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The Butterfly Effect

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It was 4am, the sun was just preparing for its appearance. Some people are still fast asleep. But not Ye Zun, the youngest top actor at the age of 28. He was dead tired; he can no longer remember when was the last time he woke up feeling so refresh. Last night, he went home late because of a photo shoot, and now, he needed to go on the set as soon possible.

“Wake up brother, the breakfast is ready. I’ll go first”, Shen Wei, his identical twin brother, who is leisurely enjoying his life teaching at a university near their house.
“Gege, can I stay?”, he used his sweetest voice just to convinced his brother.

“You can’t, it’s in the contract remember?” Damn that contract. If only he knows beforehand that being a celebrity can ruin his entire life, he wouldn’t agree to his best friend’s plea. He heard his brother’s laugh and he felt his entire body being lifted. His brother’s cologne smells so refreshing, like the morning air. It gave him all the reason not to go and just cuddle with him. He was then gently place at the chair. The coffee’s aroma made his stomach go wild.

“Eat, I’ll pick you up after the shoot. Don’t forget to lock the door and check-“

“I know, I’ll check everything before I leave. You take care gege”

Shen Wei stare at him, his brother nods. He kissed his brother’s temple before leaving. Ye Zun can understand where his brother’s concern is coming from. It’s been 13 years, and the scar of that day still haunts them.

His phone rings, the name “Dixingian” appeared on the screen. As soon as he answered, he heard the loud voice of the other person.

“Where are you? The bodyguards are waiting at the lobby; their calling me saying that they can’t reach your phone. What on earth are you doing to consume all the entire morning?!” For goodness sake, it was still early in the morning, he just woke up and his brother prepared the best breakfast for him. But it looks like he can’t even eat it. He sighed, what a day.

“Tell them that I’ll be there in half an hour, I’ll just take a bath.”

True to his words, after half an hour, he was ready to go. The bodyguards are all line up waiting for his arrival. He felt like a prince, he chuckled at the thought.

It was past 6 when they arrived, they’re late. But it’s better than not arriving at all. The make-up artist carefully applied makeup on his face, on the mirror in front; he can see his manager frowning.

“Late, again.” Zhu Jiu, his best friend and manager.

“I want to end this damn contract”, his make-up artist flinched. He gently massages his temple.

“You know you can’t, please Ye Zun, last one project” He can no longer take it, and Jiu know this. He needs an escaped, he needs something, he needs someone. Someone, who can replace his position, just someone.

“Stop it, I know what you’re thinking. He can’t act, and the fact that his afraid of a flashing light is already a big problem.”

“But what if I can do something about it?”

Jiu gave up, he calls someone, and walks out of the door.



Shen Wei look at his watch, his brother usually calls before noon. But it’s already 1 in the afternoon and his getting worried. The school bells, indicating that the classes are starting. With a heavy heart, his class begins.


“Recent biologists have concluded that speciation is indeed what happened to the Galápagos finches” Shen wrote Galapagus finches to the white board.

“Sir, you misspelled the word Galapagos”

The students started to have a commotion. He making an error never happens. Also, his been thinking about his brother, and he can’t focus wholly on the lesson. He smiled at the girl; he changed the Galapagus into Galapagos.

“Thank you, so the Galapagos finches have three-“ and the bell rang.

“That’s for now; we will continue the lesson tomorrow”, he hurriedly left the classroom. As soon as he reached the faculty, he begins calling his brother.

The person you have called cannot be reached at the moment please try again later

It’s been like that for about 20 minutes, so he decided to call his brother’s manager. One ring and luckily, he answered.

“Professor”, the manager’s voice sounds tired. He felt that something happened.

“I can’t reach my brother’s phone. I’ve been calling him but he won’t answer.” his worried and he can’t think straight.

“I don’t want to tell you this yet, cause we hoped to solved it first before we call you. But it’s been how many hours and Ye Zun didn’t attend this morning’s shoot.”

“Are you telling me that my brother is missing?” that can’t be, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“B-but this morning, I just prepared breakfast for him” he was out of energy. He doesn’t want to think. He no longer remembers that he was supposed to be in his next class.

“My team and a private investigator were already on the moved. We can’t tell it to the public, his safety is our prior priority. And we need to talk to you, can you go here? I’ll send you the address. We’re really sorry.”


Ye Zun look at Jiu, he was feeling guilty, but the plan must proceed at any cost.

“Call your brother, he was dead worried. At least, do that”, of course he knows, but it won’t last long, it’s just a couple of months and his back. He will be back before everyone knows it.

“Thank you” Jiu just nods at him. Jiu trust him and he trust him too. He was like a brother to him; he knows that his brother will be safe in his hand. Ye Zun handed him a bottle, looks like a medicine.

“That’s for his panic attacks; let him take the medicine one hour before the photo shoot. Don’t pressure him too much; it’s bad for his mental health. And...”

Of course, he was hesitant too, Jiu thinks. He needs to consider the public, the fans; the people who will see him, the media, the university were his brother is teaching, and his brother. Ye Zun were thinking that it’s not just for him, but also for his brother. It’s already time for Shen to look for himself, because he knows, he was so done looking for himself years ago.