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The End Of A Nightmare

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"So in short, Renge is not Kyoya's fiance, but we have to treat her nicely because Kyoya said so~"

Kouki said Honey and Mori as they walking back to the music room together.


Honey replied swinging their jointed hands back and forth.


"What were you doing with Atsu-chan Kou-chan?" Honey asked. He left out the fact that they had been searching for Kouki for a bit more than half an hour.


Kouki's face fell for a second, but only a second.- "Nothing important, he was just keeping me company...." He smiled at Honey.


He jumped a bit when there was suddenly a hand on his head but calmed when he looked up to see Mori-senpai.


Mori, who noticed that something was not quite right stayed quiet, and merely patted Kouki on his head in comfort.


"Mori-senpai?" Kouki was confused by the gesture.


He only got a small smile as a reply.


What is with people and patting my head?? I'm not a fucking dog, I rather be a cat! Yeah, a small fluffy fat cat, I would love to be a cat or maybe even a rock, yeah that sounds fun to.


"What should I make for dinner today?~" Kouki hummed to himself, surprisingly he's in a good mood today.

He continued to think about dinner whilst walking back home.


Kouki turned the corner to his house but immediately stopped.


What shocked him you ask??


Well in front of his two-story house is a bright red Mercedes Benz that is obviously not theirs.


Who's the owner you ask?? Well, we're about to find out.


What the hell, why is she here?? I thought I told her to call me first!

Kouki cursed to himself sprinting to his house.


"I'm home!" He shouted on purpose only to be attacked!!!........


by a hug.


Yes you read it correctly. He was attacked by a hug.


"Oh my sweet cookie I missed you!!!" A woman who looked in her late 60's rubbed Kouki to her face.

"How are you doing, are you eating well? ohh!! You've grown soo much since I last saw you. I Knew I should have took you five with me to Australia" She continued to ramble on still hugging Kouki


"Yuriko-sama, why don't we calm down and eat the cakes you bought for them-"


Thank god for Midori-san.

When everything calmed down, the five siblings had all sat in the living room listening to their grandmother talk about her latest trip to Australia while eating some cakes.

He was suprised to see Hiromi home-


He's been home a lot these days, well it's none of my business.


"So Kouki, I heard you got an art scholarship at Ouran!?"




Kouki gave a glare to the rather oblivious Midori.


"Yeah, I did..." He said hoping it would stop at that, he continued to try and change the subject.


"By the wa-"


Yuriko gracefully put her tea cup down and gave a rather serious look to Kouki and cut him off mid sentence.


"Why didn't you just ask me, if you had asked, I would have enrolled you there years ago. You didn't have to get a scholarship for it!!" She said.


"But Yuriko-san, I didn't want to be a bother. Plus it was just on a whim." He replied and gave the sweetest smile he could to his grandmother, which did nothing to her current mood.


"But cookie, you would never be a bother. You could ask me for a mansion and I would get it in a heartbeat, same goes for all you munchkins, and I thought we already went over this, call me granny for heavens sake, or even grandma. Just not Yuriko-san!!!"


Before she could add more Kouki cut her off-


"Kyouka, Kazuki, Hiroki, what do you want for dinner today?" He asked his sister and the twins which instantly perked them up.


"I want hamburger steak!"


Hiroki puts his hand that is currently holding a fork, up in the air.


"No we had that yeaterday, I want omelet rice!" Kazuki gave a glare towards his twin.


"Kyouka-chan wants curry..." Spoke from Hiromi's lap.


And thus the three went on a debate on what to eat tonight.


"Ahh why didn't you asked me?" Hiromi asked.


-wiping frosting from Kyouka's face- which was promptly ignored, making Hiromi feel a little down.


Yuriko puts a comforting hand on her grandchild's shoulder. She is well aware of Hiromi's trouble, after all he did consult her on what to do, and he has her full support in it.

Let's just hope its not too late for you Hiro-kun...


She thought sadly to herself.


"How about this, let's go out to eat, on me of course. Then you can all order what you want!!" She said to the three bickering children.


The three of them all looked at each other and cheered.




"Up-up-up-up-up this is your punishment for not relying on me!!" Yuriko said to Kouki. At this point Kouki knew he had no choice so he agreed reluctantly.


So the five siblings all went out to eat with their grandmother.

It was currently 9pm and the ride back home was awkward to say the least.


In the car excluding the driver were only Kouki and Hiromi, the three kids decided that they were gonna have a sleepover at their grandma's and Yuriko being the person she is gleefully accepted and she promised Kouki to drop them of at school tomorrow after breakfast and all, and to not worry about a thing.


Kouki sighed to himself.


Yuriko-san is going to be the death of me. Thank God Father wasn't home, if not there would have been a full on war going on, and he could not handle that nooooppee.


Kouki ignored the person next to him and just stared at the window thinking about anything and everything, from his art project, to the host club, Atsushi and what he said, to the disease that he may or may not have, and before he knew it, they arrived home.

Kouki got out of the car, thanking the driver with a quick bow before opening the front door and making a beeline to his room.

-Hearing something from Hiromi something about a friends house??


-And just jumped on his bed not even bothering to change his clothes from the exasperating experience, passing out on his bed.


Kouki looked around, pitch black surrounded him, no, it enveloped him whole.


Unaware of whether his eyes were open or closed.


Abruptly he panicked he couldn't see his own hands in front of him.


Dark, It's too Dark!!!


His mind raced.


The dark took hold of him, it was sufficating.


I can't breath!!!


He kicked and fought for his air feeling the last evaporate as the black mass forced out the last of his breath before suddenly, he could breath.


Gasping for air he started to hyperventilate which he slowly corrected,


A chill....


He sensed it almost immediately knowing what it, no who, it was. He didn't have to turn around.


"Natsuki..." He whispered.


Natsuki wound his cold arms around Kouki's waist nesting his head into his shoulder in the loving embrace.



"Its all your fault."


He whispered into his ear sickeningly sweet. Before those cold loving arms tightened nails digging into his torso.


Kouki hissed at the sudden pain but did not fight it.



He deserved it....



"It's all your fault!! You should have tried harder!" it echoed in the darkness.


Natsuki took his nails that were still embellished in Kouki’s torso and let go seemingly vanishing only to reappear in front of him.


Kouki continued to say nothing and just stood there, he expected it, he deserved it.


"You dont deserve to live!!"


Another clone of Natsuki appeared to his left.


"You killed me!!!"


Another one to his right.


"You should die for what you did!!!"


The last one in front of him taking Kouki's chin in his hand and said calmly while looking him dead in the eyes.


"This is all your fault-"


The spite as clear as crystal in his voice.


They vanished, as if they were never there, leaving Kouki alone.....


He broke...



Left alone in the darkness that seemed unending Kouki fell to his knees clutching himself in a lonely embrace.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm so so sorry..."


The words came out quickly and quietly progressively get louder as he called out into the unending void hopeing to be heard.


"I'm so sorry!!!" He wailed as tears of guilt and sadness washed over his reddened face.


"It's all my fault!!!"





The name sounded foreign as it rolled off his lips in his scream of torment.


He saw the face he once loved and cherished.


Still loved and cherished.


The person that he longs for day and night.


The person that he betrayed.


The person that he could no longer hold in his arms.


Now he could only beg, beg for forgiveness for the things that he did.










"I'm sorry...."





He awoke from this nightmare dream gasping for air cold sweat running down his forehead seemingly trying to escape, just as he was.




Kouki slowly got out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to take a shower.

He moved as if it was a daily occurrence.


It was...


After he finished, he just sat on his bed and stared at his wall as if he's in a trans, a few minutes passed by while he just sat there.


{Are you free rn??}-RK.


Kouki looked at the massege and seemed to consider it for a few seconds before replying.


{Sure, usual place??}-Hiro.


It only took a few seconds before a reply came.


{I'll book the same room, C U there~}-RK.

Kouki stood up and got ready to go out.

He opened his door as quietly as possible and tip-toed out of his room, he was halfway down the stairs when he remembered that he was the only one home.


"Aaahhh~ I forgot the kids are with Yuriko-san." He sighed and walked normally.


When he was about to open the front door, but It opened by itself almost hitting him smack in the face.


"What the hell?!?" He shouted falling on his ass.


"Shit!! Kouki!!!" Hiromi, who had just gotten home was the one who opened the door.


"Are you ok?!! Shit Did it hit you?! I'm so sorry!!" Hiromi puts out a hand to help him out but without even looking at it Kouki got up by himself.


Hiromi was hurt but that was expected,

He still doesn't like me huh...



"I'm fine, now can you please get out of the way?" He said, cold eyes looking directly into Hiromi's.


"Uhh-mm- ru-right I'll get out of the way..." He stepped to the side to let Kouki out, and just watched as Kouki walk away.


When Kouki was nearly at the gate when Hiromi remembered wait it's 2.Am!!


"Kouki where are you going?!! It's two in the fucking morning!!" Hiromi was about to run up to him but was stopped by a hard glare.


"It's none of your fucking business." He said and went off not sparing another glance at his brother.


Left behind Hiromi could only watch as his little brother walk away getting smaller and smaller till he turned at the corner.


"DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMNIT!!!" He rubbed his face in frustration.


He gave one last look at the direction that Kouki went and with a determined look on his face, went back inside.


Next time I'll get it right. I won't let you be alone Kouki, not anymore.