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Kohona High School Book 1: NaruHina

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Tenten’s POV

   We had been friends for a while, Neji and I, when his father died. He didn’t talk to me at all after that. He’s been one of the ”popular” guys since then. He hasn’t talked much to anyone but stays with the clique of the popular kids.

   I, Tenten, don’t have a family. I knew the only way I was going to make it in the world was this school. Now that’s I’m here, I know I’ll be fine once I pass. I do have some friends too. I didn’t have them at first. 🔪

    Haruno Sakura was one of the first that approached me. She is truly beautiful in a nice, gentle way. She has natural pink hair as a first. She used to have a crush on Uchiha Sasuke. She lived her whole life without a family like I did. She wants to help people and has been training under our Hokage. She will probably be a medic when she graduates. 🌸

    Yamanka Ino is Sakura’s best friend. She saved Sakura from being bullied at a young age. She had a fight with Sakura when they both liked Sasuke but later resumed their friendship at the beginning of High School. 🐽

    Sunagakure Temari is a new friend of ours. She transferred here from Sand City in Suna county in the middle of the last school year. Her brother, Subaku no Gaara, is one of our friends and his attitude is not that great. She is very unique.🎎

    Hyūga Hinata, is Neji‘s cousin. She is the first-born of the main branch of the Hyūga clan. She is quiet, soft-spoken, and has a crush on Naruto. She isn’t very great at one certain thing like Sakura and how her chakra heals or Ino and how her chakra can help her control someone’s brain!☯️
    Hinata does have the shared special talent of the Hyūga clan, the Byakugan. It helps the user see another person’s chakra points and also gives them 360 degree vision. To be completely honest though, Neji is much better at that. He has been training endlessly for longer than her and is given the job to protect her. 👀

    Aburame Shino is from a clan that works with bugs. He always has that huge coat and black glasses on so we can’t tell what he looks like. 🦟

   Inuzuka Kiba is from a clan that works with dogs. Him, Shino, and Hinata were placed in the same team so they work together. Kiba is the troublemaker and playboy of the school. He keeps his dog, Akamaru, with him at all times. 🐶

    Akimichi Choji takes offense if you call him fat. He claims he is only “big-boned” and loves food. Never take the last bite of his food, ever. Unless, of course, you are Shikamaru. 🍖

    Nara Shikamaru, Choji’s best friend and on the same team as him and Ino, thinks everything and everyone is troublesome. He’s super lazy but also really smart. When he plays Shōgi and Go, he ties with Asuna sensei, his, Choji’s and Ino’s teacher. The only one who has come close to beating him was Sakura because she is super smart. 🧠

    Uchiha Sasuke is a selfish mean human. Well that’s what I think of him. Every other girl that goes to the moronic other school has a crush on him, most of them anyway. He’s completely absorbed in his own life and thinks he’s a genius. 👿

    Uzumaki Naruto is a troublemaker along with Kiba. His clan is dead as well and he is very dense. He loves ramen. As in is completely infatuated with it. He likes it so much because it was the only place that gave him food and helped him survive. He is on the same team as Sasuke and Sakura and one had a crush on her in elementary school. 🦊

    Sai is a mysterious, emotionless boy who is on a team by himself that sometimes combines with Sakura’s. His teacher is a man named Yamato. Sai is amazing at art. He infuses his chakra in the notepad and pen that he keeps with him and can make his drawings real. He has no emotions at all. He even has a fake smile. 🖌

    Rock Lee is on my and Neji’s team. He is a complete recreation of Maito Gai, our teacher at school. They both love to talk about, and I quote,”blooming blossoms of YOUTH!”🌷

    The overall reason that I’m saying all of this is that you are going to see how our second year of High School changed our lives. And it all started back in second grade with a dare and two Hyūgas.