you looked up at the lounging man in front of you.


He raised an eyebrow as you bit your lip seductively. A chuckle escaped him when you tried to push your chest out in hopes that it might sway him to listening. "What are you doing, kid?"


"Just thinking about how much fun we could have if these cuffs were off~." Winking, you fluttered your eyelashes as he looked down at your chest with mock interest. His eyes were still bored but held onto the small sight of cleavage as you leaned closer.


"I dont know about you, but I think I prefer you locked up like this, fun or not. You arent going to get out of those until you tell me what I need."


"I could tell you if you let me out."


"And how do I know you aren't lying?" You tilted your head in genuine thought as he tapped his fingers against his thighs. The thick boots he was wearing made a dull thud when he placed them atop the table, his chair tilted backward as he pushed up the glasses resting on his face. "Come on, at least give me something convincing. I know you're smart."


"Well...I'll tell you this. The man I'm working for isnt some random goon, he's a big shot with a big plan in the works. I won't say anything else until you take these damn things off of me-"


Before you could finish, the cuffs dropped away from your wrists, and a feather fluttered down to the floor. You rubbed at your wrists with a sigh, the lack of constraints instantly much more pleasurable as you looked up at Hawks with a frown.


"Keep going."


"Fine, but only if you make things more interesting for me. Why should I bother to tell you anything?" A soft laugh escaped him as you crossed your arms with a pout. "Why are you laughing?"


"It's cute that you think you have any choices right now, kid."


"You're a hero, heroes dont do jack shit to citizens, and you dont have enough proof that I'm a villain to hurt me."


His eyes darkened as he stood up, his palms pressed against the metal as he dipped down enough that his nose was almost brushing against yours. The warmth of his breath fanned over your face as he tsked.


"I'm not like most heroes, baby. I dont wait around for things I want. If I wanted to hurt you, I would've already, and If I wanted to sit around and have you sass me all night, I would. But I have a job to do and a case to solve. So unless you want to end up with more broken bones, start talking." Your face twisted up in disgust as you jerked away with a scowl.


"Make me, bird bitch."


"Watch yourself-"


"Or what? Going to make me shut up?" Smugly smirked, you placed your hands behind your head and leaned away from his frowning face. Your eyes flickered around his face before settling on his lips, albeit not innocently. "I fucking dare you. You wouldn't hurt anyone, you're all talk and no bite."


The next thing you knew, his hand was gripping your hair and yanking you forward, his mouth mashing against yours rough enough to make you gasp in shock and grab his shoulders desperately. His tongue moved into your mouth when you tried to mutter against his lips in protest. A battle of dominance quickly started, your tongue wrapping around his as your teeth mashed against his, hands gripping his jacket while he yanked your hair harder. 


A few small mewls left your lips and were muffled by his when he was especially rough. The soft whimpers seemed to make him happy, though,  as quickly rewarded each sound by letting you move your tongue into his mouth instead. He tasted sweet, like candy and coffee and something else you couldn't quite place. Any thoughts of fighting left you as he reached down to cup your cut up chin with a deep growl.


His lips moved away from you as he moved down your jaw to your neck, tongue pressed down against one of the scars on your skin as you groaned out his name. "Start.Talking.Now."


"F-Fuck...I'm not saying a-a-anything..."


"Fine, ill just have to make you talk." He tilted your chin up with another growl, his teeth flashing as he smirked. "I'm gonna enjoy this, kid."


Chapter Text

"Where is he?! Where is Shouto!" The group looked up as you rushed in, your coat halfway off your shoulders as you looked at each of there faces in panic. Tears were tracking down your face as they slowly moved away from each other; their faces alarmed as you looked down. Your shoulders slumped as you whispered almost silently. "Shouto..."


He didn't even look up as you fell to your knees next to him. Reaching for his hands, you carefully clasped them in yours as he silently mouthed along with his prayer, his eyes shut as you searched his face desperately for any signs of realization that you were there. The TV continued to play as you pressed your forehead against his in hopes that he would pause to say something or look up at you, but he continued to whisper his silent cries as tears tracking down his cheeks, small flames flickering on his face as you stroked his hands lovingly.


Aizawa tried to grab your shoulder as you whispered small words of confirmation and broken I Love You's into Shouto's ear. Your hands tightened as Aizawa attempted to pull you away. "I dont think he can hear you. He's been like this for a while...We should leave him until he-"


"NO!" You jerked away from Aizawa and glared up at him. "Are you kidding me?! I can't leave him. He's clearly in the middle of a panic attack, and he can't be alone. Not now...Now with whats going on."


"It's for the best (Y/n)."


"How would  you  know what's fucking best for him." You snarled out as Shouto gave a small gasp for air. Instantly you turned and cupped his cheek tenderly, your thumb brushing underneath his eyes to catch the tears that fell as he heaved for breath.


Deku shook his head at Aizawa as the others looked around at each other. None of them knew what to do, they hadn't ever seen Shouto like this, and there hadn't ever been something like this. Seeing Endeavour on TV fighting and seeing him so hurt was shocking to all of them, almost as shocking as what happened three months before.


You tilted up his head and pressed your lips to his scar, Shouto'stears only flowing more as he shakily reached out to grip your tee shirt. The material bunched up inside his fists as he sobbed outcries that no one could understand. It was a mix of begs for his father to come back and cries of your name. 


Wrapping your arms around him, you held on tightly to stop his shaky body. Your fingers stroked through his hair as you shut your eyes and let him bury himself further into your neck. "Shouto...Do you want to move to the couch? I won't let go, but you shouldn't sit on the floor."


He gave a short nod as you carefully twirled a strand of his hair around your finger and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. The class watched as you carefully lifted him, his hands gripping you so tight that his knuckles were white, and the front of your shirt was stretched out from his strength. Aizawa sighed as you placed Shouto onto the couch and let him lay on your chest. 


"Turn off the damn TV, and make sure (Y/n) doesn't leave his side. I'll go out and see how things are going. If I find out any of you did anything wrong to Todoroki, you will be expelled. (Y/n) is in charge while I'm gone." Aizawa nodded at you before turning and rush off as you carefully lifted your head to look over at Deku.


"Can you go get some water? He has to stay hydrated, and Bakugou, can you grab my phone? It's inside my jacket."


"On it, nerd."


"Of course!"


The two went off to grab your things while the others were awaiting your orders. You gave a few more requests but sent most of them off, your chin resting atop your now sniffling boyfriend as he slowly let go out of his tight vice-like grip.


When Deku brought back the water, you carefully cupped Shouto's cheek and lifted his head away from your chest so you could press the edge to his shaking lips. Parting them, he gulped down the drink, his sobs momentarily cut off so he could swallow without choking. When he finished the cup, you set it down and praised him softly while Bakugou slapped the phone into your hand.


"Do you want some music? Or do you want to watch some videos? Nod once for music, twice for videos." He sniffled and wiped the back of his nose with his hand as he nodded once. "Ok, music it is. Deku? Can you get me some tissues? And maybe a blanket if you could, I dont think he's going to move any time soon, and I'm not really in a place to move."


Deku nodded quickly as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt, eyes moving between the two of you worried. "Yeah, anything you need...W-will he...Will he be ok?"


"Yes. At least, I think so. This isnt to bad of a panic attack; it isn't the worst I've seen Shouto. He just needs a pleasant, calm, environment, and to rest his mind. By tonight, he should be calm enough to talk...I'm not sure if he will be able to do much else but rest though."


"Ok...I'll go get the stuff. Kacchan, do you have any extra blankets we could borrow?" Deku looked over at him as they started to walk over to the elevators.


"I probably got some in my back closest that I could let em use. Just dont get Icy Hot's snot all over the blankets...fucking nasty."




"I dont care if he feels like shit, I ain't washing another dudes snot out of my fucking sheets." You rolled your eyes at the two as you went back to stroking Shouto's hair.


Lifting his head, he looked into your eyes as you thumbed on your playlist specifically for his panic attacks. The room filled with calm music as you set it down onto the coffee table and turned back to him. "Much better...Is there anything else you need? More water? Different songs?"


"No...I-I...Thank you...Thank you so much." Tears filled up his eyes as he buried his face back into your neck. "He's going to be ok...Right?"


"Of course, he is! Your father is the number one hero, as horrible as he is, there is no way he would give up. He's way too stubborn to let anything serious happen to him. Besides...The two of you are strong, and you're going to get through this...I know you're going to get through this." 


"I...I hate him..."


"I know."


"He hurt my family and me." His voice broke halfway through as you gripped onto his shirt. You could feel your heart shattering as he sobbed out at the memory, or maybe it was the thought of what was happening that made him cry harder. More than likely, it was a mix of both, which made you even more broken-hearted as you whispered against the top of his hair.


"He did."


"But I dont want him to die..."


"I know." Pushing back his hair, you kissed the top of his scar, his favorite place for you to touch. Another sob escaped him as you kissed away the tears. "Let it out, baby. It's ok. I'm here, take as much time as you need."


"I dont want him to die."


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Chapter Text


" You know, Darling, if you wanted to see me in a suit, you should've just asked. I would gladly dress up for if its what you want.~" Monama wrapped his arm delicately around your hips you rolled your eyes, annoyed. He softly tapped his fingers against the small dip in your waist, a pleased smile on his face when people turned to stare as the both of you walked in. "You should be honored. The annual ball is a significant event for hundreds across Japan, to be in the presence of such class is a once in a lifetime event for someone of your low social standing."


"I'm only here for the cash, you jerk. Just because you dated my sister and have a shit ton of money doesn't mean ill let you treat me like a doll. After this is done, I dont want to talk to you or take your damn money again."


"Fiesty! I like it, Darling, but keep your voice down. We wouldn't want anyone to think we aren't actually in love." The sickly sweet tone in his voice only made you want to hurl even more as he dipped down to press a kiss to your cheek. 


If you weren't in heels much too big for you and in front of people with more money in there purses than in your entire savings, you would've punched him in the jaw. A part of you wanted to walk out right then and there, but common sense told you just to shut your mouth and endure the rest of the night.


You weren't sure how this even started. It probably began a few months ago when your sister brought home Monoma, an excited smile on her face as he forcibly shook hands with your parents. Instantly you saw through his charming persona to what he was—a rich, entitled, jerk.


Things only got worse from there. As if the lord himself was cursing you, the two of you ended up being inside the same class where he spent most of his time trying to 'befriend' you. In other words, he was more interested in how poor people lived then actually getting to know who you were as a person. 


Before long, you were spending most of your time with him. Partners in class, always around him at home, hell, you even spent some time hanging out with him by yourself! You blamed that on him forcing himself into your life, but in the end, you always let him come along if only to amuse yourself.


Around their month anniversary, your sister finally saw through his fake kind act and realized the real reason he was dating her. It was all just a way to entertain himself. To see how people of lower classes lived, a way to toy with someone for his joy.


She left him the next day.


For a while after their break up, you hadn't talked with him. You were still his classmate, but besides that, he stopped texting you and stopped trying to hang out around you. A part of you missed his obnoxious behavior, but when he messaged you asking for you to attend a ball as his date, you were...shocked to say in the least.


Before you could say yes, he mentioned that he was paying you for the night and that you would be getting sized for a dress the next week. Any hope of him liking you flew out the window, your small ounce of feelings thrown away at his cold words. This wasnt a date. The only thing he wanted from you was to look good for his parents to see that he was excepting and loved someone because of who they are, not their money.


It made you even sicker, but what stung the most was how damn good at it he was.


When he looked down at you and smiled, you almost convinced yourself that he had feelings for you somehow. Something behind the charm made your knees weak, a softness, and yearning, which made you almost forget how horrible he was. Of course, this only lasted as long as he kept his mouth shut, which never continued long.


"I spoke to mother about what dress to buy you. The silk was imported from France, the highest quality for my Darling, of course."


You stiffly curtsied at a few passing people as he bowed towards them. They smiled pleasantly as he pressed a hand to the small of your back again. "So far, its the only thing I'm enjoying about tonight. I kinda feel like a princess."


"It's nice, isnt it?"


"Surprisingly yeah. It almost makes me understand why you care so damn much about making more than anyone else in the world." Your words turned bitter towards the end as you sharply looked up at him. None of it phased him, though. He merely returned your angered gaze with an amused one, eyes shining as he lifted a gloved hand to touch your cheek. "Dont touch me."


"I paid for you, so ill do as I please."


"I'm not some rent a toy. I'm a person."


He huffed in annoyance as his gloved hand left your face. For a split second, there seemed to be a flash of hurt inside his eyes, but it was quickly replaced with anger as he bit his lip. "Why do you hate me? I haven't done anything to you. I've only treated you nicely. Gifts, money, business opportunities, anything you could ever want handed to you without wanting anything in return."


"Yeah, well, I dont want your gifts."


"Then what do you want? What will it take for you to care about me-" He stopped himself and replaced the anger on his face with a half-hearted smile. Turning, you connected eyes with a concerned blonde man, his eyes looking between you and Monoma as you cocked an eyebrow. "F-father! I didn't see you there. This is my date, (Y/n). Darling, this is my father."


Monoma looked between you two nervously. It almost...made you feel bad for him. He cared so much about what his father thought, and you could see it in the desperate begging in his eyes. Even if you had a grudge against him, you were getting paid to act nice around his family-even if you wanted to tell his father what was going on.


Politely you reached out to shake the man's hand with a curtsey as he scowled. "It's an honor to meet you, sir. Monoma has mentioned you a lot."


"I wish I could say the same for you." His father looked down at you with an unamused expression as Monoma inhaled sharply. The bored look in his eyes annoyed you further as he wiped his palm against the material of his pants, a disgusted look flashing over his eyes as Monoma swallowed shakily.




"Its alright, sweetheart, I dont mind. I wouldn't expect him to remember a face like mine anyway, they all just blend in with the other commoners, dont they?" The two stared at you in shock as you tsked annoyed. "I do believe I saw a waiter with some wine. Instead of standing around being judged for my pocket change, I'm going to get a drink. Have fun,  Darling ."


You sauntered off with a sway in your hips, a twisted smirk crossed over your face as your heels clicked against the marble flooring. The expensive dress and shoes made you feel even more badass as you reached for one of the tall crystal glasses set atop the small trays each waiter was carrying.


Politely you smiled at the boy before sipping the glass. Without Monoma, you were alone, there was no doubt none of these people would know you let alone want to talk with you. Even with the dress, you were still a commoner. It was apparent from the way you walked and the way you stared at everyone. Any hope of conversation left when you stormed away from your 'date.'


Fortunately, the silence didn't last long. Before you could even finish your glass, a hand was softly touching your shoulder, a tall boy leaning over your shoulder to gaze down at you over the rim of his glasses.


"Drinking on a school night? I would think a UA student would know better." Iida gave a small smile as you turned and hugged him tightly. "I didn't expect to see anyone from UA here today. What brings you to the annual ball?"


"Got stuck being Monoma's little pretend date. Practically bought me to play along and act nice in front of his family."


Iida frowned as you pulled back and sighed softly. You gave him a half-smile as he adjusted his tie, the edge of nose catching his glasses as he leaned down to whisper. "Bought you?"


"Paid me to get dressed up and act like his girlfriend. If he wasnt such a jerk, I might've been ok with it, but he's already started to treat me like some poor little charity chase." Iida nodded in understanding as you looked around at the chattering couples next to you. Everyone had a date, but from what you could see, there was no one with Iida.


For the smallest of seconds, you felt your hope start to pick up. If Iida was here alone, he might be able to stay with you and keep Monoma away. Even if Monoma did end up bugging you again, having someone with you to also deal with the bratty blonde was better then watching him alone.


Just as you went to suggest your idea to Iida, an arm wrapped around your waist and tugged you backward. A chest collided with your back as you huffed out in annoyance, the gloved hands squeezing your hips as you tilted your head back to stare up into Monoma's anger-filled eyes.


"First you disrespect me in front of my father, then I find you talking with some low life 1-A student? If you plan on getting that paycheck, you better start behaving. Unless you want me to kick you out now and save us the time?" Monoma looked up at Iida with a scowl. "I hope you know that I won't stand for some pathetic class 1-A student flirting with  my  date. My father can have you out of this building before (Y/n) can even try and stop me-"


"Could you be any more of an ass hole?!" You shoved yourself away from him as he stared down at you. The look shifted when he saw your teary eyes and shaking body, Iida's face also paling when you let out a small exhale.


"I...I beg your pardon?"


"Dont act like it isnt true, Monoma. You're a jerk. You think that just because your family has money, you get anything you want in the world. Well, sorry to break it to you, but that's not how the world works. I will NEVER love someone like you. I can't even pretend to like you! You could pay me all the money in the world, but I would NEVER be able to say I have any feelings for someone as horrible as you." Shoving him back, you let out a shaky sob as he stared in silence. Tears were streaming down your face as the room filled with a heavy silence, all eyes on you as Monoma stumbled into a table. 


His hands grasped the edge as he looked around in shame. Another sob left you as you snarled in disgust. "Look at yourself. You didn't even care about me in the first place; all you care about is what other people think. You cant even look me in the eyes and lie."


"(Y/n) please quiet down-"


"I'm done! Keep your God damn money. I won't stand around here for you to act like your better than everyone else because you think dating some poor girl will make you look good, and I can't stand here and pretend you love me because you know what? For a second, I did think I loved you, but I guess I was wrong to think you could ever have a heart." Shaking your head, you wiped away the smeared eyeliner from your face as he slowly stood up. Each sob made your shoulder shake as he tried to touch you, his eyes were soft and so sad that you almost let him pull you closer.


But before Monoma could touch you, Iida carefully grabbed your hands and pulled you into a tight embrace. His eyes were steely cold as Monoma lowered his hand with a frown.


The two stared at each other for a few moments, the party-goers around your three slowly returning to their hushed conversations. All you could think about was the stupid look Monoma had given you, the hurt in his eyes, those few seconds where he did seem to care. It was all just an act, just a way to play with your heart and shatter it. 


You wouldn't let him break your heart again.






The rest of the night was a blur. You were pretty sure Iida took you outside and called a taxi to take you home since he couldn't accompany you. The ride was silent as you sobbed alone. When you got back to your dorm room, you were filled with an even more bitter feeling of loneliness. It didn't help Monoma had his dorm right next to yours and could come over if he felt like it.


Thankfully, he never did come. In fact, you didn't see him until Monday rolled back around, and you were walking to class.


"(Y/n)! I have something to show you. I was walking to our homeroom when I ran into those pathetic class 1-A students and...(Y/n)? Are you listening to me?" He waved a hand in front of your tired face. Leaning down, he grabbed your cheeks and tilted your head around, concern lacing his expression when you didn't fight or say anything. "You look like you haven't slept in days...You have no makeup on, you're dressed inside your pajamas, and your eyes are red...What happened, Darling?"


Instantly you jerked away at the nickname as he flinched slightly. "Dont call me that. I dont even want to hear your God damn voice right now, so dont try and pretend this weekend didn't happen."


"I...I dont understand?"


"God, are you really that dense? You can't even remember why I'm mad at you?!" He nervously swallowed when you raised your voice, his eyes flickering around as you stomped closer to him with each bitter word. The glare in your eyes made him shiver as you pressed a finger to his chest. "You knew I liked you. You knew my sister wanted you, and yet you went and broke our hearts for what? To have some fun? Because you could? I fucking  loved  you, Monoma. I gave you everything you wanted, and all you could do was watch and stare as I cried in front of you."


A group of students had begun to circle you two, just like the night of the ball. Their hushes whispers only irritated you further as Monoma tried to grab your hands into his, his touch silky smooth as he leaned down to touch your cheek. The touch was soft and gentle as he carefully examined your face.


"I...I love you too, but I...I cant."


"Why? Because your family doesn't except it, or because you're too important for someone like me?" You tried to pull away, but he tightened his grip on your hands as you sniffled shakily. The tears had already started to pour again as he sighed softly.


"I was afraid you wouldn't want someone like me."


"Someone without a heart?"


"Someone who cant show you how much he cares or how much he notices." Pulling you closer, he cupped your cheek tenderly. "I never had emotions for your sister. I admit that much. When she took me to your home, I wasnt sure what to expect, but from the moment I noticed you...I felt something I hadn't felt before. You weren't like the other students at our school or the people my family try to make me speak with, you dont see me for my money or my fame. When we're alone, I...I'm myself, and you always encouraged me to be the best version  of  myself. All I desired was for you to love me back, but I understood you wouldn't ever need someone like me, so I acted like I didn't bother and that I was using you...I wanted to show you that night how greatly I cared, but I messed it up. Please...Let me show you, I can...I can change  because  I love you so much."


The room went silent as he leaned down to press his lips to yours. Another flood of tears fell from your eyes as you clutched his button-up, your hands shaking as he tilted his head softy. His lips moved so gently and delicately, as if he was scared he would break you if he was too rough or that you would pull away from him. The tips of his fingers dug into your hips as you pulled him as close as possible.


You weren't sure how long the kiss lasted, but when he pulled away, there were small tears inside his eyes as he looked down at you and pressed his forehead against yours. The crowd awed at the adorable display as you gave a shaky smile.


"You...You aren't lying? You mean it?"


He raised an eyebrow as you nuzzled yourself into his neck. "If I were lying, I wouldn't be standing in the classroom hallway, kissing you in front of all our peers."


"Mm, I dont know. I think I have to hear you say you love me one more time to believe it."


"I suppose I can agree to that." Grabbing your cheeks, he pressed a short kiss to your lips, his voice lowering to a whisper as you wrapped your arms around his neck lovingly. "I love you, Darling. I love you more than anything."


"I love you more, dumb ass."






Chapter Text




It was all you could feel through every fiber of your being. Every ounce of blood felt like it was burning inside your veins. No matter where you looked, there was only darkness, the lingering pain inside your mind only making the darkness sting even more.


When you thought back to how you got here, the memories started to bleed together into one massive blob. There was a man...he had a little girl, you had helped her up from tripping. When he came out, you offered to help heal her injuries with your quirk, and he smiled so beautifully that it took your breath away...The next thing you knew, you were following them to there car, chatting about schools and how clumsily children could be. By the time you got to his car, you hadn't noticed the men coming behind you, or the insane smirk twisted over the man's face underneath his mask as he carefully stepped aside for you to set the girl inside.


Before you could back away, a clothe was shoved against your mouth, and your vision was fading as you clawed at the sleeve of the man. After that, you woke up here, alone, cold, and in the dark. It couldn't have been more than two days, but it was hard to say with your lack of vision and movement. 


Lifting your head, you tried to focus on the low clicking sound from across the room. The cuffs around your wrist ticked as you jerked your body towards the noise, a hope starting to burn inside you as the door slowly creaked open.


A draft filled the air as you instantly shivered and frantically moved your head around as if you could look around. Your throat felt dry from not talking and the lack of water, but you shakily cleared your throat as the low tap of shoes came closer to your body. "H-Hello? I...I dont know how I got here...Are you here to...t-to help me?"


The steps stopped as you licked over your lips, nervously. Leaning closer, you shifted your wrists and flinched in slight pain as a hand came down to softly stroke your cheek, the touch so soft that you almost couldn't feel the gloved petting.


"Hello? P-Please! You have to help me! I dont know how long I've...I've been down here for a long time, I know I have. That man...He...H-He...Please, you have to get me out of here-" Your voice broke halfway as a sob escaped you. The stroking only continued as the stranger crouched down next you, their other hand cupping your cheek as you sobbed into their hands desperately. Fear was taking over your mind as you began to thrash around and scream. "HELP ME! LET ME OUT OF HERE! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!"


The sobs increased as you jerked your wrists down. Without thinking, you had begun to cut at your wrists, the metal digging in further as you whimpered out in pain. Every move from your wrist dug in more and ripped away from your skin. Blood slowly started to drip from your wrist as the stroking stopped, their hands leaving your face in haste.


Standing back up, the stranger stared down at your sobbing figure. They said nothing, only stood, and stared as you begged to what felt like an empty room. After watching for a few seconds, they turned and walked back to the doors, your screams and begging, not even making them pause or stop.


With one last cry, the door slammed shut, and you were alone...









((Three Weeks))


"Get up."


The voice startled you, what little sleep you had been getting interrupted by the man. Your body had become frail over the past weeks, the stranger would come in to feed you and give you water only when needed, and you were always left shackled in the dark. Sometimes they would sit and stroke your hair or cup your face, but that was the only contact you had.


When his hand came down to cup your cheek, you instantly leaned into it as he sighed. "Its time for you to start working."


"W-Work?" He gave no response as the shackles moved from above you. The restraints eventually gave way, and your wrists fell to your lap as you flinched, body to frozen from shock to even move. His hands reached down and pulled away the blindfold. "You!? YOU-"


"Quiet down!" The back of his hand slapped across your face. It made you jerk to the side, your body too weak to try and fight back. 


His eyes slowly scanned over your body as you whimpered in pain. The concrete floor scrapped against your bloody wrists, tears staining your eyes as you pushed back your knotted hair from your face. Something was sickening about how he watched you, the way he slowly crept closer to your trembling body like a lion stalks a prey.


Pushing yourself up, you tried to look around for an escape, but the only way out was behind him. His eyes darkened as you let out a shaky breath and backed yourself towards the corner. "You were the man...with that little girl...I should've known those injuries weren't from playing...You used her...Where is she?!"


"She's safe, for now. If you are so interested in keeping her protected, I suggest you come with me, unless you want to be locked back up. I dont mind keeping my doll....clean, for a little longer." His hand reached forward to try and touch your face as he stroked your wrist with one gloved hand—your body yanked away from him as he tsked. "I dont like getting my hands dirty, so be a good girl, or ill lock you up until you beg for food."


"You're a monster." He sighs tiredly as if your response is boring to him.


Dropping his hand from your face, he reached forward to grasp your bruised wrists harshly. The skin stung as he yanked you towards his body and pulled you close to his body. When you looked up in pain, he raised an eyebrow, his face to hidden for you to tell what exactly he was thinking. 


Loosening his grip, he looked down at the now open wound on your wrist. His hand jerked away, and he stared at the small bits of blood on his glove with disgust as you cradled your wrist in your other hand. "You're filthy...We have to clean you first. I dont want to get any more dirt on me."


"What's with you and being clean?"


"The world is a filthy, disgusting place. I strive for a world that's pure and perfect. To get to my perfect world, I have to be clean myself,, have to be spotless as well." Your eyes moved between his eyes and his lifted hand. A part of you wanted to kick at him, to scream and fight, but you knew any sort of fighting would end with him hitting you again. As if he could sense your obedience, he smiled underneath the mask slightly as he pressed his hand to the small of your back.


The tips of his fingers tapped a short beat as he directed you towards the door. When you made it to the doorway your eyes squinted at the sudden bright light, it had felt like months since you had been on your feet in the light, but the man wasted no time in hurrying you along the long corridor.


Each hallway seemed to be miles long. There was no way for you to memorize where you were going or where you had even been, each turn seemed to bring you in deeper and deeper into a labyrinthine that the man had remembered flawlessly. He said nothing to you as you walked, his eyes set straight ahead as you looked between him and the long white floors.


Up close, you could examine his face a bit better. He had short brown hair that fluttered every time he took a step and had amber looking eyes that burned with something you could identify. Insanity? Passion? Hard to say, he was more unreadable then most people. Your eyes shifted down to his mask that covered the lower half of his face.


It was a simple black mask, not particularly interesting on its own, but the fact he was wearing one sparked an entire list of questions inside your mind. Did it have to do with his obsession with being clean? A style preference? Health issues? The rest of his outfit was similar to when you had first met him, a tight black button-up that was rolled up to his elbows, a long white tie, sharp dress pants with a leather belt looped around, and matching leather shoes. Every step he took made a dull thud that you had grown accustomed to over the last few weeks. It was the only thing that genuinely felt familiar anymore.


You had been so distracted by staring at him you didn't realize you made it to the door he was looking for. The two of you paused, and he looked back down at you, his eyebrows furrowing at your docile staring.




"You never told me your name." His face twisted up even more as you tilted your head curiously. "I mean, you kidnapped me and all, but you haven't told me your name. Like, do I just address you as sir, or like, Mister Kidnapper Master."


His gaze softened slightly as he twisted open the door and shoved you through. Stumbling forward, you huffed in annoyance, but the irritation quickly disappeared when he answered with a soft sigh. "Chisaki."


"That's a nice name, I mean, all things considered." 


"...Thank you." 


Looking around the room, you tilted your head again, eyes flickering around as he began to take off his gloves. "You didn't ask my name."


"I already know your name (Y/n). We met."


"Oh...Right." You paused to look over at him. There was something...casual about him that made you relax. Even though he had kidnapped you, so far, he treated you reasonably fair. He didn't force you to do anything; if anything, he just sat and touched your face. In the position you were in, he could've done far worse.


That little bit of decency made you smile as he looked back up at you.


He froze at the sight of your gentle smile. It was shocking to him, after all this and you still smiled at him as if he didn't take you away from your life. The look in your eyes only further proved his point. The entire reason he brought you here, it just made him more sure you were perfect. Relaxing slightly, he returned the smile to the best he could before looking back down to set his other glove away. 


"I...I was wondering. Why did you Of all the people you could've chosen, I mean, I wouldn't call myself pure. Sure, my quirk is good for healing, but besides that, I'm useless. I wouldn't even call myself pretty. It just doesn't make sense..."


Reaching up, he began to tug off the mask, and you paused to watch him. You weren't sure what you expected, nothing extraordinary happened, but you still mutely watched as he set it down and licked over his lips softly as he reached up to drag a hand through his hair. Looking over, he connected eyes with you and slowly blinked as if considering his words.


"I need someone different from this filthy world. Someone pure, clean,  perfect . You may not see it, but you are  exactly  what I need. All you need is a bit...mending."




"You need to be brought to your fullest potential. To be ridden of all the filth the world put onto you. To be the cleanest version of yourself, I have to correct you."


Your eyes squinted as he carefully stepped towards you. Experimentally you took a step back, and he paused, eyes flickering with annoyance as you looked him up and down. "And does this fixing...hurt?"


"It doesn't have to."


"But you wouldn't be against hurting me for the 'better good.' I still dont understand, why do you want me of all people to be perfect? And what do you get in the end?" A low sigh escaped him as you took another step back. Your body bumped against another door as he walked towards you, his hand reaching behind you to open the door and push you back into it.


Falling backward, you quickly grabbed his arms to steady yourself. For a second, his eyes widened in shock as you clutched him tightly, your fingers digging into his forearms as he stared down at where you were touching him. After gripping him for a few seconds, you let go with a huff.


He paused for a few more moments before finally responding. "For my plan to work, I need to have a next in line—someone to take over my kingdom when I'm gone. Unfortunately, there isnt anyone clean enough to take over my work...yet."


"What do you mean by yet?"


"It's simple. You're a smart girl." The two of you stared in silence before he groaned, annoyed. "To put it shortly, I need someone exactly like myself to take over. The only way to get someone clean to rule is to start from scratch. For me to do that-"


"You need someone else by your side to...t-to..." Your voice was barely above a whisper as he smirked down at you. The back of his knuckles carefully glided over your cheek s you connected the dots, why he needed someone perfect, what he planned to do with you...


The room seemed to sway from underneath you as he carefully lifted your chin with a hum. There was something deeper inside his eyes, similar to what you saw before, but now you could tell what it was.


A dark and hidden, consuming desire, just waiting to be unleashed onto you.


"My child has to be the most perfect and pure being in the entire world. For that, I need an ideal wife, and I've chosen you to be her. If you are good and listen, you will be given more than any man has ever offered you. You will rule over this twisted world by my side, and I'll provide you with everything you could need. Before I can indulge myself with you, we'll have to purify you." His hand left your face as you moved away from him. He watched every step you took with an amused smirk, your feet tripping over themselves as you stared in terror at his twisted expression.


Reaching behind you, your hands braced against the sink counter as he casually walked towards the shower. Your eyes left his body and looked towards the now open door. But before you could move, the sink began to wrap around your wrists and hold you down. The cold marble bent to keep you from running as he turned the small knobs on the bath.


He tested the water calmly as you cried in pain. "I told you this would hurt if you listen to me. Using my quirk is tiring, I dont want to hurt you unless it's needed."


"P-Please let me....let me g-go." 


"Are you going to run?" Standing up, he strode over to the door and slowly closed it. The lock gave a low click as he turned back to you with a bored look. "I could tell that you were going to try and escape me. Running is useless and will only end with your legs broken, now, be a good girl and let me clean you. You're filthy."


Your eyes widened as he reached forward to grab your hips tightly, his fingers digging into the material of your clothes as he dipped his head lower. The warmth of his breath against your face made you flush, the sweet scent of mint filling your senses as he carefully dipped his fingers underneath your shirt.


Tilting your head back, you connected eyes with him. He paused to stare at you coldly, no emotion behind those amber eyes except a twinge of disgust and a lack of interest. When you shakily swallowed, his eyes moved down to your throat and he licked over his lips in silent thought, his fingers rubbing small circles on your hips as you leaned into the touch. "So...filthy..."


His words trailed off as he pressed his lips against yours softly. The grip of your hips tightened as he slammed your body against the counter, his hips pressing into yours as he devoured your lips like a starved beast. He had gone from soft to hungry in seconds, the overpowering feeling making your head fuzzy as he forced his tongue into your mouth and dug his nails into your soft flesh.


Soft whimpers left your lips only to be muffled by his intense kisses. Just as sudden as it started, his mouth was pulling back, and he was staring at you disgusted as you tried to catch your breath. Carefully he began to disrobe you as you stared down at him in confusion, his voice lowered as he carefully traced over where his nails had dug into your hips. "So, so, filthy."





Chapter Text


Tapping your pencil against the top of your desk, you gave Denki a small smile as he strode up with a cocky smirk. Leaning down, he carefully looked you up and down before smirking wider and licking his lips slowly. "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk past you again?"


"Pff good one, dork." You leaned forward to boop the tip of his nose as he chuckled softly. Reaching up, he grabbed your hand, his thumb rubbing over your wrist as you flushed slightly. "H-haha, what are you doing?'


"Have you been covered in bees recently? I just assumed because you look sweeter than honey."


"Um, thank you?"


"My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful person in the class. What should we do with their money?" Denki lifted your hand with a wink, his lips pressing against the back of your hand as you shyly looked around for an escape. Your eyes finally landed on Bakugou, and you sighed in relief as took in the sight of your uncomfortable position and Denki's oblivious smirk. 


Yanking your hand away, you gave a thankful smile towards him as Denki pouted at your lack of interest. "Hey, Bakugou! How are you doing?"


"Better then Dunce face here. Are you being a fucking creep around girls again?"


"What!? No!" Denki looked down at you and back at Bakugou as he swallowed nervously in fear. Rushing out his words, he began to flail his hands in desperation as you sunk further into your chair. "I was just trying out some of my newest pick-up lines, you know, getting a second opinion?"


Bakugou squinted his eyes in disbelief as you awkwardly shifted in your seat. A part of you just wanted to escape all this, and you couldn't help the small bit of relief that filled your chest when you saw Aizawa walk inside the room, but you didn't have time to get up and talk to him before Bakugou was grabbing your shoulder with a tsk.


"You're an idiot, girls dont fucking like that."


"How would you know?"


"Because I have a date with (Y/n) later after school." Your eyes widened as Bakugou smirked at Denki. The two of you stared at him in shock as he casually wrapped his arm around your shoulder, the tips of his fingers digging into your shoulder hard enough to make you yelp in slight pain. "So If you plan on bugging here any longer you have to go through me-"


"(Y/n) won't be doing any of that, since she will be spending after classes helping me grade homework. Class is starting, get to your seats." Aizawa's deep gravelly voice snapped all of your attention as he set down a stack of papers atop your desk. Shyly peeking up, you stared at Aizawa as the other two boys walked off grumbling, neither pleased that you would be choosing one of them.


A small smile covered your face as he sighed tiredly. "Thank you for that..."


"I wasnt lying when I said I expect you after classes for that grading, and if there is another issue with those two, you can tell me. Harassment is a serious issue."


"Oh, no! It's fine. They're just acting like boys, after all. Nothing extreme like harassment." You waved your hands with an awkward laugh as he cocked an eyebrow. Pausing to look over at the two boys, he leaned down to whisper in your ear, his breath fanning over your ear as he connected eyes with them.


The proximity made you shiver as he gently touched your arm and turned to face you, his lips almost grazing your ear as you flushed bright red. His voice lowered to a dark purr as you swallowed thickly. "Well, just know that's not how a  real  man would treat you. Boys dont know how to... please  like someone whos experienced." 


"A-And who w-w-would....would be experienced e-enough for me?" Your voice was barely able to squeak out as he moved his hand away from your arm, his eyes glimmering with amusement as you turned to look him in head-on. A short silence passed as you looked between his eyes and his lips before he finally smirked with a low tsk.


"Meet me after class (Y/n), and ill show you how a real man should treat a woman."










In your mind, you told yourself that you were only meeting up with Aizawa was because he was your teacher and said to, it had nothing to do what he mentioned about showing you how a real man should act.


Of course, that didn't stop you from stopping at your room and getting dressed in something more comfortable ((That albeit, was much cuter and suggestive then your boring school uniform)) before walking back to Aizawa's classroom.


To your knowledge, it wasnt often for teachers to spend there time after school inside the classroom. Most did there grading in the teacher lounge or at there apartment. While it could be argued that Aizawa chooses to stay in the school because you were coming to grade, it could also be argued that Aizawa could've had you to work inside the teacher's lounge. No, there was a reason he had you come here, and you weren't sure what it exactly implied.


Either way, it was too late to back down.


With your thoughts still in shambles, you carefully slid the door and popped your head inside, eyes moving around the empty classroom before landing on Aizawa. A shaky sigh left your lips as you inched inside, the door creaking quietly as Aizawa tipped his head back further.


He was casually leaning back in his swivel chair, head bent over the back of his chair and feet perched atop his desk as he peacefully laid there. From your spot in front of his table, you could see the scar running along his lower eye and the bags under his eyes that were hidden by a few locks of his hair. Without thinking, you reached forward and softly pushed a strand behind his ear, your fingers lingering on the scar before pulling away solemnly.


Aizawa's eyes fluttered open as you swallowed thickly. "You wanted to see me, Sensei?"


"Yes, you can sit in your seat and get started with the papers I set for you. There's a grading book next to the pile."


"Oh...ok." His eyes closed as you bit the inside of your cheek. Silently you turned and quickly walked over to your desk, a small stack of papers were resting near the edge with a book next to it. Placed atop it were two red pens and a pencil along with a small sheet of instructions.


You sat down and looked back up at Aizawa. He was still dozing off, his arm now resting over his eyes as he raked the other through his long hair. Following his hand, you gulped quietly and bit your lip as he began to tug the locks into a low ponytail. A few strands fell out as you zoned out, your mind so focused on his slender fingers you didn't notice him lift his head and looked over at you.


"See something you like?"


"I wouldn't be staring if I didn't." You slapped a hand over your mouth in shock as he raised an eyebrow. Did you just say that to your TEACHER?! "I am so sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud-"


You instantly went silent as he dropped his feet from the desk and stood up, his feet were swift but heavy as he connected eyes with you. In seconds he was in front of you, his palms moving to press against the surface of your desk as he leaned down face to face with you.


The entire area of your face was pale as he stared at you sternly. "You didn't mean to say it out loud, but that doesn't mean you weren't thinking it."


"I-It um...Just came...c-came out?"


"Is that so? Just an accident, huh?" He tapped a short beat with his fingers as you nodded silently. Every breath he took, you could feel against your face. At this point, you weren't even breathing. You were too nervous to try and act rationally with him this close. "Well, if its just accident, then I suppose I dont have to go forward with any reprimanding."




"Mmhm, we cant have a student acting up now, can we? But if it was only an accident I dont have to..." His voice lowered as he moved towards your neck, the warmth of his breath making you whimper as he pressed his lips against your shoulder. The softness of his lips barely brushed over the skin as he slowly traced his nose over your neck to the bottom of your jaw before finally finishing his sentence. " Punish you ."


All thoughts seemed to leave you as he pressed another open-mouthed kiss to your jaw. Everything seemed to be heightened, every brush of his skin against yours felt like fire licking at your skin and heat quickly bloomed inside your stomach. In your lap, you clutched the edges of your skirt tightly, your mouth dry as he pulled back to look over your face.


The look on his face shifted to worry when you said nothing in response. When he carefully touched your face, your thoughts finally caught up with you, and a dark blush covered your cheeks as you looked down with a small pout. Confused at your sulking, he cupped your chin and tilted your head up, your eyes connecting with his as he gave a small smile.


"What's with the pout, Kitten? Did you want me to punish you? If so, that's very, very naughty of you. Having relations with your teacher is against the rules, and we cant have a rule breaker. No, no, that won't due." The tips of his fingers glided over your cheek before dipping down to the buttons on your shirt, his digits methodically fiddling with the first one as you arched up into his hands. Pulling back, he chuckled at the annoyed whimper that left you. "You have to tell me what you want, Kitten."


"I...I want you, please, Sir. I need you so badly." You paused to lean forward and nuzzle against his neck, your cheeks brushing up against his stubble as he sighed softly. His hands reached forward to tug off the buttons of your shirt quickly, his fingers agile as you hummed happily.


Pulling back, you finished undoing the buttons and slipping the material from your shoulders. Aizawa groaned in annoyance at the sight of your tank top, but you only giggled and tugged it off before he could say anything about it. His eyes slowly moved over your skin as you leaned back with a shy smile. 


"See something you like?"


"Oh Kitten, you know, you really shouldn’t tease me. Of course, that doesn't mean I dont see a few things I do enjoy." His hands moved up to cup your breasts as you bit your lip at him. The rough calluses of his fingertips had you pushing up into his hands in seconds, your head lolling back against the chair as you groaned softly. He paused and stared at you silently as you looked at him, worried. "That's the first time I've heard you moan, and honestly, this is the quickest I've gotten hard in a long time."


You rolled your eyes and groaned as he smiled softly. "Are you serious right now?"


"I'm offended you would think I would lie."


"God, you're ruining the mood."


"Dont worry Kitten, ill have you melting beneath me before you can even get that cute ass of yours striped." His hands gave a rough squeeze before looping around to your back.


With agility that you knew most teen boys wouldn't possess, he perfectly unhooked your bra in one try and began to pull down the straps. Before he could move the cups away, you crossed both arms over your chest and looked up at him with a shy expression, your lip tugged between your teeth as he raised an eyebrow.


"Before we this and everything...I just want to know what it all means? Like, is this just some one time fling? I mean...I dont mind if that's what you want I just want to know now, it's my first time and-"


"(Y/n) Relax." His hands gently grabbed your forearms as you looked up at him, his eyes soft as you swallowed apprehensively. "I like you. I want you a lot, to be honest. Seeing those idiots flirt with you pissed me off, they won't treat like I could. Even outside of...bedroom activities."


"Not bedroom activities if we do it in a classroom."


"...You are missing my point." His hands left your arms to stroke your face affectionately and pull you closer. For a split second, it felt like there was nothing else in the world. All you could feel was Aizawa's shallow breath and the softness of his touch on your heated skin as he pressed his lips to the side of yours, almost kissing you on the lips but still teasing none the less. "I want you, and I dont want this to end after one time. A gentleman wouldn't do that."


Sighing, you leaned into the touch and purred softly. "And you would say you're a gentleman?"

"When I want to be. I can be much more than that, though, Kitten. Dont think that just because I consider myself polite doesn't mean I won't be rough with you. I'll tell you this now, but if you choose to go forward with me, I won't hold back. We can discuss safe words later, but I will treat you as a equal, and I will be hard with you. Of course, you'll enjoy my roughness. I assure you. All you have to say is yes."


Looking up, you stared him straight in the eyes as he drifted back to a straight standing position. Stepping away from the desk, you fiddled with the straps of your bra and bit your lip softly, your mind racing between your scattered thoughts. There was no doubt that you wanted this, but it still was so much to process. You were going to do this. After this, you were...going to be something with Aizawa, maybe not a girlfriend but not just a student. To think that this was how your day was going to end was almost humorous, all of these feelings because some dorky boys were trying to flirt with you.


After a few seconds of considering you stepped closer to him and looked up. "I want this, I...I want you."


"I'm glad. I dont think I would have been able to stop myself from taking you on my desk either way. Bend over." His hands came down to grip your hips as you shivered softly with a quick nod.


Turning around, you bent over the desk and gripped the edge before looking back at him, but his eyes weren't focused on your face. A bright smirk covered your face as he flipped up your skirt, your hips wiggling back against him as he tsked softly.


Firmly gripping your ass, he leaned closer to whisper in your ear. "Is that a thong? I'm starting to think you planned for this, but I guess I'm not surprised. I've seen those bedroom eyes you give me doing class, its so fucking distracting."


"I'm sorry, sir, I can't help it. I've just wanted you for so long. You have no idea-." His hand came down on the surface of your ass and interrupted your sentence by making you gasp—a small smile glossing over his features when you groaned out and moved your hips out further. The skin stung as he delivered another hard slap and gripped your underwear roughly.


Pulling the material, you whimpered out as he yanked it aside and crouched down onto his knees. You could feel the warmth of his breath as he pressed open-mouthed kisses along your thighs and your reddening behind, his mouth stopping just before your dripping entrance.


One of his hands went down to undo his pants while the other circled your dripping wet entrance. The slick covered his fingers as you shivered with a moan of his name, your fingers almost turning white from your grip onto the wooden desk as he chuckled darkly.


"You say you want me, but your body seems to like it when I tease you. " Pausing, Aizawa blew on your heated core and laughed when you shivered at the feeling, his fingers tapping against your hip in amusement. "You are being such a good girl so far, Kitten. Now stay still while I show you how a real man can treat you."


His tongue flickered out to press against your clit as if to accentuate his point further. Instantly you arched up and tensed as he flickered over your swollen bud, his mouth moving down to softly suck at your entrance as his fingers moved up and down your thighs teasingly. Your entire body felt like it was alit as he slowly thrust his tongue inside of you, everywhere he touched was heightened and burning hot and you couldn't even form a single cohesive thought as he began to move his tongue steadily.


Pulling back, he pressed another soft kiss to your thighs as his finger got to work stretching you open. Even though he was mild at first, he made at acting slow. Almost immediately, he slammed his fingers deep inside your pussy, the tips of his fingers brushing against your deepest spots as he nibbled and sucked at the skin of your thighs. You didn't doubt that he left marks, but you were far to gone to say anything about it now.


Before the knot could build up inside your stomach, Aizawa pulled away and stood up, his slacks lowered to his thighs as his cock pressed against you. Carefully he wrapped his arms around you and flipped you over so you faced him, your legs spread open, and hair fanned out over the desk as he gently stroked your waist.


Aizawa connected eyes with you as his hips slowly rutted against yours, his face barely hiding his lust as you reached up to grasp his arms lightly. "Fuck...Seeing you beneath me is so sinful, you look so pretty like this. All spread out for me, do you want me to fuck you? Make you mine and only mine?"


"P-Please Aizawa...I can't wait any longer." You rolled your hips with another desperate moan as he chuckled. Smoothly leaning down his lips pressed against yours, his tongue moving to flutter over your lips as he finally pushed his tip inside of you.


The entire world seemed to melt away as you clutched him to your chest. He paused from pushing in any further and let you bury your face into his neck, his hands softly caressing your hair as you fussed in pain. Even with his stretching, there was a dull sting that had your eyes watering, but beneath that, there was something else- a lingering pleasure that had you slowly arching up as he pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head.


When you had finally got your breath, you nodded your head and braced for the rest of his length. His lips pressed small kisses over your face as he pushed inside fully and groaned out with a shudder, your fingers moving over his chest as he leaned down to slam his lips against yours.


Another shudder ran through his body as you moved your lips against his delectably, your tongue moving out to meet his in a twisted dance of passion. The air around the two of you felt heated as he began to move his hips back slowly, the telltale sound of skin hitting skin enough to make you groan as he drove back against your body.


Soon enough, he started a slow but steady pace. Each thrust had you bouncing up, your bra barely holding your breasts as he moved down to bite and lick at your bare neck, leaving small hickeys and love bites that you would undoubtedly be unable to hide from the class. The idea of getting caught with marks on your neck only excited you more as you reached up to rake your fingers through his pulled-back hair.


Aizawa pulled back and let you tug away the hairband, his locks of hair falling to caress your face as he lifted your leg up and over his shoulder. The new position allowed him to hit deeper inside of you, his tip ramming against your sensitive core as cries fell from your lips, and your fingers gripped his hair tightly.


Another low groan left his lips as you yanked on the strands with a gasp. "So fucking tight, moan louder for me, Kitten. I want you to scream my name out. Tell the entire damn school who's fucking you so well, pounding that cute little pussy of yours amazingly...Shit, I'm close."


His voice broke off towards the end into another moan when you wrapped both legs around his waist and pulled him closer. The knot inside your stomach had already been so close to snapping from earlier, but now it felt like it was wrapping over itself. Your body was tense from trying to hold in your orgasm until he allowed you to as you sobbed out his name in pleasure and jerked your hips up against his harder.


The desperate look in your eyes and the moans were enough to make him pound harder, his fingers moving down to rub at your clit as you arched into him. With the increased speed, you couldn't hold it any longer, your mind spirling as you screamed out his name and tightened your legs around him.


For a few moments, everything stilled as euphoria washed over your body. There were no thoughts inside your mind, no feeling besides the steady pumps of Aizawa and his hands caressing your hands. All you could focus on was the pleasured expression on his face as he groaned out your name like a prayer.


Your thoughts came back when he finally orgasmed. Another moan escaped you as he pumped you with his cum, shivers raking through your body as he buried himself to the hilt and rested his forehead against your shoulder. Every move of his hips only filled you even more as you panted breathlessly.


A few moments passed in silence as you shut your eyes tiredly, his head resting on your chest as his hips slowed to a stop. Lifting his head, he stared at your peaceful expression and smiled before pressing a tender kiss to your cheek. "Let's clean you up, Kitten."


"Wait...I-I want to..." Your hands softly held onto the front of his shirt to stop him from moving away from you. He softened his gaze, gave a tired sigh, and wrapped his arms around your waist before lifting you, your hips still connected to him as you whimpered out. "A-Aizawa~."


"Sorry, just moving you over to my desk. Try to uh...relax." He pressed another kiss to your cheek as he carefully walked over to his desk, more whimpers leaving your lips when he moved too quickly and accidentally thrust up into you.


When you made it back to his desk, he pulled out the chair and slowly settled down on it with you still in his lap. His fingers slowly reached up to stroke your hair as you rested your head onto his chest, eyes fluttering closed as he hummed softly to a song you didn't know. The noise resonated throughout his chest as you yawned tiredly and snuggled closer to him.




"Yeah, Kitten? Need something?" A smile glossed over your face as he leaned down to kiss your head, his hand moving to push a strand of hair behind your ear as you looked up at him. Silently you kissed him on the lips, your body melting back against his as he shut his eyes and intertwined your hands with his.


Pulling away, you pressed your forehead to his and smiled. "I love you."


"I love you more, (Y/n)"







"Are those...hickeys?!" Denki yanked your collar to get a better look as Bakugou raised an eyebrow. A shocked yelp left you, and Bakugou leaned in closer as well, the two carefully examined the bite marks and hickeys that littered your skin from the day before.


"Since when did you get a fucking boyfriend?"


"U-Um well..." You shyly looked over at Aizawa and swallowed. He looked up and gave a stealthy wink as you fiddled with your skirt, your face flushing in embarrassment as you murmured your response. "A few days ago...Dont tell A-Anyone!"


Denki shook his head in disappointment as Bakugou gave a weary shrug. "This sucks dude! Now we won't know who gets more chicks..."


"What are you talking about?"


"We were arguing about who got more girls?? What do YOU mean?"


"...Dunce face I'm gay-"


"YOU'RE WHAT!" The two began to argue as you looked over at Aizawa with a small smile. His eyes moved over your body before he smirked back, a devious look in his eyes as you bit your lip teasingly.


Silently he mouthed over to you to meet him after class as you snickered. Quickly you nodded before turning to chat with some of your other friends, the smile staying on your face for the rest of the day as you thought of your new boyfriend, Shouta Aizawa.


Chapter Text

"Enji...I'm fine. I can keep working-"


"I won't have my employees working while sick. Now, lie back down before you hurt yourself." The palm of his hand pressed against your shoulder and pushed you backward. It wasnt rough enough to topple you usually, but with the added sickness, you instantly fell with a huff as he sat beside you. "If you try to get up to work again, you're fired."


You looked up at him and pouted before you began to cough in your closed fist. His gaze softened as you leaned over into the cough, eyes watering as he awkwardly patted your head.




"You can't even get through a sentence without coughing! For god's sake, woman, just lay down." The entirety of his hand was as big as your head as he patted you gently. When your coughing finally finished, you lied back down, eyes half-lidded as he carefully pressed his hand to your forehead. "You're burning up. You need more water."


"Well, if anyone knows about burning up-"


"Dont finish that."


You pouted as he rolled his eyes, annoyed. "How did you even find out where I live?"


"You're my secretary, why wouldn't I know where you live. I know where all my employees live." His hand lowered from your forehead so he could grab the small glass of water on your bedside. Lifting the glass to your lips, you let him tip it into your mouth, the water slowly gliding down your throat as you swallowed thickly.


Pulling back, you took a deep breath. With your nose stuffed beyond belief, you couldn't breathe very well without using your mouth, so drinking water was harder than usual, not to mention that you always had to blow your nose. All in all, being sick was turning out to be hell.


On the bright side, you did get to have more time with Enji. 


For the past three years, you had been Enji's personal secretary. It wasnt an easy job, and most days, you found yourself in dangerous situations, even with you being an ordinary civilian. There was always some villain involving you or trying to kidnap you, most times it just ended with Enji or some other pro hero coming by to pick you up. Enji used to scald you for this, but slowly, he was more lenient about these things. I mean, it wasnt your fault after all.


In all honesty, you were glad the two of you were growing closer. You were one of the only people who knew about his past and family life, it wasnt something he was proud of, but you had seen him for what he was. Behind the stern and rough exterior, he felt regret, and fear, and sadness. Sure, he had made mistakes, but he was trying to fix them, and you saw this every day you worked with him.

Over time, you fell in love with the man you knew was behind the mask—the gentle, kind soul trying to fix the mistakes of his past. The man who spent his days saving others and striving to be the best he could be. The only person to come by when you're sick with soup and force you to lie down, so you dont get even more ill.


You were thankful, of course, even if it meant you couldn't work until you got better. In the end, you would get better and go back with Enji, things would go to there routine, and you would be getting kidnapped in no time. It was almost comforting weirdly.


Your thoughts were cut off by Enji's phone ringing. He pulled out the phone and raised one finger for you to be silent, even though you hadn't been talking anyway and wouldn't dare to interrupt either way. For a few moments, he listened before sighing and speaking.


"No, I'm busy right now. I'll be in later. No, I won't tell you where I am. It doesn't matter. Yes...Yes...Right. Bye."  Setting down the phone, he ran a hand through his hair before hanging his head silently.


A few seconds passed quietly as you stared at him and fiddled with your hands. When you finally couldn't handle it anymore, you began to push off the blankets, his eyes moving over to you as you squirmed out of the heavy sheets and crawl towards him.


He leaned up off of his elbows to make room for you. With the added room, you eased yourself into his lap, your body curling up against his massive body as he watched you through half-lidded eyes. You looked up at him with a quiet sniffle as he wrapped his arms around your waist softly, and you wiped at your nose with the back of your sleeve.


"You should be lying down (Y/n)."


"I want cuddles...Just for a few minutes...Please?" Another sigh left him as you buried your face into his neck tiredly. The sickness was making you exhausted, and your head felt clouded—the fever taking over your mind as you pulled him closer by his neck.


Lifting your head, you connected eyes with him and sniffled again with a sad pout. It didn't seem to phase him as he stared back with an unamused glower. Shifting you away from his body, he leaned back before carefully standing up with you still against his body.


 Even though you were feeling too hot, you let him slowly shift you back into the blankets ((Much to your disappointment)) and tuck you back into the bed. When he tried to pull away, you grabbed his sleeve and tugged him back down with a saddened whimper as he huffed semi annoyed.


"(Y/n). You are sick. If I stay with you ill be at risk of getting it as well, I can't get sick-"


"It'll just be for a few minutes! Please? I promise ill work extra hard when I'm done being sick." As if on cue, you started to hack up another cough as he looked down at your hand, gripping him. Carefully he undid your hand but intertwined his with yours, your fingers small compared to his as he softly squeezed. When you finished your fit of coughs, you took a shaky inhale and gave him your best puppy dog eyes. "Please? For your favorite secretary and closest friend?"


"...We aren't friends." He mumbled as he crawled underneath the blankets next to you.


Smiling, you instantly latched onto him, your arms wrapping around his waist and your face burying into his built chest. You felt secure in his strong arms, snug like nothing could ever hurt you when he held you this close. If he thought the same, he said nothing about it, but he did slowly wind his arms around you, his chin resting atop your messy hair as you inhaled the strong cologne that lingered on his tee-shirt.


Quietly you murmured against his chest in your half sleepy state. "If we aren't friends...Then what are we?"


"Ask me when you wake up."


"But I want to know now!"


He paused to pull back and look at you, a mistake on his part. It felt like the breath was knocked out of his very lungs as you looked up sleepy, your eyes half-lidded, and lips slightly parted in a silent question as he took in your features. At that very moment, he seemed to notice everything, the small curve of your nose, the dip of your jaw, the way your eyes were shaped. All of the little things he could only notice in a moment like this, you under his arms pressed against his chest with those flushed cheeks of yours, looking even more perfect than the day he had met you. 


From the very beginning, he had noted your particular beauty, but right now, you looked more stunning than ever before. The words were forming inside his mind, but he still felt surprised when they left his lips anyway.


"More than friends, but I'm not...sure...What do you...want us to be?" The nervousness in his voice was different, but oddly, you found it adorable. For once, you saw the big, strong, powerful, Endeavor nervous. Shy even! If you weren't so delirious with sleepiness and fever, you probably would've pointed it out, which would lead to an argument, but instead, you gave a small smile and pressed a tender kiss to his jaw.


"I want to be more."


"Good. I want...that as well...For now, though, you need to sleep. I dont assume you know what you're saying right now, and you seem like you're going to pass out."  Lifting one hand, he pushed back a strand of your hair, his fingers lingering on your heated cheek before dipping down to your waist to hold you closer.


With a quick smile, you buried your face back into his chest with a satisfied exhale. Your vision began to fade as you shifted into asleep, his arms sturdy around you and his body warm enough to lull you into a deep slumber.


It was perfect.










"Shouto? What are you..." You paused to cough into your fist as he shifted from foot to foot. "What are you doing here?"


"Well, I noticed my old man hasn't messaged me in the last 24 hours, and there haven't been any reports of him on the news, so I...I figured you might know where he is? or if everything is ok?"


"Oh, right! Sorry about that, his phone died, and I didn't have a charger for that brand. He's fine-"


"(Y/n) the bath is ready- oh...Shouto." Enji paused from behind you as you blushed slightly, your hands gripping the door as the two stared at each other.


Shouto looked between you two skeptically as you awkwardly coughed. A heavy silence fell over the hallway, your eyes averted from either while Enji swallowed thickly and sighed wearily. Finally, Shouto broke the silence.


"You're...sleeping with my old man?"




"Shouto, that isnt what is going on here!!" Enji flushed as his flames began to form along his face, Shouto's eyebrows raised in doubt as you waved your hands in desperation. "I was only here to help (Y/n) get better from her illness-"


"It's not any of my business, I dont care."


"But that isnt what's going on-"


"I dont care...You deserve to be...Happy." You both froze in shock as Shouto sighed tiredly. From what you knew, Shouto didn't like his father in the least, but then again, things had changed in the past few months. Of course, it could also help that you were close with the boy since most of your work involved aiding by his side when he chooses to fight along with his father. "I just came to make sure you were alive, ill leave now...have a nice...bath."


Awakadly you nodded as he turned and strode off, his head ducked down to look at his phone inside his hand as you quickly shut the door. You let go of your breath as Enji looked down at you with raised eyebrows.


Looking up, you huffed at his expression with crossed arms. "What's with that look?"


"You didn't deny that we're sleeping together, that's all."




"Quiet down. You'll hurt your throat even more."


"Dont tell me to quiet down!" You pouted even harder as he gave you a small smile. If you weren't so busy being bratty, you probably would've melted at the sight of him actually showing an emotion besides anger.


Reaching down, he grabbed you by your hips and hefted you over his shoulder, an amused chuckle leaving his lips when you gasped out and clutched at his back for support. "Come on now, bath time." 


Punching at his back weakly, you pretended to fight back, even with a massive smile on your face as he trotted off to your bathroom with a smirk of his own. You couldn't help but feel the butterflies in your stomach, maybe it was the close contact, or it could be the promise of a warm bath with your new partner that also happened to be your boss.



Either way, you were glad you had gotten so sick.




Chapter Text

Tamaki was starting to notice a bit of a pattern.


You asked him to go somewhere, he had a panic attack and questioned all his decisions, you both meet up, and then the night ended with him running off in a disheveled manner.


It was the day after you invited him over to your house. The lingering feeling of your lips made him distracted and flustered for most of the night. It didn't help that Mirio insisted on coming over to talk about what happened. They had sat and talked the entire night, Mirio giving him tips on what to do for the next date while Tamaki sat on the bed with his face buried in his pillows. 


Thinking back, he wished he stayed the night. There was the lingering thought that if you stayed something more would've happened, and considering he had already lost his first kiss, he didn't doubt you would take more than just that. Saying I love you and having his first kiss was so overwhelming that losing his virginity on the same night was too much.


But then again, maybe he was just over-reacting. It could be that you simply wanted him to stay over to hang out more, and nothing would've happened. Either way, it was the next day, and he couldn't change his decision. If anything, what mattered now was what he did on your date with him.


Unlike before, this was a 'real' date. You were going out to the movies with Tamaki, the date would be in public, and this would make things even more official. As scary as being in public was, he did like the idea of spending more time with you, and the excited sound of your voice when he called to confirm only rooted his desire to be with you even more.


It was around 2 in the afternoon when you both meet up at the movies. Tamaki was sitting on one of the benches, his hands fiddling in his lap as he nervously looked around for you. When his eyes connected with yours, his shoulders instantly relaxed, and he gave a shaky smile as you skipped up to him.


Standing up, he nervously accepted your offer for a hug. You leaned up and pecked his lips with a bright smile. "Hey, Tamaki! I'm glad you came. I missed you."


"W-We hung out last...last night?" A small blush had started to cover his cheeks as you nuzzled his neck affectionately. Reaching down, he intertwined his fingers with you while you kissed along his neck. "Um...We should h-head inside. We wouldn't...Wouldnt want to miss t-the movie."


"Mm, sure babe." The nickname only made him flush harder as you started to tug him over to the ticket stands. If there was one of the thing he was thankful for, it was that his soulmate happened to be a lot more confident than him. While he was awkwardly standing, you bought the tickets without a second thought, a small content smile on your face as you gently squeezed his hand.


Once inside, you checked your watch before looking up at him with a smile. "We have a few minutes before the movie starts, do you want to get some snacks or hit the arcade first?"


"What ever you want to do, Bunny."


"Arcade, it is!" Your hand gripped his as you quickly rushed over to the small gaming center a little ways off from the main hall. 


The entire room was decorated with bright neon signs and flashing colors from the games. There was a row of cars and motorcycles for racing games; in another, there was a line of claw games, shooters, and a large coin pusher. In the middle, there was a huge pool table and a few machines opposite the pool table to turn dollars into quarters.


Your hand left his so you could go over to the machines and exchange a few dollars while he walked around the room. His eyes slowly moved over each device before he paused in front of the claw machine, his attention drawn to a small butterfly plush resting on the top. Glancing up, he connected eyes with you and gave a shy smile.


Your hand returned to his as you leaned your head against his shoulder. "Which toy do you want? I'm the master of these things, guaranteed toy every time."


"I thought these were supposed to be rigged?"


"Well, your soulmate happens to be the best claw machine master of them all." Your shoulder bumped against his as you gave a short chuckle. A small flush covered his cheeks at the mention of being your soulmate. It was still such a shock to think that you were his soulmate.


Watching as you slid the coins in, he went over how much has changed during the time you two met. In only a few months, he was so much more confident, and you brought such happiness to his life. Not only that, but he was so in love that he honesty could imagine spending his entire life with you.


When his thoughts snapped back to reality, you were jumping up and down excited as the claw slowly brought back the butterfly plush. Once it dropped, you reached in and grabbed the toy to hand over to Tamaki.


"What did I tell you! Guaranteed win!" He gave another small smile as he lifted the toy to his chest. Leaning down, he pressed a short kiss to your lips. "Aw, thank you, babe. Do you want to do some racing or a round of pool? I'm down for some more claw machine if you want, I think I see an adorable octopus that I want to get-"


"(Y/n)? Is that you?" Your head turned, and a shocked look replaced your smile. Turning, Tamaki raised a slight eyebrow as a tall red-headed boy jogged over.


Pulling away, you walked up the man and gave him a quick hug as he smiled brightly. The piercings in his nose sparkled in the dim light as he pulled you away by your shoulders, his eyes moving across your face as he smirked. "I haven't seen you in ages! How have you been? Its been what, three years now?"


"Oh my god, has it?! Its been way too long, Dylan. How have you been?"


"Good! Just been working hard, just got out of school and into a real agency!" His eyes moved away from your face to Tamaki. The two stared at each other for a few seconds before Dylan gave a strained smile. "Oh um...Hi. I'm Dylan."


"H-Hi, I'm Tamaki. (Y/n)'s....Boyfriend." The look on Dylans face instantly shifted as he released your shoulders. Your arms wrapped around Tamaki's arm as you gave Dylan a shy smile. 


"Turns out, my soulmate was waiting for me at UA. Tamaki and I have been dating for a few days now. We're actually on a date." Looking down, you clicked on your phone and gave a huff of annoyance when you saw the time. Pocketing it, you glanced up at Tamaki. "Oh shoot, we should probably head over and get some snacks before we head over to the movie. It was great to see you, Dylan. We should hang out sometime! Maybe we could all get together, I've meant to show Tamaki some of our old friends. It would be fun."

"Yeah, uh, that would be fun. I'll message you...dude." With an awkward wave, the guy turned and rushed off before you could say goodbye. Tamaki looked down at you as you gave a small sigh.


"He ran off...pretty quick."


"I-I'm sorry, bunny...Did I um...Do Something?" Looking up, you raised an eyebrow and smiled softly. Your fingers gently cupped his cheeks as you leaned up and pecked his lips until he leaned in and gently wrapped his arms around you. The kiss was short but enough to confirm that you didn't blame him.


Pulling away, you flashed him another smile. "Its ok babe, dont worry about it. He's just a little weird about soulmates, but we should focus on our date. Let's go get some popcorn!"


Nodding, he kissed your cheek before carefully grabbing your hand and letting you lead him out of the arcade, butterfly under his arm, and a bright smile on his face. After getting candy, popcorn, and drinks, the two of you headed over to through the hallway until you came up to the door of the movie.


Once inside, the two of you began to look for seats. Tamaki noted early on that there weren't many people around and that you picked seats in the far back row, about four rows between you and the next person. As he sat down, he glanced over and noticed the large smirk on your face as you carefully set aside the popcorn and your Slurpee. When you connected gazes, there was something off about the look, a little too happy and a bit more naughty then he wanted to admit. It was a lot like the look you gave him the night before.


Reaching across, you grabbed his hand and moved it to your lap while resting your head on his shoulder. Your fingers rubbed over his soft palm as you leaned up to kiss his cheek and whisper into his ear. "You know, Tamaki, I really wanted you to stay last night. It wasnt any fun all by myself~."


He swallowed nervously as your hand reached over into his lap, your fingers tracing along his thigh as you sighed softly. Pausing to look up at him, he gave a shaky exhale as your fingers stopped just below his bulge, only the tip of your digits lingering there as he watched with a trembling stare. The theater was empty enough that they wouldn't hear or see you touching him, but the thought of you doing something so...sinful was making him all types of flustered.


Either way, he couldn't just sit there and not say anything. You wanted to take things further, something he was happy to comply with, but why did you have to pick here?!


"I-I'm sorry...Bunny, but I think that maybe we should um....S-Should focus on the movie-" He let out a small gasp when your fingers brushed over his stiffening bulge, his hands instantly flying to grip the armrests as you slowly tugged down the zipper.


It gave a low zipping noise as you shifted in your seat to reach over better. Tamaki's eyes were frozen on where your hand was, the dimming lights not helping, but he could tell exactly what you were doing. As innocent as he may be, it was obvious what you wanted to do. Last night he had seen that in your eyes but chose to ignore it. But now, he couldn't escape your wandering hands or the lust-filled stare you were giving him.


While the screen started up the commercials, you pushed down his jeans and slipped your hand inside. His body tensed as you rubbed the palm of your hand over his bulge teasingly, your fingers lightly tracing over his length as you rested your head onto his shoulder.


Every stroke of your hand made his cock harden and press against the boxers further. If you kept this up, he would be completely hard in no time. In a way, it was humiliating to think you could get him this flustered so quickly, but his thoughts were to knotted up to try and focus on the humiliation. All he could think about was how your hand stroked his hardening length, the warmth of your breath as it fanned over his collar and neck, and the brimming lust that was slowly weaving its self into his mind.


"B-Bunny please I-I can't...I cant, MM-!" He gave a loud gasp when you pulled the boxers down to his thigh. Reaching down, he gripped your arm desperately, his eyes instantly shotting down to stare at your face, but you were staring....somewhere else. The entire room felt way too hot, and the newly added draft to his body only made him sweat nervously as he tried to pull his pants up. "P-Please, someone will s-s-see."


"Tamaki this isnt my first rodeo, I assure you no one will see. There are like three people inside this theatre. Besides, I dont have a problem giving a few people a show." Your hand carefully wrapped around his base as he whimpered out louder.


Tamaki may be innocent, but he wasnt so naive that he hadn't ever jerked off before. He was a guy, and he experimented, but this wasnt anything like when he got off himself. There was a certain softness to your hand that countered his, your wrist-twisting with each pump upward and your thumb brushing up and over his tip with every pass. Even if you hadn't met your soulmate till high school, you had experience pleasuring a guy, that much he knew.


Bucking up into your hand, he gripped your arm tighter and looked down at you with a begging expression. A part of him wasnt sure if the look was a beg for more or a beg to stop, his mind was so clouded over with the new feeling of someone touching him that he honestly couldn't think about the anxiety of getting caught.


You paused your pumping to reach up and cup his chin with your other hand as he swallowed nervously. Leaning up, you pressed a lust-filled kiss to his lips, his moans muffled as you slowly ran a hand down his chest. Everywhere you touched was alit with a simmering desire that had him thrusting up needily, lips devouring yours in hopes for something more. What was happening to him? His thoughts were so twisted that he couldn't think, all he could do was move into your grip and kiss you with the expectation you would sense what he wanted.


You pulled away from the kiss and slid down onto the floor. Tamaki yelped when you pushed apart his thighs and settled yourself between them, fingers running over his milky pale legs as you nuzzled your face against his cock. The sight was enough to make him shake and have his knees buckling.


"B-Bunny...You dont have to...have to do that-"


"Do you want me to suck your dick or no?" Your blunt words made him flush in embarrassment as you pulled away. "Because I want to, I want nothing more than for you to fuck out my mouth in this theatre. If I'm honest, I wouldn't mind if you fucked me right here with everyone watching, but I dont think you would want to share that. Do you want me to blow you or just go back to the movie and ignore the obvious erection inside your pants?"






"I...I guess...You can keep g-going." Smirking, you leaned up to softly kiss his stomach, so you didn't have to get up from your knees before settling back down onto the theater floor.


His hands clutched the seat rests as you slowly wrapped your hands back around his thick cock and began to pump upwards slowly. Silently you leaned down and took his spongy tip between your lips, your tongue flickering out to lick along his dripping slit as he groaned out underneath his breath and shivered at the feeling.


Your first thought was how fucking  fantastic  he tasted. It wasnt like this was your first blow job, but this already by far your favorite one just from the taste alone. Maybe it had to do with what he ate, or it could just be him, but his precum tasted sweet, similar to a fresh orange, which you honestly hadn't come across before. As odd as it was, you couldn't help but lapping at his tip and sucking him harder for the sweet taste.


Pushing down your head, you took down another few inches of his cock with a satisfied hum as he groaned out, his hand reaching down to grip your hair lightly while the other slapped across his mouth to stop any more moans from escaping him. You knew it was no use, no matter how hard he tried to stifle himself groans and whimpers fell from his mouth as you began to bob your head along his length and rub over his thighs teasingly.


His eyes went wide as he clutched your hair tighter and bucked up into your throat. Somehow you didn't choke and instead let him take the lead, his fingers digging into your scalp as he started to work your mouth over his member. The tip of his cock hit against your throat as you ran your tongue along his underside before wrapping around him when he moved back into the hilt. Your nose buried against his hips as he held you there, your throat flexing around him as he threw his head back in pleasure.


"B-Bunny, I'm close...Oh god, oh god, you feel g-good...(Y/N)!" He yelped out as you pulled back to suck at his tip harshly, the sensitivity finally getting to him as he clutched your hair with both hands and moaned out.


Slamming your head back down, he started to cum down your throat, his grip deathly tight as you swallowed down each rope of his hot seed with a dark flush on your cheeks. His mind fogged over as you kept sucking him, your tongue making sure to lap at every drip of cum from his slit before you finally popped off to pant out and look up at him.


The back of his head as thrown against the wall, and his chest heaved as you smirked evilly. Quickly you started to tuck him back into his jeans before crawling back into your seat, your fingers reaching out to carefully smooth over his now wet hair and push the strands away from his flushed face. When he looked over, his eyes were half-lidded, pupils blow out as he silently sighed and leaned forward to kiss you on the lips.


He looked utterly wrecked.


You pulled back from the kiss to look back at the screen innocently. "It's starting!"


Tiredly he rested his head against your shoulder and looked over at the large screen as the opening scene began to play, and music started to play over-head. Your hand moved down to carefully intertwine with his, a smile on your face as he shyly nuzzled against your neck and pressed a small kiss below your jaw in a quiet way of saying thank you.


The day was already turning into a perfect date.












"Tamaki? Um...Not to make you feel awkward or anything, but uh..." Shyly you pointed down the rows to Dylan. His head was turned towards you two with a glare as the credits started to roll over the screen. "How long do you think he was here? You dont think he...heard did you-"




"...Well it was before the movie so like-"


"SHUT UP!" He threw his empty popcorn bowl at you as Tamaki yelped and ducked down. The container hit the wall behind you as Dylan stood up with an angry huff. "Fucking nasty..."


The two of you watched as he stormed out with a bright blush, his cheek puffed out and fists clenched like a child. When he finally slammed the door behind him, you let out a small giggle and turned to smirk at Tamaki. "Guess you gotta hold in those moans a bit more next time...or we could just go to a theater with fewer people..."


"N-Next time?"


"Hell yeah, next time! Hunny, this is me we're talking about, your dick is wayyyyyyy to good tasting not to suck."


"D-Dont...Dont say that out loud!"


"Tamakiiiiiii youre dick tastes gooooooooood.~"





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Chapter Text

The sweet scent of lemon shortcake filled the air as Enji leaned against the porcelain bathtub, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows as he ran one hand through the water while you tugged off your shirt behind him.


You paused to stare down at him as he looked through your collection of bath salts and soaps. It was odd to see him here, even with your new relationship starting to bloom. Maybe it was particularly seeing him on his knees, sleeves rolled up to show that bit of forearm and his gaze scanning over your things casually. There was a certain air to him that gave off a feeling of fitting in. He acted as if he was meant to be there, not that you would argue that he didn't belong there.


Snapping out of your thoughts, you connected eyes with him and gave a small smile as he leaned back onto his calves. His eyes flickered over your bare chest before quickly averting away with an awkward cough. "Are you...feeling any better?"


"The medicine from earlier is really helping, I'm still feeling a bit warm, but the cough has gone down. My nose is cleared, as well!" He nodded and looked back down as the water you turned to start unbuttoning your jeans. The room was beginning to fill up with steam from the water as you peek over at the mirror, a small smirk covering your when you caught Enji staring at you from behind. Silently you continued to strip, your hips wiggling as he bit his bottom lip in thought. "Of course, I dont mind getting a little...more heated.~"


Turning, you looked down at him with a cocked up eyebrow as he tsked at your small pun and shook his head. As...horrible as your puns were, he couldn't help but blush ever so slightly at the suggestive undertone in your joking manner. Of course, he dismissed it, his gaze settling back on the facet as he slowly twisted the dials off before standing back up.


"The bath is ready. I imagine you can bathe by yourself." He went to move past you, his arm brushing against yours as he stared straight ahead. Before he could make it to the door, you grabbed his wrist, his eyes moving over to stare at you as you frowned softly.


"You're not going to join me?" 


"...Why would I join you?"


"Because...I might...hurt myself? On accident? I'm veryyyyy sick, you know, I could...Faint." The look on his face shifted to a deadpan as you pouted sadly. "Please?"


A short silence passed as he considered whether he wanted to give in to your pitiful stare and stay or go out and just wait for you to finish. On the one hand, he really did want to stay with you, but he also knew that you were still sick, and things were only just now starting between you two. He didn't want to think he was simply in this for sex, even though you had asked HIM to join instead of the other way around.


Finally, he sighed and let go of the door handle to start unbuttoning his shirt as you smirked triumphally. The buttons slowly gave way under his fingers as you leaned in closer, your breath fanning across his chest as he paused to stare at you, confused.


"What are you doing?"


"You are super hot, did you know that?" Your lips quirked up into another smirk as you brushed your fingers along the small opening in his shirt. The low flush on his cheeks only increased as you traced along the curve of his pecs, your hands moving down to take over undoing his button-up as he lowered his hands to the side. "I dont think I've seen you without your shirt on before. If I had seen you naked sooner, I would've asked you out   way   sooner."


You snicked when he rolled his eyes with a scoff of irritant. "Would you stop with the damn-"


"No need to get so  hot-headed  over it, Darling."


"I swear to god-"


"Can I take your pants off?" You interrupted and grabbed the leather belt wrapped around his waist, your eyes directed downwards as he fell silent. A small wave on uncertainty washed over him, but he pushed it aside and gave you a nod of confirmation, his fingers twitching by his side as you began to undo the front loop.


This...wasnt how he planned the rest of his day to go. Maybe it was the memory of his last failed relationship or because you were so different. Still, he couldn't help being nervous as you finished undoing the front and leaving it open, your hands moving up to slip his shirt off before stepping closer entirely. Your body molded against his as you dragged your fingers up to his neck to twirl a strand of his red hair around your finger, a teasing smile taking over your features as he braced himself by grabbing your waist.


Your skin felt soft against his warm hands as you tugged him back towards the bathtub. The two of you stumbled as he moved his hands up to your chest, his palms big enough to cup your breasts completely as you yanked out the belt and tossed it aside. As soon as the belt was gone and the first button, his pants fell, and you gave a short chuckle as he flushed in slight exasperation.


"Is that your quirk working up, or are you happy to see me?"


"That...that isnt how my quirk works."


You rolled your eyes and reached back to unhook your bra as he stroked your hip gently. "You know what I mean, Enji. Now, are you going to take these off of me, or do I have to do everything myself?"


Waving at your lower half, he sighed and leaned forward to kiss your forehead before making his way down your neck, his fingers tracing along the line of your panties before underneath.


The tips of his fingers moved below your hemline as you dropped your bra aside and wrapped your arms back around his neck before looking down at where he was touching. His eyes flickered down as the material finally fell to your ankles before you kicked it aside, the small smile on your face expanding when he swallowed thickly.


"You know, it's rude to stare."


"Should've thought about that before you invited me to bathe with you, (Y/n). Besides, I doubt you dislike attention." A low huff left his hips as you shrugged casually. "Get in the bath while I finish."


You nodded obediently and slipped away from his hands. Humming along to a tune inside your head, you carefully stepped a foot into the bath, a shiver running through your body as you slid your body down underneath the bubbles with a loud sigh as Enji raised an eyebrow. 


Turning your head, you raised an eyebrow back at him as he stepped out of his pants. "What's with the look?"


"You were moaning, and expect me not to stare at you?" A short chuckle escaped you as he slowly set himself inside of the water. Instantly it expanded and almost overfilled the bath but stopped just before the brim as he tensed slightly.


Your head dipped back over the edge as you slid down and rested your feet in his lap. Why you had a bath big enough to fit a 6'4 man and yourself was beyond him, but he wasnt going to question since he was semi thankful you had chosen such an ample accommodation. It had been years since he last took a relaxing bath, let alone with someone else. It was...pleasant.


His thoughts were disrupted by your foot pressing up against his lap, your heel slowly rubbing against his cock as you slid down further with a hum. Even though your eyes were closed, you could practically see the small flush on his cheeks as he choked on his spit, his hands moving down to grab your heel before you could keep grinding against him. 


Opening your eyes, you sighed gently. "You look so tense, Enji. Relax a little."


"How do you expect me to relax when you keep rubbing your foot against my crotch?”


"There are several ways to relax, my dear Enji.  At the moment, I suggest you unwind by letting me suck your cock." Your bluntness has him choking in chock again as you laughed loudly. The look of annoyance only increased on his face as you set up, the bubbles barely covering your immodest body as you started to move over to him. "You are way to easy to fluster. It's cute."


He went to argue, but you silenced him with a soft kiss and a gentle touch to his chest. For a few moments, he was frozen in surprise, eyes widening as you leaned in closer to press your bare body against his and slowly run your palms down his chest to his fit abs. When he finally realized what was happening, he leaned forward and began to move his lips against yours, his tongue moving out to press against your lips before slithering past them.


A low groan rumbled through your chest as he reached down to grip your hips and pull you onto his lap. The water made his cock slick against your lower half as he moved one palm to cup your breast, his thumb brushing over your nipple as you raked your fingers through his slicked up hair.


The locks of hair were soft between your fingers as moans fell from your lips into his. With the added heat of the bath and his body, you felt hot all over, your heart pounding as he pulled back to stare into your eyes with burning lust. His mouth twisted up into a smirk that had your knees buckling and your entrance drenched, but of course, that could just be the water...



Who were you kidding, he was sexy as hell.



"You know, I might have seen this very moment in a wet dream once. Like, I'm a hundred percent sure I had a dream where we were doing this.” You mumbled as he leaned down to kiss along your jaw and neck.


"I can’t help myself when you look like this, baby girl."


"...You’re making it really hard for me not to fuck you right now, and I don’t appreciate it." 

His head lifted from your shoulder to stare at you questionably as you pulled back to look at him. The water from your hands made his hair damp, a few of the strands falling into his face as the droplets trickled down his temple to his jaw and down his thick neck. You followed along one of the drops as it went over his pecs and down to the water where the bubble hid his lap from you, but you didn't need to see what was down there since you could feel it quite well.


"What's stopping you? This cock isn’t going to suck itself. Unless you weren't serious before, that is." Shrugging his shoulders, he moved back from your body and rested his arms behind his head as you squinted your eyes at the challenge. He wanted to play like that, eh? Well, you could play like that, you would gladly play like that!


Scooting off his lap, you looked up at him through slanted eyes, your hands bracing against his thighs as he opened one eye to stare down at you. He leaned up to watch as you reached under the bubble to wrap around his hardening member, his eyes widening in slight shock as you began to pump your fingers around him with a shit-eating grin.


A groan fell from his lips as you leaned forward to rest against his chest, your chin placed on top of his pecs as he threw his head back and bucked up into your soft hand. "Not so big and mighty now, are you?"


"Remember your...Fuck, remember your place, little one."


"Mm, right, of course. Because you clearly are in any place to be ordering me around right now." You teased him with a firm squeeze, his hip moving up harder as you hurried to kiss his cheek with a chuckle.


That seemed to be the final straw as he pushed away your hand and slammed you backward, the breath knocked from your lungs as he gripped your hips roughly. His eyes shined with a fiery passion as he growled lowly, his mouth crashing against yours as he lifted your hips, his fingers moving to dip into your heated core.


"I'm going to fucking ruin you, I’ve had it with your attitude. If you act like a brat, I'll put you back into your place, understand?" The palm of his hand rubbed up against your clit as his forefinger slipped inside of you. His fingers were much thicker than yours and instantly had you shivering and clutching him in submission, small whimpers filling the room as he pushed harder against your clit with a growl. "Understood?!"

"Y-Yes, daddy!"

"Good girl, when daddy asks you a question, you answer him. You won’t be able to walk after I’m done with you." His other finger slipped inside with little to no resistance. One of his eyebrows quirked up in slight confusion as you shamefully blushed and grabbed his wrist with another whimper.


"I-I um...I..."


"Did you...Did you stretch already?" He pulled his fingers out and subtly frowned as you tried to move his hand back to your core. Pathetic cries left your parted lips as he yanked away from you, only allowing you to move your hips against his bare thigh for relief. "What did I say about answering me, baby girl? If you dont fucking respond, the only way you’re getting off is on my thigh."


To further his point, he pressed his thigh up against your core, a pleased yelp followed by a low grunt of his name leaving you. After a few seconds, you finally managed to process enough to sputter out a coherent sentence. "I did...I'm sorry daddy-"




"...Last night...after you feel asleep." The look in his eyes flickered from anger to lust as he tapped his fingers against your thighs in thought.


"I slept with you last night."


"I'm aware."


"You got off while I was sleeping next to you."


Ashamed, you looked down and nodded as he leaned closer. His breath fanned over your face as his hand moved up to wrap around your throat carefully, his fingers squeezing down on the sides light enough to add stimulation but not cut off your airways.


Your eyes widened as you let out a broken moan, his fingers lightly digging into your neck as he sighed in disappointment. Pulling his hips back, his tip bumped up against your entrance as he used his other hand to grab your ass, his fingers clutching the soft flesh as he forced you open for him.


Pushing the tip in only a few centimeters, he leaned down to whisper in your ear. "Since you seem so eager to act filthy, you won't mind me going in without stretching you any further, now would you? If you can fuck yourself with your fingers while I'm sleeping, you can take my cock."


The first thing you felt was a  throbbing  pain rip through your lower half. While you had stretched out before, that was last night, and Enji was much bigger than any other cock you had. It felt like your entire lower half was being torn as he slowly rocked his hips forward, his body moving slow enough for you to adjust gradually, but so he was still moving forward.


When he finally was to the hilt, tears were streaming down your face as you held him tightly. In your mind, you knew that even if he had taken his time to stretch you, it still would've hurt and that he would stop if it became too much. It was comforting, but you couldn't focus on that.


His hand left your neck to tenderly wipe away your tears and push your hair back from your face as you shakily cried out. After a few moments of slipping tears down your cheeks while he kissed them away, you finally stopped crying, your chest still slightly shaking, but the pain steadily starting to simmer down to a dull sting.


Moving his head up, he pressed a kiss below your eye as his hips pulled back gently, his hands rubbing soothing circles on your waist as you reached up to stroke his hair softly. "You're doing so good. I knew you could take me, such a good girl for me. I'm going to move back in, alright? If it hurts, say red and ill stop, got it?"


"O-Ok, daddy."


"Good girl, such a good girl." His hips snapped forward, and you whimpered out lowly, fingers digging into his scalp as he bit his lower lip to keep a groan from coming out.


He knew that starting things should be slow, and he knew that it was going to hurt at first, but he couldn't help himself from beginning to steadily move his hips, your skin slapping against his quietly as he kissed along your neck and shoulder. Everywhere his lips touched tingled with a feeling you couldn't identify, but your thoughts were already to frizzled out to try and think of much of anything.


The water splashed around you two as he gripped you between his hands tighter. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was aware of the mess he was making. There was bound to be water everywhere after this, and you would be much too tired to clean, but it was far in behind in his mind. 


All he could think about was how your eyes rolled back in pleasure as you groaned out his name, the way your cheeks flushed that beautiful shade of pink that reminded him of a peach, the tightened grip of your fingers on his hair, how your legs tightened around his hips and drew him further into your hot core. There were too many things to focus his mind on, too many places to touch, too many places to kiss.


Your hips tilted up as he reached up to grab your breast and give a firm squeeze, his cock pistoning faster as you dug your heels against the small of his back to make him thrust deeper. Every thrust drove him even further into your heat, and soon enough, he was pushing up against your G spot, and stars were filling your vision as he groaned out at the tightness of your clenching pussy.


Wrapping his hand around your leg, he threw it up and over his shoulder as he leaned down, his breath passing over your face as he shivered in pleasure. "Shit, I'm getting...I'm getting there, Baby girl. Do you want I-It in? Want me to fill you up with my seed?"


"E-E-Enji! Yes...Fuck, dear god, yes! A-aH!~" Your body arched up, and a scream left your lips as he slammed himself in, his orgasm washing over him as you started to cum as well.


For a few moments, the two of you were completely silent as you shook in his arms and gripped his forearms tightly, your legs tightened to pull him in closer as he filled you to the brim. A few drops of his cum slipped out of your abused hole as he steadily moved his hips, the last few waves of euphoria moving over you before the over-stimulation began to settle in. 


Finally, he stopped moving and moved back to stare at your panting body.


Your chest was heaving as you moved your arms around the edge of the bathtub, your head tilted back off of the tub as you shut your eyes tiredly. The bubbled were gone entirely, and he could see your body entirely now, your breasts just above the water, legs loosely wrapped around his lower half, and your hips bruised from where his hands had been. Pride swelled inside his chest as you lifted your head to look up at him, your hands reaching out to make grabby hands in a silent request to be held.


Chuckling, he moved back so he was laying down and you were atop his chest, your hair sticking to your face as he carefully dipped down into the cooling water. His hand reached to push back your wet hair as you looked up at him with a smile. "You know, I love it when you talk dirty to me..."


"Consider it a reward for being so good, Baby girl."


"You know, I wouldn't expect you to have a daddy kink...Surprising in all honesty."


His eyes slid closed as you rested your chin atop his chest, your mouth moving into a smile as he sighed softly. "Yes, well, you aren't to tell anyone about it."


"Of course, boss." You giggled before leaning up to kiss the edge of his lips. When you tried to pull back, he moved forward and pressed his mouth to yours, his lips moving slowly as you melted against his chest at the tender touch. 


After a few seconds of kissing, he pulled back to stare you in the eyes seriously. At first, you expected him to say something about how you shouldn't do this, how he was, in fact, your boss and this was very much so a bad idea. You expected him to push you off and tell you this was a mistake.


Instead of that, he leaned in again, forehead pressing against yours as he kissed you one more time before muttering softly, his voice so small that you could barely hear it over the pounding of your heart.


"I love you (Y/N)...I've never...I've never felt like this before, this isnt like my...last relationship. I've changed since then, and I...I love you." The rare sight of Enji so sensitive had your heart swelling as he shut his eyes and inhaled sharply. "I understand if you dont want this, but I...I have to tell you now, and I can't pretend that this didn't happen-"


"I love you too, Enji."


"...You do?"


"That is what I said." 


"Just making sure you didn't...Ehem, just making sure you didn't misspeak or anything." He cleared his throat with an awkward blush as you laughed lightly. A small smile crossed over his face as you rested your head against his chest, your eyes fluttering closed as he wrapped both of his arms around your waist and held you closer.


The only thing you could hear was the steady breaths of Enji, the gentle thumping of his heart, and the almost silent sounds of water dripping from the edge of the bath onto the tiled floor. A feeling of peacefulness filled your body as you slowly drifted off into a deep sleep, the smile staying on your features as you began to snore lightly.











Silently you typed on your phone as Toshi squinted his eyes at you, concern lacing his features when you finally looked up with a raised eyebrow.




"I'm still...trying to understand what to do with the information you just gave me."


"You can't tell anyone, Toshi. if anyone finds out I slept with Enji I'm good as dead-"


"Did you at least use protection?" The quizzical look on his face instantly dropped when you went pale, your phone dropping into your lap as a wave of panic hit you. "You didn't...You didn't use protection?!"


"Things were moving fast! I didn't have time to think about that! Oh my god...I'm not even on birth control..." Your head dropped into your hand as he tensed up slightly. Another wave of guilt rushed over you as you swallowed thickly. "I can't believe I'm so stupid. I might be fucking pregnant...I mean, It's not that I dont want his child, but I dont even know if he wants that with me! He has a family! And an Exwife! Oh my god, if his kids find out...If he finds out about this, he's going to be pissed-"


"I wouldn't use the word pissed, more shocked than anything." The deep grumbly voice of Enji snapped you from your thoughts and made you jump up from your seat in shock. His eyes boredly scanned over you as you quickly adjusted your skirt, your mind instantly going into professional mode as Toshi awkwardly looked between you two.


"H-How long have you been there?"


"Long enough." Dread instantly filled your mind as he stepped closer, his eyes stern as he reached one hand out. You flinched slightly as he grabbed your wrist, his thumb brushing over your palm as he sighed deeply. "We'll head to the hospital for a test as soon as my shift is over."


"B-But my w-w-work-"


"This is more important to me. If you are pregnant...Well, we would need to talk more about how things would work, but I want to...keep it." Your eyes widened in shock as he coughed dismissively. "Anywho, All Might, I have to speak to you about a coming up mission."


"W-Wait! You want to keep the baby!?"


"We can talk inside my office-"


"Dont ignore me!"


"...Um, I can...Come back later?"


"There's no need, (Y/n), quiet down and get back to work!"




"WOMAN I SWEAR TO GOD-" Toshinori sighed as the two of you began to argue. It reminded him a bit of young Bakugou and his mother, fighting yet still somehow mutual enough that it wasnt a huge concern. Deep down, he could see how much this mattered and how much you loved Enji, even if you were currently yelling at your boyfriend for his weak pull-out game...