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Road To Parenthood

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Techno called to his best friend as he quickly ran to him, kneeling next to him. Techno had been on the other side of the field like everyone else (expect the opposite team's goal keeper who seemed to just turn his back to the whole thing) so nobody hadn't seen what had happened to Type. And when Techno realized that their captain wasn't playing with him he had looked around and then noticed Type lying on the ground where the other team had stolen the ball.
Type hissed in pain, laying on his back with his arms covering his stomach.
"Are you okay, Type?!" Techno asked as he hovered over his best friend, clearly concerned and just seconds from panicking.
Type nodded bit, hissing again.
"I'm fine.. Just.. Chakrii.." Type said pausing as he opened his eyes to look at Techno.
"He kicked me in the stomach.."
Type's words made Techno completely freeze and stare at Type with wide eyes. "He.. Kicked you in stomach..?" Techno repeated Type's words to which the other nodded weakly.
Techno stared at Type for couple seconds more before quickly getting up and yelling that they needed an ambulance immediately.
By Techno's yell their teammates ran to Type to check on him, including Champ.
"What happened? Why does Type need an ambulance?" Champ questioned Techno, clearly surprised about how things turned out.
Techno bit his lip as he looked at his friend, before looking at Type and their other teammates that gathered around their captain.
He then looked towards the judge who was occupied by the other team (most likely complaining about Type to him).
Techno closed his eyes, letting out a shaky breath as he tried his best to collect himself.
After a moment Techno opened his eyes and looked at Champ.
"Champ.." Techno called other's name as he pulled the said man away from Type and their other teammates.
"Take others with you and go to talk to the judge. Tell him that we need to have time-out and that we need an ambulance." Techno whispered to him, making Champ look even more confused.
"Why? What happened?" Champ repeated his question from before as he tried to make a sense of this situation.
Techno sighed and quickly explained. "Chakrii kicked him in the stomach.."
To that Champ raised his eyebrow. "Just a kick in the stomach? Usually Type just gets up and it's like nothing happened." He questioned, making Techno anxious as he glanced at Type who was still lying on the ground clearly in pain as their other teammates practically hovered over him.
He grew even more anxious as he knew that Type needed medical attention right away and that his teammates surrounding him didn't help at all.
Biting his lip Techno swore under his breath before turning to face Champ again. "Okay I have no time to explain this so just listen. Type is pregnant and we need our teammates leave us alone and we need medical help right away and get Type to a hospital." Techno hissed to Champ making the latter look at him with shocked expression.
"Wha-" Champ started but Techno interrupted him right away.
"What did I say?! No time to explain, just do as I say! GO!"
To that Champ nodded before yelling "Okay give the captain some space guys! Now everyone to the bench and we need that ambulance! Has anyone called it yet?!"
Techno sighed as their teammates ran away with Champ leading them.
Techno stepped closer to Type and squatted down next to him. ,
"Type, help is coming okay?" Techno told him, placing his hand on Type's arm, squeezing it softly.
To that Typed nodded weakly, letting out a shaky breath "Good.."
Techno stared at Type who was still covering his stomach as he tried his best to keep his breathing calm.
Techno sighed.
"Dude" Techno called to his friend as he crouched down next to him, making Type look up at him. "I might have just told Champ that you are pregnant." Techno confessed which made Type chuckle. "Believe it or not, that's least of my worries right now." Type said, looking up at his friend with a sad smile on his lips.


Suddenly they heard someone running towards them.
Both of the men looked up and saw Tharn running to them.
Tharn stopped in-front of his boyfriend, catching his breath from running. He was staring at Type with panicked look.
"Type.." He called his boyfriend's name as he fell on his knees right next to him.
"What happened?" He asked as he placed his hand on Type's cheek, caressing it softly as a comforting act.
Type smiled bit at the touch.
"Chakrii.. The other team's captain... Kicked me in the stomach.." Type explained.
The information made Tharn feel absolutely enraged. It took everything in him to hold himself from the urge to run to the other team and get his hands on their captain.
But Tharn restrained himself, knowing that right now Type needed him more.
Tharn moved his hand from Type's cheek into his hair, running his fingers through his boyfriend's hair, trying his best to comfort the other and at the same time trying to hold his own urge of going all mad on Chakrii.
"Does it hurt?" He asked to which Type nodded. "Yeah.."
This made Tharn frown and bite his lip.
"How bad?"
"Just enough that I can't get up.."
"Champ went to get the ambulance." Techno piped in, making Tharn glance at him.
Techno was pale as a sheet, clearly shaken up as well.
Tharn let out a shaky breath as he kept on running his fingers through Type's hair.
"You'll be okay." Tharn told Type as he turned his head to look at him. "You'll get help soon.."
At this point Tharn wasn't sure if he was saying this to sooth Type or himself.
For a minute or two the trio were quiet, all three of them taking a moment to just collect themselves.
Through those few minutes Type kept staring at Tharn, hesitation in his eyes.
"Ai'Tharn.." Type called out, his voice cracking a bit. This made to Tharn look at his boyfriend, eyebrows frowned as he recognized the nervousness in his boyfriend's eyes..
"What is it honey? Are you hurting more?" Tharn asked, his tone soft.
Type shook his head, suddenly letting out a shaky sob.
"No.. Tharn, I-" Type started but stopped. This made Tharn frown even more, moving his hand from the other's hair to hold his hand.
Gently he let his thumb caress the back of Type's hand. "It's okay honey, you don't need to say anything. Just save your strength." Tharn told him but Type shook his head.
"No, you need to know." Type insisted, which made Tharn raise his eyebrows bit with question in his eyes.
"I.. I noticed last week.. That I'm showing already.." Type confessed.
The confession made Tharn freeze and Techno quietly gasp in shock.
"What..?" Tharn let out a choked word, shaking his head as he tried to understand if he had heard wrong.
"What- what do you mean showing?" He asked as if he didn't know what the other meant.
Type held his gaze on his boyfriend as he wordlessly just grabbed the helm of his shirt and lifted it up, showing his small bump to Tharn.
It was now very obvious when there was no fabric covering it.
"I noticed it six days ago.."
Tharn stared at Type stomach, almost not believing his eyes.
After awhile Tharn looked up at Type, his expression blank.
"If you were showing.. Then why?" He asked, his voice tight.
Type stared right back at him, clenching his jaw.
"I didn't want to leave my team in trouble by suddenly leaving.. And I just really wanted to play-" Type started but he was interrupted by his boyfriend as he suddenly stood up.
Tharn was staring at Type with an angry glare, clearly upset.
"And that's why you put our child's life in danger?!" Tharn yelled, not able to control his voice.
Techno, who was still sitting by the other side of Type, flinched at Tharn's yell while Type just kept staring at him.
"Tharn.. I just thought-" Type tried to explain, but was interrupted again.
"You thought that you would be fine? In a soccer game? Really Type?!"
Tharn raised his voice even more.
"Didn't I tell you at the start, didn't I say that you shouldn't play?! That it's going to be dangerous both for you and the baby?!"
By Type's other side Techno kept switching his gaze between the two. He paused bit as he noticed the pained look in Type's eyes and how tears started to gather into them.
By seeing this Techno turned to face Tharn.
"Tharn.. You need to calm down." Techno started with calm tone. "You will make things worse and I'm sure that Type di-"
"Shut up, No!"
Techno was silenced by Tharn's harsh words and he just stared at the latter with shocked look.
Tharn glanced at him.
"This doesn't concern you, so don't get involved." Tharn told Techno, who dropped his gaze down and chose to remain silent.
Tharn then turned his attention towards his boyfriend, who was still laying on his back on the ground.
He knew that Type was hurt and that he shouldn't stress him even more, but he was too angry and frustrated to care.
All he could think about was that he had told Type that him playing soccer wasn't good idea. Then Type had found out that he was showing and had decided to lie and hide it from him.
How didn't he notice it? They cuddled every day, he had seen Type naked many times through these past six days..
He should have noticed and called Type out on it.
In the end he really couldn't hold back all the anger he was feeling not only towards Type but at himself as well.
"You are about to be a parent, Type! You are not supposed to be selfish! Do you know how incredibly irresponsible you are putting your own child to such a risk? Honestly are you fucking stupid?!"
Tharn spat out, not really controlling what he was saying anymore.
"How can you just lay there and be fine with the fact that you-"
"I KNOW!!"
Type's scream rang out through the whole field.
Type's sudden outburst made Tharn shut his mouth and come back to his senses from the utter anger he was feeling.
Tharn looked at Type, only now noticing tears that were running down Type's cheeks and then he saw the look that he had never seen on Type's face.
It was completely shattered look, like his whole world was ending.
Seeing this made Tharn's heart drop and all of his anger he was feeling suddenly disappear.


"I know that I am irresponsible and selfish, I know that I'm not going to be a good father or a natural parent!" As Type shouted his words he raised himself up a bit with his arms so that he was almost in proper sitting position. When Type moved Techno rushed closer to his best friend to support him so that Type wouldn't fall down, as the latter seemed to be in lot of pain.
Meanwhile Tharn remained standing as Type never let their eye contact to break.
"I thought that I could be selfish for one more time before becoming a parent. When the baby comes I can't play soccer like I'm used to. When the baby comes I have to be the parent who is always there for them and I have to prioritize them. I might never play again. I thought that I could be selfish for once more and do the thing I love... But... I didn't know that it would end up like this.."
As Type spoke his voice cracked and wavered, every single word was clearly hurting him.
He took a break, letting out a shaky breath before saying the words that had been haunting him ever since Chakrii had kicked him.
"I-I'm so sorry Tharn. I might have killed our baby.."
With this Type completely broke down, crying his heart out as he covered his face.
Tharn stared at Type, frozen by his boyfriend's words.
He didn't really believe all that, did he?
The sight was heartbreaking. Usually strong Type wailing miserably on the ground, still sitting with Techno's help.
It didn't take Tharn long that he was on his knees again, right beside his boyfriend. "Ai'Type" He called out softly, inching closer to Type as the latter was sobbing mess, his breathing rapid and short as he just shook his head and kept repeating the last words to himself.
"Ai'Type.." Tharn called his name again, placing his hand on Type's shivering arm and caressed it gently.
"You need to focus honey, you are having a panic attack."
"I-I killed our baby!" Type kept sobbing, hick upping in between which didn't help his breathing.
Tharn felt how his chest tightened at his boyfriend's words.
"Honey, focus okay? You have to calm down." Tharn said softly, trying to distract Type from those thoughts.
"Come on breath with me" Tharn told Type before starting to do the count down that they had done before with Type's nightmares.
It took Type a moment to really focus on Tharn's counting and calm down but eventually he managed to get the hang of it.
After Type's breathing calmed down Tharn dried Type's cheeks and eyes from his tears with his thumb. Type moved towards Tharn a bit as he tried to lean to hug him but stopped as he felt awful pain in his stomach. Tharn immediately noticed this "Okay honey I think you should lie down, just to be safe okay?" To that Type nodded and with Techno Tharn helped Type to lie back down.
Techno looked at both of his friends, seeing that they needed some alone time together so he stood up and told them that he was going to go check the situation and then ran over to their team.
After Techno left the couple remained in their positions, Tharn caressing Type's arm gently as the latter held on to his boyfriend's other hand.
After a while Type sniffled bit before whispering "I'm sorry..." To which Tharn quickly shook his head.
"No, don't. I should be the one apologizing." Tharn told him and continued before Type could even say anything against it.
"You did your everything to make sure that you both would be okay. Then something happened that you would not have been able to foresee or prevent. It was not up to you." Tharn said, moving his hand to Type's cheek and then stroked it softly. They remained silent for a moment before Tharn continued "I'm sorry.. I should not have lost my temper like that, especially when this is not your fault."
To this Type shook his head a bit. "It's okay.. I get it, you were angry."
"But that doesn't mean that I can yell at you and say awful things to you." Tharn pointed out.
Type stared at Tharn, biting his lip as he hesitated for a moment before saying.
"But what you said is true."
Tharn frowned at that, leaning down so that his and Type's noses touched.
"No it's not. All what I said was just my anger and frustration coming out as words that I didn't even think about. Nothing in them was true."
Type and Tharn stared into each other's eyes, both quiet. Then Type suddenly chuckled.
"You are too nice.. It's annoying."
Tharn couldn't help but chuckle as well, then pressing a soft peck on Type's lips.
"It is my secret talent."


Tharn let out a shaky breath as he sat down on the chair that they had in the waiting room.
After the ambulance had finally arrived to the field and Tharn and Type had been brought to the hospital where Type had been examined by a doctor.
After thorough examinations nurses had taken Type to MRI to see if there were any signs of internal bleeding or damage in the baby.
Type was still in pain which worried the doctor as it could mean that there could be some damage inside.
Tharn had been there holding Type's hand right until the moment when they took him to MRI.
He had done his best at keeping himself calm as he was with Type, so that Type would stay calm as well.
But now as he sat in the waiting room he could feel how the nerves and fear started to catch up on him. He was all shaky and he had hard time breathing evenly.
Tharn's thoughts were going crazy. No matter how he tried he only saw horrible things happening.
What if there was inner bleeding?
What if the baby was injured?
What if they would lose the baby?
What if Tharn would lose them both..?
Tharn shook his head, trying to get those horrible thought away from his mind.
Tharn was woken up from his thoughts when he heard Techno's voice. He raised his gaze from his lap to Techno who was standing in-front of him offering Tharn a cup of coffee.
He had completely forgotten that Techno had followed them to the hospital.
Seeing his friend made Tharn hide all his emotions again as he did not want his friend worry too much.
"Thanks.." Tharn said, reaching out for the cup. But as he took it in his hand his hand shook so much that he spilled most of the coffee on the floor.
Thankfully Techno was quick enough to catch the cup before it dropped on the floor and shattered into pieces.
Techno swore under his breath as he caught the cup, before straightening himself to look at Tharn properly who just stared at his hand and muttered an apology.
Techno stared at his friend for a while before sighing a bit and turning around to go to the nearby toilet, soon coming back with paper towels which he used to dry the spilled coffee.
After the cleaning operation Techno took a seat next to Tharn.
"What's on your mind?" Techno asked after moment of silence.
Tharn glanced at him, before just shaking his head as if to say that it was nothing, but there was no way in hell Techno was going to accept that answer.
"Tharn, come on. I know you. There is no need to hold it in." This made Tharn look at Techno properly.
"Type and your unborn baby are there without you. You don't know what's going on. You don't know how they are.. This is killing you Tharn.."
Techno's words made Tharn's lips flinch as he tried his best to hold his emotions in.
Techno stared at his friend for a moment, seeing that the other was struggling to keep the façade up, before whispering "It's just you and me here, you don't need to be strong right now."
These words were enough to break Tharn and soon he was in Techno's arms, crying against his friend's shoulder as the latter comforted him by stroking Tharn's back.
They don't really know how long they just sat there like that, Tharn letting it all out while Techno comforted the other, but after awhile Tharn straightened up letting out a shaky sigh as he dried his eyes with his sleeve. Techno pulled away as well but left his hand on to Tharn's back.
"Feeling better?" He asked, to which Tharn nodded as he sniffled bit.
"Yeah, much.." Tharn said smiling bit at his friend. "Thank you, No.."
To that Techno couldn't help but smile wide.
"Of course!"


It had been nearly an hour after Type had gone to the MRI when the door to the said room finally opened, making both Tharn and Techno rush to Type who was now sitting in a wheelchair.
The MRI had gone well and Type's pain had reduced enough for Type to be able to sit in a wheelchair.
There was time to kill before Type's doctor's appointment so the trio went to the hospital's cafeteria to get something to eat.
The food was surprisingly good for hospital food, so good that Techno wondered if they should start to go there for a lunch.
After enjoying their late lunch Techno left as they were going to have a meeting about the soccer match. There had been A LOT of disagreements about what had truly happened at the field (Type's team believing their captain while the other team insisted that Chakrii hadn't even been close to Type when he had collapsed to the ground) and Techno, as a vice-captain, had agreed to go to the meeting.
After Techno left the couple returned to the waiting room, waiting anxiously for a doctor to call them in.
Thankfully it wasn't too much time later that they were called in.
Tharn wheeled Type in to the doctor's office, both of them greeting him as they arrived.
Tharn pushed Type near to the desk before getting a chair for himself which he placed right next to Type.
As they all had been seated the doctor looked through Type's information on the computer and then looked the MRI scan.
"Alright so in the MRI scan we can see really tiny contusion in the stomach area. It's right where the knee kicked you. There has been tiny amount of bleeding but it's already been fixed naturally. Though the contusion seems to be something we don't have to be worried about we still recommend for Mr. Phawattakun to stay in the hospital for the night so that we can monitor you. Just to be safe." Doctor explained, making Tharn sigh in relief as he nodded. "Yes of course, doctor. We will do whatever you see as the best."
"What about the baby?" Type asked instead. "Can you see damage in the baby?"
Doctor glanced at him, before shaking his head a bit.
"No. There is no bleeding in the uterus or any damage on the baby. But we can't be fully sure yet if the kick caused something internal like brain damage or such." He explained which made Type tense up. Tharn glanced at his boyfriend, seeing how anxious he was he gently placed his hand on Type's, squeezing it gently before looking up at the doctor.
"How likely is it that there would be some kind of injury in the baby?" He asked to which doctor hummed a bit before answering.
"Of course we can't always say anything for sure, but seeing that Mr. Phawattakun is on his 17th week and babies are still small the probability is lower."
By doctor's words Type quickly looked up at him with frowned eyebrows.
He could not have heard it right just now.
"I'm sorry what?" Type asked, making Tharn give his boyfriend a confused look.
Doctor looked at his patient with the same confused look before repeating
"I said that we can't always sa-"
"No, no, I got that. I meant... Did I hear you say babies? Like in plural?"
This made Tharn stare at Type with wide eyes before looking at the doctor who seemed to be surprised by the question.
"Well yes.. You are having twins after all."
This made both Tharn and Type stare at the doctor with wide eyes.

"We are having what?!" "What do you mean twins!?"

Both of them spat out in shock making the doctor stare at the couple with confused expression.
"You.. Didn't know?" He asked to which both of them shook their heads violently.
Doctor then turned towards his computer, pulling up the picture of the MRI scan and then turned the monitor towards the couple to show it to them.
And there indeed was two little babies in the picture.
"You can see both of them in this picture that was taken from your back. Here is baby A.." He told them pointing at the smaller baby "And here is baby B." He said and pointed at the bigger baby.
Tharn and Type both just stared at the MRI scan with their mouths open.
"Then.. How did we not see them both in the MRI scan we took where we found out that I was pregnant? Or why haven't we seen other baby in the ultrasound?"
At that the doctor hummed bit and rubbed his chin clearly thinking.
"When was the MRI taken?"
"When I was on my 9th week, right when I found out."
At that the doctor hummed again, staring at the picture. "Hmm.. Then maybe one of the babies were too small to be seen in the scan. Baby A is bit weirdly positioned here as you can see so I guess the baby you have seen before is baby B." Doctor said as he pointed the picture again, pointing out how baby A was actually quite far away from the other one and was positioned bit crookedly.
"Friedrich's syndrome gives men ability to have children but as Friedrich's syndrome is a gene mutation the uterus doesn't not develop properly like women's. Since the uterus is some kind of extra part that doesn't belong to male's anatomy the uterus is cramped to the back and because of the mutation it forms abnormally and thus is weirdly shaped."
As the doctor spoke Type felt slight annoyance towards him. He knew that he was doing his job, but the way he said things just made Type feel even more like a freak show than he already was.
But the doctor didn't seem to notice this at all as he kept going.
"So it could be that when you have had the ultrasounds that the baby A hadn't been able to be seen because of your disformed uterus. Honestly we just don't have enough studies about the matter so we don't exactly know how it works and how much of it is same as with normal uterus that women have."
Type decided to just ignore doctor's words that made him feel bad and instead looked at the scan picture.
Seeing the two babies was just weird as he had just gotten used to seeing one baby, but somehow it didn't freak him out.
He felt Tharn squeezing his hand which made Type look at him.
The couple stared at each other, both soon smiling
They were having twins.


"Mr. Phawattakun." The doctor called Type's name which made the said man look at him.
"Now knowing that this is the first time you are aware of the fact that you are having twins, I do have to give a warning.." He said, his voice sounding serious.
"There is really high chance that one of the babies won't make it."
Hearing this made both of the men's hearts drop.
"Even though male pregnancies are really rare there has been around five cases where males have been pregnant with twins and all those five births.. Either one of them or neither of them made it. As the male uterus is already much smaller and different shape there is really isn't much room for twins to grow. So either one of the twins might just stop developing and die in the uterus or when the twins are born they are both so small and underdeveloped that neither of them survive. Of course there is always higher risks when person is pregnant with multiples, but with male pregnancies there is always even more higher risks than with female pregnancies."
Both Type and Tharn held onto each other's hands, ever so tightly, not wanting to let go as the doctor kept on speaking.
"And as I said before one of the twins, baby A, is much smaller than baby B. And as we don't have any ultrasound recordings of baby A we don't really know has the baby developed at all for a while."
Doctor explained, making the couple glance at each other in worry.
Doctor paused, giving the couple look of sympathy before asking;
"When you had your ultrasounds has the doctor ever mentioned that there were multiple heartbeats?"
Type glanced at the doctor, then switched his gaze to his boyfriend who looked right back at him as they both recalled to past ultrasounds.
"She.. Never mentioned about two heartbeats.." Tharn answered, slowly realizing what this could mean.
Doctor nodded, turning the monitor back towards him and started typing something on his computer.
"I will make an ultrasound appointment for you guys for tomorrow, so we can check the baby before you go home."


"I still can't believe that there are two babies in me.."
Type whispered as he and Tharn laid on his hospital bed, their arms around each other and their legs lined just right so that they were very comfortable while cuddling to each other in ridiculously small bed. It was already late at night, but neither of them couldn't get any sleep.
Tharn hummed at Types words, brushing his thumb across Type's shoulder.
"Me neither.." He admitted.
"That's just crazy.. Two babies. That's like.. Two babies!" Type said, struggling to find a right words to explain how he was feeling.
Tharn couldn't help but laugh at his boyfriend's words, grinning at him teasingly.
"That's why they are called twins." He told him and earned a glare and light slap on a shoulder from the other.
"You know what I mean." Type scoffed and Tharn laughed again, but this time nodded.
"Yeah I know. It's crazy enough to think that we are going to be parents to a one baby so the thought of having two babies is just..."
The pair fell into silence, they both just enjoyed each other's warmth and touch while listening ventilation system's soft hum.
Type moved in Tharn's arms just enough that he could see his boyfriend properly.
"What if.. One of them doesn't make it?" He asked, his voice quiet.
Tharn stared into Type's eyes, seeing the worry and fear in them. He let out a soft sigh and pulled Type closer to him.
"Then.. We will do our best to be the best parents we can to the baby we have and forever remember our second child as well."
Type kept staring into Tharn's eyes, his gaze never leaving them.
"What if.. Neither of them make it?" He then asked, his voice even more quiet than before.
Tharn staid quiet for awhile, but he never let their eye contact to drop.
Then finally he quietly said.

"I honestly don't know..."