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Kohona High School Book 1: NaruHina

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    It was quite a small school compared to the ones they read about in those storybooks. But then again it was a relatively small capital city. There were actually two schools in the area but due to the differences between the students who attended them, they were soon split apart.

    The more prestigious school on the other side of town was greatly respected. In the start, all kids attended an elementary school sort of thing. They stayed in that school until the grade 5 and then they had a choice. They could either go to the normal one or the latter.

    Most kids at this age chose the normal one. There was no reason for them to do the extra work that the kids that went to the other school did. In fact, the only kids that chose to go to the school were from these major categories:

    • Wanted to be leader of the small country

    • Living in poverty or alone

    • Had a respected family or clan

    The kids at the more prestigious school were more grown up and mature that the others. They start taking more advanced classes of math, science, history, and language. They also start their physical training so they can become part of the so called “military.“

    (A/N: The rest is just like the anime. They live in a small country called Kohona in a city called Hidden Leaves and the other lands are different parts of Kohona. The Hokage is the main leader and the other Kages rule their own area but still listen to the Hokage. They have phones and computers too. There is also chakra and the Kyuubi and other tailed spirits exist as well. Sakura’s clan was eliminated as well as Naruto’s, Tenten’s, but not Gaara’s. Lastly, they can still do jutsus ). It’s basically Boruto’s world with these guys in it instead.