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Kohona High School Book 1: NaruHina

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Neji’s POV


    Wow. I haven’t seen a lot of Tenten in… quite a while. Hmm…* insert arrogant emo genius thinking noises here *… I wonder why. I have been in her team for a while now. We spar a lot too and we’re the only sane people there too.

    Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to me. Nah that’s not it. I’m amazing and she must be like every other girl, trying to snag a date with me. Tch. As if I’d even think about going out with those …-.

    “Neji-sama, Hiashi-sama calls for you,” the maid’s voice wafted through the mostly quiet Hyūga household.

    The sound of my footsteps against the stairs was the only indicator that I was on my way. As usual I didn’t say a word to the random maid that had called me. My meditation had been interrupted and I would have to get back to it another time.


Hinata’s POV


    I had finally gotten rid of that ridiculous act of meekness. It felt so good to be me again that I decided never to revert back to that shy human I was. I’m pretty sure that this is who I was before the dare but I don’t remember that much. I would never faint again if I had anything to say about it. That dare had owned me and made me do things that I wouldn’t have done usually. I chose to follow it even when others had forgotten. I have to make myself a new life now.

    That boy I had been forced to follow was nice but I didn’t care about him. He was a tool for a dare, nothing more. I shouldn’t care about what he thinks. He doesn’t even like me that much.




Neji’s POV


    As I stalked back to my room I decided that Hiashi-sama was the best. In a matter of minutes, he had pieced together the fact that something went wrong at school just by noticing our emotions when Hinata-sama and I had returned from school.

    He then checked the security footage of the school to see what had happened. We Hyūgas are very influential but I don’t understand how he has access to the school’s cameras. He had watched the scene unfold and because there was no sound he had called me down to interpret the video.

    Then, he asked if I knew why Hinata did this to the poor boy. I was forced to sheepishly respond that it was my fault. Hiashi-sama wasn’t angry in fact he was quite the opposite. He had truly looked delighted at the fact that while explaining the dare, I had genuinely smiled.

    He then told me that the event wasn’t my fault nor Naruto’s. He claimed it was Hinata who caused the problem and would be her who fixed it if she wanted to. Everything he had said so far, I had agreed with.

    A frown made its way over my reminiscing face as I walked into my room. He had told me to “talk to Tenten.”

    Firstly, I couldn’t believe that he remembered her name. When I had told him what had happened in the video, I didn’t mention anyone’s name other than Naruto.

    Secondly, why had he wanted me to talk to her. He used to have no opinions on what I did everyday as long as I was polite, took care of Hinata, and didn’t ruin the Hyūga reputation. Why on earth should I talk to Tenten?


Nobody’s POV


    Ino had had the three orphans over for the weekend and subsequently had to leave to go on vacation with her parents. It was spring break and there was no school. Naruto, Sakura, and Tenten were walking around the rural parts of the village when we came up to a small cottage cramped in between two large trees.

    Now Sakura had a place to live but due to the scenery of her garden, people were asking to buy the area and build a hotel or swimming pool or something there. The reason she has the house is because her parents left it to be in their will.

    It was unknown to most people who Tenten’s parents were so she had been living in the streets and so had Naruto but that was for a different political thing with his parents.

    So, the moment they saw the cottage, they knew it was a sign. Within hours the three had all gathered their things and brought them to the cottage. Sakura had decided that she would make a deal with one of the people who wished to buy her property, that she would be allowed to buy back the land at the same price they had bought it at at any time after turning 18.

    It had taken less than a day to find the cottage, gather their things, and move in. They were lucky that the place had a working plumbing and electrical system.

    Since the Third Hokage, no person in the land had to pay for electricity and water which is one of the ways Naruto, Sakura, and Tenten had managed to stay alive. They spent the next day cleaning the house and making sure we had everything necessary to live.

    One thing they had learned about each other was that they could all cook or bake very well. Sakura was good at making healthy foods, Naruto was exceptional at ramen but also good with traditional food, and Tenten could bake a cake that could knock out all competition. Even Gordon Ramsey would like their food.

    It was spring break and the kids had nothing to do. Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino had gone on vacation. Ino and Shikamaru had coincidentally gone to vacation at the same place.


Hinata’s POV


    “ARGHHH! I’m so bored!” I screamed while flipping a table and naturally startling the maids who didn’t know that I was like this. “I’m going to call Ino.”


    The one-syllable sound echoed through the quiet Hyūga household due to the fact that it was unanimously stated by most of the stoic relatives. [...] (A/N: this sentence has been removed by the butler of the Hyūga household who dropped the table he had just picked up to purposely muffle the surplus of curse words used by Hinata Hyūga to describe her family members).


Nobody’s POV


    “Ino I am not going to apologize to that kid. He’s the worst and I hate his guts!” a pause is heard followed by a chorus of cussing under the Hyūga heiress’ breath which eventually led to her chanting, “Not my fault at all. I hate those orphans. I hate those filthy, weak faces on the streets just begging for help. I was friends with Sakura and Tenten for a while but you tell them that I hate all of them. I’ll find better people to-.”

    She was cut off by Hiashi and Neji, both of them looking livid.

    “Excuse Hinata-sama but she is unable to return to the phone at this point, she may call you again, thank you,” Neji explained to Ino after snatching her phone out of her hands while Hiashi had grabbed Hinata’s collar and was glaring at her furiously.

    “How dare you speak that way! How dare you. Don’t you realize the gravity of the problems those poor orphans have that you are disregarding? Your attitude is completely unforgivable. I will not tolerate any human remotely related to me to act this way. It taints the Hyūga name. To think that you are my child makes me utterly ashamed. Now, go, leave my sight. Sit in the basement and think about what you’ve done!” Hiashi scolded angrily.

    Hinata looked shameful as she tiptoed out of the room. Neji called out to her as she shuffled away.

    “Ino wants you to know to not call her. She said that you were ‘unforgivable and rude’ and that she’d not talk to you until you apologize whole-heartedly to everyone you’ve hurt,” he repeated and added, “I agree with her. You were nicer the old way.”


Neji’s POV


    I want to scream at that mangy, sassy, evil…- She is aggravating. Walking out of that room after insulting those that have done nothing wrong like she was being falsely accused. Hiashi-sama had even yelled at her, he has simply never done that before.

    He didn’t need to do anything before. She used to be the perfect little girl until she changed on Thursday. Friday was a troubling day because of the tension in the air between Hinata and literally everyone else.

    Just now, the way she was acting, it appalled and angered me. She insulted them, they had done nothing, but she had insulted them anyway in a house full of mostly silent Hyūgas and had the audacity to pretend she had done everything right.

    Even when she was younger, even before the dare she was nice. She wasn’t rude to Tenten like she had just been. Hmm. Tenten, plaguing my thoughts since -… Never mind, no she hasn’t, I’m thinking about her as much as think about others.