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The End Of A Nightmare

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Haruhi quickly walked towards the club room" They are going to hound me if I late" someone ran pass him "c'mon Haruhi we're late!!" Kouki yelled not looking back "I'm coming!"

"you should exercise more haru-chan" Kouki said to the panting girl beside him. "shut up senpai" After catching her breath she opened the door.

" this" 

"Uwaahhh they really went all out on this" 

The music room turned into a tropical forest. With big trees, small tress and wild animals. the perks of being rich, I guess.

"Haruhi, Kouki senpai you're late~~" All the host were wearing little to no clothes. Fuck this is not good for my heart.

"According to my calendar it's still early April" Ignoring the Toucan on her head

"Huddling under a kotatsu table, fearing the cold would be nonsense! why else would we have this perfect cooling and heating system" Kouki decided to just tune out the rest of Tamaki's rambling.

"Ne kyoya how you get all these animals here" He turned to kyoya 
"with money anything is possible" He answer firmly 

*The Host Club Is Now Open*

"The guests seem more riled up than usual" Haruhi said looking at the twins table.

" A little moderate exposure is popular" Kyoya replied while writing god knows what on his note book 

"Yeah... define moderate" Kouki sighed wearing his own costume prepared by the twins.  The costume was only a skirt like saroong leaving his upper body bare. It' a good thing the old man wasn't home yesterday.

"I assume this was your idea Kyoya??"

"the club's policies are all laid out by Tamaki, But I did find the opportunity to slip a Bali brochure on his desk" He smiled innocently. This was definitely your idea 

"Kyaa!! Kouki-Kun, you look amazing in that outfit" the girls were going crazy looking at Kouki

"Thanks girls, but it was a bit of a hassle to put on" He put his finger on one of the girls chin "it would have been a lot easier if you were to help me wouldn't it my princess" he put his finger down only to grab her hand "That is, if you won't mind helping me"

"KYAA!!!! WE WOULD LOVE TO KOUKI-KUN!!!!" the girls all had hearts in their eyes, some even had a little nose bleed.

"Are you going to the party kouki-kun??"  Party??? never mind i'll ask kyoya later, let's just go along with it.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" he gave his signature princely smile.

*After club ends*

The hosts were all gathered around a table except for tamaki, who is sulking in his corner eating 'commoners' ramen as Hikaru calls it.

"why is he soo upset anyways?" Kouki asked 

"He shouldn't be surprise, she's had that illness for a while now, hasn't she? Kyoya said typing away on his laptop.


"she's sick?" haruhi asked, worried for the young customer.

"The host-hoping-disease" Hikaru started

"AKA never the same host twice" Kaoru finished

Aahhh that makes more sense "So Tamaki is upset because Haruhi is her new favorite" Kouki stated, side eyeing tamaki. "he's ridiculous"

"Shut Up!" He got up and yelled at us "That's not the reason!!"

"I'm at my limit Haruhi! You have to start dressing like a girl!" He began passing 

"Huuh??" Here he goes again.

"I dont get why you're soo popular with the girls when you yourself are one!!" It looked as if he was having a mental breakdown of sorts.

"you just answered your own question dumbass " Kouki deadpanned

"we are the only ones who knows the truth!!"He screamed at the hosts, mainly haruhi.

"Yeah, she opted out of gym class" Hikaru stated

"And the attendance numbers are all mixed up so no one can tell" Kaoru added

Suddenly Tamaki dragged out a chest out of nowhere, and dug through some stuff only to take out a big frame "Daddy... daddy... daddy wants you to go back to the way you were" Woah that's a large picture...where did he even get that..

"dont go pulling out my picture without asking first!!" Haruhi furiously yelled at Tamaki.

"Damn you really cut a lot off huh Haru-chan" Kouki said looking at the picture of Haruhi with long hair

"the more i look at this picture ,the more amazed i am... how did you turn out like that" Hikaru said referring her look one the first day they met.

"Before school started some kid in my neighborhood got gum stuck in my hair, and it was a pain to get out so i just decided to cut it all off.I dont care if i look like a dude you know."She explained

"You didn't have to cut it that short you know" Then, i'm sure things would have been much more different 

"Girls should not refer to themselves as a dude!!" Yelled Tamaki

"Mommy! Haruhi's using those dirty words again!!" He cried to 'Mommy'

"I'm sorry ... Mommy??" I'm pretty sure he's not referring to me .Kouki gave a questioning look to the other hosts.

"Who exactly is mommy..??"Kaoru asked 

"Based on the club position, i'm assuming its me" Kyoya said not looking the littlest bit annoyed.

"Mommy huh" Kouki teased only to get an icy stared from the said mommy.

"Look i dont get what the fuss is about.I can pay of my debt more easily as a host rather than an errand boy" She stated.

"By the way, do you have any experience in formal dancing, Haruhi, Kouki?" Hikaru asked changing the subject. Formal dancing???

"Well i do, i'm not sure about haruhi though" .

"Umm no, but the party doesn't have anything to do with our quota right..."

"A refined gentleman must know how to dance. if you want to live the life of a host that badly, you have to show us how far you're willing to go" Tamaki said, suddenly stopped crying. "I order you to master the waltz in one week, and demonstrate it to us at next week's party.If you fail then i will demote you back to errand boy!"

Its a good thing I already learnt it years ago...