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Carry Me Home Tonight

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It was around 7pm when Shuichi Saihara approached Kokichi Ouma in the dining hall. The purplette had been sitting on the end of the table, next to Miu and opposite Kiibo. They had all slowly formed a strong bond, and were a lot closer to each other than they were at the beginning of the killing game.

Then, Shuichi got up from his seat at the other end of the table with Kaito and Maki and walked over to Kokichi. He placed a hand on the back of his head and was blushing slightly. "Hey, Kokichi, w-would you mind coming outside with me?" he asked quietly. A grin appeared on the leader's face, as he looked up at the detective.

"Oh, what are we going to do outside, huh, Mr Detective? Are you gonna do something perverted to me?" Kokichi responded, still with that cheeky, annoying grin plastered on his face. Shuichi's blush darkened as he moved his hand up on his forehead. "No! W-why would I?" he stammered nervously. "Oh, just wondering." was Kokichi's reply.

The shorter boy stood up and made his way over to the door, Shuichi following close behind. He waved to Miu and Kiibo, "wish me luck guys!" and laughed. Miu gave a thumbs up whilst Kiibo facepalmed with an embarrassed smile. Once outside, Shuichi grabbed Kokichi's hand and began leading him over to a little hill. Kokichi blushed and looked down with wide eyes when he felt his hand being embraced.

The grass was a dark green, and the moon was reflecting a bright light onto the dome, making the grass glow slightly. On the top of the hill was a tree, where Shuichi sat with his back against, and Kokichi sat next to him. "Sooo.. Why did you bring me out here, Saihara-Chan?" Kokichi asked, genuinely confused.

Shuichi turned away and said, "I just wanted to look at the stars with you." Kokichi was taken back, before his eyes softened and he smiled. He placed his hand over Shuichi's and whispered, "I'd love to look at the stars with you, Saihara-Chan." Shuichi turned to look at the leader, and he softly smiled.

Kokichi clambered over the detective's lap, so he was sitting in between Shuichi's legs and his back was against said boy's chest. The taller boy brought his arms around them both and held his hands, resting the clutch on Kokichi's lap. The stars were twinkling in the dark night sky and the moon shone brightly.

Shuichi looked down at the purplette, before looking back up at the stars. Kokichi closed his eyes and rested against Shuichi's chest. Even though the dome was in the way, the night sky still looked beautiful. "I love you, Saihara-Chan." Kokichi whispered, before leaning his head back on Shuichi's shoulder and dozing off.

The detective smiled and held Kokichi tight, savouring the heart-warming moment where maybe, just maybe, the killing game would be okay and would soon be over and they wouldn't have to lose anyone else. A speck of hope settled in Shuichi's gut at the thought, but as long as he had Kokichi by his side, everything was just perfect.