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The End Of A Nightmare

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"Nee Kouki-kun,do you like flowers?" Kouki sat under a sakura tree with his customers.

"Yeah, i do like them. when my mom was alive we would go Hanami every year. She loved sakura you see, so seeing the flowers reminds me of her." kouki replies catching a sakura petal on his palm

"But being here with you princesses is nice, your beauty stands out more in the natural light" He smiles touching one girl on the hands, making them blush.

"Tha- Thank you kouki-kun" 

After his customers left

kouki wandered in the garden alone.the sakura sure is beautiful... its been a while since i enjoyed them. watching the other hosts. you would have like them mom, you would have taken them in right away... even kyoya kouki smiled at a big sakura tree, but his smile faltered I wonder what you would think about our family right now. Kouki continued to observe the stunning view.


"AHH!! Kaoru!" Hot tea spilled on kaoru's finger. kouki quickly came over 

"Just kissing it won't make it better you know" kouki took examined Kaoru's hand. "thankfully its just a small burn, it wont even leave a mark" He ruffled the twins head " you guys should be more careful, wont want to ruin your charm now would you" 

"Tha-thanks kouki-senpai" the twins said a small blush on their face.

"Don't look way, this is a rare scene" the girls fawning over the three.

"You are absolutely right, miss" Kyoya suddenly appeared."Beauty is fleeting, so I created this book, containing photo collections. I've prepared similar books for every host, if you were to purchase them all together,there is a special set price." He explained holding books with each host on the cover 

"I'll buy them!!" girls began to gather around kyoya wanting to buy the book.

"So this is how the club makes money" The twins said

"But now I'm curious" "How and when did he take did pictures" The twins questioned. which was promptly ignored.

"Say Haruhi, have you decided on your elective courses for this term" The twins appeared holding onto haruhi.

"How about conversational French" "Yeah, we should take it together"

"Because, we are in the same class" Giving a sly look to tamaki, who froze like a rock.

"Say mommy" tamaki who was sulking under a tree uttered 

"What is it, Daddy?" kyoya replied playing along with the husband and wife play

"This is just my hypothesis- yes just a hypothesis,but by being in the same class, Hikaru and Kaoru are able to spend more time with haruhi than I do. What's worse is that they are able to get much closer to her"

"You just realized this tamaki??" Kouki said from the sideline where he was observing the highly amusing scene.

"Kouki-kun is right" Kyoya pulled out a board "Those three spend roughly nine hours of school time together,but the contact between you and haruhi in limited to the two hours of club time." He explained 

"Which means, your involvement in haruhi's life is a mere 3%" Kouki continued, and snickered when tamaki had a breakdown. He really is easy to rile up. he laughs to himself

"Haruhi! You must not hang around with those disreputable twins any further"

"Now that's just harsh Tamaki" They're not that bad, just need some getting used to. after that they're tolerable at least

"Disreputable you say?!" "You are the last one we want to have to call us, Tono!"

"Yes... I know!!. Haruhi! Daddy wants you to go back to being a girl!!" large tears streaming down his face "You have to be surrounded by girls your age, and living a wholesome live as a student."He finished his rant

"Who are you calling daddy" Haruhi retorted

Tamaki began shaking haruhi "Go Back! Turn back! Go Back Right Now!!"

"Tamaki Don't shake the poor girl she's gonna faint!!" Kouki tried to stop the hysterical king, but to no avail Tamaki just kept shaking her.

"You don't have to rush things. She'll be found out soon anyways" "Remember? we have physical exams the day after tomorrow" The twins revealed 

"Physical.... exams??"  SHIT! IN TWO DAYS?!

Everyone including Kouki froze except haruhi.

"Now that you mention it, it is the day after tomorrow"

physical exam huh... fuck. Kouki made his way to the club room after finishing his art class. This is all the bastard's fault Jaw tightly closed he had a scowl on his face. Kouki touched his still tender side. the damn bruise still isn't fucking gone.How the hell am I suppose to explain it!?!

A few days ago, Kouki's father came home after two weeks.while It was not unusual for him to not come home for weeks at a time, the problem was every time he did come home he would be drunk AF and he was not the shy drunk, no absolutely not. He was the type to get mad at anything and everything, and so that happened and Kouki got the brunt of it. Long story short, he ended up getting an ugly bruise on his side, that has yet shown any signs of healing.

well worse comes to worst ill just say I got into a fight or something, wouldn't be the first time. sighing he opened the doors to the club room.

"Tama-chan seems to be enjoying himself huh~" honey commented looking at tamaki who's daydreaming 

"He looks rather miserable to me...." Hikaru said which broke tamaki  out of his daydream. "Don't be so cynical Hikaru. Everything is going according to plan.I could see how this would turn out from the start."

Tamaki began to glow and sparkle "Indeed! this anime has always been a school love comedy.Haruhi and I are clearly the main components of it"

"Then what are we?"

"You are the homosexual supporting cast of course"Tamaki proceed to draw a line on the floor "So make sure you don't pass this line"

"I'm kind of annoyed by this"

"Well I am homosexual, but I don't know about the rest" Kouki said, but was ignored.

"You don't understand do you,Tono?"

"If people find out that haru-chan is a girl, the she can't be in the club anymore" Honey revealed making tamaki pale and turn ghostly white. 

"But of Haru-chan wears girl's clothes, she'd look even more cute won't she, right kou-chan?~"

"She sure will, honey-senpai" Now i'm starting to think they're just trying to rile tamaki up He sweat drops internally.

"She did dress up like as a normal girl in middle school, so she must be pretty popular with the boys,right"

"yeah. According to my research, someone would declare their love to her about once a month" Kyoya revealed 

"What kind of research exactly??" Kouki asked kyoya "That's irrelevant,for now" He shrugged him off. What does he mean for now?!?!!

"Aaahhh, then tono wouldn't even be able to get near her, huh"

"Well we're in the same class so ,we'd be fine"

"So it won't bother you if she starts to hang out with other boys??" Kouki teased, already knowing their answer. But at that exact moment Haruhi decided to finally arrive. Damn Haru-chan your timing.

"Sorry i'm late" Haruhi said, oblivious of the mess Tamaki she made.

The tamaki grabbed her by her shoulders and started saying how they are going to help her conceal her secret and that she can just stay being their secret princess. Only getting a confused "yes" from the poor girl.

"It's true, we'd be a little annoyed if haruhi get surrounded by other guys" " then it's settled!"

Then a whiteboard suddenly appeared, a plan was already drawn on it. What's with this club and things suddenly appearing?? one more mystery added to the already long list.

"AHH that's it, if i'm found out then i won't be able to continue as a host and repay my debt, huh." Aaaaahhh haru-chan sweet oblivious haru-chan

"You know for an honor student you can be pretty slow haru-chan" Kouki said putting his hand on her head.

"Excuse me??" she said lightly slapping his hand off. "I still have a balance of 5,333,332 yen. I just have to find out another way huh" She continued , laughing to herself.

By now they were all appalled by her statement. "Commander! the subject doesn't have any initiative for this!" "Grr... what an uncooperative heroine!"

"Is that how much you hate hosting? How much you hate this club?" Tamaki accused pointing his finger at Haruhi.

"Well if i have to say... then yes, I do" She answered.

"Ahhh come on now haru-chan. Don't be like that, we all know you like us" Kouki tried to reason 

"I tolerate you" came the reply. making Tamaki who was sulking sulk even harder, if that was even possible. Tolerate huh...

"Well if it gets out that i'm a girl, then there's nothing we can do" She tried to play it off lightly.

"What kind of motivation she has"

"we have to fix her lack of determination first" Hikaru said and everyone began to think of a solution.

"Fancy Tuna" Mori whispered

"What's that mori-senpai??" Kouki looked up at the Giant 

"Fancy Tuna" He said more loudly making Haruhi frozen on spot. Oooh so that's how to get her Kouki gave a smirk towards haruhi.

"That's right,during the last chapter's dance party, you didn't get to eat any, right??" Tamaki said face turning like a serial killer's

"Did you hear, she's never eaten fancy tuna before" "What a bleak upbringing she's had" The twins gossiped like middle aged mistress. 

"If only you stayed in the club, then you can eat delicious things from here on out" Honey said looking at Usa-chan.

"W-What are you talking about. just because i'm poor, i'm not such a glutton that i'd go on fooling everyone , just so i can eat some Fancy Tuna..." Haruhi began to question her life's choices.

"....Will I really be able to eat it??"

Making them pleased by the outcome "That's the spirit haru-chan!" Kouki said a huge grin on his face.

* At the end of the club session *

Kouki was packing up his stuff when Mori with Honey on his shoulders approached him. By then the others had already left. 

"What's wrong honey-senpai? Mori-senpai?" Kouki said looking up at the two.

"Are you okay kou-chan..??" Honey asked, concern clear in his voice.

"What do you mean Honey-senpai?" kouki calmly answered back, but on the inside he was panicking shitshitshit.didhenotice.fucknoo.thiscantbefreakinghappening.eyebcuycbowxowueixuwxwgecihicwecuoi

"You just seemed kinda off today, right Takashi" In which Mori gave a small grunt of agreement.

Kouki scratched the back of his head "its nothing... i'm just nervous about the physical exams tomorrow" He looked down to his feet.

Honey jumped off Mori's shoulder and held both of kouki's hand is his small ones. "Don't worry kou-chan! The doctors are all nice!" Kouki looked up from his feet to stare at his senpai's face. 


"There's nothing to be scared of, if anything happens you have me and Takashi! Plus the whole host club to back you up! Soo don't worry okay kou-chan" Honey beamed at him and Mori just gave him a  soft pat on his head.

By now his face was red with embarrassment and 'other' emotions. "tha-thanks, Honey-senpai Mori-senpai" his eyes once again at his feet. fuck... I didn't expect this.

"No problem!!"