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Love Is A Smoke

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En wasn't stressed about it. He absolutely was not.

Who wouldn't love what he had planned; two tickets to a private show from Chota's favorite production house, a dinner reservation at the best restaurant in their district, a $1000 voucher to Chota's favorite clothing store. That was lavish and too much. Surely anyone would be happy, Chota included.

And if he complained, that wasn't En's problem.

En felt antsy anyway, as he unlocked Chota's door.

Only to see Chota in front of his mirror, trying out this lacy affair, catching him looking at his own ass.

Chota whirled around and yelped; his mask was off, the blush on his cheeks was high, "En! I didn't think you were coming today!"

Chota was by his side right away, though, fingers curled over his mouth but his pleased smile was still visible, "Thank you for tonight, Turkey and I had a lot of fun."

"You're welcome," En said, making himself look at Chota's face, and not the barely covered curve down below, "That's good."

"Are you staying over?" Chota asked, but the expectation in his voice was muted, like he really had thought En wasn't going to show up. En hadn't planned to. He didn't plan on spending the night, either. He had much to do the next day.

"Yes," he said anyway, and Chota's eyes lit up, and En figured that Chota couldn't complain about this, too.