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Oh, There's Your Dick, Bro!

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It's been maybe...five? Six days? Somewhere around there.

That's how long it's been since That Night™.

The night Katsuki went to Kirishima's room, and got fucked into the mattress by not one, but two fat, hard dicks.

Even now in his room after he's supposed to be asleep, the thought makes him shudder. It was good. Terrifyingly good. Mind breakingly good. He would do it again in a heartbeat, bend over the nearest flat surface and spread his legs wide.

And yet...

Even as his mind fills with the memory or being fucked, another, quieter bunch of memories lurks at the corner of his thoughts, almost consuming him whenever he focuses on it.

Kirishima, his legs spread open. 

The small, almost unnoticeable slit resting there.

The way Kirishima arched into his touch when he pressed his fingers inside. 

The shine of his fingers when he snatched them away in surprise. 

The flutter of his slit when he did so. 

Fuck, he was so fucking hard. 

Katsuki pressed his hips against his mattress, whimpering.

It's pleasurable. 

But not satisfying. 

Grunting in irritation, he throws his pillow to the floor and rolls out of bed, frowning fiercely as he stomps to the door and yanks it open, only to meet the red eyes he had just been thinking of. 



The redhead huffs out a soft laugh, holding a hand to his chest. 

"Geez Bakubro, you scared me!"

"Don't call me that. And what are you doin' here?"

"Huh? Oh! Uh..."

His eyes drop away, staring nervously at the wall. 

"Was wondering if you wanted to...hang out."

"Hang out?? It's almost 12 a.m., dumbass, why would I wanna h-"

His sentence breaks off the moments Kirishima faces him again, his eyes burning with the same emotion that he had seen all those (six) nights ago. 


Hang out. 

Katsuki swallows heavily. 

"...C'mon in."

The click of the lock bolting the door shut is louder than any explosion Katsuki has ever made. 

Kirishima is fidgeting, his fingers tapping his thigh as he looks around the room like he's never seen it before. 

"S-so...what do you wanna do?"

Fuck you.

Ravish you.

Throw you onto the bed and make sure you can't call out anything but my name.

He almost says it, it's on the tip of his tongue in an instant, but he swallows it back. "H-how about a movie?"

"Yeah! Sounds good!"

He nods and breaks out the movie kit under his bed. A fold-able table. His laptop. Some DVDs. Drinks. And a few containers of Jiffy Pop.

Kirishima is grinning excitedly, already climbing onto his bed. 

"Oooo, are you gonna do the thing?"

Katsuki snorts. "Of course, I'm gonna do the thing."


He picks out a movie (an old Red Riot one that Kirishima adores) and pops it into the computer, clicking though the menu. Once the familiar theme music fills the room, they settle down, Katsuki snagging the popcorn from his night stand. He levels it in his hand and flashes Kirishima a small smirk. 

"You ready?"

"Try not to burn it this time, okay?" Kirishima teases back.

"Shut up."

He frowns down at the container, concentrating on generating a low, steady heat in the palm of his hand. Soon, they're able to hear the sizzling sounds of the butter heating up, followed later by the sounds of popping corn as the foil rises into the air. Eventually, Katsuki proudly presents the Jiffy Pop container to Kirishima, fully popped and ready for consumption, who ooh's and ah's accordingly as he drags a hardened finger across the top to split it open and reveal fresh, perfect kernels.

"I hope that I never get tired of that," Kirishima says with a small grin as he shoves a fistful of buttery goodness into his mouth.

"I hope that you learn some manners," Katsuki says back dryly, brushing the crumbs off of his shoulder. 


Finally, they settle back onto the pillows, quickly devouring their snacks, and eventually letting their full bellies and the sound of explosions lull them to sleep.

Katsuki awakes with a snort, blearily blinking at his computer where the DVD menu plays on repeat.

He scrubs a hand over his face and wipes the sleep from his eyes as he sits up, closing the laptop with a small 'clack' and pushing the small table to the side to be put away later, before frowning at the blinking light of his alarm clock, proudly displaying the time as 1:36 a.m.

"What the fuck am I awake for?" He grumbles, turning back to the bed, only to freeze. 

Kirishima was still there, still sleeping, the moon highlighting his face and the soft, ungelled curls of his hair and his mouth was just barely open, flashing sharp, white teeth.

Katsuki's fingers twitch against his sheets, his heart kick-starting in his chest as he watching dark lashes flutter against pale cheeks. 

Fuck, he's so beautiful.

Almost as beautiful as...

The blond swallows he remembers that open mouth gasping in pleasure.

Remembers those long fingers coated in juices. Those pale cheeks flushed red with need.

His own fingers, slipping into that wet heat-

Katsuki swears softly, tearing his eyes away as his hand reaches down to squeeze at his suddenly erect cock.


He freezes when Kirishima shifts in his sleep, his hands raising to curl cutely against his cheeks and thighs cocking open, one bent at the knee and the other laying flat against the bed before he stills again with a soft sigh. 

And Katsuki is only so strong.

He only pauses for a second before he reaches out with a shaking hand, gliding over smooth, baby soft legs. Fuck, he was so goddamn soft, Katsuki was gonna lose it.

He swallows loudly, vaguely aware that he's breathing a little harder as his hand inches up those lose shorts.


Which is fucking weird, because aren't sharks cold blooded? What the fuck is he so warm for??


Katsuki gasps softly as his fingers come into contact with direct skin, his heart thundering in his chest.

No underwear. That's a whole bare pelvis right there.


Holy fuck.

He swallows again, panting as red eyes flick up to Kirishima's face. 

Still peaceful. Still soft and beautiful and goddamn perfect. 


He gently removes his hand and instead moves it to the edge of the shorts, inching them down over tanned thighs.

This is okay right??? 

It's nothing he's never seen before. Nothing Kirishima would stop him from doing.

But he's asleep? Maybe it's wrong??

But he isn't wearing underwear! He's begging to be ravished, right?

Katsuki mentally slaps himself.

Reminding his brain that just because someone is dressed a certain way doesn't mean that that someone is asking to be touched in a sexual manner.

Consent is sexy, or whatever.

With a pained sigh, he gently redresses the sleeping male and instead cuddles him in his arms, pulling the covers over their intertwined bodies. 

He would just have to wait.

It feels like he only closes his eyes for two seconds before he's being awakened to a tickling sensation just under his jawline. 

It's still ass o'clock in the morning, that much he can tell from the still darkened sky outside. 

And that tickling sensation...kisses?

Yes, kisses from Kirishima. 

Katsuki hums softly, shifting forward towards more of the redhead's warm skin as strong hands begin to trace across his back.

"Wh'ime is's't?" He mumbles into his pillow, his eyes blinking open and shut lethargically.

"Dunno," Kirishima mumbles back, licking a slow stripe up his neck as he brings their hips together firmly. 

And oh.

Katsuki shudders as his erection comes into contact with the seemingly flat surface of Kirishima's groin, his hips rolling without his permission to do so.

"Woke up to this though," Kirishima says, a grin in his voice as his hands wander down to his ass and dig deep, yanking him forward.

Katsuki's moan is high and breathy, his mind still not having caught up yet with what's happening. But he's quickly getting the gist.

His hands twitch forward, running under a thin t-shirt to pull him closer as he captures that wandering mouth in a deep kiss, licking over each of the individually sharp points with a shaky moan.

Fuck, why are his teeth so fucking sexy, this is a CRIME-

Kirishima is panting when they break apart, staring up at him with half lidded eyes as he rolls his hips, grinding against his front. 

Katsuki shudders and moans softly, his hips bucking forward of their own free will, cock hard and leaking.

"Came here for this," the redhead whispers softly, breathless as Katsuki kisses down his neck. "W-was scared to ask, but I wanted it. Still want it."

"Want what?" Katsuki asks, a teasing grin tugging as his lips.


And fuck, it's not even supposed to be sexy, but it sends shivers down his spine anyways as he gently pushes a hand up the leg of loose sleeping shorts.

The bare skin there is both expected and a surprise, and Katsuki moans softly when his fingers encounter wetness.

Kirishima sucks in a sharp breath, but not from surprise. 

From excitement.

"Did you want me here?" He whispers into a flushed ear, the tips of his fingers gently dipping into the small opening.

Kirishima gasps, catching his wrist in a tight grip.


The blond groans softly, eagerly pushing two fingers into the soft, wet, hot opening and curling them softly, stretching it open even further and relishing in the choked gasps and cries that Kirishima starts to make the longer he continues.

He can feel Kirishima's dicks in there, just barely brushing across the tips of his fingers. Part of him wants to reach deeper, to pull them out with that same wet sound from all those nights ago that now haunts his wet dreams.

But another part of him...

"F-fuck, Kat," Kirishima whisper gasps, strong fingers curling around his biceps as he buries his face into a pale neck. "Y-your fingers...!"

"Feel good?" He murmurs softly, biting down firmly on the curved tip of a flushed ear.

Kirishima cries out, and it's loud, louder than it needs to be at ass o'clock in the morning.

So he does the natural thing and swallows the echoing sound of moans with a kiss.

And what a fucking kiss it is.

Katsuki whines softly, his other hand curling around a slim waist to tug the other boy closer, his lips messy and eager even though Kirishima's and unfocused and uncoordinated.

"K'suki," he moans into one, and fuck, the feeling of it against his lips makes him even harder.

"Off," he groans, yanking his hand free (gently) so that he can tug those stupid Red Riot shorts down sturdy, tanned legs.

And there it is, just like he remembers it.

Well, sort of how he remembers it.

Before, it had two twitching dicks sticking out of it, but now...

Now it was just an open place, pink and wet and eager.

"Fuck, it's like you're a girl," he whispers almost to himself.

Kirishima's sharp snort is quick to pull him out of his head.

"Trust me, Kats, this thing is nothing like a vagina."

"Well, now I wouldn't know, would I?" He shoots back with a soft smack to one of the red head's thighs.

Kirishima's smile is soft and pleased in the moonlight.

"Yeah. Lucky me."

And what the fuck, how dare he?

"Shut up," Katsuki growls, shoving a pillow over the other's face so he can't see how red his face gets, muffling that sweet laughter. "Fucking die."

Kirishima's reply is muffled, and he reluctantly uncovers his face.


"I SAID it would be a shame to die before the good part," Kirishima says again, and Katsuki would be embarrassed, but the wet, almost sticky slide of the other's groin against his makes it impossible for him to feel anything other than pleasure.

From there it's a fight to get more clothes off, kissing and groping at each other in between undressing until they're both completely naked.

And fuck, what a sight.

Katsuki swallows hard, wide eyes traveling over every dip and curse of Kirishima's body.

Eager to soak the image in to remember when he's alone in his bed during the midnight hours.

But for now, he doesn't need to imagine.

"Fuck are you so pretty for anyways?" He demands, but his voice is soft, awed as he runs a warm hand up one of the red head's legs.

Kirishima gasps, his legs twitching as soft, warm hands stroke up his leg, dipping in between his thighs to gently pull them apart until he's laid bare for the blond's gaze, who swallows nervously as he shuffles forward on his knees.

"C-can I...?"

"Yeah, just lemme..."

And then it's Katsuki's turn to gasp, a shiver traveling down his spine as cool hands reach down to guide him forward. 

"Easy...don't wanna thrust too fast," Kirishima murmurs and then...

"Oh, my fucking God," Katsuki moans weakly.

It's wet. 

Ridiculously so.

But like thick wetness? It feels like that stupid slime shit Denki sometimes takes out in class when he's bored.

Kirishima moans quietly as he presses deeper, his hips canting upwards as Katsuki fills him more and more.

And then Katsuki feels the strangest fucking feeling he has ever felt on his penis in his life. He would have jerked back if not for the tight grip that Kirishima had on him.

"Fucking Christ!"

It was Kirishima's dicks. It was the only thing it could be.

Two curling, tentacle-like appendages that were wrapping and twisting around his own penis and making his eyes roll into the back of his head.

"K-Kirishima, stop-!"

"Can't," the redhead replies with a breathless laugh, pressing their groins right up against each other.

"They have a mind of their own in there."

Katsuki's shaking arms finally give out, and he lands on his elbows on either side of the redhead as he moans louder than he should.

But it feels so fucking good.

It's wet and a little bit tight, squeezing around his cock erotically.

But what's really making him lose his mind is the way his dicks are twisting around his own, flexing and squeezing the way he's seen some snakes do in animal documentaries. It's making it really hard to focus on not immediately blowing his load.

"A-ah! Ah! Fuck," he whines breathlessly, working his hips in a slow grind that makes both of them moan loudly, completely overwhelmed by their individual feelings.

"K-Katsuki," Kirishima moans, wrapping shaky arms around his back and tugging him down until their chest to chest.

"'M gonna cum," Katsuki whispers urgently, pressing kisses to the red head's neck urgently as he tries to move his hips faster.

"Fuck yes, do it," Kirishima groans, digging sharp nails into his shoulders.

It's that little bit of pain that pushes him over.

With a guttural moan that's pulled from deep inside of him, he explodes, pumping a thick load of cum inside of Kirishima's slit, shuddering violently as the other's dicks continued to stroke and squeeze at him through his orgasm.

"Fuck! Fuck!" he whines through it, hips shaking.

Kirishima's moan is obscenely loud and unapologetic, strong legs wrapping around his waist as he continues to grind their hips together.

"Oh my fffffffff-!" Katsuki whines, his hands twisting in the sheets roughly as he bucks forward again.

He feels raw and broken, and he can barely breathe through the pleasure lighting up his nerves, but he can't stop either, can't bring himself to lose the feeling of lightning shooting down his spine. 

He's ruining himself for anyone else and he doesn't even care.

"Yes, yes, yes," Kirishima is panting harshly in his ear, sharp fingers digging into his shoulders. "R-right there, fuck, Katsuki!"

"Feels so good," he moans back, already feeling himself getting hard again as sticky wet dicks continue to squeeze around his own.

And yeah, it kind of hurt to be hard again so soon after just unloading everything he's ever had into his boyfriend, but fuck off, he's only been a not virgin for like a week, and only one day out of that week was spent not virgin-ing. He deserves these goddamn orgasms.

Now if only Kirishima would fucking let him move-

"Ei, you gotta ease up," he grunts, easing a hand underneath the knee of one strong leg and forcing it upwards, giving himself more room to actually thrust.

It's not the first thrust that makes the redhead gasp.

It's not even the second.

It's the ninth one that gets him, his body arching high into the air as a strangled cry leaves his throat.


He briefly takes a second to silently thank his teacher in middle school for teaching context clues before angling his hips.

Kirishima’s cry is loud, his head flying back as his body lifts into the air.


The blond groans, burying his face into Kirishima's neck as he continues to thrust forward, soft, wet slapping sounds filling the air along with their gasps and cries.

"Fucking tight," the blond whimpers, his eyes screwed shut as he digs his nails into the pale skin of a thigh, shoving it higher to make more room.

Kirishima shudders violently, reaching up to grip his own hair in two fists as Katsuki fucks him.

"S-so big! You're so-! Fuck! Fuck! Katsuki!"

He presses a rushed kiss to bitten lips as his other hands work under Kirishima’s other leg, pushing against it until he's bent in half, the blond's hips moving harshly between his legs.

He's overwhelmed with pleasure. Nothing is escaping him but gasps and whimpers as he watches his own cum leak out from around the edges of Kirishima's slit, mixed with his own juices.

"Ah! Ah! AH!"

"Loud," he grunts breathlessly, a grin crossing his face.

"Better quiet down before Aizawa comes knocking again."

And really, it shouldn't be so adorable watching as Kirishima descends into choked giggles around his moans, but love makes you crazy in the best kinds of ways.

They spend a few minutes deliriously laughing together.

But then laughing turns into a soft peck.

Which turns into another.

Which turns into a kiss.

Which turns into a slower, much deeper kiss as Katsuki roughly rolls his hips forward, filling Kirishima up to the hilt just to hear another one of those cute little gasps.

"K-Katsuki," the redhead whines, back arching as much as it can as he grinds their crotches together mercilessly, sending shock waves up his spine. "Ah!"

"God you're gonna be the death of me, and I'm gonna love it," the blond gasps back, pulling back until just the tip is inside.

"Please! Please! Ple-!"

Katsuki slams forward, teeth bared in a feral snarl as Kirishima cries out with enjoyment.

They were definitely gonna get a detention or something, at least.

But how can he bring himself to care when Kirishima is staring up at him like that?

His eyes wide and wet and feverish as he digs his own nails into the blond's upper arms, breathlessly chanting, "Please, please, yes, there, again, please-!"

He slams him back down, relishing in the pitched wail as he gets rougher, meaner, each thrust going beyond, plus ultra.

And with each thrust, Kirishima loses a bit more of himself, his cries becoming louder and louder until they are piercing the late-night/almost morning air with their loudness, letting everyone know exactly what's being done and who's doing it to him.

"Katsuki! Katsuki! Katsuki! There! Please! There! Ah! Hah! Ah!"

"Right here?" The blond gasps, already angling his hips where Kirishima's cries become the loudest, bordering on hiccuping yelps as they move together.


His voice cuts out on the last word.

And then he begins to fucking vibrate.

It starts with an intense tremble in his thighs that makes his fingers slide against sticky skin, before spreading down to his toes, and then up again to his arms until he's a curled up ball of energy in Katsuki's arms, waiting to burst.

And the thing is, Katsuki would stop, would be even slightly more concerned if it wasn't for the tight grip Kirishima's dicks now had on his own, lose enough for him to still thrust, and the soft, almost manic under the breath chant of, "There, there, there, there, there-!"

For a brief second, Katsuki has the thought that maybe the other is going to have some kind of silent orgasm.

For a very brief second.

Right before Kirishima's eyes roll right into the back of his head as he inhales.

He barely has time to clap both hands over Kirishima's gaping mouth before he absolutely howls, his body jerking and twitching underneath him as cum and clear fluids seem to bubble up and gush out of his slit, soaking the both of them in sex juices.

At the same time, the redhead's dicks grip his like some kind of lifeline, undulating against his own until he's spilling his own seed inside of the other while muttering a gasping string of scandalous curses into the curve of his boyfriend's neck as he's milked for all he has.

He doesn't know how long it takes him to unload shot after thick, sticky shot of cum into the other, filling him with bursting, but he does know that it takes all of his energy with it, leaving him a gasping, trembling mess even as his hips still twitch forward, not yet done.

"It's so warm," Kirishima slurs, gathering him up in weak arms as they fight to catch their breath while still tangled together, Katsuki reluctant in every way, shape and form to pull out of the comfiest place he's ever put his dick.

"D'n' m've, yur r'nin' it," Bakugou grunts back, already sliding into unconsciousness.

And that was the last sound they made that night, perfectly content in each other's (sweaty) arms.

"And I better be able to eat off that section of the floor when you're done, Bakugou!"

Kirishima groaned inwardly, scrubbing at a particularly bad patch of build up in the tub while Katsuki mopped behind him, muttering death threats under his breath.

It wasn't...the worst morning in the world.

No one had even said anything!

Then again, no one could look either of them in the eyes either.

And Kirishima had been alright with that, up until about two seconds later when Aizawa had stomped into the common room.

Looking particular sleep-deprived as he glared with bloodshot eyes in their direction. 

"You. And you. Bathroom duty. The whole dorm. A month."

Whispered hisses filled the air, and even Kirishima's mouth dropped open a little. Bathroom duty was the worst!

Especially when each of four floors had two communal bathrooms on each side, one for boys and one for girls. 

And the boy’s side was the nastiest. Kirishima had seen things in there that should not be in a bathroom.

"But Sensei-!"

"NO BUTS!" He yelled out, drowning out any and all arguments either of them might have had.

"Except Kirishima's apparently," Mineta said with an ugly laugh, right before Bakugou launched himself forward, palms already sparking.

It took most of the class to drag him (halfheartedly) off, only for him to be handed off to Kaminari to take to Recovery Girl, and for Kirishima and Bakugou to be handed cleaning supplies.

Which brought them to where they are now.

Knee deep in suds, with Aizawa's supervision.

Sneaking quick glances and short smiles at each other that Aizawa (the softy) pretends not to see.

Worth it.