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Darcy's Avenger Collage Book

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It's not easy being the normal one of the entire kit and caboodle hanging around the Avengers. They just don't do normal around here. There are the super heroes, the super geniuses, and the super agents. Every single one of the people she hangs out with falls into one of those categories. (Don't get started talking about Pepper Potts. Being the CEO of Stark Industries, in charge of the Stark households - yes, plural - and the ladylove of Tony-frickin'-Stark - aka Iron Man - qualifies. Seriously, it does.) That pretty much leaves Darcy as the token "norm" in the bunch.

It may also lead outsiders to question her sanity, but that doesn't bother her. She wouldn’t trade her life for anything. Sometimes though, even she questions herself when she does something off the wall mental.

Kind of like today.

She spent all day putting together a strange little book of collages, one for each of the supers in her life and one for herself. Now that she’s finished, she’s trying to decide what to do with it. Should she hide it away? Should she put it out where the others could see it?

She stared down at it and sighed. Finally she slipped down to the media room and placed it on the center coffee table with a note.