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First Impressions

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- - - Three Days 

The morning light was barely coming in through the windows, skimming across Sandor’s chest as she straddled him, moving her hips in a slow circle. His hands ran up her thighs, up to her hips, squeezing as he bucked up into her, matching her pace. She moaned and lifted her chin, face to the ceiling as she felt him hit a particularly sensitive spot, sending goosebumps over her skin. He hummed, bringing one hand up to thumb her nipple, making her gasp as she looked down at him, a slow smile appearing on her face. She leaned down, putting her hands on his chest for balance. He raised his other hand to her jaw, stopping her before she could press her lips to his, tucking her hair behind her ear with an easy smile on his face. 

“I love you, Sansa.” 

She smiled, closing her eyes in joy at hearing his words. 

I will never get tired of hearing him say that. 

She opened her eyes, humming, blissful. 

“I love you, Sandor.” 


- - - Two Months 

“Do you have any 3s?” Sandor narrowed his eyes at Ollie, watching him closely.

Ollie’s tongue stuck out of his mouth, concentrating as he looked at the cards in his hands. “Uhh… no. Do you have any 5s?”

“Damnit.” Sandor frowned as he handed over another card, Ollie grinning as he took it and laid it down amongst his many pairs on the floor.

“Now I get to ask again!” Ollie wiggled his body happily.

Sansa passed by them, coming from the kitchen to drop off a plate of apple slices for them on the coffee table. She kissed Sandor on the temple, running her fingers through Ollie’s hair as she turned to go move the clothes over to the dryer.

“Do you have any 2s?” Ollie's voice was hopeful.


Sansa smiled as she walked down the hallway.


- - - Five Months 

“Are you sure you won’t miss it?” Sansa stood in front of Sandor, looking up at him as he stood in the front doorway.

Ollie was spinning with Stranger in the middle of his studio - his old studio. It had sold earlier this morning after one day on the market. 

He looked around the empty room, seeing all the things he’d built with his own hands - the drywall he’d hung, the concrete countertops he’d poured, the lighting he’d installed. Then he watched Ollie giggle as Stranger chased him around the room. 

He looked down at Sansa, smiling easily before pulling her mouth to his with his hand on the back of her neck, kissing her slowly. 

He spoke against her lips. “Yep.”


- - - Eight Months 

“Ollie, go ahead and clean all those up, it’s almost dinner time.” She pointed to all the legos he had spread across the living room floor. 

“Ok, Mama!” 

She walked over to Sandor, who was stirring something in the skillet on the stove. “Oh my gods, what’s in that? It smells so good, I could smell it all the way in the backyard.” She kissed his shoulder before moving to get some plates down from the cabinet next to the microwave. 

He hummed. “How about you guess when you taste it and I’ll tell you if you’re right?”

Sansa groaned. “Oh no, is it venison again? I swear I can still taste that meatloaf you made that one time.” She made an exaggerated gagging sound. 

He scoffed, turning to her but noticing over her shoulder that Ollie had gone back to playing with the legos instead of cleaning. 

“Ollie, your mom told you to clean those up. Should you be playing right now?”

Ollie looked up at Sandor. “Oh, sorry, Daddy!” He started pulling the legos apart, putting them in the bin next to him on the floor. 

Sandor stood frozen with wide eyes, spatula in his hand as the dinner sizzled behind him. He turned his head to look at Sansa, who was looking at him with wide eyes and an amused smile.

She recovered first, walking over to him and raising up on her toes to kiss him on the cheek. 

“You’re letting dinner burn, Daddy.”


- - - One Year

SANDOR! ” She screamed his name as she walked into the front door, slamming it behind her, phone pressed to her ear. He came running to her through the house, putting his hand on her shoulder as she pulled the phone from her ear and pressed the speakerphone button. 

“...he hospital now, they said she is still in surgery, they won’t even tell me how extensive the damage is. I told them I’m her mother but that didn’t seem to matter at all. I’m supposed to just wait until the doctor comes out and tells me what's going on. I’ve already called your father but he’s not answering because he had that big meeting today and I just don’t know what I’m going to do, Sansa. They said Arya’s car is totaled, I don’t even know where they towed it to and..” 

Sansa had tears running down her face, distraught as they listened to her mom detail everything she knew so far. 

After her mom took a breath, Sansa assured her she would be on her way to help and hung up. 

Sandor held her as Sansa clung to his chest, sobbing, his hand on her head and his other arm wrapped around her shoulders. She looked up at him, still sniffling from her tears, face distressed. 

He kissed her forehead. “I’ll get your overnight bag down from the hall closet, Little Bird. You go tonight, be with your mom, and call me later to let me know whether Ollie and I need to come up tomorrow after school or just stay here, ok?” He rubbed his thumb across her face, wiping her tears away even as more fell. 

She nodded, in a daze. 

He frowned, “Should I drive you up tonight?” 

She shook her head, wiping her face, pulling her shoulders back. “No, I’m fine.” She grimaced. “Well, I’m fine enough to drive. Um..” She looked around the room, starting to grab things she needed to bring as Sandor moved towards the hall closet. 


- - - One Year, Six Months 

Sansa [11:12am] - Just dropped off Ollie at halfway, I’m on my way back!!!

Sansa [11:12am] - That suitcase better be packed!! 

Sandor [11:13am] - 

Sansa [11:13am] - Sandor Clegane! Our flight leaves in 5 hours!! This is not a time for jokes!!

Sandor [11:15am] -

Sansa [11:15am] - SANDOR!! 😠😠😠


[Incoming Text - Jon]

Jon [1:28pm] - 

Jon [1:28pm] - Boys are having a great time! Have fun in Dorne!


- - - Two Years - Ollie, Age 8

“Gods, this is the form you have to fill out for your history project, Ollie?” Her eyes widened as she flipped it over and saw it was even more extensive on the back. She rubbed her hand over her eyes and sighed, sitting down at the dining table next to him. 

“The teacher wants us to discover our own history.” His shoulders slumped as Sansa slid the paper in front of him on the table. 

“Hey, let’s just work together and get it done, alright?” She ran her fingers through his hair as he sat up, nodding his head. 

Ollie’s eyes were reading the paper. “Ok, the first part is about my Dad’s side.” 

Sansa winced. She had told Ollie a bit about how he came to be, but they hadn’t really gotten into the specifics yet. 

“Hey, Dad!” He yelled for Sandor, who was in the garage, finishing his workout. 

Sansa smiled as Sandor opened the door that led into the garage, poking his head inside. “Did you call me, Ollie?” 

“Yeah, I have to fill out this paper on family histories and the first part is about my dad’s side. Do you know if your family had a crest?” 

Sandor cleared his throat, coming into the house fully and closing the door behind him. He looked over at Sansa, who just shrugged, before he came to stand behind Ollie, looking at the paper. 

His eyes widened. “Isn’t this a little excessive for second-grade history?” He looked back at her. 

Sansa sighed, getting up so Sandor could take her seat. “Don’t even get me started on common core math.” 

Sansa kissed him, making a disgusted noise when her hand touched his sweaty chest, causing him to wrap his arms around her. She shrieked as she pushed him away, laughing while she ran away, escaping into the living room. 

She got out her laptop, pulling up the itinerary she was working on for their next trip as she listened to Ollie and Sandor talk in the other room. 

“So, your family crest?”

“Uh, yeah. It was three black hounds with a yellow background.”

“Hounds? Why Hounds?”

“I’m not exactly sure, I know the story goes that one of my ancestors saved some rich guy’s life and he gave him a title and land, but I also know I’m related to a guy who was known as the Hound, a big warrior.” 

“A warrior? Like a knight?”

“Hell no, he wasn’t a knight. He was better than some wimpy knight, they say he could go against 10 men at once and still win in a fight.”

"Wow!! So he was.."

Sansa shook her head, tuning them out to work on her itinerary. 


- - - Two Years, Five Months - Ollie, Age 8

“Sandor!” She said his name excitedly, opening the bathroom door and practically skipping into the bedroom. 

He sat up on the bed, swinging his legs over the side. She came up to him, standing between his knees, her hand on his shoulder, face glowing. 

“So, you know how we decided I would take out my IUD and we would just kind of see what happens?”

He smiled. “Yes, Little bird.”

“And, you know how I’ve been kind of tired and just not feeling great?”

“Yes, Little Bird.” 

“And you know how the smell of your coffee in the morning made me puke that one time?”

He huffed a laugh. “Yes, Little Bird.’

She sighed, exasperated now. “Do you really not see where this is going?” 

His eyes gleamed. “Why don’t you tell me, Sansa?”

She narrowed her eyes at him, assessing. He kept the same easy smile on his face, but his eyes gave it all away.

She put a hand on her hip, an unamused look on her face. “Sandor, how long have you known?”

He laughed fully then, pulling her forward to kiss her chastly on the lips. “About two weeks.”

Her eyes widened, shocked. “Two weeks! How could you have known that long?”

He shrugged a shoulder. “You haven’t let me touch your nipples in about that long, and your tits are huge.” 

“Sandor!” She laughed as she pushed him over with both hands, making him lay back on the bed. She got on top of him, her legs straddling his hips as she put her body weight on her hands by his head, looking at his face. 

“We made a baby, Sandor.” Her eyes were wet, her smile bewildered. 

“I love you, Sansa.” His own eyes started to tear up, and she lowered her mouth down to his, enjoying the feeling of being so happy, everything perfect in this moment. She pulled back for a second, realizing something. 

“How did you know? About the nipple thing and the big...tits?”

He shrugged a shoulder again. “It’s the same with dogs.” 

She gasped, sitting up and grabbing a pillow, ready to attack. “Sandor Clegane, I am not a dog!”  


- - - Two Years, Nine Months  - Ollie, Age 8 - Sansa, 4 months pregnant

Sansa [12:11pm] - I made it to the sports center, waiting on O to come out any second. 

Sandor [12:11pm] - Ok

Sandor [12:12pm] - how about this one

Sandor [12:12pm] - 

Sansa [12:13pm] - Sandor it has a swimming pool

Sandor [12:13pm] - i know should i call now to put in an offer

Sansa [12:14pm] - or maybe we could go look at this one this weekend

Sansa [12:14pm] - 

Sandor [12:15pm] - theres no pool

Sandor [12:15pm] - or movie theatre

Sansa [12:16pm] - No, but there’s enough room to install a stripper pole..

Sandor [12:16pm] - fine but im not wearing a thong


- - - Three Years - Ollie, Age 9 - Sansa, 7 months pregnant

Sansa smiled as Sandor came around the couch, sitting next to her with a bowl in his hand. 

She leaned towards him. “Mmmm, what do you have in there?”

He tilted it so she could see. “Just some cereal. The kitchen is a disaster zone right now, I wanted something easy before I go back to working on getting that backsplash up for you.” He winked at her before offering her a bite from his spoon. 

She leaned back, wrinkling her nose. Milk didn’t appeal to her today. She was trying to think about what snack she wanted, but couldn’t concentrate. 

She looked over at Sandor, staring at him until he turned his head slowly towards her, closed mouth full of cereal. 

“Can you chew louder?” Her voice was annoyed.


She glared at him. “I can hear you fucking crunching.”

He swallowed his mouthful, brows furrowed. “It’s cereal. It crunches.”

She scoffed. “Not if you let it sit and soak in your mouth first before you chew it.” 

He laughed, then abruptly stopped when he could see that she was deadly serious. 

She glared at him, enraged. He broke eye contact to look down at his bowl, spoon stuck in mid-air, unsure. 

He got up and finished his cereal in the garage. 


- - - Three Years, Two months - Ollie, Age 9 - Sansa, 8.5 months pregnant

Sandor [2:37am] - ok got the starburst do you need anything else

Sansa [2:27am] - No baby, thank you!!!

Sansa [2:27am] - Wait, Sandor.

Sansa [2:28am] - Can you get me a pink gatorade, too? Please 😁

Sandor [2:28am] - ok got it 

Sandor [2:28am] - anything else

Sansa [2:29am] - No, now I’m done. I love you! Hurry back. 

Sansa [2:29am] - Wait 

Sandor [2:30am] - Sansa im in line

Sansa [2:30am] - Forget it all 

Sandor [2:30am] - ?

Sansa [2:31am] - Sandor I think my water just broke


- - - Three Years, Six Months - Ollie, Age 9 - Eleanor, Age 4 Months

Sandor smiled as he heard Sansa come into the bathroom, turning his face from the spray and wiping the water from his eyes. He looked over his shoulder to see her looking at him, sly smile on her face as she eyed him up and down through the glass. He felt himself start to harden - he loved that smile on her face. 

She walked over to the shower door, opening it slightly. “Ellie’s finally asleep .” She whispered, even though there was no need - the nursery was at the other end of the house. “Can I join you?” 

“Fuck yeah.” He whispered back, winking at her when she glared at him for teasing her. 

She turned back to the counter, setting the baby monitor down and stripping off all her clothes. He took himself in hand, stroking once, twice as he watched her bend down to pick up her shorts, putting all her clothes in a pile on the counter.  

He held the door open for her and she stepped in, eyes darkening when she saw what he was doing with his hand. 

She launched herself at him - he laughed as he caught her, barely getting his hands up in time so she wouldn’t fall. 

“Wildcat.” He whispered against her lips, making her laugh as they kissed, eager, hungry to explore one another.

He moved his fingers down to touch her nipple just as they both heard a faint, tinny waaaaa! coming from the monitor, causing them both to lean their heads back and groan. 

He set her down gently, moving towards the door. “I got her, you shower.” 

She stopped him, moving past him to step out the door. “No, I’ll just go, it’ll be faster - she probably just wants to eat a little more. You stay here, be ready for when I come back.” She turned around to take his hand, putting it back on his softening erection and he laughed. 

“Babe, the water is going to be cold by then.” He tried to reason, pumping his hand on himself despite his words. 

Just stay in there! ” She hissed as she grabbed her shorts from the counter - no point in putting on a shirt as she walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. 

He laughed, more in love with her than ever. Then the water spraying him started to turn cold, and he groaned. 


- - - Four Years - Ollie, Age 10 - Eleanor, Age 11 months, 29 days

Sansa turned the corner, holding Ellie on her hip as she looked around the guest bathroom with wide eyes. 

“Sandor…” She was shocked. She had just been at the store for twenty minutes. 

How did he even have enough time to do all this in twenty minutes??

Sandor stood up when she spoke, his hands out, palms facing her. “Sansa, I can explain.” 

Sansa’s eyes scanned the floor - it was covered in tools, pieces of the cabinet, PVC pipe sections, and dirty rags. The sink cabinet was completely removed from the wall, and Ollie sat in the middle of it all, grinning widely. 

“Look, Mom!” He held up a wrench. “I’m helping Dad fix the sink!” 

She let out a shocked laugh, too stunned to really say anything. She looked back up to Sandor, who was grimacing. 

“What happened? You were supposed to fix the leaky pipe!” She gestured with her hand to where the pipe used to be - connected to the wall. 

“And I was, I was doing exactly that. But when I opened the cabinet, I noticed the leak had been going on for longer than we thought, and the bottom of the cabinet, I mean, babe, this stuff is basically particle board - it just disintegrated when I touched it. So then, I had to take it off to see if we had mold growing under it.” He paused, waiting for her to say something, but she just stood, mouth agape, staring at him. 

He swallowed. “Which we don’t, by the way, so .. that’s the good news.” He raised his hands up in a lackluster cheer, Ollie mimicking the movements behind him, grinning. Ellie clapped her hands together. 

She furrowed her brows at him, shifting Ellie to her other hip. “You realize my family will be here in four hours for her birthday party, right? So now we have one bathroom for like fifteen people. For two days.” Her face was unamused. 

He scratched his neck, thinking. His face lit up when he had an idea. “I can shower outside, if that helps. Spray off in the garden.” He mimed rinsing his head with a hose. “Arya probably would, too, actually.” 

She scoffed, rolling her eyes and walking away as Ollie shouted. “Ooh, me too!” 


- - - Five Years - Ollie, Age 11 - Eleanor, Age 2

Sansa [8:37pm] - Are you almost on the way home?

Sandor [8:38pm] - yeah just getting the milk and checking out

Sansa [8:38pm] - Ok, hurry. Both kids are asleep and I’ve been thinking about your body all day. 🍆

Sandor [8:38pm] - fuck the milk checking out now

Sansa [8:39pm] - Sandor it’s for your children. 

Sansa [8:39pm] - Just hurry!

Sansa [8:39pm] - I need those washboard abs here to wash my dirty mouth. 👅

Sandor [8:40pm] - 

Sansa [8:41pm] - You don’t like my seduction?

Sandor [8:42pm] - please dont ever speak any of those words ever again

Sansa [8:42pm] - Fine. Just come home!!

Sansa [8:43pm] - When you get here, I’ll be opened up like Route 66, and you can be the wild hog, ready to take a ride. 

Sandor [8:43pm] - sansa NO


- - - Six Years - Ollie, Age 12 - Eleanor, Age 3

“Sandor, I don’t think I can do this.” She looked at him, face panicked. 

He laughed, then sighed, running his thumb over her cheek. They had gone over this before. “Sansa. You don’t have to do this. It’s supposed to be an enlightening experience, not something to stress you out.” 

She shook her head rapidly, eyebrows furrowed. “No! No - I’m definitely doing it. This is the main reason we came all this way.” She grimaced. “It’s just on you forever. What if I don’t end up liking the image he does? What if it’s something ridiculous like.. like a gnome riding a camel??” She gripped his forearms with both hands, eyes wide with fear. 

Sandor laughed, pulling her towards him, into his chest. He rested his head on hers as he hugged her, still laughing at her words. 

I love the crazy-ass shit her brain comes up with.

He spoke into her hair. “I don’t think the priests even know what a gnome is.”

She nodded her head against his chest, squeezing her arms around his waist. 

The priest came out from behind the curtain, bowing at them before gesturing for them to follow. 

They bowed back and Sansa looked up at Sandor, nodding her head once, face determined. 

They followed the priest, curtain falling closed behind them.


- - - Six Years, Five Months - Ollie, Age 12 - Eleanor, Age 3

Sansa smiled as she watched Eleanor walk down the aisle, bending down to put a flower petal on the ground. She stood up and walked two steps before bending again to set a single petal delicately on the ground, making the guests laugh kindly. Eleanor looked up, eyes glancing at everyone before she waved with both hands, dumping all the petals from her basket onto the ground at once. She looked down at the ground, bottom lip poking out sadly. 

She looked towards the front of the aisle at Sandor, pointing her little finger at the pile sadly. “Daddy, look.” Her lip quivered, on the verge of tears as Sandor laughed, jogging to her and picking her up, bringing her back to the front of the aisle as she laid her head down on his shoulder, still sad but content now.

He looked over at Sansa once he was back in his spot and they shared a smile, shaking their head at their daughter. The music swelled and the guests stood, turning to face the bride as she walked in. 

- - -  

Sansa laughed as she sat down in the chair roughly, grabbing her water and draining the glass.  Sandor sat down next to her, draining his own glass as she lifted first one foot, taking her high heel off and then the other, dropping both shoes to the ground. He laid his arm across the back of her chair as she leaned back into his chest, sighing - tired, but happy.

“They certainly look delighted.” She gestured over to the bride and groom, Margaery throwing her head back in laughter as Bronn whispered something in her ear, arms wrapped around her waist, twirling her around the dance floor. “Do you have any idea how this happened?”

He laughed as he shook his head. “I have no fucking clue.” He grazed her arm with his fingers, leaning close, speaking softly. “Does it ever bother you that we didn’t do this?” 

She shook her head immediately. “No, never.” She looked over at Ollie, who was swinging Ellie around the dance floor as she shrieked with glee. “I’ve been a wife before, the title doesn’t mean much to me now.” She looked over at him, their faces close. “Is it something you want?”

He frowned, shaking his head. “No, not particularly.” He took her forearm in his free hand, running his thumb over the ink there. “I’m not going anywhere.” She smiled at him, leaning forward to kiss him softly before leaning back, bringing her own eyes down to look at her only tattoo - a hound. 


- - - Seven Years - Ollie, Age 13 - Eleanor, Age 4

“Can you just please make sure I don-FUCK!” A sharp jolt of pain shot up from his foot. He muttered son of a bitch as he bent down, massaging his baby toe, certain that it was broken. 

“Shit, I’m sorry baby. I thought you cleared it. We’re almost there.” He could hear the sympathy in her voice, knew she was probably wincing at his pain. 

“I still don’t see why I had to put on the blindfold. I could’ve just closed my eyes.” She couldn’t see his eyes, but he rolled them anyway. 

“Because Dad, Mom enjoys being dramatic.” Sandor smiled at Ollie teasing his mom.

“Oh, shush. Ok now, stand right here.” Her arms left his sides.

“Ok, now you can look!!!”

He took off the blindfold, blinking at the bright sunlight. He was standing in the yard facing their house, Sansa in front of him between their children. Her hands were clasped together under her chin, face ecstatic as she bounced on her feet. 

“Ok, hi?” He waved to the family, Ollie laughed while Ellie waved back. “Hi daddy!” 

“Sansa? I don’t get it.” He looked at her, confused. 

“Turn around!” She came up to him, taking him by the arms and turning his body to face the street. 

His jaw dropped, eyes wide as he looked up at the RV parked in their street. Sansa was at his side, jumping up and down now. “Isn’t it GREAT?! I rented it for us for the next month! We can drive and explore all over together!” 

“Mama, can we go inside it now?” Eleanor came up to stand by Sandor, her small hand grabbing his fingers. He picked her up and held her in his arm as she leaned her head on his shoulder. He smiled. 

“Oh, yes! Yes, now we can!” She stepped forward, the family following her together as she opened the door and they all climbed up the stairs. 

Sandor set Eleanor down and she ran through the little kitchen, down the hallway into the bedroom in the back, climbing up on the only bed. Ollie followed, flopping down next to her as they both talked excitedly and explored the space. 

“Do you like it?” She looked up at him, a nervous look on her face. 

He laughed. “Yes, Little Bird, this is great.” He hugged her to him, and she sighed happily into his chest. He let her enjoy watching the kids for a few more moments before he popped her bubble of happiness. 

“You do realize we basically can’t have sex now for the next month, right?” 

She looked up at him, horrified. 


- - - Eight Years - Ollie, Age 14 - Eleanor, Age 5

Sansa [9:57am] - The interview went great! Marg and I think this might be the one!

Sandor [9:58am] - awesome babe i hope so

Sandor [9:58am] - marg is gonna pop any second now 

Sansa [9:59am] - I know, I’m so excited!! I’ll need the help, for sure. 

Sandor [9:59am] - wait E wants to text you

Sandor [10:01am] - 💩🎃😻👧👶💅🐱🐹🐸🐧🐥🐢🐬🌺🌸🌹🌷🐇🌈❤️💜💙💚💛

Sansa [10:01am] - Hi Ellie!! I love you! 

Sansa [10:01am] - What are you guys up to? I’ll be leaving here in a minute

Sandor [10:02am] - E painted Os nails

Sansa [10:02am] - Hmm... only Ollie’s?

Sandor [10:03am] - 


- - - Nine Years - Ollie, Age 15 - Eleanor, Age 6

“Coach Clegane! Do you want us to go ahead and unload the balls from the bags or wait until after warm-up?” Ollie jogged across the grass, coming up to stand beside him. 

Sandor’s eyebrows furrowed as he turned to face Ollie, putting his hands on his hips and narrowing his eyes. “Why are you calling me that?” 

“What? More fun this way - more professional. ” He grinned at Sandor, tossing a soccer ball in between his hands. 

Sandor shook his head, trying not to laugh as he remembered saying those same words to his mom all those years ago. He reached out, trying to pop the ball from his hands, but Ollie was too fast and shifted away, laughing as he ran back towards the field.  

That little shit. 

Sandor laughed as he turned back around, going over the plays they needed to practice for the upcoming game. 


- - - Ten Years - Ollie, Age 16 - Eleanor, Age 7

Sandor looked up from the paper in his hands over to Sansa, his eyes wet. “You knew about this?”

She smiled at him and nodded her head, the movement causing tears to fall from her eyes. “He told me about it and I helped him figure out what to do but - this was his idea.”

Sandor looked back down at the paper, his hands shaking. He pressed his lips tightly together in a futile effort to stop the tears from falling. He looked up at Ollie, who was standing at the other end of the table. “This is what you want?” 

Ollie nodded his head. “I know I’m older now, so it might not be as important but.. yeah. It’s always been you, Dad. I just want to make it official.” 

Sandor stood from his chair, coming around the table to hug Ollie, squeezing him tightly to his chest. “Not important? Ollie, it’s everything.” 

Sansa cried as she watched them, sniffling happily as she reached over to grab the paper Sandor had dropped. Her eyes ran over the first line again, and she smiled.



- - - Twenty Years - Ollie, Age 26 - Eleanor, Age 17

Sansa pulled the album off the shelf and carried it over to sit at the desk. She smiled, reading the handwritten title on the cover

Family Travel Photos

She opened it up and flipped through the pages slowly, running her hands reverently over some of her favorite images. 

Sandor scaring the shit out of me in Dorne

Ollie (7) explores Bear Island

Ollie (9) on Father/Son fishing trip at Long Lake

Ellie's First Trip! (Pentos)

Family as Ants at Yunkai Cliffs (Ollie 11, Ellie 2)

Enjoying the view from the Priest's Sanctuary in Volantis

Ollie (12) on RV trip through the North 

Ellie (5) in the Fields of Ashemark 

Our Anniversary Trip to Norvos

Ollie (16) ziplining in the Summer Islands

Ollie(17) and Ellie(8) on the coast of Tarth

San&San trip to Sunspear

Ollie (19) scaring the shit out of me at Rainwood Cliff

Ellie (11) on Father/Daughter trip in Barrowton

San&San trip to the falls at White Harbor

Ellie(16) scaring the shit out of me at The Golden Fields

- - -

I hope you can see this, Eleanor. He’s happy. We all are. Thank you for saving him. 

She wiped the tears away, turning to the next empty page in the album. 

Sandor poked his head into the study, fixing his shirt. “Are you ready?” He tilted his head as he noticed her red eyes. “Hey, are you ok?” He stepped into the room, coming to stand behind her. He smiled when he saw the album, understanding her tears now. 

He kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Sansa.” 

She looked up at him, eyes still wet. “I love you, Sandor. So much.” 

He leaned down to kiss her slowly, still savoring her. He hummed as he stood back up, running his thumb over her cheek. "You finish up here, I'm going to go start the car. We can't be late - the groom will never forgive us." He winked as he left the room. 

She wiped her eyes again, laughing. She picked up the latest photo, sticking it to the album and adding a caption before she stood and left to join Sandor. 

Ollie and Viseyna Khal, Engagement Weekend!