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The End Of A Nightmare

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Along the halls a boy who from afar you could see dint belong there. with his black hoodie covering his black hair, big brown eyes hidden from others. Kouki Yoshihiro, a new student who got in with an arts scholarship, he stood out like a sore thumb in the hallways filled with students wearing perfect uniforms but he didn't seem to mind the attention. Kouki opened every door he could to find his friend ,who promised to meet after school. 

Damn it haruhi, where are you??.he cursed his friend while closing yet another door to an empty room.He continued roaming through the halls ,stopping informant of an abandon music room  according to the map.this is the last one,if she isn't here i'm going home.he then opened the room unaware of what awaits him.

As Kouki pushed the door open , he heard something crash on the floor.


 “Eight million yen?!?!”  Haruhi exclaimed from her position on the floor

“how many thousands are there in a million…” she said with a dumbfounded expression

“there’s 8000 thousand in a million Haru-chan, I thought you would know that since you are the honor student and all” all heads turned to the door where Kouki just came in.

Ignoring the stares from the hosts, Kouki made a beeline towards haruhi.

“I looked for you everywhere Haru-chan” the male whined pulling the brunette from the floor 

“who are you mister??” Kouki only got to open his mouth when.

 “Kouki Yoshihiro, male ,17 arts scholarship student, class 2-A ” Kyoya stated earning a blank stare from Kouki.

"he's in our class?? why didn't i notice him"Tamaki looked shocked at the reveal 

"then maybe you should have paid more attention to class, instead of playing with girls. Suoh-san"

"What happened, did they do something to you haru-chan??" he looked at the pieces of ceramic on the floor

*After all the explaining and stuff*

"you did it now haru-chan" Kouki laughed at haruhi while messing up her hair.

“well what should we do Tamaki?” kyoya said looking at a piece of the vase he picked from the floor.

“there’s a famous saying. When in Rome you should do as the Romans do. Since you have no money, you can pay with your body”.where did all the flowers come from is he hiding them in his clothes or something.

“prostitution?? i'll be glad to please you if you pay me enough" Kouki holds up tamaki's chin with his finger. he doesn't't look that bad. Tamaki's face turned pale deprived of all colors. But he quickly snapped back

"that's not what i meant!!!" he slapped Kouki's hand away

“from now on you are going to be the host club’s dog” he pointed to Kouki and Haruhi

“soo you want us to be your bitch” Kouki continued 

Tamaki made a sound like he was chocking on something

Kouki the felt a pair of hand holding his shoulders , a pair of twins now each standing beside him "we like you. can we keep him??” the two ginger head grins at him

"yeah... no" Kouki pushed them away

"what are you even doing here!!??" Tamaki demanded from Kouki

"Haru-chan here promised to meet me after school, but it looks like she got sidetracked "

"I'm sorry Kouki-senpai"

 “no worries “he shrugged. 

“Now back to the main topic ,why don’t I help??” he looks toward kyoya. he seems to be the man in charge 

" I don't see any reason to decline" just what is he writing on that death note of his

“no!! you don’t have to Kouki-senpai. It’s my fault i'll handle it” Haruhi said shaking her head and hands.

“but I want to” he smiled towards the girl “we commoners have to stick together don’t we “ A smirk plastered on his face ” besides it sounds like fun”. Whats the worse that could happen

Kouki turned to the hosts “so what kind of club is this??”.

"Man i didn't even knew that this school has a host club" Kouki and haruhi were walking back from their first errand. "it seems different from the usual host club i know... less alcohol and stuff" he got a smack form haruhi. "of course its different its still in school"

“you know you didn’t have to do this right” changing the topic.

“I know, but I want to. They seem like a fun bunch to be around” ruffling haruhi's hair.

“I cant believe they mistook you for a guy. hahahaha well i guess that outfit doesn't  help” . Haruhi gave him a blank look “I don’t really care me it doesn’t matter what gender I am, I’m still me” Kouki gave a hmm as a reply.

When we got back to the music room, I was actually surprised to see how many girls there were.“they are quite popular aren’t they” looking at the girls swooning over Tamaki. Ignoring the girls she handed Tamaki the bag of things we bought.

“wait a minute, what is this?” he asked looking questionably at the instant coffee in his hand

“it’s coffee” 

“I’ve never seen this brand before, is it the brand that's already ground?” Tamaki asked looking suspiciously at the box of coffee

“its instant coffee…??” Kouki questioned his sanity

Tamaki and the guest began making a fuss over the coffee,Kouki took a step back letting Haruhi handle the madness. well i'm not going to get involve in this

Tamaki asked or more like ordered Haruhi to make the ‘commoner’s’ coffee made a snicker come out of Kouki. "damn rich people" Haruhi cursing at him. ‘well what do you know, Haruhi does have an attitude albeit not much but still’ Kouki silently agreeing with her.

Kouki spotted a redhead glaring daggers at Haruhi,who was making coffee for Tamaki. He walked just near enough to be in an ear shot.

“oh, Tamaki. you don’t have to drink that just because he bought it. You’ll get a stomach ache from it.” someone sounds like a bitch

Haruhi who heard her glanced at her ‘ignore her’ Kouki mouthed at her. giving a nod she continued to attend to Tamaki

“you’re not going to join them miss??” Kouki said with his charming smile 

Instead of answering she just turned to me and gave me a glare and if looks could kill I would be 7 foot under by now. Damn shes harsh .he backed off, turning his focus to Tamaki who asked is a girl would drink it from his mouth now that’s just wrong and disgusting his face turned sour, no one would want that. Kouki  expecting Tamaki to be turned down, but was proven wrong when the girl said that she would drink it and all the girls begin to sequel excitedly. meh i've seen worse. Kouki walked away from the horrid scene.

he walked pass the twins table where the twins were doing they're brotherly act, making the girls scream.  how is incest even popular isn't it taboo or something

“what are they soo excited about” Kouki gave an involuntary jump “don’t scare me like that Haru-chan~” hands to his chest  “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to; I just don’t get what their so excited about” she said with a monotone voice. “people will like what they want Haru-chan” Kouki laugh at her grimaced face

"now come on Haru-chan let’s not keep the girls waiting" taking the try of coffee from her arms.

“sorry I’m late”  Honey just came in on Mori’s shoulder looking like he just woke up from a nap. fuck he’s adorable for a 3rd year honey rolls in the girls’ lap making them squeal and blush. Mori's not bad either 

“is he really a 3rd year student” Haruhi asks looking at them.

“honey-senpai may seem young and childish but he is a prodigy” Kyoya walked toward them

“I’m sure he is “the continued to observe the cute boy. That's the haninozuka heir alright            

“And then Mori-senpai allure is his silent and strong disposition” he explained.

ooohhh he’s coming

“Haru-chan!!~” he sang as he jumped on Haruhi and spun her around

“Haru-chan, Kou-chan wanna have some cake with me”

He called me Kou-chan!?? I LOVE IT!!!

“No, I don’t really like sweets… “said the dizzy Haruhi

 “maybe later Honey-senpai” i cant handle his cuteness right now

“then would you like to hold my bunny Usa-chan?!?” holding out Usa-chan

“I’m not really into bunnies” making him pout Damn haru-chan blunt much

“you’re saying you don’t like Usa-chan” 

Kouki's heart dropped looking at his dejected face i have to do something

“it’s sooo cute just like you honey-senpai” he said looking at the bunny while nudging haruhi

“well I guess it is kind of cute”


 honey’s face looked like something lighted up oh he noticed ,this is going to be good

“take good care of him OK!!” he went off back to his table                                             

“our club’s policy is to utilize everyone’s individual characteristics to respond to the needs of our guests” kyoya explained fluently eyes still on honey.

“by the way Tamaki is our number one, AKA the king. His request rate is 70%".

Whoaaaaahhh “seriously him?!?!?” Kouki stared at Tamaki’s table where the girls are all focusing on whatever Tamaki is saying he is something 

“what has the world become”

“now in order to pay your 8 million debt you two will become the club’s dog until you graduate, oh I’m sorry our errand boys” he said with an evil smirk on his face and making Haruhi freeze up “you two can try to run away but just so you know my family owns a private police force of 100 officers , by the way do you two have a passport” Kouki sweat dropped. he lives up to the ootori name no doubt about it

“there there Haru-chan I’m here with you” Kouki pets her head comforting her. its not like i can go anywhere in the first place 

“you guys are going to have to try harder to pay of that debt my little nerds” Tamaki suddenly came and blew into Kouki's ear which made him shiver and jump away.

“please don’t do that Tamaki” he said holding Haruhi shielding her from Tamaki. what is wrong with him

“you both need a makeover or no girls are going to look twice at you”

“yeah well I’m not trying to get girls to look at me” Haruhi plainly said to Tamaki

“yeah same” I continued. I'm not into girls in the first place

“are you kidding me it’s the most important thing you have to learn to be a gentleman” he pulled out a rose out of nowhere. “to please the ladies like I do “he said with a wink

Fuck why am I blushing, noo stop Kouki slapped his face “I just don’t think it’s all that important” he said trying to hide his blush

“yeah, why should we care about appearances and label anyway. I mean what really matters is what on the inside right” she said staring straight at Tamaki “I don’t even understand why you need a place like this”

ooohhh my sweet Haruhi, if there were more people like you the world would definitely be a better place

“it’s a cruel reality isn’t it, its not often that god creates a perfect person like moi beautiful both inside and out” flowers blossoming around him out of nowhere. seriously where are the roses coming from

While Tamaki continued rambling about beauty Haruhi seems to be thinking about something

“what’s wrong Haru-chan??” Kouki bended to her height

“there’s a word that describes people like him but I can’t seem to think of anything”





“not quite”


“a pain in the neck??”

“no there’s something that fits him perfectly”

Hmmmmm Tamaki is…….

“oh, I know- “

obnoxious” they said together which sent Tamaki to go sulk in a corner.Wow that really got to him huh

The twins suddenly appeared one on either side calling them heroes.they really do look alike reminds me of Daiki and Taichi.

 they continued to watch tamaki, wait is he growing mushrooms there??

“I’m sorry senpai… your lesson did strike a small chord with me, I guess”

“well not me” Kouki smiled at the sulking grown ass man growing mushrooms in the corner of the room

Surprisingly the moping man slowly got up and…. spun around with a charismatic smile

“Haruhi run… Ill give you some time” Kouki whispered which went ignored

“really, it did? Let me teach you more! ~”

“boy he got over that quick”

“oww Haru-chan that hurts” looking at haruhi who jabbed his gut.

“boss” Hikaru said. 

“call me king” woah his ego is over the roof.

“you can teach them all the basics of hosting” 

“but they’re not going to get far with the ladies if he doesn’t look the part you know” Kaoru continued “they’re not exactly host club material but” he turned to Haruhi “maybe if we took of his glasses it would help” as he said that he pulled of Haruhi’s glasses revealing big brown beautiful eyes.

“wow Haruhi your eyes are soo beautiful” awed at her eyes

Then Tamaki snapped his fingers,” Hikaru! Kaoru!”

yes boss” the twin grabbed haruhi and Kouki towards the changing room. wait why am i included

The twins gave them clothes and began striping haruhi when they froze. Kouki pulled the frozen twins away from haruhi and threw them outside “wait outside!!”.

“now Haru-chan lets get change shall we.” he said walking to her

“but Kouki, you’re….” 

“ah no worries Haru-chan, you know I’m gay” not getting any reaction “yeah that doesn’t change anything does it… how about I change first and then i'll leave you here, sounds ok??” to which he earned a nod

 “If you need any help don’t be shy to ask Haru-chan~~” Haruhi pushed Kouki outside after he finished changing.

When I went out all the host were out there waiting for us. Tamaki instantly jumped on me and spun me around

“Tamaki put me dowwwwwnnn” I said my whole world spinning

“you look dashing!!” he putts me down and rubbed his cheek on mine

“wow Kouki you actually look good” said twin A

“what’s that suppose to mean!!” I snapped at him, cheek still against Tamaki making me look less of a threat. well i do look good in this. Kouki's hair licked back revealing his eyes, clothes fit just right in his lean and muscular body

“are you sure we can keep this Tamaki??” he pushed tamaki away and straighten up his outfit

“yeah senpai this seems expensive, are you sure we can keep this??” Haruhi came out.

“damn Haru-chan you look even better than me” Kouki pulled Tamaki who was hugging the light out of Haruhi away from her

“Haru-chan, Kou-chan you guys look soo cute~~”

“if we had known that’s how you really look”

“we would have helped you sooner”
“who knows maybe they’ll draw in some customers”

“that’s just what I was thinking” yeah right Tamaki, as if.

“our errand boys are moving up the ranks. Starting today you two are an official member of the host club” he points his finger to them 

“if you two each can get 100 customers to request your services then, we will completely forget about your 8 million yen debt”

“a host???” Haruhi said dejectedly. hosts huh, i thought i was finally leaving that behind

“c’mon Haru-chan it doesn’t sound that bad”  arms on haruhi's shoulder “besides with how we look we’ll be done in no time” well no harm in some fun once in a while