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The End Of A Nightmare

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It's been a few days since the physical exam,and today the host club's theme is traditional so the hosts are all wearing kimonos.

"Kouki-kun , you look beautiful in that kimono" 

"Thank you princess, but i'm not used to wearing it, so if it gets loose i can count on you to fix it righ~" its been a while since I've worn one

"We would love to kouki-kun!!"

"The kimonos are all designed by the twins mother, so if your interested you can order from them. Then i can help you wear it , right my princesses" 

The last time i wore a kimono was for'work' and before that was before mom got sick... we all went to a festival together, mom helped me put mine on. That was our first and last time going together before...

"Are you alright kouki-kun??" Kouki snapped from his daydream to see all his customers looking at him worried. Shit

"I'm fine, I'm just tired doing things for my scholarship. But I feel refreshed after spending time with you lovely girls" He gave a wide smile to the girls making them distracted. 

Unknown to Kouki, a few tables away a certain glasses wearing male was eyeing him from afar.
"Why won't you tell us anything..." He whispered to himself



Kyoya was in the club room, finishing some business when honey and mori came to find him.

"What's the matter honey senpai??" Now he's curious, honey and mori both had worried looks on their faces.

"Something happened to kou-chan!" honey jumped down from the tall male to stand right in front of kyoya. The worried look changed to a serious one. 


"Kou-chan was crying..." the small senpai looked down to his feet " I don't know what happened, but we promised to protect him...I promised" He said now close to crying. 

Kyoya didn't know what so say " He was crying? maybe something happened during the physical exam..." He looked for answers at the taller male. Mori the ever stoic man wore an expression kyoya has only seen when it concerns honey. 

"I don't know what happened! we saw him at the garden crying, he looked so sad... what are we going to do" Honey said looking up at kyoya, tears swelling in his big brown eyes.

"Don't worry honey-senpai, I'll find out what's wrong. For now lets just keep an eye out for him ok" He said, putting his hand on honey's head to comfort him

"Hmm! We can do that, right takashi!" which the latter answered with a stern nod.

*end of flashback*

"Well, if worse comes to worst i'll just take things to my own hands" He sighed and went back to being the shadow king we know and love.

"Kou-chan!!" Honey cried, walking to kouki holding one sandal.

"What's wrong Honey-senpai?" He crouched down to honey's eye level and pats his head.

"I lost my other sandal" He sniffed and hugged kouki. Damn he's cute 

"Weren't you just wearing them a while ago?" Haruhi said, standing beside kouki.

"Don't worry senpai, i'm sure we'll find it" Kouki said patting honey, who is still hugging him, on his back

"Mistukuni..." Mori walked toward the three of them holding one sandal in his hands.

"Look, mori-senpai already found it" Taking the sandal from his senpai, kouki put it back on honey's feet.

"Thank you Kou-chan! I knew I could rely on you" He hugged him again, this time tighter. Huh... Mori's the one who found it though. well lets just go with the flow

"You're welcome honey-senpai, of course you can rely on me." He replied hugging his senpai back.

"But you know you can rely on us to right..." He heard honey whispered. What....??

"What was that senpai??" Honey pulled back from kouki. for a split second he swore honey looked his age for a second there. 

"Nothing kou-chan" And back is the normal child-like honey. 

"If you say so..."

Mori pats kouki's head, and then the third year duo walked away.

"What was that about" Haruhi asked I forgot she was even here

"I'm not sure" did I do something??? The doctor didn't tell kyoya did he?!!? fuckfuckfuckfuck wait kouki calm the fuck down. even if he did why would he care. yeah why would he care, its not important why would he care...
sighhhhhhhhhhh. its not even kyoya that's acting weird anyway its honey-senpai and mori-senpai and they have no reason to pry into my personal problems, unlike a certain someone. Maybe i'm just overreacting, yeah that's probably it. I should calm down and think logically.
calm down.calm down.calm down.calm down.calm down.calm down. calmdown.calmdown.calmdown calmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdown

"NO don't touch me you phony!"

"Huh??" What's going on? Kouki snapped out of his panic daydream.

A girl who is apparently kyoya's fiance appeared.


I can't handle this kind of craziness.Nope.Not right now

Kouki slowly walked out of the club room hoping no one would notice
I'm sure the wont even notice i'm gone.I'm just going for a quick walk, I'm not running away. Its just a walk... that is, if I don't get lost.hehehe

Unknown to kouki three pairs of eyes watched silently as he went out

After walking for a few minutes kouki ended up outside so, he decided to take this opportunity to finally work on his art project.

So now he's sitting on the grass near a maze.

"This school is really huge huhh"

It was peace full. No one bothered him. No one needed him. He was alone.

Time passed by peacefully and he finished his drawing in no time.

"Ah! Kouki what are you doing here?"

Kouki turned around and saw his silver-head senpai."Atsushi-senpai"

"Am I bothering you?" Atsushi sat next to kouki

"Not really i just finished. Wanna see?" He gave his sketch book to Atsushi 

"Uwahhhh! As always your drawings never disappoint" Atsushi marveled at the drawing. Its beautiful but somehow, it feels lonely. "Do you like drawing kouki-kun?" 

Kouki gave it a thought for e few seconds Hmmmmmmm....

"Well i don't necessarily like it, i just happen to be good at it plus it got me this scholarship.So i guess its like a job??" hands on his chin, he explained to his senpai.

"A job huh. Kouki-kun don't take this the bad way, but what are you living for?" Atsushi stared at kouki with a serious face.

"What am I living for??" Kouki was thrown back by the question.

"Yep. In short, Why are you alive?"

"you've been watching way too much animes senpai. What kind of question is that" He laughed at his senpai.

"That's mean kouki-kun. Just answer the question" He playfully hit his kouhai's shoulder "Just answer the question already"

"fine... well i'm alive because I'm not dead yet." He said in a matter-of-fact tone.


"What?! How can I be wrong-"

"Just choose another answer"


"ANOTHER.ANSWER." kouki slightly shivered Damn he's scary.Fineeee......

"Because I have to live...??" Wait why does that sound like a question.......

"Why do you have to live?" Atsushi answered simply.

"But I already-!"

"Why kouki. Why do you have to live?" 

because... becausebecausebecausebecause

"Because I promised!" he yelled at his senpai

"I promised her. I promised to look after them. Its not like I WANT TO LIVE! I JUST HAVE TO!" tears swell up in his eyes. fuck... i've done it now

"Why are you doing this senpai... Its none of your business" He slowly sat back down-He didn't know when but during all this he had unconsciously stood up- to be patted on the head. 

"I'm just looking out for my adorable kouhai" A sweet smile on his face

"But you know kouki, some time ago someone said to me 'Pity yourself and life becomes an endless nightmare'" He looked directly into kouki's eyes 

"Don't live for others kouki,Live because You want to. Only then will life be worth living."

"......I don't understand" He stared at his senpai's sunset eyes, seeing an emotion he could not recognize

His hands still on Kouki's head Atsushi replied "I to didn't understand it at first, but as time goes on it will start to make sense. I promise. Until then Kouki-kun, just be happy Okay??"  Be happy huhh...

"Sure senpai... I'll try. I'm not sure what to think right now to be honest, but yeah... I promise I'll try" 

"That's all I ask" He said smiling at the other.

"Now, I think you're needed elsewhere" He said looking behind kouki, at the corridor not to far away stood Honey and Mori both looking at their direction.

Realizing they've been noticed Honey decided to speak up "Kou-channn!!! We've been looking all over for you!!" Jumping up and down waving at kouki. "Haiii Atsu-chan!!" he added.

Kouki looked at honey and then at Atsushi. 

"Go ahead" He puts his hand down "Thanks senpai" kouki smiled gratefully at Atsushi.

Atsushi waved back at honey as he watched Kouki ran towards the duo, and continued to until the three of them went back inside.

Atsushi stared at the clear blue sky.

"Am I doing this right Dazai-san...?" but no one was there to reply