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Truth Or Dare

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"Why can't we just play normal truth or dare? Isn't this more complicated?" Soda asked as she joined the others on the floor in a lopsided circle, some of them on the couch and the rest of them on the floor. Tanthai had just finished going over the rules, and truth be told, she felt lost.

Junior, who had been the one to pester her into coming in the first place, just grinned. "It's more fun when it's random," he promised. "Trust me, we've done it this way before, and it's not that hard to play. You play truth or dare as usual, only you don't know who you're asking until you spin the bottle. It's basically the same thing."

Blue raised his hand, his fingers covered in cheese from the chips he had been munching on. "What happens if it lands on ourselves?" He asked.

"You don't need to raise your hand, we're not in class. And if that happens, you can just spin it again," Tutor answered him, and Blue, seemingly satisfied with that answer, went back to his chips. "Is everyone clear on the rules now?" Tutor asked, and they all nodded - Soda and Dew did too, albeit somewhat hesitantly. "Alright, then I'll start with something easy. Do you pour the milk or cereal first?"

The bottle landed on Dew, who rolled his eyes. "That's sort of lame," he scoffed, but answered anyways. "I pour the cereal first, of course. I'm no barbarian."

Next to him, Blue snickered.

"Okay, it's your turn," Saifah said, trying to get the game going.

"Alright, alright," Dew said, pausing for a minute to think. "I think I'll go with a dare. Whoever this lands on has to wear a peanut butter face mask for the next two turns." Both Hwahwa and Fighter made a face. Dew spun the bottle, and it landed on Soda, who instantly protested.

"No way, that's disgusting! I'll never be able to wash it off," she complained, but Tanthai was already up and on his feet, going to the kitchen to grab out a jar of peanut butter. "What's the alternative? I'd rather that," she said.

Junior grinned, holding up what looked like a jar of vomit. "You have to drink a fish and mayonnaise smoothie," he said, and Soda winced.

"Never mind, I'll do the peanut butter," she said just as Tanthai returned, jar in hand. She gingerly wiped the peanut butter over her face, careful to avoid her eyes and hairline. She shot Dew a fierce glare once she had finished, passing the jar back to Tanthai. "Thank goodness it's not chunky," she muttered, wiping her hands off on a napkin. "I get to go next, right? Hmm...what's something embarrassing you like to do when you're by yourself?" She asked out loud.

It landed on Japan, who went pink. "It doesn't have to be dirty, does it?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yes it does," Junior said quickly, just as Tanthai shook his head.

"It's my house and my rules," Tanthai said. "You can answer it however you want. Ignore Junior, he's being an idiot." Then he grinned, his eyes glinting. "Besides, I already know what you're going to say, anyway, and it's not that embarrassing." Japan looked away, his blush darkening.

"I...uh...I like cats," he eventually said. "My mom has one, and whenever I have free time I play with it."

"It's really cute," Tanthai said warmly, and Japan ducked his head shyly.

"Not really," he mumbled.

Soda nodded, looking between the two of them suspiciously. "Well, it's not that embarrassing, but I'll accept it. I just want to get this off of me." She pouted.

"You look cute like that," Junior offered helpfully, she Soda stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'll do a truth as well," Japan said. "Who do you think is the most attractive person in this room?"

They watched the bottle spin, eventually slowing to stop on Zon. Seeming surprised, as if he hadn't thought he'd have to actually to play, Zon sat there gaping awkwardly for a moment before he looked up, wide eyed. "What if I don't think any of you are attractive?" He stammered.

"Ouch," Day said, feigning hurt. "Not even the girls? You did see Hwahwa was here, right?"

"Then I pick Hwahwa," Zon said quickly.

Saifah frowned. "What if none of us believe you?" He asked. "You have to tell the truth. Who do you think is the most attractive? We're not going to be offended." Everyone else agreed, and Zon relented.

In a voice so quiet it was basically a whisper, he answered, "Saifah."

"Ha, I knew it!" Soda exclaimed. "You've been sneaking glances all night!"

Zon scowled, clearly flustered. "I'm not saying I like him, I'm just answering the question honestly! You're getting too many ideas from my sister's dumb gay fanfictions! Don't you want to wash your face or something?"

"Thank goodness, it feels horrible," Soda said, seemingly unaware that he had changed the subject. "I'll be right back, you can play without me. This might take a while, it's sticky." She left to for the bathroom, and the game continued, with Zon daring the next person to take the ugliest selfie they could and uploading it as their Instagram profile picture. The bottled landed on Hwahwa, who managed to somehow make a triple-chin while going crosseyed.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing, except for Day, who went on Instagram to like it.

"If Fighter, Tutor, and I were stuck in a burning building and you could only save one of us, who would it be?" Hwahwa asked once the laughter settled down, crossing her fingers as she spun the bottle. Her face lit up when it landed on Day.

"You, obviously," he said quickly, and Hwahwa smiled shyly, clearly pleased. Everyone saw the heart eyes they were making at each other. Not even Blue - who hardly knew them - could miss it.

Tutor pouted, trying to hide his smile. "You suck up.

"It's true," Day said, tearing his gaze away from Hwahwa. "You two can save yourselves."

Saifah cleared his throat. "Can we continue, please? I want a turn as well."

"Fine," Day said, stopping to think for a minute. Saifah's leg bounced impatiently. "Oh, I got a good one! Call your crush and sing 'happy birthday' to them, then hang up without explanation."

Most of the people in the room grinned, oohing as Day leaned over to spin the bottle. Zon had gone pale, and so had Fighter, surprisingly enough. Soda came back then, taking her place between Junior and Hwahwa. The bottle stopped at Tanthai.

He stared at it for a minute, silently willing to move, just an inch, but it didn't. "Go on," Saifah urged, and Junior snickered. Tanthai took in a shaky breath, suddenly wishing he could change the rules, just for one round. He was technically in charge, but he couldn't just skip his own turn. With shaking hands, he turned on his phone and scrolled through his contacts until he found who he was looking for.

Please have your phone on silent, he begged, clicking the 'call' button.

For a second, he thought he was safe, but then Japan's phone started to ring, and his heart plummeted. This was not how he planned on telling him. It wasn't even close to ideal. He didn't have time to prepare any excuse, either.

The room had gone deathly silent, with Japan staring at his phone as if he thought it might suddenly bite him and Tanthai wishing that a rock would fall on his head and end this suffering as Japan's ringtone stretched on and on.

"Well? Pick it up," Soda said.

Japan's head snapped up, though he pointedly kept his gaze off of Tanthai, who felt increasingly worse by the second.

"Do I have to?" He asked.

Unable to bear it any longer, Tanthai hung up, stuffing his phone in his pocket. "I have to use the restroom," he lied, hurrying off before anyone could say anything. The rest of the group watched him leave, still stunned.

"I didn't know something like this would happen," Day said, his face falling. "I shouldn't have asked that."

Japan just shook his head, face still scorching hot. "No, it's alright. I'll go get him, I'm sure he's just embarrassed."

"Wait," Hwahwa said before he could leave. "Do you like him, too?"

"That doesn't matter," he muttered, scratching at the back of his neck as he backed away from the circle. "It's not my turn, anyway. You guys just wait here, okay?" He left, stopping at the bathroom door. He waited a moment before knocking hesitantly. "Are you okay?" He asked.

Tanthai opened the door at the sound of his crush's voice. "I'm okay," he answered with a smile, glad his blush had receded for the most part. "I'm, uh...I'm sorry you had to find out like that. We can just pretend it didn't happen, if you want."

"Or..." Japan couldn't believe he was about to say this. "We could hang out on Friday after school?"

Tanthai's eyes went wide, and without thinking, he squealed out loud, no doubt audible to those still waiting in the living room. "Yes, of course! I can take you to get ice cream, and I'll pay for everything!"

"There's no need, I can pay for myself," Japan said, now flustered. He hadn't expected such a strong reaction, though he probably should have. It was Tanthai, after all. "We can make plans later. Everyone else is waiting. It's still your turn, remember?"

They returned to the living room, both blushing messes.

"Sorry about that," Tanthai apologized once he had taken his seat. "Do I have to drink the fish smoothie now?"

"Nah, I think you're good," Tutor said. "You didn't sing happy birthday to him, but you did sort of ask him out - or at least he asked you out - which is more than what you were dared to do, so we can drop it."

"You heard?" Tanthai asked, wincing.

The others hesitated, exchanging glances. "Well," Blue eventually spoke up. "We sort of heard everything. But don't get embarrassed, we won't say anything about it! Let's just continue the game."

Tanthai dipped his head gratefully, then reached for the bottle. "I dare whoever this lands on to eat a teaspoon full of mustard."

"Lame," Dew said. "If it lands on me again..."

"Then we'll up it to a tablespoon," Tutor cut in. "Just spin it, Tanthai. Try to get it to land on Fighter."

"Why me?" Fighter complained.

Luckily for him, the bottle landed on Junior. He gagged dramatically as he forced the mustard down, even though it really wasn't that bad. Their group had played truth or dare many times before, and once they had really ramped it up, daring each other to eat or drink increasingly disgusting things. Since they had invited some new people this time - Soda, Dew, Blue, Japan, and Saifah, respectfully - they agreed to tone it down.

"That tastes nasty," Junior complained. "I need something sweet to cover up the aftertaste. Soda, can you kiss me?"

She rolled her eyes, handing him the bottle with a withering glare. "In your dreams. Just spin the bottle, dork." Despite her words, she shot him a sly smile once the others were no longer looking at her.

"Okay, I have a truth," Junior announced. "What's your favorite thing about your crush?"

Zon once again felt sick with anxiety, and he squeezed his eyes shut as Junior spun the bottle, praying to whoever would listen that the bottle wouldn't land on him. He had already admitted that he found Saifah attractive, and he really didn't want to humiliate himself any more than he already had. He hadn't even wanted to play in the first place. Usually he didn't mind, because really, it was a fun game, but not when he was playing too!

"Aww man," Junior whined when the bottle landed on Blue. "I was hoping Tanthai would get this one."

Blue blinked, looking a bit stunned. "I'm not sure," he said uncertainly, glancing at Dew for the briefest of seconds before dropping his gaze, his expression conflicted. "I like...I like two people. One of them is very nice to me, and he always makes me happy whenever I see him, but the other guy is manly and handsome and I get butterflies whenever our eyes meet." He looked up from the floor, cheeks pink. "Is that an alright answer?"

"You like guys?" Tutor asked, and Blue shrugged.

"Yeah...I guess so," he answered, shrinking back into the couch cushions, face pink. "That's not really all that weird, right? I mean, most of you are gay too, aren't you? Or at least you're kind of interested in guys. Right?"

Saifah coughed, choking on his root beet in surprise.

"We all know Zon is gay for Saifah," Soda pointed out. "And Tanthai and Japan are pretty much dating now. No one is judging you, Blue."

"Besides, Champ is a nice guy," Tanthai added helpfully.

Dew scowled, his cheeks flaring with heat, and he gently nudged Blue with his elbow. "It's still your turn," he said, his voice coming less angry and more like a soft, almost shy grumble. "Pick a truth or dare."

Hwahwa and Tutor exchanged glances, both trading poorly concealed grins.

"Sorry. I, uh...out of everyone you know, who do you feel the most comfortable around?" He asked, and the bottle landed on Tutor.

Tutor smiled, not even needing to think before he answered. "My older sister, definitely. We've always been super close, and we can tell each other anything." Then he paused, glancing over at Fighter. "Can I pick who I ask my truth too? Because Fighter hasn't gone yet."

Tanthai sighed. "Fine, go ahead. But it's a one time thing, okay? No one else gets to do that."

Tutor looked Fighter dead in the eye, the air now sizzling with tension. Though they had been friends for a while, Hwahwa couldn't remember ever seeing such an intense look in Tutor's eyes.

"Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable, P'Fight?" He asked bluntly, his lips curling up into a mischievous smirk when Fighter went quiet, his eyes wide and full of panic. No one had expect a question like that, especially not from Tutor.

Fighter swallowed, hating how just a single question from Tutor could make it so hard to breathe. "Yeah," Fighter said in almost a whisper, maintaining eye contact for only a second before he turned away, visibly shaken. "Can I, uh, have the bottle, please?"

Tutor passed it to him, still grinning, clearly please with how flustered he had managed to make Fighter.

"I dare you to spend the next ten minutes blindfolded," Fighter said, grateful he had come up with a dare beforehand. If he had tried to come up with one on the spot after what Tutor had asked, he probably would've panicked and forgotten how to speak.

Tutor smirked, the wicked glint in his eyes making something inside of Fighter burn, hot and suffocating in his chest. "Kinky," he mouthed, for Fighter's eyes only, and Fighter glared at him, hoping Tutor couldn't tell how flustered he was.

The bottle landed on Blue, who allowed Tanthai to tie a scarf around his eyes without complaint. "Is it fair for him to go two times?" Dew asked as Tanthai set a timer on his phone. "I mean, I know it's randomized, but he just went."

"I don't mind," Blue said, smiling sweetly in the direction of Dew's voice. "P'Dew, could you fed me, please? I didn't finish my Cheetos."

Soda let out a soft aww as Dew obediently grabbed his half-eaten bag of Cheetos, pulling out her phone so she could get a picture to send Zol later. Blue opened his mouth, and Dew careful fed him, ignoring how everyone was staring at them. Blue smiled gratefully, leaning his head against Dew's shoulder. Blue knew that if he had been able to see Dew's reaction, he never would've dare to do this, but with the blindfold on it didn't seem nearly as bad.

"P'Dew, can you spin the bottle for me?" Blue asked.

"Sure," Dew said thickly, overwhelmed by Blue's sudden closeness. "Are you doing truth or dare?"

"Truth. Um...have you ever kissed a boy?" He asked, secretly hoping it wound land on Dew. He wanted to know if he was okay dating another guy, but then again, he almost hoped he'd answer no, because he wanted to be the first one. He felt almost guilty for thinking such a thing when Champ was so kind to him, but Blue couldn't help but be drawn to Dew as well as Champ. "Who did it land on?" He asked when he heard it stop spinning.

"Tutor," Dew answered.

Tutor went silent, doing his best to keep his eyes from wandering over to Fighter, who had gone equally quiet, his eyes filling with. For a second he debated lying, but he wasn't the type to cheat. "Yes," he answered shortly.

"Who?" Blue asked, sounding a little too excited.

"I already answered the question," Tutor said shortly. "And that's none of your business. Give me the bottle." He felt bad for snapping at Blue. It wasn't his fault Fighter had been toying with him. "Uh...whoever the bottle lands on gets to pick two people to kiss," he said, not really thinking about what he was saying. A part of him hoped that whoever it landed on would pick him and Fighter, though he wasn't sure why.

He must be confused.

"Yes!" Junior exclaimed when it landed on him. "I already know who I'm going to chose."

"Don't," Tanthai warned, but to no avail.

"Japan and Tanthai," Junior said, beaming.

Blue pouted, still leaning up against Dew. "Aww, I'm going to miss it! How much longer until I can take this off?"

Since Tanthai was currently distracted, Soda check his phone for him. "Four minutes," she answered.

What an awkward way to have our first kiss, Japan thought ruefully as he scooted closer to Tanthai, ignoring the catcalls and cheers from their friends. If he thought about it too much he might chicken out. "Is this alright?" He asked, setting his hand on the back of Tanthai's hand, his fingers threading through his hair.

Tanthai nodded, at a loss for words. He had expected Japan to refuse, not be the one to initiate it! Tanthai let his eyes drift shut as Japan pulled him closer, lips parting when he felt Japan's breath ghost against his skin.

Japan didn't want to draw it out for too long, especially not when they were being watched. Still, he relished every second of that kiss, however short it was. Tanthai seemed even more unsure than him, but in the moment, it didn't matter to either of them.

When they pulled away, Tanthai was beaming, his eyes sparkling.

"Okay, moving on," Saifah said when he saw that they were just going to stare at each other. "This is getting awkward. Junior, spin the bottle."

"I think it's sweet," Zon piped up from his corner of the couch.

Junior snatched the bottle off of the floor. "I have a dare," he stated. "Whoever this lands on has to sit in someone's lap for the next three rounds."

"Do they get to pick whose lap they sit in?" Hwahwa asked.

"Sure," Junior agreed. "That makes it more interesting."

Just like last time, Zon wasn't prepared for it to stop on him. In a panic, he blurted out the first name that came to mind, which just happened to be Saifah. Instantly he regretted it when he saw the evil glint in Saifah's eyes.

"Come here, my Zon," he said, holding his arms open and beckoning him forward. Zon debated kicking him in the shins, but decided against it, at least for now. He crossed the circle on shaking legs, silently cursing himself for saying such a stupid thing. Literally anyone else would've been preferable to him. He tried to ignore Saifah's smug grin as he crawled onto his lap, purposely kneeing him in the gut as he situated himself.

Saifah wrapped his arms around Zon's waist as he settled down in his lap, letting out a content hum, as if this is what he had been waiting for all night. Saifah rested his chin on the top of Zon's head, his grip tightening when Zon went to reach for the bottle.

"Someone else spin for him," Saifah said.

Zon would've glare at him if he could, but at this point he didn't think it was worth the effort. "I'll just do a truth," he said. "What's your dream date?"

"Zon's asking the cute questions," Saifah teased. Japan spun the bottle for him, and it landed on himself.

Japan thought for a minute, seemingly unbothered by how Tanthai was clinging to his arm like a koala. "It's hard to pick just one," Japan said. "But someday I'd like to go to London, just for a short vacation. What do you think?" He asked, turning his attention to Tanthai, who nodded eagerly.

"That sounds great, honey," he answered, and Japan pushed him away, smiling shyly to himself.

"Guys, I'm trying to eat here," Tutor said, and Tanthai ducked his head, smiling to himself as he snuggled up closer to Japan, who was trying to come up with a good question to ask.

"Hmm...oh, I got one. Have you ever read the fanfiction Zol wrote about you?" He asked, and Day pointed out that he couldn't have, because Zol never wrote anything about him - not like he seemed very upset about that.

"If it lands on you we can just pass it to whoever is on your left," Tanthai decided.

It just barely missed Day, choosing to land on Dew instead, who instantly went pink. "Well, duh. Hasn't everyone read it? I didn't really want to, of course! I was just curious to see what she wrote about me, I'm not actually into that kind of stuff."

Tanthai's alarm went off just then, making Blue jump.

"The ten minutes are up," Tanthai said, as if it that weren't obvious. Blue pulled off his blindfold, eager to be a part of the game once more. He blinked at the sudden brightness, not quite prepared for it.

"Do you have a dare, P'Dew?" Blue asked after his eyes adjusted, and Dew chuckled - always a bad sign.

"Swap an ice cube from your mouth to the mouth of the person next to you without using your hands," Dew said. Tutor and Junior exchanged semi-disgusted glances, while Saifah smirked, giving Zon a playful nudge.

"Isn't that a bit too much?" Blue asked, but Dew just shrugged.

"Fine by me," Soda said. "Come on, it's getting late, and I still have to get ready for bed."

The bottle spun for an agonizingly long time, finally landing on Fighter. "No," he said, maybe a little too quickly. He had two options, either Zon or Tutor, and he was pretty sure that if he picked Zon, Saifah would have his head. That left Tutor, and that was not an option. "I refuse."

"Smoothie?" Junior offered, holding up the nasty fish and mayonnaise concoction, and Fighter sighed.

"Fine," he said, turning to Tutor. "Don't do anything weird, okay?"

"Don't you have faith in me, P'Fight?" Tutor asked with a pout, though judging by the way he was looking at Fighter, he was right in doubting him. Tutor set a hand on Fighter's knee, moving closer, his eyes searching Fighter's face. "Nervous?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"As if," Fighter scoffed, though his hands shook as he took the piece of ice from Tanthai. It's just part of the game. It doesn't mean anything, he told himself, slipping the ice between his lips. He didn't have time to hesitate, or the ice would melt. He moved in until they were barely an inch apart, not quite kissing, but they were still too close for comfort. Fighter tried not to think about all the times they had kissed, because those weren't really kisses, because Fighter hadn't meant them. Right.

At least, that's what he tried to tell himself, but he knew that if they weren't being watched, he'd have kissed Tutor full on, no questions asked. He was addicted to Tutor's lips, addicted to how Tutor responded to him.

Fighter slid the melting ice cube between his lips with his tongue, and Tutor tilted his head to side, his lips parting in an unspoken invitation. Fighter caved, unable to resist as their lips connected. He pushed what was left of the ice between Tutor's lips, his breath hitching at the soft whine Tutor let out as their lips molded together.

"You know, the dare wasn't to kiss," Dew said as they finally broke away, with Tutor blushing and Fighter out of breath.

Tutor sat back in his seat, pulling his knees up to his chest. His eyes kept darting over to Fighter, who refused to look up from the floor. "It's my turn to spin, right?" He asked, doing his best to act unbothered. He had just kissed Tutor - something he told himself he wouldn't do again - and in front of the majority of their friends. He couldn't even think of a dare, his mind too wrapped up in playing back the memory of Tutor's ridiculously tempting mouth.

"Fighter? You okay?" Day asked.

"Yeah," Fighter answered, forcing himself to focus on the game. He could freak out about Tutor later, after everyone else was asleep. "I just needed to think."

"Why? Flustered?" Soda teased, resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

"Of course not, just disgusted," Fighter lied.

"Wait, it's been three rounds now, hasn't it?" Zon asked, perking up. He pushed Saifah's arm away, and this time, he didn't resist as Zon scrambled out of his lap. He did, however, catch Zon's arm, keeping him next to him.

"Well, Fighter? What's your dare?" Junior pressed.

"My dare is to trade shirts with someone else in this room."

Dew frowned. "What did of a dare is that?"

"What sort of a dare is exchanging an ice cube with your mouths?" Fighter shot back, glancing down at the bottle, which was already spinning. "Too late to take it back now, anyway." It slowed to a stop, landing on Saifah. His entire face lit up, and Fighter realized that this was the first time it had actually landed on him.

"Zon," he said without hesitation, looking as happy as a giant puppy.

Hwahwa looked between the two of them, clearly noticing the flaw in Saifah's plan. "Will you be able to fit in Zon's shirt? He's a lot smaller than you. Maybe pick someone closer to your size, like P'Japan?" She suggested, but Saifah was already stripping out of his shirt, and Zon squeaked, hiding his face.

"Zon will look cute in my clothes," Saifah explained, and Soda rolled her eyes.

"Just go out together already," she said.

"I don't like him!" Zon protested, but the pink in his cheeks and the shy smile on his lips said otherwise.

Tanthai groaned, hiding his face in Japan's shoulder as Saifah tried to wiggle into Zon's too small t-shirt. "I can't watch, it's too awkward," he whined, and Japan chuckled, silently agreeing with him. Not even Fighter and Tutor shoving their tongues into each others' mouths was this bad.

"Next time, we should play Never Have I Ever," Japan said.

Zon, still scowling, pulled Saifah's oversized shirt of his head, and Saifah had been right about it being cute, because Zon looked absolutely tiny in Saifah's clothes. "Happy?" Zon grumbled, and Saifah beamed.

"My Zon is so tiny," he teased, and Zon stuck out his tongue.

"We're still playing a game, here," Fighter said, more than ready for bed at this point. "Can we be done after this round? After Saifah goes, we'd have all had a turn."

Saifah tore his gaze away from Zon, though he kept a firm grip on his waist to keep him close. "I have a dare," Saifah said, and based on the evil twinkle in his eye, it wasn't going to end well for someone in this room - probably Zon.

"Make it a hard one, I don't want to waste this!" Junior said, holding up the smoothie.

Saifah turned to Zon, trying to pull an innocent face which ended up failing miserably. "You have to kiss me."

"What? That's not how the game works!" Zon protested, wiggling out of Saifah's grasp. "That's not how the game works, right?" He turned to Tanthai, looking for support from his friend, but Tanthai just shrugged.

"I'll allow it," he said.

Saifah smirked victoriously, his usually friendly eyes turning all dark and hungry, like they sometimes did when he was looking at Zon.

"That's not fair, you guys are teaming up against me! I want to play something else," Zon whined, even as Saifah wrapped an arm around him, easily pulling him forward. It wasn't fair that Saifah was so much bigger and stronger than him.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Soda said, holding up her hand. "Let me get out my phone, I have to send pictures to Zol! She'll want to see this."

"Don't, it's already humiliating enough," Zon complained.

Saifah's smile disappeared, his expression now serious.  "If you really don't want to do this, we don't have to. I can take the punishment for it. I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Zon didn't want to admit this, but honestly...he didn't really mind the idea of kissing Saifah, even if it was in front of their friends. He liked Saifah - of course, he'd die before admitting it out loud, at least at this point in time - and it was a dare, the perfect excuse to kiss him without being questioned or feeling pressured into becoming something more with Saifah before he was ready.

"It's alright," Zon said, smiling to show he was being genuine. "It's just a game, right?"

"Right," Saifah echoed, though they both knew it was more than a game to them. Their friends didn't need to know, though.

Zon sat up a bit higher so he could reach Saifah's mouth, and placed a quick kiss on his lips. Saifah let out a pleased hum, his hand coming up to rest on the back of Zon's head so he could deepen the kiss, if only for a second. Zon jerked away, turning his back on Saifah so he could hide his uncontrollable smile.

"So...are we done playing now?" Blue asked after the silence stretched on for an uncomfortably long time. "It is getting late."

"Fine by me," Tanthai said, and everyone else agreed.

Tanthai dutifully picked everything up - with Japan's help - as the others got ready for bed, setting up their sleeping bags and taking turns to change in the bathroom. The girls went to sleep in Tanthai's mom's room, which had been a rule she was very strict about. The girls could stay over, but they couldn't sleep in the same room as the boys. It was kind of silly, seeing as a good chunk of them were gay, but Tanthai hadn't wanted to argue with her.

"Good night, everyone," Blue piped up after the lights were turned off and everyone was settled down.

"Be quiet," Dew said next to him, his voice no more than a sleepy grumble.

Saifah, who had been lucky enough to get a spot next to Zon, didn't think he'd be able to sleep for a while. His lips were still tingling with warmth, and his heart beat like mad in his chest, neither of which were helped by Zon's close proximity.

Fighter was wide awake as well, his face scorching as he finally let himself play back the memories of his and Tutor's latest kiss.

Tanthai, on the other hand, was already starting to doze off. All in all, a successful party, he decided. He smiled to himself, thinking back to when Japan had asked him out. Yes, a very successful party.