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Star Trek Rambles, One Shots, and Ideas

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“Jim, where are we going?” Bones asked for what felt like the thousandth time.

“You’ll see, Bones!” the Captain responded for what felt like the thousandth time, dragging his best friend almost aimlessly around the academy. It was nostalgic to be here, the two having graduated years ago, but they had a bit of shoreleave on Earth and the Enterprise had just docked at the academy. 

“Jim, we’ve been circling for half an hour,” Bones said as he wrenched his wrist from the man’s grip, stopping and sitting down on a nearby bench.

“Not quite,” a voice spoke up, Bones head whipping over to see his partner, who had been undercover for the past month with radio silence. You smirked at his dropped jaw as you lowered your sunglasses so he could see the mischievous twinkle in your eyes where you sat on the other side of the bench. “Jim’s been dragging you past me for the past 24 minutes waiting for you to notice me,” you giggled, and Bones looked between the two of you in shock.

He shook his head in wonderment at how he was still surprised at your and Jim’s antics. Despite the slight bitterness in his chest that he had wasted 24 minutes walking around the quad that he could have been spending with you, Bones wasted no more time in sliding across the bench and cupping your cheek in his large, calloused hands. You smiled at the coldness of his wedding band against your cheek.

“I missed you,” you said softly, and Bones leaned in to give you a passionate kiss on the lips.

“Can I go now?” Jim piped up, and Bones barely broke the kiss to shoot him a glare. “See ya Bones, Sage,” he gave you both a lazy salute as he turned in the direction of the campus bar.

“As long as he doesn’t crash at ours tonight, everything is fine,” you said after Bones had his fill of kisses for the moment, and the Doctor laughed.

“I don’t think he’d dare after last time, darling,” he responded, and a warmth spread to your cheeks at the pet name. You weren’t sheepish about his affection, you had been married over two years now, after all, but it was more of a happy glow that took over your face at hearing the endearment again after going a month without it. Bones took your hand, grasping it in both of his, thumbing absentmindedly over your own wedding band.

“I missed you so much,” he said, staring into your eyes with the most adoring intensity. You were always elated at the look, at the fact that he had worn the same look on your wedding day, and none of the intense adoration had faded. You gave him a soft peck, though the kiss was cut off by both of your beaming smiles. A beeping came from Bones’ padd, and he pulled away with a groan. It was a message from Uhura.

U: You joining us for drinks?

He glanced at you with a smile before typing a reply, twisting the padd slightly so you could read it.

M: Not tonight, Sage’s home

Not seconds later, the padd beeped again.

U: They’re home?! That’s great! I expect to see you both tomorrow!

You giggled at how she didn’t even ask, it being a given to her that she would see you. It was reasonable, of course, she had been your maid of honor, and you two were still best friends. Bones’ heart swelled at hearing your laughter again, and he stood up, one hand still grasping your own. You both leisurely strolled to your apartment in the city, just off campus. Neither of you spent much time in it, Bones being deployed on the Enterprise most of the time and you on various missions. At one point during the walk Bones broke away for a moment, telling you he’d catch up, and you’d eyed him skeptically before continuing to walk as he asked.

Soon he sidled up to you again, a pretty bouquet in his hands.

“If you had told me, I could have planned ahead,” he murmured in your ear after you placed a thankful kiss on his cheek.

“But then I wouldn’t have gotten to watch Jim drag you around the quad,” you teased, and your husband grumbled slightly at the reminder.

“You two are a damn menace when you’re together,” he said, and you smirked. “Thankfully it doesn’t happen often,” he added as an afterthought, and you let out a chuckle. He glanced at you with furrowed brows, and you smiled innocently back at him. “What’s with the look?” he asked worriedly, glancing around as if expecting water balloons or some other elaborate prank to come flying at him. “What’re you two planning?” he asked, and you shook your head fondly.

“Let’s go home, yeah?” you prompted instead of answering his question, and Bones groaned as he rolled his eyes, now slightly on edge in anticipation of whatever prank you and Jim had put together. Regardless of his trepidation, Bones threw an arm around your shoulder, pulling your body close to his as you walked.

“I’m gonna go shower, but you should look through this!” you said once the two of you returned to your apartment, handing him a file. Bones raised an eyebrow at you but you simply smiled impishly as you moved to your bedroom and attached ensuite. 

Bones opened the file, half expecting something to fly out at him, but it was just a normal piece of paper. His brows furrowed before he quickly scanned the letter. His eyes zeroed in on one sentence in particular: Request to transfer to the USS Enterprise: Granted . Bones let out an overjoyed laugh as he flung the file onto the coffee table, rushing after you and quickly stripping to join you in the shower.

“You’re gonna be on the Enterprise with me?” he asked, wrapping his arms around you from behind. You nodded with a smile, turning and kissing his lips before grabbing the shampoo. Bones raised his eyebrows when he saw it was his shampoo, but you simply smiled and switched your positions, having him crouch down so you could run your hands through his dark tresses. Bones shut his eyes in bliss as your fingers massaged his scalp.

“I love you,” he sighed as you pushed him to be under the spray, rinsing his hair out before switching your positions once more, prompting Bones to give your hair the same treatment. He did so happily, squirting some shampoo onto his palm and running his hands through your hair.

“I love you too, Len,” you responded, leaning back slightly so your back was resting against his chest.

You two stayed in the shower a little longer, just savoring the other’s presence as the water ran over your bodies. Your head rested in the crook on Bones’ neck, and his chin rested on top of your head as you two tenderly embraced. Bones eventually turned the water off when you started to “turn all pruney” as he put it, wrapping you in a towel and then grabbing one for himself.

“How’d you manage the transfer?” Bones asked when you two were laying in your bed, you laying across his chest.

“It just so happens,” you lowered your voice to a whisper as you looked at him conspiratorially. “I know the captain,” you said as if it was a grave secret, and Bones just chuckled as he shook his head.

“I told you, you two plotting is dangerous,” he joked, and you narrowed your eyes playfully at him, swatting lightly at his chest.

“So you’d rather I didn’t plot with him to get on the Enterprise?” you challenged, and Bones quickly shook his head, arms tightening around your figure.

“Oh no,” he muttered gravely after a moment of comfortable silence. You hummed in question, eyes closed as you rested against him. “I just realized you and Jim will be on the same ship,” he said, and you laughed at him.

“Only just?” he glared at you.

“Hush,” he silenced you with a passionate kiss on your lips.