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The End Of A Nightmare

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"Nee Kouki-kun, do you know how to dance in a formal party??" Miyako , a hostess in the Bunny Hole asked. 

They are 5 people in the changing room including Kouki. Bunny Hole was closing for the day and all the workers are getting ready to go home.

"huh WHY?"Kouki asked sitting on one of the chairs waiting for Miyako to finish. Kouki was used to this routine having done it for almost two years. It was really embarrassing at first but the women are all like family to him by now.

"The event for next week requires you to dance, so if you don't know how one of us are going to have to teach you how" Kirimi, another hostess hugged him from the back making him lean back unconsciously.

Kouki gave a shocked face "But i thought i could be excluded from that,I don't think the customers would want to dance with me anyways" 

"Ohh but that's where you're wrong, you see both men and women customers were excited when we said that you would be joining the party"Miyako stated, a large smile on her face.

"soo we have to make sure you know how to lead and follow, so you can dance with both genders" Kirimi added laughing softly.

Kouki could only sigh "Fine.."

"I cant believe you know how to dance" Hikaru said arms on his brother's shoulder

"yeah its not normal for a commoner to know how to dance" Kaoru added.

"No offence" 

"yeah none taken" Kouki answer not blinking at the obvious insult.

"I had to learn how to for my job" if you could count that as a job.

"Anyways, what is wrong with him now" Kouki said referring to Tamaki who is sulking in the window corner.

"Yeah, why so gloomy boss"

" I bet he wanted to be the one to teach haruhi how to dance" Hikaru said

"I think you're right Hikaru, but he's way too tall to stand in as a women"Added Kaoru

"My little lambs who have gathered here tonight,Ouran host club bids you a fond welcome to this party" Tamaki announce, ending it with a very formal bow. Thank god they told me a week in was a pain getting that bastard to babysit. Kouki thought, looking somberly at the audience of girls in the hall.   

Kyoya cleared his throat, and addressed the audience."We invite you to enjoy yourselves to your hearts content, as you dance with the host club members. Based on your dancing skills, one lucky young lady will be chosen as tonight's queen.The reward will be a passionate kiss on the cheek from our king"

"Good luck mu darlings~~" making the girls go wild.

Beside kouki stood Haruhi, who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here.

"C'mon haruhi liven up" Kouki pats her shoulder 

"Yeah, your enthusiasm is too low"  The twins said

Haruhi sighed, shrugging off kouki's hand "I'm just not used too this, I've only been to the festivals nearby"

"You probably cant call that a dance party" Kyoya added 

"I don't understand how you look used to this kouki-senpai" haruhi asked turning to kouki.

"aaahhh... well I had a job that often hosts parties like this" He answered fidgeting a little obviously unconformable, which got a few eyebrows rose.But before anyone could speak up "This looks like fun! I'm sure they have plenty of Delicious foods to try" Hoping haruhi would take the bait.

"You guys have food??" She asked eyes widening oblivious to the small tension in the air 

"Yes, we have quite the spread" Kyoya stated giving kouki a look that clearly says 'This is not over'

Kouki just ignored the look. Damn , now he's gonna do what he does best. knowing anything and everything about everyone...fuck i hope he wont say anything to the others. 

"with fancy tuna??"Haruhi spoke up

All heads now turn to her. They all begun smothering her with pity, making her annoyed.

"Awwhhh looks like haru-chan here likes some fancy tuna" Kouki said joining the guys. AKA Tamaki,and the twins. Thank god for Haru-chan 

"Get some fancy tuna here now" Ordered Tamaki to kyoya who is already on his phone.

"Add some deluxe sushi as well"Kyoya added

"How about some alcohol"Kouki interjected to which he was ignored. Its been a while since i had a drink...siiighhh

after an hour of dancing and entertaining girls, kouki stood alone at the food table munching on some food. Damn.... these are soo would have been perfect with some alcohol

"I reaally need a drink right now" kouki grumbled to himself 

"The club does not promote underage drinking kouki-kun" Kyoya appeared out of nowhere scaring the shit out of kouki.

"ARRRGGHHH!!!! HOLY SHIT KYOYA WE NEED TO PUT A BELL ON YOU!" he screamed at kyoya "I don't recommend you to try that, who knows what will happen" Kyoya gave his signature smirk to kouki

"And as i said earlier, we do not condone underage drinking, it is both illegal and unhealthy in not controlled" A serious look on his face 

"A few drinks wont kill anyone now , will it" Kouki answered back   "It looks like the plan's in motion kyoya, we should go help" He continued walking toward where the twins are taking haruhi.

Kyoya made an unidentifiable look as he watch Kouki walk away. There's something about him... something about him that irks me for some reason, and it kills me not knowing what that is. Jaw clenched he slowly followed behind Kouki

"I don't understand why you have to be so pushy" Haruhi exclaimed to the twins who pushed her behind the curtains.

"just change!!" 

"Let me help you with your makeup Haru-chan" Kouki made her sit in front of a big mirror skillfully applying makeup on her.

"Haru-chan you look cute"Honey complimented her.

"You're good at this kouki-senpai" Hikaru stated looking at his masterpiece 

"Yeah, i didn't know you knew how too do makeup" says Kaoru. The twins gave him an amazed look 

"I've had some practice" He shrugged. more like forced to learned he shivered at the memory.

"My face feels heavy, and its hard to walk in these shoes" The brunette grumbled, walking like a robot in her heels, clearly uncomfortable.

"Oh you'll be fine~" Kouki fixing her hair a bit 

"Good luck in there"

 "She's soo pretty..." Tamaki mumbled a blush on his face

"Tonight's dance queen.." " is hereby declared to be princess kasugazaki kanako." 

huuuuhh what's with the banana peel...

"Now the blessed kiss from the king.." "Has been switched to Fujioka Haruhi!"

whaa.. its gone..??


"There's no way ill kiss her" She said

"We'll cut your debt by one third" 

"c'mon haru-chan its only on the cheek" Kouki persuaded haruhi

".....fine i'll do it" She grumbled walking down the staircase toward kanako. The twins had to physically hold Tamaki back.

A little accident huh. kouki side glance Kyoya is looking as demonic as usual.

"You don't think this is haru-chan's first kiss, do you??" Honey asked oblivious of the commotion he would get from Tamaki 

"WHAATTT!!!??" Tamaki ran as fast as he could trying to stop haruhi, but unfortunately he slipped on a banana peel and instead pushed haruhi making a peck on the cheek become a full kiss on the lips.

"Relax tamaki it wasn't that bad, i've had worse" Kouki said trying to console the dying king

"What do you mean by worse" Kaoru asked ignoring Tamaki.

"Well.... let's just say he was lucky that he only got a broken nose" He answered meekly 


"I'm going to get something to eat" Kouki walked away, ignoring the stares on his back. Fuck I thought i was over this. Kouki clenched his trembling hands I Should have broken more that his nose... Fucking bastard.

 "I'm home~~"Kouki opened the front door only to be greeted with silence. huuh i guess they're all asleep. Kouki took off his shoes and went inside. I should dry clean this before returning them...i'll do it  tomorrow. He thought as he hung up the suit the twins lent to him for the party.

"You're back" came a voice from the stairs. A silver haired man walked down the stairs.

Kouki face froze. Shit i forgot he's home. "ObviouslyHe said not giving as much as a glance toward the man. He walked toward the kitchen and opened the fridge to take out a can of beer.

"You know you're still underage"The silver head now in the kitchen, just a few feet from kouki.

"Yeah?? like that has ever stopped you before" As kouki was about to walk away, he was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around so he directly stood in front of the man.

"NO"  He stole the can right from kouki's grip.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?!?!" a scowl on his face, clearly angry.

"I said no" He answered back finishing the beer in a few mouthfuls.

"What the fuck Hiromi?!!? SINCE WHEN DID YOU CARE??" Wide eyes, clenched teeth ,as if he was ready to attack

"That doesn't matter" Hiromi said unfazed by his little brother "Besides, you owe me"

"Tch! I only have to cook whatever you want for a week." Eyes still feral he walked away but stopped a few steps on the stairs. "I actually thought you would have asked something unreasonable like always, but i guess you proved me wrong. Massage me what you want me to cook and i'll leave it on the table. So don't talk to me, don't bother me, and most importantly don't start caring about me. You're 5 years too late for that." Voice full of resentment, he stalked up the stairs straight to his room.

"Fuck... I didn't mean to make him mad" Hiromi Whispered in the now empty kitchen. Lowered head hiding his face.

"I'm going to fix this... I'm going to fix us, I promise..." Unshed tears filled his eyes. "I have to..." the can of beer crushed in his hands.