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The End Of A Nightmare

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An announcement sounded throughout Ouran telling the students that the physicals exams will take place shortly, and to go to the designated place.

"So, what do you do in a physicals exam??" Kouki questioned walking with kyoya and tamaki towards the clinic.

"It's only a formality, because most of the students at the academy have their own private doctors at home. But since you don't have that, the doctors will conduct a proper one for you and haruhi.". Kyoya explained more as they walked.

"They have to take blood samples?!?!" 

"Why yes, you're not afraid of a little needle now are you??"  Kyoya teased Kouki as he opens the door to the clinic. "Hahaha very funny" 

Kouki then spotted honey and mori "Ummm what are those two doing...??"

"Those two are here to deal with things, in case something happens" Then kyoya proceeded to explain to Haruhi the same thing he told Kouki. Haruhi then was ushered away by the nurse.

while Kouki was still taking in the surrounding, someone bumped into him. "I'm terribly sorry" Huh he doesn't look very doctor-like "It's fine" and then the weird doctor went away.


"What's wrong??" Kouki turned to kyoya.  "Nothing"


 "Why do they have to be so flashy all the time" his face in his hands, hiding his blush.

"The physical exams are really popular with the girls" Kyoya stated ,looking at the squealing girls fawning over the twins. "Yeah I can see why" 

"But it looks like it's not just the girls that are affected " Kyoya said, smirking at Kouki.

"OH shut up will you" Kouki slapped his shoulders.

wait why are they heading this way?? NOO!!!!

"Hey Kouki-senpai" "Can you help us with the exam"  The twins still half naked,each stood next to kouki hands on his shoulders. Making Kouki's face even redder 

fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck ok Kouki you can do this! Think happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!!

He took a big breath and replied "I'm sure the nurses would be more than happy to help" and before they could reply anything Kouki hurriedly went behind mori.

"Awwwhhh you're no fun senpai"

"SHUT UP!!!" He shouted from behind mori.

"Nee Kou-chan, why is your face soo red?? Are you sick?" Honey asked staring up at him concerned.

Mori turned to face the blushing boy and bend down to his height to look directly in his face. Mori pun his palm on kouki's forehead " No fever" Making said boy blush even more if that was possible.

"no-...i'm-...don't-...why-..." The boy fell on his knees, hiding his face from view 

"KOU-Chan!!?" honey fussing over his junior, where a weird noise was coming from. 

"He's fine honey senpai. He's just having a mini mental breakdown" Kyoya explained.

"Ohhh kinda like tama-chan huh" He said 

"Speaking of , here he comes right now"


"Yes, I am Haruhi Fujioka"




"Huh isn't that Tamaki-Sama"

"Is this Haruhi-Kun cosplay??"

"What is he trying to do??"


"I can't believe he actually did it" Hikaru said through his laughter

"hahahaha I told you they'll see through it" Kaoru said tears in his eyes.

"haruhi, I've prepared a special boy's clinic for you. The doctor already knows your situation and is sworn to secrecy" Kyoya said a sly smirk on his face. Kouki gave him a stare that said 'really bro'

"It turns out the doctors here all work for kyoya's family"  Hikaru said

"It would have been easier if you told us that earlier senpai" kaoru continued

"Where's the fun in that. I had to have my revenge somehow." He replied with a playful smile.

"You scare me sometimes kyoya" Kouki said.

Haruhi was sent to the boys clinic , while the other hosts stayed behind.

"I'm telling the truth!!" A girl sobbed, which got the hosts attention. 

what's going on...

"One of the doctors grabbed me by the shoulders, he was trying to get a pass at me!! I've never been so scared in my life!" she cried to the girls surrounding her.

Doctor??... ahhh must be him 

"I had a feeling this might happen" Kyoya said confirming Kouki's suspicion.

"What do you mean Kyo-chan??" Honey asked

"Earlier a weird man bumped into kouki I thought he was suspicious" He revealed

"You should have said so earlier"

"Well the security guard will take care of him"


"He went toward the boy's clinic"






while the hosts hurried to haruhi Kouki stayed because the nurse had called him to his check-up.

"so Mr.Yoshihiro do you have any illness that runs in your family?" The doctor asked after the nurse finished taking a blood sample.

"Except from Asthma, and minor eczema i don't think so" Kouki fidgeted i his seat Fuck how long is this gonna take 

"Do you smoke??"  Fuck

"yes... sometimes"

"How about alcohol?"

"A little"

"Are you sexually active?"  What kind of question is that??!

"Not anymore"

"I see"  What do you mean 'you see'!!

"Aside from the bruise on your side, do you have any other wounds?"


The doctor didn't look at him at all during all this, nor did he question where the bruised came from he just wrote it down on his paper.

"How long is-"

"It says here your mother died from a disease inherited from her father" 

Kouki froze.

"So?" cold eyes directed at the doctor 

Unfazed the doctor replied "have you and the rest of your siblings been tested for it?"

"Why would-"

"I'll take that as a no then" The doctor then wrote down some things.
Kouki was speechless, it took a few seconds for it to sink in. 

This can't be happening...He paled 

"I'm her only biological child... the rest were adopted" He whispered,looking down on his lap, but the doctor heard him.

"That makes things easier for us then, i'll run some tests using the blood we drew. It'll take a couple of days. When we get the results, we will contact your caretaker" He said, voice void of any emotions.

"No! don't. Just call me directly." Kouki said Father can't know about this.

"Ok then. That is all, you may go" 

Kouki immediately stood up and walked out, not saying another word to the doctor. He ran across the hallway not caring about people watching.

As he ran who knows where, memories of his mother flashed in his head
A woman sat in bed in a white room looking out the window,a longing look in her beautiful eyes. Pale face and skinny body. Her skeleton like fingers playing with a ring around her neck, that doesn't fit her finger anymore. "mom what are you thinking about..?" Asked a 12-year-old kouki, who sat at the end of the bed.

The woman smiled at him "Nothing... I just miss spending time with my family. You look just like my son" Kouki flinched. "I- I do??" he asked slowly " Yes, he's turning 12 this year. I haven't seen him in a while, but i'm sure he's fine. That kid , his a fighter, he's strong, brave, and dependable. I feel sorry that he has to grow up too fast because of me." The woman puts her frail hand on kouki's small ones " He's the best son a mother could have, and I hope he knows that" Tears start to form in his eyes. "I'm sure he knows that" He smiled to the woman "Thank you , What's your name little boy??"
"LET ME GO!!! NOO! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO! LET ME GO!"  A woman trashed around in her bed fighting the nurses and doctors who are trying to calm her down. 
"I WANT TO GO HOME!! PLEASE LET ME GO!"Tears on her face she continued to fight, until a doctor was able to inject her with something that slowly calmed her down. As She began to calm down, she saw a little boy at the door. The little boy's face was full of fear, but he didn't cry, he can't. As the woman slowly closes her eyes she managed to say a few words " I just want to be with my family..."
whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy... whyme
"Kouki-Kun, you have to be brave ok. You have to look after your siblings and father, because they won't survive without you"
"Who's gonna take care of me"   
"Ok mom. I promise"

As Kouki continued to run,tears fall from his eyes. tear of frustration, tears of sadness, and tears of fear. 
After years of not crying, it was finally too much to handle. 

He broke.

Kouki just cried and cried for what seemed like hours. but was only a couple of minutes,before he calmed down.

As he stopped crying,he realized he ran outside. He was sitting on the grass near a big tree.

"Fuck... what am I gonna do" He stood up and walked up to the tree. 

"I can't die... who's gonna take care of them. I promised mom I would." He sacrificed everything for them

"FUCK!!!!" He punched the tree as hard as he could. 

He crouched down, face on his knees. 

"What's gonna happen to them...." what going to happen to me


Honey and Mori who stood at a big window saw the whole ordeal. They both had unidentifiable look in their eyes as they watched their kouhai in pain.

"What happened to him??" He looked to his cousin, who didn't give any reply.

"Kyoya" came a silent reply 

"you're right takashi! kyo-chan must know something." He said determination in his eyes


They both left the window in search for a certain Ootori.