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The camera is set up on some sort of raised ledge and shows the background of a small but tidy kitchen. The lighting is soft and yellow, drifting in through the open window and the small, blue drapes fluttering every so often with the breeze. 


“Welcome to my kitchen,” someone said softly, and the camera lens focus as a man walks into view. His face wasn’t in view but the rest of him, neck down, was, and he was wearing a pink apron that said I’m rooting for you! with several carrots and turnips around the words. Both his sleeves were rolled up neatly, and when he moved, there was sometimes a peek of a tattoo on his upper arm. 


“Today is a special day,” the man continued cheerfully. His voice was happy but not too loud, and when he tapped his knuckles on the granite counter, it was a small noise that matched his tone. “I’m baking a peach cake! It’s a more subtle-sweet dessert than the pudding I made last week, perfect if your loved one doesn’t have too much of a sweet tooth.” 


He reaches for something off camera and presents a metal bowl filled with boxes and bottles of ingredients. “Here’s what you need! Ingredients and precise measurements are listed in the description as always. Okay, so first, take your flour and begin to sift it through your strainer…” 


His instructions were clear and quick, just like his hands. If someone were to squint, they’d be able to notice the hard callouses and scars on his fingers and palms, like he’d laboured over something for years, but he mixed and stirred with a gentle touch. 


“Make sure to put in a lot of peaches if your loved one likes them,” the man said fondly, almost exasperated as he waved at the large basket full of ripe, pink peaches beside his arm. “Cut carefully! Please don’t hurt yourself. If you have an apple corer, that might work better if you aren’t used to a knife just yet.” 


Despite his words, it was clear that he didn’t need such a device. The knife in his hand was nimble and followed his fingers fluently, and before long, his cutting board was covered in diced peaches and peach slices. 


When the cake came out of the oven as a lovely golden color, he took a second to coo over it, saying, “I’m glad it turned out so well!” before it cut to him starting to pipe down a small layer of white frosting on the first layer cake. 


“You don’t have to be perfect about this,” the man said softly, smoothing out the ring of icing with a flat spatula before starting to arrange the peach slices in a sort of flower pattern. “It’s all about the taste rather than presentation.” 


Five minutes of him repeating the same thing later, he was giving the cake one last layer of frosting, this time all over the three cake layers. On top, he laid out small pieces of diced peaches, the rosy color of them turning pink in the sunlight, and he bent down slightly so that his chin was in view as he carefully stuck in several mint leaves into each pile of diced peach. His Hanafuda earrings clinked softly in the breeze coming through his window. 


“There,” he said happily, straightening his back and then spinning the lazy susan board he’d used to show the cake in full presence. It was simplistic but beautiful, the diced peaches looking like roses rather than fruit, and it gleamed in the sunlight. “All done! Present this to your loved one if you want to show them your affection. Thank you for visiting my kitchen, and I hope you eat happily!” 


The screen cuts to black as he waves at the camera. 


There are only a few seconds left in the video, but another clip starts playing anyway, and it’s the man leaning against the counter while he talks softly to someone off camera. 


“You’re too much,” said someone behind the camera, and it was obvious that they were endeared, if a little embarrassed. “How am I supposed to compare, you stupid man?” 


“Anything you make is more than enough,” the man huffed in amusement and affection. “Just let me stay by your side.” 


There was a ruffle and a sigh. “God, you’re impossible. C’mere, Tanjirou.” 


The man leans forward, and very softly, there was the sound of two people kissing, and when the man pulled away to lean against the counter once more, he chuckled while the person behind the camera giggled shyly. 


The video ends. 



Comments left on “How to Bake a Peach Cake - Tanjirou’s Kitchen” from Tanjirou:


norlyporly: god, i wish he’d bake ME a cake like that


          BigBrains: Wh o did he kiss a t thte end of the video????? 


                   norlyporly: i have no idea :((((((

                   hardypar: isnt he dating that blond guy tho?? the one who sings


                           norlyporly: WHAT??? WHO




mew_mew_kissy_two: OMG,,, bless our god tanjirou for ANOTHER great recipe


          alphysdinocar: Same but don’t you want to know who he’s dating? 


                    mew_mew_kissy_two: do u not watch his vlog channel lol



The camera focuses on the blond man wearing a black mask over his nose and mouth while music starts to play in the background. The room he’s in is almost empty aside from him and the microphone in front of his face, and he doesn’t look at the camera, instead staring at something beyond the microphone. 


The melody is something intense, heartfelt and raw in the background, played with several string instruments in a rising tone. The song hasn’t even officially started but there’s a feeling like the man in front of the camera is already starting to cry. 


There’s a small intake of breath and he starts to sing. 


“Close your eyes, take a breath, keep your chin up.” 


It was true - not even a minute in and tears were flowing from his eyes, onto his pink cheeks and then over his black mask, but he didn’t even blink, his voice never wavering from its slow and meaningful tempo. It was like he’d expected that he was going to cry, or like he’d already cried so many times that he wasn’t surprised anymore. 


“You can’t return, you can’t go back, but that’s alright. You are your present, we are your future, just take my hand and don’t let go.” 


The man had to take a moment and turn his head, and if the volume was turned all the way up, a soft cough could be heard to dispel any rising sobs. He turned back just in time to be in rhythm with the music. 


There was something different about the song and the man. He was a consistent updated on his channel, well-known for his impossibly perfect pitch and the way he picked up so many instruments without a glance, but today, he sang like he was trying to spell out his soul through the lyrics, instead. 


The video wasn’t long but the song was slow and breathy, spoken from his heart, and at the end, he was panting slightly and his tears had dripped down so many times that his mask was visibly darker in two, thick streams down his face. 


Throughout the whole song, he hadn’t once made eye contact with the camera, but at the last moment, he does. 


He looks straight into the lens, and his mask moves to let the viewers know that he was smiling, and he said, “thank you for everything you’ve given me.” 


The screen cuts to black. 



Comments left on “To My Dearest - Kaminari (Zenitsu)” from Kaminari:




           undyne_the_undying: whO Is hE sinGINg to THouGH?????? 


                    jinbansan: to me <3 

                    redyarns: its to his boyfriend hehehehehe


                             haru_desu: no it’s not! kaminari isn’t gay

                             jirou_kyouka: Wait u for real? Who’s he dating?????


brenden_blends_shit: Nice song but you were a little pitchy at the end. 


          harrystylesmarryme: no he wasn’t u dumb shmuck


nato_is_yummy: Okay but for rea l tho who is zen datin g???? I want to kn ow  


          lalalauren: lmao do you guys really not watch his vlog channel?



Tanjirou is in the kitchen again, though this time, Zenitsu is wrapping his arms around the taller man’s neck and whining into his collarbone. Tanjirou doesn’t seem mad, he’s smiling as he pets the back of Zenitsu’s long hair with one hand and pipes the icing with his other. 


“It’s not fair!” Zenitsu pouts, his voice muffled by the apron. “You’re too nice to me, Tanjirou! How am I supposed to be a good boyfriend if you keep doing these things for me? Stop being adorable, dammit.” 


Tanjirou laughs softly and leans his head down to give a quick kiss to Zenitsu’s forehead, whose skin turns a bright pink at the contact. “You’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had, Zenitsu.” 


Zenitsu looks up and stares. “I’m your first boyfriend, you bum.” 


Tanjirou’s face turns goofy as he leans down to kiss Zenitsu’s nose, who squeaks and clings to Tanjirou like his legs were suddenly made of jelly. “And you’ll be my last.” 


Zenitsu turns bright red and he shrieks. “YOU CAN’T JUST SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT, MY POOR HEART - “ 


The clip cuts to another one. 


“Babe,” Zenitsu says, his voice trying to be stern but failing as he turns his head away from the camera and looking fondly as Tanjirou waves at him through the door of the recording studio. “Honey, I’m recording!” 


“I brought you some cake,” Tanjirou blinked innocently. “Don’t you want to eat it with me?” 


Zenitsu grumbles as he takes off his mask, puts it down on the microphone, and walks over to him, but his lips are twitching into a smile. “Alright, you silly man. Let’s go eat that cake of yours.” 


The clip blips to the last one. 


Tanjirou was sitting at the table holding Zentisu’s hand. Their fingers were clasped but not too tightly, and every once in a while, Zenitsu would hum a song under his breath, the words so soft that it was barely audible through the video, but Tanjirou seemed to hear it just fine. 


“What song are you singing?” Tanjirou asked curiously. 


“None of your business,” Zenitsu said playfully, smiling when Tanjirou ducked his head bashfully and squeezed his hand. “I’m kidding, you goof. It’s your present, so don’t come in next time, okay? I have a hard enough time not crying already, and seeing your face doesn’t help me.” 


“Aw,” Tanjirou cooes, and he picks up a forkful of cake before lifting it to Zenitsu’s lips. 


“You’re embarrassing,” Zenitsu sputters, his face a bright pink as he squeezes Tanjirou’s hand tighter than ever. 


“And you’re beautiful,” Tanjirou said fondly, and with that, Zenitsu took the fork into his mouth and swallowed after a few chews. “Good?” 


“Your food always tastes good,” Zenitsu says, licking away any spots of cream on his lips. 


“I love you.” 


“I love you too.” 


The video ends. 



Comments left on “ZenTan vlog #675” from Cakes On Key:


redyarns: wow thats gay im gay everyones gay jesus christ stop being cute before my heart explodes


          slurpies: what a mood???

          jennamarbles_likes_soap: I didn’t even know they were dating! Wow. Do they not mention it a lot on their channels or anything? 


                    one_sapphire_rose: Nah, they don’t a whole ton. They’re pretty private, to be honest. But they are grossly cute on this channel and you can see them sometimes on their own channels. 


                              echonelia: u can also see them ont ehir instagram and twitter, tho zenitsu uses twitter like every day and abandons his insta while tan posts his food daily on insta and leaves twitter alone. polar opposites, these two


                                       pinkie_binkie_pie_: OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!


sonic_isnt_gay: gross


          sonic_is_gay: like your face


                  sonic_isnt_gay: :(


zen likes cake @zenitsu 

         happy anniversary <3333333333333333333 love u babe u r my star okay pls dont leave me ill cry


         Tanjirou @tanjirous_kitchen

                 I love you <3 happy anniversary!!!!


                 narcisi: a wild Tanjirou appears


                 zentan_blessed: They say only every other blue moon does tanjirou come on twitter


         plastique_props: WAHHHH HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!



“Some people still don’t know that we’re dating.” 


“Ah, really? Well, it doesn’t matter too much. Come here, darling.” 


“Y-You dummy! Oh my god, my poor heart. Give me a rest, Tanjirou, what the fuck!” 


“But you’re so cute! Your scent becomes all sweet and ripe. I want to eat you up.”


“Jesus christ. I love you, even if you’re ridiculous.” 


“I love you too. Now come here.” 


It was a very nice anniversary.