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i swear i've never loved you more

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there was nothing bakugou thought was more beautiful than kaminari.

there was something so effortless and perfect about him; every single little detail seemed immaculately crafted by the hand of something divine. there was a subtle beauty in the way his hair would bounce and shine in the sun. he loved the way kaminari’s freckles darkened after too much time outside, loved how his skin would go from tan to pink when he fell asleep on beach dates. his eyes shined like the brightest stars and his smile made joy bubble up recklessly in bakugou’s chest.

at this point, bakugou was almost convinced that whatever god that was out there had put kaminari on this earth to simply strike him dead at first sight. but then again, bakugou didn’t think he would even mind if kaminari ended up being the death of him.

this morning, bakugou woke up to an empty bed. the sun was just barely creeping through the blackout curtains, shining a single ray onto the bed. bakugou awoke groggily, flopping to the side with the expectation of feeling kaminari’s body against his, but instead he came in contact with slightly warm bedsheets, evidence that his boyfriend had been there only moments ago.

bakugou laid there alone in bed for a little bit, snoozing lightly until he heard some movement coming from outside of the bedroom. slowly, he opened his eyes and gazed towards the door, which had been left cracked open, presumably by kaminari.

the movement continued, followed by some distant humming. it sounded like kaminari was making breakfast, as bakugou heard the faint tick-tick-tick of the gas stove lighting. he listened to the sounds of kaminari making... eggs? or maybe he was heating up those little link sausages he liked to eat with his morning miso. bakugou couldn’t tell. he snoozed a little bit more.

he was woken up again by the bedroom door being eased open, light from the rest of the apartment creeping into the room. he peeked one of his eyes open to see kaminari walking toward him, bringing the smell of miso in with him from the kitchen. he felt kaminari’s weight settle on the edge of the bed.

“g’morning, baby,” kaminari said softly, reaching out with one hand to caress the side of bakugou’s face, his touch featherlight. bakugou made a sound akin to a sleepy groan, feeling kaminari brush some hair from his face. kaminari rubbed his thumb across bakugou’s cheek for a while, the movement so gentle and rhythmic that bakugou almost dozed off again.

“come lay down,” he mumbled, his voice thick with sleep.

“i made breakfast,” was kaminari’s response. there was a smile in his voice. bakugou grunted. there was a beat, then kaminari pulled his hand away. bakugou’s eyebrows furrowed without him thinking about it, already mourning the loss of kaminari’s touch.

(god, when did he become such a sap?)

“i made tea for you,” kaminari said next. “if you wait too long, it’ll get cold.”

“fuck breakfast,” bakugou more or less whined, peeling his eyes open to look up at kaminari, who was smiling. “come lay down with me.”

“after breakfast, okay?” bakugou made a face at kaminari. “don’t pout, silly. i’ll cuddle with you after we eat. i’m hungry.” they stared at each other for a little bit, then bakugou ran a sleepy hand down his face before swiping at his nose. kaminari reached back down to pat his cheek. “c’mon.” he stood up from the bed, making the frame creak from the weight release. bakugou watched him shuffle out of the room.

bakugou laid there in bed for a little longer, then upon hearing his boyfriend softly call his name from the kitchen, he peeled himself out from under the bedsheets. his movements were sluggish as he slipped out of the bedroom and into the bright light of the rest of the apartment. it looked like kaminari had opened all the blinds, letting radiant sunlight flood into the open floor plan that was their kitchen and living room. kaminari always had a thing for letting light inside the apartment, tending to blind bakugou at every turn.

he ducked into the bathroom to brush his teeth before eating, then lumbered over to the kitchen island, where kaminari was seated and slurping on his miso. bakugou’s breakfast was already neatly arranged on the counter next to kaminari, steam wafting into the air. he sat down hard in the tall chair, feeling kaminari eye him. he turned to look at him and kaminari simply continued staring unabashedly before bakugou leaned over and pressed a short kiss to his cheek. kaminari was smiling. when bakugou pulled back, kaminari followed to kiss him on the mouth. his lips tasted faintly like salt.

kaminari broke away, but bakugou kissed him one more time, this kiss a “thank you” for the breakfast. kaminari’s hand found bakugou’s cheek, his version of a “you’re welcome.”

they separated to go back to their breakfasts. bakugou watched kaminari pick a stubby sausage link off his plate with his bare fingers and munch on it, his hair a wild halo of gold around his head and his fingers coated with grease. how he could look so endearing with half a sausage stuffed in his mouth, bakugou would never know.

breakfast was the same thing kaminari always made when he made the both of them breakfast—reheated miso from the day before, a small bowl of rice, and steaming hot green tea. kaminari liked to eat those dorky little sausages with his breakfast, but bakugou didn’t, instead eating natto atop his rice almost every morning. kaminari thought natto was absolutely abhorrent, mostly because of the smell, but indulged bakugou whenever he made breakfast anyway.

they ate in silence, the only noise being the sound of their chopsticks against the bowls and kaminari’s noisy slurping. it was a content, homely silence that they were both comfortable in. moments like these were easy, practiced. they were borrowed from so many quiet mornings back in high school, back when they were just friends, drinking orange juice and eating rice together hours before the rest of the class had woken up for the day. the silence was reminiscent of simpler days—before late-night patrols and one-too-many villain battles that left them just barely unscathed.

(if bakugou was honest, he loved these quiet moments more than anything.)

the minutes passed and they finished up their breakfast. kaminari was stabbing jiggly blocks of tofu at the bottom of his bowl with his chopsticks and sucking them up into his mouth. it was childish, but bakugou still managed to find it cute.

bakugou started to collect the dishes after he downed the rest of his tea, feeling the heat of the liquid flood his whole body. he rounded the island to get to the sink on the opposite side. the water gushed loud and hot into the sink, breaking the silence as bakugou began to scrub at the dishes. kaminari finished playing with and eating his tofu, sliding his bowl to the edge of the counter for bakugou to grab and beginning to nurse his nearly cold tea.

“thank you,” kaminari said, his voice soft. bakugou flicked his gaze up at him from the stubborn stain on the bowl he was washing.

“yeah,” was all he answered with, almost grumbling. kaminari chuckled and got up from his chair. the noise made bakugou’s heart do all sorts of fluttery things. he walked around the island to stand behind bakugou, resting his cheek on the plane of his back. bakugou felt a shiver run down his spine when kaminari trailed his free hand down his side.

“i said thank you, katsuki,” he teased, the words lilted. bakugou’s ears started to burn and he put so much more attention into washing the dishes.

there was a pause. “… you’re welcome,” he mumbled, brows drawn tight over his eyes. even after all this time, it was stupidly difficult to accept kaminari’s thanks for things—or anyone’s thanks for that matter. there was a reason he had made sure that kaminari became very well-versed in knowing which of bakugou’s physical affections corresponded to what embarrassing, sentimental phrases. it was hard to get any form of gratitude or verbal affirmations out of his mouth, unless he was really out of it or trying extremely hard.

kaminari kissed the back of his neck. bakugou could feel his smile against his skin. “i love you.”

that one was easier. “love you too, stupid.” kaminari bit his neck playfully and bakugou sort of growled under his breath, but there was no heat behind it. kaminari laughed again.

“don’t call me stupid when telling me you love me.” he wrapped his arms around bakugou’s waist, but not before setting his half-empty cup of tea in the sink. bakugou snorted a little.

“what am i supposed to call you then?”

kaminari was nuzzling bakugou’s back and hummed into his shirt. “how about baby? or darling? sugarplum bugaboo?” the last one tore a graceless laugh from the depths of bakugou’s chest. kaminari started to drum his fingers against bakugou’s stomach.

“no,” bakugou said. “those are all horrible.” kaminari lightly bit his neck again, then kissed the same spot after a beat.

“you’re so mean,” he whined. “i call you baby. and darling, sometimes.” it was true; kaminari called him baby a lot. it was like he had a secret arsenal of disgustingly affectionate pet names, so bakugou was always hearing something new. just the other day, kaminari had called him honeybun and his whole body shut down as he processed the pet name. he couldn’t say he hated it because he probably loved it way more than he should. all of kaminari’s pet names were gross and sappy, but he always said them with such determination and affection that bakugou couldn’t help but fall a little in love with them.

bakugou had never been able to call kaminari by anything but those dumb nicknames that had slowly evolved into endearment terms and his given name, but the latter had taken way too much time to get used to. he still only used it when he was feeling particularly romantic, which wasn’t often.

“that’s because you’re gross,” bakugou replied, turning off the sink and drying his hands on a rag that was on the counter. he knew kaminari was about to gnaw at his neck again, so he wriggled around in his grasp so that they were facing each other, chest to chest.

kaminari smirked up at him, his eyes swimming with unmistakable fondness. “you love my pet names though. don’t try to lie. you turn a little red when i call you by them.” bakugou set his mouth into a thin line and he looked off to the side to avoid his boyfriend’s cute gaze. kaminari leaned up to kiss the side of his mouth anyway. “don’t you?”

“maybe i do like them,” bakugou admitted begrudgingly. he couldn’t miss kaminari’s smile.

“yeah, i know you do.” he kissed the corner of his mouth again. “now stop pouting so i can kiss you properly.”

bakugou turned his gaze back to kaminari, who was looking at him with love written so plainly across his face that it made his heart squeeze painfully in his chest. he felt his own face soften, and when kaminari kissed him, he went absolutely pliant in his arms. it was in moments like these that bakugou was almost surprised with how comfortable he had become with going goopy when kaminari kissed him. it was like he turned into putty every time, leaving kaminari to mold him into whatever he wanted.

bakugou kissed him back, his hands going up to rest on the curve of his spine. kaminari was arching into him and smiling like an idiot into the kiss, which made bakugou smile against his will, but it didn’t matter. he loved it.

“come to bed,” he mumbled when they broke apart. one of his hands came up to tuck a lock of sunny blonde hair behind kaminari’s ear. kaminari leaned into his touch, nuzzling his cheek into the palm of bakugou’s hand. his eyes fluttered closed. his lashes were so long, so blonde. he was so beautiful.

“it’s almost eleven, katsuki.”

bakugou pressed a kiss to his forehead. “you said you would.” kaminari hummed, holding bakugou closer. they stood there together for a long moment. just breathing.

“come to bed,” bakugou said again.

kaminari opened his eyes and his pupils dilated into inky black circles when he looked at him. he turned his head slightly to press a soft kiss to the heel of bakugou’s hand, and then he nodded. “okay.”

bakugou peeled himself from the kitchen counter to shuffle into the narrow hallway that led into their bedroom, kaminari trailing behind him with their hands clasped together. the bedroom was still dark, the blackout curtains drawn. bakugou let go of kaminari’s hand to flop down on the right side of the bed, and kaminari followed suit, snuggling under the gray comforter and pulling it all the way up to his chin. bakugou crawled under the sheets as well, blinding groping around for something of kaminari’s to hold onto, his fingers brushing his boyfriend’s waist.

he drew himself close to kaminari’s body, tucking himself into kaminari’s chest, head nuzzled under kaminari’s chin. kaminari proceeded to throw an arm and a leg over him, almost every part of them touching.

it was bakugou’s favorite cuddling position. he may have been the taller one, the one with more muscle mass, but he just loved the way it felt to have kaminari hold him close like this. he would never admit it out loud, but kaminari made him feel safe and warm and so, so loved. when he was cuddled up to kaminari’s chest like this, he could hear his boyfriend’s heartbeat thrumming rhythmically against his ear and smell their laundry detergent mixed with the cucumber watermelon fabric softener that kaminari loved so much. after long patrols or hard days, curling up against kaminari never failed to make all the tension in his body melt away.

kaminari began to run his hand through bakugou’s hair, his touch gentle. everything was quiet inside the room. there were some birds faintly chirping outside the window. bakugou was just starting to snooze when kaminari pressed a soft kiss to the crown of his head, and just that simple action had bakugou going totally and completely limp. when kaminari pulled back, bakugou sort of nudged his head up to try and get him to do it again. kaminari noticed, laughed a little, then kissed the crown of his head once, twice, three times. bakugou was a noodle in kaminari’s arms.

“i love you so fucking much,” he whispered into kaminari’s shirt. there was a long beat of silence. bakugou could feel the rise and fall of kaminari’s chest. for a while, bakugou was almost sure that kaminari hadn’t heard him, but then he spoke.

“i love you too, katsuki.” he pulled back so that he could look bakugou in the eyes. “i love you so much.” bakugou put a hand on kaminari’s cheek, thumb tracing over the smatters of freckles that were all over his cheeks and nose. “you mean the world to me.” they looked at each other. kaminari’s eyes were sparkling.

bakugou wiggled himself up to kaminari’s eye level, the sheets rustling around him. their chests were flush against each other when he went to kiss kaminari on the mouth. kaminari instantly went soft, his hands beginning to cling to the back of bakugou’s shirt. the kisses were sweet and tender. bakugou could feel kaminari’s heartbeat against his chest.

they kissed like that for a while, limbs all jumbled together. the kisses were chaste, little promises of affection that made bakugou’s heart do flips in his ribcage. they pulled back for a breath, kaminari gazing at him with half lidded eyes, his pupils already blown wide. he rubbed one of his hands up and down the plane of bakugou’s back, making the fabric of bakugou’s shirt scrunch.

“you love me,” was what he whispered next, the words half statement-half question.

bakugou kissed him again. “yes.” kaminari was smiling. bakugou cradled his face, felt the heat of his body, the smoothness of his skin, and when his fingers moved to tangle in kaminari’s hair, his boyfriend’s lips parted in a heady sigh. it sent a shiver right up bakugou’s spine, and he kissed him hard without meaning to. he quite literally felt kaminari melt against him and it was starting to make a whole mess of his breathing.

the soft kisses began to transition into something with a little more behind it, kaminari holding him impossibly close. his hands slipped down bakugou’s back and slid right up back his shirt, his palms warm against bakugou’s skin. kaminari coaxed bakugou’s mouth open by licking gently at his bottom lip, their teeth knocking against each other as their tongues met.

bakugou broke the kiss when his lungs felt like they were about to give out. opening his eyes, he wasn’t surprised to see kaminari looking at him with stars in his eyes, his cheeks a pretty shade of pink. bakugou didn’t realize that he was biting his lip until kaminari’s gaze dropped down to his mouth. his eyes flicked back up to bakugou’s in a fraction of a second. his mouth was quirked up in something of a smirk, which made bakugou let out a small snort. at the noise, kaminari’s mouth stretched into a full-blown toothy grin.

“you’re so cute, baby,” he basically cooed, his voice absolutely drenched in the sweetest honey bakugou had ever heard. bakugou’s hands moved from kaminari’s hair to push up the front of his boyfriend’s shirt, and kaminari was absolutely radiant, his face glowing.

(bakugou was so fucking in love with this man.)

his hands traversed kaminari’s stomach and chest, feeling the firm muscle under soft skin. kaminari kissed him for the briefest of seconds before sitting up. the sheets shifted as kaminari pushed them aside, and bakugou watched as kaminari tugged his shirt off. his body was beautiful in the dim. bakugou could see each individual scar and freckle, and when kaminari beckoned for him to sit up with a finger and the dorkiest fucking grin in the world, bakugou knew he had to kiss his boyfriend immediately or he would actually die.

he basically tackled kaminari onto the bed, kaminari cackling and pulling at the hem of bakugou’s shirt. “you’re so fucking dumb,” he said in the most affectionate way possible, peppering kaminari’s face and neck with kisses. he was smiling and kaminari was smiling and they kissed, the butterflies in bakugou’s stomach turning to hummingbirds.

when he broke the kiss, he sat back on his calves, situated between kaminari’s legs. kaminari propped himself up on his elbows to watch bakugou shuck off his shirt and let out a wolf whistle that bakugou should not have found cute. he lightly whapped him on the chest with his shirt, and kaminari fucking giggled, which yanked a laugh from him. he tossed his shirt off to the side somewhere and dove back down to kiss kaminari. they were wrapped up in each other for more than a little while, kaminari’s legs coming up to hook around bakugou’s back. bakugou’s hands trailed down kaminari’s sides, then down to the waistband of kaminari’s sweatpants, snapping it against kaminari’s skin. kaminari squirmed under him, but he was laughing while they kissed.

“stop laughing,” bakugou mumbled against kaminari’s mouth, but he was failing to hold back laughter himself. he couldn’t help but smile. “what’s so goddamn funny?” kaminari wrapped his arms around bakugou’s neck, kissing him deep before moving to the side to kiss the corner of his mouth, the line of his jaw, the space under his ear lobe.

“i just love you a lot,” kaminari answered, his breath hot against bakugou’s skin. “it’s so easy to be around you.” bakugou was screaming internally. his head was filled with thoughts of how much he loved this stupid blonde boy and he was going to explode.

“shit, denki, i fucking love you too,” he said. his voice was airy. kaminari was still kissing the side of bakugou’s face, his lips so soft. he hummed against his cheek. one of bakugou’s hands went up to roam kaminari’s chest, the other keeping him up. kaminari kissed his cheek one more time before pulling back, letting bakugou lean down and kiss his neck. kaminari tilted his head to the side to allow bakugou more access. bakugou kissed down the side of his neck, kissed the line of his collarbone, then down to his chest, forcing kaminari to drop his legs from bakugou’s back to the bed.

bakugou shifted so that he was lying in between kaminari’s legs, his hands stroking kaminari’s sides as he made his way across his chest with kisses. he kissed a lazy circle around kaminari’s left pec, intentionally avoiding his nipple. he kissed another lazy circle around kaminari’s right pec. kaminari had brought his hand up to bakugou’s head and had started petting his hair almost soothingly. one of bakugou’s hands came up to play with kaminari’s right nipple, his index finger teasing it until he felt it go hard. kaminari let out a soft breath. he paused there for a moment, resting his head on kaminari’s chest and lightly running his fingers over the bud.

he played with kaminari’s nipple for several long seconds, kaminari running his hand through bakugou’s hair over and over. bakugou pushed himself up to give his boyfriend a kiss on the mouth, kaminari’s hand lingering on his cheek as their mouths worked together. when they pulled apart and kaminari’s eyes opened, his pupils were blown wide, black in a shining sea of gold. bakugou’s mouth quirked up at one corner, and kaminari smiled too, licking his bottom lip shortly after. bakugou almost didn’t want to do anything but lay here with him, but then kaminari just barely rolled his hips up onto bakugou’s stomach.

“you want me to touch you?” bakugou whispered. kaminari rolled his hips again. his expression would’ve been completely serene if it weren’t for the growing blush staining his cheeks. he nodded. bakugou pecked him on the side of his mouth, then mumbled against his skin. “can you tell me what you want?” he let kaminari get away with a couple more slow rolls of his hips as he kissed the underside of his jaw.

“can you touch me, katsuki?” kaminari asked breathily, humming deep in his throat. “please, baby.” god, the please was the icing on the motherfucking cake. he would do anything for kaminari if he kept talking like that.

(he would’ve done anything for kaminari regardless.)

“okay, handsome,” he murmured, kissing kaminari on the mouth again. kaminari was smiling. when bakugou pulled away and sat back, kaminari’s gaze followed him, his eyes sort of glazed over with affection.

“i love it when you call me handsome.” bakugou kept his eyes on kaminari as he gingerly started to massage between kaminari’s legs with the palm of his hand. his boyfriend’s reaction was instantaneous, a hot breath escaping him. color rushed to kaminari’s cheeks and ears, creeping down his neck.

bakugou stopped massaging to trace the outline of kaminari’s dick through his sweatpants. “you’re so fucking handsome, denki,” he said. his fingers crept up to kaminari’s waistband and began to work it down past his hips. “fucking breathtaking. every time i look at you, it’s like seeing the sun.” he moved both of kaminari’s legs to the side so he could take his pants all the way off. kaminari’s face was aglow.

“oh, katsuki,” was all he said, the words coated in so much sugar and sweetness that made bakugou’s teeth want to ache. his pants came off and were discarded somewhere to the side, then the process was repeated with his dorky pokémon boxer briefs that bakugou secretly found very endearing. bakugou spread kaminari’s legs again, eyes roving over tan, freckled skin. kaminari was half hard, precum beading from the head. bakugou slipped his hands down kaminari’s thighs, watching how kaminari’s body leaned up into his touch. he wrapped his hand around kaminari’s dick, felt it twitch in his hold, and ran his thumb across the slit, some more precum dribbling out. kaminari hummed lowly.

he rubbed at the head of kaminari’s dick for a bit, thoroughly enjoying the way kaminari would grow redder every time precum leaked out of him, his cock growing harder. he let go, fingers a little slippery, to scoot back to the edge of the bed. kaminari propped himself up on his elbows, face flushed and eyeing bakugou as he rummaged around in the bedside drawer for the bottle of lube. when he found it and turned back around to look at kaminari, he paused, eyes flicking to kaminari’s face.

they just looked at each other for a moment, a smile ghosting kaminari’s lips. the sunlight peeking through the curtains hit kaminari’s body just right, illuminating his skin in a bath of gold. he was beautiful, and, by god, he knew it too.

“if you take a picture, maybe it’ll last longer,” kaminari said cheekily, raising his eyebrows and grinning. bakugou grinned right back at him, scrambling back to kaminari to kiss him on the mouth.

“keep talkin’ like that and i just might,” he replied in between kisses, kaminari cupping both sides of his face before letting him go as they broke apart. he pulled back, uncapping the bottle of lube to squeeze a healthy amount onto his palm. kaminari was sitting all the way up now. they made eye contact and didn’t break it as bakugou wrapped his hand around kaminari’s dick for the second time, spreading lube all over it. kaminari’s mouth opened, but no words left him.

he smeared the lube all around, working his hand up and down, his thumb slipping over the head and scooping all the precum into the lube. his own sweatpants were starting to feel uncomfortably confining. he stared to jerk kaminari nice and slow, squeezing every time he got near the tip, just how kaminari liked it. kaminari was making these cute little drawn out noises that were half smothered by him biting fiercely on his lip. bakugou’s left hand went up to cradle kaminari’s cheek, and kaminari put his own hand over bakugou’s. they looked at each other, bakugou’s strokes picking up in speed very gradually.

“faster?” kaminari managed to say, apparently tired of the teasing. he was flushed all over, eyes glazed. “please?” fuck, all this asking nicely was making bakugou feel like jello. he rubbed his thumb over kaminari’s lips, and kaminari opened up for him, tongue making its way across his top row of teeth. bakugou moved the hand on kaminari’s dick faster, going from a slow pace to a more medium one. he was rewarded with a small moan and a nip to his thumb.

bakugou leaned in to kiss him, the kiss hot and open-mouthed. kaminari was starting to buck his hips up, and bakugou took that as a sign to speed up. that’s when kaminari really started to unravel. his soft moans got louder and came from deep in his chest, and when they broke the kiss, bakugou watched kaminari’s eyes roll back and it made him crave.

“oh—f-fuck, katsuki,” kaminari moaned, putting his hand on the nape of bakugou’s neck and gently resting their foreheads against each other. bakugou could feel kaminari’s breaths on his cheeks. their noses brushed against each other.

“you look so fucking good,” bakugou murmured against kaminari’s lips. kaminari was squirming in his touch, fingers digging into bakugou’s neck. “you want some more?”

kaminari choked on a moan. “pl—shit, yes, please.” he begged so goddamn pretty. bakugou began to move his hand the fastest he could go, and kaminari kissed him so hard that it made his head spin. he was moaning into his mouth. he broke away to swear, head lolling back as bakugou buried his face in the curve of his boyfriend’s neck. “fuck, baby, f-fuck, i’m— i’m so close.” bakugou kissed kaminari’s neck. he could feel kaminari’s legs begin to dig into his sides and his dick twitched in his hand. kaminari was an elastic pulled taut, ready to snap at any moment. he could feel him trembling. “katsuki, i’m coming—fuck! fuck, i’m coming, i’m gonna—” bakugou twisted his hand and pressed his thumb up against kaminari’s slit as kaminari came hard onto his hand, his moans stuttered. he could feel some of the cum splatter up onto his stomach, and he pressed his thumb on kaminari’s slit just a little harder, making kaminari let out something like a sob, as more cum dribbled out of him. he was breathing heavy, gasping for breath.

bakugou leaned back to look at kaminari’s flushed face. kaminari’s eyelids were fluttering as he came down from his high, chest rising and falling. bakugou unfurled his fingers from kaminari’s softening dick. cum oozed over his fingers in sticky white. before bakugou could lean over to grab a couple tissues from the bedside drawer, kaminari kissed him on the mouth, long and slow.

“it’s your turn,” he whispered after they broke apart. “but give me a minute first.” bakugou kissed him again, this one shorter.

“take your time.”

bakugou scooted away to yank at the tissues in the tissue box, wiping up the cum on his fingers and stomach as best he could for the moment. he tossed the dirty tissues on the floor to be dealt with later, then grabbed some more for kaminari. he went back over to his boyfriend, who was still just sitting there, and delicately began to wipe all the excess lube and cum off his dick. it made kaminari squirm and squeak out a couple moans, but he couldn’t stop laughing as bakugou cleaned him up. it made bakugou start laughing. kaminari bumped their foreheads together affectionately when bakugou had finished and tossed the wadded-up tissues on the floor next to the others.

there was a beat of nothing, then kaminari was easing bakugou down onto his back and hooking his fingers in the waistband of his sweats, reminding bakugou of how hard he actually was. kaminari shucked his pants and underwear off of him, causing his dick to fall against his stomach, precum already starting to pool on his skin. kaminari crawled over him, effectively caging his body on his elbows and knees, then dipped down to kiss him. bakugou’s hand went up to grip kaminari’s upper arm.

kaminari kissed him deep, working his mouth open and running their tongues against each other. their teeth knocked together when bakugou kissed back with probably too much energy, but it just made kaminari smile before breaking the kiss. his hair tickled bakugou’s face as he planted kisses on the corner of bakugou’s mouth and the line of his jaw, trailing down to his neck and collarbone. it was little bit to the right of his collarbone where kaminari stopped and licked a long, dramatic stripe down to his right nipple.

bakugou was considerably more sensitive in the chest area than his boyfriend was, so this sudden movement had him groaning. of course, kaminari knew this already and was using it to his full advantage, lapping at his nipple and running his teeth lightly over it until it turned a puffy shade of red. bakugou’s nails were starting to dig into kaminari’s upper arm.

kaminari’s mouth roamed over to his other pec, his tongue swirling around in circles over his nipple. he kissed it gently, then completely latched on, sucking and licking at his nipple inside the wet heat of his mouth. a moan was torn from him, heat flooding both to his face and his dick, leaving him lightheaded. kaminari sloppily pulled off after a couple moments with a smack, fixing his mouth under his nipple and sucked hard enough to leave a hickey. fuck, he loved it when kaminari left hickeys on him, and when kaminari sucked on another spot to leave another hickey, he found himself moaning.

(the last time kaminari had given him hickeys, he’d gotten a little too carried away, leaving them just under his collarbone and at the base of his neck. two days later, there had been a big villain attack that bakugou’s agency had been called to assist with. there had been widespread media coverage and he’d been interviewed several times. it was only when he’d gotten home and watched the reports that he noticed the dark purple hickeys staining his skin, high enough that his costume didn’t cover them. kaminari had been banned from hickeys for the next three weeks. the tabloids had gone wild.)

kaminari kissed down bakugou’s chest, slinking back onto his knees once he reached bakugou’s stomach. he pressed kisses to his v-line. bakugou couldn’t help but breathe hard, his heart thumping in his chest. kaminari skipped over bakugou’s dick to suck and nip at the skin of his inner thighs. bakugou was squirming with impatience, kaminari just spreading his legs wider to dip down even further, licking teasing strips from the middle of his inner thighs to the hollow before his balls.

it was when kaminari finally kissed the underside of bakugou’s dick that bakugou let out a loud, heady moan, trying so hard to hold back from bucking his hips up.

“you like that?” kaminari basically purred, sending bakugou’s heart into a racing gallop. kaminari’s voice was hoarse and so fucking attractive, and the sun kept hitting his face and making him glow like something ethereal. he kissed his dick again and bakugou let out a strangled sort of noise, biting down on his lip. kaminari wrapped his hand around bakugou’s dick, that sensation alone sending pleasure up bakugou’s spine. his hand almost didn’t fit around. he swiped up the small puddle of precum on bakugou’s stomach with two fingers, smearing it all over the head. at kaminari’s touch, even more precum spurted out, dribbling down his length and onto kaminari’s fingers.

kaminari laid down on his stomach and scooted up real close. he put his lips to the tip of bakugou’s cock, then opened his mouth, enveloping bakugou in a warm wetness that had his eyes fluttering.

“fuck, denki,” he moaned, feeling kaminari swirl his tongue around the head. “you feel so—so fucking good.” kaminari hummed around him and sunk down a little more, his hand settled at the base. bakugou pushed himself up to seated, kaminari putting his free hand on the inside of his right thigh. his thumb was tracing circles on his skin. bakugou felt kaminari suck hard on the tip of his dick, another moan escaping him.

kaminari began to bob his head slow, releasing the base of bakugou’s cock to tuck his hair behind his ears and out of his face. his eyes were half lidded, his eyelashes long and pale over pleasure-blown pupils. bakugou reached down to gather kaminari’s hair in his hand, holding it back as kaminari dipped down on him again and again. he was running his tongue along the underside with each pass, and it had bakugou’s legs trembling ever so slightly.

his grip on kaminari’s hair was probably too tight because when kaminari hollowed his cheeks and took in another inch, he pulled on kaminari’s hair without thinking, his brain clouded. the tug made kaminari moan, and the moan sent a hundred thousand separate vibrations through bakugou’s dick and up his spine, making him moan too. he pulled on kaminari’s hair again since he seemed to have liked that, and kaminari looked up at him, his dick seated deep in his mouth and a radiant pink flush coloring his cheeks. he was beautiful. he was fucking gorgeous.

kaminari popped off of bakugou’s dick to kiss and lick the sides, a long trail of spit following him as he moved back. the bedroom was so hot. bakugou’s breathing was erratic when kaminari pulled away, and his hand fell from his hair as he sat up, honey blonde falling around his face in a ripple. bakugou watched him swipe at his mouth. after a beat, bakugou scooted closer for a kiss, his hand finding kaminari’s cheek. the kiss was long and slow. he could taste himself on kaminari’s tongue and it made him moan. kaminari’s nails were scraping against his stomach.

they broke apart, breathing hard onto each other’s faces. bakugou stole another quick kiss from kaminari, and kaminari’s mouth quirked up in a smile.

“you wanna prep me or d’ya wanna watch,” he asked bakugou breathlessly, mumbling the words almost against bakugou’s mouth. bakugou moved to press a kiss to kaminari’s jaw.

“i wanna watch,” he murmured. kaminari hummed, finding bakugou’s mouth one more time to kiss him softly before moving back. the bottle of lube was still on the bed from earlier, and bakugou watched kaminari grab it and pop the cap. kaminari came back over to him with a generous amount on his fingers, his head tilting a little to the side as he draped his legs over top of bakugou’s and leaned back on his elbow. his position gave bakugou the full, uninterrupted view of his lithe body and bakugou’s breath was taken away.

he began to gently stroke kaminari’s thighs when kaminari reached down and pressed his slick fingers to his puckered hole. two of his fingers slipped inside without much effort, the little moan leaving his lips too cute to ignore. bakugou watched kaminari’s brows knit together and watched his eyes squeeze closed as he worked those fingers into himself. his dick was rock hard and twitching with every twist of his fingers.

“you have no idea how fucking good you look right now,” bakugou hummed lowly, lightly raking his nails up and down kaminari’s thighs. “you’re so fucking perfect.”

kaminari pushed a third finger in alongside the two others, an unabashed moan sounding from him. “f-fuck, baby... god, katsuki—” bakugou’s attention was divided between the way kaminari was thrusting his fingers in and out of himself and the way his face scrunched with pleasure, strands of hair catching on his lips. bakugou reached for the lube, eyeing kaminari as he drizzled the fluid on his dick and slicked himself up with one hand. kaminari still had his fingers inside of him, pushing them in and pulling them out in a wet, slippery mess.

“c’mere.” kaminari’s eyes opened lazily to meet bakugou’s at the sound of his voice. he bit at his lip, pulling out his fingers and moving close to bakugou to sit in his lap, but not without wiping his fingers on the sheets. bakugou kissed him sweetly, bringing his hands to kaminari’s waist after he’d wiped his own hand on the sheets. the kiss got deeper as kaminari groped for bakugou’s dick, finding it and grasping it firmly at the base. he pulled away to look down, bakugou kissing the side of his neck. he lifted himself up and bakugou felt his tip prod at kaminari’s hole. kaminari slunk down onto him, the both of them moaning as kaminari’s insides sucked him right up until he was fully sheathed.

kaminari rolled his hips and bakugou wanted to cry. kaminari felt so good and so warm, his tight walls squeezing around him. he wrapped his arms around kaminari to hold him close, his breath hot against kaminari’s skin. kaminari kept moaning softly and he slipped his arms around bakugou’s neck, the both of them tangled in an elaborate embrace.

bakugou pulled back from kaminari’s neck to kiss him firmly on the mouth, easing his lips apart with his tongue. they moaned into each other’s mouths when kaminari began to rock himself up and down on bakugou’s cock, the pace slow.

“fuck, denki,” bakugou moaned, the words from deep in his throat. “you feel so good—s-so good around me like that.” he felt himself twitching inside of kaminari, and kaminari kept fucking squeezing on him. it was driving him absolutely crazy with desire. he could feel kaminari undoing in his arms. he ran his hands up and down kaminari’s back, kaminari arching into him desperately. kaminari buried his fingers in bakugou’s hair, his nails scraping his scalp.

bakugou started to buck his hips up to meet each of kaminari’s bounces, and kaminari let out a choked moan of his name, his breath catching on the syllables. kaminari kissed the side of bakugou’s face, his teeth dragging against his skin between each kiss. he was breathing hot, sticky breaths against his cheek, his body shaking in bakugou’s arms. bakugou pressed the sides of their faces together when kaminari started to bounce on him faster.

“i love you s-so fucking much,” bakugou said on a moan, his mouth close to kaminari’s ear. pleasure was buzzing through all his senses, his body shuddering. kaminari whimpered.

“i love you too,” he sobbed, angling his hips and burying bakugou’s cock even farther inside of him. “i l-love you so—fuck, i love you so much.” each smack of their skin was slick and wet, and bakugou could feel kaminari’s dick twitching from where it was pressed against his stomach. kaminari peeled their cheeks apart from each other to kiss him sloppily, all tongue and moans and teeth.

they broke the kiss, and kaminari’s hands dropped down to the bed, bracing him when bakugou gripped his waist. kaminari began to throw his ass back on bakugou so fast that it made his eyes roll. after going slow for so long, this much friction and heat was overwhelming. the pleasure burned raw in the pit of his stomach, and he groaned kaminari’s name. kaminari looked at him with so much love in his eyes, hair sticking to his forehead.

one of bakugou’s hands went up to cradle the side of kaminari’s face, and they stared at each other with hazy eyes and open mouths, until bakugou started to frantically pump kaminari’s dick. kaminari let out a cry, his entire body seizing.

“oh my god—fuck! please don’t stop, katsuki, fuck, i’m so close—” he was tensing and squeezing around bakugou so fiercely. the fire in bakugou’s stomach burned white hot, blooming fast and threatening to explode, and he struggled to keep eye contact with his boyfriend.

“look at me, denki,” he managed to say, his voice husky and breathless. kaminari’s gaze locked onto his, and it was so obvious that he was trying not to squeeze his eyes shut as his climax crept closer and closer. his cheeks burned a beautiful scarlet, and his hair was all frizzed and messy, and he was fucking gorgeous. he rocked on his lap, one of his bounces hitting his sweet spot. breaking eye contact, he shoved his face into bakugou’s neck to smother his cries and whimpers, his hot, slick insides gripping onto bakugou’s dick so much that the pleasure was skyrocketing into something that felt so good that it hurt. bakugou’s hand stuttered on kaminari’s dick. he wasn’t going to last much longer.

kaminari’s hand held the nape of bakugou’s neck and bakugou could feel him speaking against his skin, “i’m coming, katsuki, f—fuck, fuck, baby, i’m coming, i’m coming—” then kaminari sobbed into his neck as he came almost violently, splattering cum all over their stomachs and leaving it to spurt onto bakugou’s fingers. just the pressure of kaminari squeezing around him tipped bakugou over the edge, and he came with a cry, rolling his hips up into kaminari as he filled him with his heat. they both moaned at the feeling.

the whole room was stuffy and hot and oddly silent as they both came down from their highs. their bodies were still melded together, and every little movement sent sharp twinges of pleasure-pain all through bakugou’s body. several moments of quiet passed.

after what felt like an eternity, kaminari pressed a gentle kiss to bakugou’s neck before peeling away to look at him through his lashes. bakugou was thoroughly done for, his eyelids heavy when he lifted them to meet kaminari’s gaze. kaminari just smiled, pecked bakugou on the side of the mouth, then shakily lifted himself up off of bakugou’s dick. bakugou let his hand slide off of kaminari’s cock, and he watched kaminari collapse onto the bed next to him, basking in the afterglow.

without thinking, he wiped his hand on the bedsheets, flopping over next to kaminari. kaminari turned his head to him, puckering his lips in what bakugou assumed was an invitation for a kiss. bakugou snorted and kissed him lightly before slipping his arm onto his chest. kaminari hummed, exhaling a deep breath.

“we should clean up,” he said quietly, putting his hand next to bakugou’s. bakugou lifted his hand and kaminari fit their palms together, lining up their fingers. kaminari had such slender fingers, his hand only just a little smaller than bakugou’s.

bakugou laced their fingers together. “we should.” there was a beat. they looked at each other. kaminari was smiling at him softly, his freckles like constellations mapped out on his cheeks. a lock of hair fell into his face. bakugou leaned in closer to kiss him again.

“i love you,” kaminari murmured when they broke away, squeezing bakugou’s hand. bakugou squeezed back.

“i love you too.” another short silence. bakugou let go of kaminari’s hand to tuck that stray piece of hair behind his ear. kaminari closed his eyes, nuzzling into the touch. “wanna take a bath?” the stray sunbeam through the curtains persisted after all this time, washing kaminari’s skin in a sea of light. he was stunning, as usual.

“god, yes,” kaminari sighed dreamily. he opened his eyes, gold eyes shining like stars. bakugou forgot how to breathe. “that would be so nice.”

(the bathtub was barely big enough to fit one person, let alone two, but, somehow, they managed to make it work.)