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Kirishima groaned as the bottle in his hand gave him nothing but a spurt of air when he squeezed.

He really should get into the habit of checking how much dye he had leftover before he started his routine. This always happened back home and it seemed he never learned.

Hair already bleached, he grabbed the box the bottle came in and made his way down to the first floor, hoping Yaomomo was in the common area so she could check the components of his hair dye and see if she could replicate an extra one for him. 

He knew she would gladly do it, maybe even call it training, but he was already thinking of a way to return the favor when he ran into Kaminari as he got out of the elevator.

“Ah, sorry Kacchan!” Kaminari apologized, putting away his phone as he’d been checking it and not the looking where he walked.

Kirishima blinked at him, looking around confused. “Uh, Blasty isn’t around, Denki”

Kaminari tilted his head, mouth gaping open as he stared. Then it seemed his mind made the connection and he gasped loudly. “Eijirou?! What the hell, man, you look just like Katsuki!”

“Aw, you think so?” He ran a hand through his temporarily blond hair. It was still a bit damp and without styling it it felt flat on his head, similar to how Bakugou’s looked after a shower. That paired with his red eyes must’ve completed the illusion. “I’m flattered”

“Bro do you know what this means?” Kaminari whispered, looking around as he pushed Kirishima back into the elevator, pressing the button for the fifth floor. 

“Uh, that I need to keep track of my hair products more carefully?”

“No! This could be the best prank ever, man!” Kaminari said, excited as he ran into the hall as soon as they reached the floor where Kirishima and Bakugou’s rooms were. “Come on, we have to fix you up!”

Kirishima didn’t really see the point, he didn’t think anyone would get fooled and think he was Bakugou—Kaminari was a special case—but he decided to let him have his fun drying and brushing his hair, adding a little *spark* to get his hair extra spiky, and then rummaging through his closet until he managed to find a simple black tank top that was similar enough to what Bakugou would wear.

“What if Katsuki is down there?” Kirishima asked as he checked himself in the mirror. Man, he actually did look like Bakugou with the proper grooming. He frowned experimentally, snorting at the sight.

“He went for a run, shouldn’t be back for another hour” Kaminari said while ruffling through the cabinets. “Don’t you have foundation or something around here?”

“I don’t wear it” Kirishima answered, still playing around in the mirror, making faces and imagining it was Bakugou who did them. He would have to keep down his smile to make it more believable; his teeth were a dead giveaway.

Kaminari grumbled. “Okay mister flawless skin, wait here while I go get mine”

When he was back and used a dab of makeup to cover the scar over his eye, Kaminari stepped back and admired his masterpiece.

“I’m seriously losing my shit” He laughed, grabbing Kirishima’s hand and pulling him along. “Alright, just try to do things Blasty would never do and let’s see if anyone catches up”

They got into the elevator once more, and they were off.


Victim number one: Todoroki Shouto


Todoroki had started experimenting in the kitchen as a bit of a hobby. Back at home they had people working the kitchen and so he never got the chance to make his own meals. 
He stared down at the pan, wondering what else could go with his fried rice. He wondered if it was normal for it to turn green, but he was still trying out ingredients.

“What are you doing?”

He turned around to see “Bakugou” staring at him, mouth pursed in an exaggerated pout as he looked down at his food.

“Dinner” He said. “Did you caught a cold? You sound a bit rougher than usual”

Kirishima cleared his throat, glaring at him. His eyes looked a bit bigger tonight. “Do you need help with that? I’m better at cooking. I’m better than you at everything, actually”

Todoroki stared at him for a second, then stepped away. Kirishima got closer and eyed the pan critically, one eye twitching a bit at the sight.

“What did you put in there?”

Todoroki shrugged. “The usual. Onions, peppers, matcha powder, eggs”

Kirishima shivered, but decided to keep up the façade. Kaminari would pay up later. “S-Sounds good.  Mind if I try?”

“Not at all”

Todoroki handed him a spoon and Kirishima scooped up a minuscule amount, carefully bringing it up to his mouth. He prepared himself for the worst as it touched his mouth…and then his eyes widened as he felt it spread on his tongue. It wasn’t bad at all, actually, maybe even a bit fresh and sweet. 

“So? What do you think?” Todoroki asked, looking expectantly at him.

Kirishima finished swallowing and went to drop the spoon on the sink along the mountain of plates and pots Todoroki had accumulated. “Not bad, Half n’ Half. Try adding some meat, you’re looking kinda skinny”

Todoroki hummed, touching his bicep thoughtfully. “Maybe I will, thank y—” By the time he looked up, Kirishima was gone. He shrugged and headed for the fridge, rummaging through what they had stocked up. Maybe Bakugou wouldn’t mind if he took his duck breast. He did give him the tip, after all.


Victim number two: Iida Tenya


As much as Iida enjoyed spending time with his classmates, study time was sacred and required complete silence, something he couldn’t get in the common room. He stowed away in his room for exactly three hours before going down for dinner and then back up to bed.

A knock on his door distracted him from his notebook, wondering who could it be at this hour.

He opened the door. “Ah, Bakugou-kun!” He exclaimed, surprised. “What can I do for you?”

Kirishima slouched as he stepped into the room without waiting to be invited—he’d apologize later—and looked up at Iida from beneath his bangs. “I wanted your help with something, prez”

Iida looked shocked, but delightfully surprised. “O-Of course! Anything within my grasp, I will gladly help you with!”

Kirishima covered his chuckle with a cough. This guy was precious. “I need to fix my posture. My back is affecting my, uh, my quirk performance, yeah”

Iida nodded thoughtfully, bringing a hand to his chin as he looked him up and down. “Indeed, it would seem your poor posture could affect your shoulder joints. Ah, but I’m sure Midoriya-kun would be more suited to that kind of analysis. You should ask him about it later”

Kirishima nodded. “Yeah, sure, whatever” He brought his hands to his back, pushing it and making it pop. Ow. “You gonna help me or what?”

Iida stood behind him, bringing Kirishima’s arms to cross over his chest. Iida then hugged Kirishima’s chest over his arms. “Now relax”

He lifted him and Kirishima gasped, feeling his spine align and pop back in place. Wow, was he really that strung up for real?

Iida held him like that for a while, legs dangling as he lay limp in his hold, then was set back down. “That should be a good start, how does it feel?”

Kirishima shrugged one shoulder at a time, marveling at how smooth his movements felt. “Great! Uh, I mean” He cleared his throat, going back for the raspy voice ha was using to pretend. “It’s good enough, I guess”

Iida smiled, ignoring the slight. “I’m glad. I can put together a stretching routine for you to practice later, if you want”

Kirishima thought about it for a second, then nodded. He could use some more of that in the future. “Yeah, sure. Go nuts, Four Eyes”

He turned and left, fighting back his impulse to answer Iida’s goodbye with one of his own.


Victim number three: Midoriya Izuku


“Oi, Deku”

Midoriya looked up from his book. “Yes, Kirishima-kun?”

Shit. Shit, shit, shit, abort mission!

“Uh, nothing. Bye”

Kirishima walked off, wondering what made him think he could fool Midoriya.


Victim number four three: Ashido Mina


“I definitely think pink is your color” Mina commented as she painted Kirishima’s nails. “I don’t know why you bother with orange. I mean, you look good on anything, but you could try something bolder, make a statement!”

Kirishima just nodded along, hair pulled up in a little pineapple bun as the face mask worked its wonders in his skin. He’d just let her speak, she seemed happy enough like that.


Victim number five four: Yaoyorozu Momo


“I have to say, I didn’t expect you to be the kind to like tea parties, Bakugou-san” Yaomomo smiled as she poured another cup for him.

“I’ve had some interesting experiences lately. I’m curious” Kirishima said, sipping his rooibos. “I tried a bit of matcha earlier today”

“Oh, I went to a wonderful Tea Ceremony last spring break” She said. “I brought some with me, I could bring you some one of these days”

“Sounds good” Kirishima said.  “Oh hey, could you take a look at this? Shitty Hair wanted to know if you could make some, y’know, just in case”

Yaomomo read the label of the box he handed her, nodding to herself. “I’ve made some products for my mother before, I should be able to make some after a couple of tries”

“Great, thanks”


Victim number six five: Aizawa Shouta


Kirishima walked out of the dorms, resolutely making his way to the teachers’ dorms. He whistled a made up melody, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“What the fu—Hey!”

Kirishima stopped dead in his tracks, eyes widening as he saw his current copy—or rather, the original—marching up to him.


Victim number six five: Aizawa Shouta Bakugou Katsuki


“Who the fuck…” Bakugou growled as he got up in his face, critical eye zooming through every inch of his face. Kirishima’s quirk activated instinctively, his body’s lines turning harsh and angular. “Shitty hair?! What the hell happened to your hair—and why are your nails fucking pink? That's not your color"

“I ran out of dye” Kirishima explained weakly. He avoided answering about the nails. Maybe if he didn’t mention anything at all Bakugou would never know?

Bakugou grumbled, pulling off his hoodie and forcibly putting it on Kirishima, setting the hood over his head. “Did you talk to Ponytail?”

“Huh? Oh! Yeah, yeah she said she could make some more” Kirishima said. He noticed Bakugou was actually wearing exactly the same kind of shirt Kaminari had picked for him.

“Then hurry up and finish getting ready” Bakugou huffed, making his way into the dorms. “It’s too late for this shit, I’m going to bed”

Kirishima hurried too follow after him, hands in the front pocket of the hoodie and considering the prank finished now that Bakugou was back, and wondering if Yaomomo had finished with his request.

“Bakugou!” Mina’s voice boomed from the kitchen. She hopped up to them, grabbing Bakugou’s hands and grinning at him. “I found this shade of orange laying behind my bed, I think it’d go great with your costume and—” She glanced down at his hands, then did a double take, pouting. “Aw, did you clean your nails already? I wanted to show Tooru!”

Bakugou snatched his hands away, staring at her as if she’d gone nuts. “The fuck are you talking about, Raccoon Eyes?” He stepped as far away as possible from her, trying to go upstairs to his room to take a shower. 

He bumped into Iida coming down from his floor.

“Ah, Bakugou-kun” He smiled at him, pushing his glasses up his nose. “I’m glad I found you. Here” He handed him a stack of papers. Bakugou took them slowly, confused at what the hell he was holding. “I found a few reputable sources online for proper stretching techniques. I compiled some for you to try”

Bakugou glances down at the pictures on the pages, then back at Iida. “Uh huh” He said, walking around Iida without turning his back on him as he backed into the elevator. The door closed and he was out of sight.

Iida shrugged. Bakugou was odd on a good day.

Kirishima sighed, rubbing his eye and wiping off the bit of makeup covering his scar right as Yaomomo came into the room from the aisle leading to the girls’ rooms.

“Kirishima-san, there you are” She smiled at him, a familiar box in her hands. “Bakugou-san asked me earlier if I could make some for you. I think I finally got it right”

Kirishima grinned, taking the box from her. “Thanks! I really needed this. Just tell me when you need anything in return” He winked at her.

She laughed, waving his offer away. “It’s no trouble, really. I enjoy practicing new compositions”

He left to his own room to finish fixing up his hair, coming back down later with a shower cap while the dye worked it’s magic to kill some time watching TV. Bakugou was arriving back from his shower right after him, clean and dressed in his usual pajamas as he made his way to the kitchen. His voice echoed through the building a second later.

Who the fuck took my fucking duck?!