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couple of years for us

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Dabi woke to the creeping feeling of somebody watching him, which was never a comfortable thing to wake up to. His entire body tensed slightly. His sleep-addled mind caught up a moment later. There was only one person he let this near himself these days. At that thought, his body slowly relaxed again.

He contemplated going back to sleep for slightly longer, but then a hand brushed his arm gently and a voice whispered in his ear: “Hey, I know you’re awake.”

At that, Dabi opened his eyes and rolled over onto his other side, immediately finding himself lost in the warm gaze that awaited him. His stomach clenched. He still wasn’t used to anyone looking at him like that, and especially not this particular pair of bright amber eyes, which had at what seemed so recently been always either sharp in judgement or slightly blank, as if there was a wall of glass between the world and whatever was going on inside. But what that gaze said now was surprisingly and painfully obvious.

“And how are you awake before me?” asked Dabi, voice still rough with sleep, as he raised his hand to mirror the caress that Hawks had been doing on Hawks' own arm.

“You know what they say, early bird catches the worm and all that,” Hawks said, propping himself up on one arm and smiling at him, his scar pulling his right eye half-shut.

At the mention of birds, Dabi's eyes drifted to Hawks side of their own accord, where there was no red stretching out from Hawks’ back. He hesitated for a moment, before he shifted closer so he could press up against Hawks and run his hand over the twin scars where Hawks’ wings used to be, pressing lightly on the protrusion of burned tissue there.

Hawks stiffened minutely, as Dabi knew he would, smile sliding of his face and gaze growing inscrutable, not saying a word as Dabi continued to touch his back purposefully.

Dabi met his stare evenly, a mass of emotions rolling in his gut, not one of them regret. Twice's swollen, tear-stained face was still vivid in his memory. And even if not for that, he didn’t think that he would be able to feel remorse for something that had, inadvertently or not, gotten him here, laying in bed with Hawks, Endeavour's shadow forever gone from his life.

Hawks searched his gaze for a moment longer, before closing his eyes. When he opened them again, there was something of that old sharpness in them, but Dabi didn’t get a moment to think about it, as Hawks seized him by the back of the head and caught his mouth in a hard kiss. Dabi closed his eyes and clutched Hawks tighter.

Despite the force with which it had started, the kiss soon grew into something softer and more tender. Dabi couldn’t even tell who was leading them in that direction any longer, but he didn’t mind, letting himself drift as he softly nipped on Hawks’ lower lip.

Hawks broke the kiss, but stayed close, their foreheads touching as they breathed in sync.

Hawks broke the silence by huffing out a laugh, tucking his chin over Dabi's shoulder.

Dabi shifted to better accomodate him. He ran his fingers through Hawks hair, as impossibly soft as always. “What’s so funny?”

Hawks voice vibrated next to his ear as he spoke, his breath light over the burned skin. “Nothing. Everything. I guess I’m just,” he paused, and Dabi paused with him, stilling as he awaited the rest. “I guess I’m just happy.”

Dabi exhaled, and a smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. “Good,” he said lowly, as he pulled Hawks into another kiss.

Dabi didn’t know if Hawks sensed the me too that he breathed and licked into his mouth, but as Hawks smiled against him, he thought that he might have heard it anyway.