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Love Is A Smoke

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"I believe he is with Turkey-san," the assistant said, bowing his head down slightly, "He mentioned something about a new magic experiment?"

En raised an eyebrow, but realized that Chota was probably off messing around with whatever new magic fad he read up on at Turkey's place. That was probably for the best; En wasn't in the mood to deal with any mishaps in the mansion. He had reminded Chota time and time again not to be too reckless with magic, so he'd be fine. Plus, Turkey was the more rational of the two. En wasn't worried. 

"That's fine then. Dismissed."

Kikurage made an affirmative noise in his arms, and En scratched her head before focusing on his work again. 


"They're in the city, En-san," Fujita said, checking his wristwatch really quickly, "Uh, they've been gone an hour now? Ebisu wanted to get something-she wouldn't tell me what it was- but Noi-san and Chota-san went with her. I think they'll be back in time for dinner."

The city...

Well, En supposed that made sense. It wasn't a bad thing that they were all out together. Noi spending time with Chota might be good, too. He could ask Chota how she was doing later.  

En was a little annoyed, but it was just bad timing, probably. 


"Did you need help with anything? I can help you if you need."

En waved him off, shaking his head, "No need. Thank you."


He entered the room only to find it empty. No Chota. No nothing. 

"What the fuck is going on."

The first few times made sense but he had continued to seek Chota out and still Chota wasn't around? Had that ever happened before?

Of course not, it was because- 

The sound of footsteps and a light humming, and the door behind him opened. Chota set foot inside and was instantly surprised, "En!"

"Where were you."

Chota was definitely still surprised, floundering around, "I was picking up some things at the devil's market. They were some really good deals, you know, so I-"

En fixed him with a glare, and Chota's words died down. 

"Since when were you so elusive?" 


Annoying. Chota knew what he was talking about, surely, "I never should have let you roam around freely like this."

Chota folded his arms, and En was already feeling defensive. 

"En, I have a phone."

"That isn't the point."

"Do you even have my number?" 

"Of course I do!" En snapped, and regretted it because Chota was now closer, and even En could feel him grinning. What a pain in the ass. 

"Sorry, En," Chota said, and En could hear how giddy his smile was, "I'll make it up to you." 

En had half the mind to just leave. But he hadn't seen Chota for days, and they had things to discuss. Grievances to air. 

En looked away, because he knew Chota's reaction, no matter what it was, would piss him off. 

"You better."