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The Butterfly Effect

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It was 4am, the sun was just preparing for its appearance. Some people are still fast asleep. But not Ye Zun, the youngest top actor at the age of 28. He was dead tired; he can no longer remember when was the last time he woke up feeling so refresh. Last night, he went home late because of a photo shoot, and now, he needed to go on the set as soon possible.

“Wake up brother, the breakfast is ready. I’ll go first”, Shen Wei, his identical twin brother, who is leisurely enjoying his life teaching at a university near their house.
“Gege, can I stay?”, he used his sweetest voice just to convinced his brother.

“You can’t, it’s in the contract remember?” Damn that contract. If only he knows beforehand that being a celebrity can ruin his entire life, he wouldn’t agree to his best friend’s plea. He heard his brother’s laugh and he felt his entire body being lifted. His brother’s cologne smells so refreshing, like the morning air. It gave him all the reason not to go and just cuddle with him. He was then gently place at the chair. The coffee’s aroma made his stomach go wild.

“Eat, I’ll pick you up after the shoot. Don’t forget to lock the door and check-“

“I know, I’ll check everything before I leave. You take care gege”

Shen Wei stare at him, his brother nods. He kissed his brother’s temple before leaving. Ye Zun can understand where his brother’s concern is coming from. It’s been 13 years, and the scar of that day still haunts them.

His phone rings, the name “Dixingian” appeared on the screen. As soon as he answered, he heard the loud voice of the other person.

“Where are you? The bodyguards are waiting at the lobby; their calling me saying that they can’t reach your phone. What on earth are you doing to consume all the entire morning?!” For goodness sake, it was still early in the morning, he just woke up and his brother prepared the best breakfast for him. But it looks like he can’t even eat it. He sighed, what a day.

“Tell them that I’ll be there in half an hour, I’ll just take a bath.”

True to his words, after half an hour, he was ready to go. The bodyguards are all line up waiting for his arrival. He felt like a prince, he chuckled at the thought.

It was past 6 when they arrived, they’re late. But it’s better than not arriving at all. The make-up artist carefully applied makeup on his face, on the mirror in front; he can see his manager frowning.

“Late, again.” Zhu Jiu, his best friend and manager.

“I want to end this damn contract”, his make-up artist flinched. He gently massages his temple.

“You know you can’t, please Ye Zun, last one project” He can no longer take it, and Jiu know this. He needs an escaped, he needs something, he needs someone. Someone, who can replace his position, just someone.

“Stop it, I know what you’re thinking. He can’t act, and the fact that his afraid of a flashing light is already a big problem.”

“But what if I can do something about it?”

Jiu gave up, he calls someone, and walks out of the door.



Shen Wei look at his watch, his brother usually calls before noon. But it’s already 1 in the afternoon and his getting worried. The school bells, indicating that the classes are starting. With a heavy heart, his class begins.


“Recent biologists have concluded that speciation is indeed what happened to the Galápagos finches” Shen wrote Galapagus finches to the white board.

“Sir, you misspelled the word Galapagos”

The students started to have a commotion. He making an error never happens. Also, his been thinking about his brother, and he can’t focus wholly on the lesson. He smiled at the girl; he changed the Galapagus into Galapagos.

“Thank you, so the Galapagos finches have three-“ and the bell rang.

“That’s for now; we will continue the lesson tomorrow”, he hurriedly left the classroom. As soon as he reached the faculty, he begins calling his brother.

The person you have called cannot be reached at the moment please try again later

It’s been like that for about 20 minutes, so he decided to call his brother’s manager. One ring and luckily, he answered.

“Professor”, the manager’s voice sounds tired. He felt that something happened.

“I can’t reach my brother’s phone. I’ve been calling him but he won’t answer.” his worried and he can’t think straight.

“I don’t want to tell you this yet, cause we hoped to solved it first before we call you. But it’s been how many hours and Ye Zun didn’t attend this morning’s shoot.”

“Are you telling me that my brother is missing?” that can’t be, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“B-but this morning, I just prepared breakfast for him” he was out of energy. He doesn’t want to think. He no longer remembers that he was supposed to be in his next class.

“My team and a private investigator were already on the moved. We can’t tell it to the public, his safety is our prior priority. And we need to talk to you, can you go here? I’ll send you the address. We’re really sorry.”


Ye Zun look at Jiu, he was feeling guilty, but the plan must proceed at any cost.

“Call your brother, he was dead worried. At least, do that”, of course he knows, but it won’t last long, it’s just a couple of months and his back. He will be back before everyone knows it.

“Thank you” Jiu just nods at him. Jiu trust him and he trust him too. He was like a brother to him; he knows that his brother will be safe in his hand. Ye Zun handed him a bottle, looks like a medicine.

“That’s for his panic attacks; let him take the medicine one hour before the photo shoot. Don’t pressure him too much; it’s bad for his mental health. And...”

Of course, he was hesitant too, Jiu thinks. He needs to consider the public, the fans; the people who will see him, the media, the university were his brother is teaching, and his brother. Ye Zun were thinking that it’s not just for him, but also for his brother. It’s already time for Shen to look for himself, because he knows, he was so done looking for himself years ago.

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Later on that day, Shen Wei arrived at the location. He can see the stressed of the people, Jiu walk at him and guided him in an office.

“Take a seat professor”, Jiu massages his temple. It’s so hard to lie to an innocent face like this. Although Ye Zun and Shen Wei are identical twins, Ye Zun’s expression is more defined. Like it was made for this industry, unlike his brother’s face that was more innocent, you can’t helped but to take care of.

Shen can’t relax, even though he knew that for the past years, this team was taking good care of his brother.

“I have two things to tell you. It’s the only option that we, my team, could think of.” He nods.

“First, we hired a lot of people to look for your brother, and assure his safety once we found him. Second, he has a pending series to be taken care of. We just can’t back down to it because your brother already signed the contract, so we need you to-“

“To act as him, until he return, right?”

Jiu nods, he was thinking that Shen was really a genius, unlike his brother.

“But what if I refused? I think that you already know about my condition”

 “Your brother will be sued, it was written in the contract professor”, he was then handed a folder, the contract, and it was signed by his brother weeks ago. He looked down.

“But I can’t be exposed to any flashing lights or I’ll have panic attacks” and he can’t let his brother be sued or he’ll have a heart attack instead.

“Can you promise me then that you’ll carefully look for my brother? I can’t lose him”,

“Of course professor”, he then texted someone.

Damn, call your brother; you knew that I can’t handle such innocent face - Jiu

Ye Zun just replied with “ :P “

 “I will then inform your brother’s assistant to help you with the schedule and anything you need.”

The professor just nods. Shen prepares to leave, but then.

“And professor, I’m sorry”

Shen looks at him, clueless.

“Sorry for?”

“Sorry for taking care of your brother’s mess.” And me agreeing to it, he almost said that out.

“It’s okay, anything for my brother”


Shen arrived at their house, it was already late. He was not in the mood to eat anything, so he head straight into his brother’s room. He let his body fell into the bed, the smell of the mattress smells like his brother. It wasn’t even one whole day that his brother went missing, but he misses him. He tried calling his brother again, but it seems that the phone have been turned off.

He type in a message:

I hoped that you’re safe. I miss you, at least, tell me where you are. You sleep well

He was tired; stress and he miss his brother. He then closed his eyes to sleep; he didn’t get to see the replied his brother sent.

I’m sorry for worrying you, I miss you too. I just needed some fresh air to breath. Sorry for the messed I made, please take care of it until I come back. I love you gege


Shen woke up with the loud ringing of his phone; it was his brother’s assistance, and a few texts from Jiu. He noticed an unknown number. It was from his brother, telling him that his safe and to stop worrying about him. He was slightly relieved, but not enough. He tried to call the number, but it was already out of coverage area. With a heavy heart, he calls his brother’s assistant; the schedule for today was to meet his doctor. He needed some recommendations regarding his condition and some meeting with the team. Also today, he will meet his brother’s supposedly partner.

“Here, take this medicine, strictly one hour before any photo shoots or taping. This medicine will last for atleast 5 to 6 hours. After that, you need to rest. Rest is the most important point of this medication, you can’t engage with too much stress. Do you understand Shen?”

Shen nodded at Cheng, Cheng was his college schoolmate and personal doctor. Cheng knows about his condition, he trusts her.

“And you”, Cheng look at Jiu.

“Don’t force him with anything. If he can’t handle the light, then stop. Don’t make me pull him out of this messed”

Jiu knows, and he promised Ye Zun that he won’t mess up. After an hour, the session ended, they immediately went to the meeting place. Shen Wei was nervous; it felt like he was proposing his research project in front of the school heads.

They enter the restaurant, the place was elegant. Its interior was relaxing, and Shen is pleased with the beige color of the wall. Some waiter then guided them inside a private room, inside, was a man wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, the one he usually wear during his classes. The man was talking with a beautiful woman, who looks like a model, probably same with his age or younger.

“Yunlan, it’s nice to see you”, the man looks at them. Shen can’t help but be mesmerized by the man’s appearance. The man, who was probably named Yunlan, has something in him that he can’t describe. His heart won’t stop beating rapidly, that it hurts. Unconsciously, he held his chest; Jiu noticed Shen’s gesture and hurriedly went to him.

“Ye Zun, what happened? Are you okay?”, he almost forgot, he was Ye Zun, he needs to act like him. He nodded and apologized. He excuses himself and went to the bathroom.


Zhao Yunlan and his manager, Zhu Hong, arrived at the venue earlier. They were talking some random things when the room’s door opens and he was then greeted by Jiu, Ye Zun was standing right beside his manager. He was breathed taking; the description in his interviews didn’t give any justice to how wonderful this person is. He was ready to shake hands with him when Ye Zun held his hand to his chest, and then Jiu panicked. His innocent face was then painted with a hurt expression, he doesn’t know why, but when he excused himself, he suddenly felt like he needed to comfort him. But Zhu Hong stops him, she then mouthed,

“Where do you think you’re going?”, right, what the hell was he doing anyway? He just saw Ye Zun and his acting as if he knows him already.

“I’m sorry, he was probably tired. We had our taping the whole night yesterday, lack of sleep maybe.”, Jiu

He understands, he was also tired, today was his day off, but he wasn’t used staying at home. The door opens, Ye Zun walked right besides Jiu. He was already wearing some glasses.

“You probably know him”

He laughs, who wouldn’t? When you looked everywhere, you can see his advertisement almost all over the place. Even in the television, his series and movies was a topnotch.

“Of course”, he winks at him. He saw how Ye Zun’s face turned red.

Oh, I didn’t know that he can be this cute; Yunlan thought to himself.

He was amazed how easily he can affect this person.

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Shen Wei looked at the man, and that instant, he felt like he was trap inside the lion’s den.

“The world’s youngest top actor, it’s a pleasure”, the man hold his hand and kissed the back of it. Shen instantly retrieved his hand. Zhao Yunlan laugh, amused at the action.

“Zhao Yunlan, at your service”

“I know”, Shen unconsciously told him. He was acting more like his brother now.

“I’m amazed, it’s a great honor that a low life like me was known by you Your Highness”, Yunlan smiled at him. How he loved to tease this man, he can’t wait anymore.

“Ehem”, Jiu interrupted.

“So like what I’m saying, we’ll both schedule the shooting at the most convenient time for them, we can adjust at any demand that you would like”

“Oh, we don’t like to change anything; I know that my Highness is busy. If you like to change anything, we will be the one to adjust” Yunlan

Zhu Hong looks at him, bewildered. Most of the time, Yunlan will complain about anything. It’s a first that he didn’t change anything.

“Well, if my client says so, then that’s it” - Zhu Hong

Shen leaned on to Jiu and whisper, “I haven’t read the contract yet”

He needs to know what will be done, how long will it takes and everything that he needs to know. It wasn’t even days that his doing this kind of thing, he was still adjusting to this whole situation!

Don’t worry, this contract has been taken care of by your brother, it’s all his demands. Rest assured”, Jiu whispered back. Feeling hopeless, he nods.

“Then thank you, we will see you next week”

“Thank you”

Shen Wei bows in courtesy, so did Yunlan. Jiu guided Shen outside the restaurant where their car is waiting.

“Don’t be nervous, it’s always like this because it’s your first time. My team will be here guiding your-“

“Ye Zun”, Shen Wei looks at the one who calls him. Yunlan, who was half running, then slowly walks in front of him.

“Your number”, puzzled, Shen just stared at the phone offering to him.

“My what?” – Shen

“Your phone number Your Highness, in case I have something to talk to you regarding of the contract” – Yunlan

“Oh, right.”

Carefully, Shen Wei types his number. Zhu Hong looks at Jiu, Jiu just shrug at her. She then rolls his eyes on him. She then understand why Yunlan didn’t make any demands earlier, it’s all in his plan to flirt with this guy!

“Thank you, have a good night”, Yunlan guided Shen inside the car. He was smiling brightly at him. With a small voice, Shen thank him. Jiu rode on the front seat, he then notice that the car wasn’t moving. He saw that Yunlan’s hand is still in the car’s door.

“Take care”, Yunlan looks at him in the eyes. He was still amazed at how this man can be this beautiful.

“I’ll call you”, and he let go. He watch as the car disappeared in this sight.


Zhu Hong looks at Yunlan and saw how happy he is. She’s been handling Yunlan for years; she knows how playboy he is. Even the whole world knows about it! Yet she wondered, that all those years, why can’t he look at her? How can he likes other people while she’s been by her side and even a single glance wasn’t even offer at her? Just how cruel this world can be?

“Zhu Hong! I’ve been calling you, are you alright? Let’s go back now”, she walks past him. A girl can dream right? But can she even have the rights to let this man be her dream?

She stops before going inside her car.

“You know that I hate you right? I’ll say it again, I hate you Zhao Yunlan.” And she drove her car away, away from the man who can crushed her heart without even holding it.


Yunlan walks at his motorcycle, as much as he wants to drive Zhu Hong homes, he can’t. He doesn’t want to give false hope to his manager. Zhu Hong’s been looking at him since he started his career; he doesn’t want to end it by ruining their relationship. And also, he can’t look at her the way she looks at him. He felt his phone vibrating; he answered it without looking at who the caller was.


“Yo boss, you free?”, he frowns when he hears who’s voice it was.

“Da Qing, fat guy, what is it?”, Da Qing is his best friend. They know each other since they were little.

“Let’s drink, we’re on our way to your house” – Da Qing

“You’re on the way to my!”, he was interrupted by Da Qing

“Oh and by the way, its Lin Jing’s treat so don’t worry”, before the call end, he hears Lin Jing shouting why him. He shakes his head, the night will be long. But it won’t definitely be boring.

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Yunlan’s POV

“Yo, im here. Hold this for a second”

Da Qing looks at the plastic bag, looking for something. I opened the door and light up the living room. It’s so cold outside, how can Ye Zun wear a plain shirt in this cold weather?

“You didn’t buy any meat?”, I glare at him.

“Do you even know what time is it? Where will I even look for a meat, you fat guy?!”, Da Qing just shrugs and walks inside the kitchen.

“So, how big is your new project?”, Lin Jing asked.

“You guess.”, I smirked at him. Just how famous Ye Zun is really? He looks timid and shy, but when I look at his past interviews, he looks as if he can eat you alive anytime.

“I heard his pairing up with MianMian”, puzzled, I look at Da Qing, who’s busying cooking some noodles.

“MianMian? Who’s that?”

“Oh, you don’t know? Ye Zun was called MianMian before he debuted as an actor, as in an actor.”, Lin Jing pass him some papers.

“I know what it means, you nerd. But why MianMian?”

“He was, ahm, a child star before his parent’s accident happened. And I don’t know, when he was a child, people started calling him that. Maybe it was some sort of a nickname”, I nod at him. I checked my phone and texted Ye Zun.

ZYL: Are you home yet, Your Highness?

“I’ll take a shower first, don’t burn my house”

Last time I let Lin Jing cook, he almost burned my whole kitchen. Good thing that Da Qing came, and I remember Da Qing cutting some of Lin Jing salary.

I let my body relax at the water, the temperature was just right. I dreamt of coming home and be welcome by someone who already prepared some hot bath for me. Or maybe a welcome home kiss, it doesn’t sound that bad. I laugh at my own thoughts.

“Chief, someone’s calling you”, Lin Jing slightly open the door and handed me the phone. I sighed, if it’s about work, I can’t be sure if I can calmly talk to that person.

“Do you know what time is it? Its past-“

“I’m sorry, i-I’m not that great in using phone”, the voice was so soft; the sound of it can be compare to a lullaby. This voice is..

“Ye Zun?”, I heard a loud thud, as if something fell.

“Are you okay? Do you need me there?”

“Oh, no, it’s ahm, it’s okay. Sorry for calling you”

“It’s okay really. Can you, ah, wait for a second? I just sigh, I just need to wear something” I sighed, what an embracement Zhao Yunlan. I put the call on-hold and hurriedly wash my body; i can’t let my baby wait.

“Are you still there?”, I tried putting my boxer with one hand, but no avail. I set the call on loud speak.

“Yes”, he sounded tired.

“I didn’t think that you will call me first; I thought that I’m the one who will do the first move”

“That’s not it!” I look at the phone, he remain silent for a minute.

 “When you texted me, the number was not saved. Then I remember that I didn’t get to have your number. So, I assume that it’s you. But I click that wrong icon and press the call instead.”

Yunlan, what the fuck?! – Da Qing

“You seem to be busy, I’m sorry if I’m bothering you”

“What? No, I sigh”, Da Qing you asshole.

“Go and drink fat guy, I’m not in the mood anymore, I’ll be sleeping”, I shouted. My love’s calling me; I can’t let this opportunity slipped away.

“I’m sorry about that. Are you tired?”, I can hear the sound of his breathing. It makes me anxious and worried and damn. Is it okay for me to be horny too?!

“I’m fine, it’s just that, I’m not use to doing things like this”

Doing things like this? Did he mean going to meetings and such?

“Oh I mean, I don’t have enough sleep, which is unusual now a day. Because, my, ahm, my schedule suddenly becomes hectic again”

Oh, that’s what he means. He looks tired earlier, he even excused himself. No wonder, it’s because he doesn’t have enough sleep.

“Can we, ahm, video call? I want to see you” The other line went silent for a minute; I checked my phone but the call are still on going.


“Ye Zun? Sorry, I didn’t hear that properly”

“Yes, I said yes”

“Okay, let me switch it” I was greeted by his lovely face. I can’t help but to grin. He sure looks so lovely with his hair that’s slightly messy. He was already in bed; there was some light, his lamp maybe. He was probably preparing to sleep.

“Hi”, he smiled at me, but he suddenly looks away.

“Can you, put on some clothes?”, I laugh at his innocence. Is my body distracting him?

“I’m sorry, I sleep naked sometimes”

“I-I don’t need to know that”

“Oh, honey, people are willing to pay just to have a glimpse of my body. But I’m offering it to you for free”, I winked at him. His face turned red, lost for words.

“It’s a joke, don’t take it seriously”, I laugh, I don’t want this to be awkward, so i started then telling him some stories, he just either answer ‘yes’ or ‘why’ or ask some questions. He was so eager to listen. I looked at the wall clock; it says 3 in the morning.

“Are you tired? You need to sleep, sorry, it took us this long”

“No, it’s fine. It’s fun listening to your stories. You should also take some rest”

“Good night and good morning baby”, he smiled, already used to my endless endearment.

“Good night and good morning to you too, Yunlan”

And the call ends like that; i can’t wait to see him again. Ye Zun, just what are you doing to me?

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Shen Wei woke up, feeling the sunlight that radiate thru his face. A familiar silhouette was standing by the window. She was humming a song, folding the curtain, and finally, he looked at Shen. The smile of that woman made him cry.

“Sweetie, you’re awake. W-why are you crying?”, this feeling was so intense, so surreal, he wanted to run away. The woman hugs him; the soft and warm hug was like before. He doesn’t want to let go. A man walks inside the room, carrying someone.

“It’s good that they’re both awake. We can leave early and enjoy the rest of the day”, the man kissed that someone on the head. The woman then carried him, whispering sweet nothing into his ears.

“I miss you mom”, he wasn’t affectionate. He was that child who is cold, distant and won’t say anything sweet to his parents. That’s why it’s a shock for his mom to hear that coming from him.

“I love you”, he wondered how many years has it been since he heard that words. How many times he cried and begged to dream of this scene again. To go back, to change, to save them. That one particular sunny day, that he thought was supposed to be the best day of his life. His father was finally granted the same day off like his mom; his brother was off from shooting, and him who was not inside the school. Funny how the park wasn’t packed that day, just some family strolling and some kids running and playing. The scene was so vivid in his memories as if it just happened yesterday. They play all day long, he even saw his parents dancing along with the park’s song. It was perfect, with fireworks after the end of the show. But then, he remembered suddenly being dragged by someone, covering his nose and a few gun shots that follow. The light was blinding him, and it keeps on flickering, he was scared until he lost his consciousness. When he wakes up, he was already tied up in a chair.

“Why did you get that kid? It’s so bothersome; we didn’t even know who he was”

“What? You don’t know him, he was that child actor, I even remember that his family was also from some prominent clan.”

Ye Zun comes to his mind, he was supposed to be the one who they need, not him. He looks around and saw someone lying in the ground. The kid was maybe around his age. That kid was covered with blood, horror; he looks around to find his brother.

“Oh, you’re awake. That’s good” the kid suddenly moves, the man grabs the kid’s hair and made him stand up. Shen was scared, he wanted to go home.

“Call your parents and let them save you”, the kid spit on him.

“Why don’t you just kill me then?” the man just laughed at him.

“Then, why don’t I kill that kid first?”, he pointed at him, he never felt this scared in this entire life. He looks at the kid in the man’s hand; the kid’s face was suddenly painted with worry. He wondered if it’s for him or…

“Call them and don’t touch that kid. Don’t involve innocent people in this”, Shen was amazed, the kid was talking as if he was already an adult. The kid typed something on the man’s phone then gave it back. The man called someone, with a few rings, someone answered.

“Tell me anything that you want, just don’t hurt the kid”

“But I’m fine”, he heard the kid mumbled. He scanned the kid’s body, still covered in blood and some few bruises, how can he call that fine?

“We will give you the address to where you can drop the 10 million. In cash. No police or else we assure you your son’s body” the call ended. The man finally let go of the kid and walks outside the room. The kid quickly moves towards him, he untied his hands and inspected it.

“Are you okay, anything wrong with your body?”, his face was pale, those brown eyes was more define because of the worry that the kid was showing.

“Don’t worry, just wait a few minutes and we will be save. My father always put some tracking device in my body. Do you want to count 1-100?”, the kid held his hand. It was cold, or maybe his hand’s was hot, or maybe his was cold?

“You’re burning!”

“I-im fine”, he wasn’t.

“I’m sorry, just hold my hand tight. Let’s start counting so that you won’t notice your fever”, the kid started counting, but he was so tired that he doesn’t want to talk anymore. Aside from his fever, he was also hungry, how many hours has it been since then?

“89, 90, 91… hey, don’t sleep.” Someone tap his cheeks, he wants to sleep. He wants to go home.

“Talk to me, just don’t fall asleep”, was it 100 already? He doesn’t know.

“1-100”, his voice was dry and trembling.

“Yes, it’s 100 already. You did a great job.”

Just then, someone came inside the room, it was suddenly full of noise, and the last thing he remember was the hand that was slowly letting him go. When he woke up, the room smells like medicine, beside him was a man and his brother. He looked at Ye Zun for a while, and noticed his fluffy eyes.

“Gege, I’m sorry, I couldn’t find mama and papa”, before he knew it, he was already crying.



Shen Wei opened his eyes, only to find Jiu staring at him. It was that dream again. That sweet nightmare he can’t escape no matter what.

“Are you finally awake? Are you okay? You are crying”, he nodded. He just misses his brother. His brother..

“Did you find any clue to where my brother is?”

“It’s, it’s been a week”, his voice became weak.

sigh, yes, and unfortunately, he doesn’t want to go back. Sorry for all this mess” Jiu looks at him, worried and apologetic. He smiled at him.

“It’s okay, maybe he needed some day off. Sigh, I just hoped that at least, he told me. Let’s just get this done”

Jiu looks at the figured of the man who was walking towards the door, he was sorry, really. The man’s figure looks sad and lonely, as if carrying the whole world in his shoulder.

Chapter Text

It’s the first day of the shooting, as soon as Zhao Yunlan arrived; the place was already jump pack with fans. He slightly waved and bowed at them. If Zhu Hong didn’t drag him, he will still be smiling and waving at the crowd. Their movie project is all about a man who has a split personality, a murderer. Whether he will be playing the police or the man itself, anything is fine. Shen Wei was already inside the room, talking and laughing with everyone. He look around, there were some people he was familiar too, Wang Zheng and Sang Zan was both his senior, and there were some unfamiliar faces too.  He sits beside Shen Wei and greeted him.

“Good morning Your Highness”, Shen look at him for a while and looked away, all ears red. He smiled, feeling contented. Suddenly a man walks inside the room, clapping his hand. Yunlan was shocked to see Da Qing in all formal attire as if he was some sort of a decent human being.

“Good morning everyone, if you don’t know me yet, I’m the director of this project, Da Qing. And I’ll be handling everything from the start to the end. So I hoped that we can get all along.”

How can Yunlan forget? His bestfriend own some entertainment industry and he thought that it was just some small time business of his. Da Qing walks beside him and smirk.

“Close your mouth boss, don’t be too surprise”, and heads in front of him. He was indeed surprised and proud at the same time.

“My team picks out the best of the best actors for this movie; we also decide the character to be portrayed by the actor based on their own characteristics.”

“As for the main cast, Ye Zun and Zhao Yunlan will act on it. The script already has your name on it along with who are you going to portray with.”

Lin Jing started out giving the scripts to them; Shen Wei started reading the short information about the movie.



Han Chen – Cop (Zhao Yunlan)

He Kaixin – Psychologist (Ye Zun)

Xiao Yan – He Kaixin’s secretary (Wang Zheng)

 He Fengtian – Han Chen’s bestfriend (Sang Zan)

Shuo Feng – Leader of A ‘head of the syndicate’ (Chu Shuzhi)

Xu Feng – Spy (Guo Changcheng)


Where to begin if all your memories where deleted? And every night, you would dream of blood and screams. How would you run away from all the thoughts and doubt that you really are a murderer? Can you save the people around you from yourself?


Shen somehow knows what will happen with the story; it was pretty interesting and hard at the same time. He needs to portray many characters and emotions. He can’t help but think how Ye Zun will carry the character easily. He was in deep thought when Zhao Yunlan nudges him. Zhao Yunlan pointed out something on the script and he turn his own script to look at it. The characters were just the two of them. He gently scanned the scene and feels ashamed.

‘How indecent!’

He felt his own cheeks burning up. He looks at Zhao Yunlan and glared at him. The guy continued flipping the script with a smile, satisfied with the reaction the other guy is giving at him. He really loves teasing Shen Wei, he thinks that he looks adorable when we blushed like that. He suddenly imagines what Ye Zun looks like in bed, painting, gasping and screaming his-

“Ouch!” he looks up to see Da Qing in front of him. He was holding some stick that probably the one he used to hit his head.

“Focus Yunlan, sigh, so as i was saying, we will screen the scenes now, whether we need to change or add something if you are quite uncomfortable with some lines. Just raise your hand and say something about it so that everyone can agree with the said reason.”

Everyone agreed and all started practicing the lines, arranging some sentences for it to not look like it was really scripted. It’s been hours, any minute now, they will be done with the script reading. They are already at the last scene, everyone was silent, carefully listening to the two people who are both emerge with the scene.

‘Then tell me, how can I atone with my sins? Don’t give me any reason that concern with love, because that’s bullshit!’

Zhao Yunlan looks at Shen Wei.

‘Why’, he whispered, his face looks hurt, in pain.

‘Don’t you know that every time I touch you, I would always question myself’ – Shen Wei

The only sound that can be heard from the room was the sound of the air condition, everyone was anticipating. Shen Wei wipes the tears that escape from his eyes, and then gently look at Zhao Yunlan.

‘Do my dirty hands…really have the rights to touch you?’

Shen suddenly hears people clapping; he looks around only to found that everyone was clapping at him. Even Zhao Yunlan can’t express how amazed and astonished he was. He can just look at Ye Zun with pride. Really, the description of him in every magazine was nothing compared to the real him. Shen Wei thanks everyone; he looks at Zhao Yunlan and smiled. Yunlan was taken aback; the smile that was given to him was something. He wondered what changes in it, he doesn’t know. Only he knows that, his heart can’t stop beating loudly. Maybe he’ll go to his doctor to see if something bad happened to him.


That day ends well, as soon as Shen stepped outside the building; he was greeted by loud cheering and screams. Outside was a long line of fans waiting for him, they were holding a big tarpaulin with his brother’s name on it. He felt warm inside, he doesn’t know that his brother was loved by many people and aside from that, he feel very proud. He waved at them and got inside their car.

“Are you okay? Here, it’s time for your medicine”, Jiu handed him his meds, he takes it, lean his head to the window and closed his eyes. He sure was tired, but he was somehow enjoying it. He mumbled to Jiu,

“Can you text my brother? Tell him that I’m so proud of him, and… take all the rest he needs. I’ll be waiting here, always” and he dozed off.

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It’s almost 2 months, and so far, Shen Wei’s adjusting to this kind of life. Jiu is also taking good care of him; he would often remind him of his medicine and such. He was grateful to him and to the team; it means that they also took good care of his brother. Speaking of him, his brother was enjoying his vacation and would be back at the end of the month. He misses him, his normal life and his students. He misses the university and the paper works. He will be grateful if the principal would allow him to teach again.

Jiu walks beside him; he was holding the script he left at the car. He gently handed it to him and pointed out the scene that would be done today. Just then, Chu, Guo, and Yunlan arrived, Shen was fascinated at how close they are now. Yunlan would text him or call him saying that they are having their dinner or going out to meet. He thinks that it was so easy for him to make friends while it took him awhile to even talk to other people. Shen was grateful enough that Yunlan would ask and talk to him every now and then.

“Are you ready?”, Yunlan was now in front of him. Smiling, he was holding his own script. It has some doodles on it. He notice two guy holding hands on the side, one was wearing some pair of glasses. Yunlan saw what he was looking at. He started cursing in his mind for not being careful enough.

“I-I, its.. it was, ahm”, he stuttered. Shen laughed at him, he was too cute, Shen almost touches his already red neck. Good thing that he stops himself before he does something stupid.

“It’s cute, I like your drawing”

“I just thought that you really look good with those glasses. It’s rare, I mean. When I watched some of your interviews, you aren’t wearing one. So maybe, you’re wearing a pair of contact lens”

Shen’s heart started beating loudly; Yunlan was so attentive to every detail around him. Shen thought that if Ye Zun was here, he can easily point out who’s who.

“Ah, yes, my eye sight is not that good”

Yunlan looks at him closely, figuring out what color is his eyes. Wang walks behind them. Looking how close they are, she can’t help but feel the tension that was around this two. Naughtily, she slightly pushed Yunlan more towards Shen Wei.

“Ops, sorry, the shooting is about to start lovebirds”

Yunlan balances his self well but he was still too close to Shen. Too close to the point of almost kissing him. He stands right away, says his sorry and runs toward where Chu and Guo are.

I almost kiss him!’, Yunlan screams mentally. Ye Zun’s lips look kissable and he really wanted to kiss those lips.

“You’re too red”, Chu laughed at him. He found Yunlan amusing, not to recognize that he likes Ye Zun. But he can’t say that, he himself can’t even ask Guo out. He felt that Guo was too perfect for him.

“You shut up!”, annoyed, Yunlan started reciting his lines. He needs to focus, lately; he noticed that he was too nervous whenever the scene was just him and Ye Zun.

“Attention everyone”, all eyes was now on Da Qing. He was now on his chair giving orders, beside him, was a familiar girl.

“She is Li Qian, she will handle Lin Jing’s work for the meantime. I want you all to be nice to her.”


The shoot started right away after that, everyone was giving their all. After 3 hours, they were given a 30 minutes break. Shen noticed that Li Qian was too close to Yunlan. The girl keeps on giving him water, towel and etc. He almost thought that Li Qian was Yunlan’s assistant instead of Da Qing’s assistant. As soon as Da Qing said the word ‘break’, the girl immediately went to Yunlan, she gently handed him his water and she even wipe his face. The scene irritates him.

“Prof… Shen Wei… Prof Shen… Wei!” Shen look at Jiu, puzzled.

sigh, your medicine, I keep on calling you. But you’re spacing out.” He apologized, embarrassed by his action. He can’t understand why the scene in front of him irritates him.

“Can you call for another 1 hour break? The medicine was making me dizzy”, but it wasn’t. He just wanted to let that scene out of his memory.

“Sure, sure. I’ll let them know. Take your rest”


Yunlan heard Jiu, Ye Zun’s manager was talking about extending the break. He search for Ye Zun and saw that he was already asleep.

“What happened? Is he sick? Is he alright?”

“One question at a time boss, chill”, Da Qing laughed at him.

“What happened?”

“He just took his medicine; I almost forgot the one hour break for him.”

“What’s the medicine for? Is he gonna be alright?”, he is getting worried. Without waiting for Da Qing’s reply, he slowly walks toward where Ye Zun’s chair is located. Yunlan looks at his sleeping face, it was soothing. He noticed that Ye Zun’s face was pale, almost losing its color. It wasn’t that evident before because of the make- up. He trace the man’s face, slowly, careful. Afraid of disturbing the beauty that was sleeping, when he reached the lips, he finally confirms how soft it was. It was so inviting, as if asking Yunlan to ravish those lips. It was too late before he recognized that his face was already too close to Ye Zun and the beauty was already awake. He doesn’t know what to do, whether to run away or continue what he really wanted to do.

“What are you doing?”, Shen asked, almost whisper.

“Oh, there was, ah, some dirt in your face, I was just blowing it away for you”, in the end, Yunlan can’t bring himself to do it. Shen nodded, he takes his nods as his cue to run away. Too bad, he didn’t notice how Shen Wei’s ears turns to red. He was too busy asking his loud heart to calm down.

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Yunlan promised to confess to Ye Zun today no matter what. He prepare his speech, his gifts, everything. He wanted to make it perfect; he just realized that he really likes him, just him. He tried going to bar and even flirted with guys, but it’s just, it’s nothing. His heart didn’t even react; Da Qing even introduced him to his friends but it was no used. And with that, he confirmed how idiot he is for not knowing what he actually feels.

He casually walks inside the building; it’s the last shoot for the drama. It’s a first that he now enjoys his chosen career. Inside, he saw his beauty, the make-up artist are already doing his make-up. Ye Zun was early like usual. He greeted him and takes his seat beside him. When they are ready, Da Qing immediately starts their shooting. The fake rain was just enough for the scene. Not too heavy and not to mild, he can feel the right atmosphere.


Yunlan grabs Shen Wei’s hand; he brushed it off. He pointed his own gun towards him.

“Get out of here! Just, leave me alone” Shen slowly walks backwards.

“No, just, let me help you. Please”, while Yunlan was frozen in his place.

“There is no use for everything. I already killed them, you don’t understand”

“I’ll do everything to help you” Shen sadly laughed at him, slowly putting the gun down.

“Then tell me, how can I atone with my sins? Don’t give me any reason that concern with love, because that’s bullshit!”


“And cut!”

Yunlan and Shen Wei’s P.A runs towards them. They are immediately covered with the towels. Yunlan gave Shen a thumbs up. Last one scene, and their done. Shen can’t imagined that he will be doing something like this, but here he is, almost finish with his first drama. It was fulfilling, although he still feel that this field is not for him. He saw Yunlan walks inside their room; this morning, Yunlan keeps on ignoring him, it bothers him. He felt that there was something he wasn’t telling him. Meanwhile, inside the room, Yunlan was having his mental breakdown. He was too nervous; it felt like the first time he will be doing a live show. He checks if everything are here for his surprise when suddenly, the door opens and Li Qian walks inside.

“Yunlan, i… I have something to tell you”, she looks down as if embarrassed but Yunlan patiently waited.

“I like you”, he was shocked. He also likes her; she was like a sister to him

“I like you too, but”, before he can even finished his sentence, Li Qian kissed her. He slightly pushed her, but Li was really persistent. He heard a crashing sound, so he pushed Li to stop her from kissing him. He looks up to see Ye Zun standing in the door, Ye Zun immediately says his sorry and left. Yunlan then realized what was happening.

“Im sorry, i like you really. You are good and beautiful, but it’s not the same like as yours. I like you as a little sister and nothing else. Please excuse me”

He immediately run towards Ye Zun, but he was already surrounded by the crew.

“Yunlan! There you are, let’s start” He wasn’t given anytime to explain! Frustrated, he walks toward his make-up artist.


“That’s bullshit!”

Zhao Yunlan looks at Shen Wei. He doesn’t know why, but it felt as if Ye Zun really mean those words.


“You don’t understand”, Shen stared at him, hurt. He himself doesn’t understand what was happening. He wanted to run away when he saw Yunlan kissing that girl. He felt his chest tighten at that sight.

“You don’t know that every time I touch you, I would always question myself”, he wasn’t sure what this is. But it was too painful. He found this confusing and he wants it gone.

“Do i… have the rights to love you?” what is this really? For the first time in his life, he found a question that he can’t answer. So he gave up.


Yunlan was dumbfounded; the lines that Ye Zun mouthed weren’t the script written. He wanted to approach him, to ask if it’s true, to ask if he is already falling for him. He also wanted to say his sorry but right after their shooting, he just found Ye Zun going inside their car. He didn’t even give him the chance to talk to him.


Da Qing helps Zhu Hong in bringing Yunlan home. After the shooting, he just invited them to drink. He was too drank that he passed out. Zhu Hong keeps on hearing Yunlan murmured Ye Zun’s name, followed by the words I’m sorry. She doesn’t understand what happened and she felt that she doesn’t want to know. They carefully put Yunlan to bed. He thank Da Qing, she then prepared a bowl of water and a towel. She was tempted to leave at first, but seeing how miserable Yunlan looks; she doesn’t have the heart to do it. She slowly wipes his face, she wonders how innocent looking he is when in fact, he is a monster. He was that monster that keeps on hurting her and he still is. That night Zhu Hong falls asleep leaning on Zhao Yunlan’s bed.


Yunlan woke up with a massive headache; it was as if his head will break any minute now. He notice a hand holding him, it was his manager, Zhu Hong. He slowly removed his hand on her and put her in his bed. She must have gone through something again just to take care of him. He heads to the kitchen to cook their breakfast, when his done, Zhu Hong walks out of his room.

“Good morning, eat your breakfast. I’ll go out first”

“Where? It’s too early in the morning.”

He stops, he wipes his hand and contemplates whether to tell her or not. He sighed.

“I’m planning to go to Jiu, I wanted to talk to Ye Zun”

“Why?”, he looks at her but seeing how intently she was looking at him, he looks away.


“Then go, as if something will change if a told you anything”, the hurt in her voice was evident in Yunlan’s ears.

“I’m sorry”, he grabs his jacket, car key and left. He carefully drives his way to Jiu’s office. On the way, he keeps on thinking how to convince Jiu to let him see Ye Zun. Jiu’s office was not too far from his place, after half an hour, he reached the building. Outside the building was a poster of their drama, he closely look at it. Ye Zun were looking right in front of him, as if inviting, as if he was slowly being pulled closer to him. He realized that he was staring at the poster for too long, so he decided to finally go inside.


“I’m back!!!”, Ye Zun hugs his manager. He feels refresh after months of vacation. He misses his job and above all, he misses his brother. Jiu just pushed him away, still afraid of any skin ship from him, the same as ever.

“Just right on time”, Jiu glared at him.

“Because your brother doesn’t want to play this game anymore”, he knows. Yesterday, he prepared a surprise for his brother but he was the one who got surprise. His gege came home crying, as if he already knew that he was there, Shen Wei went to him and hugged him. He keeps on asking what was wrong but his stubborn brother keeps on saying that it’s nothing. And he knew that something was off.

“I’m good right? I’m so good”, he just laughed at him. But to be honest, he’s really worried about his brother. The door slightly opens, the guy looks inside. He looks at Zhao Yunlan, his supposed to be partner. Yunlan looks at him, surprised.

“Good morning Mr. Zhao, what brought you here early this morning?”, Jiu asked Yunlan.

“I wanted to talk to you”, he wasn’t looking at Jiu but at him.

He wanted to talk to Jiu? So why is he looking at me?, Ye Zun wondered.

Ah, I don’t care, I’m still tired, he looks at Jiu and bids his farewell. He was just here to inform his manager that he is here and he will reclaim all the hard work he passed unto his brother. He prepared to leave but Yunlan stop him.

“I mean, you”

“I’m sorry Mr. Zhao, but I’m really tired. We still have our last meeting this afternoon. If you can wait, which is I can, please. Let me go”, Yunlan looks hurt. For what? He doesn’t know, right know, he just want to eat his brother’s meal and cuddle with him.


Yunlan looks at Ye Zun, he doesn’t know why but something changed about him. He can’t think of anything but his words sure hurt. Ye Zun looks cold, his heart suddenly ached.

Chapter Text

Ye Zun found his brother seating in the same place when he left this morning. He sighed and seated next to him.

“Gege, what is it?”, Shen hugs him, it felt like years since his brother left. He really did miss him.

“I don’t know whether my feelings for that person is valid or not. I’m a man, so he is. I don’t know what will he say or do if he found out that I’m having this disgusting feelings towards him”, Shen felt his brother tighten the embrace.

“Whether it’s a man or a woman, love is love. People don’t have the rights to judge you, even me. And don’t call those feelings of yours disgusting! It’s yours, so please”, the heaven started to rain, as if comforting the two.

“Don’t ever call those feelings disgusting”


After a heavy morning, Ye Zun prepared for his afternoon shoot. Jiu just called him; they wanted to reshoot the last scene for Shen Wei said the wrong lines. It’s okay for him, it will bring his mood back.

“Gege, I’m heading out. Don’t do anything stupid, call me if anything happens.”

“Yes father. Come home early”


Ye Zun was early, Yunlan look at him, he was happily talking with Wang Zheng. He walks beside him.

“No breakfast for today?”, it was a first, Ye Zun always gives him a bento. He even once told him that he needs to eat, because it will affect his performance for the whole day.

“Pardon? Do you wanna have some breakfast? I can order if you want”, something wasn’t right. He politely says no before going to his own make – up artist.

sigh, seriously, what’s up with Ye Zun?”, his make-up artist seems to stop for a moment.

“You noticed it too sir? He was way too early today. He even bought breakfast for all of us, I mean, all female staff.”

“What?”, but Ye Zun told him that his saving money for future purposes…

“He is also a little chatty today, and somewhat flirty…”, Yunlan doesn’t want to hear any of this anymore, he silently waves his hand gesturing the lady to stop. He doesn’t want to be in a foul mood, but hearing this, it kind of pisses him off. Lin Jing walks beside him.

“What?!”, Jin Ling was startled, he come back just a few hours ago but his boss was already pissed off at him?

“Boss, what is it? I just came back”, Yunlan just glared at him.

“What do you want? Where’s Da Qing anyway?”

“I don’t know, he texted me that he will be late, but not too late. And oh, he wants me to give you something”

Yunlan looks at the necklace that was handed unto him; the pendant was some sort of a feather.

“You’re giving this to me?”, is it some gift because they are close to finishing this project?

“Ah, no. That necklace belongs to Ye Zun, Da Qing wants you to give it back to him.”

“Why me? I don’t want too, you give it back”, he shoved the necklace back to him, but Lin Jing place it on his desk and left. He was left with no choice but to keep it.

 The shooting starts right after Da Qing comes to the set. It’s been two hours, but they keep on repeating this particular scene. Da Qing shouted ‘cut’ and walks to Yunlan.

“What’s the matter? You’re off since we started.”

“I don’t know, something felt wrong, it’s as if I was looking at someone’s mirror”, Ye Zun was the one who isn’t being himself, he wants to know what he was thinking. He gets up, ignores Da Qing’s calls and went straight into Ye Zun’s room. Inside was a sight he doesn’t want to see. Ye Zun’s currently kissing someone, he doesn’t even bother to stop, as if he wasn’t there. The girl felt his presence and stop; she even went out of the room half running. Yunlan was so furious, he was boiling inside. He slams Ye Zun into the wall and forcefully kissed him, he keeps on kissing him until he felt that Ye Zun wasn’t even resisting. He stop, he looks at the swollen lips for it suddenly utter a laugh.

“You-“, Ye Zun can’t talk, he keeps on laughing.

“W-what?”, he notice some small scars at his face. It was the first time he saw that. He looks intently at the person in front of him. If you look closely, his hair was slightly brown in color, his face was a bit pale, and the mole in his neck disappeared.

“Who are you?”, just then, Ye Zun stops laughing, he swipes the tears that escaped from his eyes. He shoved away Yunlan and stared at him.

“You don’t know me yet you suddenly kissed me and pushed me? Unbelievable”

“Where is Ye Zun? And who are you?!” Yunlan was being impatient. It was the same face, but it wasn’t the same person.

“Are you asking for my Wei?”, Ye Zun’s face suddenly became serious.

“Im sorry Mr. Zhao, but I won’t let you see him”

He was right, it wasn’t him. They are the same face but it wasn’t really him. Wei, even his name sounds good. What else is there that wasn’t beautiful about him?

“I need to see him. I need to see him”

“He already experienced enough pain; I don’t want you to add another scar in his heart”, with that Ye Zun left him.


The shooting went well afterwards; Ye Zun’s team was already saying their thank you’s. He can’t help but to keep on glancing to Ye Zun’s side. He was being anxious, he wants to know where Wei is, and he wants to talk to him. Ye Zun walks in front of him, he slightly bowed at him.

“Thank you for taking care of me for the past months. I learn a lot.”, if it was the same Ye Zun, if it was Wei, he would call him His highness, but it wasn’t him. He bowed at him and whispers something. Ye Zun looks calm but he was really pissed.

This guy doesn’t even know the word stop, if he wants to get his brother, then do all his might to find him. Ye Zun then bid his farewell. Yunlan don’t have any time to waste, he hurriedly went to Lin Jing.

“I need your help, I want you to look at Ye Zun’s profile. Find everything you can see about him”, Lin Jing doesn’t know what for but still do as what Yunlan asked him to do. Yunlan slumped beside him, he’s tired. He just wanted to see his beloved beauty and apologize, why is the world against that?


“Boss, I’m done”, Lin Jing slightly tap the now sleeping Yunlan. The bags under his boss’ eyes are evident now. Yunlan yawned, discontented with his sleep.

“What did you find?” Lin Jing handed him some papers, it contains Ye Zun’s background, his family, his childhood, some accident, his career and etc. His eyes focus on the words ‘his older brother’. Written was Shen Wei’s name.

“Shen Wei…”

Chapter Text

Chapter 10

Lin Jing notice Yunlan looking intently into Ye Zun’s brother.

“Shen Wei, a biologist student at Dragon City University, identical twin brother of Ye Zun, he is-“

“I need his address, all his properties and location of it”, he needed to move fast, and he felt like Ye Zun’s already making his moves, guarding his brother.

“I’m on it”, Lin Jing typed in some keys, and the information they needed was immediately flashing on the monitor.

“He was living with Ye Zun, the address was the same. He has some property within the area and a land outside Dragon City. There is also some charity name after him.”

“Print it! Now!”, Lin Jing felt has if it was the fastest work he have ever done. He handed Yunlan the papers.

“Thank you, I’m going somewhere”



Shen Wei looks at Ye Zun, puzzled. He brother hurriedly went over his cabinet and pack his things as soon as he went home.

“Mianmian, what is happening? Why won’t you talk to me?” Ye Zun stops, he takes a deep breath.

“It was Yunlan right?”, he heard his brother gasped. He doesn’t need to know the answer, he was right.

“That bastard”, he packs Shen Wei’s other things. They’re moving. Now.

“How did you know?”, his brother’s voice was too soft, as if whispering.

“He kissed me, it was an accident so please, don’t hate me.” The looks at his phone and book some flight, he used all his connection to get one.

“The bastard’s eyes were sharp; he knew that I wasn’t you. He even threaten me that he will steal you away from me”

“Thank you for taking care of me for the past months. I learn a lot.”, his face was calm, he just wanted to pissed Yunlan off. But then Yunlan whisper something in him.

“I’m going to find him; I’ll find him and steal him away from you” this guy! The bastard doesn’t know when to stop, in the end; Ye Zun was the one who was pissed off. He smirked at him to hide his anger, and walks away from him.



On the way to Ye Zun’s house, Yunlan encountered a heavy rain. He slow down, the road was slightly slippery. He looks at the paper and carefully looks at the road, he enter the village. The guard asked for his id, he gave it. He was shock to see Yunlan’s name, he even say sorry and instructed him the way to Ye Zun’s house. Yunlan looks for some gray house, he was right on time. He saw Ye Zun putting some bag inside his car. He parks his car and run towards him.

“Where is he?!”, he was immediately soaked in the rain.

“Yunlan?”, it was Shen Wei, he was wearing his glasses, a plain blue shirt and a jeans.

“Gege! Come back inside, I’ll deal with this guy” but Shen Wei seems to be frozen in place. Ye Zun pushed Yunlan away from him, he grab Shen Wei and commanded the maid to close the gate. Yunlan immediately stand up, but still, the gate was closed right in front of him.

“Shen Wei! I’m sorry”, he keeps shouting outside, he doesn’t mind soaking in the rain. He just wanted to see and talk to him. He has a lot of things to tell him, he wanted to say everything, he wanted to hug him.

“Ye Zun”, Ye Zun looks at his brother, he was crying.


“Let’s just hear him out. It’s raining and he’ll catch a cold if he remained outside”

“Why would you care? Let him be!”, he wanted to hear him say he likes him, or loves him. He wanted his brother to acknowledge his feelings.

“If he die outside, then ill freaking pay for his burial!”, his brother frozen in place.

“That’s the more reason to allow him inside!”

“Why? Why? Why would you even care?!”

 “I like him!”, Shen Wei sobs even more, he likes Zhao Yunlan. He likes him. He felt his brother’s embrace.

“Go, talk to him, but my decision is final. We’ll catch your flight after you talk to him” Ye Zun wipes his brother’s tears. He slightly pushed him, he mouthed ‘go’ and Shen Wei walks outside.


Yunlan is in despair, he doesn’t know how long he was waiting outside. It’s still raining and he doesn’t have any plan. That’s a first, for he is that guy that has a plan for anything.

“Yunlan”, he hears Shen Wei’s voice. Despite the heavy rain, he can clearly hear Shen Wei’s voice.

“Why are you here?” his aching heart finally found its place. He leans closer to the gate.

  “I like you”, he was breathing heavily, the rain was cold but strangely, he felt warm inside. Shen Wei keeps his silence, he continue.

“Before I got the chance to tell you that, I already saw you walking away from me. Maybe it’s because you saw Li Qian kissed me or maybe you doesn’t like me. Either way, both reason hurts”

“It wasn’t me who kissed her, I swear, it was her. I pushed her away. And I saw your back walking away from me. Right after the shooting, I tried having my way towards you. But the fans were already surrounding you.

“I don’t want to cause a scene; I don’t want you to be drag down alongside me. But damn, why does every time I see you, you always walks away from me?” he was crying, or maybe it was the rain. The rain was just too much.

“I like you, I like you so much that it hurts. I was pissed off, I wanted to punch your brother’s face, but he has all the rights to be mad at me. He even want you out of my sight, right?”

“Yunlan”, Shen Wei clenched his chest. This is too much, it was overwhelming.

“I like you too” he decided. He likes him too, but he needed some time to think about this entire situation.

“But I need some time alone, if…” Yunlan interrupted him.

“I’ll wait, I’ll definitely wait”, the rain starts to fade.

“I’ll wait for you. When you decided to come back, you’ll still see me here. I’ll wait for you”

“Then, go home. You’ll probably tired” – Shen

“Shen Wei, I like you. No, I love you” Yunlan hears him say ‘I know’, he stands up.

“I’ll wait for you”, he gets inside his car and drove away. He’s giving Shen Wei all the time in the world, but he’ll make sure that Shen Wei will end up to him.

Chapter Text

The next day, Yunlan was smiling, all ears. He even greeted the guard and the all the people that walk passed him.

“You are unusually happy, what happened?”, Chu sits right beside him.

“Nothing, I’m inlove”, he grinned.

“I can see that”, they both laughed. But Da Qing and Zhu Hong weren’t in the mood for fun.

“Chief, in my office, now”, Yunlan stand up and slightly look at Chu. He mouthed ‘What?’ but Chu just shrugged at him, also clueless at what is happening. He followed them both inside his office.

“Have you open your weibo account?”, Zhu Hong asked which Yunlan answered with a laugh.

“I haven’t updated my weibo since the first day of our shooting. Aside from the promotion video I posted on it. But no, I haven’t open my weibo after that. Why?”, it was no laughing matter, he stop smiling. If looks could kill, Zhu Hong already murdered him.

“Where were you last night?”, Zhu Hong was at her limits.


“Why?! You are asking me why?” she was angry, more than angry. It was kinda scary if Yunlan wasn’t used to her, but he was.

“You’ve been the number one topic on weibo”, Zhu Hong shoved her tablet at him.

There were many pictures of him with Ye Zun, it was that night he went to talk to Shen Wei. They were false rumors, saying that he was having some fight with Ye Zun, some were saying that they have relationship, some were even worse. But one post catches his attention. It was his, Ye Zun and Shen Wei’s picture. Those speculation was now circulating on weibo,maybe even on other media platforms. He keeps on scrolling when Ye Zun and Jiu barged inside Da Qing’s office.

“Please, have a seat.”, Da Qing

“It’s a good thing I deactivated my brother’s weibo account. Those antis!” Ye Zun can’t explained what to feel right now, it was beyond anger.

“How’s your brother’s flight?”  Ye Zun glared at Yunlan.

“Don’t start with me”, Yunlan just grinned at him.

Jiu started handling them some papers; it was Shen Wei’s profile. Ye Zun snatched Yunlan’s copy.

“Don’t fantasize my brother” Jiu shakes his head and handed Yunlan another happy.

“Stop being childish MianMian”, Jiu scolded him.

“MianMian, stop being childish”, Yunlan continue to tease him; mimicking Jiu, he ignored him. He doesn’t want to kill someone. Jiu was in front of them, he flashes Shen Wei’s picture on screen.

“It was unintentional but slightly intentional. Shen Wei, Ye Zun’s twin and older brother was hidden within people’s eyes.  It was to protect him from some accidents 13 years ago.” Jiu looks at them, to see if they have some question, then proceed with the next slide.

“It was at Dragon City’s Park (DCP) where some abduction happened. That’s the time Ye Zun and Shen Wei lost their parents”

Yunlan look at the paper intently.

Abduction, DCP, 13 years ago

“Do you have any more information about this incident?” Yunlan wasn’t sure but he has his own event in his mind.

“It was on September xx, xxxx”, Yunlan and Jiu looks at each other. Zhu Hong gasped; it was the same date Yunlan went missing.

“It was sunny day, my family was in that park and I was kidnapped for ransom. I remember seeing a kid inside the factory when I woke up.”

Yunlan doesn’t know what to say after, his hands started to shake, he can’t forget that day.


Yunlan can’t remember the last time he went out with his family was. He can’t particularly say that he is close with his father, civil maybe. But on that day, his father decided to go on a picnic. Happy or not, he can’t explain. Seeing how his mother happily talking about the picnic made his heart soft. But he hoped too much, his perfect father didn’t show up. He was too busy taking care of some old case, he can’t help but wonder why he didn’t just say that he doesn’t value the family that he build himself. He hated him, and maybe he hated himself more, he expected too much. His young heart doesn’t want to accept that someday, this family would crumble down.  He let go of his mother’s hand, he ran away.


“And that’s it, I made the abductors job so much easier by running away”, he lost his mother that day; he put all the blame to his father. And now hearing how Shen Wei’s parents die because of him, he can’t help but blame his father more.

“But anyway”, he laughed. His life story doesn’t concern on why Ye Zun hid his beauty.

“So who knows Shen Wei?” – Yunlan

Da Qing presented the next slide.

“Shen Wei started living with their grandparents at first. But when he graduated from college, he started living with Ye Zun”

“Ye Zun’s life was toxic, even until today; he would often receive some threats as a gift. That’s why as much as possible, he wanted his brother out of this mess. The university he was teaching is a private sector and we know that the students and administration there would somehow cover up his identity.”

“If information slips by, we would immediately block it or offer some payment to that person”, Jiu sigh, feeling the weight that was suddenly put on his shoulder.

“But right now, Shen Wei’s identity was known to the public, we can only offer them some explanation.”

“And to why Yunlan was in front of their gate, that’s for Yunlan to explain”, Yunlan nodded at Da Qing. It was such a big mess, and he created it. But right now, he just hopes that his beauty is safe wherever he is.


“What’s your plan?”, Yunlan looks at his manager, he shrug. After their meeting, Ye Zun held his interview. Ye Zun leave the part where he was at his gate, not even giving any hint to the reporters. He was even amazed on how easily he avoided the question.

“I don’t really know”, the topic is such a hot news. They couldn’t ignore it. Now or later, it’s still the same; they still needed to give an explanation.

“I, I want to see Shen Wei”, Zhu Hong stops on her track. She keeps on pacing back and forth awhile ago, but hearing him say someone’s name, it is really painful. She looks down, her heart clenching with hurt.

“I hoped that he isn’t hurt, or the news won’t reach him”, Yunlan keeps on talking to himself.

“You don’t want to hurt professor Shen, so you are hurting me instead”

Yunlan was stunned; it’s the first time he sees Zhu Hong crying. He tried to reach her.


 “It’s okay, I understand”, what was she expecting? He was with her for almost half of his career, but he never dare to look at her. But still, she hopes for that small possibility, and that portion collapse today.

Chapter Text

Chapter 12

One week has passed and the rumors spread like wild fire. Yunlan continue to accept some small commercial promotions, somehow waiting for the rumor to die down. The airing of their project “Inception” got delayed and he doesn’t want to waste all the effort of the staff, so he needed to wait. Yunlan keeps his contact with Ye Zun, but regarding with his brother, Yunlan doesn’t have any idea where or what he is doing right now. He misses him; he got tons of draft emails whenever the craving to call him pushes him to his limits. He felt like they have some secret agreement not to call each other, or maybe he was too afraid to hear his voice and break his promise. He pledge to wait and he’ll wait. And about Zhu Hong, his manager asked for some time off, for the meantime, Da Qing and Lin Jing was the one who is currently handling him. For whatever reason, he keeps on hurting his manager that’s why when she asked for a vacation, he happily gave it to her. Somehow, he is slowly adjusting to this kind of life. It wasn’t that hectic and he has a lot of time thinking about himself. He was even planning to enrol to a university, he just needed some distraction.

“Why not? If you wanted to do it then go”, Ye Zun always looks carefree. His career blooms more and he even got himself some big project abroad. Not that no one gave him offers like that, but he chooses not to accept them.

“Hows your-“, a commotion happened at the café, there were media outside and the guard keeps all his strength to keep them outside.

“I guess we needed to go now”, he and Ye Zun use the back door to escaped. Outside, a car was waiting for them.

“When are you planning to talk to the media?” that plan wasn’t in his list, yet. He was planning to do it after his manager comes back.

“I don’t know, but, if I talk to them, I would announce my retirement. I wanted to focus on your brother”, Ye Zun looks at him, surprised. His brother did catch some big fish.

“What if he decided not to come back?”, Ye Zun felt Yunlan froze on his seat.

‘I never think about that’, the thought terrifies Yunlan. They arrived at Yunlan’s house, he absentmindedly open the door and says his thank you. Ye Zun peek at the car window.



“It won’t happen, so don’t think about it”


There were endless possibilities of Shen Wei not coming back, but he doesn’t want any of this to happen. His mind wanders to Shen Wei. His face, his voice, his smiles, even his perfume… oh the perfume. He was going crazy; there was one time where he goes to a perfume shop. He tested every perfume trying to look for Shen Wei’s. He did succeed, and he earns a laugh from Ye Zun. Yunlan tightly hug his pillow, he really misses him.


One month drove so fast, the media waited for the hall to open. Zhu Hong looks at the calm face of Yunlan. As soon as she set her foot at their office that day when she comes back, Yunlan immediately announces his retirement. She couldn’t convince him to delay it that’s why supporting him was all she can do.

“Nervous?”, Yunlan laughed.

“More on excited, it would soon be over. I didn’t know that this issue would be this big of a deal”

He paused, contemplating on what to say more to his manager. To his friend.

“Thank you”

“I know, you don’t have to say anything”


The press conference proceeds at 6pm like it was supposed to be. Yunlan looks at the media and fans infront of him. He didn’t prepare any speech or what; he just wanted to say the truth.

“The rumors becomes big, no one expected that. I didn’t expect that. Maybe some of you would be disappointed, hurt or maybe angry at me. But, I’m willing now to answer every questions that bugs your mind for a long time now”

The shatter of the camera fills the hall, everyone was waiting for someone to go and ask. A man finally raises his hand.

“What is your involvement with Ye Zun?”

Yunlan: There is none, we are good friends, nothing more

Media: Why are you outside his house then? It was his private house right?

Yunlan: I was chasing over someone, and that someone happens to be inside his house

Media: His brother then? Is it true that he pretended to be his brother for the sake of popularity?

Yunlan laughed, what nonsense is this really?

“Yes, and no. We, actors are human too. Ye Zun get tired, sad; we can also feel what a normal person can feel. Ye Zun just wanted to have some time for himself. It just happened that he has a twin brother who he can ask for help to continue a certain project.”

The media and fans listen attentively.

“He did a good job fooling everyone; he has a future for this industry. He was so good at acting, I mean, he was a professor with no background regarding this, but he really did great.” He remembers that time where everyone claps at Shen Wei, he really did great.

Media: Why are you chasing him?

He laughed and his voice echo inside the hall.

“Do we still have time? Do you perhaps want to hear some story?”

The crowd waited with anticipation, whatever he would say will be a good cover for tomorrow’s news.

“I met him first when we first talk about the project, whether I would love to accept the offer or not. He kind of look like his lost, as if he entered the wrong room. I thought that you guys was a lie, his attitude and face was not even close on how you describe him”

“Maybe because, he wasn’t Ye Zun, or maybe because, that’s just how it is. He has that aura where it looks like you need to pay attention to him. Well, I did. I can’t take my eyes off him”

“It was just another pretty face, I mean; I’m used to seeing people with a beautiful face in this line of work. But trust me, he was different. Way different.”

“Teasing him was the best part, he easily blushes. Until that one specific day where I almost kiss him, almost, because it didn’t happened. He was sleeping and he suddenly opened his eyes when I’m so close to him”

Everybody laughs, the atmosphere becomes calm.

“After that day, I found it hard to look at him. My heart would beat loudly, painfully. I like him, and before I could say those words, I made a mistake. I’ve been a jerk to his brother, normally because I didn’t know that he has a twin. But, I hurt him, he was determined to forever hide from me, so that’s why I run after him. And those scenes are the pictures that circulated to weibo.”

Media: Many fans are wondering why him, we all know that both of you are guy and –

“And I love him. We shouldn’t limit love because of gender. Trust me; I also doubted myself, what if it’s just comfort or whatever it is. But I always come back looking at his direction. When he left, it felt as if he brings half of me with him. I feel empty, I feel tired, I wanted to talk to him, and then I would constantly miss him. I would even cry at night just to sleep but feeling that he was somewhere safe and sound, comforts me.”

The fans clap at his answer, not that he needed that but he was somehow hoping that his beauty is watching this. He wanted him to know what he feels; he wanted the world to know.

“I don’t want to lose him; I’d rather lose this than him. That’s why im resigning and officially retiring from this career. I wanted to thank everyone who was there from the very beginning; I'm hoping that you would continue to support me and my decision. Thank you very much”

Zhu Hong  gets into the mic, she speaks a few more words before she finally ends the press conference, He bids his goodbye and smile to everyone.

Chapter Text

It’s been a year now, Yunlan walks at the familiar street. The busy street was filled with people buying things, he seated inside a café, opposite, was a bake shop. The scene infront of him was a sight to behold; the shop was jam-pack with people and he was happy that the people seems to be happy and satisfied with whatever pastry they bought. He himself admitted, the pastries made by the owner were delicious. This scene is how his morning always starts.


“What took you so long?”, Yunlan was late again. His been doing this for months and his co-workers wasn’t in the place to scold him; after all, it’s his company.

“Oh, I already knew that. He was running late because he needed to catch some glimpse of his so called beauty. And of course, that’s all he can do because he was so afraid of being rejected”, he threw an eraser at the new intern.

“Shut up”, the whole team laughs at him. New York became his second home, his comfort. Right after his press conference that year, Ye Zun handed him a ticket. New York was written on it along with a letter. He didn’t waste any minutes and immediately flew from Dragon City to New Year. The letter contains the address where Shen Wei is currently staying. He promised himself that he would just look at him, from a far, that it would be enough. He didn’t know where it started but it became a habit. Half a year, he started building his own company. He busied himself, just to contain himself that he was indeed living with the same country as Shen Wei. Yunlan even enrolled himself in a university, just to occupy his mind from thinking about him. Shen Wei seems…fine. Not that he wanted him to look miserable, but he is really doing fine. Without him. Those thoughts keep on haunting him at night, sleepless, restless. That’s why that café near the shops becomes his comfort zone. He still kept those thousand drafts of email containing his endless pain and longing. There where does days where the urge to suddenly go inside the shop and hug him was tempting but his doing a pretty good job at stopping himself.

“Mr. Zhao, the Shen’s bake shop calls this morning”, Yunlan looks up. His hand stops from writing, suddenly frozen in place. The sudden mentioned of his name made his heart beat ferociously, his mind went completely blank. His secretary takes his silence as a silent invitation to keep on talking.

“They are the one we contacted to make the cakes for today’s party. But it seems like there are some conflicts that needed to be discuss and the owner wants to have an audience with us.”

“Then why didn’t you send someone to talk to the owner?”, Yunlan sighed, leaning on the swivel chair, he gently massages his temple.

“We did, but the owner doesn’t want any delegate. He wanted YOU”, his secretary emphasizes the words.

“You, to personally go there so that the conflicts can be solved immediately and to save time.”

He doesn’t involve himself with things like this because he believes in his team. But he doesn’t know that Shen Wei’s shop would be the one that his team chooses. He was afraid of going there, he was so afraid to talk to him. He doesn’t know what topic to bring up when they meet each other. He didn’t even tell him that he was here. Yunlan nodded at his secretary, signalling him that he will personally go there, if that’s what the owner wants. If that’s what Shen Wei wanted. He noticed his secretary still standing at the door, he gently asked him what is it.

“I mean, now.”


He is on his way to the shop. Nervous, anxious, excited. He doesn’t know how to act infront of him. The drive seems to be shorter, as if the traffic suddenly disappears. He parked outside the shop, coincidentally; the shop wasn’t even full that day. There were few customers enjoying their time. Yunlan walks inside the shop, to the counter, and his eyes darted at him. He was carefully putting some ribbons on the cake’s box. His eyes soft and glistening with love and happiness, and if it was even allowed, he felt a pang of jealously because of that damn box.

‘I want to be that box. If he can look at me that way, then I’ll be a fucking box’, he clenched his fist. He controlled himself not to make a chaos and suddenly drag the man in front of him for a hug.

“Shen Wei”, Yunlan saw how Shen Wei stops but then continue on whatever he is doing on that freaking box.

“Kindly sit on one of the table and wait for me sir. I’ll be there in a minute”, Yunlan refuses to obey.

“I, I miss you”

Finally, Shen Wei looks at him. There where thousands of emotions in his eyes and Yunlan feel lost. He can’t name them.

“Why are you here?”

“I miss you”

“I don’t”

“Shen Wei”, Shen then continued arranging the box, not minding what words would be heard from him.

“I miss you so much”

“Then, what took you so long?” Yunlan halt at the sudden question. He realized his mind stop functioning the moment he lay his feet on his shop. That’s why his mind suddenly can’t comprehend what was the meaning of the question.

“What took you so long, Zhao Yunlan?” he looks at Shen Wei. And there it was, the longing and love he wishes to see every day.

“I thought you told me not to contact you or to-“

“I’ve been waiting for you”, he felt his heart suddenly becomes light. As if weights were lifted out of it. He slowly leans to kiss him, if he rejects him then its fine. They still have all the time in the world. But to his surprised, Shen Wei didn’t move, allowing him to kiss him. He kissed him, slowly, testing if this is reality. That he wasn’t dreaming, that he was so done dreaming of this moment to come. Shen Wei’s lips were soft, like a marshmallow slowly melting into his lips. He stops to look at him; he noticed how red his ears were. He suddenly remembers where they are. He looks around only to find nothing inside the shop. It was just him and Shen Wei.

“I'm sorry, for making you wait”, Shen Wei shook’s his head.

“You are worth it. You are worth every wait Yunlan”, he kissed him again, and again, and again. He would make sure he gets his share of kisses for the days that they weren’t there for each other.

“I'm home”, he cups Shen Wei’s face that is now overflowing with tears.

“Welcome home”