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The End Of A Nightmare

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“soo tell me Kouki you’re here with an art scholarship, aren’t you?”

“yeah, that means your drawing must be amazing”

“can you show us some Kouki??”

Its been awhile since I've done this,lets hope its goes well 

“well I wouldn’t say amazing, but yeah I’m pretty awesome at it” Kouki said giving a long mastered smile at the girls, looks like i still have it. kouki grinned inwardly looking at the blushing girls.

“ why did you join the host club Kouki?” asked one of the girls, hearing haruhi who is at the table beside them talking about her family.

‘oh, I know just the story. thanks, Haru-chan’ Kouki smiled at the girls

“well, because I didn’t want Haruhi to feel alone you know” Kouki glanced at Haruhi

“That's soo thoughtful of you Kouki”

“yeah he’s like a little brother to me so I have to be there for him” more like a sister

“do you have a little brother Kouki?”

“yeah I do. I have two mischievous pair of twins who are 10 and an adorable angle-like little sister who is 8”

“really?!!  Do you have a picture of them??”

“you guys wanna see” Kouki said with a grin

The girls all simultaneously nodded

Kouki got his phone out and showed them a few pictures. I love taking pictures of them they're just soo cute~~

“who is that” pointing at a man with shining silver hair holding up a pair of twins.

Shit. Kouki’s smile faltered a bit but goes unnoticed by his guests “he’s my big brother, I don’t like to talk about him much. We don’t have the best of relationships, he changed when our mother died. But he’s good with the brats, so I tolerate him” Kouki said with a sad smile I have to tolerate him

“we’re so sorry Kouki” the girls said tears in their eyes

Kouki begins to panic “no worries girls “he said giving them each a piece of tissue “c’mon now don’t cry, you wouldn’t want to smudge your make-up.” Kouki wiped a way a tear on a girl’s cheek that made all of them blush and squeal. His guests are now captivated by Kouki’s charm.

“umm, so Kouki?”

“is it ok if- “

“we request you again tomorrow?”

Kouki gave them a dazzling smile “it would be my honor if you do my princesses” stealing a glance a Haruhi he saw the girls asking the same thing. When Kouki caught Haruhi’s eyes he gave Haruhi a wink which was returned with a big smile. This just made the girls scream louder. we got this in the bag haru-chan.

From a table a few feet away were Tamaki and the twins just staring at Haruhi.” how are they soo popular?”

“they’re both naturals” kyoya responded pushing his glasses up

no training needed” the twins said crouched down behind a couch.

“have you forgotten about me”

Tamaki focused his attention back to his guests “nonsense princess, I’m just worried about our new hosts”

The redhead gave a dry laugh “well that’s obvious, Tamaki”

“well I am training them to be a gentleman like me. Their actions will reflect onto me as the president” Tamaki snapped his finger “Haruhi, Kouki come here for a minute please”

They both excused themselves, what does he want now and walked over to Tamaki.

“id like you to meet my regular guest, princess Ayanokoji” Tamaki gestured to the redhead sitting beside him.

oh, it’s the redhead with the attitude, well let’s just make this quick .with a glance towards Haruhi they both spoke up at once

it’s a pleasure to meet you, miss

Tamaki jumped on them, but Kouki somehow managed to doge just in time. Which leaves Haruhi. Haruhi struggled against his vice grip, attempting to get out of his hold but to no avail. Thank you for your sacrificial haru-chan your bravery will never be forgotten. Tamaki continued to squeezed the poor girl. Out of the side of eye she saw honey and mori sitting not to far way. “mori-senpai help!”

Kouki watched as Haruhi was lifted out of Tamaki’s arm and into the air. ooh he knows

“come on Haruhi, let daddy give you a big hug!”

“I’ve already got one, I don’t need another one.” She walked away from him leaving Tamaki and Kouki.

Tamaki then turned to Kouki and made grabby actions with his hand “come to daddy Kouki!”

A flash of fear appeared in Kouki’s eyes but it quickly disappears as fast as it came “no way in hell!” Kouki walked away from the pouting blond Its just tamaki.... just Tamaki

"huh what happened to my bag"

Haruhi stood next to a big window next to Kouki. When they looked outside, they saw Haruhi’s bag outside in the fountain. " I guess they’re bullies everywhere huh Haru-chan” Kouki turned to Haruhi. I bet that redhead bitch did this “no worries ill help you out” Haruhi gave him a small smile “thanks Kouki”

They both hurriedly went outside, once at the stairs they met a certain redhead .” oh you two again,I bet you two love having Tamaki giving you both that makeover and fawning all over you. It’s useless though. Both of you will always be a second-class citizen” she almost snarled at them.

“Haru-chan how about you go on first, i'll catch up to you later” Kouki said not looking at Haruhi. when she was about to protest “Go Haruhi” Kouki has never used her name before. Haruhi went down the stairs not saying a word and didn't look back.

“you know miss, for a princess you can be quite the bitch, and I’m not sure if Tamaki would like that if he were to know” Kouki stared directly at Ayanokoji . “you wouldn’t dare”. she snapped back

“Oh, I would. I don’t take lightly to people who bothers my friends. You better watch your back princess" making her face pale. "is that a threat?!!" kouki gave a sinister smile " oh i wouldn't call it a threat, more like a friendly reminder" with one last look Kouki made his way down the stairs. After a few steps Kouki was pushed from behind making him tumble down the stairs. Not expecting the push Kouki wasn’t able to brace himself Shit this is going to hurt



Mori and honey who were walking back from the toilet  They both quickly came to help.

“fuck. I didn’t think she would do this” Kouki mumbled to himself “thanks honey-senpai, mori-senpai” he tried to get up but flinched damn i twisted my ankle "can you help me up mori-senpai??the stoic male silently pulled him up.

What happened!? Who did this!? Did someone push you!??” the once cute and lovely honey was gone and was switched with a dark and scary one. Kouki was actually scared when he looked at honey, who looked like he was a predator ready to maim its prey.

“it’s nothing honey-senpai, I just tripped” Kouki said with a small smile trying to calm down his senpai.

“but kou-chan yo-! “

“Mitsukuni” said the tall stoic man instantly calming honey

“I’m totally fine senpai. Its just a little fall, but i seem to have twisted my ankle a bit" the small senpai teared up. “you have to be careful kou-chan!!” said the crying boy tears running down his face

“I will senpai” patting his head“thanks Mori-senpai” looking up at the male whose holding him up.

“we need to get you to kyo-chan” honey said back to his cute adorable self “Takashi!” and with that Kouki was swept off his feet and carried bride style by the tall man with honey on the shoulders.

“mori-senpai put me down!!” Kouki said. A blush creeping on his face. He tried to resist but was stopped when mori stared down at him, his eyes held a hint of concern that made Kouki still in his senpai’s arms.

When they arrived at the music room mori kicked the door opened making the three occupants in the rooms jump.

“kyo-chan” yelled honey who jumped off mori’s shoulder and quickly ran off to find the Ootori.

“oh my, what happened”Kyoya closed his laptop and made his way to the trio

After Kouki had been looked at, then came the questions.

what happened??” asked the twins

“I fell down the stairs” Kouki said looking at his bandaged leg. I sure hope this heals fast.

“well thankfully you got off with only a sprained ankle and nothing else” kyoya said, closing the medical kit

“he was pus- “

“Where is Tamaki??” Kouki asked cutting honey off

“Aaahh that’s not gonna end well” Kouki said watching Ayanokoji and Haruhi sitting at the same table. “what was that kou-chan??” asked honey who is eating cake In front of him “nothing honey-senpai” Kouki said smiling at the small blond.

“Kou-chan would- “


All attention was at Haruhi’s table that was now turned over with Haruhi laying on top of Ayanokoji.


Kouki got up and was about to go there but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Making him unable to move.



Kouki could only watch as Haruhi and Ayanokoji was drenched in water by the twins.

As Tamaki lifted the redhead to her feet Ayanokoji began crying at Tamaki.

“do something Tamaki, Haruhi just assaulted me. Get rid of him!!” Tamaki merely stroked her hair "I’m disappointed in you princess. You were the one who threw his bag into the pond, didn’t you? But that wasn’t enough, you even pushed Kouki down the stairs injuring him!.”

Ayanokoji’s eyes grew wide “you don’t know that. Do you have any proof that I did?! How could you even say that?!!?”     

“you know you’re a beautiful girl but you aren’t classy enough to be our guest. No guest of ours would harm another person and if there’s one thing I know, Haruhi is not that kind of man”

wha-what??how??.... Kouki glanced at kyoya who gave him a knowing smirk. Dammit kyoya.

“but why,tamaki?You Idiot!” Ayanokoji cried and ran out of the room.

After all is said and done. Haruhi went to change her clothes.

“haruhi?... you're a girl”

“biologically speaking, yeah” haruhi came out of the dressing room wearing ouran’s infamous yellow dress

to say the least TAMAKI.FREAKED.OUT

“Listen senpai, I don’t really care if people see me as a boy or a girl. In my opinion its more important for a person to be recognized for who they are rather than for what sex they are” she stated

Which freaked him out MORE.

“nice one haru-chan” kouki said giving her a thumbs up.

“I have to say senpai you were pretty cool earlier” haruhi complimented tamaki who currently has a massive blush on his face and sounded like he was having a seizure.

“now I could be wrong ,but I think we may be witnessing the beginnings of love here” kyoya commented.

“you know I will just call everyone dude and bro now” witch earned a laugh from kouki

“That’s my haru-chan !”