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Chapter 10


Sara was on her phone waiting for Ava to finish getting ready. “Babe, you almost ready?” Sara called out as Ava walked out of the closet. “yes, are you?” Ava turned the Question around. Sara was going to make a snide comment about Ava coming out of the closet, but the words caught in her throat when she saw what Ava was wearing. It was a beautiful red dress that hugged her form. It was tight in all the right places and flowed down to just past her knees.

“wow, you look beautiful,” Sara said not able to take her eyes off of Ava.

Ava chuckled, she saw the lust in Sara’s eyes. “you don’t look so bad yourself. I wasn’t sure how fancy to go so I went with this.” Ava said walking over to Sara to help her finish tying her tie. “and really? You had to go for a suit?” she said looking Sara up and down. She knew it was new. The suit was black and tailored to Sara’s body and as she moved it was like the suit was a second skin. “what? I knew you would wear red. And I wanted us to match. So, a black suit and a red tie. Do you want me to go change?” she asked with a smirk, she took a step back and spun around to show off the suit well she talked. When she turned back around Ava grabbed her by the tie and pulled her in her a kiss.

“don’t you dare. You look sexy” Ava said bringing Sara closer.

Sara smirked against Ava’s lips, “Is that so?”

Ava rolled her eyes at Sara’s cockiness “uh-huh” she said as Sara deepened the kiss.

They were interdepended by Sara’s phone. It was Thea, Sara answered and put it on speaker. “guys quit making out you’re late. We are already here.” She said with a laugh. Ava blushed at being caught and Sara just laughed. “fine, fine we are coming no need to get your panties in a bunch” Thea was quiet for a moment then she whispered, “I am not wearing any” she said with a laugh.

Both Sara and Ava said “didn’t need to know that”

Thea just laughed again.

Sara shook her head “whatever speedy we are on our way.” Sara said hanging up the phone. Ava fixed Sara’s tie as Sara tucked her shirt back in. Ava put her dress back in place as Sara grabbed her suit jacket. “okay let’s go face the music.” Sara said as she grabbed Ava’s hand. Her last thought before walking through. was she was going to have to explain a lot to her sister once all this is over With that, they walked through the portal and went to the restaurant.


Once they got there. They found their table and made their way to it. Laurel was looking at the menu and Quentin was taking a drink of his water, Thea locked eyes with Sara and laughed. That made Quentin looked up. When he saw Sara and Ava he stood up and hugged Sara, as Ava went to sit he grabbed her wrist. She looked up confused. He gave her a soft smile and pulled her in for a hug as well. Thea having watched the whole thing leaned over to Sara and said “I think this has gotten to him. He did the same thing to us when we got here.” Sara nodded in agreement and smiled as Ava had this moment with her father. Sara knew how much it meant to her because she doesn’t have a father of her own.

Once everyone was sat down a waiter came and took their orders. As they waited for their food. Thea looked to Ava then Sara “so are we finally going to get the story of how you two got together or are you going to leave us wondering?” Laurel looked at Thea “Thea not now.” She said. “no, it’s fine. Truly we met at Ava’s work. We hated each other at first. But we got over it.” Sara said with a smile remembering when they first met. Now Laurel was curious “okay now you have to tell.” Sara laughed and with a nod, her and Ava started to tell their story as they waited for the food.


Thea laughed “so, you broke time. How the hell do you do that?” Sara shook her head “well I went back in time to a place I had already travelled to and interacted with my past self, then tried to time jump with both versions of me and my team.” Thea nodded “okay so how come I don’t remember that” Ava sighed “well the easy answer for that is for you it hasn’t happened yet.” Thea looked at Ava puzzled “okay I still have no idea how that works but I have a feeling you can’t really explain it.” Sara nodded “sorry speedy we can’t give to much away. you already know too much.” Laurel nodded “and with how little we do know that’s really saying something.” That made everyone nod in agreement.


Finally, the food arrived, and they all started to eat. Sara looked at her sister. Finally, she would get to ask her questions. “so how did this start between you guys?” she paused “I never got the chance to ask that.” Thea smiled she looked to Laurel, getting a nodded she looked back at Sara

“it actually started when I told Laurel about the pit.” Laurel gave a small smile “the first time we slept together was the night we brought you back. We were sitting in that cold dark room. I started crying because finally, I had my sister back, but you weren’t you yet and for a moment I thought I made the wrong call, that maybe you should have stayed dead. But Thea, she convinced me that it was the right move that you would come back.” Thea had a faraway look in her eyes. She loved that night, but It also came with painful memories of her father. Thea met Laurel’s eyes as she finished telling their first night together. “she was so upset that all I could do was hold her, her face was in my neck and I knew she needed something. It wasn’t until I pulled her back and looked into her eyes that I knew what it was.” Laurel laughed remembering how wrong Thea was in that moment.

“so, she pulls me back and I couldn’t read her. There was so much going in that moment that I didn’t even realize she kissed me.” everyone laughed at that. “so, I pull back because she didn’t kiss me back, now in my mind, I think I am about to get slapped. But no, she hasn’t even registered that I kissed her.” Thea picks up where Laurel left off. Laurel continues with a laugh “nothing is making sense and now I have Thea looking at me like I did actually slap her. And I have no idea why. Then she kisses me again this time she has my full attention.” Thea’s smile is huge as she finishes “after a very messy make out, we both pull back out of breath. And she looks at me as says ‘did you just kiss me?’ and I respond with ‘yeah twice thanks for noticing’ after that, she rolled her eyes at me and kissed me again. Then well I am sure you can guess what happened.

Quinten laughed “yeah I got the picture you don’t need to go into detail.” Sara laughed “okay what happened after that?” Laurel shook her head, she knew that Sara would push. “well when we got back, and she moved in with me we never talked about it then we had to deal with soulless you and you trying to kill Thea. When she got out of the hospital, it happened again.” Thea nodded and had to point out. “this time Laurel was the one to start it.” Laurel nodded her head. “Then the night you left it happened once more. At that point, we knew we had to talk about it.” Thea sighed she hated that conversion “it was at that Laurel pull the whole ‘oh we shouldn’t do this, its wrong, you’re Ollie’s sister, you’re younger than me,’ she tried to use every excuse she could come up with. And at the time I was pissed because at this point it meant more to me then a quick way to loosen the tension. But when she never said that she regretted us sleeping together, or that she didn’t want it to happen again. The whole thing just became a game as we grew closer to the point where it was when you saw us in the training room.”

Sara had to laugh “wow that’s great. What gets to me is how no one noticed the change in you two” that made them both laugh and go on about how they were able to keep it all a secret.


Quinten looked between both couples as they joked and had a good time. He was so happy to have his daughters with him. He was also happy that they both seemed to be so in love. Sara, her being with a woman didn’t faze him. He loved his daughter and if she was happy he was happy. But it was Laurel and Thea that he was having a hard time getting used to. Not because Thea was a woman. He truly didn’t care about that. It was the fact that Thea was a Queen that had him worried. The Queens had a history of hurting his family. Sara looking at her father as she laughed at something Ava said about one of their many mishaps. and guessed what was on his mind so she touched his hand

“she’s not Oliver dad”

That got everyone’s attention. Thea sat up and straightened her back. Sara caught the look of hurt that crossed her face. After everything, she was still being compared to Oliver And Laurel was pissed about it. “what is that supposed to mean?” she said looking right at Sara. Thinking it was Sara making the comparison. Sara sighed but Quinten answered for her. “your sister didn’t mean anything by it. It was me, I am sorry Laurel. I just don’t want her to break your heart.” Thea sighed she knew it would come up eventually. “I know that my family has hurt yours. But Quinten I am not my brother and I would never hurt Laurel. I… I love her.” Thea hesitated as she said the last part only because she wasn’t sure if they were ready to say it in front of others yet. Laurel beamed at Thea and kissed her hand. Thea let out a sigh of relief. Quinten nodded his head. “that’s all I needed Thea. I am sorry that I judged you. I know you are not your brother. Hell, he isn’t even the same man so it’s unfair for me to judge him. and I will never do it again plus after what has happened I know you won’t hurt her.” Thea nodded her agreement and Sara just looked at the table.

Sara knew what was to come and it wouldn’t be Laurel with the heartbreak. And if their plan worked, well then everyone is going to be hurting. Sara wished she could tell them what is about to happen and the plan they have to fix it. But she knew that she couldn’t so for now she has to deal with knowing that Thea may just be heartbroken for the rest of her life.

Ava looked at Sara. She was concerned by the look on her face. It took her a moment to realize why she looked like she just got punched. Then it hit her. Thea. No one thought how Thea would react to all this. To her, Laurel would be dead. Ava started to panic she looked to Sara and Sara shook her head, then nodded they would take about Thea later.

The waiter came and collected their dishes and asked them if they wanted dessert. They said no. Quinten got up to pay after a quick argument with Thea. The girls got their stuff together as he made his way back. They walked out of the restaurant and Sara hugged Laurel maybe for the last time. It was hard not to cry and give everything away so after a quick hug she let go. She then moved to Thea, she grabbed her and whispered in her ear “I am so sorry Thea” Thea pulled back and looked at her confused. “what do you mean?” Sara just shook her head. Hugged her dad and walked away. Leaving Ava to say goodbye alone.

Ava was pulled into a hug by Laurel “you are family now” she whispered in her ear and it took Ava a moment to collect herself with a teary smile she nodded. Thea did the same. And when it came for Quintin’s goodbye Ava offered her hand, but he would have none of that. He pulled her into him and said in her hair “you love my daughter, you keep her happy, that’s enough for me to call you family. Take care of her and please don’t let her get sucked back into the darkness.” Ava nodded her head with tears running down her checks “I will do my best sir, she means the world to me. thank you for raising such an amazing woman.” He smiled “thank you and you can drop the sir. It’s Quintin to you young lady.” Ava laughed, nodded and turned to walk away. She stopped for a second. But continued to walk. She felt it deep in her chest. The heartache they were about to feel hit her like a bus. But maybe when they got back to the future, they would be able to explain everything. With that Ava walked away from the family she could have had before everything went to hell and most of them died.


When she caught up to Sara she grabbed her hand and for one silent moment, they both mourned what could have been had they not needed to go back to their time. Once they both pulled themselves together they made their way back to the ship to get everything ready. Playtime was over, now its time to get to work.


Sara had spent the last hour pacing. Her memoirs were already starting to change, nothing major just everything with Roy. The biggest change was Thea’s engagement to him. She had got the message from black siren about it and she was glad to see that one thing had changed. And that her actions so far hadn’t fucked with everything. Ava watched Sara pace as it got closer to the moment Laurel was to be stabbed. Everyone still on the ship could feel it. Sara’s phone rang. It was Felicity. There it was. Sara looked to Ava and with one final nodded the captains left the ship.

When they got to the hospital only Felicity was standing there. They both walked up to her and hugged her. Sara didn’t bother asking what happened and Felicity didn’t tell them because she knew that they knew. Felicity looked at Sara “this is it, isn’t it?” Sara locked eyes with her then looked away. “oh my god, this is why you are back. Laurel dies here, doesn’t she? That’s why you insisted that we can’t know why you are here.” Felicity wasn’t stupid and when future Sara showed up she did some digging. She just didn’t think it was because of one of their deaths. Sara grabbed Felicity and put her hand over her mouth. “stop digging Felicity okay this is hard enough as it is.” Felicity nodded her head. Sara pulled her hand away “you can’t say anything, not to Thea, not to anyone.” Felicity looked between her and Ava then nodded “okay, I knew you had a plan what is it?” Sara sighed and told her the plan.


After going over everything with Felicity and swearing her to secrecy. It might actually be helpful to have someone on team arrow to help so no one asks too many questions. The rest of the team came to wait for Laurel to get of out surgery. Everyone was a mess and Oliver looked guilty as hell. Sara watched as a nurse walked by her, she winked at her and Sara nodded her head. To anyone looking at her, it would seem like she was flirting. Sara locked eyes with Felicity. It was time.

Felicity nodded and grabbed the memory gun Sara had given her. She wiped Oliver well Sara wiped Digger and Ava wiped Thea. Sara and Ava turned their backs and walked away. Felicity stopped for a moment as Oliver, Diggle and Thea got their bearings. Felicity smiled “hey I am going to go to the bathroom if she comes back before I do then tell her I am not far.” Oliver nodded and hugs Thea. She has silent tears running down her face. He thinks it’s because she might lose a friend, not a lover.

Felicity walks down the hall when she is pulled in a room by Sara. “okay so what did that do exactly?” she asked Sara “well the simple way to put it is, anything that happened that involved the legends is now wiped from their memory. They have no idea we were here. No idea about Roy” Sara wavered for a moment “and no idea about Thea and Laurel.” Felicity nodded “wait does Thea know about her and Laurel?” Sara nodded. “everything should play out like it did the first time.” Just as she said that nurse walked into the room. She changed shape and Charlie was standing there with them “cap, she just got out of surgery she will be in the room soon. We have to work quickly.” Sara nodded “you know what to do” Charlie nodded and walked out as the nurse again. Felicity took a moment then she looked to Sara about to ask when Sara just shook her head “go back to everyone. Make sure they get out of the room as fast as possible after she flatlines.” Felicity nodded and turned to the door, but she stopped “wait you didn’t Say anything about her flatlining.” Sara looked at her “it’s going to be okay if everything works then you will remember this conversation and all the ones we have after. But if it doesn’t then you to will have your memory wiped and for you, we would have never been here.” Felicity looked at Sara for a moment and said quietly “I don’t want to forget so make sure this works” and with that, she walked out the door.

They saw Laurel get wheeled by them and Sara set the timer for fifteen minutes. Ten for her give her goodbyes, three for her to crash and flat line and two to get her out of the room and to the med bay. Sara sighed and looked to Ava as they watched Thea walk by talking to Quintin. Sara put her hand to her comms “Ray, Thea called my dad, follow him and flash him when you get the chance, make sure no one sees you.” Ray answered with an “already on it.” Sara nodded “okay guys its go time get ready.” Ava grabbed Sara’s hand “this will work,” she said kissing Sara’s knuckles. Sara nodded, all they could do was wait.

Sara stood there waiting, running it over and over in her head. Nate was on standby waiting to see if he would have to wipe Felicity. Sara started to pace it was the longest ten minutes of her life. Ray spoke through the comms “your dad has been wiped” Sara nodded and said a small ‘thank you go back to the ship’ then She looked to Ava. “god this is taking forever” Ava sighed “there is still seven minutes left Sara” Sara sighed and sat down by Ava. She looked up to her “this is going to work right?” Ava wrapped her arm around her “if everything goes to plan then yes” Sara looked to the floor. “But you know us, when has a plan ever gone right?” Sara asked looking small. Ava sighed “it will go right this time because we all know how important this and none of want to lose our only chance to save Laurel.” Sara nodded. “what are we going to do about Thea” Ava looked to the door “I don’t know”

They both looked up as they heard the staff call a code blue. Sara looked to Ava and Ava kissed her “lets get save your sister.” With that they walked out the door.


Meanwhile when Felicity left the room. Her mind was reeling after everything Sara and Ava told her. It was hard to believe that this could be Laurels last night. A part of her didn’t want to know but now that she did she could not know. She made it back to everyone and just walked up to Oliver and curled into his chest. She took a moment then looked to Thea. It broke her heart to know that none of them knew that Sara was just down the hall ready to fix all of this. And if Sara does succeed then they will spend the next four years not knowing that Laurel is alive. She pulled away from Oliver and walked over to Thea and pulled her into a hug “I am so sorry Thea.” Thea looked confused for a moment and pulled back. Felicity smiled and leaned into her to whisper in her ear “I know about you and Laurel. And just so you know I am so happy for you both and I promise your secret is safe with me.” Thea looked at her and was about t ask how she knew when Laurel was wheeled over.

Everyone went to go in the room. Everyone made sure Laurel was okay. after a few minutes Laurel looked at Thea “guys can Thea and I have a moment?” everyone nodded and left the room. as soon as the door was closed Thea ran to the bed and fell to her knees “I can’t believe this is happening” she grabbed Laurel’s hand and brought it to her lips holding it there as tears run down her face. Laurel’s heart broke. She pulled up on her hand and Thea followed sitting on the bed.

“Thea I want to talk to you okay” Thea nodded


“Thea I want you to make me a promise”

“what’s that?” Thea said, softy

I want you to promise me that if anything happens to me you will be okay.”

“Laurel! What are you talking about?” Thea said, “you are going to be fine, we will get through this.”

Laurel looked at her with tears running down her face. “Thea promise me okay.”

Thea shook her head “no, no because you are going to be okay. and I won’t have to live without you”

Laurel looked up at Thea and all she could think about was how hard it would be on Thea when this all ended. She didn’t know for sure, but she had a feeling she wasn’t going to be leaving this room alive.

Laurel smiled up at Thea “I love you Thea, and I am so happy that I got to spend all this time with you. I always thought that Oliver was the love of my life. Till you kissed me that first time. Since that moment, my life has been so full of happiness and joy and that’s all because of you. You Thea Queen are you the love of my life and I am so grateful the time we have had with each other.”

Thea was crying not knowing where all this was coming from. She grabbed her hand once more “I feel the same way, Laurel. You are my world. The shining light in the darkness. No matter what you have never lied to me or hurt me. you are my angel.”

Laurel cried at Thea’s words and she was going to respond when it happened. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew at that moment, she knew she was going to die. It was an interesting feeling but at least she would die looking into the eyes of the woman she loved. She always wondered how Sara felt when she died. Always wanted to know if right before Thea shot her, did she know she was going to die. That thought was pretty useless now. She focused on Thea for the last time “Thea please I need to make sure that you are okay, I know it’s going to be hard but please know that I want you to be happy. However, that may look. Just know I love you and I am happy.”

Thea watched helplessly as Laurel’s eyes rolled in the back of her head. She started to seize. For Thea, everything happened in slow motion. she was getting pulled into Oliver as she screamed and cried for Laurel. For what felt like forever the doctors tried to bring her back. Thea could only see the flat line of Laurel’s heartbeat. The doctor called her time of death and Thea just walked away. A part of her die in that moment too.


The timer went off and Sara jumped up and ran for the door. She kept her head down as Ava walked right down the hall she watched the moment Oliver told her father. No words were spoken between the two men but oh Sara felt it. She stayed a second longer as her father fell to the floor she wanted to help him, but Laurel was more important right now. She walked into the room and saw Ava about to open and portal and Charlie unplugging everything. Felicity came in. “okay I made sure to identify that this in fact Laurel lance. They shouldn’t run any tests or anything so you should be okay. Sara nodded “thank you now keep watch as we make the switch.” Felicity nodded then stopped “wait. What switch?”

Charlie answered as Sara rolled Laurel out of the room and Nate rolled a body that looked exactly like laurel. “Gideon can make real copies of our bodies. As long as she has the DNA and the time. At first, we thought it was just parts, but she can actually make bodies.” Felicity looked at the body in the room it was scary how much it looked like Laurel. “it looks so real” Ava nodded “that’s the point. Biologically that is Laurel Lance. Just without everything that makes her who she is.” Felicity nodded “okay well weird sure why not. Take care and I guess I will see some of you later and others later than that.” Felicity gave her final hugs and stood in the room putting the wires back on Laurel’s clone so no one would ask questions. As the portal closed Felicity took a breath. She still had all her memories. So that means everything worked out right? “right!” she answered out loud. She walked out of the room to mourn her friend.


On the WaveRider everyone was holding their breath as Sara put Laurel’s body on the bed. She took a step back as Gideon got to work. Sara turned away on able to watch. She curled herself into Ava and just waited. The team all stood around their captain’s and watched as Gideon tried to bring Laurel back to life. “good news her brain waves are still intact, all I need to do is heal the wound and jump-start her heart.” Gideon said and everyone relaxed a bit “on stand by let me know if I have to flash Felicity or not” Nate said through the comms “will do Nate I am going to leave the comms open so you can hear what’s happening” Ava said as Sara was still hiding her face. Ava could feel her tears, so she just let her stay where she was. Ava knew that Sara didn’t want her team to see her like this so she just wrapped her in her arms and whispered that everything was going to be okay and if it wasn’t they would get through it together Sara nodded her head and sighed. She hated waiting.

After a few more seconds Gideon shocked Laurel’s heart. Everyone held their breath as nothing happened. She shocked her again, this time on the heart monitor there was a beat. Gideon shocked her once more and this time her heart started to beat. Everyone sighed in relief as all they could hear was the strong beat of Laurel’s heart. Sara looked at the screen and watched it. There it was proof that the plan worked, her sister was alive. “after running every scan, I know of It looks like miss lance will make a full recovery. All her vitals are strong, and her brain activity is up. Now, all we need to do is wait for her to wake up. I gave her a small sedative to keep her asleep well her body heals from this.” Sara let out a sob and almost fell to her knees. If it weren’t for Ava she would have. Sara walked over to the bed and grabbed Laurel’s hand and brought it to her lips to give it a small kiss “its going to be okay sis, I promise.”


And that’s where she stayed. For hours. Sara rested her head on the bed by Laurel’s hip she was rubbing her hand when Laurel squeezed her hand. Sara jumped up and touched her check “Laurel?” she asked moving her hair away. “Laurel, wake up.” She watched as Laurel’s eyes moved behind her eyelids “please. Please wake up.” Sara begged. “come on sis open your eyes” Ava came running in the room. She was told by Gideon that Laurel was waking. Sara looked to Ava then back at her sister. Laurel breathed in deep and opened her eyes to meet Sara’s. Sara held her breath. “Laurel?” Sara asked. Laurel focused on her sister and she nodded. to tell her Sara that she was herself. Sara let out a sob and finally it felt like she could breathe again.

Laurel looked around the med bay, she looked from Sara to Ava then to the rest of the legends. “what happened? Where am I?” All the legends looked at each other than to Sara. Sara grabbed her hand. “Laurel we need to talk.” Laurel looked confused “okay but first can I have some water?” Sara nodded and gave her a cup. She looked at her sister and joy filled her chest. Finally, she had her sister back. Ava walked up behind Sara and wrapped her arms around her. She smiled down at Laurel. And said, “welcome back Laurel.” She looked to Sara “see I told you, what could possibly go wrong.”