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The Beauty & The Beast

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Beauty & the Beast

It all started way back, when Hori was suddenly saved and awoken by a handsome Kashima in a bull's mask.
The reveal (and his very repressed feelings towards Kashima) made him accept a whole load of work for Nozaki in exchange for a play with a prince turned into a bull.

When Nozaki gave him the script, he felt a bit betrayed. It was basically "the Beauty and the Beast" with some little twists. The prince had to be turned into a bull so his face was hidden from the evil princess of another kingdom who wanted to marry the most handsome man in the land.
At least the reveal was very flashy, just like he wanted.

He distributed the scripts between the club members but found out he might have printed one too many. That or certain flirt was missing rehearsals… again. A long sigh drawled from him as he started to roll up his sleeves.
The club was getting ready for a carnage, some trying to calm Hori down, others trying to warn Kashima with their phones, begging her to come back.

The whole scene was interrupted by a very naive Wakamatsu who walked in ready to give acting a second chance. He liked how confident he felt the last time he was there and, during the second's year school trip, he grew a little more attached to Hori, who promised he could make him a star, even bigger than Kashima, if he could get better at acting.
Some club members rushed to dismiss him, saying it might not be the best moment, but the Club President seemed to harbor another idea. He could punish Kashima for her tardiness and train Wakamatsu at the same time.

He had spent hours drawing backgrounds for Nozaki for her and she didn't even care enough to be at the first reading of a play tailored for her. He was pissed. Another voice inside his head told him that she didn't know about all his hard work so she wasn't really guilty. Tomato, tomato. He was going to punish her anyways. The voice also reminded him to check his jealousy. He disregarded that and gave Wakamatsu the last script.

After some minutes, Kashima showed up at the door. She looked like she had run all the way down there. Her face was flushed and her breathing was uneven. "What a sight" thought Hori, who'd never admit such to such thing but was saving that image in the darkest corners of his mind. Her shirt was a bit disheveled too, he had to battle his need of pulling her tie and… fixing it! he wanted to fix it. His mind was atrocious today. Maybe he didn't sleep really well, maybe he was a teenager boy surrounded by hot people. Good thing he was an actor and the poker face was his speciality.

"I had an emergency in class, sempai! I couldn't leave until I finished a really hard math problem! I wasn't skipping nor eating snacks!" The little dollop of ice-cream on her cheek and the fact that she was brilliant in math betrayed her alibi. She also had girl in each arm.
"Eh? Waka-kun, you came back to drama club?"
Wakamatsu opened his mouth to answer, but Hori interrupted him. "Yes, he is playing our lead, the prince".

Check mate. Both of them stared at him like he just went mental.
"But, I always play the lead… specially if it is a prince" Kashima loved to play that part and she was great at it too, she looked like she was about to throw a tantrum.
"Hori-sempai, this role seems a bit difficult, I'm very new at this, i don't know if I-" Wakamatsu's word were again cut short by his sempai. "Don't worry, I told you you have everything to be a great actor and I'm going to make you a star". He even patted his back while smiling at him.

Now Kashima like she was about to cry. Did her Hori found a new kouhai? She was wary of Nozaki already, she didn't need another one to worry about. Hell, that kid was a clutz, a naive idiot. Ok, he had the body and face of a leading man but so did she. Was it because he was an actual guy?

She always suspected that Hori, like her, liked both guys and girls, but he didn't make a big fizz out of it and neither did she. She even supported his (according to her) desires to be a woman. But she never thought he'd use the club to get close to somebody, he was a very honest man, he wouldn't do that.

And that left the most painful option, Hori indeed thought Wakamatsu was better than her in every way and was offered the lead while she was relegated to some sort of tree in the background. Hori wouldn't pay any more attention to her, he wouldn't chase her around or even praise her when she did something worthy of approval.

"I want to play the Hunter, the one that slays the beast" She said in a very spiteful tone. "I will kill Wakamatsu and be the hero" Waka shuddered behind her.
"Did you even read the story? The hunter dies at the hands of the princess, who wants to protect her beloved Bull -man -prince -thing. I thought you'd play the princess"

Wow, at first he didn't gave her the prince, but now he is giving her the princess? when did sempai started to hate her so much? He knew she hated being the princess, except for that time when they rehearsed the "Sleeping Beauty", but that was just an exception and something they never talked or will talk about in their life, no matter how many times she used the memories in her shower.

"No way sempai, i'm the hunter" She was being obnoxious, but so was him with his new dumb boytoy stealing everything from her. Her sempai and her lead.
"Fine, but if you miss one rehearsal and your ass is mine"
The room went silent.
Kashima nodded fervently, maybe trying to shake the red from her face. Waka was staring at the roof having war flashbacks from the "Sleeping Beauty".

The rehearsal went pretty smoothly, sure, Waka made some mistakes, but he was willing to learn and Hori was actually a good teacher if you didn't fool around.

Waka had some issues projecting his voice, he wasn't being loud enough and couldn't figure out how not to yell. Hori had to step up. He put a hand under his ribs and the other one in his back, forcing him to stand straight and use his diaphragm to speak. Wakamatsu started going red in the race, on one hand, he was overworking his body, on the other hand, he wasn't used to being touched and bossed around. Well, he was used to the last part, and he could see some similarities between Seo and Hori. They were both his sempais, they were both shorter than him, they were both very dominant and a little bit cute.

Ok, he'd never admit to anyone the last part, he'd rather admit that he called Hori cute over Seo, but he was a bit right, maybe Kashima didn't had a monopoly over the androgyny thing, maybe Hori sempai did have some femininity in him. It was very subtle, but he could play a cute girl.

Maybe that's what he needed to be more confident in his role. Maybe he needed someone who was an excellent actor and that he could be comfortable with. He sprouted the words without thinking too much "Maybe you should play the princess, sempai. It would help me a lot".
The room went silent again. Kashima sighed in relief. Now that Waka has pissed the sempai there was no doubt he'd kick him out for good. Countless of times had she suggested he be the princess and all she got was her ass kicked. She smiled.

"Don't be silly Wakamatsu, we have plenty of talented girls who want to play the princess" Hori was flattered but also embarrassed at the suggestion. However, Waka didn't have any malice. Unlike Kashima who just wanted to see him in a dress. Maybe that was her thing. Ops, it was really easy to divert anything into naughty thought wasn't it?

Kashima was getting impatient, she would already have a blackboard flying at her.
"No, it has to be you sempai! You give me confidence and can easily help me if i forget my lines or forget to breath or-"
Waka continued with a long list of all the things he could do wrong but Hori stopped him after the 34° item. "Okay, I'll do it, calm down, please!"
He seemed a bit irritated, but mostly worried about the boy. Kashima was fuming.

"You never wanted to be my princess before, sempai. This is really unfair!" She pointed at him.
"If you took the club seriously, maybe you could have been my prince" He bitted back.

Maybe they didn't realize how much this looked like a lovers quarrel, but the club members did. They were all currently staring at the roof, or floor wanting the awkwardness to be over.
Waka was oblivious to all.


Kashima was in a really bad, no good mood. Seo suspected something happened to her, but she was busy with the snacks she brought from her waitress job.
Kashima picked the female assassin, instead of her usual old man as her character in their fighting video-game. That's when Seo asked what's up.

"Wakamatsu stole Hori-sempai". Ok, that was interesting. "What are you talking about?"
"He is into acting now and he is already Hori-sempai's favourite and he'll even play a princess for him even though I always wanted to be his prince" Was the long string of words a pouty Kashima sputtered.

"Hold on, Waka is playing with you guys and you didn't invite me? That's cold, man"
"That isn't the important thing!" Kashima pointed out.
"What, you don't want them to snog in the middle of a play, like you and Hori did?" Seo even did a crude impersonation.
Seo laughed and shook her head. He finished Kashima's character and spoke again "I don't like this either, I'm obviously Waka's favourite, but that Hori might be a close second, I have to watch out"


"This mask really helps with my nerves, sempai!" Wakamatsu has been wearing the bull's head the whole rehearsal, even for the valse, which they were currently practising. His heart was in the right place, but he couldn't dance even if he wanted to. Hori had to keep pulling his hands to his waist, which felt really sweaty and were already wetting his shirt. Good thing the mask didn't let him see clearly, because Kashima was stabbing him with her eyes.
"Are you sure you are okay, Wakamatsu? You seem a bit hot and confused" Hori asked while trying hard not to cry from the fifth stomp on his feet.
"That's just his natural state!" Seo yelled from the front row, she was having the time of her life.
"Seo-sempai is here!?" Even with the mask on you could tell he was terrified.
"Yes, let's take a break, shall we? Take off the mask, you are gonna pass out. Get some water" Hori patted his back and send him next to Seo, who tried to be nice, flinging a bottle water to Waka, but hitting his head instead. He reluctantly sat next to her. All the empty seats and he chose to sit there, he wasn't fooling anyone, Hori thought.

"How is he gonna valse without stepping on your dress?" Asked a voice near his ear. Ah, that brought some good memories. He turned around to look Kashima in the eye. "Look, this is not ideal but you pushed me to do it, okay? You are always late, you hardly ever rehearse, you don't appreciate the hard work I-we put into the plays so you get replaced, ok?" Hori corrected himself, but it was something that had to be said. She stared at him and nodded. At least she was acting like a scolded person should.

"Sempai, I understand and I agree, but please, at least let me be the prince in the valse. Nobody would notice it, with the mask and all. I can change quickly and come back as the hunter" She really meant it, she finally started to behave like a club member wanting a good product, not just the applause.

He took a long sigh. "Okay, I guess we could try"
"Put on a dress, we need to practice with a flowy skirt, to be sure I don't step on it" At least she had a good excuse.
"Damnit Kashima, you got me into this… at least help me pick the dress" It was a bit true, if she would take things seriously, she would be the Bull Prince and some lucky girl would play the prince. But now, they were in a very familiar and tense situation. Alone in the dressing room. A bunch of dresses and props were all over the floor.
"It's late, there won't be anyone to help us clean this up when we finish" Hori complained while checking two different wigs.
"I think you'd be a cute brunette, sempai! or a blonde! your hair is some sort of middle ground, isn't it?"
"We can blend them together, I'll show you how later. It's a technique to give more hair to a shabby cheap wig"
"You really know about this stuff, sempai" Kashima pointed out, maybe trying to squeeze some personal thoughts out of him
"I love theatre. Everything about it. Even making backgrounds or props, i'm really good with my hands" He answered nonchalantly, picking dresses, while she blushed at the comment. "What about this one? It has the biggest skirt I could find"

He started to undress but noticed two eyes were still on him "Do you mind?" He nagged at her, who had to turn around defeated. After some shuffling she heard him sigh.
"Okay, I need your help again" She turned around and found him with his back facing her, and a laced corset that needed to be adjusted and tied from the back.
"Sempai this is really unfair…" She complained about something but wasn't very sure about what.
He never noticed before but he had a really nice back, it was a little bit toned, maybe from all that woodwork, and it looked so nice with the silk ribbons on top. The hard contrast between something so dainty against a back molded by hard work was making her feel some things. His back was also wide, she'd have to really cinch him into that.
"Sempai, aren't you… embarrassed of playing a girl?" She asked cautiously, while unraveling some knots. Maybe she was taking her sweet time because it was a delicate dress or maybe it was because she could touch him with subtle caresses while doing it.
"What's there to be embarrassed about?" He asked really directly, no clue in sight. "We are all humans, I couldn't care less about that type of stuff"
This was one of the reasons she loved him so much, she giggled happily. "You are so cute, sempai"
"Don't call me cute."
She pulled and pulled the corset but it was a bit too small for, however, they could still use ir after some stitches, the dress could hold for.itself for a little bit. Hori was trying really hard not to think about their situation, at least she had her usual school uniform and not some dress that showed off her legs "Let me see! Let me see!" She sang song happily and turned him around. He was red in the face, not sure if it was embarrassment or lack of oxygen.
"So? It's a bit small…"
"Sempai, you look super cu- beautiful!" She spun him around and stared. "Can I do your makeup?"
He snorted, taking it as a joke, but she pushed him into the pile of dresses, making him land on his butt.
"Kashima, what are y-"
He interrupted himself when she pulled a lipstick from one of the boxes and sat on top of him, her knees on each side of his hip. His dress was already starting to fall a bit, but it was okay, Kashima found out she liked him like that, a little bit of a mess. He hadn't pushed her off yet, that was a good sign. The way he was looking at her was also a good signal.
She wasn't used to see him so obedient, usually he was the most dominant person she knew, it was cute.
She soflty held his face with one hand. "Open your mouth" She whispered almost closing their lips together, as she started to paint them. He was staring at her. She could feel it, she also didn't want him to stop.
She finished applying the lipstick and stared at him in the eyes, same intensity. "Pink really suits you, Hori-sempai". Hori grabbed the tease by the back of her head and pulled her into a desperate kiss.
They started kissing like there was no tomorrow, he had one hand disheveling her hair and the other one in the back of her tight, pulling her closer, and closer. Chest against chest.
She wasn't no angel, one of her hands were stuck in the hair of his nape while the other was trying a bit too hard to pull down the corset of the dress, wanting to caress that chest.
She sat over his groin, making him break the kiss so he could arch a little bit and moan. She loved it. His face lost in the pleasure of the moment, lipstick smeared all over his face and eyes rolled back. She latched into his neck, wanting to leave kisses and marks and hickeys so dark Wakamatsu would have no other option than notice them and stay away from her sempai.
The hand on her tight started to pull her shorts a bit and this time it was her turn to moan filled with desire.

"Do you guys do that with all the school props?" Seo inquired. She was standing in the door with a very embarrassed Wakamatsu behind her.
"It's late and almost everyone bounced, so, we wanted to tell you we were leaving, sorry we interrupted your fun" She then turned to Waka "If you have to do that with the princess I don't want you in the play"
Wakamatsu didn't want to play the prince anymore, Wakamatsu wanted to be swollen by a sinkhole so he didn't have to face any of his three sempais right now.

Kashima sprang up from where she was and wiped her face clean from the lipstick with her sleeve. "Oh, It'slateletsgohomeihavetogohomenow" her words were unintelligible and her face was almost as red as Waka's, whom he pulled with her to the door. Leaving a very dazed and embarrassed Hori behind.
"Dude, you'll have to clean all that up? sounds like a nightmare"
Once again, Kashima had left him without helping with the club activities. Now he had to sort all the dresses and wigs by himself. Well, he had other thing to do by himself now too. He was fuming. Seo interrupted him again.
"By the way, I'm Waka's sempai, don't you forget it!"