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Request: Spock (Star Trek TOS) and Nonbinary!Reader celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary (I’m a sucker for romantic fluff)!


“Uh… you can’t go in there!” Sulu frantically dove in front of the door as Spock tried to enter.

“Those are my quarters,” the vulcan responded, his head tilting and eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Uh… yeah,” Sulu shrugged with a nervous smile. His shoulders sagged in relief when he saw Bones and Captain Kirk walking down the hallway towards him. “Bones!” he called, and the doctor looked up from his datapad in surprise. “Didn’t you have something you wanted to speak to Spock about?” Bones’ brows furrowed in confusion before he saw Sulu’s pleading look. His eyes widened in realization, and he nodded.

“Yes! Um…” he trailed off, frantically trying to think of something to divert Spock’s attention. “Come with me,” he finally said, and Spock’s eyebrows rose as he looked between the two humans. He knew they were plotting something, but decided to humor them for now.

The door swoosh ed open behind Sulu, and you poked your head out.

“Is he gone?” you asked, and Sulu nodded. “Good,” you grabbed his wrist and tugged him into yours and Spock’s shared quarters. He stumbled, but was quick to recover.

“What do you need me to do?” he asked, looking around and seeing the many vulcan foods on the table as well as a wrapped gift sitting on one chair. You bit your lip, leading him to a closet and opening the door.

“How do I get this to not kill me?” you asked, and Sulu’s eyes widened as he saw the plant that was resting in your closet. It was a cactus native to Vulcan, and it released toxins periodically that were toxic to humans.

“Where did you get that?” he asked, stepping back, and you shrugged.

“Vulcan, where else?” you answered. Sulu rolled his eyes at your sass, but went over to the replicator in your room.

“Computer, sugar water in a spray bottle,” he commanded, and it materialized in front of him. He picked it up and passed it to you. “Spraying it once a day with sugar water should be good,” he explained, and you nodded, taking the bottle and spritzing the plant.

“Thank you,” you beamed, and he smiled slightly back before turning and beginning to make his way back to his plant lab.

“Happy anniversary,” he smiled, and you continued to beam, waving at him as the door closed behind him.

After being led on a two hour long wild goose chase all over the ship, Spock had finally called Bones’ bluff. The doctor had shrugged, but didn’t say anything, and Spock left him even more confused than before.

Spock’s normally perfect posture drooped in exhaustion as he made his way back to your shared quarters. He was looking forward to spending a quiet evening with you for your fourth anniversary. He fiddled with the wedding ring on his finger as he thought of it, a soft smile coming to his face. This had become more common in the past couple years since he had married you. Crew members no longer gawked when he openly displayed emotion, and instead they simply shrugged it off.

The doors to your quarters opened, and Spock’s eyes widened at the plethora of vulcan foods spread out on the table.

“Happy anniversary, Spock!” you greeted, going to him and giving him a tight hug. He smiled at you, arms wrapping around you and he placed a kiss on your cheek. You pouted, and he sighed fondly, giving you a peck on the lips as well. You nodded, satisfied and pulled away.

“I thought we were having spaghetti,” He raised his eyebrows at you, and you shrugged with a sheepish smile.

“I changed my mind,” Spock shook his head fondly as you led him over to the table and encouraged him to take a seat. As soon as he was seated, you thrust a neatly wrapped parcel into his hands. His eyes widened as he looked at it in confusion.

“What’s this?” he asked, and you shrugged once more.

“You’ll have to open it and see!” you smiled brightly at him, and he returned the smile as he carefully opened the present. His eyes widened again when he saw the package.

“New strings?” he asked in surprise, and you nodded.

“It’s been years since you changed the strings on your lute,” you explained. “Plus, your fingers turn green whenever you play it now,” he smiled, setting the package on the table and pulling you closer to him so he could give you a sound kiss on the lips.

“Thank you,” he murmured against your lips, and you gave him another kiss.

“Of course,” you responded before turning and going to the closet. “There’s one more thing!” you called over your shoulder as you opened the door, and Spock’s eyes narrowed as he tried to think of what else you could have possibly got him. He frantically stood and crossed the room when you turned and he saw the cactus in your hands. He took it from you and began to examine you closely. He said your name cautiously.

“These are toxic to humans,” he muttered, setting it down near his feet before taking your face in his hands, turning you from side to side as he looked for evidence that you had inhaled the toxins.

“I know,” you told him, your hands coming to grab his, You placed a kiss to the back on his knuckles in reassurance. “I talked to Sulu, sugar water counteracts the toxins apparently,” you explained, and Spock sighed in relief, pulling you against his chest. He said your name again, though this time there was fond exasperation in his tone.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked, and you smiled impishly at him.

“Have dinner and celebrate our anniversary?” you suggested, and he sighed, placing a kiss on your forehead before leading you back to the table.

“Happy anniversary,” he said as you both began to eat, and you beamed across the table at each other.