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A Hero's Secret

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He hated this.

Hated that this was the only conclusion he could come up with for his coping mechanism after all is said in done. There was so much more he could invest his time into like extra homework for himself, the gym, jogging longer, hell maybe even a small part-time job after school was over.

Instead here he was, Bakugou Katsuki, in black sweats, a hoodie with the hood up covering his blond hair, his combat boots and a medical mask to cover the bottom half of his face. It was nighttime so he didn't feel the need to wear his dark glasses to hide his eyes. Who would care on this side of town anyway? It took him an hour to walk here just to get to this damn dingy-looking motel and no one was going to care about who he was unless they wanted to get blasted to bits.

When he walked in the motel there was an open neon-lit bar on the first floor by the lobby. One of the bartenders just stared at him before shrugging, most occupants at the bar ignoring the boy. This has been going on for almost a year and a half now, Bakugou turning eighteen only just a few months ago, and the staff was used to seeing Ground Zero late at night.

The bartender sent Bakugou a kind smile and handed the young blonde his usual drink, a Bloody Mary. Sure Bakugou knew this was illegal as hell just as much as the bartender did, but on this side of town no one actually gave a fuck and respected that Bakugou was a man more than anything, so he'll take the free drink, no questions asked.

He thanked the bartender before heading to the upstairs part of the motel, the clerk sending him a nod before attending to another guest at the check-in desk. He walked up two flights to enter a neon-lit hallway, passing a couple who were practically devouring each other while making out. Gross, he would ask if they had any shame dry humping in public like this but he didn't have the energy to really care right now.

Taking a sip of his drink, he passed by a door and rolled his eyes at the sounds of the bed squeaking and high-pitched moans from the other side, reminding him why he was even here in the first place.

His pocket suddenly vibrated and he sighed. Pulling out his phone with his free hand, it lit up with a message and his red eyes glared at it.

[Burnt Asshole: In room 202, don't keep me waiting too long princess. The door's already open. ❤️]

Putting his phone away, it took him only a few more seconds before he stood in front of room 202 and just like the text read, the door was cracked open. Bakugou mentally prepared himself, pulling his mask all the way down and finishing his drink in three big gulps before entering the devil's den.

He closed the door behind him, locking it for good measure, then placed his empty cup on the table by the trashcan near the door. Lifting his head up, red eyes locked onto the blue-eyed devil himself who was sitting on the bed across the room on his phone, smoking a blunt with his other hand.

"You're late, very unlike you princess. You're practically the very essence of being on time and scream at my ass if I'm even a minute late." Bakugou shrugged, taking his shoes off.

"I debated coming here, didn't know if it was worth sneaking out again this week for you." He spat out viciously and glared when that chesire-like grin he loathed so much stretched on the half-normal, half-burned purple mouth of his secret lover, blue eyes flickering up from his phone to stare at the young blond.

For a year and a half he and Dabi have been fucking and Bakugou has no regrets about it.

It started off as an accident, a tussle in an alley during Bakugou's internship with Miruko during the summer. They started to meet up only on a few occasions, maybe once every two months when Bakugou felt like being bothered with the villain, and now over the course of a year he craved for Dabi almost every week. And this was the first time he's snuck out the dorm's to see him twice in the same week.

"You know I was surprised when you texted me." Dabi's voice brought him back to reality. "You've been kinda needy lately, something bothering you that bad princess?" Bakugou sneered and was almost tempted to throw a shoe at the older man's face. Almost.

"Call me princess one more time and I'm gonna blow your fucking ass up you damned villain." Dabi just smiled at the younger man and shrugged, putting his phone away and using one finger to curl in a 'come hither' motion, patting a seat on the bed next to him. Bakugou rolled his eyes and of course complied, hands in his pockets while he angrily stomped to sit next to Dabi.

"Smoke?" Dabi exhaled, looking like a dragon of some sort with all the smoke coming from his nose and mouth, blue eyes sharp and dangerous while staring at the younger one.

It was a simple offer that an early teenager U.A Bakugou would have scowled at, the idea of getting high or drinking disgusting. But when Dabi held the blunt in his face, Bakugou leaned forward with his mouth and inhaled, watching Dabi with curious red eyes while exhaling.

He took two more puffs, breathing in and out with practiced ease since this wasn't the first time he's smoked weed. It was embarrassing the first time and he went into an extreme coughing fit, but Dabi never laughed at him which he was thankful for.

"Thanks." He muttered, and thankfully Bakugou always did his laundry early in the morning before any woke up so the smell of weed was never caught on him. He was careful to always wear clothes he usually didn't wear often when wanting to smoke a joint with Dabi. Weed really did help him loosen up and believe it or not helped with his anxiety and anger management issues. He always felt like he was on cloud nine and it made sex so much better when he felt less stressed.

"Feel better?"

"Hm." Was Bakugou's only response and they sat in comfortable silence for a few moments while mostly Dabi finished the joint off, Bakugou taking only a couple more hits.

They sat close together, thighs and shoulders touching while smoke filled the dim red-lit room, and both took deep silent breathes inhaling the air around them. This was like heaven for Bakugou; No Bakusquad breathing down his neck, Aizawa on his ass about how violent he could get, no pity from All Might when he semi-failed something, no rowdy classmates, and especially no Deku to one-up him and show he was progressing more than he was.

With Dabi, all his fears and anxieties were pushed aside if only for just a moment, just a few hours of the night, he found peace in the older villain's arms. Dabi was a cock tease and a piece of shit, but once you get passed those things, being a villain and then some, he really was a peaceful guy to be around unlike the rest of the league that Bakugou had, unfortunately, run into more than just once.

The blonde suddenly got up on his feet to stand on his tippy toes and puts his arms above his head, stretching.

He noted the way Dabi cocked his head like a curious puppy to watch his hoodie ride up and expose his skin, and for a moment Dabi looked cute.

There was a pop in his back and he bent down to touch his toes next, giving Dabi even more of a show and secretly smirked.

"You just gonna sit there and watch me or are you gonna take your clothes off burnt face?" Dabi didn't respond and instead leaned back on both hands to watch Bakugou's flexibility while he stretched more, amazed that Bakugou's body was like a cat.

"Nah, I'd rather sit back and just watch you, kind of calms the mind. And those yoga classes from that pro are definitely paying off." A blond eyebrow rose up while flexing his arms, setting his hands on the floor as if to do an actual handstand and lifting his lower body up in a 90-degree angle, doing a perfect handstand split in the air.

"The fuck you talking about?" Dabi let out a low whistle at the position, impressed.

"Ahhh, I'm just saying those classes from that pro bunny hero seem to be working. Now you won't get a charlie horse like you use to when we switched positions. Kinda sucked when you rode me for the first time and your leg cramped up, my princess was too pampered and not that flexible back then." Bakugou's cheeks heated up, scoffing at Dabi's teasing.

Bakugou stood back up straight with a flushed face and walked up to Dabi until he stood in between his spread legs. Dabi observed him with calculating sea-blue eyes that practically glowed in this dim lighting and Bakugou bent over to put both hands on Dabi's thighs. Red eyes watched the way his scarred chest rose up and down when he began to squeeze them and Dabi's head titled back ever so slightly the higher Bakugou's hands traveled, massaging the skin underneath his jeans.

The young blonde dropped to his knees, placing his head in between Dabi's thighs to nuzzle his crotch and sniff at the lavender scent his fabric softener always gave off. That was another thing about Dabi that always calmed Bakugou, his scent. He always smelled like a roasting fire pit, smoke, and lavender, reminding Bakugou of a cabin in the woods. He loved the scent so much and placed both hands on Dabi's hips, then undid the button to his pants and slide the zipper down with his teeth.

Dabi's head snapped back down to look at him and that's when red met blue. Those curious red eyes were asking for permission and in return Dabi nodded his head, placing a hand into golden locks as if petting Bakugou who secretly loved the attention.

"That's my good boy, show me how good that dirty mouth of yours works." Bakugou let out a beautiful whimper that was like music to Dabi's ears and he lifted up his hips so the younger one could take off his pants and boxers with it. His cock almost slapped Bakugou in the face and he couldn't help but start to drool in his mouth at the size of Dabi, so big and thicker than him and unlike most of his body was normal-looking skin.

"Oh. I've barely touched you and you're this turned on? Fucking pervert." There was no malice in Bakugou's voice as he said this, eyes lidded and hungry to please the man before him.

He licked his lips, feeling starved and lapped at the pre-come dripping from the slit teasingly. Dabi hissed, his left tight twitching in response and Bakugou grinned, a predatory look in his eyes. He blew at the small opening, then sinfully, oh so slowly, dragged his tongue back and forth over the slit lightly, driving Dabi wild.

Blue eyes narrowed at him, sending shivers down Bakugou's spine at the hungry look in those eyes.

He grabbed the base of Dabi's pierced cock with a gentle hand, fingers curling around it before pumping up and down. He gave it a soft squeeze and used his tongue to lick the balls twitching underneath. That's where one of Dabi's many sensitive spots were and he watched blue eyes roll back, breath hitched and chest rising while Bakugou no doubt was giving one of the best handjobs of his life.

The hand in his hair tightened and Bakugou decided to lift his head up, gulping before relaxing his jaw and taking Dabi inch by inch in his mouth until he hit the light hairs of his happy trail.

"You're like a magician, making it disappear like that. My good, sweet boy." Bakugou moaned at the praise, his eyes fluttering shut while he bobbed his head up and down.

He grabbed Dabi's hip's with a bruising force and relaxed his jaw and throat as best as he could so his gag reflex didn't act up. The first time he did this he almost threw up on Dabi's dick, but after almost two years of this his gag reflex was practically non existent.

The hand in his hair suddenly tugged hard and Bakugou was forced to come up for air, coughing, and red orbs glared at the smirking man above him.

"Dabi, what the fuc-"

"I wasn't gonna last long if your mouth kept fucking my dick like a pornstar, princess. Now take your clothes off." Bakugou sneered but stood up and began to take his hoodie off while Dabi neatly took his shirt and ankle-length black jacket off, throwing it to the side.

He watched Dabi's blue eyes widen when he sexually slid out of his sweats, just his sweats.

"Going commando, or you were too excited to see me tonight knowing I would be fucking the shit out of you?" Red rushed up Bakugou's face, blue eyes assessing his firm, solid built naked body like he was being worshiped. And in truth he probably was while standing in front of Dabi in between his legs again, those scarred hands running up and down his body to appreciate it.

Surprisingly despite his scarred tissue Dabi's skin was very soft to the touch. Bakugou really liked stroking his thick built arms, mainly his biceps to feel them flex. Dabi wasn't the most built man, but he was surprisingly lean and muscular, his arms larger than Bakugou's. That also had to do with their seven-year age difference and Dabi being older, but Bakugou never cared about that.

Dabi's tongue flicked out to lick one of Bakugou's nipples and Bakugou mewled, his hands instantly reaching to grab those beautiful ebony locks he's grown accustomed to. He laced his fingers into his black hair to pull the older man closer, trying to keep his voice down while Dabi attacked his nipple, teeth and tongue working magic. His eyes fluttered shut when Dabi squeezed the other nipple with his hand, twisting it before moving his mouth to show it attention as well. Bakugou never knew he was so sensitive there until a few months ago when Dabi accidentally kissed it and the hottest moan came from Bakugou's mouth.

"Fuck, f-fuck Dabi, I need you now." The words came out breathless and Dabi hummed in response, giving that nipple one more agonizingly slow lick before detaching his mouth completely.

He reached over in his coat pocket thrown on the floor and grabbed a condom and lube, opening the cap to squeeze some out onto Bakugou's ready hand before snapping the cap back shut, tossing it aside. He quickly put on the condom before Bakugou ran his lube covered hand over Dabi's dick and the older man stared at him with a raised black eyebrow. But Bakugou already had the answer to the man's incoming question and rolled his eyes.

"I already prepared myself before I got here jackass. I wouldn't not prepare myself before I put that monster in me." Dabi actually chuckled and leaned back to watch Bakugou coat his entire cock with lube.

"Well this monster is gonna slay his princess tonight. What position do you want it in?" Dabi, with a gentle caress, brought a hand up to run up and down Bakugou's hip, sending goosebumps along the younger man's body. It was time's like this that he saw Dabi in a new light when the older man was so gentle with him, no harsh words but instead praises, light touches, and pets, kinks Bakugou didn't even know he was into until they started fucking each other's brains out on the daily.

"This is fine, I kinda just wanna sit on it and have you fuck up into me while I sit on your lap." Bakugou averted his eyes and stepped back to look at his handy work, that big monster glistening in the low lit bedroom, ready for him to sit on.

"Cute, the floor is your's sweetheart. Come slay this monster." Dabi cooed at him, arms open and welcoming the blonde to take his seat on his lap...well, his cock to be precise.

Bakugou sighed, scrubbing a hand over his face when Dabi waved over at him, making grabbing motions with his hands at the air and that damn giddy smile on his face. To Bakugou he looked like a fucking idiot, but he was just as excited about their intimacy as the older man, he just wasn't as open about it.

Bakugou climbed up on his lap and lined himself up with Dabi's length before slowly sitting down on it until it was all the way in. It took a few seconds because even properly preparing for someone as big as Dabi, it still was unintentionally painful if they only did this once a week and not every night. Of course his hole would close back up if he wasn't being sexually active regularly.

"Shit princess, you're so t-tight tonight." Dabi hissed, his hands immediately grabbing Bakugou's hips. Bakugou's hands quickly wrapped around Dabi's neck and he nuzzled into his shoulder, panting quick breathes while adjusting to the huge length inside of him, balls deep. His eyes began to water and he held on tight once fully sat down, thick muscular legs wrapping around Dabi's waist.

He just wanted to sit in silence while feeling stretched out and filled, just for a few seconds while Dabi held him in his strong arms. Bakugou being high and feeling secure within those evil scarred arms that were always so gentle with him was everything he needed after the week he's had.

"Dabi." He whispered, kissing the man's neck and leaving wet, sloppy kisses that turned into hickies, which wouldn't be seen too well on Dabi's purple skin if you weren't looking close enough.

He eventually lifted up his head to come face to face with Dabi and the scarred man lifted one hand from Bakugou's hip to cup his face. Bakugou's head gently fell into that hand and he placed a kiss inside his palm, then brought his face closer until their lips were only a few inches apart. He felt Dabi's breath and the smell of fresh mint hit his nose.

Dabi couldn't help but smile tenderly at the younger one and rubbed their noses together, Bakugou's face turning a beautiful crimson.

"Can I fuck you now, sweetheart?" His lips whispered against his and Bakugou gulped, a whimper escaping him.

"Y-Yeah, yes, please." That was all Dabi needed to hear, and now is when that tender man left and the beast came out.

Scarred hands grabbed his hips and rubbed his thighs with a grip that definitely was going to bruise on his fair skin and he held on tight when Dabi started to roll his hips. Luckily for Bakugou, the man knew exactly where his prostate was and after the third thrust, he slammed into it.

In that moment, Bakugou's voice got caught up in his throat, making him feel like the air had been punched out of him with one swift motion, or in this case one powerful thrust that hit at just the right angle. A pitiful, choked up moan shot up from his mouth and he grabbed the back of Dabi's hair hard, toes curled and vision blurry.

"F-Fuck," He cursed, Dabi relentless while he kept hitting that same spot over and over with his aggressive thrusts. Bakugou swore he could see the universe, his vision full of stars and his eyes screwed shut. His mouth fell open but no sound was coming from it except breathy gasps only Dabi could hear.

"That's my little pornstar, so good and just for me." Dabi teased and Bakugou groaned in frustration, hating this man with every fiber of his being. But that's not entirely true, he's grown a soft spot for the villain, otherwise he wouldn't keep running back to him.

Dabi suddenly flipped them over into missionary style without pulling out and slung one of Bakugou's legs over his shoulder, giving the inside of that beautiful tan thigh rough kisses before he continued.

Bakugou gasped, caught off guard with the new position and saliva threaten to come out his mouth from watching the older man. He knew Dabi had a weird thing for kissing the inside of his thighs, but he wasn't going to start complaining, it was hot and Dabi was such a tease. Just when you think he was going to give you the best damn blowjob of your life, he would make out and mark up your thighs before getting to the main course.

"Get on with it already you damn pervert." Bakugou protested, glaring dagger's at the grinning man once he finally caught his breath.

"Yeah, yeah, my little pillow princess needs to come. So needy." His voice was low, almost like a growl and it made Bakugou shiver.

Without any warning, Dabi wrapped a hand around his throat, not with a hard grip but just enough to feel pressure, and thrust back into Bakugou.

Red eyes rolled into the back of his head and he was seeing stars again, tears leaking from his eyes. From this angle Dabi could slam into his prostate better and choked out moans were the only sound Bakugou could manage, sweat coating his body.

He at least was careful to keep his hands from Dabi's face from this position when the sound of small explosions sounded off, like little firecrackers.

After almost two years Dabi was used to them and fucked into Bakugou harder, balls deep.

"Im, f-fuck, I'm gonna come."

And Dabi just smiled a truly genuine smile at the boy below him.

"Me too sweetheart, come for me."

Saliva got caught in his throat when Dabi grabbed his cock and started to stroke it while brutally thrusting into him and that's all it took for Bakugou to climax on himself. It was intense and all he saw was white, his whole body shaking while he gripped the sheets hard, mini explosions burning holes in the top sheets.

Dabi followed shortly behind after a few more thrusts, shaking along with Bakugou and holding the younger man close to him while riding out his own orgasm.

Eventually Dabi pulled out, causing both of them to hiss and stood up once he caught his breath. He took off the condom and threw it in the trash, disappearing in the bathroom. It always took longer for Bakugou to recover and he was still shaking slightly on the bed, drenched in sweat and trying to cool down the explosions coming from his hands.

Dabi came back a minute later cleaned up and Bakugou allowed the man to run a cold damp towel over his tired body. He felt like he had no strength left and was high from not just weed but the adrenaline from their sex. Dabi made him feel good, he made him feel sexy and this was the only thing in Bakugou's life right now that he felt like he had full control over.

Setting the rag back in the bathroom once he was finished, Dabi came back out and slid into the covers, pulling them over Bakugou's limp body too.

"Come here?" Dabi asked sincerely, holding his arms out.

Bakugou let out a heavy breath he didn't even know he was holding in and turned to his side to face Dabi's welcoming arms once again. He made a sour face and after five seconds of watching that pretty scarred face smile at him, he gave in. There was just something about Dabi that always made him never say no to him and he hated it.

He scooted closer until they were chest to chest, one purple arm underneath his head like a pillow and the other wrapped around his waist bringing them as close as possible.

"Happy now, asshole?" He swung a muscular leg over Dabi's hip to get more comfortable and moved his head underneath his chin, placing light kisses on his chest and adam's apple that caused Dabi to gasp.

"More than you'll ever know, night princess." He placed a kiss on Bakugou's forehead.

After two minutes of silence Bakugou let his eyes close and sleep finally took over, his body and mind completely at peace.